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The Orgone Orgasm Machine

Chapter 4

By Paul S. Stevens

Stuart went home and contemplated long and hard about what had happened today. His overactive sexual imagination had put the doctor at risk along with all his years of research. He needed to be more careful around Kendall. He didn”t know the guy all that well, yet he still drew Kendall into his dream as if he were a dear old friend. Stuart began to realize that he was far too free and trusting with his newfound gifts.

In his dream state, Kendall was a very cool and easy going guy, ready to join in and share the fun. In the real world however, Kendall had an opinionated closed mind since he had never allowed himself to come to grips with his true sexual nature. Stuart”s kind gesture may have only served to intensify the inner turmoil that raged inside Kendall. It forced him to re-evaluate his life and wonder if he had made the right life choices that ultimately left him unhappy and alone. Those suppressed feelings that were buried so deep in Kendall”s subconscious were inadvertently brought to the surface where it caused Kendall to become emotionally transfixed. This made him a possible threat to himself and the doctor”s project.

It was still early in the day and Stuart”s daily dose of the doctor”s Orgone therapy was beginning to wear off. Stuart started looking for things to do to keep his mind off the doctor”s machine and occupy his time with some worthwhile pursuits that didn”t revolve around sex. He did some chores around the house that he had put off for days, and he even worked a little in his mom”s garden. He mowed the lawn without being asked and then cleaned his room. After that, he searched for any little thing he could find to keep busy. He had so much energy that he even entertained the idea that he might try running a marathon. Stuart was physically in prime condition for someone who wasn”t particularly athletic, but this sudden wave of energy that had come over him was way above and beyond what even a boy his age who worked out and was in perfect health and peak physical condition should experience.

When the day was done, Stuart had successfully made it through without a single episode and when it was time for bed, he had tired himself out enough that he was able to quickly fall asleep.

When Stuart awoke the next morning, he found he had not completely evaded his nocturnal emissions by a long shot. He discovered that he had deposited six or seven fairly large circular wet spots on his sheets that he had evenly distributed throughout the night. This part of his Orgone therapy was becoming a daily side effect that he had already gotten used to, and putting on a clean sheet everyday became a regular part of his morning routine. Even with all the semen he had ejaculated throughout the night, Stuart was still waiving his wooden flag pole high in the morning sun as it filtered though his bedroom window.

Stuart got out of bed and showered in anticipation of spending the day helping the doctor with his experiments. He struggled to keep himself from doing a quick spin-off in the shower since he had already unloaded a pretty good amount of semen overnight and he wanted to be as fresh and rejuvenated for today”s sessions as possible.

When Stuart arrived at the doctor”s lab, he took one look around and discovered that Kendall had come in early. He had the doctor”s precious Orgone machine completely dismantled. The control panels had been removed and all the top secret inner components of the doctor”s miracle machine were exposed in all their glory. A whole arsenal of testing equipment, probes, meters, scopes and gadgets were strewn across the lab as they buzzed and beeped, revealing the hidden essence of the doctor”s genius.

“Oh my God, what are you doing?” Stuart exclaimed in horror.

“I stayed up all night analyzing the circuitry in these schematics and found a couple of things that might be the culprit,” Kendall dryly answered. “I”ll track down the problem in no time. I should be done by this afternoon and you”ll be back in that chair shooting off your cannon once again, don”t you worry!”

Stuart didn”t know if he should be relieved or insulted. Either Kendall had an extremely low opinion of him or he was secretly jealous of Stuart”s enviable position.

A few minutes later, the doctor returned from the post office with a package from his P.O. Box. He had been expecting some new emitters he had ordered and walked right past Kendall and Stuart, totally unaffected by the state of his laboratory. He took his seat on his wheeled stool and proceeded to open his package.

“Good morning Gene,” Stuart said in greeting. “What”s happening?”

“Well Stuy,” the doctor began. “The industrial grade emitters I ordered several weeks ago finally arrived and this should complete the final component to my machine.”

“That”s interesting doc,” Stuart said. “But that”s not what I meant. What I meant was…, what”s going on here!” Stuart said as he opened his arms to direct his attention to the chaotic disorder of the lab and dismantled equipment.

“Oh that,” the doctor said. “Yes, Kendall submitted his proposal to track down the source of the noise this morning and I gave him permission to proceed. Besides, I was going to have to take things apart anyway to make the modifications necessary to integrate these new emitters into the system.”

Stuart found himself a secluded spot in the lab that was `out of everybody”s way” to observe Kendall and the doctor as they worked together to repair and upgrade the doctor”s delicate system.

“Hey Gene, come look at this,” Kendall said.

Stuart was annoyed and a little put off that Kendall was already calling the doctor `Gene” after only one day of being his assistant.

The doctor stopped what he was doing over at the emitter array above `the chair” and stepped over to the computer console where Kendall was working.

“What do you think of that?” Kendall asked the doctor as he pointed to one of the oscilloscopes monitoring the machine”s output. “Isn”t your machine supposed to be generating negative Orgone energy?”

“Why yes, it is,” The doctor confirmed. Then he looked at the scope”s display and declared, “This can”t be right. I”ve personally checked this output a dozen times. According to this, the reading is one hundred and eighty degrees out of phase.”

Kendall tweaked the controls on the scope and confirmed that the readings were correct.

“Somewhere in the circuit path, the polarity has been reversed,” Kendall declared.

Then Kendall and the doctor began working side by side, systematically working backward, checking each group of circuits to track down and locate the source of the fault.

Stuart remembered back on his first day in the doctor”s lab and started to get a bad feeling about where all this was heading.

As they checked each circuit, they continually got the same reading over and over again until they reached the power source input that they traced back to the two hundred and twenty volt power plug attached to the wall socket. Kendall unplugged the machine and removed the screws on the plug”s outer casing.

Stuart, who had been observing the entire process from beginning to end, now realized that he was the one who was solely responsible for the troubles that had been plaguing the project.

“Here”s the source of your problem!” Kendall announced. “The terminals of the plug have been wired-in backwards.”

“How in the hell did that happen?” The doctor growled.

“Ah, Gene,” Stuart meekly said as a lump formed in his throat.

“Not now Stuy,” the doctor said dismissing him as he tried to make sense of the obvious faux pas.

“I”m sorry Gene,” Stuart said as his voice cracked. “It was me!”

A brisk flow of tears rushed down Stuart”s face as he confessed his blunder to the doctor.

“I did it,” Stuart revealed.

“You? You did this you little shit?” Kendall seethed. “If all this circuitry wasn”t built with military grade components, you could have fried every resistor, capacitor and diode on the board!”

“Hold on now Kendall,” the doctor interrupted. “Let”s hear what the boy has to say. I want to hear his side of the story.”

Well… on my first day here… when you left me to clean up the lab… I had a little accident. I tripped over the power cord on the machine and my foot accidentally pulled the wires right out of the plug. I was so scared that I broke your machine and I didn”t know what else to do. I didn”t want to get fired before I even got started.” Stuart said as başakşehir escort he desperately tried to keep from deteriorating into a blubbering idiot. “I pulled the broken plug out of the wall and tried to repair the wires before you got back. I guess I didn”t do it right. I”m sorry Gene, please don”t hate me.”

“I”d get rid of your little cum boy if I were you before he makes a total mockery of your research,” Kendall strongly suggested.

“Screw you asshole!” Stuart cried.

“Now hold on you two,” the doctor intermediated. “I won”t have you two talking to each other like this. You both are an integral part of this project and you both need to learn how to get along if we”re going to continue to work together.”

“But Gene, how can you defend him after what he”s done?” Kendall wondered.

“You”re just plain mean, you know that!” Stuart accused Kendall. “Don”t take it out on me just because you”re afraid to come out of the closet you fruitcake.”

“That”s enough!” the doctor said losing his cool. “Not another word, you hear me?”

Everybody stood quiet for a few seconds as Stuart and Kendall shot accusatory stares at each other.

“Neither one of you are seeing `the big picture” here,” the doctor paused as he looked at Stuart and Kendall”s facial expressions. “Wow, can”t you see…? We would have been wasting our time pursuing negative Orgone energy when it was positive Orgone energy that has been giving us these remarkable results, albeit, most of them sexual. That”s okay though. There are millions of people suffering from sexual ailments that will be able to benefit from what we”re doing here. Besides, we”ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what other kinds of benefits this type of therapy can have.”

“Well Gene, yesterday I felt an increase of energy like I”ve never felt before in my life,” Stuart said, adding credence to what the doctor was eluding to. “I did twelve hours of hard work and barely got tired at all.”

“See there, that”s what I”m talking about,” the doctor pointed out.

“Yeah, but he could have caused a disaster that would have set your research back several years,” Kendall indicated.

“That”s right,” the doctor agreed. “But many of the most famous scientific breakthroughs in history were discovered by fortuitous accidents that were not unlike what”s happened here. Millions of men around the world owe a salute to the hard working stiffs in the Welsh village of Merthyr Tydfil where, in 1992, their hard work testing this new angina drug produced firm evidence of its unexpected male sex enhancing power. This discovery would be much higher on my list if it weren”t for the fact that it is the cause of 90% of the spam e-mail I receive every day!”

“So you”re not mad at me then?” Stuart sniffled.

“I”m furious with you,” the doctor glared. “Don”t ever do anything like that again. What ever happens in the future, come to me with it. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” Stuart meekly answered.

Then Stuart realized he had just been scolded by his best friend and mentor. Even so, his spirits soared when he took the words `what ever happens in the future” to mean that he still had a future.

“Hey Gene,” Stuart cautiously said, not wanting to speak out of turn.

“Yes Stuy,” the doctor replied.

“Since the time you asked me to be your assistant, I”ve been searching the Internet for anything I could learn about Orgone energy. Aside from all the historical references to Doctor Wilhelm Reich, it”s been written that there is no conclusive proof that positive Orgone energy has any beneficial therapeutic qualities.”

“There now, you see Kendall. You both make invaluable contributions to the project,” the doctor pointed out. “You”re absolutely correct Stuy. There has been no proof until now. Even so, positive Orgone energy, by itself, even in massive quantities, could not be responsible for what”s been going on here.”

“So there must be something else contributing to the phenomenon,” Kendall offered.

“Yes! But what?” the doctor exclaimed as he looked around the cluttered lab. Then the doctor pointed at the corner where Stuart was sitting.

“Me?” Stuart gasped.

“No Stuy, the machine above your head,” the doctor indicated.

Stuart looked above his head and noticed the small appliance sitting on the counter.

“That thing?” Stuart questioned. “What is that thing anyway? I always thought it was some kind of air filter.”

“It is in a way,” the doctor explained. “It”s a negative ion generator. When I”m working late at night down here, I sometimes smoke my pipe. It relaxes me and helps me think. I brought that little beauty down here to keep the room smelling fresh.”

“Oh, I see what you”re getting at,” Kendall acknowledged. “The negative ions bond to the positive Orgone particles creating a new chain molecule.”

“Correct!” the doctor said getting more and more excited. “Super-Orgone! No, wait. Orgone-Plus.”

“Gene, I think you”ve discovered a brand new kind of particle,” Kendall declared. “I think you should immortalize your discovery.”

“Yes, I think you”re right Kendall,” the doctor said as he contemplated the idea for a moment. “I”ve got it! I”ll call it `Croixgone”, how”s that?”

Stuart didn”t wait to see what Kendall thought. He immediately applauded the doctor who had now officially become his personal hero.

“Thank you Stuy,” the doctor said, taking a small bow. “And what do you think Kendall?”

“Actually doctor,” Kendall modestly remarked. “I think it”s worthy of the Nobel Prize.”

“Oh, well I wouldn”t go that far,” the doctor replied.

“I would, most definitely,” Kendall attested.

“Me too,” Stuart said.

“All right, maybe you”ve both got something there,” the doctor conceded.

“So, what do we do now?” Stuart asked.

The doctor and Kendall looked at each other for a moment and then they sprang into action.

“I”ll modify the output to include negative ions and then calibrate the new emitters,” the doctor stated.

“And I”ll ground the duty cycle to eliminate the noise and adjust all the settings to maximize for positive Orgone and then I”ll put everything back together,” Kendall stated.

“And I”ll prepare myself to be the first `Croixgone” recipient in history.” Stuart exclaimed.

Kendall smirked at Stuart”s statement but the doctor beamed with pride from hearing someone else say `Croixgone” for the first time.

Stuart watched intently as Kendall and the doctor worked as a team to reassemble the doctor”s Orgone machine in record time.

As soon as the doctor proclaimed the job `finished”, he paused for a moment of silence to reflect on the series of events that would define a whole new chapter in the doctor”s life.

“Okay Stuy, are you ready to give `Croixgone” a test drive?” The doctor asked.

Before the doctor finished his question, Stuart was undressing and heading for `the chair”. Kendall rolled his eyes and then turned to the console to turn on the machine to allow the command computer to boot up. The doctor took his seat in his wheeled stool and Kendall sat in front of the machine and manned the control panels.

“Okay Gene, we”re primed and ready,” Kendall announced. “All systems `Go” for launch.”

Kendall smiled as he dramatically mimicked a NASA shuttle launch. Kendall was an aspiring aeronautical space engineer and dreamed of someday landing a prestigious position with the NASA organization. The doctor”s lab was far from `Mission Control” in Cape Canaveral but he couldn”t think of a better place to acquire some practical experience in the world of science.

“Quiet everyone…, the doctor ordered. “Listen…!”

“I don”t hear anything,” Stuart whispered.

“Exactly!” the doctor exclaimed. “The noise is gone. Thanks to Kendall”s electronics expertise and the new, high efficiency emitters, there”s going to be less of a load on the machine and we should see some impressively improved results. Plus, with the inclusion of a higher negative ion concentration directly infused with the positive Orgone energy, we should see some dramatic changes.”

Stuart”s heart started racing as the implications of the doctor”s last statement sank in. He couldn”t conceive the idea that the doctor”s machine could possibly be any more perfect than it already was. As Stuart looked up above him, his eyes beheld the new emitters that the doctor had just installed. A wave of concern came over him as he noticed that they were at least three times larger than the previous ones. He wasn”t sure what negative ions would feel like pouring out of these new emitters let alone the unseen commingling of them with the doctor”s newly enriched positive Orgone energy.

“Oh my god,” Stuart said as he held his breath. He clenched the arms of the chair with his fists and his body stiffened as he flew into a panic.

halkalı escort “What”s wrong Stuy?” the doctor asked.

“Turn it off,” Stuart screamed.

“It”s not on yet,” the doctor assured him as he rolled his stool over to him and put his hand on top of Stuart”s. “It”s still on standby Stuy.”

“Are you sure?” Stuart asked.

“Positive!” The doctor attested. “Look, maybe you should go home for today, make a fresh start again tomorrow.”

“No, I”m all right,” Stuart said. “I just got a little scared. Those new emitters are so much bigger than the other ones.”

“Yes, now that I look at them up there, they do look a bit intimidating,” the doctor agreed. “I”ll show you that it”s okay. I”ll sit right here with you for a minute and you”ll see that everything is okay.”

Once again Kendall rolled his eyes as he held back from making a viciously hurtful remark.

“Kendall, if you would please,” the doctor calmly asked. “Give us a little sample on low, just for a minute or so to show Stuy here that there”s nothing to worry about.”

Kendall went to set the timer for one minute. As he reached over to the timer control, he noticed it was set for twenty minutes of `on” time and zero minutes of `off” time. On closer examination, Kendall discovered that the settings on the timer were divided into five minute segments starting with five minutes and ending with sixty minutes. There was no way to set the controls for single minute intervals. He was going to ask the doctor what to do, but then he thought, if he was going to show the doctor that he could manage a simple request, he was going to have to take charge. He quickly solved the problem which Kendall thought was a `no brainer”. He decided he could turn the machine on manually and then turn it back to standby manually after one minute.

“Okay, here it goes,” Kendall announced as he manually threw the switch.

Stuart”s panic attack was almost like a premonition and an invisible flood of high octane Croixgone energy permeated the room, reaching saturation levels in mere seconds. It was fortuitous that everyone was sitting because within thirty seconds, Kendall, Stuart and the doctor were inexplicably put to sleep and within forty-five seconds, the three of them were thrown into a shared dream that they would soon discover would be like no other.

When Stuart, the doctor and Kendall regained awareness, they found themselves naked and floating above a sprawling landscape of rolling fields and farmlands. The sweet scent of colorful flowers covering the ground filled the air. Even though the countryside was teeming with life, not a single human being could be seen for as far as the eye can see.

They were hovering about fifty feet off the ground, somehow defying gravity. It was early morning and the sun was just beginning to rise above the horizon. It was a pleasantly warm summer day and a gentle cool breeze lazily drifted past their naked bodies, making them feel blessed and thankful to be alive.

Even though the three of them were still on planet earth, what they were experiencing felt more like outer space. They were blissfully secured in a zone of weightless micro-gravity. Kendall began kicking and stroking his arms as if he were an Olympic swimmer and found he could move about in this manner.

Stuart and the doctor followed Kendall”s example and started darting about, enjoying a kind of freedom that few humans have ever experienced. Not only were they enjoying the freedom from the gravitational forces of planet earth, they were also enjoying it unencumbered by clothing. As they grew comfortable with the fact that they were dangling effortlessly in the sky, they began to execute random tumbles, back flips and cartwheels in midair with the ease of a Cirque du Soleil troupe. As they performed these incredible feats, their cocks and balls flip-flopped freely as well, adding to the sheer delight that was occupying their unexpected morning fantasy.

“Gene, is this your dream?” Stuart asked as all three of them continued to frolic about.

“No, but I sure love it,” the doctor replied, as he executed a perfect triple somersault.

“Well Doc, if it”s not my dream… and it”s not yours, then…”

Stuart and the doctor stopped their antics and came to a perfect standstill and looked over at Kendall.

“Yep!” Kendall grinned from ear to ear as his cock began to swell as he spoke. “Ya got me. This is my fantasy. I”ve always wanted to know what it would be like to jack-off in the vastness of `Zero-G” open space. We”re not exactly in space here, but this is the next best thing.” Kendall”s cock was now rigid and stiff and it started pulsating with each beat of his heart.

“Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Engelgardt was the first Astronaut to masturbate in space,” Kendall continued. “While flying 940 miles above the Earth”s surface, with spaceship speeds reaching over twelve miles per second, he pulled his dick out and climaxed amidst the stars. The only problem was, he was stuck inside a bulky, rigid spacesuit when he made history. We have an advantage that he didn”t. We have the luxury of ultimate freedom. I would be honored if you guys would jack-off with me, right here, right now and cum where no man has cum before!”

Stuart and the doctor looked over at each other. They were both titillated by the obvious Star Trek reference and made the only choice that two horny researchers could make in their present situation.

“Sure, `Zero-G” sex sounds fascinating,” the doctor said.

“Of course, I”m in, full speed ahead Scotty!” Stuart punned.

“All right guys, seriously now, start stroking yourselves normally,” Kendall instructed. “Right away, you”ll discover that the muscles in your reproductive tract will begin to tense up. This is normal. For men, these muscles clench and tighten instinctively whenever sex is initiated. In normal earth gravity, you don”t notice this happen but here in this weightless environment, you”ll clearly notice it immediately and you”ll be able to relax them if you concentrate on it. Similar to anal sex, when the penis is introduced into the anus, the sphincter muscle clenches instinctively to expel the intruder. In the reproductive tract, a group of these similar muscles clench to close off the urinary tract flow and open the ejaculatory path in preparation for orgasm. In anal intercourse, when the recipient relaxes the anal muscles, it allows the pleasure sensors to engage, making anal sex quite enjoyable. In the urinary tract, the same phenomenon occurs which allows for the orgasm to double or even triple in intensity.”

“So jacking off in `Zero-G” is going to be amazing!” Stuart said.

“I thought I just said that,” Kendall smirked.

Stuart drew a puzzled look as the doctor let out a small giggle.

“Okay then, let”s get started!” Stuart suggested.

As they began, all three of them discovered that this type of activity in the absence of gravity was more difficult than they first realized. In normal earth gravity, most people are unaware that they let gravity do most of the work for them. In addition, in `Zero-G”, there”s nothing to push against or acquire leverage on, leaving Kendall, Stuart and the doctor to proceed at a slight disadvantage.

The three of them slowly drifted together as a group, ever so casually over the rolling hills, stroking themselves in unison to a rhythm set by Kendall himself since he was in control of his own fantasy and Stuart and the doctor were his guests.

“You know something,” the doctor observed. “It”s kind of weird but, as I”m stroking myself, it feels like I”m stroking a ten inch cock.”

“Yeah, me too,” Stuart said to the doctor. “I thought it was just me. Kendall”s cock is ten inches, maybe we”re feeling what Kendall is feeling. After all, we”re all stoking exactly at the same time. Let”s try mixing it up a little.”

“That”s an excellent idea Stuy. You have the heart of a true research scientist,” the doctor commended. “Let”s do it!”

As Kendall continued to stroke his ten inch cock with long even strokes, going from deep into his pubic bone all the way to the very tip of his dick and back again, Stuart decided to try the corkscrew, making a fist around his own cock head and rotating his hand around it in a circular pattern. The doctor on the other hand, encircled his own balls with one hand and pulled them away from his body, stretching them to the limit as he massaged his frenulum with the other hand, using one finger to torture himself, making small circular movement across the most sensitive part of the male sex organ.

“Oh my god,” Stuart declared. “It feels like I have a ten inch cock and three hands are stroking me at the same time while my balls are being stretched. That”s the most awesome thing I”ve ever felt.”

“Okay, you guys keep doing what your doing and we”re all going to cum together,” Kendall said. “I can feel that one of şirinevler escort you is starting to tense up again. Remember what I said about relaxing all your groin muscles. If we all keep this up and concentrate on staying relaxed, we”re going to pop like we”ve never popped before!”

“Oh yeah, I can feel it coming now,” Stuart said as he closed his fist tighter around his cock head and twisted it with a wild lack of restraint.

“You”re right, I can too,” the doctor said as he tugged on his balls harder and increased the speed on his frenulum rotations.

Kendall, Stuart and the doctor started breathing heavily. All three of them took their deep breathes simultaneously, in and out as Kendall unknowingly synchronized everyone”s bio rhythms to his own. Their hearts started racing, their mouths got dry and their bodies began to stiffen as a rush of tingling sensations ignited every fiber of their being.

Kendall started to become aware that he was in control of Stuart and the doctor”s sexual journey that was inexplicably tied to his own. He could sense that they were both starting to clench their muscles again as their oncoming orgasms drew closer. He concentrated his will towards the doctor and Stuart”s mind in an effort to assist them in maintaining his goal of an open orifice, `Zero-G” orgasm. He attempted to override their habitual instinct to close off their inner orifices in favor of their ejaculation. It became more and more difficult to control their natural impulses as their communal orgasm became imminent. With Kendall”s help, both Stuart and the doctor finally began to loosen up as Kendall”s efforts began to take effect. Kendall was able to hold everyone”s orifices open and relaxed, including his own as their physically interlocked climax entered the point of no return.

All three of them faced each other, arched their backs and thrust their hips forward as the sensation of ejaculation arrived. All the usual chronological series of events that were typical of an average orgasm occurred as expected, starting with the sensation of their balls tightening as they drew into their body cavity. Stuart found this sensation particularly erotic as the odd conflicting mixture of two opposing sensations intensified his orgasm. The distinct feeling of the doctor tugging and stretching on his balls in direct contrast to Kendall and Stuart”s balls physically pulling inward as they emptied their contents into their respective ejaculatory chambers caused a one of a kind occurrence that no man could have ever conceived of before.

The next event to transpire was the orgasmic response trigger that caused the release of a potent chemical cocktail of: Endorphins, Vasopressin, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Prolactin, Phenyl Ethylamine (and most importantly) Dopamine. Because Kendall, Stuart and the doctor were all psychically bound together and Kendall was concentrating his influence on the others, this brain rush affected the three of them as if they had each gotten a triple dose of orgasmic bliss.

Then without being prompted, all three of them exclaimed in perfect unison as if they were of one voice. “I”m going to cum…, oh yeah…, I”m going to shoot it…, here it comes…!”

Kendall held his breath which made the others hold theirs. Kendall found that, at this point, in order to maintain everyone”s open orifices against their bodies contrary forces, he needed to push open their orifices as if they were about to urinate. He projected this countermeasure onto the others. As their interconnected orgasms overtook them, the ejaculatory muscles that usually contracted at this point were delayed as the orifices that were usually closed and ready to respond were forced to remain open. As the pressure began to build behind their balls from the delayed reaction, their climax intensified and they all exhaled together. The longer Kendall was able to hold open everyone”s orifices, the more intense their climax became until Kendall couldn”t hold off any longer.

All at once, all three of them shot their pent up loads collectively. They watched each other as they each squirted, poured and gushed volleys of thick white creamy cum at each other. The magnitude of their unnatural orgasms took their breath away. While they were still in the process of unloading their balls, they each experienced an ethereal epiphany. In that moment, they drifted amidst the stars just as Kendall had imagined Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Engelgardt had done 940 miles above the Earth as he became the first man to cum in space. As they began to return to their bodies, they watched their semen drift away from their pulsating cocks and amass in the center like several long tailed comets bound for an interstellar collision. They coalesced into a single sphere approximately six inches in diameter and then miraculously began to glow. The glow intensified until it started to shine like a newborn star. The miniature sun began to grow and pulsate as the three of them watched in awe. It was as if they were watching the life cycle of a star in time lapse photography as it went from its birth to its death in under a minute. As it approached the end of its life cycle, it began to expand very quickly and Kendall, Stuart and the doctor were engulfed in its glorious light in seconds as if they were the inner planets of a solar system being swallowed up by a red giant.

The next thing they knew, they were awakened within the safety of the lab. Everything was quiet as they each returned to reality. The machine had run its twenty minutes of `on” time and automatically returned to its standby mode. Stuart”s body was covered with what looked like the volume of three hearty loads of his own cum. Kendall and the doctor both sported extremely large circular wet spots on their pants as they too discharged three loads worth of cum within their clothing.

“Wow! That was amazing Kendall,” Stuart complemented.

“What are you talking about?” Kendall questioned.

“We all know this was your fantasy Kendall, you even admitted it to us,” the doctor said.

“How do you know? How can you believe what happen in those dreams?” Kendall said.

“It is my belief that we are at our most honest when we”re in our dreamscape,” the doctor pointed out.

“Look at your cum boy over there,” Kendall said, attempting to steer the conversation away from himself.

“Look at me? Look at you,” Stuart said as he pointed to Kendall”s crotch.

The outline of Kendall”s persistent erection was clearly visible through his abundantly wet cum stain. There was no debunking the abundantly apparent evidence that Kendall tried to hide.

“The last time this happened, we all woke up naked,” Kendall pointed out.

“That”s true,” the doctor attested. “We were naked because the last time, the build up of Orgone was slow and gradual. We all experienced a short duration of twilight, a brief period where the mind is dreaming but still lucid. We had entered Stuart”s fantasy but we were knowingly able to strip and get comfortable before losing control of ourselves, very much like sleepwalking. This time, we apparently got knocked out immediately. We normally would have had our hazmat suits on but this was only supposed to be a short test for Stuart.”

“I see,” Kendall said. “Well, I turned the machine on manually since there was no way to set it for one minute. I was watching it closely but long before that minute was up, I was out!”

“Don”t worry Kendall, I”m not blaming you,” the doctor explained, “But I do want to thank you.”

“Thank me, for what?” Kendall wondered.

“For sharing your fantasy with us,” the doctor said. “And for giving us a once in a lifetime experience that I”m sure I”ll never forget.”

Kendall slowly began to soften. He realized that he had shared two dreams with Stuart and the doctor now and this last one revealed Kendall”s inner most secret desires. Even so, they both accepted him for who he was. He gradually came to believe that he could trust them and he really didn”t need to hide from them what he had to hide from the rest of the world. Still, Kendall had lived so many years with this wall between him and the rest of the world that it was going to take a while before he would be able to completely let his guard down.

“Yeah Kendall,” Stuart softly said as he spoke from his heart. “I don”t think I”d want to share dreams with anyone else but you and Gene. I really think you”re a cool guy and your `Zero-G” dream was mega-awesome.”

“Thanks Stuy,” Kendall said, calling Stuart by the doctor”s endearing nickname for the first time.

Stuart grinned from ear to ear as he got a warm feeling inside from finally winning Kendall over. He knew his relationship with him was still going to take more time, but the first gesture of peace had been established and Stuart was now confident that team LaCroix could make history, change the world and win the Nobel Prize.


The End of Chapter 4

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