Subject: Shooting Star chapter 6 (Adult/Youth) Shooting Star chapter 6 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus, they do not exist. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at hoo. All are welcomed. Thanks again for reading. Blade Shooting Star chapter 6 Thankfully, all Cody just wanted to talk about was what Logan thought about Tommy. Logan told him he liked Tommy and hoped he would work with them. Cody agreed he thought Tommy enjoyed what the boys played. Cody then said goodnight and headed off to his bedroom. Logan then went back to reading his story on Nifty. He jerked off to the baseball player having sex with his good friend. Logan wondered if he would ever find a friend like that. He then went to bed. Bryan could tell Tommy was tired and did not want to keep him too long, so he dropped Tommy off at his mother’s house and told him he would see him in the morning. Then drove home to his empty house. He missed having a boyfriend to come home too. This is the first time in a long time he had been single and it was getting him down. It was still early so he decided to go to the studio and work on some of the new songs he had written. The one song he had written called “Open hands, Open Arms” kept him busy. He wanted to get more guitar in the song’s counter melody and figured he had what he wanted, when he looked at the clock. It was after four in the morning and really needed to get to bed. *** Tommy sat in his mom’s kitchen; she had prepared him his favorite breakfast before heading over to Brian’s house for the day. Tommy finished eating and headed into his music room. Years ago, when his father was still alive, he built a room off to the side of the house. When his mom discovered that Tommy had a talent for music. He set up his computer and sat down at the piano. Even though he was out of school for the summer he still had his two Master Classes. Tommy hit record on his computer and began to record a perfect rendition of Moon Light Sonata. Once that was recorded, he took it and ran it through the new program he had created. He was pleased at what he heard. Now he was hoping that Brian would like what he had developed. *** Blair woke up next to Peter. He could feel his friend’s penis pressing into his thigh. This was not the first time waking to this. For as long as he could remember while staying at the Likes house, he had always slept with Peter. Every time he wakes next karabük escort to Peter’s penis, he has wanted to take it in his hand and give it a few good strokes. Blair love to look at Peter’s hard six inches, he was a little jealous, but his own four and a half inches were hard because of his piss hardon. Blair slowly moved out from under Peter so that he could make his way to the bathroom. Once out of the bed, he looked down and smiled. He could clearly see his best friends hard six inches sticking out his pajama bottom. He could see the light bush peeking through the gaping whole. Blair never thought of himself as being gay. But he never thought about being straight either. He had only been in one sexual situation once and that was just last week when he was at camp. He had met a girl at the camp that he really liked and they messed around. He was able to see her naked and she got to see him naked and hard. They touched each other but that was as far as they went. Blair was wondering if Peter would ever be interested in doing anything together. He was willing to try it at least once. It was early and when he went into the bathroom, he was surprised to see that Cody was already in the bathroom getting ready for a shower. It always amazed him how big the Likes brothers were in the penis department. Even the nine-year-old Cody was almost as big as he was. There was no point in trying to hide his morning erection since Cody was doing nothing to hide his own erection. Cody smiled when he saw Blair pull out his penis and try to point it down to take a piss. He laughed when his piss began to spray all over the place. He knew all too well how hard it is to piss with a morning hardon. Sure, he only began to get them in the last year. Cody wasn’t hard because he had to pee, he was hard because he was thinking back to sucking on Leo’s hard penis. His curiosity was starting to get the best of him. He had watched videos on Dominick’s computer of two guys fucking. At first, he thought it looked gross and dirty, but when Leo talked about it yesterday, he wanted to try it at least once. Meanwhile, Logan was just waking up. Once again, he had a dream about the boy, he had been reading about in the story on Nifty. He wondered if it was really true, because one of the boys seemed familiar. The kid was even in his class in school. But figured it was just a story and it was just a coincidence he wouldn’t see the boy till school started again in the fall. All he knew was that he was also a wrestler on the boys traveling team. Maybe he would see him at practice with coach Blakes summer practice. When Logan finally got out of bed he headed to the bathroom. When he stepped inside, he saw Cody in the shower and Blair was heading back into Peter’s room. Like normal he stepped up to the toilet and began to piss. As he pissed his hard five and a quarter inch penis went back to normal. He waited for Cody to finish so he could get in the shower and clean up. *** Brian woke to the smell of coffee. Julie always seemed to make the best coffee. Even if it was just Folgers French blend coffee. Brian often wonders if she added something to it to make it better. He figured he did not want to give her a thrill just in case Tommy had come with her. He knew her son would enjoy it seeing her flustered. When Tommy was younger, he would laugh his ass off when Brian karaman escort would do it. Julie really did not mind seeing the famous singer/musician naked with his soft six inches swinging as he walked. But he still did not compare to her late husband. But it was nice to get a thrill once in a while. Brian grabbed his coffee and headed into his office to make a couple phone calls, he had an idea pop into his head and wanted to see if he could make it happen. It might be a little technical but with today’s technology he knew it could be done. The costumes were going to be the hard part but if he could find them it would be so awesome. “Brian, do you want to eat in your office or come out to join me at the kitchenette and eat it out here?” Julie asked through the door. “I will be out in a little bit. I just have to make a couple calls.” he said as he picked up his phone and called Kato sound and visuals. They were out of Minneapolis and Brian had used them several times when he was on tour. Once he was done with his phone calls, Brian headed over to the kitchen for the French toast, eggs, sausage and orange juice. He knew Julie had made. Breakfast with Julie was always a morning meeting of the minds. Usually, they talked schedules and plans for the day. Today was a plain day to relax with an afternoon practice with the band. The tour will start in a few weeks, Brian was ready. He was excited to get back out on the road sure it would be for only three months. That is why he wanted Tommy to be here and take care of the boys. He needed them ready when they got back. “I figured Tommy would be over this morning?” Brian asked. “He was up late last night working in his little music room. He said something about getting some of his homework done. I guess he has a couple classes yet this summer but he can do them online. Right now, he is working on one of them. He also said he will be over this afternoon.” Julie told Brian. She then took a drink of her coffee. *** Logan was sitting in the music room just off the kitchen. He was sitting at the piano when Blair entered the room. “Hey squirt, what you doing? Blair asked. “I got this song in my head. The thing is I don’t know if it is one, I have heard before or something I dreamed up?” Logan told Blair. “Play it for me.” Blair told him. Logan then started to play the simple melody for him. Blair looked around and picked up one of the acoustic guitars and began to play the same melody Logan was playing. Blair thought the melody sounded familiar but it was also different from anything he had heard before. The longer they played the more Blair began to add a little more to the melody. Both Cody and Peter heard the two playing and went in to join them. Soon all four boys were playing together on the same song. Bob was sitting in the kitchen listening to the boy’s play. When logan and Blair started playing he flipped on the stereo eight track recorder he had put in the music room. The reason he had put the recorder in there was to record moments like this. Normally, he would let the boys know he was recording them by turning on a small red light. But today he left the light off. Logan stopped playing and the rest of the boys stopped at the same time. “Blair, can you play the piano? I want to try something.” Logan asked. Blair was one of those kids who could listen to a song once and could kars escort play it. Blair got up, setting the acoustic guitar down and moved to the piano. While Logan went and grabbed his guitar, Blair played the melody just as Logan had played. Logan then began to play a lead guitar and then began to sing. Do you feel the love? Coming from above. Moving through the crowd Like something proud. People sing along Loud and proud that sing along. Logan then went into the chorus of the song he was creating on the spot. Once he had sung the words, he went into a guitar riff. The three other boys were amazed at his playing. Once they finished, they all stopped and looked at each other. “Do you think you can remember the words?” Peter asked. “I don’t know.” Logan said. “They just seem to flow while we were playing.” Blair knew what Logan meant. There were several times that he had done the same thing while playing. Only his songs were not as good as what Logan and Peter were able to write. It was part of the reason he liked to hang around with the three brothers. The boys continued to try to recreate what they had performed but Logan was not able to put the right words to the song. “Maybe we should start recording our jam sessions?” Cody said. “That is not a bad Idea.” Peter said. “Maybe we should ask dad he might have some thoughts on this.” *** “How does that feel?” asked Tommy as he pushed his hard cock deeper into the man he loved and cared about. Brian laid there excepting Tommy’s hard thick seven-inch cock. The evening did not start out this way at all. Actually, neither of them had even thought about sex when the afternoon started. Tommy had brought out his new computer mixing and recording program. He had been using a program similar to it at the college. He was allowed to take one they had in the storage area, and then used some of the material and programing to create his own computer and software that will do what he wants it to do. Tommy started by playing his newest song he wrote then use the computer and software program to add a drumline, guitar melody and bass line. He was even able to add oohs and awes to the back track. Brian like the new computer program and thought it would be great for Tommy to try out with the Likes boys. That is when Brian brought up to Tommy working with the boys while he was out on tour. Brian knew he could trust Tommy with the Likes boys and they already seemed to like each other. Julie had made supper for the two when they were in the studio going over Tommy’s new program on his computer. She had made her famous yankee pot roast along with fresh baked bread. She knew they would be at it for the next few hours if she didn’t go in and tell them to eat. Julie convinced them to come out before she headed home. They were sitting at the piano when it started, Tommy was going through the song while Brian was sitting next to him. Brian wanted to try the song and touched Tommy’s hand on the piano. Tommy stopped and looked at Brian and before they knew it, their lips were locked and they were naked in bed fucking like long lost lovers. Tommy was surprised that Brian had been willing to bottom for the young looking eighteen-year-old. Brian had also been thinking it was his way of making it up to Tommy who had been raped by his ex-boyfriend. Brian loves Tommy and he knew that Tommy has been in love with him since he was a young teen. Julie had confirmed that many times over the years. To be continued Please donate to Nifty to keep this wonderful site up and running for authors like myself. You can find other stories I have in the Authors section under Blade Hamer

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