Subject: Li’le Hustler Jodi Authored by DickyDoo Li’le Hustler Jodi I’d been watching my new neighbour move in next door and figured he was kinda old, like maybe 30, 15 years older then me. But I liked the way he wiggled his bum when he walked by, and the way he smiled and waggled his fingers at me the first time he saw me on our porch. Potential? So I let a few days go by and made sure I waved each time. Then I decided I’d do my hit. I Put my shorts on without underwear, left my zipper down, put a piece of a paper match stick at the bottom and pulled the toggle up so it jammed. I didn’t close the button at the top but did my belt and I looked down and spread the fly at the top halfway down so my dozen curlies showed better and a bit of the top of my dick. I took off my shirt and grabbed a bottle of peanut butter and held it in front of my open fly as I headed over to his back door and anxiously knocked on it. He opened the door and I gave him a shy and pretty smile and put my other hand out limply, “Hi sir. I’m Jodi from next door!” He started to limply shake it, “Well Jodi, pleased to meetcha, I’m Cyril but friends call me Sal. And since you live next door now, you can too!” and tittered a bit with a finger on his lip. Spare me… After I lingered my hand on his a little longer, I finished the shake and said meekly and kinda apologetically, “Sorry to bother you so soon Sal.. but I can’t open this jar. Can you… like… help me out maybe?” “Well I sure can Jodi my boy, here, give it to me!” Of course when I handed it to him, my open fly was exposed. Boy, did his jaw ever drop, eyes bugging as he froze with his hand out. I looked at him curiously, and he stammered, “Uhh… Jodi…yo… your fly is open!” and he took the jar. I looked surprised, then dropped my eyes down and spread the fly more open with both hands. I held it that way to for allow a longer look, then I looked back up at him and acted embarrassed. “Oh my goodness Sal! I forgot to zip up after I had a peepee. I’m so… embarrassed (sure…) and oh my goodness, you can see my… my new bush!” I giggled naughtily as I pulled out on a couple curlies. He was completely beside himself as he defensively dropped his wrist onto his crotch. I pretended to try and fix my fly, but after a few tries, I shook my head, “Gosh darn it! I’m so embaraased, I certainly can’t be seen like this! And besides, I’m afraid I’ll have to take then off like the last time. Jeez, I know we just met Sal and I hate to bother my new neighbor, but could I like… come in… and maybe help me and see if you can fix it?” You know, good neighbours? Oh sure… Christ, he looked at me like I was an angel that had fallen from the sky! He immediately was in lust with me! My gaydar still working pretty good for an almost 14 yr. old! He grinned after another quick eye drop, “No… no problem I mean! Anything for a new neighbour!” Kajing! Especially when he’s offering a teen dick to you! Score 1!. He stepped back in and held the door as he waved me in. I went into his kitchen and looked around as I undid my belt. When I started my pants down, he almost choked, “Uhh… Jodi… you wanna go in the washroom and take them off and hand then to me?” He stared at my cock as it tumbled out, “Naw it’s okay. I wanna see how you fix it.” His eyes stayed on my junk as I handed the pants to him. And of course, like most guys do, I did the grab and stretch down on it, teasing him to warm him up even more, and tittered, “And besides, it feels good out in the air!” and for more tease, I swivelled my hips to let it slap back and forth. He was uncomfortably nervous as he started looking at the fly. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, so to ataköy escort make matters worse for him, I moved up beside him and my hand on his shoulder to watch. I left it there so as he looked down at the shorts, my growing dick was beside it giving him a good view. It worked because he tried to look like he was struggling with the fly. Overkill? He was still a little nervous, and finally smiled as he held up the piece of matchstick. I took it and moved in front of him as I examined it. Of course he was looking down at it so I bobbed my semi beneath my hands. He raised his brow even higher this time. Aren’t I the mean little hustler! I pretended to be embarrassed and quickly wrapped a fist around it, “Darn it! There it goes again. It just seems to get stiff more and more often all the time. Does yours do it too?” He pressed a wrist on his swelling crotch harder, “Well… as a matter of fact… yes it does!” I smiled as I rolled my hoody back exposing my shiny knob, “Oh good! Feel mine and see if yours gets as hard as mine is.” Good bait eh? Hooked good now! I put my hands on my hips and bobbed it again. He let out a soft gasp as he reached down and gently wrapped his shaking fingers around it and squeezed. I sighed, “Oh my goodness, that feels so good! That’s the first time I’ve had someone feel it too! You’re so kind!” I made it jerk in his hands now and I tittered, “Move your fingers back and forth on it now if you don’t mind, I’ve found that feels good too.” As if I have to teach a queer how to whack another boy off? So I did a couple jolts as he licked his dry lips. He sighed deeply as he daintily did it. I relaxed, “Ah yes… that feels so better than when I do it. You’re so kind Sal my new freind, thank you!” He beamed and gave it another pull as he pressed his other wrist harder on the building tent in his shorts. I sighed now, “Could I… no, I mean… well we’ve just met… and gosh, would it be asking too much to… like feel yours and see if it’s as hard?” I tried to look innocent and embarrassed as he cleared his throat, “No… no I mean it’s not too much! I mean you’re my neighbour and I don’t mind giving you a hand.” He realized what he said and tittered, “That’s literal! But let’s keep it our secret… I mean I don’t want any other neighbours wanting to try it.” Sure. I bobbed my boner, “Oh goody goody! You are so much fun! Can I get it you ready like I am?” Boy was he gonna be a real mark as he moved his arms out from his hips. I ran my finger over his carved chest. I stopped and looked embarrassed, “Sorry, but you have such a great build I couldn’t help it!” He replied, “No, that’s okay, my workout must be working” Yeah but you got a big gut. The tent in his silk shorts was obvious now, as so I giggled as I squeezed it, “And you feel so hard here already!” He wasn’t wearing underwear so I worked them down and when his shaped pubes were revealed I gasped as I ran my fingers over them, “Oh my, you have more than me, and they’re shaped like a bowtie! Maybe you can do that to mine when I get more?” He was getting hornier as he stared hungrily at my cock even more. When I pulled the waistband off his boner, it sprang up and I gasped, “Wow it’s so big!” Small actually. I reached over and wrapped my fist around it, “And hard too. But you don’t have any skin on the tip and it’s all dry too.” “Yeah I know. They took it off when I was born.” I fondled his balls with my other hand, “And these are so much biggr’n mine.” I gave his cock a jerk, “And it feels good when I do this to mine. Does yours?” He smiled, “Oh yeah. Definitely. Do it some more then I’ll do it to you too!” So we jerked each merter escort other and I did the innocent trip, “Ahh… is there any way I can make it soft again rather than just wait?” He looked surprised, then tried to be serious, “Well yes. Here, I’ll help you out and do it to you so you can see.” My oh my he’s such a good neighbour… oh sure… he’s just a horny ol’ queer, perfect! He moved beside me and pressed the underside of his boner on my hip this time and reached down and started jacking me off. After a couple strokes, he smiled, “I’d like to watch closer.” And with that knelt down and wrapped his fist around it and fondled my balls as he stared at my knob inches away and pounded my pudding with his jaw dropped. Super! He’s evem more of a dirtier ol’ man! He was in his glory, his own boner bobbing away so I held my load and let it build up. I started to moan softly, “Ohh… Sal my man… you are so good… that feels so great…” and I rubbed his hair a bit, teasing him because he wanted to suck it so badly. But I wanted to keep him on a string, so I rubbed his cheek with the back of my hand, as he fondled my loaded balls. Finally I could hold it no longer and let my knees bend. I gasp/gag/choked as I quickly grasped his head like I was gonna collapse down, then squeezed it as I pulled it in closer to my knob. I nosily overacted my cummy squirt dance. Well actually just like my real first cumm six months ago which I remember so well. I fired an initial and very respectable slug of cumm out with a good trailer. I had been holding his head perfect and was dead on as it spiralled into his open mouth. His head jerked in my hands as it caught him off-guard. And, as I bent my knees a little more and let out a bit of a howl again to make it more realistic, I moved his head down a bit. He quickly squeezed his eyes shut defensively as I fired off another shorter one that smacked him on the nose. A great face paint! He opened his eyes and watched my final couple pearls burple out my knob and run down onto his fist. I fought back a laugh and acted quite embarrassed, “Oh my goodness Sal! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean… I didn’t know that was going to happen! Gosh darn!” Then I started giggling, “..oh so sorry to laugh, but that ‘stuff’ is all over your face!” He let go of my cock that was still leaking. He licked his fingers then wiped some more of my cumm off his face, “No. No it’s okay. I knew you were gonna cumm, but wasn’t expecting so much. No, you were just great!” I tilted my head and looked a little curious, “You… you ate my `cumm’? Is it okay too?” He nodded as he rose up, “Well it’s okay to, and some don’t like it, but I… I do and yours is so fres… well never mind.” I looked down and swiped a stringer that was stretching down from my wilted dick, and licked it off my finger, and shrugged, “Not bad. But wow! That was just too much! I thought I was gonna pee, but that was so better! Do it again to me again. Please!” He chuckled, “Well it’s not quite like that. It has to build up… kinda like your pee.” “Gosh darn it!” and I knew he wanted me to take the initiative, so I meekly continued, “Well maybe… maybe like I could make you spurt cumm and taste yours?” He was quick, “Well… sure, since you suggested it, it would be nice if you wanna do me now.” His boner was an anxious bobblehead now as I knelt down and lightly grasped it like it was my first time. Of course I had to stoke his ego like I was doing to his cock, “Boy oh boy! It’s so… big (mine was bigger) and hard (and ugly as it twisted to one side) and I… oh I mean this is so silly…” and I giggled… but it’s like a chestnut bahçeşehir escort on the end, cut and wrinkle dry, and I was wondering if… never mind it’s silly.” I knew I had aroused his curiosity when his cock jerked in my hand, and he quickly spoke up, “No, no, what’s silly?” I got sheepish as I fondled his balls, and decided to speed things up, “Well I just wondered what it would feel like… like to feel a chestnut on my tongue?” and giggled. “No it’s not silly. In fact some people like it. And as a matter of fact… I do too!” I looked surprised, “Wowser! You don’t mind if I do then?” He grinned so I put it on my tongue and I could feel his shaft jerk. I then licked it like an ice-cream cone and he flinched and grasped my head. I looked up at him, “Sorry.” He shook his head, “No no, it’s great! You’re good! Do it some more!” He was horny and hooked now. So I sucked on it like it was a milkshake straw then pulled off again, “I can hardly wait to see it cumm now and taste it to see if it tastes like mine.” I rubbed the swollen knob on my chin, “You know we just tasted my cumm… so maybe I could…never mind” He took the bait, “No it’s okay. You want to taste it as it comes out? I do it all the time. Really!” Hooked. So I proceeded with blowjob like he’d never forget and knew he would be a very loyal client from now on. He was enjoying it so much, not really knowing I was a pro just thinking I was just so cute and a fast learning boy. He squeezed my head and I felt his balls contract as he did his own shiver/shudder/cummy routine which wasn’t that great. His cock was not notable and I don’t know if he realized it, but I’d actually deeped him and his load was so-so compared to some of my clients and especially my younger friends. I pulled off and of course complimented him on how big his cock was, how tasty it was and what a huge load of cumm he made. He waggled his fingers at me, “Oh you are such a devil. And I must say you gave me the best blo… cumm release ever!” He stayed naked, his twisted and shrunken cock still leaking slightly out the bright pink knob. He watched me stuff my whip in the shorts he had `fixed’. I smiled at him, “Oh Cyr… Sal you have been so great! A real friendly neighbour having fixed my shorts and… well best of all, how to fix my hard dick!” I hugged his naked body and he smiled modestly. I turned and when I got to the door I turned back to him, “Oh and by the way, I don’t mean to be a further nuisance, but I was wondering if you could… like maybe lend me 10 bucks for another pair of shorts that I have my eye on till I He grinned and when he went over to get his wallet, I noticed the not bad pair of bare ass cheeks grinding away… hmmm a l little future coin in them maybe? When he handed me a twenty, I looked surprised even though I was expecting it. And before I could say anything, he waved a hand at me, “No no, it’s okay. I enjoyed helping you out and besides it was a lotta fun too! So just keep it and you don’t have to repay me.” He saw the appreciation I made on my face and he giggled as he pulled on his junk and winked, “And any time you have that `problem’ again, you know who to visit!” I looked pensive for a moment, “Hey Sal! You know, I have a young freind who I think might… no.. never mind, I don’t wanna be a nuisance!” Brow raise….stronger junk pull, “Ohh… no! You’d never be a nuisance! Freinds always welcome!” Oh sure, two’s company, three’s a fuckin’… orgy! Here’s hopin’! I giggled back as we knuckled, and when I was out the door, I tossed my fist in the air! Perfect! He’s so close in case I’m in need of some quick coin! Oh! And Edgar now… yeah, back to business. He has a couple young cousins visiting and wants me to make my hustling ‘talents’ available to break ’em in later today. Newbies and un-expected Johns like Sal sure can make my day! Lotsa fun… Your workday like this? Oh… really? If you like my literary ‘talent’ and enjoy the story, email me ail Cheers!

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