Subject: Luca is loved – Part 3 GayAdult-Youth. This is a fictional work – it’s not real and didn’t happen. By continuing to read this story you agree it is lawful for you to do so in your location, and also agree not to republish or share this story without permission of the author.GayAdult-Youth. If you enjoy the stories here as much as I do, don’t forget to support the site and donate. fty/donate.html Feedback and suggestions are welcome at ail. To his surprise Luca’s admirer had indeed deposited $50 into his bank account, expecting nude photos of the thirteen year old in return. Luca obliged and took a series of photos of him nude from different angles. He used the delay timer on his phone camera to make sure his cock and hole were visible in the photos. He knew it was probably not a good idea to have his face too visible in the photos, but he decided he should at least show a slightly obscured view so his sponsor would know it was really him. Luca picked the best five images and emailed them to the address provided, and thanked the man for the money. The next few days Luca curbed his hormones and went to school. Each day he would go home after school and have a joint his lover had left for him, and sit shirtless in his room playing games and streaming himself to the world. The number of followers and private messages had increased significantly over the last few days, with over one thousand new followers. He had a large number of private messages from men keen to know him better, and with all kinds of weird requests. Some men wanted to see him piss himself, others wanted to see him in his school uniform, speedos, soccer kit and any number of other requests. The messages that were of most interest to Luca were from men interested in buying his worn socks and undies. Luca was amazed this would turn people on, but happy to raise some extra cash selling his laundry. He decided he would sell undies or socks for $25 a pair plus postage. If the man wanted something specific like a certain brand he had to go and buy, for the item to be worn for a certain period or to have a load of his sweet cum in them they would need to at least double the price. Word soon spread among like minded men online, and soon Luca had more requests than he could meet. He would take the request and check that the money had been put into his bank account before he selected the undies or socks requested, and wearing them for the required time. Most men wanted him to wear the socks and undies all day before cumming in them, and sending them. Luca was able to raise at least $50 every day and soon he was running out of socks and undies and was having to go to the store to buy more every few days. Luca would put the soiled clothing in a zip lock bag and post them to men all over the world. It was a pretty sweet deal for a horny thirteen year old who was able to cum on demand. One afternoon after school he received a message from Dan, his online gamer friend. Over the past few weeks they had played online regularly, and had formed a sort of friendship online. Dan lived in the suburbs of Sydney, about 2 hours away from Luca’s beachside town. Dan mentioned his wife and newborn son were going away for the weekend so he would be all alone, and he invited Luca to come over and play with him. He could stay with Dan on Saturday night if he wanted given it was so far for him to travel home. Luca really liked Dan and he was pretty sure Dan was interested in more than just online gaming. Dan had offered to speak to Luca’s mum to let her know he wasn’t a murderer, but Luca said not to worry – she wouldn’t care if he was staying at a friends house on Saturday night. So it was agreed – Luca would catch the bus to Sydney on Saturday and Dan would meet him, and they would spend the weekend together while Dan’s wife and baby son were out of town. When Saturday morning came around Luca woke early and deposited another load into the underpants he had been sleeping in. He put them in a zip bag and addressed the envelope before having a shower. He was excited to be spending the weekend ataköy escort with Dan and packed a backpack with some clothes, toothbrush, phone charger and some cash from his thriving used clothing business. He was hoping they would have some time to go to some of the shops in the city so he could buy the sneakers he had been wanting for so long. Luca went into his mum’s room and took a tube of lubricant out of her bedside draw before kissing her goodbye and reminding her he would be back Sunday afternoon. Luca posted his most recent pair of undies on the way to the bus stop, and settled in for the two hour trip to Sydney. He slept most of the way, and whilst he wasn’t nervous he was curious to find out if Dan was interested in more than just gaming with Luca. Luca didn’t really mind either way as he liked Dan. He would either be a friend or they would have some fun. Two hours later the bus pulled into the stop where Luca and Dan had agreed to meet. As he exited the bus with his backpack he could see Dan and gave him a wave. As he approached Dan it was clear he was nervous, and he didn’t know if he should hug Luca or shake his hand. Dan gave Luca an awkward handshake before showing him to his ute (pick-up truck). Dan was a tradie (construction worker) and had been working in the morning before coming to pick up Luca. He was still in his work boots, shorts and brightly coloured safety vest. Luca threw his backpack in the ute and the pair drove off. Even though Dan was nervous, he gave Luca a tour of some of the projects he had been working on as they drove to his home. Dan and his young family lived in a small villa in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. Dan showed Luca around the home and offered Luca a drink and some lunch. Dan started up the gaming console while Luca finished eating and the pair were soon together in the familiar world of their online games. The awkwardness fell away as the played and soon they were celebrating their team’s win with high fives. Dan wanted to take Luca out to his favorite burger joint for dinner to celebrate, and needed to have a shower and change out of his work clothes before they left. Luca played on his phone while Dan took a shower, checking the most recent orders for his soiled clothes. A regular wanted a pair of worn Bonds undies with three days of wear and a cum deposit. This worked out well for Luca as he was almost down to his last pair. Dan excited the bathroom wearing a towel, and Luca couldn’t help but stare at his body. He was well defined from his physical work and regular gym workouts. He wasn’t particularly hairy, but did have a snail trail of hair rising up out of the towel to his lower stomach. “Do you want a shower too Luca” Dan asked? “Ahhhh no maybe later…… I had one before I came” Luca replied, his eyes unable to move from Dan’s body. Dan turned and went to the bedroom leaving Luca with a hard cock. Fortunately his erection had gone down enough to not be too obvious when the two left for the burger joint. Anyone watching Luca and Dan at dinner would have thought they were brothers enjoying a quick dinner our together, but to Luca and Dan it felt more like a first date. They finished their burgers, and Luca offered to pay for his, but he was glad Dan paid so he could still buy the shoes he wanted. As they drove home in silence, Luca could tell that Dan was nervous again. He knew there was only one bed in the house – there was no way he would fit in the baby’s cot. As they entered the home, Luca made a quick dash to the bathroom to piss. When he came out of the bathroom Dan was sitting on the couch watching TV. Luca sat next to him and thanked him for dinner and a great day. Luca could tell Dan was interested in some form of physical contact with him, but he also know as a shy straight man he was finding it difficult to make a move. Luca slid over on the coach close to Dan and snuggled in under his arm. Dan responded by putting his arm around Luca who was now leaning against his muscular chest. Dan’s smell was intoxicating to Luca and soon he was merter escort hard again. Seeing that Dan was also getting hard, Luca decided it was time to take things further. He placed his hand on Dan’s hard cock and felt it through his jeans. Dan let out a quiet moan and Luca felt his cock twitch. That was all Luca needed to know what he had to do. He stood up and took Dan by the hand to the bedroom. He took off his clothes and lay in the middle of the bed Dan usually shared with his wife. Dan watched in silence as the beautiful boy stripped and beckoned him to join him on the bed. Luca pulled the t-shirt over Dan’s head revealing his body. His lips went to his pecs while he removed his pants and released his impressive cock. Luca followed the trail from Dan’s stomach down to the base of his cock with is mouth before licking his balls and sliding his wet mouth up to the tip. Dan moaned loudly as the boy took his penis in his mouth for the first time. Since becoming pregnant his wife hadn’t been interested in sex, and the few times they had fucked, it was quick and mechanical. He hadn’t imagined a blowjob could feel as good as it was currently. Luca took his uncircumcised cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, working his hand up and down the rest. Dan was fucking the thirteen year olds mouth and forcing his head deeper with his strong hands. Luca knew Dan wouldn’t last much longer and could feel him start to tense as the wave of pleasure started in his balls. Dan’s cock erupted deep in Luca’s throat and spurt after spurt of warm cum shot out of the sexy twenty one year olds cock. Luca tried to swallow as much as he could, but soon the cum was running out the corners of his mouth and down his face. He pulled his mouth off the beautiful cock and one last jet of cum landed in his shaggy blond hair and ran down his face. Dan collapsed on the bed next to Luca as he came down from his sexual high. “I’m so sorry Luca – I hope I didn’t hurt you. It won’t happen again I promise” Dan said after a few minutes. “Are you fucking kidding me Dan – that was amazing” Luca said. “I was hoping you would do that”. Luca cuddled in next to Dan and kissed him on the lips. At first it felt weird to Dan to be kissing a thirteen year old boy, but it felt natural to have this sweet boy in his arms. Luca still hadn’t cum and he knew Dan probably wouldn’t want to suck his cock. The pair lay together and went to sleep. As the sun rose Luca woke first and really needed to pee. He slid out of Dan’s arms and let loose a stream of piss into the toilet. He grabbed the lubricant he had taken from his mum and applied some to his ass and fingers. He inserted a finger followed by a second into his ass, and pushed the lube deep in his ass. He slid back into bed next to Dan and watched him stir and open his eyes. For a second Luca worried Dan would have regrets about what they did last night, but Dan gave him a cute smile and lent in to kiss him good morning. Luca jumped on top of Dan and kissed him while Dan’s hands ran over his ass. Luca knew Dan wouldn’t take the first step and ask if he could fuck the boy, so Luca took control and used his had to guide Dan’s cock to his lubricated asshole. Luca slowly moved back and allowed the beautiful eight inches to slide into him. It still hurt, but not as much as it had with Mitch even though both men had similar sized cocks. The pain actually seemed to make it even hotter for Luca. Once he had taken all of Dan’s cock balls deep, Luca let his insides adjust before starting to ride the cock and it’s moaning owner. Luca bounced up and down on the cock with each bounce causing Dan to let out a deep moan of pleasure. Even though it was morning the room was heating up and both males were dripping with sweat, making it hard for Dan to hold onto Luca. The only thing keeping them together was the eight inches of cock firmly planted in the boys ass. After what felt like hours but was only ten minutes Dan couldn’t hold off any more and sent another load of his creamy cum into the boys ass, using his cock bahçeşehir escort to push his deposit as far and deep as he could. At the same time Luca’s small cock shot a sweet watery spurt of boy cum onto Dan’s body, landing near his v-lines. Dan let Luca lie back in the bed next to him, and pushed his still hard cock back into the boys ass. The two remained one and lay in the bed falling back to sleep. Luca woke a couple of hours later as Dan pulled his cock from his ass. “I have to piss bad baby” Dan said. “Me first” Luca said before racing to the bathroom. Dan was just behind him and they both started pissing into the toilet and watching each others cocks. Luca finished pissing first but stood next to Dan, reaching his hand over and feeling the cock as his steady stream continued to flow. Luca’s hand slid down the cock until it caused Dan to twitch, sending the warm piss onto Luca’s hands and feet, as well as the bathroom floor. To Dan’s horror Luca brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them to taste Dan’s piss. They both showered together and headed to prepared to go out to the shopping centre. Remembering the deal to sell his three day worn undies, Luca put the same pair back on and a pair of black Adidas tracksuit pants and a white Adidas t-shirt. The outfit would be perfect with his new sneakers they were going to buy. Seeing what Luca was wearing helped Dan decide to wear almost the same outfit. Before they left Luca helped Dan take the sheets of the bed and air out the bedroom that had a strong smell of sweat and cum so it was fresh for when Dan’s wife and baby arrived home later that evening. Luca hand sat in Dan’s lap as they drove to the shopping centre. His cock stirred at his touch even though he had cum a short time ago. Then they arrived they had to wait in the car until Dan’s cock recovered to its usual state. Dan showed Luca where the sports store was and Luca wasted no time in finding the shoes he wanted. In the store a cute guy who was about sixteen came over to offer his help. Luca asked to try on the shoes in his size and watch as the worker bent down to find the right size. He returned with the shoes and kneeled down on the floor in front of Luca and laced up the new shoes. As Luca was sitting watching the boy help him with the shoes he could feel Dan’s cum leaking out of his ass into the undies. Seeing the cute boy kneeling on the floor in front of Luca made Dan’s cock start to firm again, and he took out his phone and took a few pictures of the scene in front of him so he could relive it privately later. Luca loved the shoes and even though Dan had offered to pay for them, he wanted to use the money he had earned from his used clothing business. Luca was happy walking back to the car in his new shoes, but knew it was time to leave Dan soon. He wished they could go back to Dan’s house for another fuck session, but instead they drove to the bus stop. They were fifteen minutes early for the bus and Luca needed to piss again. They walked into the toilet block next to the bus stop and both pissed at the urinal standing next to each other. Dan was hard again and Luca grabbed him by the cock and pulled him into the cubicle nearby. He closed the door and kneeled in front of Dan, taking his cock in his mouth for one last time. Knowing they didn’t have long before Luca’s bus arrived encouraged Dan to give his boy one last load. Luca was able to catch most of the older mans cum, with only a little bit escaping and running down his chin before landing on his white t-shirt. They quickly exited the bathroom and ran out to the bus stop. As the bus approached they hugged for one last time before Luca left. During the bus ride back home Luca received a message from Dan containing the photos of him buying the shoes with the young attendant knelling before him. Luca could see he looked pretty good in the photos and the outline of his cock was visible so he uploaded the photos to his social media account. When he arrived home he kissed his mum and told her he had a good weekend. She told him Mitch had come over looking for him, but that “she had taken care of him”. He know they had fucked but didn’t really care. At least his mum was fucking someone decent and he knew if he had been home Mitch would have had him as well. Exhausted after his weekend, Luca went to his room lay on his bed falling asleep still in his new shoes.

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