Subject: Young Ballers 17 Please find a few bucks to donate to Nifty to ensure that this archive keeps entertaining our cocks for years to come. None of the figures in this story are real people, nor should anyone try to do what’s depicted in this story. It’s just fantasy, so enjoy. Young Ballers 17 This picks up from Young Ballers 12 (and the extra-unpublished chapter) with the cornerback Jermaine and the tightend Rob. Hope you enjoy. Jermaine’s Chicago ?girl-friend? was passed out in her own bed. There had been a few photographs of them together by the press, and she was young with nice tits that filled out a dress well and looked good on his arm. However, she had only enjoyed his cock a couple of times, when her husband happened to have their son?the bastard. Every other time she weirdly had passed out before they got to sex, just a little too much to drink was her reasoning. As she slept, Jermaine was also sitting in little Toby?s bed, his large black body dwarfing the bed, the room, and the myriad of toys and stuffed animals splayed about. The first time the naked black man had slid into bed with the little 6yo boy and cuddled up to him. The warm smooth white body felt so good against Jermaine?s chiseled physique. One of his large black hands went into the boy?s underwear; the other went to the kid?s mouth. The boy awoke startled, and cried out until Jermaine whispered to him. The man?s lips just grazing the boy?s ears, sending a prepubescent shiver down his spine, ?Hey little one. Mr. Jermaine just wants to cuddle with you like I do with your mom. You like me right?? The boy had hesitated but quickly said yes into Jermaine?s hand which he slowly removed and slid down the front of the boy?s immature chest. The man moaned as he enjoyed the first touch of the 6yo he?d lusted after. The boy quickly settled into being molested by this professional ball player, moaning and giggling as he learned all kinds of new sexy immoral things over the next two years. Now eight years old and far more experienced in man-boy love, Toby lay between his black daddy?s muscular outstretched legs, his tiny hands holding firmly the massive black cock that filled out football pants and made the ladies drool. Jermaine smiled as he watched the tiny pink tongue slide out between those pretty lips, the boy tasting and teasing the veiny 10 inches. Jermaine loved the feel of the boy?s silky blonde hair in his fingers, almost as much as he loved the contrast between the pale soft skin and his own. He smiled broadly as he looked down at the beautiful tiny body servicing him. The boy’s angelic face was in full smile as he let his tiny pink tongue roam over the beautiful black adult cock. The tiny boy’s lips were already frosted with the football stud’s precum, shiny and delicious looking little boy lips. The man couldn’t decide which was sexier, koolaide stained boy lips or cum coated lips. Jermaine?s phone rang and he reached down to his shorts for it, making sure that Toby?s nursing mouth didn?t lose contact with the head of his cock. ?Hey douchebag, how you spending your Friday night?? Jermaine said as Toby ran his tiny tongue up the shaft of his black cock up to the head which he greedily sucked the head into his small 3rd grade mouth. It was Rob, the sturdy bro tight-end who spent his days playing football or balls deep in whatever pussy was within 20 feet. ?Fuckin A, man, both bitches just stood me up. I ain?t got no pussy,? Rob ranted to Jermaine. As usual he lined up two women, both married, to fuck their brains out all night. He loved sitting on one?s face while the other grinded down onto his thick cock. ?What you calling me for man, you know I?m not into pussy,? Jermaine reminded as he pulled Toby?s sweet face between his thigh and balls. Toby?s face?s was engulfed by the warm wet black skin. The boy immediately began sniffing, licking out to taste and smell the comforting sweat of his black daddy. Toby loved when Jermaine took him to the gym, after two hours of working out there was plenty of funk and sweat to feed little Toby. Jermaine sitting on a locker room bench and Toby’s face while he stroked his big dick to a post-work out cum. This inevitably led to a post work out fuck of little Toby in the showers, the kids cries and moans echoing off the tile for all the other jocks to hear. ?Dude, you got that bitch passed out right while you molest her boy?? Rob asked. Jermaine could tell he was seriously hopped up. ?Dude you ok? How long?s it been since you got your dick wet?? Jermaine asked. ?Fuck man,? Rob whined like a teenager, ?It?s been three days, fucking press tour.? Jermaine laughed then sighed as he felt one of his balls slide into Toby?s warm mouth. The 3rd grader savored the sweaty musk as he gently sucked on the adult sack. ?Yeah, fuckwad, you can come over. I?ll text you the address. Just come on in, I?m in the bedroom up the stairs. Come say hi before you go fuck my unconscious girlfriend.? ?Thank you so much man, I need some so bad, and I didn?t want no prostitute cunt.? Rob hung up the phone and gave the texted address to his driver. The driver dropped Rob off about 10 minutes later, he quickly şişli escort entered the house and bounded up the stairs. The stud could hear his friend moaning and burst into the room. Jermaine was on his back, powerful legs in the air, his butt wide open. Little Toby?s face was pressed into that massive black butt as his four foot 55 pound little body squirmed in delight as he rimmed his black daddy, his jock hero. ?Hey bro, that was quick.? Jermaine said, looking up from between his legs. He grabbed Toby?s head and pulled the 3rd grader in deeper, the tiny tongue sliding further up his nasty adult hole. ?Yeah faggot, I was on the road when I called. No time to waste for this cock.? Rob said stripping his shirt off. ?She?s downstairs, pretty fucked up that you?re going to fuck her when she?s unconscious,? Jermaine commented. ?Dude, you?ve got an 8yo eating your nasty black ass. THAT’S fucked up.? Rob commented as he rubbed his crotch. Jermaine laughed as he lowered his legs and pulled the eager little boy back to his cock, four inches of thick cock sliding back into his throat. He looked up at Rob standing there, shirtless, his crotch almost visibly throbbing in anticipation. ?You sure you wouldn?t like something a little more awake?? Jermaine brought his large hand down on Toby?s butt with a smack, the boy crying out despite the cock lodged in his underage throat, ?Maybe something a lot tighter than that bitch downstairs?? Rob stared at the tiny ass wiggling on the bed, his cock and balls hurt, his jock soaked in precum. ?Fuck man, I?m not no fucking child molester like you and Nick.? ?Yeah, that little Latino boy?s hole you fucked after pounding his mom seemed to do the trick though,? Jermaine reminisced as he pushed another two inches down Toby?s gullet. Jermaine loved reminding Rob of that afternoon when he went balls deep into an 11yo screaming and moaning boy. Rob couldn?t help but stare, couldn?t help but consider it. Jermaine sucked one of his long black fingers into his mouth before spreading Toby?s butt open and rubbing his spit on the tiny pink hole. That sweet shiny pink hole winked at Rob, invited him in. It was so tight despite being fucked by Jermaine?s black cock and a few of his teacher?s dicks over the past two years. ?Come on bro, he?s so tight and moans and screams like a little whore when you go balls deep.? Jermaine was slowly molesting the boy?s butt, massaging and rubbing as he teased his teammate. ?Fuck it.? Rob said as he ripped his shorts off. His cock sprung free slinging precum all over the kid?s room. Jermaine raised Toby?s head off his black cock, ?Toby, Mr. Rob?s gonna fuck your slutty little ass, brace yourself baby doll.? Rob hovered over the tiny boy, his cock slid between the tiny cheeks of the 8yo boy. The tight-end stud moaned at how silky smooth the boy felt against his cock. Within seconds the 3rd grader?s butt was a sloppy mess of precum and sweat. Rob felt a hand grab his cock and his eyes shot open. ?Here let me help buddy, ? Jermaine said as he held his teammates powerful fuck stick. He stroked it a few times and then pointed it Toby?s hole. Rob stared into Jermaine?s eyes, ?Faggot,? he said to his teammate as he felt the head of his cock start to slide into the warm embrace of the little boy. ?Boy fucker,? Jermaine whispered back as he let go and grabbed onto Toby, pulling him in close. Rob returned Jermaine?s smile and pushed into the boy. Rob caught himself many times thinking about 11yo Tim?s Latino hole from that day in the locker room as he fucked a chick. This hole was way tighter, so much warmer and inviting, than that little Latino whore. ?Mother fucker, fuck this kid?s ass is like heaven.? Rob moaned as his balls rested on the kid?s ass. ?Told you faggot, these boys love it and there ain?t no better hole to fuck.? Jermaine sighed as he began throat fucking Toby. The little boy was now getting cock from both ends, a first for him. Jermaine had never shared the boy, preferring to spend his evenings alone with the boy. Toby was so wild in bed by the time he was in 2nd grade, he easily satisfied Jermaine?s pedophile needs and drained the man?s cock like a pro. The two stud football players grunted and fucked into the helpless boy. Both their bodies were glistening with sweat, their faces were inches apart, both could feel each others labored hot breath. Their eyes met, filled with lust, and Jermaine risked the moment and leaned in kissing Rob aggressively. Rob was shocked and tried to pull back, but Toby picked that moment to have a full body orgasm, his 8yo butt squeezing Rob?s adult cock violently sending the man to a new level of heaven. Rob gave in and the two adults kissed deeply as they enjoyed the precious tiny holes of the little boy they were fucking. Jermaine pulled back and withdrew his cock from the now gagging Toby. ?Now who?s the faggot,? Jermaine said leaning in and licking the sweat from Rob?s face. ?Fuck you,? Rob gasped as he continued the anal assault on the 3rd grader. Toby was alternating between crying and moaning as Rob?s cock rubbed against his 8yo prostate sivas escort and stretched open his butt. Jermaine hadn?t been in town in a month and his teachers were a skiddish bunch, so he?d been without cock in his butt for too long. Jermaine made his way around the rutting couple. Toby was really whining now as Rob rearranged the kid?s ass. Rob let his full tightend weight slam down onto the sweet angel, his cock jackhammering that 8yo butt. Jermaine watched as his teammate?s white ass bounced up and down thrusting deeply into an 8yo. His black hands grabbed hold of the muscular white ass. Robbed ignored it, the kid?s ass was too good to worry about his masculinity. Jermaine eagerly leaned in shoved his black tongue up his friend?s ass, the sweat and funk filling his mouth. Rob howled at the intense rim job his teammate was giving him along with little Toby?s ass milking his cock. ?Cum in him dude, breed his little hole like a bitch,? Jermaine encouraged as he ran his tongue down over his bud?s balls to where the fat cock was stretching open one of his favorite little boys. Rob roared, and Jermaine saw the stud?s cock twitch and throb as he pumped his pent up load deep inside the boy. It was nearly a minute before he finally saw Rob?s cock stop pumping creamy stud juice overflowing the tiny hole. ?FUCK!? Rob screamed as he rolled over onto the bed. His cock slipped out and flung Cum and 8yo ass juices all over the place. Jermaine dove face first into Toby?s ass. His lips and tongue sucked and scooped the warm jock cum into his mouth. Tony grunted and winced as he felt Jermaine?s tongue slide into his well-used, little boy ass. Jermaine slid forward his black body pressing Toby down into the soft mattress. ?You ok little buddy? Mr. Rob make that ass feel good?? Toby shook his head as he moaned. Jermaine laughed, the boy was always worn out after but begged for more within an hour. He positioned his still hard and throbbing black cock at the boy?s ass. ?You still got some little boy ass for me?? Jermaine said as he slipped the head of his cock into the 8yo cum filled hole. The boy cringed and shook his head no.?Of course you do little buddy, you gotta take care of your black daddy as well as you take care of his friends. Tell Mr. Jermaine what you want baby boy, let me hear it? Toby shook his head no but could feel the pressure on his hole and the deep need inside his butt for another cock. ?I need your nigga cock daddy.? Toby whined, two years of training by a big dicked black pedophile kicking in. ?That?s my baby boy, gonna give you all the nigga cock you can handle,? Jermaine said, wide grin on his face, as he slowly slid into Toby. Jermaine could feel the spasming little boy ass and warm jock cum. Toby shoved his face into the mattress, but both men could hear the intense moan that bellowed up from those 8yo lungs, betraying the boy?s intense lust for cock. ?Fuck the little whore dude! Fuck him! Can?t fucking believe these kids can take our cocks, fucking amazing,? Rob gushed as he watched Jermaine?s sweaty black body thrust deep into the 3rd grade ass. Jermaine looked over to see Rob stroking his still hard cummy cock. ?Dude, you just fucking shot a huge load, how are you still hard?? Rob laughed and made a show of jerking his cock, ?Dude, I don?t care how tight that fucker?s ass is, it?s going to take more than one fuck to empty these balls.? ?Well get up here and fuck Toby?s throat while I bust my load up his little butt,? Jermaine instructed. He pulled out of Toby and the boy whined, reaching back to replace what he so wanted. Jermaine?s large black hands grabbed the boy and flipped him over. Toby?s head draped over the edge of the bed, his mouth agape?waiting, wanting to be filled. Rob?s sweaty body stammered off the bed and straddled the kid?s head. Sweat dripped onto Toby?s face as the hulking tight-end rubbed his fat adult cock over the kid?s face. “You like that you little faggot? you like Uncle Rob’s fat cock on your face? I’m gonna fucking rape that how little mouth of yours,” Rob said as he traced his cock over the boy’s lips. Jermaine pushed the boy?s legs back exposing his now stretched out 8yo hole. The cum, sweat, and boy juices allowed his 10inches of nigga cock to slide easily back into the boy?well, easy for Jermaine at least. Toby cried out and Rob took the opportunity to slide his cock balls deep too. Toby choked and struggled but soon relaxed and settled in to being used as a fuck toy by Rob and Jermaine. The two men rested their hands on each other?s shoulders, their sweaty bodies sliding together as they took advantage of the blonde little 3rd grader, his mom sleeping feet away. ?Fuck man, I?m about to blow in this little bitch. You want that Toby, you want your nigga daddy to give you his cum?? ?Fuck yes man, breed his hole while I drown him in my cum,? Rob gasped as his balls slapped against the kid?s forehead. Rob grabbed Jermaine?s face and spit into his teammates mouth, and then full on kissed him, ?Fuck yes you nasty motherfucking nigga pedophile, breed that little boy hole!? Rob screamed after breaking the kiss, his body shaking as sıhhiye escort cum roared up from his balls and down that 8yo throat. Toby shook as the two men pounded him from both ends, shooting loads of pedo cum deep inside him. The two men stared at each other as they caught their breath, their cocks still deep inside the boy. They both withdrew, their cocks covered in cum and Toby?s spit and ass. The 3rd grader coughed while Jermaine rolled the boy over and pulled him into a hug. ?Well man, I think I?ll take my last load out on his mom?s hot ass. I?ll leave you two love birds alone.? Rob said grabbing his shit before heading out of the room. ?Thanks man, was wild sharing this little tyke with you. Anytime you want some little boy hole, just holler.? Jermaine said as he hugged the boy tightly, running his large black hands over the sweat soaked body of his 8yo lover. Rob watched as Jermaine leaned into a deep and passionate kiss with the boy and felt his cock throb again. He smiled and made his way downstairs. *** Jermaine looked down at the double bed, sheets, blankets, and stuffed animals everywhere. He grabbed the boy?s underwear and wiped his sticky cock and balls down, the Batman symbols now stained with cum and sweat. His gazed focused intensely on the sleeping 8yo in the middle of the bed, his arms and legs flailed out, his perky young ass pointing back at Jermaine. The black stud slipped his t-shirt over his physique and began looking for his shorts among the shamble the kid?s room had become. Jermaine found them, and then leaned in to run his nose and then tongue up the 8yo?s well fucked hole. ?Fuck? he thought to himself, wishing he didn?t have a 9am flight so he could fuck the kid one more time. The kid stirred, his eyes flickering open. The kid had been asleep since he passed out half way through Jermaine?s final fuck around 4am. Jermaine fell asleep hugging the boy tightly, lovingly rubbing him and enjoying the soft feel of the tyke. He kept Toby warm through the night with his muscular large body. ?You were fucking amazing little nigga,? Jermaine said kissing up the boy?s back to Toby?s soft 8yo pink lips. The man?s large pink lips consumed the boy?s mouth as his large tongue slides and fills the tiny mouth. Jermaine brought his hand down on the tiny upturned ass making the boy grunt into his mouth. The black jock stud laughed as he pulled away from his latest conquest. ?Get your little ass in the shower and get the room cleaned up. They?ll be over soon to help you.? Jermaine ordered as he gathered his stuff. The boy smiled and bobbed his head quickly, the picture of innocence and sluttiness all at the same time. ?Will you bring your friend back?? Toby sleepily asked. Jermaine laughed, ?This nigga meat not enough for you anymore?? ?NO! I MEAN YES IT IS!? Toby shouted, worried he?d offended his black daddy, ?It was just fun is all.? ?Don?t worry little man, I?m just messin with ya. I?m happy to get you all the jock cock you can handle. Next time.? Jermaine left the boy to clean up as he texted The Service for his ride and cleanup crew. A ride and several college boys to clean showed up in a few minutes. He peaked into the master bedroom to see the 26yo white chick still out cold, her legs wide open and leaking Rob?s cum. He left a note saying thanks for the great evening and with promises to see her next time the team was in town. He left out any thanks for allowing him and Rob to molest and fuck her 3rd grader. ****************** ?So Steven, we?d like to recruit you to come play ball for us next year. What do you think about that?? The 32yo coach looked over the 6?4 pitching stud he and his program lusted for. Steven was a small town boy, but every coach with any sense was after him, including Coach Garnet. ?Well I appreciate that, but you and two dozen other coaches have been through here offerin? everything,? The boy?s southern drawl was sensual and relaxed, it gave him an air of masculinity and soft-spoken ease. The Coach looked him up and down, remembering the scouting trip. He had admired the 6?4 lithe physique, tanned skin, and almost pretty face. He looked almost as sexy now in a tight polo, Wranglers, and a ball cap, as he did in his baseball uniform. ?I see, well I have something else to offer they can?t? Coach Garnet leaned forward smiling broadly at the 17yo stud. The boy laughed, ?Well that would be a shocker. A coach last week showed up with six New York City hookers, three girls and three guys in case I swung that way. Stacks of money, cars, homes, I don?t think there?s anything I haven?t been offered.? ?Well, how were they?? Coach asked with a wry smile. Steven took the coaches meaning immediately and smiled. ?All six were top notch, drained every drop,? Steven answered cockily, grabbing his Wrangler covered crotch straining to hold in his teen bulge. The coach leaned in more, motioned for Steven to do the same as he loudly whispered, ?Those coaches know you were fucking your little brother; molesting and raping his little butt since your 8th grade year?? ?.. ********************************* If you?d like to read the rest of this story, it?s a little too hot for Nifty, so email me and I?ll be happy to send it along. If you’re on Tumblr, also happy to share that. Also, again please donate to Nifty. Please check out my other fty//authors.htmljs Adult Youth Lucky Bastard Taking It Junior High Coach’s Perks Incest Finding Home

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