Subject: Shelter, Chapter 1 HOLA PEEPS!! It’s Sunday and y’all already know what that means…your boy Ryan has some time to write a story haha!! This one is a little more DARING than what I usually write, but please, enjoy it as it was intended xx As always, my email, for feedback or even chats, is [email protected] Pease and love, Ryan SHELTER CHAPTER ONE By Ryan White “Settle down, guys! I know you’re excited for the July holidays, but come on, have a heart for your favorite teacher, will you?” That comment alone elicited even more laughter from this noisy, rowdy bunch than before, and I just shook my head with a wry smile and a sweaty palm to my forehead. At the age of twenty-five I was in the priviledge profession of being a primary school teacher, as we referred to it in South Africa, and I guess it would most probably be called Junior High in the United States and perhaps elsewhere. God knows, we teachers needed these two weeks between semesters more than most, because WOW… Don’t get me wrong, it was a joy to be teaching these young boys and girls each and every day, for the most part, but I gotta say I was really looking forward travelling to the West Coast of the country for the following two weeks, just to get away from it all. Not that one could be doing much swimming or shit like that in the middle of the South African winter, but anywhere would be better than in the city, after marking close to over 200 papers of school exams this part week alone. I really just wanted to get out of there, even if it was only for two weeks. Once more, I heard a snickering of laughter, and once more my eyes fell onto Shawn Harrison. At once, as always when faced with his insanely out of the world beauty, my face started to glow with warmth and so did it throughout my chest. I quickly turned around and wrote something on the black board, just any old drivel, which I could wipe out afterwards, just to fucking conceal my seven-and-a-half-inch cock that was threatening to expose my deepest, darkest secret. Throughout my life, I had been attracted to boys. I started to notice them when I was, and this is no lie or fabrication, at the VERY tender age of six. Sighing, I closed my eyes and wiped the black board clean, the moment I felt my dick had rescinded enough, before sitting down in my seat and pretending that I was checking something on my phone…WOW…how fucked up was I even at that young age… …you cannot call it a sexual attraction, not yet, not when a boy as six years old, but I did know, I did feel, that I wanted to be around them, wanted to be their friend, I can distinctly remember feeling, special whenever a boy that I really liked would talk to me, and include me in whatever, sleepovers or what not, and that feeling eventually evolved into a sexual attraction as the years went by. Nothing wrong with that, right? Because eventually that need to be with twelve- and thirteen-year-old boys would grow and prosper into the need to be with older guys? Who was actually MY own age? Think again. It just never happened! To this day, I was finding myself popping adult boners whenever I saw a sexy as hell pre-teen boy, especially when they, themselves didn’t even know how handsome and how beautiful they really were. Kids these days mature much quicker, and you read every day, more and more about pre-teen kids having babies and getting pregnant…but Shawn Harrison…out of all my seventh grade students, he was that special one little dude that I adored with everything I had in me. I had just been at the school for over two years, so I met Shawn when he had just about turned eleven, and even then, even THEN, a boy that really shouldn’t have been on my gaydar age wise, I knew…oh boy, I knew, that this little smudge of heaven would one day be a fucking heartbreaker, and I turned out to be right. Dark black hair, which he wore without gel and long in the front, so that it always, ALWAYS, land and swipe across his forehead, his infectious smile, the way he glided through the water whenever I sent the boys to the pool in P.E class, which was lot haha. I knew how he looked without his shirt off, God knows I had dreams about him being naked and in bed with me, like literally every three or four days…and let’s just say, I don’t know what he had been doing back home, but he was ripped as hell. I never knew a thirteen-year-old boy could possibly be that ripped…that was a body that most sixteen or even seventeen-year-olds would be proud of. I was afraid, too afraid to ask what he doing…because even that might seem odd for a teacher to ask his young student. He had this…this incredible lust for life and that’s why everyone wanted to be his friend at school. I knew that he didn’t have a girlfriend, even though majority of his friends did have, because being pre-teen boys, they would literally flaunt it at break times, snuggling up to their girls and holding hands…in the days that I would be on recess duty, watching what the students would be up to, I would always see him shooting the shit with his buddies, and playing soccer and rugby before they had to return to class…no sign of any girl with him, ever. I knew that didn’t, really mean anything, but still…there was hope. The sound of the school bell churned for the last time that semester and at once, the kids stood up and grabbed their back packs as if they were one solid person. Geez…they can’t even wait one more fucking minute, can they…I stood up and face my class, fully aware that I was public enemy number one right now…I was standing between them and a wonderful two weeks of no school and holidays. “Okay, okay, guys, I get it, you wanna go. Have a great holiday and please don’t come back with broken arms or legs, please? Off you go! Get outta here!” The kids smiled and cheered in unison as they scattered around to be the first to leave and eventually the class was empty, to which I smiled and went about of packing up my own things, before I noticed a shadow out of the corner of my eye. What…what the hell…okay, I was pretty sure my eyes were seeing things, but it was Shawn, hovering at the class door, as if he wasn’t sure whether he could come inside or not. “Shawn? Buddy? You, okay? Come in, it’s cold out there,” I said at once, rushing over towards him. My eyes widened as I near him. He looked sad as anything, as if he had basically just been told his dog had died. He was not at all like himself, and that worried me to be honest, because I don’t think in two whole years of knowing him, seeing him every day, that I had EVER seen Shawn sad, or even as much as upset. “Shawn, what happened? I can see you’re not okay, so please talk to me,” I said softly and without even knowing what I was doing, I placed my hand on his shoulder in a manner of pure comfort towards him. Shawn looked up at me and Jesus…there was those beautiful caramel-colored eyes again, normally so full of mischief and pre-teen lust for life, but now, they were just…there…lifeless, was the word coming to mind. “Sir…my dad just messaged me, well, earlier, but I just now saw it. We’re…we’re moving to Johannesburg in the holidays…he had gotten a promotion this morning at work so we have to move there…so that means I won’t be coming back after the holidays…” My heart literally sank, if that was even possible, but it sure as hell felt like it. I saw that he was looking down at his feet, so I closed my eyes in sheer and utter pain just for a few seconds, to digest all of this, before I squeezed his shoulder and stood before him. “He didn’t tell you before? He must have known he was up for a promotion?” Shawn shook his head in the negative, his beautiful, slightly wet black hair dancing across his forehead. His lips were pouting just a little, before he placed his hands inside his pockets, still not looking up from staring at his shoes. “No, he didn’t. He sent a WhatsApp voice note earlier this morning but I didn’t check my phone because we aren’t allowed to have it on in class…you know that, and we’ve moving. We have to, I guess, he says in the message it’s gonna mean a lot more money. I just, I just wanted to come and tell you. I probably won’t ever see you again.” The fucking mind of a child…Jesus…Shawn was making me tear up like I had never had before and this couldn’t happen, for God’s sake, not in front of him…not now…but WHY…why was this happening? I wasn’t in love with the boy or anything, at least, I didn’t think so, but he had a very, very special place inside my heart. A beep from his phone, finally forced him to look upwards and once he had read the message, he looked up at me…and there were those eyes again…I have never seen a boy of this young age, and being this beautiful in all my life…and now, he was right…I had no reason to actually see him ever again… “Uhm…well, I… thanks for everything, bursa escort Mr. Johnson. I gotta go,” he said before he seemed to take one last look at his classroom, before finally back at me, before he pulled a weird face…turned around and literally ran out of my class…and of course, out of my life. I stood there for a few minutes, and I tried not to cry…telling myself that he would have gone to Highschool anyway, the following year, so this was nothing, it was six months early…I shouldn’t feel this upset and this depressed over a thirteen-year-old boy that I had known or two fucking measly years… I took a deep breath and returned to my chair behind my desk and sat down. Numerous voices of excited children, as well as their parents could be heard in the corridor and outside, as each to their own got ready for the following two weeks where the kids knew they could lie in, watch TV as much as they want, play Nintendo Switch morning, noon and night, go to sleep whenever they wanted… And here I was, twenty-five years old, and in total misery because one of the school students was moving across the country. Never again. NEVER AGAIN! Even if I had to go see someone, to cure me whatever was wrong with me, what was fueling this sheer insanity of being attracted to these young boys…no! Just no! Never again! Fuck this. I refuse to feel this useless and helpless. This stops here. Right now. There were two weeks, before me, in which I had to regain control of my life. Changing my travel plans was number one now on my list. Forget the West Coast, there would probably be thousands of kids there. I can’t…and won’t do that to myself! ** I parked my car next to the hotel that I had made a booking in, the previous evening. I felt like I had to have run at least six stop signs in just getting here, just the fucking hell away from Cape Town. Really couldn’t care less. I was officially on vacation. It was as far from the beach and as far from young boys that I could have possibly have thought ahead of, but then again, I wasn’t thinking very clearly…of course there would be children anywhere you go, but I hoped that at least, I could just take a break from all of this and get my head straight. The fact that Shawn’s departure from the school had affected me this deeply, just went to show that I had to get away from that, even for just two weeks. I hadn’t had the guts to get in contact with a psychiatrist as I would have wanted…because the sheer realization that I would have to divulge my attraction to pre-teen boys to a stranger, scared the living shit outta me, to be perfectly honest. If you’re reading this, and you’re currently living in South Africa, you would know how far Cape Town and where I was now, the Karoo, the Northern Cape province of the country, was from each other. A quaint little town known as Sutherland, very well-known for its sheer icy temperatures in the winter months, was just what I needed, far away from everything. Two weeks to myself, just doing what any student would, being lazy as hell, sounded like heaven on earth. I quickly managed to check in, the guy at reception just so happening to be a very, VERY handsome man, possibly in and around my own age of twenty-five, and once more I rolled my eyes to the heavens…he seemed to ovulate when I told him my name was David… …now why couldn’t I have been attracted to someone like him? He was hot, he was sexy, he certainly looked like he had a good body underneath his blue buttoned shirt and black skinny jeans…but there was nothing. No lust, no wanting to HAVE him right there and then…but God knows, if there was a pre-teen boy here somewhere, then I probably would have popped like Krakatoa. My room was awesome, much better than what I had expected for a three-star hotel in a small town, and immediately threw myself on my bed. I genuinely wanted to sleep for days, the way I was so incredibly tired after my long drive from Cape Town, I immediately closed my eyes. ** Not before long, I was in dreamland, back at my house and inside my bedroom, with a vivid picture of a naked Shawn on my bed. As his former P.E. teacher, I knew exactly what he looked like without any clothes on…his skinny frame, his biceps getting big and strong for his tender age, a thirteen-year-old boy with what closely resembled an eight-pack thrashed across his abdomen, his adorable little bubs situated on his nipples, his clean, shiny black hair which as always was spread over his forehead, which would have LOVED to run my fingers through… …and at last, at fucking last, his pre-teen cock. Now I didn’t know what it looked like hard, of course, but I knew enough to know he was at least four and a half inches, had to be. In my peado mind, seeing all of this in my dream continued…like a real film noir of old. His boy cock was poised, perfect and stretched to sheer abundance, because that dickie wouldn’t be able to get more hard or stiffer even if he tried. In my dream, Shawn was smiling at me, signaling at me that he wanted his dickie sucked and he wanted to have it sucked NOW. I leaned down, with a big ass horny smile smashed across my face, and came face to face with his boy cock, complete with Mario and Luigi situated firmly, and even more tantalizing as if it wasn’t already..pletely hairless underneath his kiddie pride and joy. I slowly reached out my hand and twirled my fingers around his dick, smiling inside my dream as I heard Shawn hiss in pre sexual ecstasy. His dick felt as if it belonged inside my fingers, but even more, I wanted it inside my mouth. I took one look upwards at the boy of my dreams, literally, and engulfed his four-and-a-half-inch fuck stick with all my hungry peado gusto that I had lodge inside of me. The taste was indescribable, I didn’t have any idea how a boy’s pre juice actually tasted, but I sure had an imagination. I would even hear him speak to me, saying all kinds of nasty things, that did nothing more than make my lust for him even worse. In reality, my own cock was so rock hard inside my sweatpants, stiff as hell, I swear it would be able to rape a watermelon. I would imagine him saying something like… “Suck me…ooooh man that feels…holy shit…” The four and a half inches, nearly five inches by now…rock hard thirteen-year-old cock, was leaking pre cum so much you wouldn’t believe. The little length that could seemed to produce the sweet boy honey utterly at random. I continued my spiral caressing on the young kiddie organ. The head was positively flaring with the beating of his young kiddie heart. I could free his balls jiggling and bouncing around underneath my assaulting mouth as I slurped up yet another produce of pre cum. I allowed his cocky out of my mouth as it was released with a resounding POP and took it in my right hand. Whilst jacking his iron hard stiffner…hard as only a kid of thirteen can get…off, swirling my palm around the engorged cock head, I leaned down and took a sniff down under. Orbs the sheer size of grapes were quite tastily dangling in front of me. They looked good enough to eat. I dove onto them. “Ahhh man, yes Mr. Johnson…, please Sir…lick my balls!” The boy continued his vocal assault on my person as I tasted his sperm makers all along while jacking his pencil stiff dick like there was no tomorrow. I could feel his balls under my tongue. I popped one into my mouth, drawing lazy circles around it with my tongue. “Ohhhh…God…damn I’m close…I’m gonna shoot, Mr. Johnson!” I released the ball with abundance whilst attacking the other. Sounds weird but having both boy ballies in my mouth tasted twice as good. The little cum balls was sticking out intensely, so much so, like it wanted to jump out of his boy bag. I munched and chewed on his miniature balls but I could feel his cock getting warmer and warmer by the passing second. His balls stared to draw up inside his ball bag. I knew what was coming. His saliva covered testicles dropped out of my mouth as I plunged my taste buds back onto his dickie. God, it was on fire. My gums started to ache as I vacuumed his kiddie dick because at thirteen, I knew he had some cum to give me. I needed boy cum. I CRAVED boy cum. “Ahhhhhh hell man! I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over you!” And boy, he did. His spermies flooded over my tongue, in copious volumes than scared even the hell outta me. He tasted like pineapple mixed with a little honey. Kiddie boy protein. In my mind, literally nothing fucking tasted better. His cockie was hanging weak down his lanky, pure boy pubescent body. I looked him in the eye. His pre-muscled stomach was heaving up and down at a furious pace. His nipples stood half erect and his boy mouth was open in sheer post orgasm. He would give me another one of his devilish handsome smiles… …and that was always, ALWAYS when I would wake up from bursa escort bayan my dream. I sat upwards, shaking my head because JESUS, this time, this time that felt so motherfucking real. I wiped my eyes and quickly ran to the bathroom to have a glass of water. I gulped that water down the same way I would have done Shawn’s pre-teen sperm…I half smiled and composed myself. This is gotta stop! I can’t live like this! I was a god damn decent person! At least, I always tried to be! But how…any person, attracted to pre-teens, as well as teenagers would tell you the same…how on earth do you stop all of this? From happening? Shock therapy? I sighed and got back into bed. Tomorrow was another day. ** Two days after I had arrived in the Karoo town of Sutherland, I had decided to go on a hike, to actually TRY and keep in shape whilst I was here. I didn’t realise how tired I would be, clearly, when I returned to the hotel, and immediately ordered an ice-cold Coke Zero, and asked the dude in reception if he would please bring it to my room. Not for the first time, that handsome man seemed to flirt with me very much openly, but I just smiled and walked towards the elevator. God knows, I came here to get sway from all of that, and quite frankly, he REALLY wasn’t my type. Complete and total opposite. As said elevator stopped on the third floor, I got out and took out my keys…but before I could get to my room, I heard it. I think the entire floor, if not the fourth and second could hear it as well. The room next door to mine had been empty just the day before, I could have sworn, so I guessed whoever was in there, must have been new guests, who had arrived this morning whilst I was out…but fucking hell, I didn’t know why they had come all this way only to start bickering with each other, as loud as the sun as high… “I dunno why you always do this? Am I not good enough for you anymore? You fucking cunt!” “If you call me a cunt one more time…” “YOU ARE A GIANT FUCKING CUNT!” “Fine, have your fucking periods all by yourself! I ain’t got time for this no more!” Stunned as the day was long, I saw a man, a rather attractive man, march out of said room, smashing the door behind him. During the time that they had been at each other’s throats, numerous guests had gotten their heads around the corner of their own rooms, as typical of curious fuckers on vacation with nothing better to do, to see what was going on. The man was suddenly faced with an entire corridor of naysayers, including myself, before he crossed his arms and smirked. “What y’all looking at? Bunch of wankers…” he shouted before he turned around walked smack bang into me. “Jesus! Watch where you’re fucking going, idiot!” he hollered at me. My fists were balling…I might have been gay and I might have been somewhat of a paedophile, but I knew how to defend myself and fight…I didn’t grow up in Cape Town of all places, for nothing. “You damn well walked into me. Get a grip, dude, the whole place is staring at you!” I hissed, which finally seemed to register inside his brain. He’s eyes were all over the place, and then finally, he held up both of his hands, as a term of peace, and he shook his head. “I’m sorry, okay? But if you had the wife that I had, you’d also be sweating bullets everywhere. By the way, you haven’t seen a young boy around here, have you? Thirteen, blond hair, about half my size?” I froze. Literally. Jesus no…please God, no… “A boy? No, I haven’t…although I have just come back from hiking. I can always help you look for him…?” The words were out before I could stop myself. I cursed my voice and willpower in the back of my mind, because it was typical of me…I just had to hear the word “boy” and I turned to fucking mush! The man frowned, and soon afterwards, his eyes narrowed. Suddenly he was looking at me, as if I was…well, as if he knew that I was into pre-teen boys…but surely that was just my imagination. The look on his face told me otherwise. “You’re not one of those homo’s who jerk off about boys, are you?” he asked, his fowl breath now evident in the small about of space that separated us. I might have been exactly what he thought I was, but there was no way I wasn’t going to defend myself the holy fuck out of it…last thing I needed was stories going around that David Johnson was a paedophile! “I just wanted to help, but if that’s you attitude, go back to your wife and ask her to do it. She’s got quite a voice on her,” I said, as nonchalant as I could, and swiftly and calmly walked to, unlocked, and entered my own room. ** The following day, I just wanted to relax, my body literally didn’t know what had hit it, after all the hiking done from the previous day…I had sores in places that I didn’t even know had muscles. I took my phone from its charger, and together with my towel, shades and dressed in my swimming trunks, my torso bare, I made my way down towards the hotel’s heated pool. Using all of this was included in the fee, so I figured why the hell not. I would have preferred a good old fashioned swimming pool, but in the South African winter…hell no. Three days here and I already was feeling much better. I hadn’t completely forgotten about Shawn, but there was really nothing I could do about it. He didn’t have a clue how his teacher felt about him and he never would, and when you think about the probably 1% chance that he was even gay…so why would be beat myself up over something that never would have happened anyway? I must have gotten lost on my way to the heated pool area as I was thinking of all of this, because somehow, I had gotten to be outside. I sighed out loud, for God’s sake! According to the hotel’s directory, the heated pool was inside. Rolling my eyes and shaking my head in sheer damn frustration, I turned around and even had my hand on the door handle…when once more something out of the corner of my eye snatched my attention. There was a boy…Jesus Christ…sitting by the pool area. He was kneeling, balanced by his feet, and his entire upper body was hunched forward, his arms resting on his knees. The blood quickened inside my veins. One half of my brain told me to turn around, go back to where I came from, to go in search of that heated pool that I yearned for so much in this cold weather… …the other half told myself that I was a school teacher, and I had long ago decided to have dedicated my life to the education and safety of children, boys and girls. I really blamed my parents there and then…they taught me way too well, because my fucking conscious knew that I wouldn’t have able to turn around and go back inside, not before I knew that said boy was okay. I sighed and slowly walked over to the pool area, deserted as always because of the sheer freezing temperatures, before I neared the boy. He hadn’t even noticed me, in all this time, after all, he still had his face tucked in nearly between his arms…but then it felt like multiple daggers was piercing my heart… …the boy’s body was slightly shaking. His entire manner now made sudden sense, not noticeable from far away, but right here, you couldn’t miss it! The boy was crying…and uncontrollably for that matter too, although he was obviously trying his best not to create a scene. Around me, a slight rain started to come down, and I knew that this was the Karoo…that slight bit of rain wouldn’t stay slight for very long. If this boy stayed here, he would surely catch fucking pneumonia at the very least. I walked a little closer, and leaned down, slowly, as not to scare him. “Hey there…you really can’t stay here for much longer, looks like it’s really gonna pour down outside here in a few minutes,” I softly said, to which he slowly looked up, right at me. Jesus Christ and everything that was holy… …this was hands down the sexiest boy I had ever seen in my entire life, without a fucking shadow of a doubt. I swallowed, ever so slowly, as his eyes seemed to drill right through me, before he looked around him and, then back up at me. “I can do what I want,” he muttered before he placed his head once more, on his arms. “Come on, Kid, it’s pouring by now! Don’t tell me you don’t feel it!” I said, and he before he completely knew what was happening, I picked his entire skinny ass up from the floor and carried him to inside underneath one of the several gazebos that was situated outside at the pool area. The second I placed him down on some dry ground, the kid shook his blond hair viciously, much too long for a kid his age, it was almost hanging past his shoulders, before he angrily looked up at me. “I’m gonna scream if you don’ get away from me! And don’t fucking touch me!” I stepped back a few centimetres, my eyes now fully focused on not only his threats, but also what he was wearing. It was literally 9 degrees outside right now, in escort bursa pouring rain, the middle of winter, and all that he was wearing was a sleeveless tank top as well as some basketball shorts. The droplets of rain cascaded down his smooth arms, not yet sprouting with hair like several of the boys in my seventh-grade class back home, before I took out my cell phone out of my shorts’ pocket. His eyes lit up as he saw my iPhone, and I knew I now had his attention. “Look Kid, I can either call hotel management or I can call your parents, what’s your choice? Either way, I ain’t leaving you here in the cold and the rain.” The kid’s eyes darted from my phone to where he knew the entrance to the inside of the hotel was, and then back to me. “My parents! That’s a fuckin joke! They ain’t caring about me! Why do you think I was sitting here? They keep screaming at each other, that’s all they ever do and I can’t take that anymore!” Wow…Jesus…could this boy be the same boy that, that man was looking for yesterday? The couple who had been bickering so loud that the entire third floor was able to hear them? “Kid, by any chance, are your parents on the third floor, in Room 309?” Shock violently reflected in his eyes, and he immediately and quickly paced a few steps back from where I was. “You’re a pervert or what? You been spying on me?” he asked, his bottom lip slightly quivering. I hated the fact that I was clearly scaring him…I loved kids, I adored teaching them…and that mistrust nearly broke my fucking heart, seeing it. God knew what went on in his personal life if his parents were arguing non-stop every day, so much so, that he preferred sitting outside in the rain, rather in a warm room with the two of them. I shook my head and put my iPhone away. “No, not at all. I’m staying in Room 310, the one next to yours. Your dad was looking for you yesterday, and he said you were thirteen, with blond hair and you were about half my length. I just assumed it was you. Come on, lemme take you back there…” “NO! Please! Just…just go away, okay? I’m not one of those charity cases you think you can help, this ain’t TV, this is real fucking life! And if my dad sees you here…please, Mister, just go!” It once more broke my heart, the moment that he talked about his dad, that a shiver seemed to run across his spine…he clearly asked me to leave him alone, so what the hell was I supposed to do now? “You sure?” I asked, very softly. “YES! GO!” he hissed, to which his eyes nervously swung to behind me, on my left-hand side, and as I turned around myself, I saw why he was suddenly so afraid… “JACK! Where the hell have you been? The fuck? I have been all over this hotel…oh…it’s YOU…” So…this beautiful stunner of a boy was called…Jack…might have sounded crazy, but his name completely suited him. I turned my full attention to his father and then pointed towards the rain falling out of the sky in literal buckets at that point. “Sir, I don’t know if you realise this but your son was outside here all alone in the pouring rain and he refused any help of mine, to get him back to his parents. Might I ask why?” Jack’s father balled his fists to the point where I thought honestly, that he was going to deck me, his muscles were much stronger than mine and he at least was about 20kg heavier than me, but somehow, some way with strength I had gotten from God knows where, I stood my ground. “That’s my son…and where he goes has NOTHING to do with you. I know your type…flaming homo!” he snarled towards me, and with the speed and grace of a ninja, he completely side-stepped me and grabbed Jack viciously by his arm. “If I ever…EVER see you talking to this man ever again…you know what will happen to you!” he whispered towards Jack, not probably even realising that in this close proximity to get out of the rain, I could her every word. I watched, as if in horror, how he literally dragged his son with him to the entrance of the hotel, before smacking the door closed behind him. That poor boy’s tank top was by then completely drenched in water, so much so, that I could see his ribs, his tummy and his nipples through it, and all that bastard could think to do, was to worry about who he was talking to? I wasn’t even in the mood for that heated pool anymore, after all of that. Tears were leaking out of my eyes faster than I could even try to stop them. I kept seeing those beautiful brown eyes before me…the utter agony and fright that was etched on his face the moment he saw his father behind me… “Come on, David. Snap out of it. Look where has caring about another boy gotten you. Just STOP it!” I told myself, before putting on what I hoped was a brave face, and re-entered the hotel. ** Day four in the Karoo, and I have had a terrible night behind me. The fucking couple next door fought all night, I didn’t get much sleep, the way they were carrying on. I counted until at least 03:45 in the morning, when they FINALLY were silent, at last. I was seriously thinking about switching rooms, because I had already fully paid up for two weeks, and I was never going to get a refund now, so I basically had to wait it out. All that I could hope, was to get another room, for the duration of their stay. I got dressed, hungry as fuck by now, and already you could smell the bacon and eggs aroma coming from the downstairs…my stomach was rumbling! Not even to mention the smell of freshly brewed coffee…YUM! As I felt my room and locked it, I froze, as once more, for the first time since the early morning hours, I heard more noises and more commotion coming from Room 309. “What do you mean, there’s nothing for you to do here? There’s a games room, there’s a fucking swimming pool…” “…Mom, its winter…” “…who cares, Jack? I’m really busy right now and your dad is useless so PLEASE for the love of GOD, just leave me alone! I have to complete this assignment and then we can get the hell out of this town! I have to work, so that you and your deadbeat dad can fucking EAT, so SHUT UP and actually let me DO THAT!” Wow…Jesus…just wow… Jack was right. There wasn’t much to do in the hotel if you were a kid and it was winter…and even in the heated pool, if you were under a certain age, you had to be accompanied by an adult. There was a games room, yes, but not really anyone to enjoy it with. There was personally, nothing wrong with the hotel, but I could fully understand how a thirteen-year-old boy could get bored out of his mind. I shook my head…not gonna get involved. Not again. As I was about to walk towards the elevator…that’s when I heard it…and I swear my blood ran cold the second I did… “I SAID LEAVE THAT ALONE!” “YOU’RE HURTING ME…MOM!” “WHO SAID YOU COULD TOUCH MY FUCKING PHONE?” “STOP…STOP HITTING ME…” “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” I sank to my knees, very much like Jack yesterday did, and stared in horror at the room door, number 309. What was that woman thinking, hitting that innocent boy over and over…and why was no one DOING anything about it? “Oh, stop with that crying, you big fucking baby…” The elevator stopped at my level. I had never been so happy to see one in my entire life. I quickly got in, and hoped to God the door would close and take me downwards as quick as possible. My appetite was gone. Totally. I wasn’t even in the mood for that coffee any more. I got off on the first floor and ran out of that hotel as fast as my legs could carry me. I got into my car, and drive the heck out of there. I didn’t care where I went, but I did know, that I couldn’t be THERE, right now. ** It was late afternoon when I returned, and during the day I had decided that I would pack my things and go to another town to finish my vacation. There was only ten days left of it anyway. That…that woman said something about finishing an assignment, so chances were good that they would be staying for a while, and I didn’t think my heart would be able to cope with more of that child abuse that was going on in that room. As I got out of the elevator on my floor, I was already dreading and composing myself for what ever might be going on behind those closed door of Room 309, but thank God, all was silent. I unlocked my room, went inside and immediately went about to packing up my stuff. Money wasn’t everything, after all, my sanity was way more important. A knock at my door startled me…who the hell was that at four in the afternoon? No one even knew I was here, not even my parents, who lived in Bellville, Cape Town…housekeeping perhaps? I opened the door and my heart lunged…it was Jack! “I waited until you came back…can I come in? Please?” he asked, shivering as he did so. ** THANKS FOR READING!! This storyline is a little out of my comfort zone, but if you have read some of my stories, you will also know, there will ALWAYS be a good outcome in the end…so please keep reading!! Any feedback? Us wannabe authors live on it haha. If you want me to write a second chapter, and find out more about Teacher David and that poor kid Jack, feel free to send me an email ail

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