Subject: An Afternoon at the Movies (Adult-Youth) (Revised) An Afternoon at the Movies By Wesley Crusher ail) It was a sweltering hot August afternoon. The brown haired boy stood in front of the small ancient picture house, his school shirt plastered against his perspiring body. He gazed up at the advertising hoarding that depicted his hero Kung Fu fighter, Bruce Lee. His idol stood in the classic fighting pose, showing his trained muscular body, about to deliver some crippling strike upon the foe. The lad felt a bit guilty about skipping school that afternoon. In fairness, it had been a last minute impulsive action. He had returned to class after lunch; told his form teacher he was feeling unwell and was allowed to go home. Standing outside the cinema, he could change his mind, he thought. Then his rebellious nature surfaced. A determined frown appeared on the young lad’s good looking face. At nearly 15 and a half years of age, he figured he was old enough to make such decisions himself and beside which, if he was going to see the film at all, it needed to be this matinee as it was the last screening. At 5 foot 6 inches tall, his compact, trim body showed off his love of active sports and his sturdy looking torso betrayed his particular love of swimming. Similarly, the thin material of his tight fitting school trousers also revealed robust legs as well as the fact that he was most definitely male… As he appraised his hero, he was unaware that he, in turn, had attracted the appraising looks of an older man. The old man was unable to stop licking his lips as he eyed the boy’s tight arse that was deliciously displayed behind the thin stretched cotton of the school trousers. The man moved casually in order to gain a better view of the front and moaned under his breath as he saw a very healthy bulge between the school boy’s firm thighs. He could feel lustful daggers darting toward his groin, causing his heavy cock to swell and leak. As he reluctantly dragged his hungry eyes upwards toward the handsome lad’s face, he noted the tight torso and nice toned chest revealed by the tightly clinging damp shirt. The boy was so wrapped up on examining the billboard above him that he was slightly startled by the voice suddenly near him. “Bit of a Bruce Lee fan hey?” The boy looked up and saw a portly elderly man next to him. The man had greying hair and carried a rucksack on his back. Grinning sheepishly the lad nodded. “Yes Sir, I think Bruce Lee is amazing. He’s so quick and strong.” “Well, he’s a very muscular man isn’t he? No wonder he’s so strong. But then, if you don’t mind my saying so, you look like a very fit boy yourself”. The kid felt himself blushing at the compliment and for some unaccountable reason, felt a frisson of excitement slip through his body and his trousers suddenly started to feel a fraction tighter around his groin than they normally did. “Yes, a very fit and healthy looking boy indeed”, murmured the man to himself as he allowed himself the luxury of slowly looking the boy up and down again, pausing slightly as his greedy eyes passed over the lad’s groin.. Raising his voice, he clapped his hand upon the boy’s shoulder. “Well, I’d get yourself inside there because it’s about to start.” “Guess so, er, well, see you then”. The boy smiled back at the man and turned toward the ticket booth. He didn’t see the man staring lustfully at the tight bum that was profiled by the stretched cloth of his school trousers. As he approached the booth, he realised with a sinking feeling that he didn’t have quite enough for the entrance. The ticket prices had been raised since the last time he looked to no doubt catch the last minute customers eager to catch the final showing. He stood dejectedly in front of the booth, frowning at the insufficient funds in his hand, almost willing the amount to increase. “What’s the matter, son; not got enough?”. It was the man who had spoken to him a moment earlier. “No, Sir”, muttered the downcast lad. A moment later, the boys blue eyes widened in disbelief as the man waggled some notes in front of him. “C’mon; my treat then. I like Bruce Lee as well!” The boy’s face lit up with a glorious smile of happiness and gratitude which simultaneously melted the man’s heart and sent delicious jabs of lustful pleasure to the man’s swelling cock and balls. As they went in, the lad was so excited, he didn’t see the man nod to a couple of other middle aged men who were hanging around outside the cinema. They followed, licking their lips in anticipation…. The cinema was apparently empty and it was very dark inside as the previews had already started screening. The boy could hardly see two feet in front of him and they both had to almost feel the way to their seats in the darkness. The seats ataköy escort the man had bought him were located on the second row to the back and in the middle. The air conditioning was either not working or at best, ineffectual and both man and boy were soon sweating freely. “Phew- I’m hot in here, I’m unbuttoning my shirt”, said the man as he unfastened his shirt buttons down to his navel. “Here son, let me help you”, and with that, the man reached over and started unbuttoning the boys shirt. Startled and unsure what to say, the lad was about to protest but then he suddenly felt churlish to do so as it WAS hot and the man had already unbuttoned his own shirt after all. And they were both guys so…… The lad simply stared straight ahead and let the man continue. Once all the buttons on the boys shirt had been unfastened, the man pulled aside the material revealing the boy’s sweating chest. The kid’s perspiring pecs and torso were toned nicely and were highlighted by the flickering light from the cinema screen. The old man’s nostrils flared with lust as he raked his eyes over the boy’s chest and lean, sweating abs. Without being invited, the man slowly slid his hand over the boy’s sweaty chest and torso, taking his time, feeling up the lad. The youngster was frozen with indecision. Should he say something? He felt he couldn’t look at the man who was fondling him. The fact that the middle aged man was touching him frightened him but at the same time, deep down, he………wanted it. And the man DID buy his tickets after all… The old man continued to pluck and play with the boys firm nipples causing the kid to shiver and moan softly. Nerve signals sang from his nipples to his cock and balls which started to swell and churn in his tight fitting school trousers causing the bulge at the front to increase. On the screen, the main feature had just started showing the titles as they rolled on and off the big screen. And yet the boy’s staring eyes did not see anything of that. The lad felt the man feasting his eyes on his perspiring chest and the full bulge between his legs. “And you’re most definitely hot, my boy….. Here, I’ve got you a nice cold drink”. So saying, the man fumbled inside his rucksack and pulled out a cold can of Coke. “I always carry a couple of cold drinks on hot days like these; no, let me”, said the man as he placed the cold unopened tin against the boy’s bare sweating chest. As vaguely odious as the situation was, the boy couldn’t suppress a moan of relief as the cold tin was pressed against his overheated body. “There, I bet that does you a power of good eh?” The boy turned to the man and half smiled, nodding. The man slid the tin down further on to the boy’s abs, again eliciting a sigh of relief from the school kid. “Nice, yes?” Again the boy nodded mutely. The man lifted the tin and then placed it firmly between the boys legs, slowly rubbing and pressing the tin firmly against the kid’s bulge. “Oh yes….very nice indeed”, breathed the man heavily as he continued to move the tin… The boy tensed up and started sweating afresh, his staring eyes bulging slightly as the delicious waves of pleasure rippled upward from between his legs. On the screen, Bruce Lee made an appearance; flexing his muscles. In his seat, the sweating boy started to pant and moan quietly; his hands glued with conflicted uncertainty to the armrests as the man continued to work the tin between the school boys legs. Without realising it himself, the lad started to involuntarily spread his legs wider, giving easier access to the man who continued to work the can up and down and over the boy’s private swelling. Suddenly the can was replaced by the old man’s big hand which clutched and rubbed and squeezed the boy’s very prominent bulge. The boy was frozen with excitement and dread. “Uuuunnnggh…Please Sir….no…”, was all he could whisper. “Oh my, what a lovely grown up boy you are”, breathed the man in his ear as his hand continued to massage the large meaty lump between the kids legs. The boy was so intent on the erotic, intense moment that he didn’t notice another man walk along the row to finally sit next to him. The man whispered gently in the boy’s ear. “This is my friend. He thinks you’re a very lovely boy..” The lad’s nervous eyes darted to the left and then back to the screen but long enough to take in what appeared to be a middle aged man, probably in his late fifties; not as portly as the man who had paid for his ticket. The boy gasped aloud as he felt a hand slide across his chest from his left which started to play and pull gently at his nipples. This left the old man to concentrate on the schoolboy’s lower parts as the kid felt the old man slowly unbuckling his merter escort belt. “Unnnnghhhh….”, moaned the kid as his nipples were pinched and fondled by the man on his left whilst the old man’s hand continued to squeeze and knead his most private of areas sending tingling signals of pleasure rushing all over his body to reach his toes. The kid couldn’t stop panting under the molestation which luckily was more than drowned out by the loud sounds of exertion on the big screen. Bruce Lee had just felled an enemy who was moaning with fear as he looked up at Bruce Lee who towered over him; his nemesis. “Please no…” quavered the fallen adversary. “Please…nooo….uuunnnghhh..”, echoed the moaning, sweating boy as the two men continued to work the lad in the darkness. And yet the sensations were also rapturous to the boy. The school boy felt his belt buckle being unsnapped and moaned in dreadful, needful anticipation as to what would next follow. The man to his left leaned over further and nibbled gently on the boy’s erect nipple; teasing it with his teeth; pulling it. “Urrrghhh…..aargh….unghhh….no…”, moaned the kid at the new sensation. The youth felt the buttons of his school trousers slowly being unpopped, one by one by the old man’s eager fingers; keen to explore what lay beneath the tightly stretched cotton of the trousers. The old man’s heart was beating dangerously fast; his sexual hunger driving him on to explore what the good looking lad had to offer. He felt his own fingers trembling with barely contained excitement as they felt up the hardness of the boy’s big full bulge. “Oh lordy”, moaned the man to himself as, finally, he unpopped the last of the buttons on the kids trousers and pulled aside the flaps. In the flickering light from the screen, the man gorged his hungry eyes on a large bulging jockstrap pouch that was sticky and moist from the moaning boy’s own needs. In the moving half light from the screen, he could see the full swollen length of the kid’s meat under the stretched rubber and cotton mesh that was moulded along the young lad’s thick throbbing shaft and full roiling plum sized balls. He spat in his hand and worked the strained pouch with meaning causing the mesh to rub against the boy’s engorged, pulsating cockhead. “Aaarrrgghhh….uunnnghh”, gurgled the kid as he felt the light feathery strokes of incipient orgasm start to tickle deep in his anus and balls. The other man continued to nibble on the school boys nipples whilst plucking the other with his fingers. The boy stared at the screen, lost in a sea of overwhelming pleasure and emotions as his immobile body was being molested and assaulted by the two men. Suddenly, the kid was aware of a gentle pressure on both his shoulders and felt a tongue gently probing his ear and, to his abject consternation, he realised that a man was sitting directly behind him who was probing his ear with his tongue whilst gently keeping him in his seat. “And this is my other friend who also really likes you”, breathed the old man. Trapped in his seat, the schoolboy was helpless as, in the cover of darkness, the three men explored his young, healthy body… On the big flickering screen, another scene and another fight between the muscular Bruce Lee and his foe and……at the back of the cinema, a conflict of another kind unfolded as the young 15 year old school boy, frozen in his chair, his staring eyes fixed straight ahead, trembled and sweated as three middle aged perverts, breathing heavily and greedily, worked the lad’s sweating young body from all sides. The old man, his mouth drooling with saliva, reached into the boys bulging jockstrap pouch and, with a bit of difficulty, pulled out the lad’s solid throbbing meat and balls and, again, spitting on both his hands, he proceeded to slowly jack the kid. “Uuuurrrrnnnnnnggggh….”, gurgled the youngster as he felt the man’s gripping hands squeeze and slide slowly up and down his thick pulsing cock. “Oh what a beautiful big juicy cock you have my boy….”, whispered the old man hoarsely, his eyes glued to the thick meat that slid through his clutching fist. The old man’s clutching hand slowly moved up and down the kid’s thick meaty pole while using his other hand to rub all around the lad’s swollen cockhead, rubbing his palm around the top; sliding across the youngster’s dilated piss slit which drooled with boy honey and rubbing his fingers behind the kid’s fat throbbing cockhead. “Nnnnnggggh….uuurrggghhhh….aaarggghhh….” moaned the lad as his young body writhed in the throes of sexual torment and pleasure as he was being fully molested in the darkness. The man behind reached over to continue tormenting the youth’s full, erect nipples whilst still burying his bahçeşehir escort tongue in the kid’s ear. The man on the left was now able to turn his complete attention to the lad’s full churning balls and pulled on them; rolling and squeezing them gently in his hands. The boy was now panting rapidly and loudly; his big, wide, shining eyes glazing over as they stared unseeing at the big screen above. The old man, noticing the boy’s staring, glazing eyes nodded to the two men who started to work the moaning, trembling lad in earnest. The man behind dug his tongue further into the kid’s ear whilst pinching the young firm nipples with alacrity. “Aaaaaarggggghhhhh!” The old man tightened his grip on the lad’s stiff thick meat as he jacked it with rapidity and, at the same time, rubbed around the boy’s fat drooling cockhead and across the young juicy piss slit with renewed vigour. “Uuuuuuurrrrgggghhh……unnnnggggghhhhhh….!” The man behind placed a hand gently but firmly over the boy’s mouth to stifle the youngster’s rising moans and bore down on the lad’s shoulders to reduce the lad’s shaking body. The man on the left continued to pull at the youth’s full churning balls with one hand while, taking a moment to spit on the fingers of his other hand, he reached down and under the boy’s big churning eggs to push them slowly into the schoolboy’s sweating quivering anus, working them deep into the boy’s steaming innards up to the third knuckle to push against the kid’s sensitive prostate. “Uuuuuunnnnnnnnngggggghhhhh…..!” The man felt the young lad’s pleasure gland and, angling his fingers further, he pushed deeper into the boy’s sticky hot depths and rubbed the kid’s fucknut for all it was worth. Detonation. Deep down somewhere between the boy’s anus and balls, the explosion took place. The lad’s young body spasmed and went taut, his eyes rolled up and the lad orgasmed mightily. “MMMMMMMNNNNNNGGGGGFFFFFHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” “Oh yesssss….”, moaned the old man as he felt the lad’s fat cockhead momentarily swell even further signalling the imminent motherload…. Rich thick boy cream jettisoned out of the kid’s throbbing cock, spurting up between the old man’s grasping, gripping fingers to splash against the boy’s face and fall back to coat his sweating writhing young torso. The man behind pressed down hard to minimise the huge convulsions of the boy’s fit body as it thrashed about in the grip of the mighty orgasm. The lad’s hot anal walls clamped down again and again on the man’s thick fingers as they continued to work back and forth in the boy’s steaming, convulsing tunnel to prod the youngsters trigger gland. “Unnnggggfffffffhhhh…”, moaned the kid into the man’s hand as his young body continued to convulse and shake; his roiling, churning balls continuing to shoot creamy geysers upward into the darkness to splash the surrounding men and upholstery. The whole front of the boy’s face, torso and groin was coated in a layer of sweet boy cream which the old man used to lubricate his jacking hand as it continued to slide vigorously up and down the lad’s thick jerking member. The men continued to impale and manipulate the moaning boy’s orifices, cock and balls for three long minutes until the kid finally lay quieter, his limbs and torso still trembling with the after effects of the orgasm. Finally, the men silently got up and disappeared into the darkness, leaving the boy almost insensate and completely covered with thick slimy boy juice which cooled rapidly on his hot fevered skin… ************************** The boy slept in that position undisturbed and unnoticed whilst the film continued for the next 40 minutes. Stirring slowly, he gathered himself together; wiping his chest and torso of the copious juices with his shirt and, finally, stumbled his way to the toilets. It was an old cinema house with narrow convoluted passageways and after half feeling his way through the dark unlit twisting corridors he found, in the dark gloom, the only toilet available which was a very large and filthy lavatory cubicle which reeked of piss. He moved inside and turned to close the door behind him when a hand pulled the door back open. Looking up, the boy’s eyes widened with shock and a loud gasp escaped his lips as he saw the three men had been waiting in the dark for him. The men smiled hungrily at the boy for a second before silently moving into the cubicle with him and locking the door behind them. Soon, muffled choking sounds of the young lad, mixed with low rough moans started to come from the closed cubicle, the walls of which shuddered every now and then from movement within. As the cubicle was located deep within the warren like passageways of the old cinema, the loud, high pitched, frenzied gasping and moaning of the 15 year old boy together with the gruff, primal gruntings of the three much older male adults would never be heard by anyone…..and now, the men took all the time they wanted to fully explore and enjoy every single millimeter of the boy’s fit and flexible young body. In every possible way imaginable…. The End.

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