Subject: The runaways Chapter 16 The runaways Chapter 16 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this storyis my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect.The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. Theyexist only in the realm of pure imagination, somewhat. These are my fantasiesthat I have developed over the years. The people described in the story do notreally exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus,I am not harming anyone, because they combine features and thus are not reallyin existence. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. Ifyou are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where youlive, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that willoccupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and haveenjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay itforward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-offbetter move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy mystory. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email hoo. All are welcome! The runaways Chapter 16 The boys watched as Tanner and Eric made theirway out to the boys. They met them at the door and helped carry everythingdown. After they ate breakfast, they went to work setting up the equipment andwent to work recording. The runaways Chapter 16 (Tony) After Tanner had droppedhim off, he went up to the apartment. He took out his key and opened the door.Thankfully the lights were out and it appeared that the apartment was empty.This was his chance to get some clothes and get out of there before his mothergot home. He had no intentions of a repeat of this afternoon. His plan was toget his clothes and get out of there. He grabbed what he could and threw theminto a tote bag. He grabbed his laptop computer and a couple of videos andhurried out of the apartment. On his way down the stairs he saw his mother enterthrough the front door. He ducked around the corner before his mother could seehim. He waited till she passed him going up the stairs. When she was out of sight,he made his way back down the stairs and out the door. Tony then went down thestreet to the apartment building across the street from the Boyersgrocery store. He went back into the laundry room and set his stuff down. Heopened the door to the backroom and looked around. He found a good spot to setup his stuff. Then went back to pick up his bag. Once he settled in, he pulledout his computer and put a movie in. Tony felt safe and fell asleep. Aroundthree in the morning he was awoken by the ringing of his phone. He looked tosee who was calling and saw it was his mother. He turned it to vibrate and lethis phone go to voicemail. Gradually he fell back asleep. He was awakened bythe noise of someone starting a load of laundry. He looked at his phone and sawhis mother had called twelve times during the night. But only left two messageson his voice mail. He was going to listen to the messages but figured he wouldwait till later. The store across the street wouldn’t open for another hour, sohe decided he would watch another movie. (Willy and Chase) Willy felt better afterhe showed Tanner the computer. He showed him all the files that contained theaccounting software and some of the names. Tanner was totally surprised when hesaw the names. Now he knew he had to be careful to who the boys turnedthemselves into. Tanner told Willy and Chase that they should call the Sheriff’soffice and ask for Deputy David Cocrin and if he is not available to call theWaterloo Police and ask for Officer Nick Holms. Willy believed Tanner and wouldtrust his suggestions. Tanner told the boys that they would be meeting withTony, Willy like that idea. He remembered the guy from the restaurant. He wasthe guy that gave them food and money and a place to stay. Eric left whenTanner left the shelter. He needed to stay in the house in case anyone showedup. Everyone understood with all the things that had happened in the last fewdays. The boys had packed all their new clothes away in the shelter and puttheir old clothes in the old backpacks along with the computer. Tanner saidthey wouldn’t leave till the next day but it was better to be prepared in casethey had to move quickly. But for now, Chase and Willy were sitting in theirunderwear watching TV. (Tanner) Tanner was editing thevideo of the boys, while Eric was in the kitchen making food to take out to theboys later. The boys said they would like his Taco bake for their last meal inthe shelter. Tanner had given the boys money so they could get food. He hadtold the boys to get stinky dirty so it looked like they had been on their ownfor the last week. After he finished editing the video, he was going to headinto town to meet up with Tom. He was going to give him a key so he could giveit to Tony when he came into the store. He had already been on line and foundsome furniture to put into the apartment. He figured he would buy a new bed.That way if he needed to use the apartment later, he would have a place. Or hewould have it for a safe place for Tony. Tanner was just finishing up when hisphone rang. “Hello?”Tanner answered. “Hey Tanner, itsTom. Say there is a young man in here looking for you.” The voice tandoğan escort said. “Oh, Thanks Tom.Could you tell him I will be there in an hour? In the meantime, let him havesomething to eat and hang out in the office.” Tanner told Tom. “Ok, I will let himknow.” Tom said. Tanner then ended the call and headed out to the kitchen. Eric was all smiles when Tanner entered the room. “Hey, Save me someof the Taco bake. I am heading into town. You need anything before I go?”Tanner asked. “Yeah, Pick up somewater and some snacks for the boys.” Eric told Tanner. “OK.” Tannersaid then leaned down and gave Eric a quick kiss on his forehead. Eric smiledand said goodbye to his uncle. Once on the road Tanner made a mental note tomake a copy of the key to the apartment at the hardware store. He would thenmake a few stops before heading over to the store. As he pulled up and got outof the car, he noticed the police car parked across the street. He could seeOfficer Brandon sitting there. Tanner went into the store and said hello to Tomas he made his way to the back office. “Hey, Kiddo how isit going?” Tanner asked as he entered the Office. “I am doing good,back hurts a little from sleeping on the ground.” He said. “You didn’t go homelast night?” Tanner asked as he looked at the handsome teen. While takinghis seat in front of the store’s computer. “Yeah, I grabbedsome clothes and left. I slept in the laundry room across the street lastnight. I am actually glad I did.” Tony said to Tanner. “Why?” Tannerasked while looking at the teen. Tony didn’t say a word, he just took out hisphone and played the message his mother had left him on the phone. “Hey, baby mommyneeds you. I am so horny for that hard cock of yours and mommy needs a goodfucking. I want to feel your hot cum fill me. I have been thinking about yousince you left for work. I even bought some booze so we could have some funwhile we are having fun. So please Tony come home to mommy.” The voicesaid over the phone. Tony was three shades of red as he played the message backfor Tanner. “Do you want tohear the other message she left me on my voice mail.” Tony asked. “No, I think I haveheard enough. So, you weren’t kidding last night when you told me about yourmother.” Tanner said. Of course, Tanner knew he was not lying because hehad heard Tony having sex the day before. He could see Tony was shedding tearsand he reached over and gave the teen a hug. They stayed that way for tenminutes before Tanner finally said to Tony. “Well, you have asafe place to stay tonight.” He let Tony go and pulled the key from hispocket. He could see the light go on in his eyes. Tanner told him he couldstay there tonight but the furniture wouldn’t be here for a couple days. Butthey could make something work. Tony asked what he coulddo to repay Tanner for his help. Tanner had already thought about that, hewould need help setting up his new stores and figured Tony could help when hewasn’t working at the restaurant. So That is what Tanner told the teen. Tonytold him he would love to help. With that settled, he took Tony out back andshowed him up to the apartment. (Officer Steven Brandon) He felt the pressure coming from Jon Carter tofind the boys. He knew his ass was just as much on the line as everyone else’s.He was a customer of the Grangers. Not only had he had sex with the Stevensonboys but others too. He knew about the videos and now knew about the recordsGranger kept thanks to Carter. Steven knew what he had to do if he found theboys first. He knew the perfect area he could take the boys once he found them.He would have to get a gun from the evidence locker to take care of them. Hecouldn’t use his own or they would trace the bullets back to his gun. The riverbend was the perfect spot on the cider river because it would sweep theirbodies down river. Now he just had to find them. He followed the boy from lastnight to the store. He thought he remembered the boy from the night he wentinto Boyers groceries. He had come out of one apartment building and distractedeveryone away from the store. He figured he had to know where the boys were andif he followed him long enough, he would lead them right to them. Steve watched as Tannerentered the store. He knew that the boy was inside. He figured that Boyer mustbe meeting up with him. He would follow the boy once he left. He waited andwatched. But the boy never left the building. He wondered if Boyer had let himout through the back. Fuck he said to himself. He started his car and drovearound to the back of the building. He didn’t see the boy anywhere around. So,he decided to go back around and sit and wait and see if he came out afterBoyer left. Boyer was still there when he got called out on a body found, at ofall places the Grangers house. It looked like time was running out. He wouldhave to find those boys and soon. (Eric) Eric pulled out his cellphone and called his father, he wanted to keep him informed about what washappening like his father asked him too. His Taco bake was in the oven, he hadmade enough for Willy and Chase and another one for Tanner and himself. Hisfather didn’t answer his phone, so he decided to leave him a message. Eric leftas much information as he could. He told him that they had finished theinterviews and also let him know about the computer. He did leave out thatTanner had made a copy of the hard drive. He figured tekirdağ escort it would be safe to tellhim some stuff but left other things out just in case. But what he reallywanted to talk to his father about was getting permission to pose nude forTanner. Even now the idea of posing nude for his uncle again was turning himon. But his real goal was to get his uncle in bed to have sex. He would justhave to wait until his father called him back to get permission. He knew hisfather was a boy lover, he had found photo files on his dads’ computer once,when he found it open. It wasn’t like naked pictures of boys. But pictures ofboys in speedos, underwear, or shirtless. He also found the file that containedthe photos that Tanner had taken of him. He had to smile that his dad would keepthem. He figured his mother would have made him get rid of them after she madea fuss over Tanner taking them. Eric had to smile to himself because he hadfilled out a lot since then. He actually jerked off looking at his own photos.Now he hoped his father would let Tanner take them again. Eric then decided togive his friend Scott a call. “Hi, Mrs. Holand isScott at home.” He asked when Scotts foster parents answered the phone. “Oh, Hi Eric. No,he is out with Kyle right now. They went over to the gym getting ready forsummer wrestling camp. Blake is holding a practice for the new seventh andeighth grade classes. It is too bad you are in Iowa you could have joined them.Oh, by the way how are you doing?” she asked. “Well, I am doinggood.” he told her. He wasn’t the athlete his friends were. He liked thefine arts, music, acting, singing, and playing and listening to music.”Uncle Tanner needs my help this summer. He bought four new stores, thisweek and we will start to stock them soon. Oh, he also bought one of thegrocery stores in Wilton.” He told Mrs. Holand. “I heard the rumorthat Johnson’s grocery store had been sold. That is nice maybe he will hire youas the new manager.” she joked and both Eric and her laughed. “No, I think I amstill too young to be a manager. But I wouldn’t mind working there as a stockboy when I get home.” He told her. They talked for a little bit more andthen said their goodbyes. But before he said his final goodbye he asked ifScott could give him a call when he gets home. Mrs. Holand said she would lethim know and then hung up. Eric thought about theboys and wondered how they were doing. So, he went to his uncle’s office andbrought up the cameras in the shelter and watched them play video games untilthe alarm on the stove went off. He turned off the monitor and sent it back tothe cloud. Eric knew this was goingto be one of the last days the boys would be staying and he wanted to make it agood day for them. He knew Tanner would be home soon and wanted to get the boysfed before he got home so they could enjoy the night together. (Officer Joseph Buck) The house was a mess andthey had to wear a mask. He was one of the investigating officers when the callwas received. He was surprised he was being called to the Grangers house. WithGranger dead he didn’t think there would be any more problems. Other thannotifying the wife of Grangers death. But when the Trooper got there, no oneanswered the door. When he checked the outside of the house, he could smell anodor coming from the kitchen. When he opened the door, he saw Mrs. Grangersbody on the floor. It was then that the Trooper called for back-up and Buck wasone of the officers on call. The house was a mess, Buck knew it was Carterscrew that were supposed to come over and take care of Mrs. Granger, but theywere not supposed to kill her, nor were they suppose to rip the house apart.The forensic team would be there in a few minutes and Buck made a few sweepsaround the house, looking to see if there was any evidence that would link himto the Grangers. Maybe it was a good thing the Grangers were taken out but hewas still not out of danger. There were still people out there that knew hisinvolvement in the case. Carter, Brandon, the judge, and Carters two lackeys.He knew of other men but these guys knew he was involved. (June 3, 2007) Tanner had dropped theboys off where Tony would meet with them. From there Tony led them back intotown and back to the house they stayed at the first night. Tony had set theplace up the night before with blankets some air mats and the snacks he gotfrom Tanners store. They were to wait for two days before they were to contactone of the officers. Tony had even left his computer for the boys to watchmovies and to play games. He would go back to pick it up after the boys were incustody. That afternoon Tony went back to work at the restaurant withconfidence the boys would be ok. Willy and Chase settled into the house. Theymade sure that they stayed away from the windows and doorways. Everythingseemed to be going fine and the boys felt they were safe. Someone must have seenthem go into the house. They were lucky theyheard the car door close or they would never have made it out the door beforethe police broke through the front door. They made their way into the woodsbehind the house. They watched as another police car pulled up. They recognizedOfficer Brandon get out of the car. They moved deeper into the woods hoping noone seen them leave the house and go into the woods. It was getting dark outbefore they decided to turn back and see if the house was being watched. Therewas tokat escort one car out front but Willy took the chance to sneak back into the houseand grab the blankets. Chase stayed outside and watched to make sure that noone approached the house. When Willy came out, they moved back into the woods.That night they spent the night curled under some bushes where they werehidden. Tony was worried about Willy and Chase so he decided to go back to thehouse after he finished work. When he saw the cop car out front of the house.He was afraid the boys had been caught, but then realized there wouldn’t be acop out front if they had been. It was then he decided to do something henormally wouldn’t do. He went inside the house. He had his cell phone with himand use the light on the phone to search the house. But before he made it tothe room, he had set up for the boys to sleep in he was stopped in his tracks. “What are you doingin here?” The police officer said shining the light in his eyes. Hecouldn’t see who it was but he knew it wasn’t Officer Brandon. “Ah, I have beenstaying here.” He told the police officer. “What’s yourname?” The police officer asked. “Tony McAvoysir” “Were you hereearlier today?” the police officer asked. “Yes sir. I have been staying here for thelast couple days. Sir.” Tony told the officer. It was then the officertook the light out from his eyes. Tony still couldn’t make out who the officerwas but for some reason he felt safe. It was then that Tony made up a story. “Sir, my mother andI are not on talking terms so I thought I would give her a break and I knewthis house was empty and figured I could stay here till she calmed down.”Tony told the man. “Well maybe youshould go home tonight.” He told the teen. “Yes, sir is it okif I go now. Sir?” Tony asked. The police officer looked at him and toldhim to go home. As Tony left, he watched the police officer get into his car,get on his radio and then drove off. Tony thought about going to look for Willyand Chase but then thought better about doing it. He knew the boys had made itout but hoped that they had found somewhere safe to stay. He called Tanner tolet him know what happened. (Tanner) He got a phone callaround 10:30 from Tony. He had been in bed at the time. Tony had explained whathad happened. He thought about getting out of bed but then figured if he wentlooking for them the police might see him. He was still worried and had arestless night sleeping. In the morning he called Tony back and asked him tosee if he could find the boys. Tony said he would go look for them. Tony hadtold him he was going to do it anyway. Then give him a call when he found them.Tanner told Eric about what happened and now he was worried. So, they spent themorning worried about Willy and Chase. It was late afternoon when Tony finallycalled. He informed Tanner he had not found the boys. But he figured that theywere safe. Tanner still didn’t feel comfortable about the situation, but if theboys felt they were in danger they were supposed to text his phone with wherethey were. Tony said he had to go to work but would go look for the boys afterhe finished. That night Tanner and Eric waited for Tony’s call. When hefinally called, they were relieved to hear the boys were safe and in a safeplace. Tanner and Eric slept better that night. (Willy and Chase) (June 4th 2007) The sun seems to come upearly waking the boys. They were both stiff from sleeping on the ground.Thankfully they had some food in their backpacks and ate what they had. Theydecided to stay hidden in the bushes until it got dark out. Then they wouldmake their way back to the house and retrieve the other food they left there.Hopefully no one found their supplies. The boys talked about what they weregoing to do. They knew that they needed to let Tony know they had moved too. So,when it got dark, they made their way to the house. Once more Chase stayedoutside while Willy went in to get the supplies. Then they made their way intotown to meet up with Tony outside the restaurant. They got lucky and met upwith Tony as he was making his way back to the house. With that option gone,they then moved on to the second place they had agreed upon. This definitelywas not their first choice but it was better than sleeping outside because ofthe storm that was moving in. Tanners warehouse was the second choice, Tanner hida key outside just in case the boys needed to go there. The warehouse was bigdark and scary. But they knew they were going to be safe there. Tony called and let Tanner know that the boyswere safe. Then left them for the night. Tony had promised the boys he wouldbring them hot food the next night. the night was long because of the storm,neither boy got a good night sleep, but it was better than sleeping out in therain. The sun was shining through the office window they were sleepingin, it looked like it was going to be a good day. The warehouse was emptyexcept for a stack of pallets at one end of the big room. There on top of thepallets were thick packing blankets. Both boys were grinning like the Cheshirecat from Alice in wonderland. At lease now they would be able to get a betternight sleep with the blankets to sleep on top of. Tomorrow would be the bigday. They would call either the Deputy Sheriff David Cocrin or the WaterlooOfficer Holms. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories for you to read so in return pleasedonate to this fine cause @ Nifty Stories Archive Donation. Thanks again for reading all remarks areappreciated. 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