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Subject: Yellow Top 4. Gay – adult /youth (m/b) , Encounters Thank you for all the positive comments. Please donate to this amazing site. fty/ I write quickly, no revision, as it happens….. from memory or not. You decide. I’m on a roll atm… too much time on my hands… too much to share. ­čśë So we began meeting a couple of times a week, more when possible. His preference became clearly for ass rimming/play, a real bottom boy, and a little light kink thrown in. There was a mild effeminacy about him, which we explored a little later. He was a hungry boy for sex, I’m glad to say. On one occasion, couple of months in, he ran past me into the house to the bedroom, when I let him in. When I got to the bedroom he was pulling down his trousers and boxers, knelt on the bed, ass near the edge, looked round and grinned “fuck me”. More of that one another time. We started watching gay porn too when he came round, me asking what he thought, him asking questions about some stuff and getting a few ideas to try out. When I thought I knew he would become a real bottom boy, I asked how much he liked his butt being played with. He said it was really good and that it was the thing he liked most, it gave him the biggest ‘zing’. I had ‘fucked’ him with the head of my cock but still considered my full cock to be too much for him at this stage. I got some metal butt plugs, very small, small, medium. Those, along with my tongue and fingers, would train his little boycunt for some deep daddy cock. I looked up some online stuff to watch with him about butt plugs and preparing for fucking. An afternoon, not long after his first feel of my cock in him, we fooled around for a while. I was rimming him, his ass on the edge of the seat, his feet on my shoulders. I wanted to slip into him there and then. “Hey, I’ve got some vids to watch. If you like your bum being played with it’ll give us a few more ideas.” “OK”. I was amazed at how easy things were with him, how relaxed he was, how happy to play, how horny! He straightened up on the seat and I put on the video. I picked him up and sat him on my lap so he could lean into my chest and I could fondle his little hard dick and sac as we watched. He lifted one leg onto the edge of the seat and let it fall to the side, which gave me access to his little pussy too. The video, of course, was about butt plug play, nothing massive, not shoving a 20 inch thing up an ass. It was of a young guy just playing with a couple of butt plugs. I explained why guys did that and how it helped them get used to having things in them and enjoying it more. ─▒sparta escort “You like your butt being played with. Want to try something like that?” “Do you have those?” a very cute, quizzical face. “Yeah, I’ve got some. I can get them.” “But it’s not sore?” “No, if we take time, and slow, I think you’ll really enjoy it. Like when I put my cock in your butt, and we use the gel stuff (lube) .” “OK.” Through in the bedroom I had him on his front, hard little cock pressed into a pillow, the dreamy, stunning little ass propped up. The globes were pure heaven, the gentle fold into his ass crack, the narrowness of his body, the smoothness of his back, ass and legs. I separated his legs and went in for another lick of the pucker. Rimming, licking, pushing in. He was already quite relaxed, when I lifted my head I saw his little cunt had opened a bit. I ran my finger round the lips and pushed in very gently. He raised a little, I had half my finger in and gently massaged. “You OK? Is it nice?” “mhm. I like it.” I reached over and took the small plug out of the drawer and showed him. “Want to try?” “OK” This felt ultra horny, introducing a metal butt plug into an 11 year old ‘s ass. I put some lube on it and on his entrance. I massaged the lube into him using my little finger which easily went fully in. What soft, squashy little pussy tunnel. The plug felt quite heavy, as thick as two thumbs at the top bulb. I ran the top around his pussy lips then nudged a little inside him. Over a minute or so I began to slowly fuck him with it, pushing further and further in. There were no complaints, no signs of discomfort. One hand was under his head, the other by his side. When finally I had the bulb fully in him, I pushed and felt his muscle slide over it, the flat metal top now covering his boyhole. He raised his head and gasped. “Are you ok.” “yes. That was a bit weird.” “It’s OK, just your sexy bum muscle keeping it in for more fun. Is it OK?” and smiles at him. “mhm. Feels OK now.” smiling back. From there we got into some mutual sucking and licking, kissing and stroking for about 15 minutes. Every now and then I tapped down on the top of the plug with my finger, making it shake/pulse in him. Every time he would shudder a little and jerk slightly. I made sure it was from enjoyment and not discomfort. I wanted to try the bigger one in him. He agreed. As I started taking out the smaller one I used it to gently fuck him with it again. Pulling the bulb to his pussy lips then re – inserting it. He was clearly enjoying this sensation. I took it out and gave him istanbul escort more lube and lubed up the bigger one. His little hole had opened. I did the same thing, but this time he lifted, seeming eager to have it in him. The bulb was a fair bit bigger and I took time fucking him with it, bit by bit until it was grasped and pulled in by his sphincter. Again, a little gasp but also a little moan, a good one. I felt very in control, wanting to control him. I asked him to sit on the edge of the bed, knowing he would feel that plug in him. I stood in front of him and taking his chin in my hand told him to suck me. Without question he leant forward, opening his mouth, and his lips stretched over my cockhead and he pushed forward. “You like the plug in your ass? “, he nodded. “You like sucking my cock?”, he nodded. I placed my hands on either side of his head to keep it still, then watched about half my shaft glide in and out of his mouth as I began to gently face fuck him. His hands were on his legs, then one began to play with his cocklet. I pushed hard a few times, making him cough/gag a little. I could see his eyes open, watching my stomach and cock. “I’m going to cum in your mouth.” He didn’t pull away, or protest. I wasn’t face fucking him hard, but enough to feel dominant of this little guy. I leant back and watched him as I unloaded. He didn’t pull off, I relaxed my hands and kept gently pumping into his mouth. There was cum and saliva escaping his lips. His hand was frigging his little cock like crazy. I didn’t know if he’d swallowed or not, but his body jerk meant he’d cum too. When he pulled back some saliva and cum dribbled out. “Did you swallow my sperm?” “A bit.” He was wiping his mouth. “That was so amazing. Thank you.” I lifted his chin and kissed his lips. He turned and scooted up the bed, a leg wide showing the silver top of the plug in him. I wondered if he remembers it was there? I knew today was the day he was going to get fucked. Chatting, drinking, eating, occasional little fuck of his hole with the plug and some lube put in so he didn’t go dry, I was ready to make him fully mine. “Want to play more? How would you like my cock instead of the butt plug?” I tickled him a little. He giggled and nodded… “yeeeees” as he laughed out loud. I got him to the edge of the bed, kneeling on all fours. The butt plug almost saying “fuck here”. I gripped it and gently pulled it out. His entrance looked tight as I pulled, but it came out easily. His little cunt lips snapped back into place, but they were a little puffy and red now, his izmir escort entrance a little open on its own. “Here I come!” Taking hold of his hips, I lowered myself to line up with his hole and pushed forward. I was rock hard, no need to direct by hand. My cockhead was in without hesitation. The warmth and velvet smoothness was exquisite. Rocking back and forwards I slowly pushed more into him. At 7 inches I’m not massive, but not small, and my cock is thick. I kept going, watching with exquisite pleasure as his little, tight boycunt took my cock. Then I was there, to the hilt. His narrow hips held in my hands, his head now down on the bed in his folded arms. “Reach back and feel between your legs. You can feel my cock in your bum.” Little fingers were tickling my balls as he stretched back to feel. I reached down and took his fingers, taking one and letting him feel where my cock entered him. “Is it all in me?”, surprised. “Yup, your cute little ass has me totally in you.” His arm went back under his head. I withdrew about half way then pushed back in. All slow and deliberate, checking he was OK. I began picking up the pace after I was able to slide in and out fully. I was going to give him his first proper fucking. Tightening my hands on his hips, I began pulling him back a little as I pushed forward. Each time now I was up to my balls. I wasn’t going to last long, but it was fantastic. I started faster, my balls giving a little sticky slap against him. I couldn’t pound his pussy, but he was absolutely taking a fucking now. Tight, hot, smooth, his boycunt was mine. A few more harder thrusts and I was breeding his pussy as deep as I could. I saw his hand clench the pillow, but it wasn’t pain but a little moan came out. I felt like I’d cum a lifetime of spunk in him. I was so hot and fired up. I pulled him back, still impaled on my cock and reached round and frigged his little cock fast and hard. I felt his boy cunt tighten round my cock, almost being too painful. His head came back hard against my chest and he let out a big grunt, his slim body jerking and shaking against me. I held him like that for a few moments, then slowly withdrew from his ass. He flopped on to his side exhausted. “You are amazing. Do you feel alright.” “Yeah. That was really good. I had a big zing” “Get under the duvet and keep warm and we’ll cuddle. I’m just going to the toilet quickly.” A reality of that first deep fuck was a quick shower for me. In time, a little more talk on preparing. As I stepped out of the shower he came dashing in and sat himself on the toilet. He left out a loud fart. I laughed and ruffled his hair. “Come cuddle when you’re done.” I was the luckiest guy ever, I thought, and went to bed to wait on him, thinking of what things we could get up to in the future. There’s more to tell about Yellow Top. Soon. ­čśë

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