Subject: After School Boys Club This story is entirely fictitious any resemblance to any real people is completely coincidental. This story is meant for adults so if you’re underage then you need to leave, then again I can’t exactly stop you so fuck it hope you enjoy it. Please consider donating to this wonderful site and keep it running. Any comments, criticisms or suggestions can be directed to ail ————————————————————- For as far back as I can remember it’s just been me and my Dad. My Mum left us when I was too young to remember her, we haven’t heard anything from her since. It’s not a bad thing, Dad is great, he’s the best Dad in the whole world. We have a lot of fun and he likes playing on the PlayStation with me. I’m an only child but my best friend Eli, his name is really Elijah but he prefers Eli, is practically like a brother to me, we are hardly ever apart. My name is Hunter and I just turned 11 a few weeks ago. I’m pretty short for my age, I’m only 4’5, in fact, I was the shortest boy in class in my last school, I’m hoping that’s not the case when I start secondary school tomorrow. It’s not fair at all when my Dad is over 6 foot tall. It is annoying but it’s okay in a way, it makes my 4″ boy cock look huge on my small body. I have very light brown hair and eyes, even though I’m quite skinny I have a soft and very light padding of baby fat, it’s mainly around my tummy and butt. It was early afternoon and I was just hanging out in my room, it’s been really warm lately so all I was wearing was a pair of loose shorts, I was laying on my bed playing Fifa when I heard movement on the landing, I looked up just as my door swung open. “Hey, Hunt, what’s up?” Eli said as he walked in smiling. “You ever hear of knocking? I could have been wanking or something,” I joked and smiled. “Oh like I’ve never seen that before,” he laughed. It’s true we have wanked together quite a lot lately, we’ve even played with each other a few times. I’d never admit it to Eli but I actually really like making him cum, he can shoot the white stuff out now and I can’t which is why I like making him do it. Eli is pretty cute for a boy, not that I like boys, he’s got sandy blonde hair and green eyes, he’s almost 5′ tall and outweighs me by about 20lbs. Even though he’s taller than me my dick is a little bigger, his is about 3 and a half inches. The other difference is my dick is cut and his isn’t. He does have a slight layer of pudge but he’s far from fat, he’s also the most outgoing of the two of us. Today Eli is dressed for the heat, he’s wearing a small pair of shorts and a small tight t-shirt, they both look far too small for him, the t-shirt shows off his smooth tummy and innie belly button. His shorts are practically like briefs they’re so short, he’s barefoot and on his right ankle, as always, he’s got his leather anklet with half-moon pendant. He said he got it from his Uncle years ago, he never takes it off. “How was your Gran’s?” I asked pausing my game. “It was okay, though pretty boring without you with me,” he smiled. I was pretty upset when his parent’s dragged him away, he spent the last 2 weeks at his Grandparents house and missed my birthday. We both begged for him to be able to stay but he wasn’t allowed, I couldn’t go with him either since Dad had my birthday party all planned. Still, I was so happy he was back I missed him while he was gone. “Wanna play some Fifa?” I asked getting him his controller. “Sure,” he smiled and climbed on the bed next to me. I set up a new game and made a 10 minute a half match. We were both pretty good at it so we had a good match, we ended at 3-3 and went on to penalties, I managed to beat him 5-4. “How about we switch to Dragon ball? But we can make it interesting,” he says with a huge grin. “Interesting how?” I asked curiously. “We add dares,” he smiled, “whoever loses has to do a dare and can’t say no, no matter what the dare is, deal?” “Uh, okay why not, sounds fun it’s a deal,” I smiled and nodded setting up Dragon ball. We both suck at fighting games so there was no guarantee on who would win. Both of us started cautiously, Eli got the better of me at first but then got overconfident. Just when I thought I was going to win he pulled out some super combo, I dropped my control in surprise as he won. “Hah, in your face, I knew I’d win,” Eli laughed and leapt to his feet and did a little dance, “you suck.” “Yeah, yeah,” I sighed, “okay what do I have to do?” He gave me a wide toothy grin, “don’t worry your pretty little self about it, it won’t be too hard I promise, all you have to do is strip and stay that way for the rest of the night.” “What?” I yelled wide-eyed, “what about my Dad?” “What about him? You think he’d want to get naked first?” Eli laughed. “Shut up, you know what I mean.” “Well it’s not like he hasn’t seen you naked before,” he chuckled, “besides you know he always knocks before coming in here.” “Yeah, unlike you,” I huffed and stood up, “fine.” Eli watched as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts, I slipped them and my briefs down my slim legs. I wasn’t wearing socks so once my shorts and briefs cleared my başakşehir escort feet I was totally nude. I threw my briefs at him and chuckled when they hit him in the face, he seemed to adjust his dick as he looked at me. “There you perv, now I’m naked,” I laughed as I climbed back on my bed, “you’re going down this time.” “Haha yeah right, but that’s a good idea for your next dare,” he smiled. I gave him a funny look but didn’t think much of it, I set up another game and tried my best to focus. Unfortunately for me being naked while Eli was dressed made me lose concentration, Eli took complete advantage and destroyed me. “Oh yeah, who’s the daddy?” Eli laughed and danced again. “That’s not fair, you cheated,” I pouted. “Nah, you just suck, speaking of which.” Eli climbed back on the bed on his knees, he pulled the front of his shorts down, his dick was rock hard. “Wha-what are you doing?” I asked unable to stop looking at his dick. “This is your dare,” he grinned, “I want you to suck my dick.” “What?” I finally tore my gaze from his dick and looked at his grinning face. “You heard me,” he waved his dick at me. Okay now, this was new, stroking each other is one thing but sucking? I mean it’s true I have thought about what it would be like, is it really okay though? Isn’t doing that gay? Is Eli gay? Those thoughts kept rushing through my head as I looked at him. My own dick was growing hard too and Eli definitely noticed. I blushed as I saw him looking at it, I guess I couldn’t say I didn’t want to do it, I let out a sigh and got to my hands and knees in front of him. At least this way I can say I’m only doing it because of the dare, I doubt he’d believe me though. “Okay, let’s get this over with,” I sighed and reached for his dick. “Wait,” he knocked my hand away and moved to lie down, he pulled his short shorts down to his knees, “Okay there you go.” I crawled over to him and grabbed his dick at the base, I gave him a few slow strokes, I watched fascinated as his foreskin slipped back and forth. I loved the way that looked and wished I still had mine. “Don’t just stroke it,” he moaned breaking me out of my trance, “suck me.” I held him by the base and ran my tongue from my thumb to his tip, Eli let out a soft moan as my tongue flicked over his sensitive head. With his foreskin peeled right back, I moved my mouth over his head and took him into my mouth. I heard him moan as I moved my mouth up and down, I took my hand away and slid my mouth as far down as I can. “Oh fuck, your mouth feels so good,” Eli moaned and grabbed my hair, “we should have down this way sooner.” It’s actually better than I thought it would be, he didn’t taste bad at all. I took him out of my mouth and licked from his balls up to his peehole, his precum begins to leak out and I flicked my tongue over it, it tasted pretty sweet. I took him back in my mouth and suck hard, my own cock was throbbing and felt almost painful it was so hard. I managed to resist touching it. I lifted my mouth off him and slid my fingers down his shaft making sure his skin was as tight as possible, keeping his head exposed I swirled my tongue around the sensitive pink head. I sucked hard on him like a straw drawing his sweet-tasting precum into my mouth, all too soon I hear him moaning that he’s going to cum, I felt his toes digging into my thighs and he pulled my head down, his hips thrust up and he went rigid as I felt him squirt in my mouth. Two strong shots hit the back of my throat and I tried to pull away, his fingers wrapped in my hair stopped me being able to move. “Fuck yeah, swallow my load Hunter,” Eli moaned as he humped up into my mouth. I swallowed his load, not like I had much choice, It didn’t taste too bad, a bit like salty milk but pretty sweet too. Finally, he let go of my hair and flopped back on the bed. “You prick,” I coughed and slapped his leg, “you could have told me you were going to cum, I didn’t wanna taste that shit.” “That says a different story,” he laughed pointing at my hard cock. “Shut up,” I blushed turning away and wiped my mouth, “just you wait ’til I win, you’re going to be doing something much worse.” “The only one losing is you,” he laughed and pulled up his shorts. I set up another game and sat on the edge of the bed planning on focusing hard this time. I dropped my control and put my head in my hands, Eli crawled over to me and wrapped his arms around me and gently pinched my nipple. “Well, well, well, I think you must actually like being my bitch,” he chuckled. “No way, you’re just cheating somehow,” I turned my head to look at him, “let’s just get this over with.” “Hmm, you know what? I’m pretty thirsty so I’ll be nice this time,” he pinched my nipple before slipping away and lying down. “Go get me something to drink and that’s it this time.” “Really? just get you a drink? That’s my dare? Okay no problem,” I stood up and started grabbed my shorts, just as I was about to pull them on Eli stopped me. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you think you’re doing?” “Going to get you a drink,” I replied a little confused. “I didn’t say you could get dressed,” he smiled putting his hands behind his head, halkalı escort “the full dare is you have to get me a drink, naked.” “Are you crazy? You know my Dad’s home, he’ll see me.” “Then you’ll just have to be sneaky,” he laughed, “now go on.” “I’m going to get you for this.” I dropped my shorts and walked over to the door, I poked my head out to make sure it was clear, it was so I walked out. I turned back to give Eli a dirty look as I closed the door, I covered my mostly flaccid dick as I slowly snuck over to the stairs. As quietly as I could I went downstairs, I could hear the TV from the living room, luckily I wouldn’t have to pass the door to get to the kitchen. Just to be safe though I kept my eyes on the living room door and backed into the kitchen. I took my hands away from my dick and turned around, I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw my Dad standing there looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I stared at him wide-eyed unable to move, I blushed fiercely when I saw his eyes flick down, I quickly managed to cover myself. “Hunter? Why are you naked?” He asked closing the fridge. “That’s um, Eli, I was,” I stammered, “It was a dare.” “Eli dared you to walk around the house naked?” Dad chuckled. “Uh, no, just to come and get something to drink,” I replied looking down at my feet. “Oh, I see, well it’s very brave of you to actually do it, I’m sure you want to get back upstairs as quick as possible, I’ll just get out of your way.” He stepped away from the fridge and walk past me. “Thanks, Dad,” I managed a weak smile at him. He just smiled back and gave me a light swat on my butt as he walked past, I jumped a little at the contact and rushed over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of cokes, as I closed the door I turned and saw Dad standing in the doorway looking at me, he was smiling and I could feel myself blush as he walked away. Was he just staring at my butt? I make a quick run out of the kitchen and back up the stairs, I slam my bedroom door as I get back inside. Eli is still where I left him only now he’s on his phone, he smiled at me as I hand him a can. “Sooo, did you get caught?” “Shut up,” I sat back on the bed and grabbed my controller, “You’re going down this time.” “Whatever bitch,” he laughed and picked up his control. I don’t know whether Eli felt sorry for me or my focus was so good but I managed to beat him this time. “Payback time, bitch,” I laughed at him. “Do your worst,” he grinned back not worried in the least. “Alright, now it’s your turn, you have to strip naked and go walk around downstairs,” I actually wanted him to suck my dick but didn’t want to sound too eager for it, so I decided to embarrass him a bit. “Wow really? Is that all?” He laughed, “I thought you were going to make it challenging.” Eli quickly jumped off the bed and quickly stripped off his shorts and t-shirt, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. “You have to make sure you go in every room,” I smiled smugly, “and you can’t cover-up.” “Easy, you just wasted a dare,” he didn’t even look back as he walked confidently out of the door. Maybe I should have just made him suck my dick, or licked my butt hole, yeah that would have gotten him back, I started up a quick game hoping to get some practice in before he came back, I had 3 practice games and he still hadn’t come back. It’s not like my house is huge, we only have a kitchen, living room and dining room. I stood up and was just about to go looking for him when I heard his phone beeping, I walked over and was just about to pick it up when Eli came walking back in. I looked over at him and he smiled at me, his dick was rock hard again pointing up to the ceiling. “What took you so long?” I asked. “Oh, I was just telling your Dad about how cruel you were making me walk around naked.” He laughed. He sat back down and checked his phone, and got a wide-eyed look. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “It’s my mum texted me,” he stood back up and started getting dressed, “sorry I need to go.” I was disappointed but I joined him in getting dressed, we went downstairs and he got his flip flops on and we said our goodbyes and he left. I went into the living room and sat on the sofa next to Dad. He looked at me and smiled. “Eli tells me you forced him to walk around naked,” he chuckled. “Just getting him back for doing it to me,” I laughed. I always loved that Dad was cool about the trouble me and Eli get up to, we sat and talked for a while as we watched TV. It was getting pretty late now and since tomorrow was my first day at a new school, I gave Dad a kiss on the cheek and went up to have a bath and ready for bed. I turned off the PlayStation and jumped into bed. The next morning Dad woke me up and went to finish making breakfast, I padded to the bathroom for a pee. When I finished I stepped up to the mirror and brushed my teeth. I went back to my room to get dressed, my new uniform was black trousers, a light blue shirt and a stripey tie. I put it on and a pair of socks then went downstairs. The smell of sausage and bacon greeted me when I got into the kitchen, I always loved my Dad’s cooking, I sat at the table as Dad but a plate of food and a glass of juice şirinevler escort in front of me. He sat next to me to have his breakfast too, we had a chat about my first day at my new school. Once breakfast was finished we got our coats and shoes on and I picked my bag up and we left the house. We got in the car and Dad drove over to Eli’s to pick him up. “Morning Hunt, morning Jack,” Eli said as he climbed into the back. “Morning Eli,” I replied smiling at him. “Morning buddy,” Dad said and pulled away. We arrived at school and got out of the car, we said our goodbyes and headed inside. It looked so much bigger than our last school, I had to admit I was a little afraid, I was never any good with new things. Eli wrapped his arm around my shoulder and give me a squeeze letting me know he was there for me. The first part of the morning was a meeting in the hall as the headteacher explained how things worked, pretty soon we were herded out of the hall and lead to the yard. We were put in lines depending on which classes we had and the teacher came out to take us to our classes, luckily it seemed me and Eli shared quite a few classes, with the exception of a few. Luckily our first lesson was the same and when they called for maths we went to line up. I was first in line but I wished I wasn’t, the teacher standing in front of me was huge, I barely even came up to his chest. He was a large muscular black man, he was wearing black trousers and a tight dark blue button-up shirt, he wasn’t wearing a tie and the top few buttons were open, he had his sleeves rolled up with his huge muscular arms crossed over his chest. I was scared stiff as I looked up at him, he smiled nicely as he looked down at me. He chuckled a little as I pulled Eli in front of me and hid behind him. Eli didn’t seem to mind being in front of him thankfully, I saw our new teacher raise an eyebrow before smiling widely at Eli. Once everyone was in line our new teacher spoke to us. “Good morning class, my name is Mr Dennings and I’m your new maths teacher for the year,” his voice was deep and commanding but still seemed friendly. “Now if you would be so kind as to follow me we can start class.” He lead us through the yard and into the classroom, we were allowed to sit anywhere we wanted and Eli decided to sit right in front of Mr Dennings desk. I did think it was weird since at our last school we always sat at the back. I also thought it was a bit weird that Eli would always call Mr Dennings to his desk for help, Mr Dennings would squat next to him and they would whisper quietly. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but Eli just said he was asking for help. Just before the lesson finished Mr Dennings stood at the front of the class to tell us something. “Just a quick thing, if any boys are interested, every Wednesday and Friday night after school there is a special club I’ve set up for, well I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to come but we do have a lot of fun.” He smiled at all of us, “There’s no pressure just let me know before Friday and I will sign you up.” “That sounds cool,” Eli whispered to me, “I’m going to sign up, you in?” “I don’t know,” I shrugged, “but, I guess if you are I will.” The rest of the day went over without anything happening, unfortunately, the lesson before lunch I was alone but once that was done I went out into the yard to meet Eli, he wasn’t there though. I decided to go and look for him but I had no idea where to even start, I thought he might have gone to tell Mr Dennings he wanted to sign up to his club so I went there. When I got to the classroom I tried the handle but it was locked, I looked through the window but no one was there. “Can I help you, young man?” I spun around and saw an older man with glasses and a bald head, obviously a teacher but I don’t know his name. “Um, yes sir,” I nodded, “I was looking for Mr Dennings, do you know where he went?” “I’m not sure exactly but he went off towards that way with another boy,” he pointed down the hall. “Did the boy have dirty blonde hair?” I asked hoping it was Eli. “Yes he did,” he nodded. “Thank you, sir,” I smiled and ran past him. “No running in the halls,” I heard from behind me and I slowed to a fast walk. I had no idea where I was going but I peeked into every class I passed. I looked everywhere I could but couldn’t find them anywhere. My tummy started rumbling so I decided to forget Eli for now and go get some food. Eli finally turned up just before lunch ended, his cheeks were flushed and his hair looked wet. “Where have you been?” I asked poking his chest, “I looked everywhere for you.” “Sorry about that, I went to tell Mr Dennings I wanted to sign up to his club and he gave me a demo on what goes on,” he smiled back, “I think it’s really fun.” “So what does go on?” I asked genuinely curious. “Ah, that would be telling,” he laughed, “but don’t worry I think you’ll like it too.” He wouldn’t say anything else about it so I stopped asking, nothing else but school work happened during the rest of the day. My Dad was waiting to pick us up when school finished and we got in the car and he drove us home. ————————————————————– Sorry for the lack of any sex in this one but I just wanted to set the scene a little with this one. This will hopefully be the start of a long series, (at least that’s the plan anyway hehe). Feel free to email me about anything at all 🙂 My email is ail

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