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Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 50 Welcome to Gayberry � 50 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 50 Once they were back in the car, all of them were quiet at first. “Wow!” Benjie said. “What a collection of assholes. Just when I began to think that one of them might be worse than the others, then another one would open his mouth and then I thought that one was worse.” “I think it’s an example of how evil kind of feeds on evil” William said. “When we realize that these guys are just the tip of the iceberg and that little groups like this exist all over the country, we realize what an uphill battle fighting this shit is.” “True,” the doctor said. “But we have to fight at every level. People want to deny that shit like this goes on. It’s easier to just deny this kind of evil exists. But when we do that, it grows unchecked. No one could ever have imagined the evil that grew in Germany but it too was like a cancer that spread slowly until it took over the whole country. That’s how it happens.” “I hope you guys don’t think that we’re really like we were tonight in real life” Aaron said. “We’re really nice guys. I normally wouldn’t even consider hurting anyone, but people like this make you just want to fucking scream.” “We understand that, son,” the sheriff said. “I think you’ll learn that all three of us are actually as nice as any guys you could find. There’s something that happens inside us when we see the evil people like these men have done that just makes us all want to lose control.” “I think the bottom line here is empowerment” the doctor said. “Aaron, you told us about your brother being killed and that no one was ever brought to justice. I’m betting you boys felt pretty powerless, especially knowing who was responsible and being unable to get anyone to do anything about it. That gives us a feeling that we are powerless. Until the law enforcers all over this country decide they are strong enough to stop groups like the klan, I think it’s pretty much up to us to fight it. Whatever it takes.” “You boys saw the uglier side of us tonight” the sheriff said. “I’d like for us all to maybe have some dinner in a different setting so that you can see who we really are and we can get to know you boys better. Why don’t we plan on having dinner tomorrow night at my place? We can throw some steaks on the grill and we can swim a while and relax and get to know each other better. I’ll warn you that I’m just moving in tomorrow, but we can make it work if you’d like to come.” “I think we’d all like that” Aaron said. And we’ll see you at the construction company at seven in the morning.” They had arrived at the motel. All of them left the car and exchanged hugs before leaving. “I really like those kids” the doctor said. “I think they’ve all had it tough but they came through it.” “I agree” William said. “They may turn out to be the best workers you could ever have found.” “I hope you’re right.” The sheriff said. “I really like all them boys and I sure do admire the one that stepped up and married his dead brother’s girlfriend and is raising his brother’s son as his own.” “That shows a lot of character.” The doctor said as they arrived at Ben’s. “Being around those assholes makes me feel like having a shower” Will said. “I couldn’t agree more” the doctor said. It was only a little before ten when they arrived home but the lights were out. They knew the boys had a big weekend and had been ready for bed. The three stopped in the kitchen to get water. The house was completely quiet. Then Mark came tiptoeing in quietly, rubbing his eyes. He went directly to the doctor for a hug. “Is everyone sleep, son” the doctor asked. “Yes, sir, they all wanted to sleep downstairs. Jimmy and Kurt are right in the middle of the boys and they’re all sound asleep. I woke up wanting some water and I’m glad I did. Can I come upstairs and got o bed with you?” he asked the doctor. “Of course you can, son, but I do need a quick shower” the doctor replied. “I can always use another shower too” the boy smiled as the doctor put his arm around him and they headed upstairs together. Looks like it’s just us” William said. “That’s unusual.” “You’re right” the sheriff said. “I think I’ll head up and shower and hit the rack.” “I’m right behind you, buddy.” They headed upstairs and said good night at Randy’s bedroom door. Randy got into the shower and let the warm water beat down on him, thinking about the events of the evening. He also thought about watching his son take the governor’s cock in his little boyhole the night before and how happy Dopie had seemed afterward. The boy had been as happy all day as Randy had ever seen him. He felt his dick getting a little hard, realizing he had not shot a load during the evening. He considered masturbating but decided against it as he dried off and put on a fresh pair of boxer shorts. William went into his bedroom and undressed, enjoying the hot shower. He was reflecting on the day and on sending his wife away to prison. He actually felt only relief that she was no longer a danger to his sons and that P.T. could never again be at threat to the boys. He was feeling a little horny, remembering the humiliation his father-in-law had shown as he was forced to suck William’s dick. He started to masturbate, but decided to defer until he got into bed. He dried off, putting on a pair of white briefs and climbed onto the bed, on top of the covers. But sleep didn’t come quickly. He had just put his hand under the waistband of his briefs when he heard a light tapping at his door. It was Randy. “I’m having a little trouble getting to sleep” the sheriff said. “So am I” William said. “We’ve both had a lot to process in a short time. Come on and get in bed with me, buddy.” William was lying on top of the covers, his hand inside the waistband of his underwear. Randy could see him fingering his dick as he turned out the light and lay on top of the covers beside his friend. The two friends lay in the dark on the bed in the quiet night not touching and hearing only each other breathing. Then Randy felt his friend’s warm hand on his hairy thigh with his fingertips barely under the leg of his boxer shorts. It felt incredibly sexy to Randy. They were silent for another couple of minutes as neither man moved. “Are you good with this?” William asked softly. “Yeah, the sheriff whispered. “Are you sure?” William asked. “I’m sure” Randy said as he felt his friend’s fingers inching up under his shorts and now lightly grazing his nut sac. “Ummm” Randy said. “That’s nice.” “It’s nice for me too, buddy” William said. “I think I’ve been wanting this since we met.” “I think I have too” Randy whispered. “I want you to fuck me.” “Now that’s a surprise” William said. “You sure about that?” “No, not at all” Randy said. “But I saw how happy my boy was when he got fucked and I want to know if it feels that good. I gotta try and I trust you.” “Thanks buddy” William said. “I been wantin’ to get that bubble butt since the day I saw you in that sheriff’s uniform.” William moved on top of the handsome sheriff, their hairy chests tight against each other. They kissed with open mouths, William taking control and covering Randy’s mouth entirely with his own and filling the man’s mouth with his tongue. Randy rubbed the man’s back, sliding his hands under William’s underwear waistband to feel his hairy globes. The feel of the hairy ass made Randy moan. “I fuckin’ want your dick in me” the sheriff said as both men’s respirations increased. But William didn’t let up on the kiss. Kissing men was new to Randy and he was shocked by how sexy it was as he gave control over to his friend. He began to whimper softly with desire. “Please fuck me, buddy” I can’t wait” he said. “We gotta take our time or it could hurt” I don’t want that” William said. “I want to make you love my fuckin’ dick so you’ll want more of it.” William suddenly broke the kiss moved down and with both hands stripped Randy’s boxer shorts to his ankles and raised his legs in the air. While removing the shorts, he dove into the man’s big ass and went straight for the pink hole with his tongue. Randy felt the man’s wet tongue and he just gave in, letting the man spread his legs as if he were no more than a two dollar whore. The hot, wet tongue felt terrific on his hole and Randy grabbed for William’s hair pressing him harder into him. William lapped furiously at the man’s virgin hole, getting his tongue as far inside him as he could. With each thrust, the man moaned and begged for more. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” he moaned as he felt William putting two of his fingers into the sheriff’s mouth. Randy sucked on the fingers for all he was worth and found it incredibly sexy to be sucking his best friend’s fingers. He wanted to keep sucking but William removed his fingers and immediately used them to tease the man’s hairy hole. He had Randy’s legs straight up in the air, then let him hang his knees over William’s shoulders as he went in again with his tongue. Then he licked up and down the man’s nut sac as he again teased his hole with two wet fingers. William reached into the drawer of the bedside table for a tube of lubricant without Randy even realizing it and put a giant glob of the cool lube on his index and middle fingers. Then he shoved them straight into Randy’s squirming hole. Randy gasped loudly as he felt the fingers penetrate him. For a second he thought he was experiencing pain but he quickly realized it wasn’t pain but a feeling of fullness as his buddy began to slowly ease his fingers in and out of the sheriff’s slick, wet hole. When Will found Randy’s fucknut, the man gasped. He had fingered other men and found that spot but he had never had it done to him. He was moaning as William massaged his sensitive spot. He felt his own cock leaking as William kept massaging the sensitive, soft gland deep inside him. He briefly thought of the look on Dopie’s face when the governor inserted his finger into the boy’s tightness. He understood the look on his son’s face now and he smiled, although no one saw it. “Are you ready to be fucked, buddy?” William asked. “Oh fuck yeah, man,” Randy said. “I need that cock inside me.” William crawled up, keeping the man’s legs over his shoulders and letting his legs relax. He then told Randy to relax his hole and take some slow deep breaths. Randy felt an instant of fear as he felt his friend’s thick, wet cock touch his hole. Part of him wanted to stop this but a larger part wanted to know how it was going to feel. That part of him won out. “Put it in me, buddy.” Randy said. Without another word, William slid his hard, thick meat all the way into his friend. He felt when he hit bottom and held it still. “You okay?’ William asked softly. “Fuck yeah, better than okay” Randy said. “I want you to fuck the shit out of me. Fuck me all night. Fuck me till the goddamn sun comes up. I never felt like this.” “Hold on, buddy” William said as he began slow, deep strokes and moved his face up to kiss his friend as he gave him his first fuck. He again opened his mouth fully and controlled the sheriff. He fed his tongue all the way into the man’s mouth and the sheriff sucked on it, wanting more. Randy put his hand at the back of William’s head, trying to get him closer and his tongue deeper. “Can you feel it buddy?” William asked in a hoarse voice. “Fuck yeah, man” Randy said. “It’s better than I could’ve thought. What was I waiting for?” “A friend you could trust to fuck the livin’ shit out of you” William answered. “Do it, buddy.” The sheriff said as William started deep stroking the sheriff. Randy was moaning like a bitch in heat, enjoying the dick inside him. As William began to feel his climax building, he thrust faster and harder. “I don’t want to do it but I’m about to nut, buddy!” The sheriff reached between their bodies and gripped his own cock, beating his meat which was slick with his pre-cum. Randy felt his friend’s thick cock rubbing his fucknut with every stroke in him. “Oh shit, buddy, I’m ready” Randy said as he stroked a load out of his big, thick meat. William continued to pump for another minute then gave up on holding back. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” the man growled, as he pulled his cock out and shot his load onto eh sheriff’s gaping pink hole. He spread the cum around the hairy hole which looked as if it might be yawning. Then he lined it back up with the hole. “You want it back in you?” he asked Randy. “Fuck yeah, man, put it back!” William slid his cum-slicked still-hard cock back into the man in one deep long stroke as Randy moaned with pleasure. Both men lay there, silent and spent. William finally found the energy to turn back on his side, pulling Randy with him, his cummy cocks till inside the man. He put his arm around him, holding him close. “You okay, buddy? William asked. Randy was silent, already asleep with his friend’s softening cock inside him. William woke up early, feeling great. The sun was just rising and he no longer had to worry about his alcoholic wife or his evil father-in-law. He had a great best friend and two healthy sons. He also had one on the way. His friend, the sheriff was still sleeping so he crept out of bed and silently into the shower. When he came out, drying himself, he saw that Randy’s son, Dopie was sitting on the bed holding a tube of something. “My paw’s still sleepin” Dopie said with a smile. “We don’t want to wake him up, do we?” “No, Dopie,” William said. “He’s been a very busy man and he deserves all the sleep he can get.” “Did you and my paw do what me and the governor did?” Dopie asked innocently. “I wasn’t there, Dopie,” the man said quietly. “Tell me what you and the governor did.” “Well, there’s a word for it but I ain’t `sposed to use that word” the boy said. “But he got it hard and put it in my butt.” “I heard that the governor put his stiff willy in you” William said. “Did you like it?” “Oh yes, sir” the boy said. “I want to do it some more but the governor had to go back to work. The doctor gave mersin escort me some cream to use on my hole. He said to use it twice a day but my paw wasn’t here last night so I got Kurt to rub it in. It sure felt good but Kurt’s still asleep so I thought I might get my paw to do it before I get all dressed for school.” “Does your butt hurt, Dopie?” Williams asked. “No, sir,” not at all” the boy said. “It felt a little scratchy when I first work up yesterday but that went away by the time we had breakfast. I was hoping we could do it again but the governor had to get goin'” the boy said. “And the doctor told me not to do it again till the scratchiness went away. Well, it’s gone away now and I’m good to go.” “I bet you are, little buddy” William said. “Would you like me to rub the cream on you little hiney? I know you were wanting your paw to do it and I know your paw would love to do it. But I’ll be glad to help you out” “Yes, sir, I’d like that” Dopie said. “I’m already hard just bein’ here close to you naked. I always get hard when I see other men naked. But the other boys do too. Billy Paul says you told him it was all right just to enjoy bein’ hard when it happens.” “That’s right, Dopie” William said. “Just jump up here on the bed and spread those little legs.” Dopie handed the man the tube of antibiotic cream and held his legs up in the air, holding onto his feet and exposing his beautiful, smooth, pink boy hole. “Let me get down here and take a look, Dope,” the man said as he put his face near the boy’s spread legs. His pink crack was so bright and pink, as ginger boys tend to be. He began to stroke the boy’s smooth taint. He then put a small amount of cream on his finger and began to rub it into that tender area between the scrotum and the boyhole. “Ummm” Dopie said softly. “That shore feels good, Mr. William.” “I’m glad it does, Dope” the man said softly. He couldn’t resist touching the boy’s smooth pink ball sac, holding his tiny jewels and then his little spike of a penis, standing straight up and hard as could be. Even rock hard as his willy was, the lad’s generous foreskin still covered most of his cockhead. He then ran his hand across the boy’s pubic area, not a single hair to be found. “I ain’t got no hair there yet, but I `spect it’ll show up anytime” the boy said. “I told the governor I was sorry I didn’t have no hair like the rest of my friends but he said I was beautiful without a single hair just like I’ll be iff’n I get as hairy as a monkey.” They both giggled. “That shore feels good” Dopie said as William began to slide the boy’s foreskin back and forth over his tiny cockhead. “Do you mind if I kiss it and lick it, son” William asked. “No, sir, not at all” the boy said softly. “My paw told me you’re a man we can all trust.” “I’m glad to hear that, Dope” William said. He leaned in and sniffed the boy’s fresh scent. There is a different scent a boy has before he enters puberty. Once in puberty a boy emits a different smell, no less delectable, just different. The man began to lick the boy’s smooth nut sac and Dopie moaned. “That feels soooo good, Mr. Will,” the boy said. Then William took the boy’s tiny, hard cock into his mouth, savoring the taste as he swirled it around in his mouth and stuck the tip of his tongue inside the foreskin. He also took the boy’s entire sac into his mouth and gently sucked, Dopie was now gasping for air. William found the tube of ointment on the bed and put a little more on his finger. He then inserted his index finger into the boy’s slick hole and began to move his finger in and out. He felt the boy’s tiny fucknut already beginning to harden and considered teasing the boy and edging him for a bit. But he decided not to as it seemed Dopie had been hard and ready to go for a while. He added his long finger to his index finger and began to fuck the boy in a regular rhythm which was coordinated with the mouth strokes on the boy’s cock. Within a minute the boys arched his back, thrusting his little pecker into the man’s mouth and gasping. “Oh, oh, ooh, oh ooooh” the boy moaned as he then collapsed. William removed one finger, leaving his slick index finger in the boy and began to lick his own saliva from the boy’s thighs and nut sack. He then moved into the bed beside the boy, both of them still naked and kissed his mouth. Dopie returned the kiss enthusiastically. “Thank you, Mr. William” the boy said. “For what, Dopie?” William asked. “For startin’ my day off really, really good” the boy responded as he reclaimed his tube of ointment and took off downstairs. William got off the bed, went in and washed his face and hands and headed downstairs to start breakfast for the men. He was having mixed feelings about returning to his home with Billy Paul as he had really enjoyed the time with the others at Ben’s. Randy had invited them to stay with him, Dopie, and Kurt at least temporarily, as William’s pool installation had turned into a bigger, messier project than he had anticipated. He knew that could be advantageous as it looked as if he might be required to spend a significant portion of his time in the near future in Raleigh with the anti-corruption task force and he knew no one with whom he would trust his younger son than the sheriff. He had also been hoping that young Jimmy might choose to live with him and his son but had not had the chance to really discuss it with him. He decided to toss any decision down the road and see what the day held in store. He had agreed to accompany the sheriff to his meeting with the accounting manager and the crews from the construction company and then to his weekly meeting with the mayor, which was likely to produce some fireworks given his daughter’s loss in the pageant. He also wanted to get out to his house and remove every trace of his wife from the premises. Randy had told him about donating all of Aunt Flea’s clothing to a local thrift shop and he wanted to do the same with Judith’s. When he got downstairs, the kitchen was buzzing. The doc had fixed breakfast with the assistance of Jimmy, Mark, and Kurt. The boys all had their showers and were dressed for school and Jimmy put a cup of coffee in his hand and greeted him with a kiss. Billy Paul and all the other boys gave him morning hugs. “This kitchen smells amazing! William said. “The food has gotten better every day. Billy Paul and I will certainly miss this when we head back home.” “Actually, Jimmy, Mark and Kurt have learned really quickly” the doctor said. “I think any of them can out cook me and I’ve been doing it for years. My wife hated cooking so it became sort of a hobby for me and she was glad to give up that chore. These three have real talent. They can all follow a recipe and they aren’t afraid to improvise, which is one of the keys to being successful in the kitchen.” “It’s true that some of the finest chefs in the world are men” William said. “Why have we relegated that role to women?” “One of those things about this country I’ll never understand” the doctor said. “You are a man of many talents, doctor,” William said. “I have to wonder why you retired from practicing medicine at such a young age, doc, if I’m not being too personal.” “Not at all, my friend,” the doctor said. “I enjoyed practicing medicine, especially here in town. When my wife got sick, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her so I gradually pretty much closed my practice. About the same time, those three young doctors had come to town with their practice, so I didn’t feel anybody would suffer if I chose to shut down. I wasn’t old enough to retire but my wife and I had eventually received a large settlement from the German government. Her family had been very wealthy and her father had an extensive art collection. Much of it was never recovered, which pained my wife to her dying day. But after many years, she was able to obtain reparations. We never touched any of that money though. Always felt like it was blood money. She’d have given up every cent to have had just one of the paintings her father loved so much.” “I’m sorry to hear that, doctor.” William said. “Just makes me hate those Nazi bastards even more.” “I understand, my friend. The doctor had moved over where William was sitting on a stool, putting his hands on the man’s shoulders. “You’re still a very young man actually” William said. “Didn’t those doctors that set up that practice just close down and leave town?” “Unfortunately they did” the doctor said. “Banks were willing to loan young doctors all the cash they wanted because they felt they were good investments. A number of the young docs took the money and ran out on the smaller towns. There is no comparison to the sums a doctor can make in the city compared to a small town. I know the mayor has been trying to recruit a new doctor for the town. I’ve been trying to help out but so far we have not been successful. ” “Doc, I think you have a whole lot of good years left in you” William said. Hell, you can’t possibly be even fifty five years old.” “I will be in a couple more years” the doctor said. “I wouldn’t have thought about retiring had my wife not gotten sick and if those new docs hadn’t come into town. I loved practicing medicine in a small town.” “Have you kept up all your licenses and certifications?” William asked. “Of course” the doc said. “I still see patients from time to time, although recently it’s been mostly when the young docs were off skiing or doing trips to Europe.” “I watched you with the examinations we did on those athletes” William said. “You have a gift for putting people at ease. Does that ranch of yours really take up that much of your time?” “Not at all” he said. “I hired a foreman who runs things. He’s very kind in asking for my input but we both now he could do a better job if I wasn’t around at all. He’s very competent. I still love our house out in the country, although it’s far too large for one person. My wife and I talked about adopting kids when we bought it but neither of us ever felt sufficiently healed to do that. It’s one of the few regrets of my life.” William put his strong arms around the doctor’s shoulders and held him. “Doctor, it’s never too late” William said. “I wish you’d give some thought to opening up a practice in town. As a father, I’d feel a lot safer knowing we had a competent doctor like you around if one of our boys needed medical attention. Will you think about it?” “Of course I will” the doctor said. “I’ve been thinking about my options and to be honest, that is one I was considering.” “I’m ready to return to school” the coach joked as he came downstairs. “The doctor has cleared me to go back full speed and I’m rarin’ to go.” “I don’t remember using the term `full speed’ the doctor said, laughing. “I promise not to overdo, doc, but I am really anxious to get back in the classroom and back behind my desk and getting our wrestling team off the ground.” “He promised me he’d take it easy” Ben said, “and he knows better than to break a promise.” “Kurt has agreed to hang out here and help me get the rest of the plants in the ground in the pool area” the doctor said. “We bought more than we had time to get in the ground before the governor’s visit so we want to get those in this morning. Then I’m hoping he’ll join me in the hot tub for a little bit before I head back to the ranch.” “I wish you’re reconsider, Doc,” Ben said. “Neither Marv not I can even come close to what you do in the kitchen. We will miss your tasty food. I hope you know you are welcome here any time for as long as you’d like. That goes for all of you. We have really enjoyed having this family of men and hope we can all get together on a regular basis. We have too good a thing here to let it go.” All the boys and men agreed. They finished their breakfast, cleared the table and the boys all went to wash up and get their book bags. The doctor and Kurt were still at the table when all the others except William and Randy left. “Do you think you’ll finish with things here by about noon, doctor?” the sheriff asked. “Absolutely” the man answered. “It shouldn’t take us more than a couple of hours, three tops.” “Kurt would like to go to his house to get his clothes and a few personal items” the sheriff said. “We really don’t know if his mother will be there or what the situation may be. I’d appreciate it if you could join us, doctor. I know going back to that house could be disturbing for the boy and I’d just feel better if you could join us.” “Of course” the doctor said. “These things can be tough. I’ve also become quite fond of Kurt and I’ll be happy to accompany you.” “Thank you, doctor” Kurt said as he and the doctor headed out to the shed to start gathering their tools. “You’re not real comfortable with that boy going back to his dad’s house are you?” William asked Randy. “No, not at all” the sheriff said. “But I understand he’d like to get some of his clothes and his personal items. I just think he’s made a lot of progress lately and I don’t want a setback. He used to wake up several times during the night crying and shivering. I didn’t let him know that I knew about it. I just held him and let him get through it. That boy was traumatized more than we know if I’m right.” “As if it wasn’t enough trauma to be held down and have part of your dick cut off?” William asked. “I despise those sick motherfuckers as much as I despise my father-in-law.” “I really appreciate you joining me for this meeting at the construction company this morning” Randy said. “I know I’m way out of my depth and I really appreciate your presence and your expertise.” “You’ll be fine with the meeting” William said. “M. Miller seems to know this business well and I think Aaron, Benjie, and Eric are going to fit in well anywhere. I’d be much more nervous about the meeting with Mayor Ratdick. You can bet your ass he isn’t going to be happy this morning.” “Fuck Mayor Ratdick” the sheriff said. “I hope he doesn’t fuck with me or I may go the fuck off.” They shared a laugh as they said goodbye to the boys and took off. The meeting at Bedford Construction couldn’t have gone any better. Mr. Miller had coffee and sweet rolls set up in the conference room and the Alabama boys got along with the pre-existing crews. They discussed escort mersin how best to proceed and it was agreed that one of the new men would be integrated into an existing crew for a week, then they would reevaluate. Several guys expressed their appreciation that Mrs. Bedford would no longer be having any association with the company. Several had said they were considering leaving when the change was made, complaining that rumors had been drifting around for years that she was associated with the klan. William and Randy also learned that Mr. House, Pepe’s father had been an employee at Bedford until he had called Mrs. Bedford out on some things. No one knew details, and no one really knew it he had resigned or had been fired, but he had gone out on his own and had apparently built a very successful residential construction business. “I do know that Mrs. Bedford hates the man” Mr. Miller said. “She has tried to get me to do any number of dirty tricks to sabotage his business. I always agreed to do her bidding but never followed through. I like and admire Hiram. I think he is an honorable man and we all now know what that old bitch is. There rumors around for years that she had murdered her husband. Now I have to wonder if there might have been some truth to those rumors.” It was agreed that Aaron, Eric and Benjie would begin work the following morning. Randy suggested that they take the rest of the day to pack up their things and said he would contact Eliza to have their rooms ready at Randy’s house by the afternoon. They had agreed that they would not let Mrs. Bedford or Aunt Flea know that the boys knew Randy or William as it might make the women suspicious. The boys were elated that their starting salary would be almost double what they had been paid doing road construction. The boys said they planned on going back to the motel and maybe having a little pool time. When Randy asked if they would be interested in going to the dungeon to check on Mr. Print’s circumcision, all three were up for it. “Hearing that man scream was the first time I felt like there was some justice being meted out for my dead brother” Aaron said. The Alabama boys agreed to hang tight at the motel until they heard from Randy that it was good to proceed with moving into Randy’s home. Randy and William took off for the mayor’s office. Once they were alone in the car, Randy spoke. “Well, I’ve made a decision” the sheriff said. “I’m movin’ into the Bedford house. It just makes sense. It’s a fine home and it is a landmark in this town. It’s way fancier than anything I ever wanted but if it makes Dopie and Kurt happy, them I’m willing to make changes in what I want. I’d really appreciate it if you and Billy Paul would consider stayin’ with us, even if it’s temporary, till we can kind of get settled. It’s a big change for me. I figured I’d die in the house I’ve been living in. I know the boys will love havin’ their own pool and since yours ain’t finished yet, you and Billy Paul would enjoy it too. Will you consider it, William?” “Consider it done, buddy” William said. “I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve all had together at Ben’s. It’s been a new experience and a great experience for me. I feel a burden was lifted when Judith left town. I’m ready for new things. And I’d like to hope I might get a chance to tear off another piece of that fine, tight ass of yours.” “Consider that done too” the sheriff said. “I ain’t never felt anything so good in all my years as I felt with your meat in my hole. I sure know now why Dopie had that big old grin plastered on his face.” “By the way, Dopie stopped in our bedroom this morning while you were still sleeping” William said. “He had some cream the doctor gave him for his little hiney after he got his first adult dick. He was going to have you apply it but he settled to let me do it. I hope the boy enjoyed it as much as I did. The precious boy got pretty turned on when my slick finger went in his hole and he got hard as a rock.” “I certainly hope you took care of my boy” Randy said. “You needn’t ask” William chuckled. Of course I was delighted to do so. That little fucker is quite the kisser and his little ginger boy cock tastes delicious. It was a real turn on for me having the boy’s father asleep right beside us too. He says he’s not having any pain in his hole at all, but the governor’s cock was a whole lot thicker than his buddies’ cocks. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check it tonight and use the cream for a couple of days.” “Maybe we could do that together” the sheriff said. “I’d really love that” William said as the men exchanged a wet kiss. They had arrived at the mayor’s office and were asked by his secretary to wait in the outer office. This was unusual as the mayor had few actual duties and Randy could usually walk right in and start their weekly meeting. They heard some shouting but couldn’t make out who it was or what the argument was about. The mayor’s secretary sat at the desk and rolled her eyes as they waited. Finally the door opened and out came the mayor’s wife and his oldest daughter, Jenny. The mayor’s wife shot daggers at both men and huffed out. Jenny looked as if she had been sulking and mouthed the word’faggots’ at the men as she left. The mayor was silent as the men took seats in the chairs across from his desk. He glared at them for several minutes without a word. “Mr. Mayor, I should tell you upfront that I don’t have the time for some silly game where you try to stare me down” the sheriff said. “If you don’t have anything to say to me, William and I will leave now. If you have something to say, out with it.” “Gentlemen, I am very disappointed in the both of you” the mayor finally said. “I was on top of the world after Saturday night when my dear, beautiful wife renewed our relationship. We had an entire evening of passion and agreed we would make love every day for the rest of our lives. Then when you brought my daughter home in that pick-up truck, everything went awry. My daughter had been on medication for menstrual cramps for a week and she had also been taking cough medicine for a nasty cough. Yet you men seemed to attribute those things to her having imbibed alcohol and other substances. My wife is furious that I would have allowed you to so slander our daughter. There is not a sweeter child in this town and her mother and I are very upset. As a matter of fact, Jenny is so upset that her mother felt it best to move Jenny back into our bedroom so I am again in the upstairs guest room. Jenny has again sworn to both of us that she is pure. Do you think we would be headlining the Mount Airy Purity Ball this weekend if they weren’t certain of her values and her spotless reputation? The Mount Airy event is one of the biggest in the state and that includes the balls in Charlotte and Raleigh. Jenny and I will be doing the leadout at at the ball. Photographers and reporters will be all over the place. Our pictures will be everywhere. We will be the envy of God-fearing people all over this state.” “Mr. Mayor, I hate to say this but you have allowed yourself to be deceived” William said. “You are making a grievous mistake both politically and personally if you go through with this purity bullshit. The reason Mount Airy has the biggest event in the state is because people in the cities don’t believe in that horseshit. Girls get horny just like boys. Why should they be forced to deny themselves pleasure just to please their fathers? Jenny’s behavior is not as you portray it.” “But she has sworn to her mother and me that she is a virgin and plans to remain one until the day I give her away in marriage” the mayor said. “Her mother and I believe her. Why shouldn’t we? Doesn’t every parent want to believe what his children tell him?” “Of course they do” the sheriff said. “But if you just think back to the day I caught Jimmy trying to grab Jenny’s cherry. When we took her into your living room to spank her we both saw how she spread those legs the moment a finger even got near that little pussy. We both saw that. Why the girl would have fucked us both if we’d wanted it. She’s most definitely a spreader and she’s hot to fuck anything with a hardon.” The mayor put his hands over his ears. “I won’t hear any more of this ridiculousness” the mayor said. “My wife is wanting me to consider issuing a proclamation that the Miss Gayberry Pageant was rigged and declaring Jenny the winner. She was the first runner-up, you know.” “If you do that, you are the stupidest man in Gayberry, possibly in the state of North Carolina!” William said. “I will personally call on the governor of this state to have you removed from office, which is well within his power if he suspects you have a serious mental defect. The governor was there. He was a witness to everything that happened in that auditorium and you are a fool if you try to do that.” “Do you think there is any chance that nig, ummm, black girl might be willing to give up her title? It would really help me out” the mayor said. “Absolutely not and I forbid you or anyone else to even ask her to do that” the sheriff said. “That is ludicrous. This is the craziest bullshit I’ve ever heard of! This is a fuckin’ pageant and a rhinestone crown! Have you lost your fuckin’ mind?” “But my wife says if the girl would resign, we could have a crowning ceremony for Jenny and her picture with me would be in all the papers. It would be great publicity.” “You may be the most pussywhipped man ever to live and breathe in this town, Mr. Mayor” William said. “If you can’t even stand up to your wife when you know she is carrying the child of another man in her belly, you must have no balls whatsoever. You couldn’t even fuck her well enough to keep her in your bed for twenty four hours? You could ruin her by simply spilling the beans that she had a sexual affair with a traveling liniment salesman!” “But then everyone would know that the child isn’t mine.” the mayor said. “That would be a devastating political blow to me. And if the public ever found out that I arranged for another man to fuck my wife and get her pregnant, I would have no future in politics whatsoever. I can’t let the public perceive me as a cuckold.” I think you have a much larger problem, Mr. Mayor,” William said. “I think your wife may be in some kind of conspiracy with that heifer Tara Bedford. Do you remember when we saw her coming from Randy’s house after telling you she went there to borrow eggs? There no eggs to be seen when she returned. She told an obvious lie. There are things about Tara Bedford that you may not know, mayor. We have even heard rumors that she may have been involved in her husband’s death. Do you want your wife involved in something like that?” “Of course not” the mayor said. “Mr. Bedford was a fine, fine man. A better man never walked the streets of this town. She treated him awful, but she always was uppity. Her family was, at one time the wealthiest family in the state. They had a big old cotton plantation. The O’Haras had it all � money, slaves, power, everything. But they lost ever bit of it in the Civil War. All her daddy had after the Yankees left was her name. The O’Hara’s were a very powerful family who lost everything.” “Are you shitting me?” William asked. “O’Hara was her last name? “Tara O’Hara?” the man asked as he broke out in laughter. “You go ahead and laugh but the O’Hara’s were very, very powerful” he said. “Tara always felt she had married down. But old Joe was one of the hardest working men I ever met. He built that business with his own blood, sweat and tears. But she treated him awful. Even after he built that big, beautiful home for her. Folks say it was a copy of the plantation her family owned, recreated right here in downtown Gayberry. Talk was he was never even allowed in that big fine bedroom she slept in. She turned them boys against their father. I know that. But then after Joe was found dead, the boys got out of town and none of `em has ever been back. There’s always been rumors she was a pussy-lapper but I never believed that. Women don’t really do that stuff. I mean, I’d heard from other boys about how they just loved eating pussy. I never tried it till I got married. I finally got up the courage to do it with my wife one night and she went crazy, sayin’ I had to be some kind of pervert. Why, she left and went home to her mama and her father made her come back to her husband. I was glad she didn’t like it because it was the nastiest thing ever in the world. A pussy feels real warm and nice on a hard pecker but I don’t want to have my mouth nowhere near one.I never tried it again and I think it’s for perverts. And we all kinow that women are not perverts. So I think all that talk about Mrs. Bedford being a cunt lapper is just a bunch of jealous women talking.” “Okay, Mr. Mayor” Randy said. “I think that’s enough of that. Has there been any progress in finding a new doctor for our town? It was my understanding that you were heading up the search after them young guys just took off. Did they pay back any of them loans?” “Not a dime” the mayor said. “And the city welcomed those boys with open arms. We even built that nice clinic using the town’s money and then they weren’t here for a year before they hightailed it back to Raleigh leaving us with an empty, expensive building. And we’ve turned up nothing. Young doctors don’t want to come to small towns to practice and older doctors already have established practices if they’re worth a damn. I’ve had no luck at all.” “You may have been overlooking someone right here in town” the sheriff said. “I’ve talked with Dr. Foster and he’s considering reopening his practice here in town. I think a little coaxing might do the trick. He’s only in his late forties and he has a lot of years left. It might even be that he could find a young man or woman to mentor for the future. This could solve the problem of the town having a doctor for years to come.” “I’ll be glad to talk to him” the mayor said. “Why don’t you allow Randy and me to discuss it with him?” William said. “We’re meeting up later today and we can get a better feeling on this.” “Okay” the mayor said. “Just tell him I am in on it. I know that will influence his decision. And keep me informed on what I can mersin escort bayan do to move things along.” “Oh, I think you’ve done quite enough already” William said. The men left the mayor and stopped in at the jail. The deputy was taking a nap in the back room. When they finally awakened him, he said the governor’s office had called several times and Mr. Levin had asked that the sheriff or William call him as soon as possible. Randy was needing to pee so William dialed Abe Levin’s private number. He had just hung up the phone when Randy came back out. “Well, I’ll be goddamned!” William said. “You ain’t gonna believe this. I just spoke with Abe. He and the governor have put together a deal that will make no down payment and zero interest home loans to all the people whose homes were burned down in the Colony fire. It’s all being done with money from donors so there’ll be a giant fund of cash which will not require people who want to build homes to make any down payment at all. He says it will be the first program ever like this and all we have to do is come up with a piece of land for the home sites.” “I think I know where we might be able to get some land donated for this” the sheriff said. “You know how Frankie Blount was talkin’ about all the land his family owned that he no longer farms. I wonder if he might be willing to donate some of that land for a whole new community. I think there’s thousands of acres that have never been developed. I got the feeling he might be wantin’ to find some way to give back somethin’ to this community.” “It’s certainly worth a try” William said. “We can go by and talk to him after we take Kurt out to his house. I can hardly wait to get back to the dungeon. Old man Print’s cock has to still be hurting and it’s nothin’ like it’s gonna be when the doc rips that gauze with the dried blood off that motherfuckin’ dick!” “We got a little time before we go to pick up Kurt and the doc” the sheriff said. “We could run by and check on Mr. Print’s cock. We probably should do that to make sure the bastard ain’t bled to death.” “That’s a great idea” William said. “I think the doctor left the scalpel there in that big old sink. We might want to help him out by cutting it a little further.” “Seems to me it’s the Christian thing to do” the sheriff said. “I’d like to run by and tell Eliza that the Alabama boys will be moving in so she can get them bitches off of their asses and get things ready. I called and had paint dropped off for Dopie’s room.” “I don’t think those boys mind bunking together at all” William said. “All three of them were sharing that one motel room. They might even prefer bunking together. They’re all hot guys and I bet they can set a mattress on fire.” “I’ve had that same feelin” the sheriff said. “They sure do grow `em with some muscles down in Alabama, don’t they?” “That’s for sure” William said. “And they apparently have something in the water toot hat grows their cocks big.” The guys enjoyed a good laugh as they drove the short distance to Randy’s house. When they went in, Eliza was sitting in the living room reading a magazine. “Where’s your bitches?” Randy asked with a chuckle. “Sheriff, I’ve had both of them working their asses off since the sun came up” Eliza said with a laugh.”You should’ve seen those two, piled up on that one little cot. They didn’t know where they was when they woke up in that pantry. I started yellin’ at `em before they even realized what was goin’ on. I did like you told me and grabbed a switch. That got both of them lazy bitches moving. They’re upstairs painting right now in your son’s room.” “That’s great, Eliza” the sheriff said. “I have three young men I’d like to move in later today. They know things might be in a little transition here so they don’t mind bunkin’ together till that room’s ready. They’re nice boys from down in Alabama. I’d just rather Aunt Flea and her bitch buddy not know that I was the one who brought them here.” “They’ll not hear it from me, sheriff,” Eliza said. “You sure did make a lot of ladies happy this morning. I had them women take all of Aunt Flea’s clothing and things down to the hotel. There are a number of plus sized women in that group who loved trying on her clothes. She bawled her eyes out all the way down there and while she watched those colored women trying on her clothes. Even her friend got disgusted and slapped her, telling her to shut the fuck up!” The men laughed at the thought. “You want to see `em workin?” she asked. “I told both of `em they better finish painting that room by the time the sun goes down or there’ll be no supper. That didn’t bother Mrs. Bedford as much as it did your aunt, sheriff. That woman sure does like to tie on the feed bag.” “You’re right, Eliza,” the sheriff said. “It shore ain’t gonna hurt nothing for her to drop some pounds off of her lazy, fat ass!” Eliza led the way up the stairs. It was hot as hell upstairs where the two women were working. Eliza explained had turned off all the fans to save on electricity. When she opened the door to Dopie’s old room, the room was almost painted. Flea and Tara looked much the worse for wear. Both had always prided themselves on never being seen with a single hair out of place. Now, their hair was straggly, wet with sweat, hanging in their faces and splattered with white paint. “You bitches have got paint all over them nice uniforms Eliza provided for you!” the sheriff yelled, startling the women. “But, Randy, we couldn’t help…” Aunt Flea began. “Shut the fuck up, woman” the sheriff snapped. “If I want to hear you say anything I’ll ask you a fuckin’ question!” Aunt Flea looked down at the floor while Tara Bedford angled her head and gazed at the sheriff, clearly showing how much she despised him. “You bitches better rush it up” the sheriff said. “Eliza is doing such a great job! She put an ad in the paper and notices down at the hotel and she has y’all three renters to take care of. They’re moving in tonight. So y’all better paint fast! Did you get all that pink shit out of that other bedroom?” “No sir,” Eliza said. “We got all the clothes and her personal effects but we still haven’t taken down the canopy and the drapes yet.” “Eliza, it’s not on you” the sheriff said kindly. “I can tell how hard you’ve been working and you got two worthless bitches to supervise. As for Flea and Tara, you bitches need to put down them brushes and get in that other bedroom right now. I want that pink shit gone.” “Oh but Randy,” Aunt Flea said as she began to cry. “My beautiful bedroom. I love my beautiful room.” “Shut the fuck up!” he said “before I kick both of your asses down the fuckin’ stairs. ” He led them into the bedroom where he and William ripped the pink ruffled canopy off the bed and began ripping down the frilly, starched pink curtains. Flea was sobbing now, as Tara tried to console her. “You bitches have done it now” the sheriff said, flinging the duvet off the bed, into the floor and sitting down on the bed. He motioned for William to sit beside him. “I guess maybe it’s true you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I reckon it’s the same with a couple of old bitches.” He motioned that Tara should get across his knee and Flea over William’s. “Get them fucking skirts and panties off right this minute” he barked with both women immediately stripping their clothes off. The men bent the women over their knees and gave them each twenty hard swats with their open palms. Both women were crying loudly as they made them count the licks. When they finished they dumped both women in t he floor and told them they had ten seconds to get their asses back to work painting. Both were out of the room in a flash as the men and Eliza howled in laughter. They helped Eliza take the curtains and the bedding out to the back yard and suggested she have the women burn them when they finished painting. Eliza agreed to do just that. They left after making sure Eliza understood the two women were not to know of any connection between Randy and the new boarders. From there, they drove out to the dungeon. They didn’t turn on the light at first. It seemed to really rile the men when they heard people enter the space but couldn’t see who it was. The prisoners were always hopeful that it might be rescuers instead of their tormentors. “Who is that?” the Smith brothers started to ask. “Are you our friends? Turn on some lights.” “Identify yourselves” P.T. ordered as if he were still in charge. “Okay, daddy dearest” William laughed loudly as he turned on the bright spotlight on the center of the room where Charles Print was still strapped to the altar table. “It’s your favorite son-in-law! The men began to curse except for Mr. Print who was sobbing. “I think I’m bleeding to death” Mr. Print sobbed. “This pain is unbearable.” “Yeah,” Randy said. “Kurt said it didn’t feel great getting part of his dick cut off by his paw and his uncle.” “Goddamn you!” Kurt’s father screamed at them. “He’s a lying little son of a bitch. His momma and me had him cut when he was a baby cause the doctor’s recommended it. I would never do nothin’ like that to my own son.” “You did it, asshole and now you’re lyin’ about it cause you know you’re gonna’ have it happen to you sooner or later” Randy said.”I can’t hardly wait to hear you start screamin’ and beggin’ when that blade cuts into your worthless piece of shit cock. You better damn well have some memories of how it felt when you stuck that meat into your little niece cause them days are over for you.” The preacher and Charlie started howling and crying when they heard this. “You ain’t touchin my cock, you piece of shit” Jack Smith said. Randy walked directly over to the man and grabbed his cock and balls, pulling on it as hard as he could. “I’ll do any goddamn thing I want to that worthless little peter of yours, asshole and you can’t do a damned thing about it!” Randy said. Jack was howling in pain as the sheriff squeezed his cock and his nut sack. He was about to pass out from the pain when the sheriff suddenly released him. Now he was sobbing too in frustration and pain. “You bunch of pussies need to just stop!” P.T. said. “As long as you act like a bunch of pussies, these assholes are going to treat you like pussies. Don’t let that happen.” “Big words from a small man, P.T.,” William said. “You were the pussy when I was stickin’ my dick in you last night. That’s exactly what a pussy is. You should know that.” “Either kill that wailing son of a bitch or stuff something in his mouth” P.T. said, referring to Charles Print. “Son of a bitch has been howling and yowling all night and it’s getting real old for the rest of us.” “Hush your fuckin’ mouth about my paw” Charlie said. “They’re cuttin’ his goddamn dick off.” “All right with me it they cut the damn thing off and shove it down his fucking throat if it’ll shut him up!” P.T. said. “I think we need to check on Mr. Print” William said as they both moved near his crotch. “Don’t touch me, you sons of bitches!” the man wailed. “I ain’t never had such pain. Please give me somethin’ for pain, Please. I don”t deserve this!” They could see the gauze was covered in crusty, dried blood and could see no active bleeding. “Let’s take a look at this” William said as he ripped the gauze off the man’s cock, causing it to start spurting blood again… `Owwwwwww!” the man screamed as his dick began to bleed and the pain was worse than ever. “Oh goddammit! Just get a gun and shoot me. Put me out of my fucking misery!” Randy and William laughed at the man which made him cry harder. The man was wiggling his hips as William touched him, examining his bloody dick. “Looks like the doc didn’t even get this thing halfway cut off before old Charles passed out in pain” William said. “You know, sheriff, I was watching pretty close when the doctor started cutting the man. I believe I could do it myself.” “No, please, please don’t” Mr. Print howled. “I can’t stand anymore. I’m begging you! Please just don’t touch me!” “I think you could too” the sheriff said. “Maybe you cut a little than I could try it too.” All of the men were riled now, cursing at the men and shouting. Mr. Print was begging them not to cut him anymore. William went to the sink and got the scalpel, returning to the table as Mr. Print started to scream. “Shut the fuck up right now or I’ll cut that goddamned little weasel dick off of you completely” William said in a voice that scared all of the men. They were all silent as William leaned down near Mr. Print’s crotch. The only sound in the room came in the form of a quiet, stifled sob from Charles Print who knew he was about to experience more excruciating pain. “If any of you have a problem with what we’re doing, talk to the Smith brothers” the sheriff said. “They’re the ones who had the idea to do this. When the time comes for each of you to experience it, you should thank them both from the bottoms of your nasty hearts.” William put the scalpel to the hanging foreskin and began to slowly cut the skin away. The man started to scream a bloodcurdling scream as Randy went to fill a pail with water. Mr. Print’s screams continued. “Look boys, the preacher’s pecker’s getting’ hard again” Randy said. “He really likes this.” Sure enough Reverend Smith’s cock was getting hard even as the other men looked as if they might start vomiting. Print was still screaming and then he was silent, having again passed out. Randy threw the cold water on his head and he began screaming again. As he felt the scalpel cutting into his skin, he went out again. Randy and William began laughing very loudly. “Put some gauze on that little, tiny pecker, William.” The sheriff said. “I think that’s about all for now. We don’t want him to miss even a minute of this fun.” The prisoners were all cussing him as he wrapped the mutilated dick in gauze, knowing it would dry again and cause incredible pain when ripped off. The men were begging for food and water as the men started to leave. “Oh gosh, we forgot the food” William said. “Maybe we’ll be back after we have a big old dinner. I think we’re having fat steaks, baked potatoes and a big green salad for dinner. I think there’s one bottle of water left over from last night. One of you can have it you can all agree on who gets it.” The prisoners immediately began to argue over who was most deserving. William poured the water onto Charles Print’s body and the men left laughing. They turned out the lights and the prisoners were again in complete blackness.

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