Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Author”s Notes: This story came about to cope with the loss of AFC Championship game against the Bengals. The Chiefs had a complete meltdown in the second half. They lost to themselves. Can”t wait for the new season of Football. To send author comments and feedback, please email [email protected]


  Thirteen Seconds Chapter Text


Post Pro Bowl I


The Pro Bowl is predictably unclimactic. No doubt it lacks the flare and excitement of the Super Bowl, but Travis is happy to be here. He”s more elated having Patrick joining him and their other teammates. He and Patrick stay behind, signing autographs and taking pictures.

“Cool tattoo,” Patrick compliments a fan with a dragon tattoo on the underside of his wrist. He signs the man”s football and hands it back to him, moving along the crowd to sign more autographs.

“Ready to go, Mahomes?!” Travis calls out to him. He”s already at the end of the crowd.

“Almost!” Patrick yells back, signing more autographs. He finishes a few more signatures, including one for a baby no more than a year old. “Sorry,” he apologizes to the crowd.

He jogs across the field to meet up with Travis.

“See. What did I tell you? I told you that you”d like it,” Travis comments, pulling his quarterback into a hug.

“Yeah. I”m glad I”m here,” Patrick replies with a smile.

“You want to go out tonight and check out some hotspots in Vegas?” Travis asks.

“Hmm…maybe. I have to check with Brittany first.”

“That girl loves attention.” Travis laughs out loud. “She only wants to be seen and heard so I guess I”ll send a limo out to pick up you guys at nine?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Patrick says, not entirely enthusiastic. “Hey. I noticed that Kayla was not in the stands today,” Patrick notes as they make their way into the locker room. “You guys okay?”

“We had a fight. She left me last night,” Travis answers. “It”s over between us.”

“I”m sorry, Travis.”

“Nah. Girls come and go. I”ll be fine. So, nine o”clock, okay?”

“Yeah. See you tonight.”

It”s almost nine o”clock and Brittany is still in the bathroom, changing into yet another outfit for the night. She finally decides on a lacy black bralette top and black leather pants. She struts out of the bathroom, twirling around for Patrick. Patrick is sitting at the foot of the bed, not really paying attention to her. He”s more focused on tying his shoelaces.

“Well?” She probes when he doesn”t say anything.

“I think you should put something bursa evi olan escort on over your bra,” Patrick tells her, looking up.

“It”s not a bra.”

She smacks his arm playfully before pushing him backwards onto the bed. She straddles him and works feverishly to unzip him. She snakes her hand inside his pants to grope him while attacking his lips then moving to his neck and back to his lips. He returns the kisses but stops abruptly upon seeing Travis”s name light up on his phone. He picks her up and off him to grab the phone from the nightstand.

“Yeah, we”re ready,” Patrick tells Travis. “We”ll be right down.” He turns around to find Brittany stretched out in bed, her fingers caressing the swell of her breasts.

“Babe, can”t we just stay instead?”

“Sorry, Britt. Tomorrow we can stay in. Travis and the boys already made plans for tonight.”

Brittany throws her hands up in the air. She gets up from the bed and stomps to the closet. She grabs a handful of jackets and tosses them to the floor before settling on a thin designer denim jacket.

“Happy now?”

“Much better,” Patrick tells her. “Thank you,” he says, pecking her on the lips.

“You promise we can stay in tomorrow?” She looks up, batting her eye lashes.

“Yes, my Queen.” He smiles and gives her another kiss on the lips, which she melts into.

Patrick and Brittany join his teammates in the limousine. The only Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowler missing is Orlando Brown. Both Tyreek and Tyrann have their partners while Travis is alone by himself. Tyreek and his fianc�e, Keeta, are drinking and laughing. Brittany plops down next to Sydni, Tyrann”s fianc�e, pulling Patrick down onto the seat next to her. She and Sydni start chatting and sipping alcohol, while Patrick sits quietly, staring straight ahead at Travis, whose arms are stretched over the head rest and legs spread so impossibly wide. Patrick leans forward, still staring, biting his lower lip. Travis catches Patrick”s gaze, causing the quarterback to turn away quickly.

“We should get Kelce some hot chicks,” an inebriated Tyreek suggests out loud.

“Nah, Cheetah, I”m good,” Kelce responds, smiling in Patrick”s direction.

Tyreek ignores him. He makes a quick phone call. He stumbles across the limousine to open the partition separating them from the driver. He hands the driver a piece of paper with an address written on it. Several blocks later, they pick up two statuesque Instagram models for Travis. Travis sits uncomfortable between the two girls. Nikki, one of the models, is sitting so close she”s practically on his lap while the other model can”t stop staring at Patrick. Brittany sees the woman”s gawking stares. She altıparmak escort turns to Patrick, pulls him in for a kiss, and then proceeds to climb on top of him. She grabs his hands and places them on her ass while she kisses him and grinds into him all the while he”s looking straight at Travis. Travis ignores the model to his right and offers the model to his left a glass of wine to take her eyes off Patrick and Brittany.

“Hi. What”s your name?” Travis asks.


Travis and Sarah make small talk as Brittany continues to put on a show with Patrick. Between talks, Travis keeps glancing back at the two high school sweethearts making out in the corner of the limousine. Patrick keeps his golden brown eyes open. He keeps his eyes connected with Travis”s at all times.

“Hey, Britt! You can get off him now. Everyone in the world knows he belongs to you.” Travis says with a hint of annoyance. Brittany breaks from Patrick”s lips to flip him the bird and continues making out with the star quarterback.

“Bitch,” Travis mutters under his breath and then returns his attention to Sarah.

The very public display of affection finally ends when the limousine ride stops at the entrance of the club. Brittany jumps off Patrick. She pulls him by the front of his shirt, leading him out of the limousine. Travis and his dates leave next. They are followed by Tyrann, Tyreek, and their partners.

Security entourage meets them outside of the club. They follow the group of four burly men inside the club. The club is dark with flashing strobe lights and smoke screens. There are strategically placed mirrors lining the walls, giving the allusion of a more spacious club. There”s a second floor that opens to below. The large exquisite chandelier hanging above is made of a glass globe with silver beaded balls inside that reflect off strobe lights. There”s a live band playing tonight on the second-floor balcony. The trio is led by a female vocalist and when she starts to sing I was on fire for you, Travis swears he”s heard her voice before.

Where did you go?
I could”ve died for you
How could you not know?
I was alive with you
But you brought in the cold

They find their VIP section towards the back of the club. One of the security guards remains stationed at their section. After ordering their drinks, Brittany and Patrick hit the dance floor as the music plays on. Travis can”t keep his eyes off the couple as Patrick wraps his arms around Brittany”s slim waist, bringing their bodies close together as they sway to the psychedelic beat of the music as purple lights streak across the club.

I was on fire for you
Where did you go?
I could”ve died for you
How could you not know?
bursa merkez escort I was alive with you
But you brought in the cold
Was I being lied to? Wish I never met you
Started to regret you

Travis”s dates join them on the dance floor. They”re begging with their fingers for him to join them. Travis shakes his head as he settles further into his seat. He gulps down his drink and another and another. He reaches for another glass when Tyreek intercepts the glass.

“Slow down, bro. The night just started,” Tyreek says, laughing.

Travis wrestles the glass away from Tyreek”s grip and downs another shot, never taking his eyes off Patrick as he”s running his hands all over Brittany”s writhing body.

My heart just dropped
Thinkin” about you
The world just stops
When I”m without you
I was on fire for you
I was on fire for you

Another glass becomes empty. And another all the while Travis keeps staring at Patrick and his seductive moves. Tyreek follows Travis”s gaze. He looks at his teammate and friend and shakes his head pitifully.

“Bro, we need to talk.”

“What about?” Travis asks, grabbing another glass and never once turning to look at Tyreek.

“Patrick.” Travis lowers the glass to the table. He”s all ears now. “You got to get over him.”

“Whoa!” Travis snaps, scrambling away. “I”m not gay.”

“Never said you were gay, bro,” Tyreek says quickly. Travis lets out a sigh of relief and settles back into the booth. Tyreek continues, “but it doesn”t change the fact that you want to smash that boy every time you see him.”

“Is it that obvious?” Travis asks meekly.

“Even a blind man can see that you want to fuck him.”

“Fuck,” Travis mutters under his breath.

“And it doesn”t change the fact that he”s going to marry that girl next month,” Tyreek adds, nodding his head in the direction of the quarterback and his fianc�e. Travis grabs hold of his glass, again, taking another gulp of the hard liquor. “The world”s been trying to break them apart and he”s still with her. They”ve been dating since they were fifteen and they have a kid together. He”s not leaving her. Short from getting him kidnapped, he”s going to marry her.” Travis takes another gulp as he sends piercing daggers Brittany”s way. “I have never seen you so messed up off the field since he”s joined the team. This ain”t healthy, bro. You got to get over him or he”ll end up killing you.”

“I don”t know how,” Travis admits, shaking his head in despair.

“For starters, get your ass out there and fuck those girls. I got you one who looks like Beyonce and one who looks like Gigi. If they don”t cut it, get yourself some other bitches. But stay away from Patrick. That boy is no good for you. I love him as my quarterback, but I love you more as my friend. Best to keep your distance from him.”

Travis sighs deeply. Tyreek is right, but he”s not sure he can ever get over Patrick Mahomes.

  Chapter Text

Lyrics for Fire For You by ook


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