Subject: No Good Deed 3 Typical disclaimers apply. Don’t read this if you shouldn’t, all of this is fiction (probably) and any resemblance to real people is unintentional. If you stroked yourself reading it, drop me an email and stroke my ego. More to come after this. Oh, and if you haven’t donated to Nifty, do it. Seriously. You get an amazing resource for absolutely free, the least you can do is drop some coins in the Nifty cup. Do fty/ Compared to Monday, the rest of the week was comparatively boring. I had too many meetings, and the kid and I weren’t able to get away for much time alone. Making out on the elevator with my hand down the back of his pants was the most action we saw until Friday. In the morning, I stop by his desk and invite him over to my place after work, ostensibly for dinner, but we both know what I want. We wrap up for the day and head out to the parking garage. We get in my car, and he gives me a mischievous smile. “How long is the drive to your place?” he asks, leaning over the console and pressing his hand to the crotch of my pants. “About twenty minutes,” I say, my dick hardening. His hands unzip my pants. “Tug my hair if you’re getting too close. I don’t want you to cum just yet,” he says before engulfing my semi into his warm, wet, suctioning mouth. This is easily the hottest thing that I’ve done in a long time. Driving one-handed, my other hand alternates between squeezing the kid’s ass through his slacks and tugging on his hair when I’m close to cumming. In the twenty minutes it takes me to drive home, I tug his hair at least five times, the thrill of the situation keeping me right on the edge. At one point I match the speed of an 18-wheeler on the passenger side and pull the kids pants down past his ass. I can’t see the truck driver’s window, but the idea of him seeing the kid’s ass in its full glory turns me on so fucking much. When we pull into my garage, I yank him up by his hair and slam my mouth to his. I kiss him hard, posessively. I taste myself ankara masaj yapan escort on his tongue. He tries to crawl over the console to get into my lap and ends up hitting the horn. It startles both of us, and we start laughing “Let’s go inside and get comfortable,” I say, opening the door. He crawls out over me and I laugh again. I lead him into the house, through the kitchen and dining room, straight up the stairs to my bedroom. “You need to use the bathroom?” I ask, and point him to it. I put on some music, turn down the bed, and start to undress. I’m down to my black boxer briefs when he comes back into the room and I kiss him again. His hands run over my thick, hairy chest, down my trim waist, rubbing my package. He moans into my mouth as I take him by the back of the neck and kiss him deeply. He starts to drop to his knees, but I hold him up. “I’ve gotta take a leak.” When I reenter the bedroom, he’s lying in the middle of the bed in a pair of skimpy black briefs. I realize this is the first time I’ve seen him without his clothes on. When he blew me in my office and I fingered him in my car, we were both fully closed. The site is beautiful, his milky white skin against my dark sheets. He’s slim, but defined, with ab muscles and s v-line that runs under his briefs. His nipples are pink-ish red and he’s smooth except for a little golden red treasure trail. His legs are long, almost gangly. Like a boy who just went through a growth spurt but hasn’t quite grown into his body. I climb on the bed on top of him and press my body against his. I wrap my hand around the back of his head and kiss him deeply, my other hand tracing the side of his body with my fingertips. He wraps his legs around me and puts his hands on my hairy chest, running his fingers through my chest hair. I’m instantly hard, pressing down on him and grinding my cock into his briefs covered ass. My mouth moves to his neck, and he moans as I latch on. I shift our positions mecidiyeköy escort so that my cock is running along the cleft of his ass and start to hump against him. I reach down between us and feel his hardness, the fabric of his briefs damp with his pre-cum. He moans again, and I can’t take it anymore and lean back to pull his briefs off. After I throw them across the room, I grab him by the waist and push him further up the bed, his head landing in my nest of pillows. I spread his legs, push them back towards his head and unceremoniously shove my tongue as far inside of him as I can. His hands come to my shoulders and he makes a guttural, grunting noise followed by a long slow moan. I eat his ass voraciously, forcing my tongue in and out of his hole, spitting on it, and pulling it apart with my thumbs so I can get my tongue deep inside of him. When I start to finger him, he goes crazy and starts to beg me for my cock. I move up his body, planting kisses on his thighs, stomach, chest. I work my fingers into his hole, scissoring my index and middle finger in and out, spreading him open. Paving the way for my cock. I pause at his nipples to nip and suck on them, his hands coming to the back of my head as he moans. I kiss up his clavicle, and suck hard on his neck as I add a third finger and press up hard on his prostate. I pull back and start to run my thick cock over his hole. I lean over to grab the lube off the nightstand and coat my cock with it. His ass is still slick with my spit, and I nudge the tip of my cock against his entrance. I stop teasing him, and press the head of my dick inside of him. He arches off the bed, and I grab him by the waist and hold him in place. I sink all of my cock inside of him and his body starts to shake. I don’t go slow, so turned on by the taste of his ass on my tongue and the feel of him under me. I cover his body with mine and resume kissing his neck, his clavicle, his mouth. His eyes mersin escort are closed, rolled back in his head. “Look at me,” I tell him. He opens his eyes, somewhat glazed. “I want you to look at me as I fuck you. I want you to look at me as I take what’s mine. This ass, your body, it’s mine.” He squeezes his eyes shut for a moment, trying to regain focus and when he opens them again his eyes are sharp, wanting. “Look at me. And tell me what you want.” “Fuck me,” he breathes. “Own me. I wanna be yours, your boy, your slave. Make me yours.” “Don’t say that if you don’t mean it,” I grunt out, burying myself to the balls in his beautiful hole. “When I cum in you, when I make you mine? You don’t get to change your mind. You become mine to do what I want with. You’re mine. Mine.” I stop moving, locking eyes with him. “Be sure you mean it.” His face tightens and he looks like he’s about to tell me to stop, then he brightens. “Own me. Make me your thing. I’m yours, daddy.” Fuck, this little slut calling me daddy is all it takes. I pound him, slamming him into the bed, grunting and snorting like a rutting animal. I rear back and pull him half off the bed, my hands under his knees. I’m slamming into him hard, he’s making this high pitched whining sound, so out of his mind from my cock that he can barely control himself. I slide my hands up to his ankles, spreading him wide as I pound into him furiously, pulling almost all the way out of him and slam fucking my cock into him. I’m sweating profusely, dripping on the floor, on the bed, on the kid. He’s nearly catatonic, his eyes rolled up in his head and not able to catch his breath. He starts to cum, hands free, his spunk shooting up to his face and all over his milky skin. As he’s cumming, his ass contracts around my cock and it sends me over the edge. I slam into him hard one last time as I pump my seed deep within his ass. I fall on top of him, still shooting and shaking, his wet jizz and my sweat making our chests and stomachs slick. I kiss him more gently, licking into his mouth deeply and thoroughly. After a few minutes, I pull us up on the bed and pull him into my arms. He wraps himself around me and puts his head in the crook of my neck. I run my hands down his side, over his ass, up his back, through his hair. I can’t stop touching him. Eventually, we drift off to sleep.

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