Subject: Best of British part 10 (Gay,Celebrity) Best of British part 10 This is a fictional story that involves consensual sex between people over the age of 18 and does not imply the sexuality of the people in the stories. Please donate anything possible to the Nifty fty/donate.html. So sadly, this will be the last part of the series, however this isn’t the last we will be seeing Of Jay, because his adventures will continue in my NEXT CHAPTER… Best of British Abroad where Jay will continue to service very hot handsome guys but in the USA. Send me any couples ideas you want to see. Its safe to say that after that mammoth orgy that my ass was so sore, it hurt so much after I got home that I had to take the next couple days off to recuperate. But after a couple of days, I was ready, and my ass was hungry for more cock again. But for now, I had to go and open the shop. That day was a fucking long day and my ass twitched with anticipation for the night ahead and my cock was rock solid, I even had to go to the bathroom a couple of times to have a cheeky wank to two… or five. As I locked up the shop, I ran home to get ready, Dani had texted me earlier to tell me the taxi was going to come a little early tonight because the first guy wants to take it nice and slow. I was so excited and as I got out the shower my phone buzzed, “Shit”. I shouted as I ran to get my clothes on and get into the taxi. I got into the taxi and we sat off, whilst in the taxi my phone buzzed, “Ok so the first place is an awards ceremony, and the guy is so horny but… his family is there so he will have to go out a couple times, but he assured me he will cum for you”. This was going to be so different; I was used to you know doing my thing and then leaving but tonight I was going to have some time to chill, I really didn’t know how I felt about being left alone but I just had to go with it. The taxi ride was short this time, but you know me, I still fell asleep in the back only for 5 minutes, but I had a feeling that I would need a nap for what was going to happen tonight. I arrived at a very swanky hotel and the awards ceremony was downstairs from the room I would be in, as I quickly signed the non-disclosure documents and got into the elevator. As I stepped inside, I got another text from Dani, “Ok so tonight the guy wants you to worship his muscles like lick and suck his nipples and armpits, he then wants you to suck his cock before licking his ass to make him cum”. I was so excited to meet this guy. He wanted muscle worship that meant that he was muscled, and I loved a sexy muscled body, guys with muscled bodies usually have nice big cocks and can fuck my throat with almighty force. I walked down the corridor and I was absolutely starstruck by the hot celebrities that walked past me, Jake Quickenden, Tommy Fury, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba all caught my eye and I wondered if I would ever be hanging off their cocks or maybe I would be fucking them. Phwoor I bet Tom Hardy has an amazing ass, maybe one day I’ll get to taste it. I was lost in thought but was quickly snapped out of my daze when the assistant told me that this was the room and the guy was waiting inside, before I knocked, he whispered into my ear, “He is so hot and he is fucking hung, trust me I know”. I smiled and composed myself before knocking on the door, “Come in mate. Came a voice from inside. I opened the door and walked in quickly closing the door behind me. I turned around and that was when I saw him, “Holy fuck” I muttered as my cock spat Pre-Cum into my underwear. I walked inside and I couldn’t believe it, I had wanted to suck this guy’s cock for years and I was about to taste it. Standing in front of me gripping his rock-hard bulge was none other than former TOWIE hunk Mr Dan Osborne and he looked fucking perfect. His sexy kissable face leading down to his absolute tank of a body complete with chiselled pecs with nipples that were made for sucking, his pits were lightly covered in brown hair, I was so gonna shove my tongue into them later. His 6-pack looked perfect and his cum gutters looked so hot. Danny smiled at me before shocking me by just pulling down his underwear letting his cock bob up and down as it was flung from the cotton prison. His cock was perfect standing rock solid with a slight curve making the head point slightly upwards. His cock looked to be a perfect 10 inches long with a vein running down the side of it pumping the blood to make this huge cock hard. His foreskin was completely pulled back revealing a shiny wet mushroom head with a piss slit I just wanted to lick. His pubic hair was still there but trimmed short and was a lovely medium brown colour, his balls looked fucking delicious, they looked freaking huge and were tight in his ball sack, but I reckon once relaxed they could slap against my chin, his balls were completely smooth and looked to be shaven. He smirked at me before flexing his pecs and gripping his cock with one hand, rolling the foreskin over the bulbous head making his fat cock drip his daddy juices all over the carpet, I was a little sad that his juices were getting wasted on the floor, but I would have it in the back of my throat soon enough. Danny chuckled, “Take a look at what you’ll be licking later”, and with that he turned around and bent over parting his cheeks and fuck me I nearly fainted. His ass was big yet muscled and his fat cheeks were hairless but as it got closer to his tight pink hole a sprinkling of light brown hair circled his asshole. His hole looked delicious, and I couldn’t believe I would be licking it later. Danny turned around before shouting to me, “Well what you waiting for, come worship this sexy muscled body”. I felt my cock pour Pre-Cum into my pants and I just replied, “I. Yes Daddy”. I walked over to him and put my hand on his smooth toned chest, “Fuck this guy is a stud”, I thought as I felt his chest, I ran my hand all over his muscled pecs squeezing them, as I squeezed them, he flexed his pecs making them bounce and that was by far the hottest thing that I had ever seen. I ran my fingers over his hard peach-coloured nipples and squeezed them between my fingers making him moan, “Oh Fuck”. I pinched them before making my way over to his muscled arms. He flexed his muscles and they felt like pure rock. So toned and smooth. Dan was slowly jerking his fat cock as I squeezed and rubbed his toned arms. I leaned in and began to suck on his right nipple taking it into my mouth and licking and sucking on it making it wet with my saliva. Dan grunted above me as I bit the nipple and pulled it gently before moving over to the other nipple and repeating the action whilst pinching the other one between my fingers. Dan leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Don’t forget my cock is a muscle as well”. I smiled and reached down taking his pulsing member in my had and beginning to jerk him slowly, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the very sensitive dripping head. Dan lifted his left arm and licked my ear before whispering, “Why don’t you get a taste of my sweaty pits”. I nearly jizzed at that comment before pulling away from his nipple and moving my head towards his right armpit, the musk of the stud hit my nose and it smelled like pure man. Sweaty but not in a bad way as I felt the pit hair brush against my nose and I took a deep inhale smelling the scent of the stud. I felt Dan put his strong big hand on the back of my head and push me deeper into his armpit, “Suck my pits bitch… make them wet”. I wasted no time and shoved my face deep into his musky put I stuck out my tongue and licked some of the salty sweat, shit even his sweat tasted good. His hand pressed harder on the back of my head and he grunted “Fuck…yes…lick my sweat…drink all of my juices”, His hand went to his cock and pushed mine out of the way, “Focus on making my pits feel good I’ll do this” he spat as he began to jerk it faster and faster as I sucked all the sweat from the pits covering my face in a mixture of his salty juices and my saliva, I put the hair into my mouth and bursa yabancı escort sucked it hard tasting his sexy pit hair and stud juices and covering it with my saliva, then he lifted his other pit and moaned, “MMMM smells good”, winking at me. I climbed over his body and stuck my tongue in his other pit. He grunted and groaned whilst jerking his fat cock, his hands were wet with his own Pre-Cum and be brought his fingers up to his armpit and smeared Pre-Cum into his put before shoving me deep into it. The taste of his thick slimy Pre-Cum filled my mouth and washed over my taste buds and it tasted fucking incredible. The remaining juice he licked off his fingers before chuckling over to me, “Good boy eat Daddy’s juices”. He then quickly pulled me off gripping the back of my neck before grunting to me, “I gotta go be with my fucking family for a bit, stay here and when I get back, you’re gonna get my cock deep in that pretty little mouth”. I nodded feeling slightly disappointed. Dan put on his suit and rearranged his cock to hide the boner before smiling at me. He quickly pulled his trousers down and using his strong muscles ripped them off before throwing them at me, “Here take these, they smell like a real man and anyway I hate underwear”. He threw them at me, and I inhaled the underwear smelling a mixture of his Pre-Cum, balls and ass”. He winked at me before walking out the door. What the fuck should I do now, I’m all alone. 90 minutes…90 minutes I was left alone in that fucking room, all by myself with only Dan’s sweaty musky underwear to keep me company. Well, it wasn’t too bad I may have had a couple of wanks whilst sniffing the underwear, but fucking hell was, I bored. Finally, the lock turned, and the door opened, in walked Dan and my mouth felt open, He walked in with his fucking cock out. His huge thick cock was rock solid and straining out of the fly in his trousers. He shut the door behind him, and I watched his cock swing and bob as he turned around. He walked over to me gripping his shaft before ordering, “On your knees now… come service this fat piece”. I did as told and got on my knees. Dan walked up to me and put his hand on the back of my head and shoved them into his big smooth balls, “Ugh yes make me balls wet”. He grunted as I inhaled the scent of his musky balls, they smelled incredible, they smelled clean but with a slight whiff of saltiness. I stick out my tongue and began to lick around the large eggs circling a figure of 8 around them before opening my mouth and shoving a large ball into my mouth before sucking it hard tasting the pure scent of a man. Dan grunted above me and continued jerking his cock as I truly made his balls wet with my saliva. I spat the ball out before stretching my jaw wide and taking both of his large eggs into my mouth sucking and lapping on them voraciously. I tugged them and massaged them with my tongue making him grunt and moan above me, his jerking was getting faster and faster and pre-cum covered his hands dripping off his fingers and falling on the floor. Dan raised his hand and stuck the juice covered fingers into his mouth tasting all his Daddy juices, he moaned at taste and looked down at me before chuckling, “My Juices are fucking incredible… now get off these balls and let me pound that throat” Dan ordered me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue, as I stuck out my tongue, he slapped his cock on it smearing his juices all over my tongue which washed all over my taste buds and his Daddy juices tasted fucking incredible. Dan pushed the head of his cock into my mouth and my tongue immediately began to lick all around the sensitive pink head running all around the head and flicking over his piss slit. Dan grunted above me and put his hands on the back of my head before slowly sliding the monster cock into my throat. He watched in awe as all 10 inches of his thick long cock was shoved into my throat, “Fucking hell nobody has ever taken it all”. He grunted as his trimmed pubes tickled my nose. Dan pushed me hard on his cock and leaned over holding me in place as I began to cough and splutter at the monster that was deep in my throat. He fucked his cock into my throat and I really began to gag at this point. Dan had his eyes shut in sheer pleasure and he grunted, “Fucking…take… it’s you whore”. He held me on his cock for at least a minute before pulling me off his cock sending me falling back on the floor, a trail of pre-cum/saliva connected his fat cock head to my lips. Dan didn’t even give me time to adjust before he smirked at me and shoved me back onto his cock, he put his leg up on the bed and really began to pound my throat hard and fast. His cock barely leaving my throat before It was rammed back down. His cock tasted incredible, this was a pure stud cock, and he knew how to use it. He ordered me to massage his balls as he destroyed my throat just cramming as much as he could in my mouth before pulling it away and pounding into me again. Dan destroyed my throat for about 30 minutes before pulling me off his cock and spitting on my face. As the saliva drooled down my face he smirked and grunted, “Ughhhh yes since you like my Pre-Cum thought you’d like to taste another of my fluids”. Dan walked over to the bed and bent over before shouting at me, “WELL COME ON THEN, YOU GONNA EAT MY SHITTER OR WHAT?” I walked over and bent down; the hunk’s fat muscled ass was inches away from my face. Dan looked back and smiled at me before reaching back and rubbing his tight pink hole with his finger, “Look’s good doesn’t it, do a good job and ill reward you with my cum”. I smiled at him and he stopped rubbing before pulling his hand away from his hole and sucking on them, tasting his own ass juices and this must have made him hornier because his cock oozed pre-cum onto the bed. I moved forward and sunk my tongue hard into his tight hole, immediately Dan raised his head and moaned, “Fuuuuuck yes eat it eat my shitter”. His hands immediately went to the back of my head and pushed me into his tight hole firmly holding my head in place as I ate his ass hard and fast shoving my tongue around the hole making the hole and crack wet with my saliva. I teased his hole with my tongue before pushing hard with my tongue making him scream into the pillow, “UGHHH YES”, He held me firmly in place and grinded his ass against my face back and forth, up and down forcing me to taste his ass juices. Dan pulled me from his hole and turned around before raising his thick tree trunk like legs into the air and spreading his ass-cheeks making his hole stretch and open. “Get that fucking tongue back inside me now”. Dan ordered and I did as asked and began to lap and suck at the tight hole squeezing the fat muscled cheeks around my face and motorboating his ass making his cheeks wobble and shake. His hips were grinding up and down spreading ass juices even more over my face. Dan was grunting like a caveman up above me as his strong hands kept me firmly in place. Dan suddenly pulled my face from his ass and smiled at me before whispering, “Look I know I said I didn’t want to do this but I’m getting close to busting and I really want to cum in your ass, so can I bust that ass open and cum in you”. I smiled and nodded. Dan sat up and grabbed me by the hand and slammed me into the bed, he pulled my knees up so I was now on all fours. I felt him rub his fat cock against my ass before bracing his thick legs on the floor and pushing it into my ass making us both moan in pleasure. As his cock sunk into my hole he groaned, “Fucking hell this is tight, my spunk will cover this hole”. Dan began to quickly ram his cock hard and deep into my ass, bottoming his cock in my hole before ripping it away and slamming into me again. Dan’s smooth balls began to slap against me, and he put his hand on the bed to steady himself so he could slam into me harder, Dan was grunting loudly, “Ugh… oh…ughhhh… yes…fuck” with each thrust. As sweat started to drip from his body, Dan leaned in and bear hugged me from behind bursa sınırsız escort before picking up the pace even more and hammering his cock into my hole so quick and so fast, his moans filled the room as his cock slid in and out of my tight ass. Suddenly Dan grunted into my ear, “Oghhh god… fuck I’m gonna blow”. He began to sigh and grunt and moan loudly as his balls tightened up and his cock began to pulse in my ass. His grunts got louder and louder until finally he shot up and grabbed my hips screaming, “HERE IT COMES…FUCKING TAKE IT ALL”. His cock twitched in my ass before beginning to explode deep inside me. Rope after rope of thick white man juice filled my ass. Dan’s eyes were closed, and he held his breath as cum just filled up my ass. 9 roped of thick white Daddy juice filled my hole and his orgasm lasted a long time. Finally, the last shot splattered in my ass and Dan finally breathed again, panting and groaning as his sweaty body collapsed on top of me, I felt the sticky sweat on my back and this was so hot. After regaining his breath Dan smiled at me before pulling his deflating cock out of my hole, as it popped out, I moaned and cum began to drip out of my ass. “Fuck I bred that hole good, look at my cum flowing”. Dan chuckled wiping his cock in the pillow. Suddenly his phone began to ring, “Shit its my wife”. He stammered, Dan pointed over to the shower whispering, “Its in there”, as he picked up the phone and began to talk to her. I heard him say, “Sorry baby… I was leaving you a present in the room”. He surely did leave a present, but it wasn’t for her, I had the present an ass full of his babies and it felt fucking amazing. When I got out the shower the room was empty. I Noticed another pair of used underwear on the bed and knew Dan had left it for me. I smiled and left the room, ready to service my next client. Immediately after I left the room, I had a text from Dani, “The next is 2 guys and they are at the same hotel so no travel. They want a good old fashioned spit roast. One in mouth one in ass then switch. They also said they might want their asses licked but they’ll ask you once you get there”. I was so freaking excited for this. I loved getting railed with a cock in my mouth. I was met by an assistant who walked me down the corridor. I couldn’t believe that 3 men at the same awards ceremony wanted to use my mouth and ass. Word must be getting round at how good I am, I was shown to the door and assured there would be no interruptions. I composed myself and knocked on the door. “Come on in, were so horny”. Came 2 deep voices, these voices sounded sexy and just the tone of their voices got my hole twitching for cock deep inside me. I walked inside and closed the door behind me, I turned around and my mouth felt open. “Holy fucking shit”, were the only words that I could muster as the men smirked on the bed. They stood up and walked over to me wearing nothing but matching tight white CK low rise trunks. One of the guys stretched his hand out, “Nice to meet your thanks for agreeing to do this we are so fucking horny”. I just couldn’t believe it; I was shaking hands with none other than Mr Tommy Fury Love Island runner up and stood next to him was the very sexy Finley Tapp the love Island winner. These guys looked fucking incredible and by the sizable bulges their cocks looked like they could do some damage. I smiled at the boys and replied, “No problem boys, now shall we get down and dirty”. Both boys smiled and in unison pulled their underwear down before Finley replied, does this answer your question?”. My mouth fell open at the sight of their beautiful rock-hard knobs, Tommy’s cock stood rock solid at a mammoth 11 inches long and was fucking thick. His cock stood straight in front of him with no curve and a vein ran alongside the underside of his fat knob, his cock head was pink and glistened with a coating of Pre-Cum, his foreskin lightly covered the head still but pulled back neatly under the head when he pulled his cock back. He hadn’t shaved his pubes in a little while because he had a small bush of black pubes and his balls were large and hairy. Finley’s cock wasn’t as big as Tommy’s standing at around 9 inches long and had an upright curve, his foreskin rolled completely back, and his head was pinky/red and like Tommy’s glistened with Pre-Cum. His pubes were trimmed and were light brown and his balls were nice and hairy too. I noticed that whilst Tommy’s chest was completely smooth Finley’s had a fair amount of chestnut brown hair on it covering his pecs and leading down to a very sexy treasure trail. I was in absolute awe at the sheer hotness of these guys. Before we started I, chuckled, “So are we gonna go straight for the spit-roast? Does anyone want their ass licked?”. The boys looked at each other and Tommy whispered into Finley’s ear before replying. “Right Finn is gonna take your ass first, leave the best cock for last and I’m gonna slide my cock in your throat and I want my ass licked but not Finn”. With that Tommy turned around and spread his ass-cheeks showing me his perfect arse. His cheeks were lightly covered in black hair that became thicker as it delved into his perfect looking crack. His hole was tight and pink, and he clenched making it wink at me. “Come on then boy… make us feel good”. Finley grunted smiling and rubbing his fat cock alongside Tommy. The boys wanted to get right into it, and I was only willing to oblige, they wanted to roast me doggy style. I bent over the bed and tentatively stuck out my tongue taking a long swipe over Tommy’s dripping head making him moan in pleasure, his pre-cum coated my tongue and my tastebuds were enlightened with the salty nectar. I lapped around the head before moving forward and taking the head into my mouth sucking slowly around his head before beginning my decent down his cock. At my other end Finn was rubbing his cock against my ass smearing his juices all over, “Am I alright to go in bare?” He questioned pushing the head of his cock against my ass. I nodded and he grinned from ear to ear, “Fuck yes I love going in raw”. He pushed his fat head against my hole and because of the recent fucking by Dan his cock pushed its way past the hole and began to slide into my tight hole making him grunt and moan at the sheer tightness of it. Finn began to push his cock deeper and deeper into my ass until I felt his trimmed pubic bush at my ass. His cock was so thick, and it was truly stretching my ass wide. I would have moaned in pleasure however currently I had Tommy’s thick cock impaling my throat, he was thrusting hard and fast into my throat grunting and groaning with each thrust. His eyes rolled back when I deepthroated it all the way down and his small bush of pubes brushed against my nose before being pulled away and rammed down my throat again. Tommy was pistoning it in and out of my tight throat, his hands on the back of my head bobbing me up and down with force. His fat hairy balls were slapping against my chin and his Pre-Cum was flowing into my mouth and down my throat. Finn was really beginning to build up the momentum now and his furry balls were slapping against my hole as he grabbed my hips and began smashing me hard onto his fat slab of meat. His grunts and groans filled the room as he hammered my hole with force. This is gonna be a bit rougher brace yourself”. He wasn’t lying he rammed his entire 9 inches deep into my hole and fucked hard and fast holding my hips to help ram it in harder and deeper, I was moaning very loudly even with the huge Fury cock in my throat so grabbed my hair and pushed me into Tommy’s fat cock making us both grunt with pleasure, “Ugh yes mate that felt so good on my cock”, Tommy grinned as Finn leaned in and whispered into my ear “Shut up just take my fat cock”. He bit onto my earlobe which made my cock fucking throb, Finn lifted my leg onto the bed and began power fucked me, all you could hear was grunts and the sound of his huge balls slapping against me. “FUCK…FUCK…YES…YES SO GOOD”. görükle escort He moaned into my ear as he thrust in hard and deep grinding his cock around and around in my ass. Tommy was really pounding my throat now and I was gagging for real this time as my throat was repeatedly impaled by his stiff thick cock. Suddenly, he pulled away before raising his legs and grinning, “Come on then eat me out”. His hairy ass looked so fat and juicy, and his pink hole was winking at me as I stuck out my tongue and. I didn’t waste any time and rammed my tongue deep between the Furry cheeks lapping and sucking on the tight hole making Tommy throw his head back and push against my face. His ass tased amazing and his ass was so fat, I squeezed the cheeks around my face and inhaled the scent and it smelled fucking incredible. So manly and sweaty, Tommy’s hands shot to the back of my head to hold it firmly between his fat juicy cheeks pushing his ass against my face as he pushed me inside. Chris began to rub his ass against my face harder and harder rubbing it up and down and side to side and then in circular motions, so I got the whole Tommy Fat ass Fury ass eating experience. My face was covered in my own saliva and his ass juices and I fucking loved it. I gave his ass a firm slap and he grunted. “Yeah, lick that ass…lick my fucking hole eat my Daddy hole”. He grunted I was going crazy in his ass, breathing in deep, licking voraciously. I press hard against his hole and feel his ass begin to open, his face shot up and he jerked his cock faster and faster as I got a taste of the inside of his hole, it was only for a second because his ass was freaking tight. After 15 minutes of being pounded hard by Finn and taking Tommy in my mouth and eating out his arse Finn announced, “Right Fury you come and pound his ass and ill ruin that throat. Tommy let me lick his fat hairy ass again before pulling away and ordering, On your back fucker”. Finn didn’t even clean his cock off he just stood up and crouched down on my chest, his fat muscled cock bobbing up and down with each word. Finn ordered me, “Mouth open boy get this thick dick wet”. I stuck out my tongue and before I had chance to reply I screamed into my hand as Tommy pushed his monster cock into my ass pushing it hard and deep inside until quickly all his 11-inch cock was buried up to the hilt in my ass. “Fuckin hell this is so tight”, he grinned slamming in hard. The sounds of his balls slapping against my ass turned me on so much. Over at my mouth I was slathering my tongue all over Finn’s huge hairy bollocks lapping and sucking on each egg before swallowing them which made fin slam his hand on the floor and moaning, “Ugh yes boy take my fat balls in your throat. His balls tasted fucking incredible, so manly with a slight salty taste. Over at my ass Tommy was moaning and grunting at the sheer tightness of my ass gripping onto his cock. I squeezed my ass which made my hole clamp down on his cock and he moaned and sighed with sheer pleasure pushing in slowly to feel the tightness envelop his head and shaft. Tommy was now grunting and groaning as his cock was rammed harder and deeper than ever before. Tommy pulled out and held just the head in my ass, “Beg for its whore”, he chuckled pushing back and forth in my hole. I was lost for words, mainly because Finn’s cock was buried in my throat his huge hairy bollocks slapping against my chin hard, “Sorry mate his mouth is a little full right now”, Finn chuckled as he pushed it all the way in my throat and held my nose watching me cough and gag on his cock, “It’s cool dude I’m gonna assume he said shove it all in at once”. The boys chuckled together, and Tommy braced his legs on the floor. Suddenly and with so much force he thrust in hard going from 1 inch to the full 9 in my ass in milliseconds making me scream into Finn’s fat cock, he grabbed my hips and pushed faster and faster wiggling and grinding his cock deep in my ass, making his cock go deeper than it had ever been. I moaned and began to Jerk my cock, “That’s it Jerk that cock boy”. Tommy grunted pushing harder and harder, Tommy was building up quite the sweat now and sweat was trailing down his sexy muscled body. Tommy suddenly gasped in pleasure, when he looked, he noticed Finn was holding my nose shut whilst he held his cock in my throat, it had made my ass tighten around his fat cock and it felt incredible, “Ughhhh this is the tightest hole I have ever used”. Tommy moaned leaning over and putting his weight on top of me. I felt his sweaty chest on me, and it made my cock harder. Tommy regained composure and began to pound me once more, He pounded and pounded harder and harder fucking me like the stud he is for nearly 30 minutes. Finn had his hands on the back of my head and was pistoning his cock into my throat, he loved the way my throat felt on his fat cock head as his Juices continued to pour into my stomach. After using my throat and ass for nearly 2 hours I noticed that both the boys were beginning to moan and grunt louder, and Finn’s hands had gone to his pink nipples and was beginning to pull them. “Ugh fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck… OH FUCK”. Finn moaned as I felt his balls tighten up under my chin, “You gonna bust Finny boy?”. Tommy chuckled but Finn couldn’t reply he could only nod. His breathing intensified and his cock began to throb in my throat. Finn pulled his cock from my throat and held the head on my tongue before wanking hard and fast. His juicy balls slapping against his hands as he screamed, “UGHHHH SHIIIIIT HERE IT COMES”. As the words left my throat he roared out and his cock began to explode all over my tongue and face. His eyes were shut but his mouth was wide open as 8 ropes of thick salty man cum exploded from his cock. His cock throbbed and shook with each pump. I felt an intense throb in my ass and Tommy grunted, “Fuck…im gonna bust too”. He began to pound his cock into me moaning “Ahh.ahhh” with each thrust. His legs shook and he had to lean into me again as his cock began to twitch in my ass before exploding hard and fast. He pumped it into me as cum began to fire from his fat wet cock head. An almighty 13 ropes of thick white cum filled my hole and began to leak out covering his fat cock in his own cum. His while body was shaking as wave after wave of pleasure was ripping through him. His toes were curled and his legs shaking with each spurt. Finn grunted one last time and looked down at me, his orgasm now finished. I swallowed all his thick man juices, and he thumbed the cum off my face and stuck his finger in my mouth, “Eat all my fucking juices”. I licked all the cum off the thick finger savouring the flavour”. Suddenly I moaned as Tommy pulled his cock from my hole and cum began to leak down my leg. Tommy walked over to me, his fat cock bobbing up and down with each step. “Lick me cock clean”, He ordered, I stuck out my tongue and took a lick down the long shaft tasting a mixture of his salty man juices and my ass. Opened my mouth and began to slowly suck it down my throat cleaning all the cum of his fat cock. After it was clean, I spat his now soft cock out of my mouth and asked, “So how was that boys”. They chuckled at each other before Finn replied, “The tightest hole and best throat I have ever fucked”. Tommy added, “And we get to use you without a condom on so that’s a bonus”, “Ill never make you use a condom boys… anyway, it must be so hard to find ones that fit these beasts”. As I spoke, I held out my hand and gripped their cocks making them chuckle. “Shower is over there”, Tommy added pointing over to the bathroom. I showered and when I came out the boys had left, but they had left me a little present. Tommy had left me a pair of his cum filled underwear and Finn had left me a picture of himself stroking his fat cock. I laughed and walked out of the room. I stepped onto the street and the cold air filled my lungs. I got into my taxi and my phone buzzed, “So we have a guy for tomorrow… but there’s one thing… you have a passport, right?”. I was excited for this Dani told me she would send me the details later. I wouldn’t be the Best of British if I went abroad, but well I suppose I could be Best of British… on vacation. End of Series. Thank you so much to all of you for reading this series, it was so fun to write. Any suggestions for the new Series feel free to email me ook.

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