Subject: Pool Boy `Pool boy’ lives up to my reputation for hard-core gay sex stories. A love story it becomes after a not very pleasant start. Complete in three chapters and 10,700 words. I have pictures of what I think my characters look like if you would like to see them. Enjoy, and please remember that can only remain a free site with the benefit of your DONATIONS. It must be worth a few dollars/ euros/ pounds/yen, etc, to have access to hundreds of thousands of stories. Pool Boy Chapter 1 Daniel sat back in the patio chair and surveyed his domain. He was content. It had taken almost a year, but he now had a garden and pool area that he was inordinately proud of. It had taken a long time and been back breaking work, plus the time he could spend on it was limited. Now he had the space he needed for leisure, plus an array of palms, cacti and miniature fruit trees. They all grew with velvet lawn surrounding them. The patio and entrance path were tiled, as was the drive, but everywhere else had lush green lawn to walk on. He took the first sip of his Gin and Tonic sundowner drink and wondered what else he needed to be happy. He had a good job, and now his perfect house and garden. A boyfriend would be nice, but he was in no hurry, he was only 23 and thought that when he had a proper one it should be for life, so until he was ready to settle down he would just play the field. Besides, his Spanish was not yet good enough to be at ease with a local speaker, and he thought that was what he would like. His front gate buzzer rang, and looking at his watch he guessed it was the pool boy. Using his remote he buzzed him in. “Good afternoon, Daniel.” Daniel laughed. “I’ll never learn your language if you always talk to me in English.” Juan shrugged. “I have so many English clients I sometimes forget I am Spanish I speak your language so much.” Both men were smiling now as Juan went about his job. Daniel was seldom out in the garden to watch Juan working but today he watched and scoped out this young man as he worked. `God, he’s really dishy and I never noticed before.’ Daniel thought as he watched. Juan was wearing a cut down pair of jeans that were so short they were barely decent, and had stripped off his shirt. Flip flops were at the side of the pool so the boy was as close to naked as it was possible to be. He turned to face Daniel as he was working and that caused a heavy intake of breath. The bulge at the crutch was very obvious, made more so because he was patently freeballing. Daniel was sure he didn’t normally dress that risqu�. The gate buzzed again and Daniel was about to get up to see who was there when Juan spoke. “That is probably my brother. I told him to meet me here, we are going swimming before going home today.” Daniel shrugged and buzzed the boy in. This was another apparition that Daniel could do without. The boy was in his early teens and a miniature version of Juan, even down to the cut down jeans. “This little toerag is Paco, Daniel. He is 14 years old, but thinks he is 21.” Daniel laughed, remembering that he was the same. “Hello Paco, I’m 23, but wish I was fourteen.” Now there were three smiling faces. “Buenas tardes, Senor, tengo el placer de conocerlo.” “Buenas tardes, Paco, el placer es todo mio.” “Now if you were to talk to me like that Juan I would soon become fluent in your language.” Daniel now had two gorgeous young men to watch as Paco helped Juan. “Unless you are meeting friends at the pool, Juan, I can’t think of any good reason why you shouldn’t swim here when you have finished work. The shower is working and I can supply you with drinks.” Paco looked at his elder brother. “Juan, favour, me gustaria permanecer aqui.” “I guess we’re staying then Daniel. Are you sure we won’t be any trouble.” “Of course not.” Daniel’s thought was, `how could I complain if two drop dead gorgeous young men wanted to cavort in my pool?’ Juan finished and then the pair of them stood under the shower. Daniel was erect in seconds. The soaked cut offs clung like a second skin to both boys. Paco had missed nothing and had a smirk on his face. `Daniel is gay, now, does he fancy Juan or me’, was his thought. When Daniel had calmed down he went to the pool bar and then asked the boys what they would like to drink. They sat around talking and drinking, interspersed with swimming. Daniel said he would do his laps later after they left. For that read, `if I get into swimming trunks now my erect cock will give my thoughts away.’ It wouldn’t have mattered as far as Paco was concerned. He watched Daniel at every opportunity and realised he was being watched almost all the time as well. So, he got cheeky and while playing in the water with Juan he played with himself until he had an erection. He knew that he was exceptional for his age, already sporting a 20 centimetre monster. Even Juan, who was 20 years old could only muster 18. Roman steps that led from the pool, so Paco deliberately walked out that way intending to dive in at the deep end again. He might just as well have been naked for all the cut offs hid. Daniel’s eyes were almost glued to Paco’s crutch. Time to go so the boys showered again. Juan went to pick up his tools while Paco lingered long enough to undo the top of his cut offs and pull the zip down enough to open them up a little to let the water wash his private parts. He was erect again and let the flap drop far enough for Daniel to see the top few inches of his cock. That was too much for Daniel and he orgasmed. Paco grinned like an idiot as he pulled escort izmit his zip back up and went to grab his towel before Juan saw what was going on. Very quietly so that Juan wouldn’t hear he spoke to Daniel. “Can I come back again tomorrow with a few friends?” Daniel nodded his head, he didn’t yet trust himself to speak. Juan came back and after thanking Daniel, he and Paco went. Daniel pulled his shorts and underwear off sat back in his chair and had another massive orgasm thinking about the boy. It was a good thing that nothing important required his attention at work the next day because Daniel’s thoughts were filled with Paco, and what his friends might look like. ******************** It was almost five o clock when the gate buzzer rang. Daniel was all prepared. He had showered as soon as he arrived home and donned his tightest jockstrap and a pair of cargo shorts. A large T shirt, worn outside his shorts completed his attire. Now he knew that his erection wouldn’t show. He was better hung than Paco, he knew that his 25 cms would impress them all. Not that he expected to be showing it to any of these boys. They would just be jack off material for him. There were eight of them. A mixture of Spanish and English so they all spoke English. “Hello Daniel, is it ok for so many of us to be here?” “Sure, Paco, it’s a big pool.” The boys all dropped their towels and stripped to their swim gear straight away. Daniel scoped them out. The two biggest boys were just about his size and Daniel guessed them to be the eldest and probably fifteen, or even sixteen. They stripped to Speedos making Daniel’s eyes water. They were both hung. Four of the others wore cut offs like Paco’s and were similar age to him he thought. The last two wore baggies and despite nice looking torsos the baggies made them look less sexy than the others. Paco noted Daniel’s lack of interest in the two in baggies, further confirming his thought that Daniel was gay. The games started and Daniel realised that these eight teens were pretty uninhibited. There was considerable groping as they played and the number of erect cocks on show made Daniel’s erection hurt it was so hard. After about half an hour, when Daniel thought he would need to go inside for a wank, Paco and the two biggest boys came up to him and Paco spoke. “We think you should come for a swim with us, Daniel.” Daniel was almost gagging. All three were displaying erect cocks. The two in speedos were almost obscene, `how can early teen boys have such huge cocks?’ was his thought before looking back to Paco to answer him. “I’m not dressed for swimming, Paco, and I do my lengths later.” “We thought that if you got naked to swim, we could all do the same.” Daniel nearly choked. He would love to see all eight of these boys naked, but he didn’t want them to see his monster hard on. “Well you can all get naked if you want to. I’m sure you all have the same equipment as me.” “Yes, but Lance and Jose, the two in baggies are really shy about nudity and said they wouldn’t take their shorts off unless you do, and they have such gorgeous cocks we love to play with them.” Daniel couldn’t believe the cheek of this young lad. “Well, I’m sorry, Paco, but getting naked with a load of underage boys would not be a wise move on my part.” “Ok, we’ll make it easy for you then, giving you no choice. Antonio, Rafael, arms.” Before Daniel could move, the two big boys had taken an arm each and pulled it up his back so that he couldn’t defend himself. They stood him up and Paco moved in close and undid his shorts, lowered them quickly meaning that Daniel couldn’t use his feet or legs, and then just as quickly pulled his jock strap off. Daniel’s incredibly hard cock was hugging his belly and looked quite impressive. Paco moved to the side to allow all the other boys to see. Stood with just his T shirt on Daniel felt silly. Paco thought so as well and didn’t want that so he pulled the T shirt over Daniel’s head and let the big boys take it off completely. “Ok Guys, get `em off.” For an outsider watching it would have looked funny. The two big boys released Daniel and all eight almost in unison lost their swimwear. Daniel wanted to be mad, but eight erect teen cocks just left him stunned. Every one of them was longer than he would have expected making him gasp. They were stunning. “That was very naughty, Paco.” Said seriously, but with a grin on his face. “I know, Daniel, I’m sorry. Can I make it better by getting rid of your erection?” Daniel wanted to say yes, more than anything else, except maybe the reverse, but these boys were underage. “I would love you to, but you are all underage so I shouldn’t touch you.” Paco thought about that for a minute. Then his face lit up. “How old are we all today?” Seven voices bellowed out together, “Sixteen.” They were all grinning and all, unfortunately, lying. “Sorry, Paco, but I daren’t.” Paco nodded and once again, Daniel was disabled by the two big boys. He was laid on a sunbed, other boys held his legs spread and Paco went down on him. The fight lasted just a few seconds as Daniel felt Paco’s tongue working its magic. Then the other boys got in on the act. His balls were played with, his nipples were sucked and when his legs were bent he felt a slick finger penetrate him and strike his prostate. That was too much. In his aroused state already he had an orgasm that shocked everyone with its intensity. Paco pulled off to watch it and the first jet went almost two feet in the air, three more fountained as well before the remainder dribbled down the sides. Daniel couldn’t izmit escort believe the next action. The boys licked him clean, almost fighting over his cum. All cleaned up and they just dived back into the pool to continue their games. When Paco thought Daniel had his act together he climbed out of the pool again and sat by Daniel. “I know that was wicked Daniel, but I know you are gay and I thought if we could get you to play with us we would have somewhere we could come regularly for sex because we are all gay as well.” Daniel wanted to be mad at him, but he was so gorgeous instead he leant forward and kissed him. Paco was shocked, and then, with Daniel’s follow up comment in his ears he grinned. “You could become very bad news for me. You are so gorgeous.” Paco preened and then, very seriously replied. “Will you make love to me, properly, like you would to a woman?” Daniel knew what he meant. He thought hard about his answer. “Yes, I would love to, in private with no one else knowing.” Paco had tears in his eyes as he replied. “Will you do it tomorrow if I come again by myself?” Daniel knew this was a slippery slope that could end up with him in prison, but the boy was just so gorgeous. “Yes, if you swear you will never tell anyone else.” “I swear, Daniel.” A kiss to seal their pact and Paco was back in the pool with his friends. Daniel watched them and saw some fairly heavy play going on in the water before it spilled over to the sides and he witnessed some impressive blowjobs. When the games were over, the boys showered and sat around drying as Daniel dispensed cold drinks for them. All finished and as they trooped out they all thanked Daniel, sporting huge grins as they did so. Paco was last and whispered. “See you tomorrow, Daniel.” ’22 hours,’ Daniel thought, `and then I can get my hands on the little hottie, and maybe even fuck his cute butt.’ ************************************* Paco was waiting at the gate when Daniel arrived home from work. To Daniel’s eyes the boy looked divine. “Eager beaver, I have to shower before we play.” “Oh good, I’ll be your slave boy and shower you.” They both stripped in Daniel’s bedroom and he was as hard as he had ever been, looking at this little hottie. The shower was amazing. Paco did a first class job of cleaning him, particularly his groin and butt. “I like to play with the rear end as well as the front”, was his comment as he almost made Daniel cum. The finger Paco slid into his anus hit his prostate. Daniel washed Paco as well doing the same thing. By the time they had dried each other and made it to the bed both were almost ready to cum. They were so eager to play with each other that with no preamble they 69ed each receiving a mouthful of cum before moving face to face and Daniel kissed Paco on the lips. “Mmm, I like that. Can we go again only this time work on the back as well?” Daniel thought that Paco was not acting like a 14 year old, more like an adult with loads of experience. 69 to start with and then Daniel felt Paco start to finger him. It felt amazing and he nearly went into orbit when the boy moved in and started licking him. He was, of course playing with Paco’s anus as well. With the wet light showing on the bedside cabinet, Paco told Daniel to roll over and come up on his knees. “I can make it even more exciting for you.” Already spacing out, Daniel did as he was asked. With his head and shoulders on the bed, his legs well spread he was quite comfortable. Paco then went in with fingers and tongue until Daniel was about to cum, then he used one slicked hand to keep Daniel excited while he used the wet light to coat his cock and rub a little inside Daniel’s arse. The feel of a cock about to enter him was not new to Daniel, but he hadn’t expected it today and before he could move away or protest, he felt it slide over his sphincter and proceed further into him. “Oh fuck. What are you doing Paco?” The boy laughed. “I think I am fucking you.” With that he completed the penetration, feeling his cockhead enter the large intestine. Daniel squealed, but quickly relaxed sending the message to Paco to continue. A slow fuck commenced and Paco knew he had Daniel spacing out. Now to put in place his main plan. He had left his mobile convenient to use and took a few pictures of him fucking, making sure that his face was in the pictures. Satisfied, he turned Daniel over and with his legs held back and wide continued fucking him. When Daniel closed his eyes prior to cumming, Paco took another load of pics, again making sure that his face was in the pictures, but Daniel’s as well. Two very satisfactory orgasms followed. When he had calmed down, Daniel wanted to be angry, but his orgasm had been so good he scolded Paco good naturedly and told him he wanted to do the same. “Mmm, tomorrow then.” Daniel was disappointed. Despite two very good orgasms, he was ready for a third, buried deep in this hot teen. ********************** The next day, Paco buzzed the gate about half an hour after Daniel arrived home. Perfect timing, he had just finished showering and was sat by the pool with just a skimpy pair of athletic shorts on. He hit the remote and watched for the boy to come round the corner of the house to the pool. He was not best pleased when the same eight boys as two days ago appeared. “I thought you would be by yourself today, Paco.” “I told the others what we did yesterday and they all want a piece of your arse as well today, and to see if you suck cock as well as I told them you did.” Daniel nearly fell over with shock. “Don’t be silly, izmit kendi evi olan escort Paco, you know I can’t do that.” The sweet innocent looking boy of the previous few days was gone as he replied. “Of course you can Paedo? In fact you’ll do anything I say whenever I say it.” “Don’t be ridiculous, now I think I would like you to leave.” All the boys laughed and Paco pulled out his smart phone and gave it to Daniel. “Have a look at the pictures. They have all been downloaded to my computer. You can do as you’re told or I can send them to the Guardia.” Daniel was shaking as he clicked through them. There was no doubt that it was him being fucked by an underage boy. His shoulders slumped as he handed back the phone. “Now, we need some rules if you are going to be our fuck slave. First, you will in future always call me master. Next, you will call the others, Sir. You will always be naked in our presence, so get your shorts off.” Daniel did, and the boys were looking at a soft cock. “It doesn’t matter that you are soft, because I don’t think you will be using it in this company.” The boys all moved in closer and started to play with Daniel’s body. They missed nothing and several times he felt fingers penetrate him and wriggle around inside him. “Spread your legs more, make it easier for my friends to play.” Daniel was torn. The playing was so erotic, but doing it to the boy’s command made him very embarrassed. The prostate contact won though and he was soon sporting a very hard cock. Stood facing the wall at the side of the pool with his legs well spread and bent over was so humiliating that Daniel wanted to cry with the shame of it. After what seemed ages, Paco stopped them and turned to Lance, the smallest of the boys. “Would you like a blowjob, or a fuck, or maybe both?” Lance grinned. “He can blow me first and by the time you have all played I will be ready to fuck him.” + “That’s ok, but first I want him over my lap for punishment. He can find out what it will be like if he is anything less than enthusiastic whatever we ask him to do. Now Paedo, over my lap, spread your legs wide and place your hands on the floor as far away as you can reach.” This was getting worse and they had only just started. Paco delivered a hard slap to one cheek. Then an even harder one to the other cheek. “Ok, each of you one hard slap, alternate cheeks.” Daniel hurt after that and his erection was gone. Lance had made himself comfortable on one of the patio chairs after losing his clothes and was sat with his leg spread wide and an already erect cock, ready for action. “Suck him now Danny Boy, and make it as good as the one you gave me yesterday.” Of course it wasn’t because the other boys were all squatting down to play with him at different times and make lewd comments about what they were going to do to him. The finger fucking restored his erection but the humiliation made Daniel want to cry. The first mouthful of cum and he sat back waiting for further instructions. “It wasn’t bad, Paco, but I’ve had better.” “In that case you may spank him again to show your displeasure. He might as well stand up for this so that we can watch his cock shrink.” Legs spread wide, hands behind his head, Daniel blushed with embarrassment as little Lance landed another two swats to each cheek. He watched his own erection shrink and the other boys all get harder. Seven mouthfuls of cum followed, and Daniel made sure he was enthusiastic for all of them. His arse was already sore, more punishment would be unpleasant. The boys decided a swim would be good then and Paco told Daniel how and where to stand. The boys played for a while before climbing out of the pool at intervals. All of them played with Daniel for a few minutes before making him towel them dry and then fetch them soft drinks. Despite his embarrassment, Daniel got a massive erection drying each of the boys who were also erect. They were all delightful and above average size for their age. Three of them were almost as long as him and were mouth wateringly attractive. One of the older boys saw the erection as he climbed out of the pool and immediately smacked it hard. “You are here purely for our benefit. Keep your pervy thoughts away from your little brain.” Daniel couldn’t hold his tongue. “Huh, as if.” The boy snarled at him then. “Well I’ll demonstrate why you should try. Get down on your knees, take my cock in your mouth and grip it tight.” The boy was softening and suddenly Daniel knew what was happening as he felt warm liquid enter his mouth. “Swallow it all or you will be in trouble.” Daniel was crying by the time the boy, Rafael, had emptied his bladder. “I hope no one else wants his mouth today, he has just taken about a gallon of my piss.” The others all laughed. They laughed even harder when Rafael then told Daniel to get on the sunbed on his back. “Lift your legs, spread them wide and run your hands through them to hold them back.” Maximum exposure and Daniel felt so humiliated again as all of the boys took turns fingering him and discussing the merits of fucking him in this position. From discussion to action and they all fucked him for a few minutes before passing judgement on that position. The end of play was a new position and each of them fucked him again for a few minutes. They kept on changing his position and fucking him for a few minutes until they had all cum again. They all showered then, dressed and left. Paco was last and spoke to Daniel. “We will probably be back every day for more of this. Make sure your arse is super clean.” Daniel was very sore and realised he would be in trouble if the boys kept this up. The only thing he could think to do was make it look as though he was being made to do these things against his will and have photographic evidence. ****************************************

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