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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 25 – Out With the Old. 

When I got home after work on Monday, my neighbor came over to speak with me.  “I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I found a three bedroom apartment that we like, and it will be available on April first.  I hope that won”t be a problem.”

“No, you”ve given me more than sufficient notice, but I”ll be sorry to see you go.  You”ve been very good tenants.” 

“And we hate to leave too, because you”ve been great to us as well.  You”ve been there every time we needed something, and we enjoy watching you with the boys.  We were even hoping you might include our son when he got a little older, because the boys seem to be having a really good time when they”re with you.” 

“I appreciate that, and I would have enjoyed working with your son as well, although these boys will be considerably older when your son gets to be their age.” 

“I realize that, but you might come up with a whole new group of boys by then, because you seem to enjoy spending time with them too.” 

“Yes, I”ll admit they make me feel young again and I like being with them.”

“You”ll make a great dad someday.” 

“Maybe, but it won”t be happening right away.”  Hell, I didn”t even have a boyfriend at the moment, but I had thought about adopting if I ever got married.  Now that gay marriage is legal in all fifty states, it”s no longer such a far fetched idea to consider adopting.  “Let me know if you need anything, because I”ll be happy to lend a hand.” 

“Thanks, but I think we”ve got it covered.  We”ll make sure we leave the place in good shape too.” 

“Let me know when you”re ready for me to come over and check it out, because I”ll probably be able to give you back your security deposit before you leave for good.” 

“Thanks.  I”ll do that.”

My conversation with the tenant got me thinking about what I was going to do with the apartment once they were gone.  I”d love to have Noah and his mom move in, but would that be a good idea?  Would I just be setting myself up for a confrontation with Cheryl over what I”ve been doing with Noah, or possibly something even worse, like going to jail?  Although my heart was urging me to offer the place to Cheryl and Noah, my brain was screaming it was a bad idea. 

I spent the rest of the workweek considering this dilemma whenever I wasn”t focused on anything else.  I realized that if Noah lived next door there”d be a chance our activities could be discovered.  We”d been careful so far, and we could take extra precautions if they lived on the other side, but would it be enough?  If they were going to move in, I”d have to explain the situation to Noah and emphasize the fact that he couldn”t do or say anything that might get me in trouble.  If that happened, there would be a good chance we”d never see each other again.  Since I couldn”t stop thinking about doing this, I guess it meant I really wanted it to happen – even more than I was concerned about any negative repercussions. 

I hadn”t made up my mind by the time I left to pick up the boys that weekend, so I put it out of mind for the time being and focused on the adventure/mystery I had planned for today.  I would do my best to make sure the boys enjoyed their time with me, but I was also tempted to mention the idea to Noah after I took the other boys home. 

As usual, the boys were waiting for me at the park, and they were talking excitedly as they got in the car.  “Hi, guys.  What”s up?” I asked, seeing they were so preoccupied with their conversation. 

“The cops found a dead body in the trailer park this morning,” Noah explained.  “It wasn”t near where I live.  It was on the other side of the trailer park, but I saw the police cars and ambulance go by.  One of the guys over where it happened looked out his window and saw the body, so he called the cops.  One of the older boys that lives near me went over to see what he could find out, and then he told the rest of us what he heard.” 

“That”s awful.  Did the person live in the trailer park, and do they know how the person died?”

“Yeah, they said he lived near there, and he was stabbed,” Gus answered this time.

“I hope that doesn”t happen often in the trailer park.” 

“It”s happened a couple of times since we”ve lived there,” Noah explained.  “One guy was shot and the other one was hit by a car, but they said it wasn”t an accident.”

“You mean someone ran him down intentionally?  Damn, it sounds like the trailer park is a dangerous place.” 

“Sometimes it is,” Noah agreed.

We continued talking about this until we reached the house, and the discussion was helping me make up my mind.  No matter how dangerous it might be for me to have Noah living next door, it was far too dangerous to leave him where he was.  I”d have to talk to Cheryl about this as soon as the tenants moved out, but for now I had to explain the adventure/mystery to the boys. 

“This time you”re going to look for the remains of a lost settlement.  A group of pioneers headed out to this area to make a new life for themselves, but they were never seen or heard from again.  No one was even sure where they ended up, so I want you to look around for clues and see if you can find out anything about what happened to them.”

I”d already seeded one section of the back yard for this purpose, and I borrowed a few items that I knew were tucked away in storage where I work in order to pull it off.  When our company first moved into the old factory building, the crew getting it ready for our use found a number of items that had been left behind by the previous occupants.  Although these articles weren”t nearly as old as the time period we were supposedly investigating, I knew hey were definitely old enough that the boys wouldn”t notice the difference.  Now that I”d finished explaining everything, the boys took off in different directions looking for clues. 

“Hey, I found an old bottle,” Glen stated as he held it up for us to see. 

“It looks like an old fashion bottle that would have been used to hold medicine,” I explained.  It was something I assumed had izmit rus escort been found in the old infirmary at the factory, where the previous owners treated all of the on-the-job injuries. 

“Look what I found!” Sam shouted as he held up another object. 

“That”s an old fashion saw that they could have used to build their houses.” 

Over the next few minutes, the boys found an old fashion metal iron, a rusty horseshoe, and the head off an old pickaxe, but we still didn”t know what had happened to the people.

“Hey, I found something too, but I don”t want to touch it,” Gus shouted next.  He was standing about five feet away from us and pointing at something on the ground. 

The rest of us walked over to see what he”d discovered, although I already knew.  It was a ceramic skull I”d picked up for Halloween a couple of years before, and I”d partially buried it for today.  “It looks like that”s why they were never heard from again.  They must have died or been killed,” I stated as I examined the skull. 

“And this might be what was used to kill him,” Noah stated as he pointed at something else. 

When I went to investigate, it was the toy tomahawk I”d left there, and then the other boys pointed out some toy arrows I”d left laying around as well.  After removing the rubber tips, I sharpened them to a point before dabbing some red paint on each one, to make them appear as if they”d been used to murder someone.  None of them looked old, but that didn”t seem to matter to the boys.

“Yes, I suppose you”re right.  It appears the settlers must have been trying to move onto land already claimed by someone else and this was how the disagreement ended.” 

Now that we”d finished our little adventure/mystery, I took the boys out for lunch, and then I dropped the other three off at their building.  When Noah and I returned to the house, I pulled him aside to discuss what had happened earlier. 

“Is the trailer park getting to be a dangerous place?” 

“Sometimes.  It”s kind of the reason I don”t play with the other kids, because they just like to fight, so I go to the park instead.  Sometimes they hurt other people, but they don”t kill “em.”

“I see.  Has your mom ever talked about moving out of there?” 

“Yeah, but she says she can”t afford to do that.  She thought about moving into the building where Sam and Gus live, but she says that”s not much better, so we just stayed where we are.” 

“Maybe I can do something to help out, but I”ll have to talk it over with your mom first.”

“Yeah, that would be good, but will you suck my penis now?”

I was surprised at how casually he brushed aside my offer and moved on to something else.  “Nothing like changing topics at the drop of a hat.  You sure have a one-track mind.” 

“I thought we were done talking about the other stuff, and I really want you to do it to me now.  You always make me feel really good when you do it.” 

“I know, and I can do that, if you want.” 

Noah practically raced to my bedroom and was naked by the time I joined him.  I never understood why he always got completely undressed, because he would only have had to lower his pants and underwear for me to do this.  However, since he was already naked I decided to take advantage of that fact today and try something new.  As soon as I got on the bed beside him, I lowered my head over his chest, flicked out my tongue, and attacked his nipple first. 

“Hey!  Why are you doing that to my titty?  I want you to suck my penis.”

“This is just something else that can make you feel good too, so I wanted to see how you liked it.  I”ll still suck your penis after I do this, but I want to work my way down there this time.” 

“K, but don”t take too long, cuz I really need to shoot that stuff.”

“Don”t worry.  I”ll get there fairly soon.” 

I then toyed with each of his nipples and got the tiny nubs to firm up, probably for the very first time.  He was cooing and sighing as I was doing this.  “Are you glad I tried this with you?” 

“Yeah, if feels good too, but I still want you to suck my penis.” 

“In a minute or two,” I agreed, and then I kissed and licked my way down his abdomen. 

He began to squirm and giggle when I stuck my tongue into his navel and began to swirl it around, but I only did that for a short time before I got up and moved between his legs. After using my hands to spread his legs farther apart, I started working on his little scrotum next. 

I licked the surface and used my tongue to massage the entire area first, and then I took his sac into my mouth and used my tongue to gently move its contents from side-to-side.  After doing that for a short time, I let his scrotum fall from between my lips and ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, which was proudly jutting out from his groin.  When I finally worked my way up to the bulbous head, I opened my mouth, lowered it over his erection, sealed my lips against the shaft, and slowly began to bob up and down on it.  This elicited moans of satisfaction in response, as Noah”s head lolled from side-to-side on the pillow. 

I only ended up working on him for a little over a minute before his hips began to bounce up and down on the mattress and he took over setting the pace of what I was doing.  A minute after that, his body stiffened and I heard him grunt as the volleys of his watery seed shot into my mouth.  I nodded up and down on his penis a few more times after that happened, and then I let his penis slide from between my lips, and watched it come to rest on his belly. 

After I got off the bed, I stood up and watched Noah”s chest rise and fall as his breathing slowly returned to normal, and eventually his eyes opened as a big smile formed on his lips.  “Thanks, that was great.  I even liked what you did to my titties too, but it”s just that I”d never had it done to me before.” 

“I know, and I”m glad you enjoyed it.”

Now that he”d gotten his rocks off, Noah wanted to watch the next Transformers movie, so I did it with him.  He leaned against me as we did this, and I got a kick out of how his body shook when he giggled, trembled slightly when he got scared, and how he clung to my arm when he was totally frightened.  When the movie ended, we decided to go out for our walk. 

Noah was building his stamina from jogging next to me as I walked, and when we returned to the house we showered quickly before he went outside to play with the RC car while I fixed dinner.  After we ate, Noah had me suck him off again, and izmit escort then we played cards until he decided he wanted to see what was on TV. 

When it was time to go to bed, we went through our nightly ritual first, and then Noah asked me to suck him off again.  After he”d busted a nut, we cuddled together and fell asleep, content to hold each other as we slept. 

Sunday was a fairly typical day for us, in that Noah asked me to suck him off as soon as we woke up, and then I helped him with his schoolwork after we finished breakfast.  He didn”t have a lot of homework, so I quizzed him about the topics he”d been studying in class, and then I let him watch cartoons for a while.  He did that until it was time for lunch, and after we finished, Noah asked me to suck him off again. 

Seeing he got totally naked again, I repeated everything I”d done to him the previous afternoon, starting with his nipples and working my way down from there.  He seemed to enjoy it just as much as last time, and shortly after he”d ejaculated, we went out to watch a movie on TV.  It was the 2011 Green Hornet movie staring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, and he seemed to enjoy that too.  

When the movie ended, we went out for our walk and showered when we got back, and then Noah took the RC car outside again while I fixed dinner.  Almost as soon as we finished eating, Noah asked me to suck him off again, and then we watched TV until it was time to go through our nightly ministrations.  Once we were in bed, Noah wanted me to suck him off one more time, and then we cuddled together and fell asleep. 

When we woke up Monday morning, Noah had me suck him off for the final time before we went out to have breakfast.  After we ate, we got dressed and I made sure he had everything he needed before I took him home.  I waved at Cheryl when she opened the door to let Noah in, and then I headed into work. 

Since my tenant had said that the new apartment would be ready for them in April, I expected they would probably be moving this coming weekend.  I wasn”t sure if they”d do it on Saturday, Sunday, or possibly both days, but they would most likely be gone by the time I took Noah home on Monday morning.  I didn”t know when the tenant might ask me to check the apartment so I could give him back his security deposit, but it wasn”t a big deal.  I”d do it whenever he was ready. 

Throughout the week I continued to think about how I was going to handle the situation with the apartment.  Depending on when the tenants were totally out, I was hoping to bring Cheryl over to see it and find out if she was interested in moving in.  I could only offer her the opportunity, but I couldn”t make the decision for her.  She would have to do that after determining what would be best for her and Noah.  This was on my mind throughout the week, as I continued to wonder how she was going to react and what she”d decide to do.

When I left to pick the boys up the following Saturday, I didn”t see the tenant”s car in the driveway, which was unusual.  They didn”t usually go out this early on the weekend, so I concluded they must be getting ready to move.  Maybe they”d taken the kids to a relative or a sitter so they would both be free to move their belongings, but that was just a guess on my part.  I quickly put the thought out of my mind, got in the car, and drove over to meet the boys. 

They were waiting for me as usual and quickly hopped in the car.  When we got back to the house, there was a rental truck in the other driveway, along with several cars.  “Hey!  What”s goin” on?” Gus asked when he saw all of the vehicles. 

“My tenants are moving out, and it looks as if they have plenty of help.” 

“Why are they moving?” Glen wanted to know.

“The apartment only has two bedrooms, and now that they have a son and a daughter they”ve decided they need a larger place.” 

“So what are you gonna do with the apartment now?” Sam followed. 

“I”ll have it cleaned and painted, because they”ve lived there for a few years, and then I”ll have to find someone else to rent it.” 

I could see the boys furtively glancing at one another, as well as looking at Noah.  He turned to look at them as well, so I wondered if they all had the same idea about possibly moving in there.  No one said anything, though, possibly because I made it sound as if it would be a while before it would be available, but I could almost see the wheels turning in their heads.  No matter how much the other three might be interested in doing this, I knew Debbie and Monica wouldn”t be able to move in next door.  Neither of them had a car, and there”s no public transportation this far out, so they would have trouble getting around.  I still felt their sons were hoping it might happen, though, but I was fairly certain it never would. 

Although I filled them in about today”s mystery and they went through the motions of solving it, I could tell they were all distracted and their minds weren”t focused on what they were doing.  I think each of them was imagining what it would be like to live on the other side of my house, since I”d told them before that it was basically a mirror image of my side.  I didn”t have to ask to discover that they all thought my place was a lot nicer than where they lived. 

Once we were done with the mystery, I took the boys out for lunch, and then I took the other three home.  After they thanked me and said goodbye, they raced inside, so I thought it meant they were in a hurry to confront their mothers about possibly moving.  Noah and I went back to the house, and during the trip he said something to me. 

“I know you said you were gonna talk to my mom about living next door to you, but I think the other guys are hoping they can move in there instead.” 

“Did you tell them that I was going to talk to your mother about moving in?” 

“Nah.  I won”t do that unless she thinks we can afford to move.  Are you ready to suck my penis now?”

“I think you”re train just jumped the tracks again, judging by that sudden shift in topics.”


“I was talking about you possibly moving in next door, and you suddenly jumped to asking me to suck your penis.” 

“Oh, but I”ve been thinking about having you do it ever since you picked us up at the park.” 

“I”m sure you have, so let”s go take care of that before you explode.”

“I”m gonna explode?”

“Seeing how eager you are about having me do it, I was afraid your semen would explode out of your penis before I did anything to it.”

“No, silly.  That never happens.”

“Maybe not yet, but kocaeli escort you might find it happening some day.”


“Yes.  If something gets you really excited you might shoot in your underwear without even touching your penis.  Or you could have a really sexy dream one night and have it happen while you”re sleeping.  That”s called a nocturnal emission or a wet dream.” 

“Ewww, I hope that never happens to me.” 

“It might, so be prepared.” 

“Ok, but suck me now so that won”t happen later.”

Like I said, the boy definitely had a one track mind, so I did what he wanted.  Not only then, but I did it after dinner and before we went to bed too.

When I woke up on Sunday, I didn”t even have a chance to say good morning to Noah before he ask me to suck him off, but I was ready for him to ask.  As soon as he popped the question, I kept my mouth shut, teeth clamped together, and responded. 

“I don”t think I can do that today,” I said without opening my mouth.  “There”s something wrong.  I think I”ve got lockjaw.” 

“You mean you can”t suck my penis today?” 

“I don”t see how, if I can”t open my mouth,” I replied, keeping my jaws locked tightly together. 

“Then just rub it for me,” he replied, only thinking about himself and seemingly unconcerned about me. 

“I don”t think I can.  I think I”ll have to take you home and then go to the hospital.  You”ll have to wait until I”m better.  Maybe next weekend,” I mumbled. 

Suddenly, the light flicked on in Noah”s head.  “You mean I got to go until next Saturday before you can do anything for me again?” 

“I”m afraid so.”  He looked totally crushed and hurriedly tried to think of what he was going to do.  “Get dressed and grab your things so we can leave.” 

I”ve never seen a more miserable kid in my life, because he sat there as if he was shell shocked for a few seconds before I gave him a slight nudge.  “Come on, get moving so we can leave.”  

As he slowly crawled out of bed, he was moving like a zombie as he went over to get his clothes so he could put them on.  I felt as if I”d played this prank long enough. 

“April Fool!” I screamed, this time opening my mouth and smiling broadly.  It took a few seconds before it clicked in. 

“You mean you were just joking?” 

“Yes!  Today”s April first and I wanted to do this to see how you”d react, and I”m a little upset.” 

“You mean you”re mad a me?” 

“Well, you only appeared to be worried about yourself and didn”t seem to care that something was wrong with me.” 

“I cared about that too, but I was just wondering how I was gonna shoot that stuff if you couldn”t help me.  I like you doing that for me, and I didn”t know what I was going to do.”

“Probably the same thing you do when you”re at home during the week, and I want to thank you for your concern.” 

“I”m sorry, but you were being mean to me by doing that.  I like playing April Fool”s jokes, but I don”t like it when they”re played on me, and this one was really mean.” 

“Not mean, but maybe it was a little cruel.  I”ll make it up to you by doing what you want now.” 

He didn”t hesitate and got back into bed, and after I sucked him off, we went out to have breakfast together.  When we finished, I worked with him on his schoolwork, and then he had me suck him off again after lunch.  We watched TV until we went out for our walk, and when we returned we got a little surprise.  The tenant must have been watching for us, because he came outside to speak with me just as we were approaching the house. 

“Hi, Brian.  The apartment is empty now, if you want to check it out.” 

“Sure, that sounds good, if you don”t mind that we might stink a bit.  We worked up a sweat on our walk just now.” 

“That won”t be a problem.”

As soon as I went inside, I noticed that he and his wife had done a wonderful job cleaning the place, and since I didn”t see any damage, I was willing to return their security deposit.  “Give me a second and I”ll run next door to get my checkbook.  I hope you don”t mind if I write you a check for the security deposit.” 

“No, that will be fine, and I”ll stay here until you get back.  Oh, and I”ll call and have the utilities shut off tomorrow.”

“Just tell the different companies to switch the utilities back to my name.  They should have a note on the account that says I give them permission to do that whenever a tenant moves out.  That way there will be power when I have the place painted, or when I show it to a prospective tenant.” 

“Ok, I”ll do that then.”

After returning to my place, I quickly wrote a check and took it over to give to him.  He thanked me, handed me the keys, and then we said goodbye.  I think we were both a little sad that we wouldn”t be living next door to one another any longer. 

When I got back to my side of the house, Noah and I took a shower together, and then he wanted me to suck him off again before I went out to fix dinner.  He also had me do it for him again before we went to sleep as well, and on Monday morning he had me do it to him one final time before I took him home.  Of course, I enjoyed each of those sessions as much as he did. 

When I drove him home that morning, I got out to speak with Cheryl after Noah went inside the trailer.  “Cheryl, what day do you have off this week?” 

“Wednesday.  Why?” 

“Would you mind if I picked you up at noon?  There”s something I want to take you to see.”

“I suppose, but what”s this about?”

“I”ll explain everything when I pick you up on Wednesday, but right now I have to get to work.” 

“Ok, I”ll see you then.”

I was glad she agreed to do this without having a more detailed explanation, because I wasn”t ready to tell her everything yet.  I felt it would be best if I showed her the apartment first, before I revealed my motive.

                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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