Subject: LOGAN RETURNS HOME CHAPTER 8 adult/youth gay LOGAN RETURNS HOME CHAPTER 8 Billy left his house carrying his red, white and blue , Captain America sleeping bag. His mother had kissed him goodnight and he was excited because this would be his very first sleep over at a friends house. Scott was constantly looking through the blinds in the living room to see if Billy was coming. He knew that it was almost time for Billy to arrive. Scott wondered if Travis was having a good time at Logan’s house. Usually, Scott would invite Travis to be involved in things that he did but tonight, he wanted to have the bedroom with just himself and Billy. Billy briskly walked up the driveway to Scott’s house and Scott ran to the door when he saw him coming. “Hey Billy” “Hey Scott” Billy lugged his sleeping bag into the living room. ” Come on with me, I’ll show you where to put it” Scott said as he guided Billy to his bedroom Scott told Billy to just lay it on the bed and they decide the sleeping arrangements at a later time.. For the next 3 hours, the boys watched TV, played video games and ate the Cheeseburger meal that Scott’s mother had got for them from McDonald’s. Scott’s mother called Travis on his cellphone to make sure that he was doing OK before she went to bed. Travis told her that he was having a great time and would see her in the morning. ” Honey, I am going to turn in. I have had a very busy day and I am bushed . You boys be sure to get to bed soon, don’t make me come in here and tell you again. Good night Scott, good night Billy” Both boys waved at her and said good night . Scott was tired of watching the movie they had selected and he asked Billy if he was ready to head to the bedroom. Billy got up and asked where the bathroom was so he could take a pee. Scott went to his room and a few minutes later, Billy joined him. The boys rolled their sleeping bags onto the floor and got the pillows off of Scott’s bed. They took their T shirts and pants off and got inside the sleeping bags with just their underwear on. Billy had on a pair of Fruit of the Looms and Scott had a pair of boxers with NFL logos on it. ” This floor is hard, why don’t we just sleep in your bed Scott” Billy complained. Scott had never slept on the hardwood floor before and agreed that it would be very uncomfortable for both of them to sleep there all night. Scott put their clothes on the floor and pulled the blanket and sheet down. Billy slid under the sheet and put his head on the pillow. Scott climbed in and turned the table light off. There was just enough moonlight coming through the window to eliminate the bedroom. The two 9 year old boys talked for several minutes about school and which kids they liked and disliked. Scott looked at the clock and it read 10:30PM. He wondered what Travis was doing at Logan’s house. Neither one made a sound for several minutes. ” My dick is hard” Billy whispered Scott laughed ” Mine too” ” Let’s take our underwear off and put them down by our feet in case we need to put them on fast” Scott said. The boys had always been careful when they went to Billy’s house after school because they usually only had 30 minutes or less to masturbate before Billy’s mother would come home. Both boys pulled their shorts off, shoving them to their feet. Billy put his feet next to Scott’s and started escort kocaeli to rub his feet on Scott’s feet. Scott turned to face Billy and put his arm around him. Billy moved close to Scott and the two boys were just inches apart from each other’s naked little boy body. Scott put his hand down and touched Billy’s hard dick. He touched the foreskin and pulled the skin down so that the head was out. Billy put his hand on Scott’s 4 inch boner and played with it. Both boys had each others dick, touching and feeling each other. ” Let’s do this” Billy said as he moved his dick towards Scott’s dick. The boys had done this before and it was a favorite sex game of Billy. They shoved their dicks together and let one dick rub against the other boys dick. Back and forth, the dicks made love to each other. Scott moved his dick into Billy’s big ball sack. Scott knew that Billy’s balls and his sack were much bigger than his. It turned Scott on to have his dick rubbing against Billy’s balls. The boys held each other tightly pressing against each other, pretending that one was a man and one was a woman. Scott kept pressing his hard dick into Billy’s balls and Billy would press his hard uncircumcised cock into Scott’s pubic area. “This feels good” Scott said as he pressed his dick next to Billy’s hard dick ” Yeah, I love doing this” Billy replied as he shoved his hard penis into Scott’s pubic area. They continued to play their Game of Swords for several minutes. “Do you want to try something different?” Billy asked ” What do you want to do?” Scott asked ” Let’s do something that my brother likes to do to me” Billy went under the covers and put his head close to Scott’s penis. ” Let me know how this feels” Billy said Billy put his lips on Scott’s 4 inch circumcised boy cock and inserted the cock deep into his mouth. His moist mouth washed the boys penis with his saliva. Billy started moving his mouth up and down the penis, stopping at the head when coming up and sucking extra hard on Scott’s cock head. “OH WOW That feels fucking good” Scott said Billy kept moving his mouth over the boys hard penis. “WOW Billy, this is so fucking awesome My dick never felt like this before” Billy stopped sucking and and moved his head back to the pillow. ” You do me now” Scott went underneath the covers and put his face next to Billy’s pubic area He ran his fingers over Billy’s soft skin, touching him in the area where pubic hair would be someday. Scott put his fingers on the boy’s penis and raised it up to his mouth. He put it on his lips and slowly let it slide into his mouth. Billy loved the feel of a wet mouth on his boy penis, he loved it when his 14 year old brother would do it to him when their mother was not home. Billy would also suck his brother as well. Scott moved his mouth up and down on Billy’s hard penis, producing saliva from his moist juicy mouth. Some saliva was spilling onto the sheets as it seeped our of his sucking mouth. Billy moaned from the sensations that he was feeling as Scott rapidly moved his mouth up and down Billy’s cock “Pull the skin down” Billy pleaded Scott stopped sucking and put his fingers on the boys foreskin and pulled it down. He had pulled Billy’s foreskin down numerous times when they masturbated with each other and he knew how far to pull it down without making Billy uncomfortable. Scott put his lips on Billy’s cock kocaeli anal yapan escort head and sucked on just the head. Billy moaned as Scott ran his tongue over the head. Scott moved his mouth down to take in the entire cock and the foreskin remained down as Scott moved back and forth on the penis. Each time he would come to the head, he would suck a little harder on the head. “Let’s do it another way” Billy said Scott came up from under the covers and asked what he meant. ” This is called a 69 We suck each other at the same time” Billy said. Billy told him to turn so that his feet were at Billy’s head. Scott did as Billy suggested and their dicks were close to each others face. ” Now we suck each other at the same time” Billy said Billy took Scott’s hard penis into his mouth and began licking the boys penis with his tongue. Scott took Billy’s penis in his mouth and did the same to Billy. When Billy would suck on Scott’s cock head, Scott would suck on Billy’s cock head. When Billy would go up and down the shaft rapidly, Scott would do the same. Each boy knew what the other was experiencing and how good it felt. ” I love doing this” Scott said as he let Billy’s penis slip out of his mouth for a second “Me too. I wish we could sleep together every night and do this to each other” Billy added Scott ran his hands up and down Billy’s chest, feeling the boys ribs and belly, all the time while sucking on the sweet beautiful boy penis. Billy ran his fingers along Scott’s crack, touching the mounds of boy joy. He wanted to kiss each cheek and lick along the crack like his brother does to him but he kept sucking on Scott’s delicious edible. Scott suddenly stopped sucking and told Billy that he was almost getting the feeling. Billy stopped sucking for a second and told Scott to hold his hand. ” When you feel the tingling start to happen , squeeze my hand and I will try to have the feeling the same time you do” Billy said. Scott took Billy’s hand and held it tightly while continuing to suck the gorgeous 9 year old Japanese boy. Billy sucked on Scott’s cock head again and Scott started slightly squeezing his hand and then tighter and then a VERY TIGHT SQUEEZE Billy felt his orgasm coming as well and squeezed Scott’s hand tightly as well. The two 9 year old boys were overwhelmed by tingles throughout their entire bodies, from their toes to their heads. Scott had never had felt such an exciting orgasm before. His little penis was trying to squirt boy honey into Billy’s mouth but the hive was empty. Likewise, Billy felt like he was peeing but nothing was coming out. He knew what semen looked like as his brother would shoot streams of it when Billy would masturbate or suck him. The boys let the penis’s leave their mouths and they rested for a few minutes, enjoying the final seconds of their little boy orgasms. Scott came up and placed his head on the pillow and put his hands under his head. Billy looked at him and smiled ” How AWESOME was that” Billy asked ” My dick never felt so good. Dude, we have got to do this whenever we can” Scott added. Billy agreed, he enjoyed doing this with his brother but doing it with Scott was really special. He liked that Scott did not have hair around his dick and he enjoyed it better with a younger boy. “I wish we could do this with Derrick” izmit yabancı escort Scott said. ” I wonder if he knows how to jack off yet” Billy added. Scott looked at Billy ” Maybe we can teach him” ” Yeah” Billy added. The boys moved their heads so they could share the same pillow. They kept their underwear off and cuddled together under the sheets. They both fell asleep in each others arms. Miles was the first to wake up the next morning. He had laid several comforters on the floor for the boys to sleep on and all four boys were spread out over the layer of comforters. Randy was the first to open his eyes and he noticed Miles sitting at a coffee table watching the boys. “Good morning Randy” Randy pulled himself up from the pile of comforters on the floor and walked to a chair next to the coffee table. He sat in the chair with just his underwear on. Miles smiled and offered him a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Randy opted for the hot chocolate. “Just look at those lazy boys” Miles said. Randy laughed at the sight of the three boys with their mouths slightly open and sound asleep. “Randy, if I had my way, I would let you stay with Derrick and myself forever. I hate to see you have to live with parents who treat you the way they do. Why don’t you just stay over here with us everyday. I will make sure that you have plenty to eat and you know that Derrick and I both love you and we want you to live with us. Considering how your father and mother treat you, they would probably be glad that you’re not around” Randy began to tear up and Miles was afraid that he had upset the boy. Miles got up and put his arm around Randy and hugged him. “I’m OK.. I am just so happy that you and Derrick accept me for what I am” Randy said. ” OF COURSE, we accept you, not only that but we LOVE YOU” Randy put his arms around Miles and the two embraced in a long warm hug. “So let’s do it this way. You just tell your parents that you are coming over hear to play with Derrick every day and you just STAY HERE until it’s late. We will eat, watch a movie, watch TV….and you and Derrick can hold hands, kiss, WHATEVER you want to do is fine with me. I have a feeling that your parents are going to love that arrangement” Derrick opened his eyes and saw Miles and Randy sitting at the coffee table. He jumped up from under the covers and ran to them. Derrick jumped onto Miles lap and put his arm around Miles neck and hugged it. “Look at those holes in his underwear” Miles pointed out to Randy, laughing “Looks like we are going to be going to the Department store today for some undies” Miles said Randy looked at Derrick’s underwear and laughed. Derrick’s penis was sticking out of one of the holes. Miles put his finger on it and flipped it a few times. Derrick laughed and shoved his penis away from the hole. Travis and Logan woke up when they heard the laughing and looked towards Miles and the boys. ” What’s going on” Travis said rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “Nothing boys, everything is fine. This is the beginning of a new day and we are going to be just fine. ALL of us are going to be just fine” Miles said as he looked at Randy. Randy got up and went over to where Miles was sitting and sat on his knee. He put his arm around Miles and held him tight. He kissed him on the cheek and turned so that he was facing Derrick. Randy motioned for Derrick to sit on the other knee. Derrick jumped up and sat on Miles other knee. He put his arm around Miles and touched hands with Randy. Both boys smiled as their hands touched. Miles looked at his two boys and felt a warm feeling inside.

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