Subject: The Premonition Part 28 Gay adult youth Well y’all those of you that wanted some sex here ya go. Get the tissues ready and have a nice read. If this part gives you wood you should donate to Nifty. If it doesnt give you wood well you need some blue pills or I question why you are reading it. Well two more chapters and then this is over. I thank all of you for reading it. Also I want to thank all of you that have donated to Nifty in my name. It always gives me a thrill when I see someone donated in honor of me. It makes me feel really good because I think that I have the best readers because I see my name up there more than any other writers. You guys are very generous when I ask you to help with Christmas and things like that for the children. Even though Im Jewish I still think Christmas is important to children because it is what they believe that matters then. So I want to thank all of you even those that have never emailed to tell me you like the story. I know there are a lot of you like that. SO Enough of my carrying on you dont care about me you want the sex. Again Donate to Nifty Peace Love and Good happiness. Eric The Premonition Part 28 Written By Eric Murphey Edited By Zero Moss When my boys and I, along with Joseph, get home, I sit in my chair and I’m so full I am miserable. But it’s a happy miserable because the food was just so amazing. I’m wishing there was more of that soup that Lupe made. I’m learning that apparently I am a glutton. I grab my little grinder, put some weed in, and grind it. I load up my bowl, then fire it up and take a big toke. During this time, the boys have gotten naked and are staring at me. “What?” I ask as I exhale the plume of smoke. “Can we have some?” Jack asks me with big puppy dog eyes. I am still not sure how I feel about letting them smoke weed. But I suppose it’s better then alcohol, and for sure better than tobacco. “Sure,” I answer, shrugging and handing him my pipe. He takes it carefully and inhales a couple of little puffs. Since he’ss little, it’s all he needs. Joseph stands in front of Jack while Jack exhales the smoke and Joseph inhales it; a shotgun of sorts I suppose. The boys all pass it around; Joseph never actually took a hit but inhaled what my three exhaled. I imagine he is going to feel really good soon. Eddie was last; he hands me the pipe and I figure, fuck it, and take another hit, okay, two. It worked well, and I’m feeling good now. Jack and Joseph sit on my lap. “Daddy, we want to play a game,” Jack informs me. “Alright. What do you all want to play? How about Uno? We haven’t played that in a while. Or maybe we can play Yahtzee. That’s a fun one.” “We were thinking of a game Jerry taught us.” “Sure guys. What do I need to get?” “Naked,” Joseph says, giggling. I knew he would be feeling really good, but the other three boys started giggling too. “I’m certainly not opposed to getting naked. But what game are we gonna play?” I ask as the boys hop up and I strip down to my best suit. As I sit back down, Jack and Joseph sit on my lap. Jim comes over and gets on his knees in front of me. He takes the head of my soft cock into his mouth. It takes me no time to get hard. Then Eddie, who is behind him, says “Time.” Jim pulls off and Eddie hands him a stop watch. I’m wondering what’s going on, and where did they get a stop watch? Eddie takes my now hard cock into his mouth and Joseph slips off my lap and gets behind Eddie. “Not that I’m complaining, but um, what are you guys doing?” “It’s the new game, daddy. It’s the minute game. We each get a minute to suck on you, and whoever makes you cum wins,” Jack informs me. “Wait what?” “See, we take turns and we keep going until you cum. Whoever makes you cum on their turn wins. It’s easy and a lot of fun,” he explains again. “I think it will be my new favorite game,” I answer him with a laugh. “Time.” Eddie pulls off and then Joseph takes over. He is getting a lot better at blowjobs; apparently Earl is teaching him some things. Or maybe it’s the boys, or most likely both. Jack slips off my lap and Jim takes his spot and starts kissing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I’m telling you, this is the best game ever! Four beautiful boys competing at sucking my cock. I never would have dreamed this in a million years. “Time.” Jack takes his place, and I’m hoping that I am going to last forever because the good feelings die down as they switch. This is going to be heaven. Well, I think so anyway. After they all have four turns, I keep getting right to the edge when they call time. Oh, I thought this would be great; it is a pleasant kind of hell, though. Finally, as Joseph was on his fifth turn, I knew when they were about to call time and I just grabbed his head and fucked into his tight little mouth. “Time.” I wouldn’t let go of his head and ten seconds after they said time I unloaded into his mouth, much to my relief. “Sorry, Joseph,” I tell him as he comes off my cock sputtering from the massive amount of cum I shot into his mouth and half down his throat. He just giggles at me. “That’s what Jerry did too. Except it was Jim sucking him.” “Guys, that is an awesome game. I’m sorry I ruined it. I just had to cum.” They all smile because every time they play it, whomever is getting sucked pretty much does the same thing. “It’s okay, dad; Joseph wins,” Eddie tells me. “Hey daddy, Joseph wants to ask you something but he’s scared to,” Jim announces. I come down from my massive orgasm and he is standing in front of me. I reach out and pull him into my lap. “Joseph, why in the world would you be scared to ask me something? Have I ever done anything that would make you afraid of me?” “No, Mr Rick. It’s just that, well, um…” I hug him as he stammers. “Whatever you want to ask me, it’s fine. I am sure I won’t get mad. So go ahead, buddy.” “Well, it’s like this,” he starts, holding out his hands like I have seen his dad do a hundred times when he said the same phrase. Usually it’s something important to Earl, so I am guessing it is important to Joseph. “Me and my dad want to do, um, stuff. But he said he hasn’t ever done it before and he doesn’t want to hurt me. He said that I have experience and that I should ask you to do it to me first so I know what to do. He said you will loosen me up, too. So, um, will you do it to me so I can learn how and my daddy can too?” I look at the little brown skinned creature, his Native blood standing out some in his skin color. “Well, that’s a pretty important question. I see why you were worried,” I answer and pull him in for a hug. “I can’t answer you at this time. But, let me talk to your dad about it first.” “OK,” he said, looking let down. I see Eddie grab the radio and hear him call Earl’s name on it. “Yeah, it’s Earl. Is everything alright?” he replies, sounding a bit worried. “Everything is good. Dad wants to talk to you.” Eddie hands me the radio. “Earl, you busy?” “No. What’s up?” “I need to talk to you and I will be there in a few minutes.” “Cool. See you in a few.” I get my clothes back on and walk to their house. It’s kind of cold but I bundled up pretty well, so it wasn’t too bad. When I get there, I knock and Earl gets the door pretty quick. He opens it wide so I can come in. “What’s up, Rick?” he asks. “Well, it’s just that Joseph asked me to do something for him. Something that he says you told him to ask me.” Tina was in the room so I was being kind of cryptic. While I know she and Earl have been having some fun with Joseph and he loves it, I don’t know how she would react to me taking her son’s anal cherry. She looks at me and smiles. “It was actually my suggestion, Rick. No reason to be all secretive.” She smiles as she says it. I’m not really sure how to respond. In all my years, no one has asked me to have sex with their son. It’s a new world, and I’m not hating it as much anymore, not that I have since my boys showed up. But it’s a very different world, that’s for sure. So I reply, “Well, I was just wanting to make sure it was alright. I mean if you want I can teach you and then you can be his first.” “Rick, sit down. I will make some coffee and then we can talk,” Tina proposes as she pushes me towards the table. Earl takes a seat and Tina goes about making the coffee. We just sit there; I have no idea what to say. I mean, this gift is remarkable and not one I ever thought I would get. Sure, I knew eventually I would get to make love to him, but I definitely didn’t think I would be his first. When the coffee is done, Tina sits a cup in front of me and starts it off. “Rick, Earl and I know that you have sex with your boys. We also know that you know we have included Joseph in some of our love making and that he loves it. I also know that Earl has a desire to be with boys. I knew this when I married him, and I don’t mind because I know he loves me. I know that he loves Joseph with all of his heart. I also know that your boys love it when you do make love to them. Their only complaint is you ardahan escort don’t do it as often as they would like.” “Really?” “Yes really. I wasn’t listening in; I just happened to overhear their conversation. The thing is, Rick, since we have opened Pandora’s box, Earl’s and Joseph’s relationship has become what we always hoped it would be: a loving, caring one. Before, Earl was afraid of his feelings toward Joseph and pushed him away. Now, it’s just so much better for them both.” “I wasn’t going to pry because it’s not my business, but, I too have noticed a big difference in the way you two interact now, and it’s a lot more loving.” Earl smiles. “Yeah, it’s nice not being afraid of my son.” “I understand how you feel. I mean, I know the boys aren’t my sons by blood; nevertheless, they are my sons. I wouldn’t know how to be around them if this shit didn’t happen. I suppose I would be nice to them and then go jerk off a lot.” “You guys are getting off subject. Now, my little boy wants his daddy to have him completely. Earl is afraid to try it and we both know that your boys enjoy it or you wouldn’t do it. Joseph really looks up to you and loves you very much. As do we. So go and take my son’s cherry,” Tina says in a tone I’m not about to argue with “Earl, do you want to come with and see how to do it? Or even have me instruct you how so you can have his, well, you know, be his first?” “Rick, Tina and I discussed this at length. I have the idea how; I just can’t be the first. I just……No, you do it first then I will learn from that.” “Earl, tomorrow night I will have my boys stay with you guys and they will teach you how for sure. I’m sure they will also want to play the new game that Jerry taught them.” “What’s that?” He looks at me quizzically. I just grin, get up, and go home. When I get back, the boys are eating popcorn and I smell that they have smoked a little more. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. On the other hand, if I think they can make a decision about sex, then I guess I should be okay with them smoking as well. “Welcome back, dad. So are you gonna do it?” Eddie asks around a mouthful of popcorn. “I want to talk to him first. Joseph, will you come talk to me in my room?” He smiles at me with his angelic smile, and follows me back to my room. I sit on the bed and he hops up on my lap. I put my arm around him and pull him to me for a hug. “I need to know, is anyone pressuring you to do this, or is it something you really want to do? I know that my boys have done things with you and you seemed to like it. But is it something you want to do with me and your dad?” He looks at me and smiles. “Mr Rick, I like it when Jack and Jim put their cock in me, but it’s just better when Eddie and Jerry do it. They hit that really good spot, but barely. I know that you and daddy are bigger and will hit it really good.” I hug him again. “Now, mine isn’t huge but it is a lot bigger then the boys’. It can hurt a lot the first time I stretch out your little hole. If it hurts, just let me know and we will stop. Okay?” “Okay, but I know you won’t hurt me on purpose.” “How do you know that?” “Because you love me. We don’t hurt people we love.” “Of course I love you. Sadly, we hurt the people we love more than we mean to, but usually with words.” “Yeah, like when mommy and daddy argue.” “Exactly.” “Like when I tell them I hate them sometimes. I don’t mean it, but they make me mad and I want them to be mad, too.” “That’s my point exactly. You are a smart boy, you know that?” “Mrs Washington tells me that all the time.” “Because you are. So let’s play a trick on the boys. What do you say?” He smiles an evil little smile and answers, “Yeah.” “Okay, let’s sit in here a couple minutes more. then go back out and say we already did it.” A child’s laughter is to me the best sound in the world. Joseph’s laugh is particularly great. We sit and talk for a while about school and what he is learning. He really is a very smart boy. I’m sure that if we had regular schools like we used to, he would be in the gifted class. I will have to make fun of Earl about this and say it must have came from Tina. I like Earl; he and I enjoy joking around a lot at each other’s expense. It’s not mean, though; it’s just fun picking on each other. He is like the brother I wish I had, not the total dick I haven’t talked to since I left home. I put my pillows up on the bed and lean against them. Joseph cuddles in with me. I was gently running my fingers up and down his back enjoying the softness that is a boy. We just lay here enjoying each other’s warmth. “Mr Rick?” “Yeah, buddy.” “What will happen to me if something happens to my parents?” “Well, that’s hard to say, because I think there would be a fight between me and the Washingtons to see where you got to live, because we all love you so much.” I feel him smile against my chest at my comment. We sit for a while and he pipes up. “Mr Rick, can I ask you a question?” “You just did.” “Huh?” “You asked if you could ask me a question, which is a question.” “You’re silly.” “I know. So what is your question?” “Well, we are all like a family, right?” “I think that the universe has made it so, yes.” “So I was talking to mommy and daddy and I asked them the same thing.” I wait a minute before he starts back up. “They said that even though we aren’t blood related, we are all like family and care for each other like families should.” “I agree with that for sure.” “So you and my dad are like brothers?” “Yes, I think of your dad as a brother in many ways.” “So do you think of my mom as a sister?” “Yes, I believe so.” I am starting to wonder what he is getting to. “And the Washingtons are like grandparents, right?” “Yes, you have heard my boys call them grandpa and grandma and I have heard you say the same.” “Well, I was thinking…..” I wait while he chooses his words. I appreciate that he does that because he asks really good questions. “I asked mommy and daddy if I could call you Uncle Rick since we are like family.” He waits a minute for me to respond. “What did they say?” “They said to ask you, and they didn’t see a problem with it at all. But they said that I had to ask you first to make sure it’s okay.” Now my poor eyes are welling up. “You know what? I am so honored you think so highly of me that you want me in your family. But if I’m your uncle, then the boys are your cousins. You want to be related to scoundrels like them?” He giggles at me calling the boys scoundrels. “Yeah, they are okay I guess,” he concedes, making me laugh. “Uncle Rick?” It warms my heart when he says this. “Yeah, buddy?” “Can we go out now? I really want to have fun with you.” “Sure thing buddy. Now walk like I just stuck my cock up in you.” He giggles and we go out to the living room. I sit in my chair and Joseph sits on my lap. “That kind of hurt, but I really liked it. Thanks,” He says and kisses my cheek. “I told you it would.” “Aw man, you guys did it. I wanted to watch,” Eddie moans. “Yeah, me too,” Jim adds. “He didn’t do it yet,” Jack tells them. “What makes you so sure about that?” I question him. “Your pecker isn’t red,” he tells them, and grabs my cock. I can’t help but laugh at his observation. It’s true though, when I get done making love to one of the boys, my pecker is red. I think it’s because their boy holes are so tight. “So did you, daaaad?” “No we didn’t; we talked about a lot of things, though. Now we are ready to start.” “Cool,” is the boys’ response to this news. I get up and have a hold of Joseph in my arms and I walk over to the couch and lay him on it. He has his legs hanging over the edge and his little cock is hard as a nail already. I guess he is excited about this. I grab some lube, walk back over, and bend in front of him to take his hot little morsel into my mouth. He bucks up as I do. I put some lube on my middle finger and brush over his tiny boy hole. He moans as I do and spreads his legs wide so I can have easier access to it. I’m really working his boy cock now and am running my fingers around his hole. I gently press and it enters easily, but it’s super tight. I don’t know if I can loosen him up as much as I need to. I’m sure, or at least I hope, that it’s possible; I guess time will tell. I gently slide my entire finger up in him, taking my time. I gently slip it in and out slowly, being careful not to make it hurt. I want this to be enjoyable for him. After a few times I curl my finger up to find his.. “OH OH OH.” Found it! I keep working the one finger and after I feel him loosen up a bit I pull it out and add lube to two fingers. I put one in just to the first knuckle and then slowly work in the second up to the first knuckle. I am watching his facial expressions to see if I see any pain. I don’t see any, so I press a little more of my fingers into him. Now I’m not going to lie, I am so turned on right now I just want to line up my cock and fuck him hard. But I know that for one thing, it would artvin escort be wrong, and for another I want him to like it, not hate it or me. I gently push into the second knuckle and stop. He makes no bad facial expressions and doesn’t suck in air or anything like that. But it’s so tight I can’t see it not hurting him. I lift off his cocklet. “Is it okay? Does it hurt? “It’s different but it doesn’t hurt.” I touch his little inner button. “Oh, I like that! Do that again!” So I gently rub his little prostate and take him back in my mouth. I suck him for all I’m worth and make him have a drymax, during which he is humping my mouth and fingers. “I love when daddy does that to me. Eddie, you got to fuck me now,” I hear Jack in some far off land say. Jack lays face down on the couch next to us. His ass is in the air as Eddie steps up behind him, lubing his cock as he does. I watch as he lines up with Jack and presses in. “Jack, I love your butt,” Eddie moans as he enters him. “It’s so hot and feels so good. It’s like it’s perfect to have a cock in it.” “Hey, I’m not getting left out here!” Jim exclaims as he steps up on the couch and pushes his cock into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie takes it in and smiles around it. “Watch the teeth, buster,” Jim cautions, and it makes me laugh. As I feel Joseph come down from his bliss, his ass muscles relax and I slide my fingers the rest of the way in. I leave them there, letting him get used to them. Then I slowly pull them out half way and gently slide them in. I start licking on his tight little sack as I do. I know his penis is much too sensitive to touch now, but I also want to pleasure him as much as I can. The gift he is giving me is priceless; I want to give him as much pleasure as I can in return for the gift of being the first man he allows inside him. “That feels so nice,” he says as I am sliding more of my fingers out of him and then pushing them back in. I continue taking my time, just slowly pushing in and pulling out, then repeating. It probably takes me three seconds each way. Usually I don’t use a third finger to loosen up my boys because I am of the mind that they’re about the same diameter, so why use fingers when I can use my cock? But Joseph is little and I want to make sure he is completely ready for me when I do enter him. I grab the lube and apply it to a third finger as I am inserting the other two. I slip them out until they are almost exiting him, and then add the third just up to the first knuckle. I hear Joseph suck in a breath. “Are you okay? Do you want to stop?” I quickly ask, popping my head from his sack that I was suckling. “No, it’s just bigger then I am used to.” “If you want to stop, no one will think anything bad about you. Especially not me.” His answer was to push down and make my fingers go deeper into him. I go back down and suck his cocklet back into my mouth. I’m swirling the tongue around his head, which I know he loves. I push in deeper and finally sink all three fingers into him. I give him a second to get used to the feeling and then start the process all over again. I start curling them up to hit his prostate; it makes his body shudder as I do and he lets out a little squeak. I see Eddie is starting to really pound into Jack and Jim is hitting his peak now as I see him wrap his arms around his brothers head and start pumping in and out of his mouth for all he is worth. I tell you it is a sexy scene for sure, with Jack grinding his cock into the cushion to make himself cum. I’m so ready to push into Joseph, but I want it to be the best it can be for him. He is letting out little whimpers of pleasure every time I tap his button as I slide past. My boys hit their peaks and are panting and watching us again. I take my time and work him up to another orgasm about five minutes later. My boys are boned back up, if they ever lost their hardon, and I see them start a daisy chain. When Joseph comes down from his drymax, I let off his cock. “Pretty sure you are as ready as you will ever be,” I say to him as he pants and his little body has a sheen to it from the sweat. He nods his head at me and pants out, “Cool.” I get the lube and slick up my cock with my free hand as I am still slowly pushing in and out of him with my fingers. I apply way more than I usually do because as I keep saying, I want it to be a good feeling and memory for him. I get up on my knees and pull my fingers out slowly. I line up my cock and push it in, meeting a little resistance. The head pops in and it is so tight I feel like it’s going to pop the head of my cock off. I wait a minute though, savoring the warmth that is surrounding my cock. I am thinking Jack is so tight as well as Jim., but holy crap, Joseph’s ass may rip off my cock. I think I would gladly sacrifice my cock for this. I push in gently until about half of my cock is in him. “Now this is as far as my fingers reach. The rest will be new territory. If it hurts, we will stop.” He smiles at me. I know that no matter how badly I want to make love to him, if he says stop I will do so in a second. It will take every ounce of willpower I have, but I know I will. I sure hope he doesn’t say that, though. I leave my cock at this depth for good minute, then I push in another inch or so. I gauge his face and I don’t see anything that indicates discomfort.” “You okay?” “Yeah. Just gotta get used to it.” “I will give you all the time you need. Let me know when you are ready for more.” “Kay.” After a minute of his lovely ass squeezing my cock, he nods and I push in another inch. “We just got another inch to go. Then it’s all in.” “Cool, do it,” he smiles and urges me on. I push in and am finally sunk to my pubic bone into this young boy. I wait a good minute, maybe even two. I am just savoring being in him. I think I could stay like this forever and be okay with it. It would sure be hard to farm like that, but I could figure out something. I pull out about half way and slowly slide back in. It’s the tightest I have ever felt, and it’s glorious. It’s so soft and smooth in him. I aim my cock toward his prostate the next time and keep it there as I continue to slowly thrust in and out of the boy. I am going to take my time, I keep telling myself. I already know that even as good as he feels, the game we played earlier will make it take a very long time before I cum. I have been in him about five minutes when I hear my three getting their tingles again. Once they are done they come back around to watch. I am still gently making love to him, taking my time to savor the feelings. If it feels one-fiftieth as good to him as it does to me, we will be doing this a lot. Jim is watching and I wink at him. He takes this to mean he should do something, so he bends over and starts sucking on Joseph’s nipples. Joseph lets out a moan of appreciation as he does. Or should I say a louder moan? It isn’t a minute later and I feel his ass start to contract around my cock. I have it on his prostate at this time and he starts bucking his hips fast for my cock to keep stimulating him. “Oh OH OH GOD UNCLE RICK IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!” He is really working his hips and sliding my cock about two inches back and forth as he literally fucks himself. After what seems like forever, he slows down, panting. That had to be one incredible orgasm. He has sweat on his brow and his hair is wet from sweat now, too. He looks amazing in this state because I know why he looks like this. “Damn, I want to cum like that,” Eddie tells the group. I start to push in and out of him again and as I hit his prostate it sends shivers through his body. “I…want….to…do….this…….oh oh…..lots,” Joseph pants out as I push in and out of him. “I love when daddy makes me cum like that. He is real good at hitting that thing in me. Eddie, you got to do me again,” Jack tells Eddie and the rest of us. Jack gets on the couch on all fours and Eddie gets behind him. I wish they were facing the other way; I love watching Eddie’s cock go in and out of a boy. But Jack has other ideas. He scoots in next to Jim and starts to suck on Josephs cocklet, This sends Joseph into euphoria; he starts bucking again and shouting out his pleasure. I start pushing in as he bucks. He is going fast, I’m going slow, and it’s an amazing feeling as he pushes more of my cock into him each time. Eddie is again pounding Jack for all he is worth, but I know t will take him a while. He takes a little longer to cum after each time; I guess he is maturing. It’s a real shame, but boys do have to become men. I start to go a little faster because I am not close to cumming yet. I want to so bad and I don’t know how much longer Joseph can take the pleasure he is getting. When I speed up, he speeds up his hips, so I start pumping into him. He is still moving his hips though, and Jim couldn’t keep Joseph’s cock in his mouth because of the pummeling Eddie is giving him. Joseph has his fingers wrapped around his cock and is beating it as fast as he can. I know this had to ataköy escort go on for a good five minutes. Jim keeps alternating between nipples and each time he switches it seems Joseph has another cum. In fact, it seems like he is in a constant state of orgasm as I am pummeling into him. Eddie gets that telltale face and I know he is cumming. It’s so sexy seeing a boy’s face as he cums. As I watch him, Jim switches nipples and that sends Joseph over the top again and this time, while his ass pulses around my cock, it’s all I can take. I feel my balls shoot up through my cock and I shoot load after load up into him. I don’t ever recall cumming so hard or so much. I cum so hard I feel dizzy like I may pass out. I have read where that happens but I never believed it to be true; I’m a believer now. I thrust my cock home for all it’s worth on the last volley and unload my final shot as far up into him as I can. I swear I came so hard he should be gargling my cum. I am pouring sweat now, as is he. It’s like I just ran a marathon. I lean forward and kiss him on his ruby colored lips. “Thank you, that was wonderful.” “I liked it a lot, too.” “I thought you may have.” He giggles with my cock still buried in him, and that feels really interesting, so interesting that the amount of hardness my cock had lost was immediately reversed. As much as I would love to have another round with him, I just don’t have the energy to do that again right now. I lift up, still buried in him. I don’t want to let it go, but I’d pass out from exhaustion if I tried it. Finally, after admiring him and looking down for a while to see how we are linked, I slowly pull my still raging hard cock from him. It lets out a little pop noise when it breaks free making, us all laugh. It made me think how tight Joseph’s hole is since made that noise. “I wish we had Gatorade,” I say as I flop into my chair. “Want me to get you some water, daddy?” Jack asks, already going to get it. “Yes, please. Get Joseph some too. I don’t think he will be able to do much for a while.” This got us all laughing again. Jack walks over and hands me the water from the fridge. It is so good, I drink nearly all of it before I put the glass down. He then hands me a washcloth and I clean myself off with it. I notice Joseph does the same with his water. Then he gets a funny look on his face and races to the bathroom. “I guess we should have told him about that part,” Eddie giggles. “I didn’t even think about it,” I smile back. “But I did fill him up pretty good.” I finish off my water and go get another glass with my still-hard cock leading the way. It’s actually twitching, it’s so hard and sensitive. It feels like I’m twelve again, cumming and then going for round two. But I’m so not going for round two. I sit back down and take another drink. I grab the pipe and take a hit because during the exercise, I lost a lot of my buzz. About an hour had passed, so it’s time to top off I guess you would say. The pipe is cashed, so I clean it and repack it. I take a massive hit when Joseph walks back in and stands in front of me. I know what he wants so I blow it in his face. My cock has finally gone to semi when Joseph reaches out and wraps his little fingers around it. It comes to attention very quickly and wants action. “Dad, since you did Jim this morning and you did Joseph now, and you do Jack all the time, I was thinking,” Eddie begins. Now my mind is hearing Tina tell me what the boys said about how they want to do it more, but my body is saying I can’t do it. I start to shake my head no when he says, “I will ride it. Hey, I got an idea, guys. You know how dad, after he cums, it takes him forever to do it again, right?” They all nod their heads except Joseph. I nod in agreement with them. “I bet that we can all get our tingles before dad gets his cum.” My body is saying oh hell no, but my mind is saying it’s a dream come true. Four boys taking turns riding on my cock, all of them loving it and wanting to do it. “I think if we do that we should go to my bedroom, so I can relax while you boys use my body for your own wicked pleasures.” The boys roared with laughter. I’m not sure if it was that funny or we all just got our buzzes back really strong. We all get some water and head back to my room. “The PLEASURE DOME,” the voice of an old radio announcer fills my mind. “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.” I lay flat on the bed while Eddie grabs some lube. He lubes up my pole, then does his ass, and straddles me. He slides down, taking it all into himself. I let out a moan as I enter his ass. He sits a moment, adjusting. He leans forward and then starts sliding up and down my chest, his hard cock rubbing against my belly. “Wait a second.” I reach up, grab the lube, and squirt a little on my hand. Then I rub it on his cock and my tummy. “Now start.” As he does he moans that it’s better this way for sure. He keeps pushing into me as he moves up and down my cock. It is a very interesting feeling to be sure. It doesn’t take him long to reach his peak with the lube making his cock glide over my stomach with ease. Next it was Jacks turn, as I haven’t made love to him yet today. It seemed fair to go in an order like that. I didn’t make it up; the boys did on the way back to the bedroom. Jack wastes no time and lines up my cock, then slams it home. He grunts but doesn’t let up. He is bouncing hard straight up and down on my cock and he is moving so fast he is almost a blur. It isn’t three minutes and I can tell he is close. I know just what to do to make him cum and cum hard. “I love you, Jacky.” He grabs his cock and starts pounding it. Within seconds he has slammed onto my cock and I feel his ass quivering around it. “I love you too, daddy,” he pants. “You are such a good boy,” I tell him as I rub my hand on his cheek. He leans forward and hugs me. “Daddy, I will love you forever and ever.” “And I will love you that long and more,” I say and hug him back. I see Jim already rubbing lube on his ass. Jack lifts up when I let him go and gets off my cock. Jim has already lubed his cock and has some extra that he smears on my belly. Apparently he wants to try that. He lines up my cock to his pucker and pushes; I feel the resistance of his ass and feel my cock break through. With Jim that is the ultimate feeling; it’s just different somehow. I can’t explain it and won’t try. He takes me into him slowly but never stopping. I think he knows I love it when he does it. He leans forward and I wrap my arms around him, then he starts sliding up and down. “Wow, this is really good like this.” He starts picking up speed and like Eddie he is humping my belly as he slides up and down my cock. I start rubbing his ass cheeks as he does; I know he likes this. After a few minutes, I can see he is getting close and I know what will send him over the top. As he is going up, I pin him to my chest and start slamming my cock into him. He lets out his cum noises and humps into my tummy. When he is over the top, I slow down and let him come down. I let him loose and he slides his ass down to the root of my cock. Then he slides forward and kisses me on the lips. “Thank you, daddy.” “Anytime,” I reply and smile. He grins at me. I just love that look on his angelic face. “Cool, I get to do it again,” Joseph says with an excited giggle. “Shoot, with dad we may all get another chance,” Eddie half shouts. Jim lifts off of me and stays near to help Joseph get ready. Jim takes my cock in his hand and lines it up with Joseph’s pucker. Joseph gently pushes down and my cock pops right through. I gasp at the feeling of his tight rectum again welcoming me in for a visit. He slowly slides down my pole, much as Jim did. He slides straight up and down a few times, and then leans forward against me. He starts rocking back and forth on his knees. He isn’t going fast, but he isn’t going as slow as I did earlier. It’s a nice steady pace and I’m loving it. He presses his cock into my tummy like the other boys, but it seems like he is more interested in the feelings inside of him. After a couple of minutes, he starts speeding up and it feels absolutely amazing to have my cock sliding in and out of his tight little hole. I can’t stand it any longer; I need my cum. I start shoving into him as he comes back down and soon I have him against me, holding him as I pound into his ass. He is moaning and groaning and telling me “Faster, faster!” I am going as fast as I can as I plunge in and out of him. I feel his ass start to tighten as well as his body, and I know he is starting to have his feelings. He lets out a long moan of pleasure as he reaches his peak. I feel my balls churn for a second and then I start shooting into the orgasmic boy. I slam it home on the last shot and hold it there. I feel him shudder a few times from aftershocks. I let go of him and let my cock slide out partially as I lay flat on the bed. He just lay there panting. Hell, I was panting too, trying to catch my breath. I know it wasn’t because he was on my chest; he might weigh fifty pounds at most. I wrap my arms around Joseph and look at the boys. “Guys, I’m spent.” I don’t remember another thing until I wake up the next morning with Joseph still asleep on my chest and my now hard cock knocking at his back door.

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