Subject: LEARNING FROM MR. GREEN, Part II Hey, men. Don’t forget to contribute to Nifty. Nothing in life is free, and if you’re here you enjoy what Nifty has to offer. My saga with Mr. Green continues. Mr. Green was real and so am I. We did have sexual contact, but some details have been changed to make a hopefully better story. ..at the end of Part I… Mr. Green tucked his deflating cock back into his pants and zipped them up. He reached his big hand over and ruffled my hair, gave me a big smile and left the restroom. My little cock was still hard, but I stood up and pulled up my pants. I hoped no one would notice that I was hard when I walked back into my classroom. Part II I walked into the room and went to my desk. I imagined that my lips were swollen from sucking Mr. Green’s cock, and that everyone in the room knew what I had done. Of course that was just my Christian guilt talking. No one knew and if they had guessed they might have been jealous. Mrs. Green, his wife and my teacher, looked at me a bit longer than was necessary I thought, but she didn’t say anything. I had great difficulty concentrating for the rest of the day. My mind kept going over what I had done in the school restroom and how much I had loved it.,I knew that I had come out of that restroom different than when I went in. What would happen next? I walked home a bit slower than usual because I wondered if my minister father or my mother would notice that I was different. Obviously I wasn’t going to tell either of them what had happened. I had never told them what I did with my little boy friends at sleepovers, so I certainly wouldn’t tell them about Mr. Green. I walked into the house to the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies, Maybe a couple of cookies and a glass of milk would make me feel more my usual self. “Hi, Mom,” I said as nonchalantly as possible. “Smells really good.” After a big hug, my mother said, “Sit down and have a cookie and milk. I have something to talk to you about.” That sounded a bit unusual and I wondered if somehow she had found out that her little boy was a cock sucker. “Oh dear God!” I silently prayed. “Please no!” I started eating the freshly baked cookie and then nearly choked when she said, “Superintendent Green called this afternoon.” I’m sure my face got red but I managed to get out the words, “What did he want?” escort bayan “Well, he said that he is working on a project for an educational publisher, and he needs someone of your age to test the material he is working on. Mrs. Green seems to think that because you are doing so well in all your classes, you would be right for taking the tests. The only thing is that you will need to do the testing on Saturdays. Are you OK with that? Giving up your Saturday morning TV shows?” “Would I have to go to the school to take the tests?” “No. You can take them at the Green’s apartment over the furniture store.” Now I knew where the Greens lived. Our town was so small that everyone knew where everyone else lived. The school board had rented an apartment over our local furniture store for the Superintendent and his wife to live. It was only about a block and half from our house, shorter if I cut through the town square. My natural color slowly came back into my face as I said, hopefully without too much enthusiasm, “Oh, that sounds like it might be fun. I think I’d like to do that. When do I start?” “This Saturday, the day after tomorrow. It will be from about 9 in the morning until noon. You’re sure this is ok?” “Sure. that’s ok.” Now I knew what Mr. Green had meant when he said he would make arrangements for us to get together again. My mind raced back to earlier in the day when I had gazed on Mr. Green’s beautiful uncut cock for the first time. My little boy cock was hard as nails as I remembered the sensation of taking it in my mouth for the first time. “Saturday,” I thought. But was he going to have me play with him while Mrs. Green was at home? Things to wonder about. Friday came and I was back at school. The day dragged. I was almost afraid to use the restroom. Afraid that Mr. Green would come in while I was there, and equally afraid he wouldn’t. Mrs. Green didn’t say anything about me coming to their apartment the next day, so I didn’t mention it either. My little cock was so hard most of the day I had to keep adjusting my blue jeans. Oh would Saturday ever come? Finally Saturday arrived and a few minutes before 9 I left the house for the short walk to the Green’s apartment. I was excited, nervous, terrified, exhilarated all at the same time. What adventures awaited me? I knew that whatever it was I wanted it to happen. Mr. Green must have kocaeli escort bayan been watching for me, because before I could ring the buzzer so he could hit a button to unlock the door, the door opened and there stood Mr. Green, wearing a long black silk robe tied at the waist. I knew he didn’t have a tee shirt on because the graying hairs on his chest were showing at the vet where the sides of the robe met, The thought briefly crossed my mind, “I wonder if he has underwear on?” He gave me a big smile and said, “Come in, my boy. Come in. Go on upstairs. I’ll lock the door and follow you.” I started up the stairs and heard the door shut and the bolt click shut as he locked the door. Now at 8 years of age, in retrospect I don’t think of myself as an irresistible piece of child flesh. I was short for my age and would remain so for a number of years. I was on the chubby side but did have beautiful curly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. And I was about to discover that if I lusted after Mr. Green with his large (at least to my eyes) uncut cock, he also lusted after my smooth skin, hairless and ripe, ready for tasting. As we entered the living room at the top of the stairs, I felt his hand on my back. “Make yourself at home,” he said. “It’s just us here. Mrs. Green goes to the county seat to take a class at the college every Saturday. We won’t be bothered.” Again the mixed feelings washed over me. I was relieved that Mrs. Green, who I really didn’t like would not be there. Also a bit of anxiety wondering what was going to happen to me. “Would you like a Coke?” Mr. Green asked. I nodded and he went into the kitchen to get the drinks. Soon he returned. He had unfastened the belt of his robe and he stood there with satin black boxer shorts inviting me to come closer. I had never seen such beautiful boxer shorts before and I wanted to touch them, and rub them over me because I knew it would feel so good. “Here’s your Coke, my boy. Is it ok if I help you get more comfortable?” I only nodded. I was in his power, ready and willing to do whatever he wanted. He sat down in a large leather recliner and motioned me to come over to him. Without hesitating I was in front of him as quickly as my chubby legs would carry me. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt, and dropped it on the floor behind me. Then he lifted the hem of my tee shirt from both sides and kocaeli escort pulled it over my head. It joined my shirt on the floor. “Kick off your shoes, please.” I kicked them off and stood there. He unfastened my jeans and pushed them to the floor. I stepped out of them, knowing that was what he wanted me to do. I stood there in my little tighty whities, my boy cock pointing straight ahead making a little tent. I felt Mr. Green’s large hands grip my shoulders and rub my arms, then my chest and my back. he turned me around and I heard him suck in his breath as he pushed my underwear down. “Oh, you beautiful boy,” he murmured. “I’m going to enjoy this and I think you will too.” His hands rubbed all over my chubby little ass with his long fingers running down my crack. I was in heaven. He slowly turned me around again so I was facing him. “You made me feel so good the last time, I’m going to make you feel good today.” He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I had never thought about kissing a man like this before. I felt something force it’s way between my lips. It was his tongue. The first sensation of, “Gross!” was soon replaced with unbelievable sensations that seemed to go directly from my mouth to my raging cock. “Oh, God! What are these feelings?” He slowing pulled back and lowered his head to my pudgy little tits. His mouth found my nipples and he began to suck. I had never felt anything like that before in my life. His tongue licked down my belly and as he neared my very hard cock, he reached behind me and pulled me toward him, his powerful hands gripping my chubby ass cheeks. He opened his mouth and my hard cock and even my little hairless ball sack disappeared into his hot mouth. None of my little boy friends who I had played with had ever made me feel like this, I wanted to scream with pleasure. He kept sucking and I felt like I was going to pee. Suddenly my body shuddered and spasms rocked my little hard cock. What had just happened? What was this feeling? Mr. Green wrapped his arms around me. “That is what we call a climax,” Mr. Green explained. “That is what I experienced the other day when you were sucking me. Here, sit down on my lap and take a few deep breaths. You’ll feel your usual self soon.” I sat on his lap and leaned back against his hairy chest. I had never felt so loved, so secure. I felt his big cock under my little ass, hard and sort of wet. It was gently rubbing on the crack of my ass. It felt so wonderful. As I felt my heartbeat return to normal, I wondered if I would get to taste Mr. Green’s cock again today. Your comments are welcome at hoo Don’t forget to contribute to Nifty!

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