Subject: F1 World: You’re Fired Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Stay healthy and please practice safe sex and/or know your partner well! S.T.I.s can kill. Happy reading. F1 World – You’re Fired Nico Hulkenberg stepped out of Cyril’s office, his world falling down around him. The team had replaced him with the young Frenchman, Esteban Ocon for the 2020 season. To make matters worse, the decision had happened so late in the year that the 2015 Le Mans 24-hour winner had no new options to pursue, ultimately, he was now unemployed. The German returned to his motorhome and threw his helmet aside. His crash helmet had barely stopped spinning before there was a knock at the door. Nico turned and opened the door, a lightning bolt of rage shot through his body as Esteban stood there in front of him. “What do you want?” Nico sneered. Esteban trembled looking into Nico’s cold blue eyes, “I wanted to apologise.” he replied. “Apologise for what?” Nico snapped. “For taking your seat.” Esteban pleaded. [Calm down Nico, he didn’t take your seat, don’t blame him. It’s that French cunt Cyril we hate.] Esteban waited nervously watching the pistons turning in Nico’s mind. “Come in.” Nico nodded, walking back into his motorhome and leaving the door open. Esteban followed the German inside; Nico threw himself into the couch and gestured to the space next to him. The young French driver sat down as small and compact as he could while Nico watched him. “Fuck sake man, why would you come straight over and try and be nice about this?” Nico spat while his eyes travelled down Esteban’s shorts and on to his bare knees. “I don’t know, I just didn’t want you to hate me.” Esteban pleaded. Nico rolled his eyes, “Whatever, well if you care about my feelings that much, then you’ll let me take my anger out on your face.” he smirked. Esteban looked back at Nico, [What did he mean?] “You want to beat me up to feel better about losing your seat?” “No, I’m over that. Easy come, easy go. I just want to fuck your face because you’re always checking me out and now, you’re begging me for forgiveness.” Nico grinned; a warmth filled his blue eyes. It was Nico’s turn to watch the pistons working in Esteban’s mind. Making the decision for Esteban, Nico threw his arm over his back of the couch behind the Frenchman and spread his legs whilst unzipping his overalls. The 23-year-old couldn’t resist the opportunity in front of him, he loved an older man and the blonde German ticked all the boxes. Esteban placed his hand within the gap in Nico’s overalls and rested on his broad chest. Nico smiled encouragingly as Esteban began to slide his hand down the German’s body. Whilst Esteban’s eyes remained focused on their route down into the older man’s crotch, Nico curled his arm around the French driver’s back and pulled him close. Esteban put up no resistance as his lips approached Nico’s then they touched. Nico was firm, his lips pressing tightly against the young Frenchman moving his lips to create some space for his tongue. Esteban could feel his face burning with excitement, a wet dream he fantasised about several times since he’d taken Nico’s seat in the Force India back in 2017, the French driver wanted Nico to show him his experience. The German pushed apart his overalls with his right hand while his left hand reached behind Esteban’s head. Nico took the 23-year-old by the back of his neck and firmly began to guide him down, passing his neck, on to his broad pecs. The Frenchman’s full pink lips nipped Nico’s firm pale body. Esteban squeezed his lips against the German’s rock-hard abs savouring the bitter taste of the older bursa escort man’s warm sweat. As Esteban’s lips passed Nico’s belly button, Nico’s hand moved down to his crotch and in one swift movement, the German’s pulsing 8-inch uncut cock popped free and stood facing the 23-year-old. Esteban’s eyes tracked Nico’s cock as it approached his lips, then opening wide, the French driver allowed Nico’s cock to enter his skull. “Yeahhh.” Nico breathed, taking a handful of Esteban’s hair for guidance. The French driver’s eyes looked up the Hulk’s toned body, the older driver was in great shape and Esteban was proud. The 23-year-old curled his tongue around Nico’s swollen dome shaped head and began to slide up and down the German’s hard cock. Nico hissed as he watched Esteban working his cock, the youngster’s lips sliding tightly against his foreskin was a beautiful sight to behold. The German’s hand rested on Esteban’s soft dark hair and pressed down gently. Nico could feel the 23-year-old’s tongue hidden within his lips as it slid along his hard shaft. Esteban ran his tongue across the German’s head once more, the warm flavour of delicious man meat tickled Esteban’s taste buds. The French driver steadied himself at the top of Nico’s shaft then descended. The 23-year-old utilised his powerful neck muscles, strengthened by years of driving at high g-force to suck Nico’s hard cock. The French youngster persevered down Nico’s hard pole, the more of the 32-year-old’s cock he got, the more he wanted. Esteban’s pointy nose closed in on the neat patch of strawberry blonde hairs that surrounded the base of his hard cock. The French driver inhaled a long drag of German musk, Nico’s sweaty balls forced a pulse of excitement from Esteban’s own throbbing member. Slick saliva coating the 32-year-old’s long hard cock made it shine beautifully. Esteban drew back to admire Nico’s thick pole, surveying the purple veins mapping their way to the top where his cock had begun to weep from its eye. The Frenchman was encouraged to see the German racer so aroused by his skills, with a quick glance up at Nico he took another mouthful of the 32-year-old’s cock and this time made sure to run Nico’s head along the inside of his cheek as he did so. “Yeah boyyyy.” Nico cheered as his cock became enveloped in the young French driver’s warm, wet mouth. Esteban felt his heart skip for joy at Nico’s approval, happily he continued to slide Nico’s cock along his inner cheek and all the way to the back of his throat. Through Nico’s overalls, Esteban’s free hand groped at Nico’s balls, the German gave another pleasured groan as Esteban located his sweet spot through the durable, fireproof fabric. Nico’s balls were already musky from his recent testing session and as Esteban’s tongue swirled around his sensitive head the tension began to make the German perspire once more. The warmth and aroma of Nico’s body made the Frenchman’s cock throb with excitement. Esteban ran his pursed lips along Nico’s hard cock, increasing the power and velocity at which his neck muscles moved him along the German’s delicious stick. Nico could feel the pleasure flowing through his body, Esteban’s skills were even better than he’d imagined. The French driver used his tongue skillfully to slide over the sensitive parts of Nico’s thick, veiny cock. Esteban was just as talented with his throat, swallowing the German’s hard 8 inches whole and glazing his tonsils with the 32-year-old’s sticky precum. The deepthroating increased in speed, Esteban hungry to drink Nico’s thick juice as more and more drops of precum glazed his tongue. Nico curled his toes and grunted, he had to stop this now if there was any chance of lasting escort bayan another few minutes. “Take your clothes off and make yourself cum too.” Nico instructed. Esteban pulled off Nico’s cock and beamed up at the German from his knees. The Frenchman reached down to remove his shorts and reaching under his boxers he slid them both down at once. Esteban’s hard cock 7.5-inch, uncut cock snapped into his abs with a loud smacking sound. Nico beamed down at the naked French boy. The 23-year-old was beautiful, his olive skin looked smooth around his faintly toned muscles. The Frenchman’s skinny legs were covered in a fair covering of light brown hairs. Esteban’s legs led up to a neat bush of curly brown hairs around the base of a beautiful hard cock. “Jerk off.” Nico instructed as he scanned Esteban’s smooth, slender torso and toned biceps. Esteban’s fist began to slide along the top half of his pole and the French driver began to make subtle, arousing noises as he touched himself. Rapidly increasing his speed, Esteban exposed a very light patch of curly hairs from his armpit. Nico grinned as he looked down on the young Frenchman and began to jerk himself slowly once more. The veteran German could feel he was pretty close already, Esteban’s oral skills were definitely something he would need to revisit someday, but he wanted to stay in control of the skinny Frenchman and making him cum first was exactly how Nico intended to do it. “Cum for me.” Nico demanded as Esteban looked up at him, his eyes wide in awe of the German who had accumulated over 170 Grand Prix starts in an illustrious career which had somehow not included a podium. “Yes Nico.” Esteban replied submissively. The older racer was a role model, someone Esteban had looked up to for years, someone who had raced some of the very best names in F1 history. Looking up at Nico in his Renault branded coveralls, Esteban felt so hot. The tall German’s pale chest peaked out of the black and yellow fireproofs. Wispy curls of strawberry blonde hairs peaked through the gap, Esteban wanted the 32-year-old over him, making him feel like the slutty young pup he was on the inside. The French driver jerked his hard cock watching Nico’s thick shaft bulging inches away from his face. Esteban watched Nico’s head foaming as the German pulled his skin back and forth. Esteban imagined Nico’s hot cum spraying over his face, dribbling over his smooth olive skin as he tugged. Nico was so close it was becoming unbearable, “cum, cum now!” He demanded as Esteban jerked himself faster. The young French driver’s eyes looked so sweet, staring up adoringly at the older German. Nico glared down at Esteban before lowering himself to plant a firm powerful kiss on Esteban’s lips while the 23-year-old jerked hard. The kiss lasted a couple of seconds before Nico straightened up and taking Esteban’s chin, Nico pelted the French driver’s smooth cheek with his boner. Esteban’s eyes watched Nico’s fat head as it approached his face before it disappeared from view and hit him hard in the cheek. “UHHH!” he groaned, feeling the German’s power over him increasing. Esteban’s balls sucked themselves into his cute, tanned body as if they were coiling, ready to spring free. “Uh, fuck.” The Frenchman moaned, looking up desperately at Nico who rewarded him with another swift slap in the face with his wet bellend. The feeling of a big German standing over him, making him feel like a naughty little French boy. Esteban threw his face up to the ceiling and groaned hard, his shaft began to vibrate in his hand and his abs clenched as his orgasm took hold. It was a sight to behold for Nico who felt increasingly almighty. Esteban’s shiny bellend bursa escort grew in size and began to squirt viscous white pearls across the young Frenchman’s tight abs. Nico’s eyes caught the fireworks show taking place around Esteban’s midsection. Rockets of pearly white jizz fired up into the French driver’s smooth abs before trickling down his toned body. The German driver tugged at himself furiously hoping to join Esteban’s orgasm with his own. Two more swift raps of his precum soaked bellend into Esteban’s smooth cheeks then 10 seconds of hard jerking and Nico began to curse in hard German. Esteban saw a flash of white, fire from the head of Nico’s cock then everything went dark as he clamped his eyelids shut. Ropes of thick, warm cum splattered across Esteban’s smooth face and began to stream down his cheeks as Nico rained heavily over him. The drops were thick, around a dozen of them splattering across Esteban’s cute face. Above him, Nico grunted like rumbles of thunder whilst his balls emptied over Esteban’s face. Esteban smiled, his empty balls tingling with happiness and the slowly softening grunts from above him told the French driver he had done a great job. Nico’s thick head slapped him on the face a few more times as the German stroked the final few beads of cum from his body. Quickly, Esteban’s facemask began to harden. “Here.” Nico breathed, placing a few tissues into the French driver’s hands. “Merci.” Esteban replied, blindly smiling in direction he thought the German was standing. Nico watched the young Frenchman wipe his eyelids while the rest of his face began to whiten with crispy cum hardening all over his face. “No wonder you got my drive if you go around giving amazing blowjobs like that.” Nico sniggered. Esteban frowned, causing Nico to laugh louder still. “I’m joking bro, but you look ridiculous.” The French driver found his way to the sink with Nico’s guidance and washed his face clean. His face finally presentable, Esteban slipped his clothes back on and turned to Nico. “Congratulations on the drive man.” Nico smiled, pulling Estaban in for a hug. “Thanks.” Esteban smiled. “I’ll probably catch you for round two sometime next season anyway.” Nico winked as he saw Esteban out of the front door. A cheeky grin told Nico that his idea might come true, before the 23-year-old waved and wheeled away. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed the story. If you like what you’ve read please let me know by emailing me ail. I write these stories for fun, but I would greatly appreciate any contributions you are willing to give as a result. If you would like to make a donation then feel free to contact me on the email above. Here is the rest of my collection: Sticky Blinders, After party at the OSCARs, Cole Me By Your Name, Happy 18th Bro, Coffee for John & An Audition to Remember. The Diving Squad England Cricket Boys, From Rapid to Star, Scorcher from the Caribbean & Inside the Bio Bubble. 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