Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JEREMY AND JESSE 29 ON THE BACK OF A CYBERMAN “Most of the time the Doctor, my Doctor, looks like a cute little short guy with brown hair, brown eyes that just reflect love and dreamy-i-ness. He’s so dreamy with those bedroom eyes. I mean he’s short but not in a weak way. He’ s got these muscles you see and he looks sorta Italian but he’s so obviously British. Half British if one is to believe him. Frankly I sometimes think he’ s all human and all British but he’s so strange sometimes so I guess he’s alien after all. Then again, at other times he seems so alien.” “Get to the point! Get to the point!” “Yeah, Daleks, I forgot. Not big conversationalists. Anyway, guys, look, he’ s the Doctor. I often wonder what the other Doctor’s or rather my Doctor’s other bodies looked like. I thumbed through the TARDIS files once and saw a lot of his other companions. Skipped a lot of the girls though. Hunky guys were always with him. Turlough, I have a thing for red hair. That Adric, oh my God, he’s so cute. And Jamie and Ben, of course. Of course, the clone on the TARDIS…have I said too much again?” “We are interested in who else travels in the TARDIS currently.” “Look on the screen. That blond hunk is Jesse M. He’s blond, green eyed, he surfs like me. Fantastic smile. Melts my heart right off. Great voice. Sing songy. He sings songs. What else? He’s been in a tv show called SUMMERLAND and guest starred on a few others shows. He’s athletic but not as good at sports as I am. The one thing he’s better at than me is singing. I can’t sing really. I’m more of an actor. I can dance though and boy, so can he. He’s got a nice family on Earth and a career as a pop star, cum, lotsa cum, movie actor too but acting is really my gig. I starred as Peter Pan once, did a TV series called CLUBHOUSE, and a tv movie on Lifetime where I played a boy addicted to sex.” The screen buzzed to Jeremy in a speedo diving into a pool. But instead of girls in the pool as in the movie CYBERSEX: PORTRAIT OF AN ADDICT, they saw a pool filled with boys, teens, and men. Jeremy was surrounded by abs, penises, thick muscular legs, handsome faces, long haired boys, short haired boys, tall boys, lanky boys, legs all kicking and swimming, penises bobbing, shifting, shafting. Short boys, broad shouldered boys, surfing dudes, punk and goth boys, nippular boys with hard mammary glands, macho boys, sensitive boys. Belly buttons were on every side of his face. Jeremy could feel himself getting stiff in the Dalek time machine. “Oh man, not now, not in front of the Daleks!!!” One boy bobbed to the surface and it was Jesse, a bright blond hair matted down from water and still looking beautiful. On the screen, the Daleks see images of Jesse and Jeremy having sex again and again in every conceivable way. They also see the Doctor joining in on them. They also view Jesse and the Doctor having sex; then the Doctor and Jeremy having sex; and other combinations. Adam from 2005 also enters into the scenes for a bit, especially when he had sex with Jeremy and Jesse. Cum shoots up to the screen in Jeremy’s mind and covers it but clears when the Daleks scream as Jeremy to stop. They see feet. Jeremy’s mind pans up Jesse’s feet to crotch where a very hung boy is; to his bare smooth stomach, sporting a perfectly round shallow innie, panning up to his hard nipples, boyish but manly chest, bare and lickable neck, perfectly white teeth, and finely up to that beauty of a face. “Tell us more about Jesse!” “Oh yeah, right. I’m talking about myself a lot, aren’t I? I’m not conceited if that’s what you’re getting at. Jesse, well, he’s got a really high profile on Earth. In our own time. I mean he…he’s on Disney channel, Noggin, all that stuff. Me? I guess I’d like to be as famous. But I’ve got a lot going too. I tried to do projects that I thought were really special, that meant something. Not that his work doesn’t. His stuff is brilliant. And he’s got to work it all in there, acting, dancing.” The Dalek was getting impatient. “Tell us about the boy himself.” “Ahh, right, Jesse, where to start…he’s fucking hot. Hot as the Doctor. The three of us, we, well love each other.” “Love! Love! That can be used…” “Yeah we use it all the time…more? Jesse’s my age, maybe a bit older than me by a few months or a year at the most. He’s really sorta sexual, like me only more so. Even more so than the Doctor. He kinda likes to give the image to the girl fans, that he’s not gay. Again, like me. I mean we have to, don’t we?” “Do you? You fear who you really are?” Jeremy looked at the Dalek. “I…I have to think about that one.” “Take your time.” “You Daleks. You’re not like I imagined.” “Explain!” “Well, there’s the yelling and bossing around thing. You got that down pat. There’s the extracting information thing, that’s ditto on that. But sometimes you bursa escort bayan are good listeners. Can’t say I saw that as one of the traits the Doctor let on about.” “There are many things about us that the Doctor does not know.” “AND that is what’s scariest about you.” Jeremy said. He gulped. “Can I get my arms down now? They’re really hurtin.” The metallic straps on the wrists came free and Jeremy held his arms down. He rubbed his underarms and shoulders. “Thanks.” “He will bargain for your life and the life of this Jesse!” “Jesse’s probably not alive any longer…and as for the Doctor, I wonder if he is alive…” “HE IS!” Jeremy smiled… Jesse screamed. He was currently in the Moon Base Colony prison for gays. And only for gays. The old man Lent had secretly turned himself into a Cyberman using parts the guards allowed him to have in his lab, where he made inventions for the guards to cover his real motives. Lent’s metallic hands tore off the head of Bresin and dropped the body. Jesse screamed again and again but the Cyberman turned to him. He stopped screaming and almost gagged. The metal body was tall…taller than Lent and covered in human blood and gore. “You’ve killed all of them!!!!” Lent’s human eyes looked out from the metallic mask. Before he could speak another voice rang out from the hallway. “NOT ALL!” A guard named Gra was on his left knee and aiming a giant hollowed out cannon gun at Lent, the Cyberman. Jesse gasped, “Don’t! Maybe I can reason with him!” “With that? That thing?” “It’s Lent!” Gra yelled, “Whoever it is—it’s dead!!!!” As his finger pressed forth on the trigger, Lent ran at him, metallic bionic legs carrying him to the man. Lent used one leg to turn the cannon upward and then smacked Gra with both arms. Gra fired the cannon and it shot a volley of fire up at the ceiling, blowing holes in it. Luckily, there were other levels above the one they were in and the blasts were not ripping through the upper ceilings to the bare non atmosphere above. But Lent’s arms reached the fallen and crushed Gra, who was still alive. He hurled him head first for the larger rectangular window set at the end of the hall. Gra’s head smashed out the window and while the rest of the window set threatened to bulge outward, it held for the moment. Jesse screamed, “No!!!” over and over but stopped as Lent marched forcibly at him! ” NOOOO!” A female voice of the warning system sounded. “Warning! Danger! Explosive decompression imminent.” This voice sounded this over and over. Jesse looked, “Explosive decompression!!!!” Two guards came up the elevator shaft and pointed guns at Lent but before they could even fire off a shot, Lent strode past Jesse and put both hands straight out to his side, using his arms to crush in the men’s chests. The elevator doors shut again so Lent had to use his new metal hands to tear them open again. The fire spread above and while water sprinklers went off, the blast incapacitated enough of them to cause the fire to spread. The lights blinked and were on fire as well and a fireball burst from above back down into the hallway. Jesse screamed and ran from a fireball above him. At the same time, Gra’s dead head was moving outward a bit. The entire window was about to crash out onto the Moon’s surface and take the entire hallway contents with it. Lent found the elevator had been sent back down. He jumped onto the wires and used his hands to grip onto them. He swung around one side but steadied himself. He started to slide down. Jesse ran to the open doorway and didn’t hesitate. He was followed a massive line of fire that blasted forward at him. “I’m coming with you!!!” He jumped and landed on the Cyberman’s back and held his arms around the neck. He rode it out with the creature as it slid down. The fire entered the open elevator shaft, having already incinerated the two guards’ bodies above as well as all the other bodies in the hallway. Lent’s emotionless voice said, “Hold tight, Prisoner Number 74632567.” “MY NAME’S JESSE MCCART…..” The rest of his last name was drowned out as Lent’s cyber-feet crashed through the top of the elevator car, crashing down it into the car below, Jesse clinging on for dear life. At the same time, Jesse recovered, he looked up and saw the fireball speeding down at them! His eyes wide, he looked death in the fiery face. Simultaneously, Gra’s head with body following, smashed out the window in the Moon Hall above. Gra was sucked out into the Moon Dust, along with the remainders of the laser cannon…any bones that were left of the others…and the fire…. Jesse turned his head down as the fire reversed its path at him and the unknowing or uncaring Lent…who was at the same time, using his hands to claw open the elevator doors…fingers reaching up and dragging the top parts of the doors down to bend and nilüfer escort smash. The fire was sucked out into the Moon Space as well and vanishing into nothingness as it was. The Moon Base above was blasting itself to piece anyway, the leftovers of the fire above on the level overhead uncontrolled and blasting pieces into the star filled sky over the Moon Base. Jesse followed Lent out the smashed doors of the elevator, “SHIT! WE HAVE TO HURRY!” They were in a bay. Of shuttles. Lent looked at the door controls of one of them. A man ran up to him and Lent chopped the man’s shoulder in two by putting his metal hand way up, straightening out his arm to full length and bringing it down on the man. Jesse watched as the man fell in agonizing pain. He wanted to help the man but couldn’t. He just put his hands out to no avail. Lent stared at the door controls again and the door controls fizzed to life. The numbers entered his cybernetic brain…hooked into his human brain which was still contained by the see through metal on top. Lent then pressed the controls and the door slid open for him. He ran inside and Jesse just managed to make it into the shuttle before the doors zipped closed. Lent sat down at the controls, didn’t buckle in but looked at the mechanism. Jesse ran to him in the control room. “Take off! You have to take off!” “I…will. I am learning.” Lent’s Cyber Face stared at the console. Jesse strapped himself into the chair next to Lent’s, all the while not taking his eyes off the monstrosity. Soon the shuttle took off and Lent fired a laser at the bay doors to smash them open. This killed the landing crews on the ground but the fires and blasts that consumed the entire Moon Base soon killed everyone in that Base. What wasn’t blown up, was already sucked into space. Vast blasts tore the remainders of the Moon Base to shreds, sending flak and sparkling bits far up into the Moon’s velvet black sky. Jesse felt the entire shuttle shake from the concussions. He smiled, “You did it !” He was happy. “You did it!” “I …did…it.” Jesse looked at the monster. His smile dropped. “You…you killed them all. Everyone is dead because of you.” It sent chills down his spine. Lent turned his head, a sort of creaking noise as the metal rotated on metal in sockets and small turnstile tracks. The voice flatly said, “Not you.” Jesse gulped. He realized this was true. He looked out the window. He saw outer space. “Where are you going?” “To find…more…to find…where I came from.” “The shuttles?” “The Space Station…” “Yes. More humans, more Cybermen to be made.” “Oh no.” “You also spoke once of a Doctor who calls himself just Doctor…I believe I can link up to other Cyberminds. Vaguely. Alien.” Lent’s voice was no longer that of Lent. It was flat and uncaring. Robotic. Static. Slow. Spaced. Almost calm. “They too, know of a Doctor. I need more data.” Jesse thought it best to remain quiet. Lent was still looking at him. Then it turned to look out the window and at the instruments. Jeremy looked at the Daleks. “We have detected him but have yet to locate the …” “What? What is it?” “We have found the TARDIS thanks to your help.” A purple Dalek moved to the console, stuck it’s plunger into a socket there and turned it. The time machine was materializing someplace, Jeremy could hear the materialization noise. It was a bit different but not totally unlike a TARDIS materialization sound. The sound of the TARDIS vanishing and materializing, reappearing always got him hot. His penis filled with blood and cum…again. “Arriving on the station. Doctor on level….four. Two heartbeats located. Doctor located. Level four.” It was then Jeremy noted the mundane sound of the Dalek time machine’s devices making the same dull beeping sound over and over. All was silent. The Red Dalek turned to the others. The Daleks started to move out of the time machine. Would they kill me, Jeremy wondered. Jeremy bit his lip. “Can I go to him? I mean go with you when you capture him?” “Negative. You…” The Red Dalek turned to the blue one, “You will remain with the young man.” “What? You’re all going to get the Doctor? Is all that you are leaving me with is one blue Dalek?” “He is dangerous. You are not. One Dalek is all that is needed to guard you.” The Red Dalek started to mechanically turn away to lead the troops that were leaving but it stopped and turned back to Jeremy and added, more than a hint of slyness in its voice, “And….to kill you…” Jeremy didn’t like the way that sounded. “Okay, I get the picture.” “You will be fed and be allowed to go on encumbered but if you try anything …” The Red Dalek said and stopped so that the Blue Dalek could say… “You will be exterminated.” “Gotcha.” Jeremy smiled. “Space Shuttle Troughton. Space Shuttle Troughton. Do you türbanlı escort read?” Lent turned a round device on his chest, and a voice issued forth that sounded like Issa. “This is Troughton. Do you have visual contact?” A pipe extended from Lent’s Cyberman head pipes and connected to the console. Jesse watched in amazement. “Yes, we see and hear you. You have clearance to land, Space Shuttle Troughton. Glad to see you back, Issa. Have you taken care of the boy?” “Body on the Moon’s surface. The boy is dead as the President ordered….” “Don’t repeat that now! Someone may be listening.” “Sorry about that. See you when I land.” The controllers only saw a video of Issa and Poul. The screen went blank as they hit the visual off. Jesse looked at Lent, “You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?” Lent’s voice was cybernetic again and emotionless. “Yes. Those two humans in the controller landing bay will be the first to be converted.” “Did you know that Issa and Fen and the others were trying to kill me on the Earth President’s orders?” “Not immediately. It was only when I accessed their files on the on board computer.” “That fool Issa must have kept records. Didn’t anyone learn anything from the Watergate Affair?” “There will be no need for murder any longer.” “No, you’ll just butcher parts of every human.” “Yes. Butcher is a harsh word.” “I won’t let you do it!” Jesse grabbed at the console and tried to press the buttons to the radio but the Cyberman was too fast. It pushed his hands away with a hard slap. “I do not want to hurt you! I like you.” “Great! My first male fan. And a gay Cyberman to boot.” Jesse tried again, “I won’t quit trying to warn them!” The Cyberman Lent used both arms to smack the chair Jesse was sitting in. The entire chair snapped off the pivot pole it was attached to and toppled over, slid across the room, and came to a half. Jesse was not knocked unconscious but he was startled and dazed…and on his side. “Do not try again. I do not desire to harm you or to cause you deletion.” Jesse slowly started to unbuckle his seat belt. His hand stopped as he grew tired and ached from his being knocked over. He shook his head and tried to continue… Daleks poured out of the time machine, which had landed in a hallway. It was side by side with the TARDIS. The guards that had been called to the TARDIS as soon as the Doctor exited it, were the first to be exterminated. Jeremy watched from inside the Dalek time machine. He saw the deaths on the screen. ” But why, why do you want the Doctor?” “We have need of his services.” “Me too, I can tell you.” Jeremy put his hand down his pants. He was coming up with an idea. “Do not move!” “It’s just to pleasure…for pleasure…for myself, you know…it can’t hurt you …” The Dalek stared. “Proceed.” Jeremy pulled the front of his pants down a bit, unbuttoning them. His hands wrapped around his shaft top and rubbed slowly along it, down a bit. The vein almost popped. “Ohhh,” he moaned, “Ohhh!” The Dalek looked on. “I have never seen a human being do this.” “Enjoy then.” Jeremy gasped, “Enjoyyyyy! I am, fuck yeah!” Jeremy moved closer to the Dalek, looked up as the other Daleks all moved out into the station. Blasting people down, turning them negative, turning them inside out, glowing death gifts. “Services? I don’t get it. You guys have time travel…” “There are complications.” “I get it now. You guys…it’s not perfected is it?” “We recovered one or two Time Lord machines and developed our own. There are effects of traveling in time for us. The machines are not working so that we can live and still use them.” “You used one to save me.” Jeremy almost fell backward as he pulled his shaft down as far as it would go and his dick in his pants went down and down, but growing larger, feeling the hardness against his pants. He pulled it up and felt the zipper along his head. It popped out. “OHHHHH, I get it. When you use, the Dalek bodies are not protected like the Time Lords and humans are. It’s killing you, isn’t it?” “Affirm…a firm …” “FIRM, ain’t it?” Jeremy put his hands up on his dick shaft and the dick pointed up and his bare belly button was the target for his cummy dick. Pre cum was lining his belly as his dickhead made contact with his bare boy skin. “Affirmative.” “You need the Doctor to fix it for you. To make it safe…” “Affirmative.” The shuttle landed in the bay. Jesse knew he had to act now. He snapped the belt off himself and rolled away from the sideways and fallen chair. He rose up but faced…Lent, the Cyberman as it rose out of his chair, too. Jesse shook his head, “No, Lent, no!” “YES.” He moved at Jesse but the boy shot off through the doorway toward the exit hall ramp. Jesse opened the door and turned his back to the exit. He faced the oncoming Cyberman. “I won’t let you change the humans into Cybermen! Kill me if you have to!!!” Jesse turned to run down the ramp and saw ten Daleks on it! All of them were saying, “EXTERMINATE!!!!” OVER AND OVER!!! The Cyberman was behind his shocked face, arms raised to kill!!!! To be continued…

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