Subject: His ‘Good Bone…z’ (2) This is a fictional tale about a show I caught recently. It’s one od those DYI shows on those DYI networks. The ahow is called Good Bones. It about a mother daughter team that renovates homes. Mina is the daughter. I saw the show one day just jumping through channels. That’s when I saw him. Stephen. Minas husband. I near fell off my chair as I saw this gorgeous man. Big lion tattoo on his arm and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I want Minas husband Steve. Plain and simple. And this story is about him. Yes he is straight. And I can guarantee he would not play for the Gay team. Probably ever. But one can only wish. (Dreamy sigh) Hope you enjoy… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ His ‘Good Bone…z(part 2) ….. It was several weeks before I recieved an email back from them. But it was a positive one. bursa escort bayan Mina and mom would be able to come and see what I wanted done. Then maybe would set up a date to start the work. I got very excited from the email. My head reeling from the possibility if seeing that man. Her man Steven. I could feel my loins start to twitch. “Fuck me.” I huffed”They are coming” “I hope he shows up” The team came as scheduled. I met Mina and her mom. They were both nice ans had aome foos ideas of what they could do for me. But no sign of her hot husband. That was until there was an agreement and a dedicated budget for it. “So glad you guys will be able to make this place home again.” I said to her. It was about 2 months later before they were able to schedule the reno start. But Mina showed up a few times before then to go over some details. And then one day she came over with her görükle escort gorgeous huaband. I saw him as I opened the door. Thoae magnificent eyes found mine and he smiled. “Hi.” The hot man said aa he extended his hand”I am ..” “Steven!” I blirted out”Minas husband” I instantly felt foolish, spitting out who he was like a love suck schoolgirl. And I think he noticed this. Thankfully Mina did not. Because that would have been awkward.But Steven gave me an odd look. His eyes pierced into mine. I turned away from him from my uncomfortableness of my action “Lets get to this” I said to Mina Then I started to talk to his wife more. But Steven would seem to come into my field of view all the time that they were there. His eyes falling onto me constantly. And it was getting to me. “Cool place” he said”Has great potential””Mina will bring that out” Then he bursa escort bayan winked at me. I knew I wasn’t imagining that. This hot man had winkes at me. His gorgeous eyes looking right at me.I felt my dick twitch in my pants again. Was her husband flirting with me. This hot straight guy. I couldn’t be sure. But I assumed it had to me my overactive imagination. The imagination that was picturing me kissing his handsome face. So I let it go, and continued the walk through of projects with his wife Miina. “Thanks for coming by” I had said to her We set up a date and a budget for the Reno. I had to move into temporary housing for the project and clear out my house of my things. I was able to stay an ine if those extended stay hotels that there are around. Not fancy, but was my place until the Reno was complete. Mina and her mom came by my temporary place all the time as the Reno began. And I would be brought to my house to show some signs of the progress. “But no Steven” I said as the days went by That was until he showed up at my hotel….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be contined

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