Subject: The Calling Part One Thank you for reading my stories. If you’d like to tip my venmo is @jack-parker-109 every tip helps buy me more time to write and bring more stories to you. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between above the age of 18. Nifty is able to offer this service for us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider giving below to allow Nifty the opportunity to fty/donate.html The boy turns in this sleep, unable to find peace even in his dreams. His pajamas cling to his damp skin as he kicks the covers off of his lean body. Even at a casual glance it would be evident that he is a growing boy. Stuck in that nowhere land between a boy and man his frame is tall and lanky, a strong frame awaiting the inevitable arrival of muscle mass that puberty try will bring. He has his father’s strong chin combined with his mother’s stunning cheekbones, he is a handsome boy. He lets out a small moan as he turns again in his bed, the peril in his dreams spilling over into the real world. Another turn and becomes clear what kind of dream the boy is having. The kind that makes young men’s cocks turn hard and their hips start to gyrate on their own. As we watch it’s clear young Jonathan Kent is aroused by something. The thin cotton of his pj’s can not hold the large bulge of yet not her inheritance from his father. Another moan and he turned over to his stomach, the bottoms cling to his firm, tight ass like a second skin as he begins to thrust mindlessly into the bed. The small creeks that fill his bedroom aren’t enough to bring notice, but would make it clear to anyone near by what he was engaging in. After a minute of this he let’s out a no and turns over again, his hardness has grown even more! What was once a boy’s dick was now a solid teenage member and as we watch growing into a full sized man’s cock. It would be comical if it wasn’t so amazing to watch the 12 year old’s dick grow larger and larger, topping out at just under nine inches when it’s done. The material over his dick visibly moves in the night as his cock swells and burps his first blob of precum into his pj’s. The wetness makes the thin cotton nearly see through and now it is clear the boy hides a monster in his pants. Slowly, silently, his body raises above the bed, and he floats inches above it as his hips begin to pump upwards again, spearing the air with his newly enlarged dick. Another moan and another drop of precum and he seems to be grabbing at thin air as his body replicates his movements in the dream. His pj’s are now soaked with precum and he is thrashing his hips faster and faster…his head turns from side to side as his brain struggles to comprehend the feelings running through his body. Down the hall and through two closed doors Clark Kent wakes up. It’s not often he gets a full eight hours sleep with everything that happens in the world, but he has promised his wife he would try to lay down with her as much as he could when it was quiet. But laying still, looking up at his ceiling, he wasn’t sure hwy he was awake. His JLA communicator was silent, he couldn’t hear any distant screams for help…it seemed like nothing was wrong…except he his cock was rock hard. He looked down at the blanket and saw the bugle of his massive cock through the blanket and wondered where that had come from. He hadn’t woken up hard like this since high school, it was taking all his willpower not to turn over and wake Lois for a round of sex. “What’s gotten into me?” He asked himself as he felt his body practically vibrate with sexual energy. He heard a noise from Jon’s room and he was out of bed in a flash. As he walked down the hall he noticed a smell, one that was almost undetectable in his room but as he approached Jon’s, it was overwhelming. As Clark pushed open the door his worst fears were made real as he watched his son, floating above the bed, thrust his hips into the air as if having sex. “This was too soon” Clark thought to himself,” he’s not even thirteen yet. But even as he thought it he knew though thirteen years was very early for kryptonian puberty to set it, it was exactly the human version would. Clark entered the room and then closed the door, bad enough he had to see his son like this, worse if his mother had to as well. As he got closer to eh bed the smell was overpowering and Clark felt his own dick start to leak profusely. He adjusted himself with one hand and the urge to start jacking off was intense. No doubt about it, Jon had started The Calling and there was no stopping it now. Clark floated up so he could be at the same level of his son and gasped when he saw it. The boy’s dick was already nearly as large as his own, he knew that pins growth came with the urges, but he had never seen one grow so large before…so thick…so… He shook his head and looked away, the pheromonal soup that had collected in Jon’s room was potent, it was stronger than normal, his human hormones twisting it, turning it into something much more. Normally when Kryptonian boys reached the age of The Calling, they would give off a scent that acted like an aphrodisiac to others, mainly females. But this, this was something else. Another small whimper escaped kızılay escort Jon’s mouth and Clark’s eyes turned back to his son. Clark’s mouth went dry as he watched his son writhe two feet above his bed, his newly man sized cock weeping like a loose faucet. He needed release. The first approach of The Calling was the hardest, usually there were lead ups to it and the males were sent out, alone into the Crystal Desert to undergo the change, do what they had to, and return as men. It was a rite of passage on his world, and when he had turned 16 Clark had left Smallville for a month, telling his adoptive parents he had to g to the fortress but he wold be back. He spent nearly all the time masterbating and having sex with robotic stand in’s until the feeling passed. Clark remember at the time being glad he had a place to go when it happened, he couldn’t imagine what he would do if he had been surrounded by people. Now here Clark was, inches for his son, who was giving off waves and waves of pheromones…he had to get him out of the house. No telling how it could affect Lois…Conner was away with the Titans, which meant his room in the barn loft was empty. Opening Jon’s window quietly, Clark took his son and flew him across the farm, into the barn. Jon twisted and turned again, moaning louder now as Clark lowered him to the bed. Clarks’ mind was becoming fuzzy. Whatever it was Jon was producing it was overwhelming, bring out urges in Clark that he normally could suppress. His sex drive, his lust, his inborn desire to reproduce, they were all amplified a thousand times and he couldn’t do o anything about it right now. Jon needed to release, he needed to cum and let his first load as a man fly. That started the process and usually the body would calm down some and the only person affected would be the one going through it. Clark thought about waking Jon up and telling him what he needed to do…but his mind wouldn’t let him. He couldn’t stop staring at his son’s hard dick, it as like a cobra that had locked eyes with him and he couldn’t look away. Even as he sat on the bed his mind screamed at him to stop. This close it was impossible to think straight, slowly, gently, the man of steel pulled Jon’s sweat and precum stained pajama bottoms off, and brought them up to his face. The smell was intoxicating, his tongue quickly darted out and tasted his son’s discharge and felt his body shake for a moment. Clark was screaming in his head to stop but there was no stopping him now. Tossing the pajamas aside he moved onto the bed and closer to his son. Jon’s long legs had areas wide now, and again he was hovering inches off the bed, his throbbing cock painting skyward like a flagpole. Moving slowly, like a cat hunting prey, Clark moved closer to Jon’s raging cock and smelled it. Again his head spun and before he knew it was lightly licking around the head of his son’s cock. A moan escapes Superman’s mouth as the taste of his son’s precum filled his mouth, setting off fireworks in his head as he began to lick harder. Unable to stop himself he moved between his sons legs and covered the entire head of Jon’s cock with his mouth. Clark Kent had never sucked a dick before, in fact he had never thought about it. He had lived as a heterosexual male for his entire life and never once thought about this kind of an encounter. But as he slowly began to work his sons cock over his his mouth, he realized how much he liked it. Rationally he knew this was the pheromones, heightening the experience but at the moment he could tell the difference. He grabbed the base of his sons cock with one hand and slowly began to work up and down the thick shaft with his tongue. Jon’s gyrations had ceased the moment his father had started to service him. Instead his body stopped moving as a whole other set of sensations flooded his brain. We don’t know what was going through the young man’s dreams as he received his first blow job, but it only took a couple of seconds for his hands to find his father’s head and to start pushing him down on his thick cock. Clark felt his head get pushed down on his son’s cock and for a moment the fear that he had been caught broke the spell, he began tp panic as he realized what he was doing and began to pull himself off of the preteens cock when another glob of precum issued forth from Jon’s tip and coated Clark’s tongue with a fresh wave of hormones. Clark’s mind went back to sleep as he went back to sucking his son off, Jon kept pushing him down further and further, forcing whoever he was dreaming about to do the same, unaware he was making Superman service his cock. The preteen had never had a blow job before but his body seemed to understand what it wanted, as he pushed down on his dad’s head his hips moved upwards, pushing the cock even further down Clark’s throat. Clark was lost in lust, every time he seemed to start coming around another stream of precum would come out of his son’s cock and he would find himself happily serving him ever harder. As it went on he was finding the moments of clarity less and less…as he felt his own body start to react. Deep inside of Clark kryptonian genes that had long gone dormant became active again, glands that had not produced anything since keçiören escort his puberty began to start generating hormones. As Clark ravished his son’s cock he felt himself start to descend into The Calling as well. It was as if something inside of Jon had triggered Clark’s system, and they were now both caught in a loop f carnal sex, each of them needing to get off. Clark no longer showed any restraint, he wanted this cock, he needed his son’s cum. All reservations that this was his offspring or his age just evaporated under the duel flood of chemicals and he grabbed Jon’s hips and pulled his as it forward, trying to shove as much of that engorged cock in his mouth as he could. Slowly, inch by inch Jon began to wake up. The sexual images that filled his dreams faded as he felt the cool night air, the smell of the farm in the distance…and then the feeling of Superman deep throating his cock. “Dad!” He called out, looking down in shock as he watched his own dad suck his dick. He mind was frozen in shock, his hands in his dad’s hair, pushing him down, his hips thrusting up, he wanted to stop, he wanted to fix his dad…and then he smelled it. Clark’s pheromones hit Jon like a truck and just like that the preteens mind was lost in a carnal fog as his hands balled into his fists of his father’s hair and he began to shove the man of steel’s face down onto his weeping cock. He heard Clark gag as his dick hit the back of his throat and there was a thrill, a pleasure from making his dad service him that felt like pure adrenaline courting through his body. “Yes…” Jon roared as he face fucked his dad, “Take it…more…” Clark could do nothing but comply, his mind was consumed with hormones and a lust that had tore through his ego. He wanted to suck this cock, he needed to taste this cum…on a primal level, son and father were bonding. Not in a familial way, but in a hierarchal way. Millions of years of evolution was taking hold in both of their minds, ancient, savage traits that kryptonian said hadn’t used in millennia came to surface. The Calling used to be much stronger, much more permanent than the one modern kryptonians faced, in the dark past The Calling was used not just to find a mate, but to claim leadership. Within the hormonal flood of emotions that came from the change, the men would come together, to fight, to fuck, to rage, and eventually to find who was above who. Ancient kryptonians created whole cultures out of this process, and eventually it faded to the calmer version Clark was aware of. But somehow, mixed with Jon’s human DNA, the process had changed, and from the past tendrils of ancient behaviors seemed into both of their minds. Clark’s brain as being inundated with chemicals that was rewriting his thoughts changing his neural pathways. He went from being the dominant man in the relationship, the father the one in power to the one receiving. Clark’s mind began to see Jon as the alpha, as the leader, as the stronger male. And deep in his brain, in his soul…Clark felt himself begin to submit to his son. The opposite was burning through Jon’s mind. Gone was the hero worship ad admiration he had for his father, replaced with the knowledge that this man was his bitch. The respect and awe that he once harbored for Superman was replaced with the knowledge that he belonged to Jon now. That Clark was his subordinate, his lesser, his eventual cum dumpster. He would still love his father, as long as his father remember his place. And as their brains cooked under ancient alien hormones, they both gave in to their new desires…and surrendered The Calling. Jon pushed his father’s mouth off his spit soaked cock, “Lay down,” he commanded, the stern voice not matching up with the angelic preteen’s face, “And strip.” Clark tore his pajama bottoms off and scurried to lay down on Conner’s bed. His large frame spread out, displaying his perfect body, muscled form and his own raging cock as he hungrily looked up at his son. Jon didn’t see his father anymore, all he saw was prey. He climbed on top of his father’s large chest and straddled face. Jon looked down at his defeated father, the look of hunger in Clark’s eyes and he gazed up at the sight of his son’s massive cock. The words just came, unbidden into Jon’s mouth. It was as if his cock was speaking for him, putting desires into towards and words into voice, it sounded obscene coming from a 12 year old. “Your want this?” Jon asked, slapping Superman’s face with his cock. A wet slap across the man of steel’s face, making the hero flinch and moan at the same time, “You really want this?” Jon asked again with another smack. Clark’s mouth was open, his tongue desperate to touch his son’s dick, if even for a moment as he was assaulted with it. “Beg me…” There was a small cry in Clark’s mind as he begged himself to stop, but his mouth still opened as he began to beg his son, “Please Jon…please…feed me your big boy cock…show me it…use it on me…” The words were a thrill to Jon, their effect feeling like electricity up and down his spine, his mind could hear the real desperation, the real pleading in his father’s voice and it was like honey. This was the strongest man on Earth, the worlds greatest superhero, on his back escort ankara begging for his dick. Jon slowly lowered the tip of his dick into his father’s mouth, and watched as his dad slowly surrendered his will and began to suck his son off again. Form this angle Jon could shove the whole thing into Clark’s mouth and more. He heard his dad gag as the full length of his newly man sized cock rammed into the back of his throat. Clark was desperate to take the whole thing but knew he couldn’t, his son’s cock was too big now. That, along with the inexperience at sucking dick was frustrating him. He wanted more, but he didn’t know how. And then, as if the knowledge had always been there, it came to him. Clark grabbed Jon and pulled him off his face. Jon seemed shocked for a moment, taking the movement as a defiance. Clark went to the end of Conners bed and laid down, feet towards the headboard, head hanging over the side upside down. For moment the boy was confused, and then the knowledge came to him as well, he moved towards hi fathers open moth and plunged his cock back into it. Now the boy’s cock could slip down his throat. He could feel the shaft filling his entire mouth and forcing it’s way deeper. There was an erotic thrill s he submitted to his son, giving his mouth up as a hole, serving him as he knew he should. Clark’s actual mind was reeling but it was a small whisper against the screaming the Calling made as he felt his son’s cock choke him. Jon rammed his cock down this father’s throat, feeling Superman’s throat muscle massage his rod as he gagged for air. There was a such a sense of power in this, a feeling of superiority that was not going to fade. With each thrust their brains were changed more and more, Jon becoming more dominant, Clark becoming more passive. The preteen leaned forward and really started slamming his dick down Clark’s throat He felt his father’s hand grip his firm ass and push him deeper, submitting to each inch of his son’s oversized cock. They were both lost in the moment, there was nothing else in the universe except that cock and that mouth. Everything else was secondary. As Clark’s vision began to swim Jon felt his bills start to tingle, as he came rushing up on his first orgasm. “I’m gonna blow,” he said as his balls slapped against Clark’s chin. He heard his father whimper as an answer and send up his thrusts. “Gonna swallow every door…” he demanded as he felt himself near the edge…”Fucking take my load cunt…” The words shocked even Jon as he felt his cock start to erupt. His first load of cum shot down his dad’s throat, causing the man of steel to choke and thrash as he was filled with that felt like gallons of hot fresh teen cum. The debasement, the degradation, all of it just collided in Clark’s head and his own cock started to shoot. Jon’s yes got wide as he saw Superman’s cock unleash a torrent of kryptonian cum all over his hairy chest. The thrill of knows he made his dad cum, hands free, made Jon’s orgasm that much more. The two of them shook as their cocks emptied themselves, load after load. When he was done Jon slowly pulled his cock out of his dad’s mouth, Clark’s tongue trailing after it, to get one last lick in. Jon fell on to the bed, exhausted. Clark knew how he felt, the chemicals began to ramp down, but the damage had been done. Clark looked over and no longer saw his son, he saw his alpha, the one he must submit to. He moved over and nuzzled against his son’s form and Jon smiled and looked over. And he no longer saw his father, he saw his bitch, his cunt, the one who takes his seed. On some level they both knew they could never tell anyone, and to outside appearances, they would see the same. But as Jon stared into his father’s blue eyes, and saw those eyes drop away in a sign of surrender, they both knew nothing was ever going to be the same. They laid there for a few seconds, both of them breathing heavy from the exertion when they heard something. A clapping sound, fast…they looked over and in the corner was Conner, jacket and shirt on, jeans around his knees as he fisted his cock. He was stroking himself, looking at the two of them with drool coming down his chin. The second Jon made eye contact Conner looked away, and just like that the dynamic was made. “Strip,” Jon commanded, sitting up. Conner let go of his dick and tore his clothes off, revealing his tight, muscular form, quivering in anticipation. “Kneel,” Jon said, pointing to the ground in front of him, Conner sped over and got to his knees, his face looking up at his younger brother. Slowly, Jon’s cock began to swell, blood started to rush to it as it smelled another hole to conquer. As it grew Conner licked his lips, whatever self control he had destroyed by the twin scents of Clark and Job’s pheromones. As it grew near whimpered, wanting to taste it so bad. “Who do you belong to?” Jon asked, looking down with a smile. “You…” Conner said instantly, “Always you…” Jon nodded, “Get started.” And there’s he was, on the floor of his room, kneeling in front of his little brother, the boy of steel, serving the massive cock ordered to him. A hungry moan escaped Conner’s throat as the chemicals began to rewrite Conner’s brain as well. And as he licked and sucked…Conner became bonded to Jon as well. Seeing his alpha be serviced Clark got off the bed and went to his knees too, he nudged Conner over and they both took a side, and began to lick up and down Jon’s shaft at the same time. Both of them eager to drink their alpha’s cum… While Jon looked on and smiled.

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