Subject: Tennis Kid 2 Ben stood across from me, facing me, his hands raised in an almost defensive stance. Max stood behind me, his hand gently rubbing a ball in his hand. Max tossed the ball and with a swift motion, the ball zipped across the court to Ben. Ben swung and made contact. It came flying at me. I split stepped and returned. The ball was in play. Our doubles tennis match was under way. It was wiry, dark haired, loveable geek Ben, athletic hunk Max, some poor schlub from the club who signed up to play with us, and me, a late 20s software developer named Grant. Max and I had hooked up. Ben and I had rocked each other’s worlds. Now the two were about to collide. Unbeknownst to Señor Schlub, the three people he was sharing the court with were about to go back to my place and fuck, I mean make love. No, I mean fuck. I felt bad for them. We really should have switched partners. I’m a pretty good player and Max was one of the best pros we had at the club against a 14 year old drama club kid and an older man that could have been my parents’ tax attorney. We let them have a few games so we won the match in 2 sets 6:3 and 6:2. My new Prokennex racket was crushing it. We walked out to the car after the game and we’d showered. Max quickly ditched his partner to talk to us, the cool kids. I guess to him, we were interesting older, not eew older. “What do you guys like to do?” He asked as we walked towards my car. “Not in public, dude.” Max said. “I didn’t mean like that.” Since this isn’t an epic tome with a dense tapestry of character development and subplot, we’ll dispense with the idle banter. At home, we plopped down on the couch. “We can play with the Xbox if you want.” I said. “That depends on how literal you’re being,” Max quipped. He was hot, but not dumb. He was a physics major in college who dropped out and was now a tennis instructor trying to figure out his next move in life. He sat on my couch with his legs spread, his unit barely hidden beneath the thin layer of athletic wear. I could tell during our tennis match that Max was going commando, free balling it. I could tell that Ben’s eyes were riveted to the place where Max’s legs met. “I’ve been there,” I said, noticing, “You’re in for a treat.” “I guess we can dispense with the pleasantries,” Max said, “Do you want to see my dick?” “For starters,” Ben replied, a wry smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Max looked at me and chuckled. “You weren’t joking, I guess.” Ben’s eyes went back and forth between Max and me trying to decipher the cryption. He turned his attention back to Max. Max was a legend on the courts and a babe magnet everywhere he went. Women of all ages swarmed him like they wanted to be Mrs. Max, or at least his next lay. They flirted and giggled and touched malatya escort his shoulder demurely. They tittered and gossiped and wondered. He kept it strictly professional and the other pros wondered how he did it. If only they knew. If only they knew the lurid fantasy world he inhabited. If only they knew he kept the women at bay by imagining what the guys would look like with helium heels, including some of the other pros. During an intimate moment one night, he told me that it was like living in two different worlds that inhabited the same physical plane. There was the “mundane world” of work, clients, tennis, grocery shopping and such and then there was this “magical world” of forbidden sex, lust, and unspoken desires that ached from the depths of his bones. Sometimes the worlds collided, like him being my doubles partner for USTA league matches but for the most part, the two worlds were unaware of each other’s existence. Setting philosophy aside for a moment, when I came back with a tray of sodas and iced glasses, Ben was sitting so close to Max there wasn’t room for a paperclip between them. I couldn’t help but muse about all those women who would sell their husbands to the Gypsies to be that close to the sexy and masculine, yet gentle and kind Max. Here Benjamin Akron was a welcomed guest in Max’s personal space, where so few were allowed. “Ben, we’re here to have fun, if you see something you want, go for it.” I said. He looked up at Max, who nodded his approval. Ben reached in and pulled down the band of Max’s shorts to reveal that his physical beauty and prowess extended well below the beltline. He was 9 inches flaccid. It came in at 10.5 inches fully erect. I’m generally a versatile bottom, but I can’t take a monster cock like that. I know I was shocked the first time I saw it and Ben seemed equally gobsmacked. “Whoa,” Ben said. Max smiled. “Um,” Ben said, looking at his own crotch, “Don’t be disappointed.” “I won’t be,” Max said. “It’s yours and that’s what makes it special.” I was torn between groaning and swooning. Ben smiled and took encouragement from that. He leaned down and took the tip of Max’s dick in his mouth. He slowly bobbed up and down while Max beamed down at him. I got down between Ben’s legs and pulled his shorts down, exposing his rock hard contribution to the day. I sucked with gusto as he got more and more of Max’s member into his mouth. I loved the sensation of these two boy’s being with me and with each other. I rubbed Ben’s balls as he moaned onto Max’s cock. Max just watched us all with a wide-eyed fascination. His two star students having sex with him. Max lifted Ben up by his shoulders until he was sitting back on the couch. He pulled me off. “My turn,” he said and knelt on the floor in maltepe escort front of Ben’s naked midriff. The gorgeous tennis instructor who was the envy of everyone — the very definition of who men want to be and women want to be with was down on the floor sucking teen dick and enjoying it immensely. I sat down where Max had been and Ben leaned over and started sucking me. We had quite the train going. I closed my eyes and basked in the sensations of having Ben’s mouth around my dick. I noticed that Max had pulled his shorts off over his shoes exposing his ass. He knew I was a butt man and I am confident he did it on purpose as an invitation. I got down on the floor behind him and started sucking his balls from behind. “Higher,” he said. I moved to the little sliver between the balls and the butt. “Higher,” he said. I could sense his smile when he said it. Ben couldn’t take his eyes off of us. I went for it. I dove onto Max’s ass and rimmed him so hard. My tongue shoving in and out and I could taste him and couldn’t wait for more. “That’s the ticket,” he said, going all the way down on Ben. He switched to Ben’s balls. Ben spread his thin legs as far as they would go while I chowed down on some of the strongest glutes I’d ever seen. Max pulled off. “Not yet,” he said, “This is far from over.” “What do you want?” Ben asked. “I want to see all of you,” Max replied. “What?” I hadn’t let up on Max’s ass. “Get naked Ben. I want to see you completely, totally, naked. I want to be able to see every hair on your body. I want to kiss your mouth and lick your ass and feel you inside me.” I had to stop. With what Max was saying, I wasn’t going to last long. The images he called to mind were so grand I could barely hold off. Ben stood up and took the rest of his clothes off. He stood before us thoroughly nude as Max and I sat on the floor basking in the glory of the teenage male form. Max stood too. He pulled Max to himself. He leaned in and kissed him passionately, urgently. He needed him. Max needed Ben to be inside him. I understood the need. I wanted Ben because he was sexy and cute and fun; but, Max needed him in an even more primal way. Max, I think, had been too long a captive to the mundane world that he needed a trip to the magical. Ben was both the ticket and the ride. I felt a little left out, but not for long. Max stopped and looked at me. “Switch up time, boys,” he said, straddling me. “Stand on the couch and put your dick in my mouth.” I said. He did. I could feel Max riding my cock. I wasn’t inside him, not yet, but my dick slid along the line of his hips. I sucked on Ben for a while. “You should go visit Max.” I said. I pointed to Max’s butt. “Do what I was doing earlier.” Bent complied and pretty mamak escort soon, after a few uncertain swipes, got into the rhythm of it and went to town tonguing Max’s asshole. Max grabbed my legs and threw them over my head and rammed his face into my butt. He went after it with that same primal urge I saw with him kissing Ben earlier. He needed me too. I too was both ticket and ride to the magical world. He looked up at me and straight into my eyes as his tongue probed my most intimate spaces. I saw the whole world in the dark pools of his brown eyes. I could feel the point of his tongue and moisture entering my body. Ben sat back on his ankles to catch his breath. “I need you,” Max said. “What do you want me to do?” Ben asked. “I need you inside me.” “In my room, in the nightstand.” I said. Ben caught on and got up. Max stopped and we both watch that cute little bottom walk away. “He’s perfect, isn’t he?” I asked. “Yes,” Max replied, “He is awesome.” “Why’d you stop?” I teased. Max went down on me again. We were both so lost in our lust and feeling that I have no idea how long Ben stood their stroking himself watching us. Watching his teacher blow his tennis buddy. I was entranced. Max continued sucking my dick, licking my balls and pleasuring me in multiple ways as I watched Ben suit up behind him. “Are you sure?” Ben asked. “Yes. I need to feel you inside me.” “Okay,” Ben said, unsure what else to say. He tongue fucked Max some more to get him loose and wet then put the condom on, lubed it up, and pressed up against Max’s hole. Max gasped as Ben’s dick entered him. Slowly, Ben rocked back and forth, sending waves of pleasure through Max’s body that were translated to mine via my own member. Fast and faster Ben thrust into him. Max was moaning onto my cock. His guy was getting it good. Soon, Ben’s thrusting became longer and slower as he climaxed and began coming down from his high. Max looked up at me. “I need you too.” “Seriously?” “Yes. I want to feel you inside me just like Ben.” “Go get me a condom,” I told Ben, who trotted off back to the bedroom. He went to hand it to me but Max grabbed it. “Allow me,” he said. He put the condom on, lubed it up and straddled me on the couch. He lowered himself down on me and I felt myself slide inside. I had fucked Max before but it never lost his luster. His hard body matched his hard dick rubbing against my stomach as he threw himself down onto me over and over again. I could feel myself building. I was close. Ben was standing, watching us, masturbating again. He was already hard. Oh to be 14 again. As I shot into Max’s ass, I felt him shoot. I felt the warm stickiness all over me. I grabbed his dick and pointed it at my face. I wanted to taste and see that Max was good. He obliged and got several hot streams into my mouth, plus all over me. “Put that in my mouth,” I said to Ben who was still vigorously pumping himself. He jumped back on the couch and finished jerking off into my mouth. I gloried in the feeling and taste of both guy’s cum in my face.

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