Subject: Transitions Book 2 Chapter 12 Gay adult youth I thought I would give you two chapters because I hate cliff hangers. OK Its not really a cliff hanger but, stillI have a small favor to ask of you. I found this little guys YouTube page and he was so thrilled my friend subscribed he made a video excited for One subscriber. My friend said he would ask his friends to subscribe. So Im asking you to as well. He is kind of what I see Joey like in my head. Thanks Guys lets get him to a thousand subscribers fast. Hyena Gaming – YouTube Also if you can donate to too. I know they appreciate it too Thanks again guys Eric Transitions Book 2 Chapter 12 They walk up to the admissions gate and Eric pays for them to enter. “I figured you you would want to see your relatives.” Eric says giggling. “Poppi this is the zoo.” “I know I figure you got relations here.” Eric says laughing. “Maybe in the monkey cages.” Joey says giggling. “Probably just not just there.” Eric says smiling. They walk in and start to tour the Memphis zoo. They walk up and as a zoo keeper talking about the care of giraffes. They all sit and listen to them tell how to take care of them. Basically everything you ever wanted to know about the animals. As the zoo keeper is talking a giraffe walks up behind him and puts her head over to him and licks his face with her long tongue. “Eww.” The boys say giggling. Once the zoo keeper is done they head off to another part of the zoo they see panda bears. “They are from China like Tran.” Alejandro says reading the sign. “They look so cute.” Joey says. “Yes they do. But I don’t think you would want to get too close to them.” “Probably not. But they are cute.” Joey says smiling. They head to the amphibian displays much to Eric discomfort. The boys wanted to see the snakes. Eric feels his skin crawling as they walk in. He sees a lady holding a big damn snake over her shoulders. Eric involuntarily shudders at the thought. The boys are right next to her. Eric keeps his distance. He is about fifteen feet away and the boys are touching the snake as the lady said they could. “It feels cool dad. Come feel.” “I don’t think so.” “Poppi are you scared of snakes?” “Scared doesn’t even begin to cover it.” “You always tell us to face our fears and overcome them.” Alejandro answers back. “I know.” Eric says not even thinking of going near the massive thing. “Come on dad face your fears.” “Sir. This snake is harmless. He just ate and he is very docile.” The lady zoo keeper says to Eric. The boys are not having it and they grab Eric’s hands and pull him towards the snake. His feet feel like they are three hundred pounds each. They get him within a few feet of the snake and tell him. “Touch it dad.” “Yeah poppi. Be brave.” Eric has no choice he has to do it. Or he will look like a hypocrite to the boys. He lifts up a trembling hand and reaches for the snake to touch it. He almost touches it and pulls his hand back. “I don’t know guys. I have had this fear my whole life.” “Poppi.” Alejandro says looking disappointed in Eric. Well, Eric cant have his boys disappointed in him. He reaches up with his trembling hand and touches the snake. As he does it moves. “AHHH!!!” Eric screams and withdraws his hand quickly and steps back a few feet. “It is just getting comfortable.” The zoo keeper says. Eric looks at the thing and he has to do it for the boys. He steps back up and he reaches out his hand again and gently touches it. “It feels cool doesn’t it poppi?” “It feels like a pair of boots.” Eric says with a half smile, and shaky voice. “You are being really brave.” Alejandro says to Eric as he has heard Eric tell him many times when he is facing a fear. “I dont feel brave I feel terrified.” “Now do you boys want to hold it?” The zoo keeper asks. Eric shakes his head no. The boys are smiling and agreeing to it. The lady zoo keeper takes the snake from her shoulders and drapes it over the boys shoulders. Eric is mortified. He knows they aren’t in danger because if they were the zoo keeper wouldn’t have done it. “Take a picture dad so we can show Tran.” Eric steps back and takes a few pictures of the boys with the snake draped over them. “Its kind of heavy.” Alejandro says. “Yeah I didn’t think it would weigh this much. You try it dad.” “I don’t think so.” “Poppi.” Eric nods very slowly and the lady takes the snake and drapes it over his shoulders. Eric is shaking and basically terrified. But, the boys are smiling. He allows it to sit on his shoulders a good two minutes before he just cant stand it anymore. The lady can see he is extremely nervous and removes the snake from him. Alejandro took a picture of Eric with the snake on his shoulder with Eric’s phone. “Now we got proof that you faced your fears poppi.” They leave the area and Eric feels a huge sense of relief. “Dad can I get a snake now.” “NO.” Eric says quickly. “But, you faced your fears.” “I may have faced them. But, it doesn’t mean I want one in the house.” Joey knows he will never win this battle. So he quickly gives it up. They go to the other sights and see cool animals. They see the Elephants, and giggle when they spray water in the air and at the people watching them. There is a cute little baby elephant following the mommy. They listen to the zoo keeper tell them all about elephants. It is pretty interesting. The boys and Eric listen and when the keeper is done they go to the next animals. Its the monkeys and one is in a tree just beating his poor little monkey cock to a pulp. He shoots a load into the air and you can see the relief on his face. When he cums. “Look dad its Alejandro.” Joey says giggling. “Na uh. Its you.” Alejandro says laughing. They go and see the penguins next. The zoo keeper is out telling about the penguins. “We are just about to feed them. Any volunteers want to help?” Joey and Alejandro raise their hands quickly. “Looks like a have a couple of young volunteers to help me then.” Eric and the boys follow the keeper around through a door and into the area they keep the penguins. They all get a bucket of fish and walk out and start feeding them. The boys are roaring with laughter at the antics of the penguins swimming around and taking the fish. They seem very giresun escort happy to be eating. Once the buckets are empty they head back out and go look at other things. They have a great time and after about four hours Eric says they need to get going. “Lets get Tran a panda bear.” Alejandro says. “Yeah dad.” “Sure guys.” They head into the gift shop and the boys find a panda for Tran. Eric gets some t-shirts for all of them one for Tran as well. Joey looks at a kola bear stuffed animal with longing eyes. “You want that Joey?” Eric asks. “Kind of. Its not for me though. I think Beth would like it.” “Well, lets get it for her.” “Look poppi its like Jorge but, different. We should get him for Brandon. I think he would like it.” “I think you are right.” Eric says smiling. He pays and they head back to the truck and the hospital. Once they get there they tote the gifts upstairs and Joey has his all ready to give to Beth. He looks at Eric on the elevator. “Go ahead. But, make sure to come and see your brother too.” “I will dad.” He says smiling. Once they get off Joey heads to Beth’s room and Alejandro and Eric head to Trans. They don’t fnd him there so they head to Brandon’s room. They get there and Tran is in the chair and Brandon is sitting on his lap and they are watching cartoons together. Eric smiles its a nice sight seeing his son being so kind to another boy. Obviously one that needs him. They look over at him and smile. “Hi Ba. Did you guys have fun?” “We did. Wish you could have been with us.” “Me too. Where did you go?” “We went to the zoo. And I got poppi to hold a snake.” “Cool.” Tran says. Alejandro gently takes Eric’s phone from him and starts showing them all the pictures they took. “Ba you look really scared.” “I was. But, the boys used my words against me saying I have to face my fears.” “Ba you do. I’m proud of you.” Eric feels a bit proud of himself now because he did face one of his biggest fears. “It was really cool we got to feed penguins. They are so funny.” Eric takes the phone and pulls up the video of them feeding them. Tran and Brandon watch and giggle at the video of the penguins playing. “We got you guys some gifts since you couldn’t go.” Eric says. Alejandro gets out the panda for Tran. “We got you a panda cuz they are from China like you.” Alejandro says beaming at giving his brother a present. Tran smiles big. “Thanks I like it a lot.” He says taking it and hugging it to him. “And we got Brandon a monkey that’s like Jorge.” He says pulling it out of the bag and hands it to Brandon. He squeals with delight and takes it into his little hands and hugs it. “Its almost just like yours Tran.” He smiles having something like his friend. “Its not really mine. Its Alejandro’s. He is on loan to me.” “Still almost like it. Its so cool. Thank you guys.” He says hugging it to him some more and smiling. He kisses it on its furry head. “Got you boys some t-shirts too.” Eric says pulling them out of the bag. “Way cool. Thanks.” Brandon says looking at the t-shirt with animals printed on it. He slips it over his hospital gown and looks down smiling and touching the different animals. “Looks like you feel a bit better Brandon.” Eric says. “Yeah I don’t feel like puking no more. But, I’m still real tired.” “Should you have a nap then?” “I had two already. I don’t want another one.” “Yeah we been sleeping all day Ba. Tired of sleeping.” “But, you guys need rest.” “We get it Ba.” “I just don’t want you guys to over do it. I want you to get better.” “We will Ba. We will.” Tran says smiling. “Yeah Mr Eric. We will.” “Good.” Alejandro and Eric take a seat next to the bed and they all just talk a little bit about nothing. As they are talking Brandon’s dad walks in covered in dust and grime. “Hey buddy. How you feeling today?” His dad asks as Brandon jumps off Trans lap to go hug his dad. “I feel lots better. Tran helped me lots. He is a good friend.” “Yes he is. Sorry I am so late today. I got a temporary job through a service.” “Its OK daddy. I know you got to work. Its important. Sides Tran was here with me. Look Mr Eric got me a monkey like Trans.” He says holing it up for his dad to see. “That was very nice of him. I see he got you a shirt too. Did you thank him?” “Umm I think so.” “You better make sure.” His dad said a little stern. “Um Mr Eric thank you for the presents if I didn’t tell you already.” “I think you did but, it was my pleasure.” The boy comes over and hugs Eric’s legs. His head right at crotch level. Eric feels a bit guilty as his cock twitches in excitement. He is a beautiful boy. But, he is so young and sick too. So he feels major guilt for being attracted to him. “I cant thank you guys enough for looking after Brandon. The nurses told me that Tran stayed with Brandon all night and most of today. So thank you for helping my son, when I cant.” “I like him its no trouble at all.” Tran says. “He is my little friend.” “And Tran is my big friend.” He say smiling. “Yep so we like hanging out together. Besides we both love trains. So that’s fun too.” Tran adds. Eric pulls out a business card and hands it to Brandon’s dad. “Why don’t you call this number. Tell them I told you to call. My business has a number of grants to help people that don’t even work for me to help them in their times of need. I am certain that you would qualify for a grant so that you can spend more time here and not have to worry about working and money so much. I know they will pay several months of past bills and several future months as well.” “I don’t want any charity.” “Its not charity. Its helping someone who under normal circumstances would never need it. But, its not a normal time right now. Thing is if you want. I know some people do. You can borrow the money and pay it back in small monthly installments after everything is back to normal.” “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” He say smiling. Eric will have to call the office and tell them to allow him to do that if he wants. Then after a while write it off and tell him that a donor paid it for him. Which they will. Its just Eric. “Give them a call. Like I said I am sure they will have an option to help you out and make your life a little easier and less stressful.” gölbaşı escort “I will. Thank you.” He says smiling and putting the card in his billfold. “Come on guys. Lets let Brandon visit with his daddy.” Tran gets up and he gets on his knees and gives Brandon a big hug. “Now you remember if you get scared or want me just come get me. Or if you cant have a nurse ask me to come to you. OK?” “OK, Your the bestest friend I ever had.” “Your the bestest for me too.” Trans says back to him making Brandon smile. Tran gives Brandon a kiss on the cheek then gets up. They all walk back to Trans room and they spend the evening together talking and enjoying each others company. Eric has the boys get ready to go as Tran needs his rest as he has his final treatment tomorrow. That and Eric knows he didn’t get the rest he really needs because he was helping Brandon. The boys and Eric head back to the hotel and order room service as they are all starving. When it arrives they eat and the boys and Eric take showers and head to bed. Eric sleeps soundly and only wakes up when he feels both boys snuggling into him. He smiles and falls back to sleep quickly. He wakes the next morning and is full of dread, fear and excitement. As its Trans last dose of medication today. He looks at the ceiling and thinks. If you are really there. Make this work for my boy and for Brandon and Beth. They are all great children and don’t deserve to have this shit happen to them. He slips out of bed after his little pryaer and goes to pee. He calls room service and orders crepes and some scrambled eggs for him and the boys. He is thinking he is looking forward to the crepes he hasn’t had any in years. He brews some coffee in the kitchen area and sits to wait on the breakfast to arrive. He sips his coffee and looks out at the Memphis skyline. Its really lovely he thinks. As he takes the time to enjoy it. As he is finishing his first cup the door bell chimes. He goes and asnwers the door and signs for the food and gives a nice tip as well. Th eman smiles and thanks him. Eric goes into the bedroom he is using. “I got some food out here. You want it to go to waste?” Both boys eyes open and they race to the bathroom and are out in a minute flat. Eric is putting a crepe on his plate. “Whats wrong with the pancakes?” Alejadnro asks. “They are crepes buddy. They are kind of like pancakes. Here try one. Eric says putting one on his plae and smearing it with Nutella. He does the same for Joey. “These are good.” Alejadnro says as he takes a bit his eyes light up. “Yeah dad we got to have these a lot.” “I don’t know how to make them. But, I am sure it isn’t too hard.” “I want to learn how.” Alejandro says. Eric also got some sausages fot ehm as well. He finishes putting things on his plate and the boys help themselves to what they want. After a few seconds it seems the boys have devoured the entire meal. “Get dressed guys we got to go see Tran its his last treatment today.” “Yeha poppi we are excited cuz he will be better then.” “We don’t know that for sure. Lets think positive for sure. But, be careful too.” “We know dad.” Joey says. “But, he will be alright. I just know it.” Eric smiles at him. “I’m sure you are right.” They all get dressed and go to the turck and all climb ina and go to the hospital. When they get there all of them go to Trans room to see him. “Hi guys.” Tran says looking up from the floor as he is playing with Brandon and the train. The boys being boys are down there with them as soon as they see them playing. Eric sits in the chaor next to the bed and checks emails. He sees one from his HR lady and opens it. Mr Murphey: A man called yesterday saying he has a sone in the hospital and you told him to call about a program we have where we loan money to people whose children are sick. You really need to inform me of these things when you make up new programs. I of course knew you were up to your usual trickery and went along with it. I made up an application and emailed it to him. He loos like he really needs help. According to the information he sent he is about to be evicted from his apartment. His lights and everything are overdue and about to be cut off. His work history is very steady. He has worked at a concrete plant for six years. They all love him tehre and have been trying to help as much as they can. I called if you wonder how I know this. He is asking for $4,000 to be paid back in installments. How do you want me to handle this boss? He emails back. OK Here is what you do. You pay all of the back bills in full. Pay his rent for one year. Over pay all of his bills so he will have them paid for several months in advance. Send him an email and tell him that it can be paid back in very small monthly installments six months after his situation improves interest free. Also add three thousand dollars on top of it for expenses he may incur while off of work that we cant forsee. Tell him this part is a grant and will not be repaid. Thanks you are the greatest. Take care of this ASAP. Eric When she gets it she knows for Eric ASAP is not as soon as possible but, right now. He rarely uses the phrase so when he does she knows he means business. Eric opens up a few more emails. “Hey boys guess what?” “What?” All four ask in unison. “My guy found some KFC’s for sale. Right here in Memphis.” “Cool dad.” “Yeah Poppi. Super cool.” “Ba you gonna get them?” “I don’t know. The prices sure seems good according to their business records my guys says.” “I think you should get them poppi. We all love some fried chicken.” “That we do.” Eric agrees. Eric sends an email back to look into it further and let him knw his opinion on if its a good buy or not. Dr Thomas walsk in smiling. “I see we got the train going today. Fun stuff. Anything new?” “Poppi is buying KFC’s” Alejadnro tells him. He looks at Eric. Eric shrugs. “Maybe I don’t know yet. I am having my peole delve a little deeper to see.” “Sounds good.” “So Tran we have your last treatment today. You excited?” “Actually yes. I want to be done with it.” He says getting up and climbing into his bed. The good doctor hooks up the needle into Trans arm. The otheres are gathered around the bed and Brandon göztepe escort is in the bed next to him. “I hope it doesn’t hurt at all this time big buddy.” He says to Tran. “Me too. But, its gotten better. The first time was awful thoogh.” Eric nods his head recalling. Its only been a few days but, feels like a lifetime ago. The doctor releases the medidcation and it starts to flow into Trans veins mixing with his blood to help him get better. “Is it OK Tran?” Brandon asks him. “Its not too bad. It just feels really warm. Not burning at all.” “Good.” Dr Thomas says. “I will be back in a while to check on you.” “Thanks Tom Tom.” Tran says smiling. The treatment runs its course and its as if nothing is any different. Eric is thrilled Tran is having very little discomfort this time. He still holds his hand through the entire process and of course worries it can change at any moment. Once its done Dr Thomas comes in whistling a tune as he looks over Tran. “Everything seems to be in order here young man. If you have no side effects then I can see you leaving as early as tomorrow morning.” “Cool.” Tran says smiling. Brandon frowns. “I’m happy for you Tran.” He says. “Why the long face then buddy?” “Cuz I wont have anybody to play with again.” “It will be OK. I will intoduce you to Beth. Shes really fun to be around?” Joey says. “Does she like trains?” “I don’t know. I guess that’s something you have to ask her about. Want to go meet her now?” He looks at Tran. “Sure go meet her. More friends are always better.” He says nudging him. Brandon and Joey leave and head to Beths room. “Well I hope everything goes well and we get you out of here and soon.” “Me too.” Tran says agreeing. Eric looks at Trans face and he can see his son is very tired as he is answering his eyes close and he is snoring seconds after he answers. Alejandro and Eric sit and watch cartoons together like old times and wait on Tran to wake up. Joey and Brandon are still in Beths room and having a good time. “Poppi.” “Yeah buddy?” “I love you.” “I love you too.” “Poppi?” “Yeah buddy?” “How many brothers do you think I will have?” “That’s a good question. I didn’t think you would have any. But, you see how that turned out. I guess we will have to play it by ear.” “I hope its a lot.” “It very well could be. I think Joy would have me run an orphange.” “That would be cool.” “Maybe. But, remember no matter what or how many brothers you have. I will always love you.” “I know.” “So long as you know that.” Eric says squezing him to him. “Is Joey going to be a star?” “I don’t know. I guess that’s up to him.” “Do you want him to be a star?” “I want you boys to be whatever your hearts desire. If its a star a doctor or a garbage man. I just want you happy is all.” “It was fun at the zoo wasn’t it?” “I had a good time.” “You were funny with the snake though. I didn’t think you were going to touch it.” “I didn’t think I was going to touch it.” “I could tell you were really scared.” “Well, I only did it for you guys.” “We know.” “The snake was pretty neat though.” “Snakes are neat. They eat lots of rodents. But, I just don’t want them anywhere near me.” “Like me with spiders.” “Yepper.” “I just smoosh em.” “Be pretty hard to smoosh that snake. It was a hundred feet long.” Alejandro giggles. “It was not. She said it was ten feet.” “I think she got it wrong.” “It weighed a lot though.” “I was surprised how heavy it was too.” They go on with their small talk for a little while. Alejandro asking questions about this that and the other. Eric answering him and loving his time with him. Thinking one day he will be a grown man and having boys and maybe girls of his own. How he will miss these times. But, is smart enough to know to enjoy them while he has them. Tran is stirring and waking up as Eric hears the lunch trays rolling down the hall. A sound he is becoming all too familiar with. “Sorry I fell asleep guys.” He says yawning. “You need your rest. Don’t be sorry for it.” Eric says. “Yeah to get better.” “How do you feel? Are you hungry? I just heard the lunch trays coming.” “I think I’m hungry. I’m kinda scared to try though.” “Is your tummy upset?” “No Ba its just last time…” He trails off. “true but, last time you felt bad.” “Yeah.” “I guess I better go get Joey and get these two fed. Unless you want us to stay while you eat.” “Would you?” Tran asks with pleading eyes. “Of course. That’s what us dads do.” Tran just smiles at him. His lunch tray comes in. Its a hamburger and fries with a Shasta. What is it with hospitals and Shasta. Its gross and no one likes it. If it wasn’t for hospitals it would go out of business. At least its lemon lime. Its hard to screw that one up. Yet they have tried. Tran starts eating taking his first bite with trepidation. Once he swallows the first bite he waits a minute. Then he smiles, and takes another bite. “Looks like your OK.” Eric says. Tran nods. He and Alejandro wait until he is done eating and head to go get Joey. They get to Beths room and he hears them giggling. Brandon sitting up on the bed with Beth and they are both eating. Joey is acting goofy for them. He is having fun laughing and making them laugh. “Come on Joey lets go get some lunch. You can continue your antics later.” “Sure dad. Be back later guys.” He says smiling and waving as he walks out the door. Once they get to the truck he looks at the boys. “Feel like some chicken?” “Yeah!!” They both say. “Lets get going then.” They all hop in the SUV and Eric punches KFC into the gps and it leads them to one a few miles from them. Eric looks at it and it looks run down. They walk in and it is in need of a major renovation. It is clean. But, Eric can tell the owners just suck the money out of the place never wanting to put a nickel back in. They probably pay minimum wage. If you are a small business person struggling to get by and all you can afford is minimum wage that’s fine. But, when you do it to maximize profits. That’s just wrong. Eric and the boys order. They go and sit down. The lady that takes their order is extremely friendly. All smiles and happy. They have their lunch and spend the rest of the day with Tran. Brandons dad did come and he spent the day with him. Eric is happy he is helping them. He can tell that they really love each other very much. He wonders what happened to the mother but, doesn’t ask. Not his business. After they all play and talk and just enjoy each other they head back to the hotel and get to bed rather quickly. Its been a long day.

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