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They’re a fine lot who’s helped authors to reach a wider audience, so it would be great if this time around we give them a helping hand. More info can be found at fty/donate.html ____________________________________________________ The Terrible Twos (b, m/m/b, cons, oral, anal, voyeur) By Mr.Bunns “The fuck are you doing here!?” Bobby “The Sandman” Sanders glared daggers at the curly-haired boy in front of him. He didn’t care that he was attracting a crowd by his crass language and how loud he delivered them. All he wanted was to deck the sneering kid with his clenched right fist, and it is taking all of his willpower to refrain from doing just that. “The fuck are you doing here?” Justin growled each syllable. “Didn’t realize there’s a fucking echo,” Bobby spat back with venom in his voice. “That’s from the fucking hollow where your brain’s supposed to be.” “The fuck did you say?!” “You heard me!!” The two boys roared as they lunged for and tackled each other, rolling around on the ground while trying their hardest to gain the upper hand. All of the boys on the front lawn of the lodge dropped whatever they were doing to gawk at the two tussling boys. The noises they were making must have been loud enough to reach the lodge as the front door flung open before a single blonde-haired boy rushed down the steps to cross the lawn and grab them both by the scruff right as Bobby was about to throw the first punch. “Guys, guys! What’re you doing!?” he said as he helped them both up while also outstretching his hands to keep them both apart. Bobby’s anger somewhat abated when he saw the familiar sight of Jason Dinkle, with his neatly combed hair parted on one side, buttoned-up shirt, form-hugging shorts, and well-polished black shoes making him look like an extra in a wholesome family-friendly 1950s sitcom. There was a time not so long ago when he would’ve made fun of his appearance, though nowadays the sight of the calm and good-natured eleven-year-old boy somehow also brought calm and good nature to his constantly raging heart. There was still a definite spark of rage billowing in his chest however when he saw that Justin was also calming down at around the same time. He noticed that it all began when he was inducted into the secrets of Pinewood Heights that fateful summer one year ago. Before then he barely noticed Jason Dinkle’s existence nor any other kids in Pinewood Heights Elementary for that matter. After his induction and thanks to his activities as both the Sandman and a regular cast of Dinkies, he managed to become very well-acquainted with all of them both in and out of their beds as well. Despite that, there was just one boy that lingered in his thoughts as he lay in bed at night furiously cranking his yank. That was the very same blonde who was desperately keeping both him and Justin from tearing each other apart. He could feel his rage billowing in the pits of his stomach once again to the point of bursting out of his head as he heard the curly brown-haired boy shout out loud. “He started it!” Justin roared as he still attempted to lunge at Bobby. “Damn right I did!” Bobby bellowed at the top of his lungs, “Would’ve finished it too if it wasn’t for your girlfriend!” “I’LL KILL YOU!!” the eleven-year-old firebrand forced himself past the blonde boy’s outstretched hands as the brawl started anew and the two combatants grappled with each other. “Guys! Stop! Stop! Don’t-MMMPHH!” Both Justin and Bobby froze when they realized that in their scuffle they had accidentally elbowed Jason square in the face. Blood was flowing freely from his nose as the blonde boy covered his lower face with one hand in a futile bid to suppress it. The two warring parties went from frozen to shock to genuine concern in a matter of seconds as they both took their hands off of each other and placed them behind the injured boy’s back. “Jesus, I, I’m sorry!” “You okay, man!?” “I’m, I’m alright. I think,” the blonde boy said as he winced in pain. “See what you did?!” “What I did!?” “It wasn’t me-EEEK!” “OW OW OW!!” Both Bobby and Justin yelped out of pain as he could feel much larger arms placing both him and his adversary in a headlock while a constant stinging tug was on his ear. He looked up to see a teenager with messy strawberry-blonde hair in a muscle shirt and jeans number tight enough to show off his athletic physique appeared out of nowhere to put them both in a headlock and yanked down on their earlobes. Bobby quickly lost the fire in his belly as he realized who it was that had come to break up their fight for good, and the expression on his face told him he wasn’t amused. “You okay?” the fauxhawked rebel could hear the teen’s familiar voice speak out. “I’m fine, I’m fine!” came the blonde boy’s hurried, muffled reply, “Please, Lucas, you’re hurting them!” The next thing he knew he was whirled back to an upright position standing right by Justin’s side as they came face-to-face to a very angry Lucas. “The hell is going on?” he said with an icy stare. Bobby winced as he recalled the tone being the same one the teen spoke back at the hide-and-seek game from a year ago that brought him to heel and he knew better than to try his luck right now. “He started it,” the fauxhawked boy growled while rubbing his red right ear and refusing to look at Justin standing beside him. “The fuck!? No, you started it!” Justin returned the favor while rubbing his red left ear. “Hey!” Lucas snapped at them both, “I don’t give a shit who started it! You two are old enough to know damn well what the rules of the lodge are! Tell me what’s rule number one!” Bobby grumbled inaudibly in response despite knowing full well that Lucas was not going to let that one slide. “Say it,” the teenager hissed through clenched teeth as he emphasized each word and placed his hands on his hips. The self-styled rebel once again visibly winced before he repeated the words clearly, feeling both surprised and annoyed that he was talking at almost the same time as Justin. “There will be no fighting, manhandling, or forcing anyone to do what they don’t want to do,” Justin and Bobby begrudgingly recited. They also took the time to glower at one another before turning away seething from each other. “That’s right, and you just broke rule number one. You know what that means,” the last part was directed more towards Justin than Bobby as the strawberry blonde-haired teen with the rugged good looks turned to his side and motioned towards the lodge with his chin. “March,” he quietly gave the order to the two younger boys before him. Neither Justin nor Bobby needed to be told twice, though they were reprimanded once more when Bobby shoved Justin out of the way only for Justin to return the favor. His hostility vanished for an instant as he walked past a nosebleeding Jason who was now being attended to by his two younger brothers and friends from the neighborhood. The young rebel tried to quietly apologize by nodding at him but Jason was too busy reassuring his friends and siblings that he was alright to notice. Bobby Sanders sighed as he recalled that this was exactly like all those times he tried to catch Jason’s attention only for something or someone else to block him completely out. Even when they were off to do shots for a scene together in a Dinkies project there was always something preventing him from having a proper conversation with Jason outside of their rehearsed lines from the scripts. Bobby couldn’t figure out why, but Jason seemed to be the only other boy in the group whose attention he desperately wanted to win. This was also the reason why he always felt a pang of bitterness over how easy it was for Justin to strike up a conversation with Jason. The curly-haired boy was just as crass and rude as he was, but there was never a time when Jason would raise his voice each time he tried to convince his friend to mend the error of his ways. There was something kind and loving in even the way they were making out with each other on camera and each time he saw that Bobby had to fight the bile that rose up to his throat on top of the roaring erection he was sporting. Bobby sighed once more as the trio climbed up the steps to the two-storied stone house. The lodge was practically abandoned at the moment as everyone had moved their activities outside for the afternoon, though there were still boys without their shirts or just in their undies making out with each other in the hallway. The grim procession made them abruptly stop knacking up on each other to stare at the two scowling boys marching in lockstep behind an even more furious-looking teenager. The trio paid the curious onlookers no mind though Bobby himself was growing ever more curious as to their destination. His answer finally came when the teenager led them to one side of the ornate steps leading up to the second floor and produced a keychain from his jeans pocket. Lucas then brushed a hidden keyhole open before inserting an antique key and turning it with an audible click. Bobby watched in awe as a portion of the wall opened inward to reveal a secret passage leading down to the basement of the lodge. He half-expected Dracula to pop out of the opening, but all he saw was a narrow wood-paneled wall and steps leading further down. There’s no way they’re keeping vampires somewhere so wholesome but honestly, at this point, he wasn’t even sure. “In you go,” he heard the teenager announce and waved both of the boys in with a nod of his head. Bobby had so many questions to ask about the nature of this hidden addition to the lodge and he opened his mouth to say something only for Lucas’ raised eyebrow stopping him in his tracks. Justin, on the other hand, looked more annoyed than worried about where this basement door would lead them as he was first to cross the threshold while muttering under his breath. Not wanting to be outdone by his adversary, Bobby gulped down his nerves as he allowed his ego to take over and followed suit. “Nobody touches this door. Got it?” He heard Lucas announce to the other boys before slamming the door shut with a loud click. The air was rather musty but surprisingly well-ventilated for what is supposed to be a locked secret basement. The moment he cleared the narrow staircase and stepped on the concrete floor Bobby immediately understood the reason why. The twelve-year-old burdur escort firebrand couldn’t help feel as though he had just stumbled into a movie studio’s prop warehouse, with costumes on long rows of dress racks lining up one side of the room. The standard pirates, ghosts, and superheroes are all there, along with some non-standard ones such as farmers, sailors, and even schoolboys. “Boy” is the operative word here since all of the costumes seem to be designed for boys of all ages, shapes, and sizes. On the other side of the brightly lit basement was an enclosure separated by a chain-link fence. Inside the fauxhawk boy could see light stands, boom mics, and cameras of all kinds as well as tripods and standees and just about everything else needed to shoot a semi-professional feature. There was also a mechanics station somewhere around the back, with electronic parts and a disassembled camera littering the tabletops suggesting that this place saw a lot more visitors than its hidden entrance initially painted it to be. “What is this place?” Bobby looked around at the strange new surroundings with bright-eyed curiosity. “What does it look like?” Lucas said as he walked over towards a large wardrobe, “It’s a Dinkies workshop.” “Workshop?” “Everything you need to make a Dinkies original,” Justin chuckled as he ran his hand across the costumes before stopping to pick up a little boy’s sailor outfit and exclaiming, “Oh man, I remember this one! ‘Seaman Sam and the Seven Studs’! What a day that was!” None of the words on Justin’s last statement rang any bells for Bobby, though he admitted that nothing about this existed in his cognizance before arriving down here. He knew from the Dinkies productions he took part in that the boys who starred in the videos were all old hats in what they do, though how old was up for debate. Seeing Justin looking at the sailor outfit seemingly designed for a kindergartner finally put that debate to rest with a neat little bow that says ‘pretty goddamn old.’ Or rather, `pretty goddamn young.’ “You done taking a trip down memory lane?” Lucas’ voice brought Bobby out of his reverie as his eyes nearly doubled in size over what he saw. The sixteen-year-old had already shucked off his clothing and was now wearing full-on bondage gear, complete with leather chaps and a riding crop. It was such a jarring sight to what he was usually wearing that Bobby couldn’t help but curl the corner of his mouth into a grin. “The hell are you wearing?” he snorted as he tried his best not to laugh. “Shut up!” Lucas’ sharp tone and a crack of his riding crop immediately put an end to Bobby’s jovial mood, “Now get your asses over here!” That remark was addressed to both him and Justin and seeing his former adversary obediently following along made Bobby think it might not be the best idea to get mouthy right now. The two preteen boys lined up next to each other in front of Lucas as the teenager tossed several objects down to the ground. “Take your clothes off,” Lucas commanded, “And put those on!” “What is-” The riding crop swooshed through the air and stopped mere inches from the tip of Bobby’s nose before he could get the third word in. “Did I stutter?” the teen coldly said with murder in his eyes. Bobby gulped. He was no stranger to reprimands and mouthiness was his brand, but the speed and precision of which Lucas wielded the riding crop told him he better do as he said. Plus, he’s been around the Dinkies gang for long enough to know that there’s something really kinky waiting just right around the corner of this kind of setup, and the cock in his jeans throbbed hard as he felt his heartbeat quickening with anticipation. Both he and Justin took roughly a quarter of an hour before they got everything off the floor and onto their person. They were both naked save for the padded leather vest that only came down to their chest with two large holes exposing their pink boy nipples. They also had on wristbands, anklets, and padded collars around their necks to complete the look with no pants to hinder their twitching hard dicks under Lucas’s glowering stare. For Bobby, this was not the first time that he had to wear a get-up like this but it is the first time he had to wear one alongside the one person he disliked the most. “Nice dick, Sandman,” Bobby heard Justin jeered, “You left the rest of it at home?” “Yeah, right in your mama’s pussy!” the fauxhawked rebel spat out. There were two loud swooshes in the air followed by two wet thwacks of a rubbery object meeting tender flesh, followed by two very surprised yelps of unbroken soprano voices. Bobby hissed and winced as he looked down to see an angry red mark by the side of his left thigh marring his otherwise smooth creamy white skin. He noticed that Justin had the same exact angry red mark, only his was on the right thigh instead. “OWWWW!!” Justin rubbed the heat off the burning red welt. “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK!?” Bobby protested as he did the same. Once again the riding crop stopped mere inches in front of his nose as Lucas gave him a very cold stare. “Shut the fuck up,” the teen gave a low growl, “Unless you wanna go two-for-two?” Bobby had half a mind to peace out with a double bird flipped at the two people he hated the most in this room right now. The time he spent with the Dinkies gang though had taught him that perseverance will most likely be rewarded. Sure the pain was not welcome, but he was surprised to find that once the initial shock had subsided his cock was now throbbing even harder than before as it stood proud in all of its four-and-a-half inch of erected glory. I swear to God this better not awaken something in me, he grumbled in his mind as he saw Lucas circling around to stand behind him. Bobby could feel the taller male lifting his hand behind his back to interlink the cuffs on the wristbands with the ones on the vest he was wearing to lock him down in a submissive prisoner pose. It wasn’t comfortable, but it didn’t induce any pain at all. He saw the brown-haired teen doing the exact same thing to Justin before checking to make sure that both the vest and the locks were secured before motioning with his crop while saying, “Follow me.” Both boys marched barefoot quietly behind their captor, with Bobby glancing nervously at Justin. The curly-haired boy once again looked more annoyed than worried about their ultimate fates, and Bobby tried his best to fake indifference so as to not allow his nemesis to see him crumble before his eyes. Neither said a single word as Lucas led his two captives past the chain link fence from earlier and picked up what looked like a combination of headphones and eye goggles from one of the tables. He wanted to ask the teenager what the object was before he was reminded of the stinging mark the riding crop left on his bare skin. Bobby instead remained quiet as Lucas placed the gadget over his head before adjusting the various straps to mount them snugly over Bobby’s head. Once he was happy with the straps, he lowered the front part to cover Bobby’s eyes completely and left the fauxhawked boy in darkness. It only lasted for a few moments when Bobby’s vision was suddenly assaulted by a blinding light. He blinked his eyes rapidly before his vision slowly returned to him and he could see Lucas standing in front of him while moving his mouth. “What?” he said before gasping when he realized that he wasn’t supposed to speak up. He couldn’t help but shirked away when Lucas rapidly approached him. The riding crop never came however as the teenager instead displaced his headphone a little to repeat what he just said earlier. “Open your mouth,” he spoke before replacing the ear cover part to leave him in silence once again. The young rebel realized that the gear over his ears must have been one of those newfangled noise-canceling headphones as he did what he was told. He didn’t have time to mull over the use of the gear strapped over his head before he felt Lucas shoving something that felt like a small-sized jawbreaker between his teeth. “Mmmphmm!” Bobby protested, though this time Lucas did not reprimand him with his riding crop as he was too busy to secure the straps behind the boy’s head while making sure everything was nice and tight. He only caught a glimpse of Lucas shoving what is unmistakably a ballgag into Justin’s mouth before the teen’s nimble fingers brushed the top of his goggles to leave Bobby blind and mute to the world. For the next few moments, the captive young rebel waited in the stillness before he felt a strong tug on his vest pulling him up and making him stand on the very tips of his toes. He was still in the middle of figuring out what was happening when he felt an even stronger tug on his legs before a continuous pull caused him to lose his balance. Though Bobby couldn’t hear himself, he was certain that he let out a muffled shriek of terror as he was all but a hundred percent sure he was going to smash his face onto the cold concrete floor. Imagine his surprise when not only did that not happen but he also felt a strange sensation that he was floating freely in the air. The tugging motion continued on as he could feel himself getting pulled higher and higher, and the twelve-year-old boy whimpered as he was equal parts excited and terrified over what’s coming. A sudden invasion of light once again made Bobby blink in rapid succession, though this time he saw Lucas’ grinning face eye-to-eye right in front of him. This should not be possible under normal circumstances since the teenager stood several heads taller than the young rebel was at the time. He turned to see what’s going on in Justin’s side, and only by looking at his adversary did he finally comprehend what was happening to him. The curly-haired eleven-year-old beside him was hanging in the air horizontally from a few sets of chains dropping down from the basement ceiling and connected to a small electric crane. The brown-haired boy was ball-gagged and hogtied, the cuffs on his vest and legs making his body arch with his very hard dick dangling freely and pointing straight downward. Considering what he saw and the tugging sensations he felt in all the same places, Bobby could only imagine that he too was left in the same kind of predicament though he did note that Justin’s drooping head meant that he wasn’t at all concerned over the matter. The sight of Lucas snapping his fingers at them brought his attention back to the teenager. On one hand, he had something that looked like a stopwatch set to forty-five minutes and on the other a small remote. Bobby could clearly see Lucas smirked as he pressed the button on the stopwatch before pointing the remote in his general direction. The moment he did he was once again left alone in the darkness. He assumed that this was the punishment: being left hanging several feet off the ground for forty-five minutes in silence and unable to see a thing. That is, up until he heard a familiar cheery jingle from the headset and the darkness was illuminated with rainbow-colored words in cartoony fonts that clearly spelled out “Dinkies”. It took a second for Bobby to realize that the goggles actually pulled double duty as both blinders and a head-mounted display. While initially impressed, now bursa escort he’s also filled with questions on why watching a Dinkies video is considered punishment and why did he need to be lifted up into the air while dressed in bondage gear to do just that. The brightening screen took his mind off of his thoughts as the logo and dark background fade to white before transitioning to an aerial shot of a kindergarten. Bobby knew from personal experience that the footage of the school, the kids running around in the playground, and even the parents happily chatting among themselves that followed were all fake. They’re all stock footage edited in by whoever was doing the final cut of these videos to give an illusion of authenticity. He has seen enough of them, and even took part in several, to know that the real content would be the ones that started roughly one minute later once the cheerful, childish jingle dissolved into silence and the camera started zooming in on one of the classroom windows. The zoom-in dissolved to a slow pan down to show the insides of a kindergarten classroom, where animated cartoon word blocks fell from the top of the screen to spell out the title of the video as “Afterschool Fun”. Bobby could instantly feel his dick hardening and twitching as he knew from personal experience that the more innocent-sounding the title, the more hardcore the Dinkies video would be. Indeed, the video already started to veer into familiar territories when the camera continued to pan down to show an adult man’s hand caressing the crotch of a little boy’s shorts. There wasn’t much sound save for the giggling of a little boy savoring the naughtiness of the act. The camera then moved up to reveal the smiling face of a cute little blue-eyed boy with his neat short blonde hair parted to one side. The boy was wearing suspenders, a buttoned-up shirt with a collar, and a small little bowtie that was cute in a dorky kind of way. Bobby gasped as he realized that the dorky-looking six-year-old star was none other than the same boy he had elbowed earlier and the cause of his punishment in the first place. He might be five years younger in this video, but there was no mistaking that sickeningly good-natured smile that Jason Dinkle always wore on his face. He could feel the blood pumping back into his dick as he heard a man’s voice offscreen. “Did you like that, Micah?” “Yah,” Jason, or rather “Micah,” answered in a soft soprano voice while nodding enthusiastically. “Betcha’ wanna do more, huh?” Micah didn’t say a word this time but gave a gap-toothed grin and nodded instead. The offscreen man let go of the little boy’s loins to reveal that the child was sporting a tiny lump at the front of his shorts. Nimble fingers then reached out to unbutton and pull the zipper down to reveal that the child was not wearing any undies as his pale little woodie sprang out happily to greet the man’s hand. It was at this moment that Bobby felt large fingers on his own drooling cock as something tight and snug was fitted onto his hardened stalk. The ballgag made it impossible to form any coherent words and the noise-canceling headphones would probably drown out the answers anyway, so he had no choice but to allow the owner of the fingers whom he assumed to be Lucas to have his way with him. The young rebel did let out a small sigh as he felt the digits caress his taut little balls before leaving him and allowed him to focus on what was happening on the screen once more. The scene has changed to show Micah lying on his back on a low kindergartener’s table. The small child had lost his suspenders and the lower half of his clothing, with his shirt unbuttoned and the little red bowtie loosened around his neck. Bobby had seen Jason naked many times both on and off set before, but he had never seen a younger version of him doing the same and looking every bit a tastier morsel. He was enthralled by the cuteness of his creamy white skin, the dime-sized nipples, and the innie belly button that only made his dick throbbed even harder. “Ya want me to suck it, cutie?” the off-camera man spoke once more as he ran his large hand all over the twitching little rod and rolled Micah’s taut little nutsacks around in his fingers. “Yes please,” the disheveled little boy said in his sweet angelic voice. There was a close-up of the stalk as the man’s lips went to devour its entire short length while kissing the bald pubes with his large lips. The shot switched back and forth between the man’s ministrations and Micah’s oh-face, the child throwing his head back and smiling while closing his eyes and chanting a litany of praises to the man’s efforts. Whoever framed the shot must’ve been really good for they manage to capture the suctioning lips lapping up the whining boy’s dickie and the innocent-looking child’s reactions at the same time without once revealing the face of the bearded man. That was when Bobby felt something cold and wet being poured onto his crack and what felt like a pair of fingers invading his anus. Bobby groaned as the digits twist around in his hole, chills running down his spine as he squirmed around in his very vulnerable position. He was pretty sure he yelped out loud when he felt the fingertips touch his prostate and was relieved that the headset canceled out the strange noises he was no doubt making else he would’ve died out of embarrassment. Meanwhile, the six-year-old boy in his immediate sight showed absolutely no shame in yelping and squealing like a little slut as the faceless man treated him like one. The unidentified assaulter lapped up his dickie, sucked on his teats, and robbed his mouth of what precious innocence he had left with his large lips and snaking tongue. The blonde little boy shook, shuddered, and arched his back each time the man teased his hairless little body and practically melted under his skillful arms. The scene dissolved to the sweet child now bent over the wooden desk. He was looking back expectantly as the faceless man behind the camera revealed a massive seven-inch cock with an angry red knob. The drooling appendage stained the lower back of Micah’s unbuttoned shirt with precum as it sought the tiny little opening between the clefts of his baby bottom. The man’s large hands parted the perky buns to reveal a sweet little pink pucker with minimal bruising, showing that while the child might act like an innocent little virgin it was very clear that this was not going to be his first rodeo. The massive sausage parted the six-year-old buns to their very limits on-screen as Bobby could feel the fingers remove themselves from his hole before something massive was unceremoniously jammed up in their place. Now he was certain that he let out a surprised yelp in protest, though the intruder seemed to ignore him as it pushed even deeper into the recesses of his rectum. Bobby thrashed against his restraints though he quickly stopped when he felt two biting stings of what he assumed to be Lucas’ riding crop smacking against his upper thighs. The slow realization that the punishment part was beginning dawned on Bobby each time he shook around and instantly felt the riding crop’s sting on his lower half. His frustrations mounted along with his lust as eight more thwacks made him fully understand that he was supposed to endure quietly and distract himself with the movie playing on his head-mounted display. Tears welled up in the corner of his eyes, but his ego and the ballgag would not allow him to beg for mercy as he quietly sniffled while the tube-shaped object bottomed out in his hiney. Mirroring his real-life ordeal, the little boy in the video was also quietly enduring as the man’s massive cock disappeared into his tiny little hole. The child let out an elongated whine as the man pulled back to slam his hips hard on the perky little buns. The smooth bubble butt jiggled each time the man pulled back and slam forth to feed his dick into the hungry little hole, and he seized the boy’s slim hips with both hands before really giving it to him. “Feelin’ good, kiddo?” the man grunted. “Hnnnh nnnhhh yyyyeahhhhhhh,” the child groaned, his whole body shuddering and his sweet voice becoming sweeter as the man pounded into his ass uninhibited. “Ya want more?” “Yyyyyesssssssssss,” Micah hissed. The man was more than happy to oblige as he placed one hand on Micah’s head and grabbed a fistful of his downy short blonde hair. The faceless fiend yanked the boy’s head back a bit as he fucked the six-year-old like a cheap little whore. Instead of crying out in pain, the boy looked back at the camera with a glazed look in his eyes and a smile playing on his lips, his small tongue lolling out like a happy little puppy as the man brutalized his perky little ass. That was when Bobby felt the massive object in his pooper buzzed to life. The silicone tube in his anus went from gentle humming to whipping up his insides like an electric mixer in three to five seconds flat. Lightning bolts shot through his entire body as he thrashed against his restraints once more, and once again he was rewarded with two swift thwacks on his rump for breaking the silent rule. Bobby was now panting along with the small child getting violently buttfucked on-screen, though the young hero’s release came much earlier than his own as the cute little blondie arched his back to signal his mostly silent dry climax. “Ooh, don’t clench, baby. Don’t clench,” Bobby heard the man sigh as he himself resisted the urge to clench. Sweat was dripping out of Bobby’s every pore as the man on camera pulled out of the little boy’s ass to spray his seed all across the back of the child’s unbuttoned shirt. The next shot was one of the sweaty, bedraggled boy being flipped on his back by the man’s large hands as the faceless fornicator once again shoved his large tongue into the child’s tiny mouth. The blonde child did not resist him, his once neatly-combed hair a tangled mess and his cheeks glowing a healthy shade of pink. The unknown bearded man placed one hand behind the little one’s neck to deep kiss him while tweaking one jutting pink nipple, before pulling back as the camera shifted back to his point of view. “You wanna do more?” his disembodied voice spoke as his large hand caressed the boy’s cheek and heaving little chest. “I wanna do lots more,” Micah said with bleary eyes and a gap-toothed grin. “Then you’re in luck little partner,” his voice continued as the camera showed the upper part of a door being opened. Bobby could hear what sounded like half a dozen footsteps approaching as the screen cut to what looked to be the legs of six adult men in jeans and steel-toed boots marching into a classroom. Once again the man narrated over the footage as he said, “`Cause I just asked my friends from the construction site to come and play with you. You like playing with construction toys, Micah?” “Uh-huh,” the little boy’s voice spoke over the torso of six faceless men walking past a corkboard filled with children’s crayon drawings. “Then you’re gonna love these toys,” the man’s voice ended his narration as the screen once again cut back to the sweaty, disheveled image of Micah’s angelic little face. This time however it was surrounded by six erect grown men’s cocks measuring seven çanakkale escort to eight inches each, their angry bulbous knob surrounding the child in a semi-circle. Micah’s pretty blue eyes jumped from each and every one of the veiny shafts to adore the twitching stalks before he looked straight at the camera and grinned a very naughty gap-toothed grin. “Cool!” was the last word the child said before one of the cocks moved towards his mouth and he welcomed it like a baby sucking on his bottle. The scene went on without Bobby as the twelve-year-old closed his eyes when he felt something else vibrating and being attached to the side of his cock and the underside of his balls. He tried and failed to resist the urge to squirm around as the preteen rebel drooled liberally from the side of his mouth. The vibrations in his butt are scrambling his innards and his brain at the same time, and the ones on his dick were not any better either. Once again he was rewarded with two swift smacks on his poor behind when he involuntarily bucked his hips to demand more. The stinging pain didn’t bother Bobby anymore now, since between the vibrating objects placed on his body and the hardcore video of a six-year-old boy getting gangbanged playing before him, the only thing he wanted was to cum like thunder. For some strange reason though each time he did, the pressure on his cock stopped him from doing just that. To make matters worse, his captor added more ways to tease him seemingly in tune with what was happening to little Micah on-screen. When two large hairy hands forced Micah to hork down a throbbing seven-inch cock, Bobby could feel nimble fingers running a small vibrating object over his nipples. When the little blonde child was shaken around like a ragdoll and passed from one cock shoved up his ass to another in a circle of cocks, his real-life tormentor added two vibrating objects taped over his nipples. When one burly faceless man shoved his cock up the febrile child’s pale buns while another rammed his hairy pubes against the little boy’s cute button nose, Bobby could feel rather than hear himself give out a pathetic whine when a vibrating object was pressed against his bulbous knob. Sweat was flowing down in thick rivulets as Bobby saw six massive cocks spew their creamy load all over the bleary-eyed blonde child’s tired but happily smiling face on-screen. Bobby also felt nimble fingers removing something that was restricting his hard dick at around the same time. The self-styled rebel could feel his sauce rushing up from his nuts and he let out a pathetic mewl and clenched his ass so tight that the silicon materials jammed so deep inside him bent slightly under the might of his anal muscles. The force of his orgasm was so intense he ended up seeing stars as Bobby could’ve sworn his nuts just shot straight out of his piss hole. Despite thrashing about so violently, Bobby didn’t feel the sting of the riding crop on his thighs or buttocks. In fact, once he collected himself from what was arguably the most earthshattering climax in his young life, he could feel himself being lowered from his hanging position into a slow upright pose at a steady pace. Within moments he felt the cold damp concrete on his feet as his unseen captor unlatched the restraints on his ankles, his knees weak and wobbly as he desperately tried to find his footing once more. As the movie on his head-mounted display ended with a credit roll that is no doubt filled with fake names, Bobby could feel the silicone monster in his pooper being turned off and removed ever so gently. He also felt the same with all other vibrating objects placed all around his most sensitive areas, and he couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of relief. Seeking their next climax might be the prime directive of prepubescent boys like him, but for once he thought he had come a bit too hard for his liking. Bobby was still panting and gasping as he could feel his restraints loosen and someone helped him off the contraption with his arm around their shoulder before setting him down against something coarse and flexible. Moments later his senses returned to him as the head-mounted display was removed from over his eyes and ears. In front of him was a kneeling Lucas, already dressed in his normal clothing and smiling a very amused smile. “So, have you learned your lesson?” It was at that moment Bobby realized the teenager was not just talking to him, turning to his left to see Justin sitting on the floor and leaning back on a cardboard box just like he was. He was drenched from head to toe with sweat, cheeks flushed pink and hair in complete disarray. His chest rose and fell at a rather rapid pace as he panted out loud, and judging from the noise he was making Bobby was all but certain that the ordeal had taken the same toll on Justin as it did to himself. “Yeah,” Justin panted under his breath, “I’m sorry.” “How about you, tough guy?” Bobby turned back to narrow his eyes at Lucas’ shit-eating grin. His first instinct was to deck the teen for putting him through all of that, but he honestly could not muster the energy as he nodded rather weakly instead. “M’sorry,” he mumbled as his heaving chest started to calm down little by little. “I’ll take it,” Lucas chuckled before tossing a towel them both and standing upright, “Dinner’s on in an hour, and then we’re shuffling off back home. You guys do what you gotta do until then.” With that, Lucas left the two boys behind as he climbed back up the secret stairwell to exit the room entirely. Justin and Bobby looked at each other for a moment before quietly toweling the sweat off of their own bodies. They didn’t speak a single word for a good long while until Bobby heard Justin’s voice called out to him. “So,” he heard the other boy say, “You like Jason, huh?” Bobby froze when he heard those words. How the hell did Justin know about that?, he furiously screamed to himself, Was it too obvious? Did someone tell him? How did he manage to figure that out on his own? “What?” “Cut the crap and just say it,” came Justin’s voice again. Fucking hell, Bobby thought once more, Well there’s no point hiding it now. “Yes,” Bobby said as he lowered his towel from his face, “How did you figure it out?” To his surprise, Jason had a rather jovial expression on his face as he answered, “Because this wasn’t the first time this happened to me.” “It, it isn’t?” Bobby somehow had an inkling based on the things Lucas had said earlier, but now he’s hearing it directly from the horse’s mouth. “Nope,” Justin chuckled, “Got punished the same way with Jamal. The video was about Jeffie, so you can guess who we were fighting for.” “And it wasn’t just us, either,” the curly-haired eleven-year-old wiped up the sweat from his body, “Andy and Pablo got punished with a video of Gabe, Adam and Richie got punished with a video of Jakey, hell, even Lucas got punished with Shaun and a video of Mikey. He told me he couldn’t sit down for a week because of that, and walks around like my grandpa without his cane. Yes! Three points!” The last part was spoken as the brown-haired boy made a shot with the balled-up towel and sank it into the laundry basket. “Shit like this happens a lot,” Justin said, “And for some weird reason it always worked out.” “So,” Bobby toweled off the rest of his sweat before draping the towel around his neck, “So, what does this mean for us?” “Fuck if I know,” Justin sighed before turning to look at Bobby again, “Look man, Jason’s my pal since we learned how to walk. Sure, I messed around with him a lot but I don’t look at him the same way you do. He’s just, you know, Jason to me.” “Okay.” “So, how about we make a deal?” “What deal?” “Anytime you wanna be alone with Jason, you tell me and I’ll fuck off somewhere,” Justin said as he went on, “The rest of the time we share, including when we’re having fun with him. Like, `fun’ fun, you know? So whaddya say?” Before his induction into the secrets of Pinewood Heights, Bobby would’ve balked and quite possibly decked Justin in the face for even suggesting carving up Jason like he’s some piece of meat to be shared between the two of them. His recent ordeal and prior knowledge of the inner workings of the Dinkies gang, however, made him feel more accustomed to these types of wild suggestions. As such, he had nothing else to say to the curly brown-haired eleven-year-old other than a simple, “Fine.” “Great,” the other boy said as he got up and winced, “Damn, Lucas went to town on my ass again! Hey, does this look swollen to you?” “Dude! Gross!” Bobby instinctively shielded his face when Justin shoved his ass straight to his face, “I don’t wanna see your fucking ass!” “The fuck? You’ve done way more than stare at another guy’s ass before,” Justin looked back at Bobby before a jovial grin played on his lips, “Oh I get it! You can’t help but drool at some grade-A choice meat, eh? Bet you’re itching to sink your sausage in my buns huh?” “Fuck off,” the young rebel laughed. Justin was right: this method of punishment was working out so well that he didn’t feel a single shred of that intense hostility he felt for him less than an hour ago. He even found himself trading jabs and laughing together with his former enemy and newfound friend while they were putting their clothes back on and climbing back up the hidden staircase. Whoever came up with this ‘punishment’ must be a goddamn genius, Bobby thought as he watched Justin push the hidden door open and listened to its locks click back into place after he closed the panel shut. He has been inducted into yet another secret to Pinewood Heights that he never knew existed, and the young rebel couldn’t help but wonder who had possibly made all of this. After all, secret panels and hidden compartments are not something you usually find in a house or a mailbox, so somebody must have put in the effort to make all of this possible. “Hey, check it out,” Justin stopped him and pointed into the living room, which was now very much deserted save for one blonde-haired boy in semi-casual clothes absent-mindedly watching a cooking show on TV. Bobby noticed that Jason Dinkle now wore a band-aid over his nose, and for some strange reason the sight filled him with equal parts guilt and horniness. Justin seemed to sense this as well as Bobby could feel him gently ribbing him and nodding over to the boy in the living room quietly. The fauxhawked boy instantly recalled the deal he made back in the basement, and he felt that his selfishness had gotten him into his fair share of trouble today. He shook his head over Justin’s quiet suggestion that he went in alone and quietly amended that the two of them should go in together instead. The curly haired boy grinned and didn’t wait to be told twice to lead the way. Bobby and Justin quietly snuck up on the yawning boy before they plopped down on either side of him much to Jason’s surprise. Bobby then grinned at the confused-looking boy as he placed one hand on Jason’s crotch to fondle him lovingly. “Hey, Micah,” the fauxhawked boy said, “Think you’re up for some after-school fun?” “I’ve got a nice set of construction toys you can play with,” Justin said in a sing-song tone as he rubbed Jason’s chest, “Would you like that, Micah? Would you like to play with my toy?” Bobby was tickled pink to see Jason blushing and looking back and forth between him and Justin. They still have an hour before dinner after all, and between the two of them, the little goody-two-shoes’ poor ass doesn’t stand a chance. -End-

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