Self Shot

Subject: Staples Center: Paradise Triple H walked through the deserted halls of the Los Angeles Staples Center. He needed to choreograph his Triple Threat match with Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle. Since it was an Interpromotional match, meaning that it was a match with both RAW and Smackdown superstars, it was going to be a great match. When Triple H got to the ring he saw something that he didn’t expect. Rob Van Dam was fucking Kurt Angle in the ass! He couldn’t resist but jack off, so he pulled down his pants and got out his 12 inch member. He started to wank it but hid so that Kurt or Rob wouldn’t see him. Down in the ring, Rob kept on fucking Kurt, “Oh Yeah. Rob, I never knew you were bursa evi olan escort so good. I’ve got to get a transfer to RAW!” “You like that? Here,” Rob took out his 11 inch penis and laid down on his back, “Sit on it.” “Yes sir.” Kurt sat down on Rob’s dick and started bouncing up and down. Rob was in ecstasy, he couldn’t help but cum. He shot about 10 shots of cum in Kurt’s ass, “Oh yeah, god that was good, when do you think Hunter is going to get here?” “I am not sure.” Back up by the titan tron, Triple H had met up with Charlie Haas and was sucking off his 10 incher, “Hey, they’re about to leave. Let’s stop them,” Charlie suggested. Triple altıparmak escort H picked up a microphone and turned on the speakers, “Rob, Kurt, Charlie and I know you’re down there,” Rob and Kurt looked at each other and started to get dressed, “Wait, you didn’t let me finish. We like it,” Rob and Kurt then looked at the titan tron and saw Triple H and Charlie Haas, both naked, walking down to the ring. Charlie actually had a lot of hair on his dick, since he didn’t have to shave it off like the guys who just wore tights and Speedos. Triple H and Charlie got in the ring, Kurt and Triple H started making out, as did Charlie and Rob. Rob got down on his hands and knees, bursa merkez escort Charlie was about to fuck him but Triple H got to him first. So Charlie went over to Kurt and started kissing him, “Get down.” “Yes, Captain.” Charlie got on his hands and knees too, then Kurt slid his 13 inch cock into Charlie’s ass. Charlie let out a moan of pleasure. Kurt kept sliding his cock in and out of Charlie’s ass, “Oh yeah. Come on Kurt, faster, harder… harder… oh yeah!!” “I’m gonna cum!!!!!” Kurt moaned as he shot loads of cum into Charlie. Seeing that, Triple H shot loads into Rob’s ass. “That was fun, lets do that again sometime,” Rob said. “Wait, we’re not done yet,” Kurt said. He walked to Triple H and stared sucking his cock. Rob did the same to Charlie. After about 15 minutes, they all came in the middle off the ring, “Well, someone’s got to clean this up!” Kurt yelled. They all looked at each other and started to lick up the mat, and then they all left.

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