Season”s Greetings








he main plot device for this tale was inspired by Leonard”s Wanna Play Pac-Man? (Adult-Youth, 18th Nov 2018), although the two stories have little else in common.

There are references in this story to `pantomime” and I thought I better explain what that is for the benefit of non-British readers who might be unfamiliar with the term. A pantomime is a form of theatre entertainment for families, particularly children, which is based on traditional folk or fairy tales and involves music, comedy and cross-dressing characters. For example, Cinderella is a popular pantomime in which the `Ugly Sisters” are traditionally played by men in outrageous drag (known as `dames”) and `Prince Charming” by an attractive young actress (the `principal boy”), although the second of these has become less common in recent years. They are popular festive entertainment with theatres normally putting them on during December and January.

As usual, this story, its setting and characters are entirely fictional. All the normal warnings apply.


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om Gardner and his girlfriend Samantha Gibbs, although partner would probably be a more accurate description now that they were living together, walked into The Red Lion pub ten minutes before the arranged 12:45 meeting time. Sam”s sister, Susanna James and her family were already there, sitting at the reserved table; a reservation being necessary at lunchtime on Boxing Day. Tom and Sam had spent Christmas Day with his parents, where they”d been joined by Tom”s brother and his family; now she wanted to have some time with her family and, since her parents were deceased, had arranged this pub lunch with her sister.

The two women embraced and kissed before the introductions were made; Tom having met Sue before but not her husband and children. Sue gave him a peck on the cheek; she was an attractive woman but not really Tom”s type, motherhood and age, she was close to forty, having given her a fuller figure than her thirty two year old sister who had the slim build and small, firm breasts that he preferred in his women. Although Tom was bisexual, Sue”s husband, Pete, wasn”t his type either; over forty, around six feet tall, balding, with a once muscular body turning to fat, he was a world away from the teens and twinks that twenty nine year old Tom found attractive. The little girl, Emma, was cute but, at nine years old, was too young for a man whose age of attraction started with puberty; this particular fact had been omitted when he”d told Sam about his sexuality, having merely told her that he liked women and young men � which was partially true at least. The boy, thirteen year old Jonathan (call me JJ), was a whole different kettle of fish; about five feet three and maybe a hundred and ten pounds, dark tousled hair and a dazzling smile made him very much Tom”s type but it was the boy”s mesmerising, big brown eyes, with their devilish sparkle that really caught the man”s attention and it took him a fair amount of effort to avoid staring at the little cutie.

Drinks were ordered and delivered to the table, which was rectangular with six seats around it; a place set at either end, with two others on each side. Pete and Sue, as titular hosts, occupied the head and foot, with Tom and Sam on one side and the children on the other; whether by design or not, there was a `boy”s end” and a `girl”s end”, so Tom found himself sitting next to Pete and opposite JJ. The sisters naturally chattered away to one another, the kids pulled out their phones and disappeared into their own virtual worlds, while the two men tried but failed to find something in common. Pete was a large, heterosexual, meat eating, real ale drinking, rock music and sport lover whereas Tom was a slim, five feet eight, bisexual, vegetarian, tee-total, classical music fan who hated sport; unsurprisingly the conversation fizzled out fairly quickly and Tom found himself eyeing up the boy sitting opposite despite his best intentions.

Pete took a swig from his pint and eyed his sister-in-law”s partner with ill-disguised contempt. Apparently the guy was bisexual but he”d always thought that Sam”s body shape was more boyish than feminine, so this drip was probably queer and fucked her up the arse while pretending that she really was a boy. To make matters worse, Tom obviously couldn”t take his eyes off JJ, which made him some sort of pervert in Pete”s eyes. Although he had no sexual interest in boys himself, the man was well aware that his son was extremely attractive; taking his looks from his mother who”d been very pretty in her youth and the last thing he wanted was this guy taking an interest in his hormone fuelled, impressionable teenager. He was just thanking his lucky stars that lunch would soon be over and he could take his family home and relax, when Sue dropped the bombshell, “Sam and Tom are going to come home and spend the afternoon with us,” she said. He opened his mouth to object but saw the determined look in his wife”s eyes and closed it again; after fifteen years of marriage, he knew when to shut the fuck up.


⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣



y five that afternoon Tom was desperate to take his leave of Sam”s family and go home. He was sitting next to his partner on a three seat couch, with Pete and Sue each occupying an armchair, the two women still full of talk while the men shifted restlessly and joined in the conversation when required. The kids had gone to their rooms on their return home from the pub, so he didn”t even have the distraction of the cute boy to help pass the time and Pete hadn”t been very subtle in mentioning about half a dozen times in the last half hour that there was football on TV soon.

“Sam says that you know how to hypnotise people,” Sue said to Tom.

“Eh, yes,” he replied, wondering where this was going.

Sam had been in an abusive relationship before she”d met Tom and had suffered from mental health issues afterwards, which were still evident in the early days of her relationship with him. He had learned some hypnotherapy a few years earlier and had been able to use it to help her as well as teaching her some self-hypnosis techniques, which she still used when she was stressed out. Somehow the conversation had come round to this but Sue seemed to be more interested in what else Tom was capable of with hypnosis.

“Can you make people do weird stuff like they do on TV?” she asked.

“I don”t know,” Tom replied. “I”ve never tried that sort of thing.”

“Will you hypnotise me?” JJ asked, overhearing the discussion as he walked into the room thinking that the football was due to start.

“I don”t think that”s a very good idea,” Pete responded, not at all impressed by the thought of this guy hypnotising his son.

“Oh, don”t be such a spoilsport,” his wife retorted. “It”ll be fun.”

“Will you, please?” the boy implored.

Normally Tom would”ve been reluctant to use his skills for mere entertainment but the opportunity of getting up close and personal with the boy was too good to miss, to say nothing about pissing off his obnoxious father. “Sure, why not?” he answered, smiling at the boy and gaining a certain satisfaction from the scowl that appeared on Pete”s face.

Tom moved closer to Sam, making room for JJ next to him on the couch. The boy sat down and the man slipped an arm around him, placed his hand on the lad”s back and looked into those stunning eyes. For a moment it appeared that it was Tom who was going into a trance but he quickly recovered his concentration and began to speak to the boy in a low but firm voice.

“Look into my eyes and relax,” he commanded, while gently rubbing small circles on the lad”s back. “You”re getting tired, you want to sleep, concentrate on my eyes.” After a minute or so of this he said, “I”m going to count down from five, when I reach zero you”ll fall asleep. Five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one . . . SLEEP.” At the final command the boy closed his eyes and slumped down, the man supporting his weight and easing him back until he was sitting against the rear of the couch.

“Is that it?” Sue asked. “Is he hypnotised?”

“Yes, it”s that simple,” Tom replied. “What would you like him to do?”

“I saw someone on TV once, who thought that their seat was red hot every time a particular word was said. Could you do that?”

“I”ll try, what word will we use?”

“How about Arsenal?” Pete interrupted with a grin. “JJ and I are both fans and they”re on TV now. Every time the commentators mention the team name we should get a reaction,” he continued, obviously trying to turn the situation to his own advantage.

Tom turned back to the boy, “OK JJ, I want you to open your eyes but don”t wake up yet.” The lad complied and the man went on, “After you wake up, every time you hear the word `Arsenal”, whatever you”re sitting on will become incredibly hot, much hotter than you can bear but as soon as you stand up it”ll return to its normal temperature. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” The boy replied.

“You”ll have no memory of being hypnotised or of anything that was said while you were asleep. Do you understand?”


“When I count down from three and click my fingers you”ll wake up but when I count down from three and say `sleep” you”ll go under again immediately. Do you understand?”


“Wait a minute, why do you need to be able to put him to sleep again?” his father asked, suspiciously.

“I”ll have to put him back under in order to cancel the instruction and it”ll be much quicker this way than going through the whole process again.”

“Oh OK, just checking,” Pete said switching on the TV and Sky box.

“OK JJ, three . . . two . . . one,” Tom clicked his fingers and the lad woke up.

“Oh great, the football”s started,” he said, looking at the TV and acting as if the last few minutes had never happened. He then settled down to watch the game, seemingly oblivious to the adults who were watching him expectantly.

Within two minutes one of the commentators said the magic word and JJ leapt to his feet, a hand going to his backside and yelling, “Shit, that burns!”

“Jonathan James, watch your language,” his mother scolded, trying desperately not to laugh.

“Sorry,” the boy replied, touching the couch tentatively and then sitting back down. “The couch burnt me,” he whined, so intent on his own problems that he didn”t notice the grins on the faces of the others.

“Don”t be so silly,” his father responded, stifling his smile with some difficulty. “Just sit still and watch the game.”

A few seconds later JJ was back on his feet; yelling again but managing to moderate his language on this occasion. This time all four adults burst into laughter and the boy eyed them suspiciously. “OK, what”s going on?” he demanded.

“Why are you asking us?” his mother responded. “You”re the one who”s acting weird.”

“I am not!” he retorted, forgoing the comfort of the couch and sitting on the floor instead.

“What”s all the noise about?” his sister asked entering the room.

“It”s just your brother being stupid,” her mother explained.

“I”m not being stupid. The couch burnt me � twice.”

At that moment the word `Arsenal” was spoken on the TV again and the boy was back on his feet, clearly not in the least concerned about his language, although his izmit escort parents were laughing too much to care. “Alright, there is something funny going on and you”re all in on it. What is it?”

There was genuine emotion in the boy”s voice, so Tom decided that enough was enough and explained what was happening. Thankfully JJ saw the funny side, it had been his own choice to be hypnotised after all and a few moments later Tom had cancelled the instruction and the boy was back to his usual self.

At half-time, the two women disappeared into the kitchen and made sandwiches; after Christmas dinner the day before and a pub lunch earlier, everyone was happy with such a simple meal now.

“I was telling Sam about the pantomime on Saturday and she”d love to come with us,” Sue said to her husband. “Do you think they”ll have any tickets left?”

“I don”t know, give the theatre box office a call.”

“They”re sold out on Saturday,” a disappointed Sue said, hanging up the phone a few minutes later.

“Aunt Samantha can go instead of me,” JJ piped up. “I don”t really want to go anyway, it”s for kids.”

“I don”t know who I”ll be able to get as a babysitter if Sam”s coming with us.”

“I don”t need one,” the boy responded. “I”m not a baby, I”m nearly fourteen.”

“Not until March. Anyway, there”s no way I”m leaving you on your own for three or four hours; there wouldn”t be a house left when we returned.”

“What about Tom?” Sam asked. “You wouldn”t mind looking after JJ on Saturday evening, would you?”

“Eh no, I don”t mind but he probably won”t want to be stuck with some guy he hardly knows,” Tom replied, trying not to sound overly enthusiastic although, in reality, he thought it was a great idea.

“It”ll be cool,” the boy answered. “You can hypnotise me again.”

“No way,” Pete interrupted. “I don”t want you doing anything like that without your mum or me there.”

“Oh, why not?” the lad whined.

“Your dad”s quite right,” Tom replied. “It wouldn”t be right for me to hypnotise you without one of your parents present.” He wanted to keep on the right side of Pete, especially since the guy didn”t seem to be objecting to him spending a few hours alone with his son; definite progress given his obvious hostility earlier. The hypnotic show appeared to have broken the ice somewhat.

“Well, that”s settled then,” Sue said happily. “The pantomime starts at seven, so we”ll collect Sam and drop off JJ at six. We should be back between nine thirty and ten, depending on traffic.”

Tom and Sam eventually left just before seven thirty; JJ had returned to his bedroom when the Arsenal game had finished and, with Pete”s mood having taken a downward turn due to his team”s failure to win, there didn”t seem to be any reason to stay any longer so they took their leave and went home, much to Tom”s relief.


⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣



ive thirty on Saturday evening found Sam in their bedroom getting ready for the pantomime while Tom, dressed in polo shirt and shorts, was downstairs in the living room wrestling with his conscience, just as he had been doing almost continuously over the past three days. He was about to spend several hours alone with a stunningly beautiful teenage boy and knew that he”d regret it for the rest of his life if he didn”t make some sort of effort to seduce the lad.

The boy”s age was not an issue for him; he believed that anyone past puberty had the right to make their own decisions as regards sex and to hell with some arbitrary legal age restriction. He was also convinced that everyone was born with at least some degree of bisexuality which was why pre-pubescent kids were curious about other boys and girls and sometimes men and women, while teenage boys often did sex stuff with their friends before they settled down to a straight life. It was society that screwed things up, its negative portrayal of same-sex relationships in general and man-boy ones in particular caused people”s brains to inhibit their natural bisexuality and bury it in their sub-conscious. It couldn”t be eliminated, however, which was why some men spent time and effort grooming boys, bringing their natural instincts back to the forefront of their minds and, over a period of days, weeks or months, removing the barriers which society had spent years creating.

Unfortunately Tom didn”t have time to groom JJ and any direct approach was likely to be rebuffed, with the additional danger of the boy”s parents being informed and a whole world of shit descending on him. On the plus side, he had the means to shorten the process considerably but only if the boy proved to be a typical teenager and disobeyed his father”s explicit instructions. If, as Tom hoped, JJ asked to be hypnotised again, he would have the opportunity to bypass the lad”s conscious blocks and discover if he was interested in sex with a twenty nine year old man. Most people, however, would consider using hypnosis in that way to be morally wrong and it was this which was troubling the man.

Eventually one fact swayed him, it isn”t possible to make someone do something when hypnotised that they wouldn”t do under normal circumstances; for example, you can”t turn a law abiding citizen into a murderer simply by hypnotising them. If JJ genuinely didn”t want to have sex with him he would resist and Tom wouldn”t persist but, if he had any conscious or unconscious desire for sex with a man, then he would follow the instructions he was given and either way he could have all memory of the event erased, which would remove the danger of discovery for Tom. He had finally made up his mind to try it when the doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of the boy in question.

A smartly dressed JJ, in a pale blue shirt and tight black trousers, walked past Tom with a brief, “Hi” and headed straight to the living room. Sue came into the house with her son, while Pete remained in the car with their daughter and, after greeting her sister, she turned to Tom and said, “Best of luck tonight, he”s been in a funny mood today. I thought he was going to be sick at one point and I nearly cancelled but it just seems to be teenager blues. If he does get sick send me a text message; I”ll keep my phone on silent just in case but I”m sure he”ll be OK.”

The two women said their goodbyes and Tom closed the door behind them, took a deep breath and went into the living room where he found JJ slumped on the couch having removed his shoes. “Hey JJ, are you OK?” he asked, sitting on the armchair closest to the boy.

“Yeah, I”ve just been bored all day,” he replied with a shrug. “I think I need something to cheer me up.”

“Do you want to watch a DVD or something?”

“Not really,” the boy responded, before the devilish glint appeared in his eyes and he continued, “Maybe you could hypnotise me again and make me cheer up.”

Tom laughed, “I”m not sure that you can use hypnotism for that; anyway, your dad said we weren”t to do it.”

“What he doesn”t know won”t hurt him.”

“He”d probably kill me if he found out.”

“I”m not going to tell and I”m sure that you won”t either, so what”s the problem?”

“Well, OK then,” Tom replied, trying to sound as if he”d been reluctantly persuaded. He moved over to the couch and sat down next to the boy, who sat up expectantly. Just as before he slipped an arm around the lad, placed a hand in the centre of his back and gently rubbed little circles, before making eye contact and saying, “Look into my eyes JJ, you”re feeling very sleepy, three . . . two . . . one . . . SLEEP.” Just as he had three days earlier, the boy slumped as he went under and Tom eased him into a sitting position, leaning against the back of the couch. Now was the moment of truth.

“Open your eyes JJ but don”t wake up.” The boy obeyed. “When you wake up you”re going to find me sexually attractive. You”re going to want me to strip all your clothes off and kiss and caress every part of your naked body. You”re going to want to suck my cock and swallow my cum. Most of all you”re going to want me to fuck you. Do you understand?”


“In addition, you”re going to forget that you”ve been hypnotised or that I”ve ever hypnotised you. Do you understand?”


“When I count down from three and click my fingers you”ll wake up. When I count down from three and say `sleep”, you”ll go back under. Do you understand?”


Tom moved back to the armchair and said, “Three . . . two . . . one,” and clicked his fingers. The boy started and woke up with a confused look on his face. “Hey JJ, are you OK?” Tom asked again.

“Eh yeah, I think so. I”ve felt a bit weird all day; I hope I”m not getting sick.”

Tom moved back over to the couch, sat next to the boy and placed a hand on the boy”s forehead. “You don”t seem to have a high temperature,” he stated.

At the touch of the man”s hand, JJ made a little noise like a stifled moan and then said, “Maybe you should check my pulse too.”

Tom placed his hand on the boy”s neck where his first two fingers could feel the pulse of the carotid artery. “I”m no expert but it seems to be a little high,” he declared.

“I think it got like that when you started touching me,” JJ replied with a giggle. The man started to pull his hand away but the boy grabbed it and barked, “No, leave it; I like it when you touch me.” Any remaining doubts Tom might have had were swept away; there was no resistance from the lad, just encouragement.

The man paused for a moment and then began to caress the teen”s neck and run his thumb along his jawline. This time the moan was clear and unstifled, the boy”s pleasure at the man”s touch unmistakable and Tom moved his hand below JJ”s chin, tilted his head back and looked into his big, brown, beautiful, lust-filled eyes. “Kiss me,” the boy commanded breathlessly, prompting immediate obedience from the man who leaned forward and kissed him gently. The lad responded by hooking an arm around Tom”s neck and pulling them tighter together; then parted his lips to allow the man”s probing tongue into his mouth, where his own met it in battle.

While their tongues wrestled, Tom moved his hand to JJ”s shirt front and began to unbutton it. When he”d finished, he slipped a hand inside the loose garment and caressed the boy”s torso, causing him to shudder and moan into the man”s mouth. Tom broke away from JJ”s mouth and began to kiss around his jaw and neck while simultaneously moving his hand higher and rubbing one of the boy”s nipples with a fingertip. “Oh God, yeah,” the teen groaned, as his erogenous zones were expertly stimulated.

Tom”s mouth reached JJ”s ear and he nibbled the lobe while, lower down, he took the nipple between thumb and forefinger and tweaked it, adding a little pain to the mix; something to which the boy had no objections if the increased volume of his vocalisations was anything to go by. The noises were then stifled as the man”s lips made contact with the youngster”s once again, before he broke away, removed JJ”s shirt completely and then peeled off his own polo shirt. He ran his hand over the teen”s exposed torso, paying particular attention the lad”s erect nipples, while JJ closed his eyes, leaned back and purred with pleasure.

“Put your hands behind your head,” he told the boy, then kissed him again before moving down to plant a series of small kisses on his chest. He reached the youngster”s left nipple, licked around and then across it, finally sucking it into his mouth and giving it a little nibble.

“Oh fuck yeah, yahya kaptan escort that”s incredible!” JJ exclaimed; waves of ecstasy surging through him, as the man continued to find methods of inducing pleasure in his young body which the boy hadn”t previously even dreamed of. Tom switched his oral attentions to the lad”s right nipple while the thumb and forefinger replaced his mouth on the left; the two-pronged attack producing a squeak from the boy, much to his embarrassment.

Tom slipped off the couch, parted JJ”s knees and knelt between the boy”s thighs; stroking the teen”s flanks while resuming his oral assault on the lad”s nipples before moving across to lick first one and then the other of his still smooth armpits. Then he headed south to tongue JJ”s cute, innie navel while, at the same time, he undid the boy”s belt, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down the zipper. Tom leaned back, gripped the waistband of the garment and looked up into JJ”s eyes; the boy understood and raised his bum, allowing the man to pull his trousers down, albeit with some difficulty owing to their tightness, to reveal a pair of skimpy, white briefs. In contrast, when he reached the teen”s feet, he uncovered a brightly coloured pair of socks featuring images of Homer Simpson, which brought a smile to his face.

It was the socks which came off next and the boy”s feet and toes which were now subjected to the man”s oral ministrations; he kissed the lad”s soles and insteps, sucked his toes and licked between them, eliciting more moans of pleasure, interspersed with giggles when the attention tickled him. Tom then worked his way up JJ”s legs, kissing first his slender calves with their light covering of downy hair and then his smooth thighs until the man”s face was only a few inches from the prominent bulge in the teen”s insubstantial underwear. A slight damp patch indicated that the boy had leaked a little pre-cum, suggesting that his arousal was genuine and not merely the result of hypnosis. With a hand resting on each of JJ”s thighs, Tom looked up into the boy”s eyes and asked, “You OK?” seeking confirmation that the lad was happy for him to continue.

“Oh God yeah,” JJ responded. “Don”t stop, just do it.”

The man pushed his face into the cloth covered bulge, nuzzling the boy”s genitals before mouthing them through the fabric and sucking on the damp patch. JJ grabbed the back of Tom”s head and humped into his face, groaning as he did so, his teenage libido going into overdrive and the need to climax growing by the second. The man pulled the boy”s hand away and sat up; then pulled the front of lad”s briefs down, revealing his uncut cockhead, the glans of which emerged from his partially retracted foreskin, a bead of pre-cum seeping from the slit. Tom leaned back in and lapped up the sweet nectar, bringing another ecstatic groan from his young lover, before he fully retracted the boy”s foreskin, swirled his tongue around the glans, then took the cockhead into his mouth and sucked it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” JJ”s language certainly wouldn”t have pleased his mother but, if she”d been present to hear it, she”d doubtless have been more concerned by the actions which caused it.

Tom pulled on the waistband of the briefs and the boy responded by raising his bum for the second time, this much smaller garment coming off far more easily than the tight trousers had. Five glorious inches of slim boy cock were revealed, which actually appeared larger on the not yet fourteen year old body and suggested that he”d be well endowed in a few years” time. There was a patch of dark hair at the base of the shaft below which was a good size pair of balls in their hairless scrotum. These were the focus of the man”s next oral assault as he licked the sac, then sucked on first one and then the other of the lad”s testes before switching back to his cock, licking up the length of the shaft, lapping more pre-cum from his slit and then taking it back into his mouth; this time continuing down until his nose was pressed against the teen”s sparse pubes, with the glans lodged in his throat.

He could sense that the inexperienced boy was close and, since he had plenty more planned and had no wish to extend this mere starter too long, he gave JJ”s cock a working over; using his lips, tongue and throat to bring the lad to a shattering orgasm, the youngster filling his mouth with sweet boy cum. Tom moved back onto the couch next to JJ, put an arm around his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him again. The boy responded eagerly and seemed happy to share the flavour of his own cum, leading the man to suspect that it wasn”t the first time that he”d tasted it. Then it occurred to Tom that JJ might well have played around with a friend or two and that the taste of another guy”s cum might not be alien to him either.

This thought was confirmed when the boy broke the kiss and began to undo the man”s trousers, Tom leaning back and then lifting his arse to facilitate their removal just as JJ had done a few minutes before. His boxer briefs quickly followed and then the man was sitting upright at one end of the couch, while the teen lay on his side facing outwards, took the man”s six and a half inches in his hand, fully retracted his foreskin and began to lick and suck the exposed cockhead. JJ clearly wasn”t experienced at sucking an adult cock but neither was he a complete novice when it came to fellatio, so errant teeth weren”t an issue and Tom was able to relax and enjoy the boy”s efforts. As he did so, he caressed the lad”s head and neck, ran a hand down his back and cupped one of his perfect round cheeks before stroking a finger up the length of the youngsters arse crack and running its tip around his anus. This action coincided with JJ”s attempt to deep throat the man and induced a moan while Tom”s glans was lodged in his throat, which had the double effect of sending a jolt of pleasure through the man and triggering the boy”s gag reflex, causing him to pull away while coughing and spluttering.

“Sorry about that,” he said, once he”d recovered.

“Don”t worry about it,” Tom reassured him. “Keep at it, you”re doing great.”

JJ grinned up at him and then returned to the task in hand, licking and sucking to begin with, before making a second bid to deep throat the man who continued to caress the teen”s body but stayed away from his hole; there”d be plenty of opportunity to amuse himself in that playground later. Meanwhile the boy had succeeded in taking all of Tom”s six and a half inches into his throat and he paused for a few moments before pulling back and looking up with a triumphant grin.

“Well done,” Tom congratulated him, “now finish me off.”

JJ now redoubled his endeavours, replicating what the man had done to him and proving that he was a quick learner. As Tom enjoyed the youngster”s ministrations he concluded that the boy was already as accomplished a cocksucker as his aunt and, with a little more practice, would easily exceed her best efforts. Despite JJ”s rapidly improving technique, the man was no teenager ready to climax at the slightest stimulation and it took several more minutes of resolute application before the lad brought Tom to orgasm and was rewarded with a mouthful and more of thick, salty man cream; swallowing the first few spurts but keeping the remainder in his mouth to share with his new lover via a passionate kiss.

While they kissed the man stroked the boy”s thigh and then fondled his genitals, which caused the lad to get hard again almost immediately. “Let”s take this little party to the bedroom,” Tom said when they broke the kiss. “I want to fuck that tight arse of yours.”

JJ leapt to his feet, grabbed the man”s hand and replied, “Come on then, what are you waiting for?” as he pulled Tom upright and led him upstairs, where the man directed him to the spare room.

Tom whipped the duvet from the double bed, laid one of the pillows lengthways on top of the bottom sheet and instructed the teen to lie on it, which the lad immediately did. The man knelt behind him, placed a hand on each of the smooth, round, slightly pinched buttocks and parted them to reveal a perfect puckered rosebud, with no sign of any darkened skin surrounding it, which would”ve indicated that the boy had been previously penetrated. Tom lowered his face and breathed deeply; there was no faecal smell, just the musky aroma of a sexually aroused teenage boy who”d obviously showered before coming out. He then licked JJ”s perineum and along the length of the lad”s crack, eliciting a sigh from the boy, accompanied by a shudder as the man”s tongue passed over his hole.

Now the teen”s anus got the full treatment as Tom licked and sucked the boy”s puckered entrance, gradually working his tongue past the lad”s defences and into the welcoming warmth of his rectum. JJ squeaked and squirmed at this new and unexpected invasion, which nevertheless felt amazing and he was soon calling out, “Oh yes . . . oh fuck . . . keep going . . . don”t stop,” while the man buried his oral muscle as deep inside the boy as it would go.

After several minutes rimming the lad, Tom began to tire and withdrew his tongue to a gasp of disappointment from his young lover but, when a spit slicked finger replaced it, the disappointment vanished to be replaced by a groan of pleasure when the digit curled downwards and grazed the teen”s sensitive and previously untouched prostate. Tom leaned over to the bedside cabinet and retrieved a tube of KY from the drawer, where he”d secreted it earlier while Sam was in the bathroom getting ready to go out. As he did so he smiled as he watched the boy, eyes tightly closed and fists equally tightly grasping the sheet, moaning as the man”s finger moved in and out of his arse and rubbed his gland.

A second gasp of disappointment accompanied the withdrawal of the digit, followed by a brief, “Ooh,” as a cool bead of lube was applied to the boy”s hot hole, to be rubbed around and inside his entrance by first one and then two KY covered fingers. Two lubed digits went in as easily as one saliva slicked one had and Tom suspected that the boy probably fingered himself when masturbating; which begged the question, `what does he fantasise about when he does so?” Perhaps he just did it because it felt good but it was also possible that he imagined being fucked while he jerked off, which would suggest that he might be gay or was aware of his bisexual tendencies at the very least.

A third digit caused a little more difficulty but patience, perseverance and plenty of KY eventually saw JJ”s anus stretch sufficiently to allow three fingers inside, albeit with some discomfort along the way. Once that had passed, the boy looked back over his shoulder with lust filled eyes and, in a rather sultry voice growled, “Fuck me.”

Given that everything he”d done so far had been building to this moment, Tom was hardly likely to turn down such an invitation but he still took the time to ask, “Are you sure?” Hypnotised or not the boy wouldn”t do anything that he didn”t want to, so the man made one final concession to his conscience, which was satisfied for good when JJ snapped back, “Of course I”m sure. Just do it.”

Tom repositioned the boy on his back with the pillow turned ninety degrees and placed underneath the lad, raising his arse to a height where the man could line up his cock with the teen”s hole without too much difficulty. He lifted JJ”s legs, bending them back and instructing the lad to hold them in position while he applied more KY to gebze escort the teen”s anus and then liberally lubed his own cock, surmising that too much lube was better than too little for a boy”s first time with a man. He shuffled forward, pressed his glistening glans against JJ”s entrance and told the boy to relax; then he pressed forward again and, after a brief moment of resistance, saw and felt his cockhead pop through the lad”s sphincter and disappear from view. JJ gasped as a sharp, stabbing pain shot through his arse and he almost told Tom to take it back out but the man had stopped pushing as soon as he”d penetrated the boy and already the pain was diminishing to a dull ache.

“Are you OK?” Tom asked.

JJ opened his tear filled eyes, gave a weak smile and replied, “Yeah, I think so. Give me a few moments to get used to it before you go in any further.”

The man smiled back, “That”s what I was going to do anyway. Tell me when you”re ready.”

JJ closed his eyes again and tried to relax as best he could while Tom caressed the boy”s chest and played with his nipples. He saw the lad”s limp cock move and swell as he did so, so he took hold of it and gave it a few strokes; within a few seconds it was back to full mast and, when he looked up to JJ”s face, the boy”s eyes were open again and he was smiling. “OK. I”m ready now,” he said.

Tom released the teen”s cock, grasped his hips to hold him in position and began to rock gently back and forth, each time moving slightly further in than on the previous occasion, gaining a fraction of an inch with every forward motion. Finally he could go no further, his loins pressed against JJ”s buttocks and his cock buried in the boy”s rectum as far as it would go. Once again the lad had his eyes screwed tightly shut and his cock was limp; just as before a few strokes from Tom rectified both issues and was able to gaze at the teen”s beautiful, smiling face and into his stunning, sparkling eyes while holding five, hard inches of pre-cum leaking boy cock.

“Are you ready?” Tom asked again.

“Fuck yeah,” JJ responded eagerly.

Releasing the boy”s cock, Tom placed a hand behind each of JJ”s knees and slowly pulled his cock out from the lad”s rectum until only the glans remained lodged behind his sphincter; then, equally slowly, he pushed it back in again until he was once more balls deep in the teen”s rectum. He repeated this action several times, gradually increasing the rate at which he moved, eliciting an `ah” with every outward motion, followed by an `ooh” from each inward thrust. As the pace increased there was an audible slapping of skin against skin, while the boy”s still hard cock bounced on his lower belly. Tom adjusted their positions slightly until he could feel his cock rubbing on the front wall of the lad”s rectum and, when the oohs and ahs were replaced by a sudden squeak, he knew that he”d hit JJ”s sweet spot. He increased his speed of thrust again, making sure that he continued to rub over the boy”s gland with each in and out movement and, a few moments later, JJ”s cock erupted, covering his chest and stomach with more cum than he”d ever produced before, despite having climaxed once already that evening.

Tom didn”t stop; although he did slow down a little in order to pace himself, fucking the boy right through one orgasm and straight into another a few moments later; a second, if smaller, load of spunk joining the previous one on the teen”s torso. Now the man needed to cum too; he pulled out of the boy, who complained bitterly at the loss of the cock from his arse, flipped the lad over onto his hands and knees, positioning him at the edge of the bed and then, standing behind the teen and gripping his waist firmly he pushed back in with one powerful thrust, producing another satisfying, shrill squeal from his young partner. Tom took a second or two to settle himself and then began to fuck JJ again, pistoning in and out faster than at any time previously; the boy”s arse now seemingly loose, his muscles having given up the fight and surrendered to the inevitable but thoroughly enjoyable pounding to which they were being subjected. The oohs and ahs were long gone, replaced by a series of grunts, “Ugh . . . ugh . . . ugh”, accompanied by the sucking sound of cock in arse and the slapping of skin on skin.

The man was vaguely aware of JJ”s arse tightening briefly but he carried on regardless, continuing to pound away until a second contraction of the boy”s sphincter coincided with his own climax and he unloaded over and over into the teen”s no longer tight hole. The strength drained from his legs and he leaned forward, pushing the lad flat on the bed before collapsing onto his back; an inner instinct reminding him to take some of his weight on his arms and so avoiding crushing the totally spent and unconscious boy.

It took a minute or two for Tom to regain his senses, by which time his cock had softened and he felt it slide out of its warm sheath, into the cool bedroom air; as it did so, a disappointed groan emanated from below him, indicating that JJ too was conscious once again. The man rolled onto his side, pulling the boy with him into a spoon position, noticing as he did so several wet spots on the sheet; only then realising the significance of the teen”s anal contractions during the final moments of the fuck; the boy had climaxed twice more, making it five orgasms in total, including the blow job. No wonder he”d passed out at the end!

Tom released the lad and rolled onto his back, closing his eyes and smiling as he replayed the amazing fuck in his mind. He was aware of JJ climbing on top of him and then felt a warm, wet mouth licking and sucking his cock. He opened his eyes, to be greeted by the vision of the boy”s beautiful bum, his no longer puckered anus almost closed up again but with a rivulet of semen dribbling from it and down his perineum. The man stretched up and removed the cum with his tongue before sucking out a second helping as it emerged from the lad; then JJ turned around and they kissed, each enjoying the tasty, tangy cocktail of man spunk and boy juices. Following the kiss they lay in one another”s arms for a few minutes; the boy”s head on the man”s shoulder while Tom”s hands wandered over JJ”s back and buttocks until a rumbling from the lad”s stomach, a wet farting sound and a rather unpleasant odour led to him scrambling to his feet and sprinting to the bathroom. When he was gone, Tom chuckled to himself; that was a definite downside for a bottom boy but one to which JJ would have to become accustomed if, as the man suspected, this wasn”t going to be a one-off experience for the lad.

While the boy was away, Tom stripped the sheet from the bed and put it into the laundry basket along with the pillow slips; then he replaced them with fresh ones, returned the duvet to its place and sprayed the room with air freshener. As luck would have it he was off on New Year”s Eve, whereas Sam had to work; she”d moaned so much about the iniquity of the situation that Tom had volunteered to do housework that day including the laundry. This meant that he”d be able to clean up all the evidence and there was little likelihood of Sam poking her nose into the spare room laundry basket before then.

Once he”d finished, he reckoned that he”d given JJ enough private time and headed to the bathroom for a shower. The shower wasn”t exactly large but somehow the two of them managed to squeeze in, where they proceeded to soap and rinse one another, which naturally led to fondling and kissing, although neither felt the need to take things any further. Afterwards they dried themselves, the wet towels joined the sheet in the spare room laundry basket and fresh but identical ones replaced them in the bathroom; Tom was confident that there was nothing to arouse any suspicions in his partner.


⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣ ⚣



y nine fifteen they were dressed and snuggled together on the living room couch, with JJ telling Tom how much he”d enjoyed himself and that he hoped that they could repeat the experience sometime soon. This produced mixed emotions in the man, delight that he”d succeeded in giving the boy such satisfaction but knowing that in a few moments the lad would have no memory of the evening”s events and that the chances of a second instalment were remote. He could put the fateful moment off no longer, pulled away from the youngster and looked into his mesmerising eyes one last time before saying, “Three . . . two . . . one . . . SLEEP,” and easing the unconscious boy down until he was lying on his back. Finally, he put a cushion under the teen”s head and covered him with a blanket.

“Open your eyes JJ but don”t wake up. When you do wake up you will have no memory of this evening”s events after you entered this room and sat down when you first arrived. You will remember that I hypnotised you on Boxing Day but not tonight.” He paused, stroked the boy”s cheek and gave him one last kiss before moving to the armchair and saying, “Three . . . two . . . one,” and clicking his fingers.

JJ woke with a start, “Where am I?” he asked, before spotting Tom and seeming to gain at least some recollection. “How long have I been asleep?” he asked.

“Over three hours,” Tom lied. “You fell asleep as soon as you arrived and it”s nearly nine thirty now; your parents will be here soon. Do you feel any better?”

“Yeah, much better thanks, although I think I had a weird dream.”

“Oh, what was it about?”

“I”m not sure really, I can”t remember any details, just that it was strange.”

“Not a nightmare I hope.”

“No, I”ve got a nice warm feeling inside, so it must”ve been a good dream.” Tom smiled at that comment; although the boy had no memory of the evening”s events, it was obvious that his enjoyment of them had somehow permeated his subconscious and provided him with a certain fulfilment even if the reason for it escaped him.

They chatted for a while, Tom finding that making small talk with JJ was much easier than it had been with his father. A little after nine forty they heard the front door open and Sam”s voice calling, “I”m home.” She came into the living room, looking a bit damp, kissed them both and said, “It”s raining outside so Sue and Pete aren”t coming in. They sent you their thanks for looking after JJ and they”re going to take us out for dinner on New Year”s Day to thank you properly. Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet,” and with that she left the room and ran upstairs.

Tom walked to the front door with JJ to say goodbye; with Sam upstairs in the bathroom and the door almost closed, blocking any view of them from outside, they had a final few moments to themselves. The boy beckoned the man to come closer in a conspiratorial manner, the devilish glint having reappeared in his eyes and as Tom leaned forward the teen murmured, “I”d love to come and see you again sometime.”

“You would?”

“Yeah but don”t bother trying the hypnosis next time, it doesn”t work with me.”


“The sex was great though, we”ll definitely have to do that again.” He kissed the startled man on the lips, then pulled away, flashed a cheeky grin and a moment later was out the door and running down the path to the waiting car, leaving Tom staring after him in stunned amazement.




� Hugh Cox 2018


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