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This is a revised version of a previously posted story on Nifty that for various reasons I lost the motivation / ability to continue after six chapters. Almost three years later I have decided to revisit it in the hopes of continuing, with a few minor changes to the original story fixing up some timeline issues and to add some plot building background that will hopefully be expanded upon in future chapters.


If you”ve read this story before I hope you”ll take the time to re-read it in its entirety. You may even spot the additions or changes from the last time you read it. In any case, I hope you enjoy it, and for those of you who are reading this for the first time, be aware this is not a quick jack off fantasy. While large sections of each chapter are dedicated to sexual acts between and adult man and an eleven year old boy, first and foremost it is a love story.


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New York Dreams � Chapter II


Forty five minutes after they”d fallen asleep together on his bed, Sam gradually became aware of the soft shallow draft of Jamie”s warm breath on his throat and stirred. He slowly opened his eyes to see the boy”s beautiful face right in front of him, nestled into the crook of his neck and laying on his shoulder in contented sleep. He looked so peaceful, and with his sandy blond hair in Sam”s face he breathed in the smell of him remembering what he”d done with the young boy. In his sleep Jamie had managed to half roll onto Sam with his torso pressed up against him, his leg draped over his thigh and arm outstretched across his chest. His own arm was trapped under Jamie”s body with his hand resting lightly on his hip and the naked swell of his ass and Sam reached up with his other hand to gently brush away the hair that had fallen across his face. For a few minutes he simply lay there enjoying the moment watching him and felt his chest expand and contract with the slow steady rhythm of his breath before gently lifting Jamie”s arm from his chest and extracting himself from under him and sat up on the side of the bed.


He looked down at the boy now resting on his stomach with one arm tucked under his chest and the other stretched out to his side where Sam had been and listened for the soft sound of his breathing to return. With a leg bent and spread out, his naked back and bare ass was a picture of perfection and Sam decided to let him sleep for a while longer. In his mind”s eye he saw the barely veiled sexually provocative images of the young ten year old he”d seen on the website his Mom had given him and felt a thrilling excitement that he”d actually made love to the stunningly beautiful boy.


Far from what Sam had imagined sex with a boy might be like as an adult, Jamie had been surprisingly skilled and experienced, which for a ten year old who hadn”t spent more than a year selling his body for money had shocked Sam at first. But it”d been the most sexually gratifying experience of his adult life being able to make love to him and to have his sweet little cock in his mouth as he came with just a little wetness in prepubescent orgasm. And he”d do it again before he left here today. That, Sam thought to himself, was absolutely going to happen.


He eventually tore his eyes of Jamie”s sexy wee body and looked down at his own cock, now completely soft and flaccid. Sam was grateful Jamie was still asleep and hadn”t seen him in this state; he wasn”t big when hard by any stretch of the imagination, but when he was soft it was only a little over two and a half inches at most and a source of anxiety whenever he took a new lover knowing they”d eventually see him as he was now. He hoped Jamie wouldn”t care, and then the thought occurred to him that he probably wouldn”t be seeing it soft very often which made him smile ruefully. Others referred to men like Sam as `Growers, not showers”, and as an eight and nine year old he”d been teased by the other boys because of the size of his dick and by some of the men he”d been with. There were a few who”d been thrilled to see how small he was soft, and had enjoyed diddling with it and putting it in their mouths feeling it get hard and grow to a somewhat respectable three inches for a little while before they fucked him.


After taking a long hot shower to clear his head and giving himself time to process the fact he”d actually had sex with a child, he had to contemplate what was going to happen now and what lay in both his and Jamie”s future. Would he just want to go home once he woke up and never see Sam again or would he stay for a while and continue to be the cheeky little sex crazed monkey that he”d already proved himself to be? Sam had no idea and he wouldn”t until he went back in and woke him.


After another half hour once he was dried and dressed, and had puttered around finding things to clean up or put away Sam finally went back up to his room and gently shook Jamie awake with a hand on his shoulder. He lightly tickled his back with just his fingertips as his bleary and unfocused eyes opened with difficulty, his face scrunching up and took in a deep breath letting it out slowly. He moaned loudly and grumbled, rolling over and burying his face into the pillow and stretched his arms above his head having giving Sam a withering look that clearly conveyed his displeasure at being woken. Sam smiled noting that Jamie was definitely not his most charming when he first woke.


“Morning tiger…” Sam had said. The sudden look of fear and panic on Jamie”s face was hilarious as he snapped his eyes open and stuttered out a “What? What time is it?” as he rolled over.


Sam couldn”t keep a straight face even though he tried. “Just kidding buddy. It”s only about one.” He said drinking in the sight of his body with him now on his back.


Jamie took in a deep breath and puffed out his cheeks before blowing it out in Sam”s face. “That wasn”t funny… You scared me.”


The hair on one side of Jamie”s head was plastered against his head but he looked so fucking cute in his nakedness. Sam”s eyes automatically darted down to the lump of his sex for a second seeing that he was completely soft at probably just over an inch, the small worm of his dick sticking to his ball sac and about as thin as his index finger. His chest and stomach were crisscrossed with creases from the bed cover and Sam leant down putting both hands on the mattress either side of him and kissed him between the breasts. He smiled remembering how hard and alive his cock had been just an hour earlier and that he”d orgasmed three times in his mouth and how he”d jacked it while Sam fucked him.


“Sorry, I wish you could stay the night but I guess you have to get home.” He said moving up to Jamie”s face and kissed him on the lips.


“Yeah, Ash”ll be at my place by five.” Jamie yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes after Sam pulled away. “He”s staying the night at my place.”


Sam sat beside him and tickled his fingers down the centre of Jamie”s bare chest. “Oh really? Is junior going to get another workout tonight then?” He asked as he traced down his firm stomach and circled around the soft mound of his sex but avoided the temptation of actually touching his flaccid penis.


“Yeah,” Jamie sighed and languidly spread his legs inviting Sam”s touch. The small worm of his cock lifted from its cradle and rolled over his balls to point up as it blossomed and his crinkled sac contracted up into his scrotum. “Mom”s out till late and I know he”ll want to do me.” He said and then smiled. “Especially after I tell him all about what we did today.”


“How”s your butt? Still a little sore?” Sam asked as he thought about the two of them together hoping Jamie would suggest Ashley come here first. He”d assumed Jamie would tell his boyfriend all about what they”d done and knew they”d keep it between themselves so he wasn”t too concerned.


“Not really.” Jamie said smiling and wriggled his butt waving the short stub of his dick waiting for Sam to touch it. “That stuff works really well.”


“Good. Just go easy tonight though okay? And I”m sure I don”t need to tell you to keep what we did between just you me and Ashley okay?” Sam said watching his preteen erection grow and gave it a little flick.


“Owww…” Jamie flinched but then smiled rolling his eyes. “I know. He wants you to suck him too you know.” He said. “He thought you were hot.”


“Well, he didn”t look too bad himself.” Sam said and felt his own cock lurch in his pants at just the mere thought of getting the other hot as fuck boy naked and into his bed as well. “I”d love to meet him, but right now I think you need a cold shower to cool off.”


“Why? I want you to suck me again.” Jamie said and reached down to hold himself between his thumb and finger.


“”Cos I”m hungry and we got plenty of time for that later.” Sam laughed. It was probably the most difficult thing he”d ever done resisting doing exactly what Jamie wanted, but he did. “Come on, up you get and hop in the shower. I”ll make us something to eat.”


“Okaaaay… But you promise you”ll suck it again before I go?” Jamie asked.


“Of course I will! So long as I get to cum in your mouth though.” Sam said standing and made a show of adjusting himself in front of the ten year old. “Clean up after yourself in there this time okay? And put your pants back on.”


Jamie grudgingly let go of his fledgling cock and rolled off the bed as Sam gazed longingly at his sexy hot body and rounded ass as he staggered towards the bathroom. He turned his back to Jamie and heard the soft patter of feet on the bathroom tiles and headed downstairs into the kitchen glancing at Leo”s picture on the wall. He felt as happy right now as he had when he”d first met the man that had changed his life forever and felt that the same thing was happening again now with Jamie. Somehow he knew the ten year old boy would change his life. Hell, he already had, but the feeling was strong and made him feel dizzy at just the thought of him and it made his heart pound in his chest.


What the hell is wrong with me? Sam thought as he took out two chicken fillets from the fridge and set the skillet on the gas burner to heat up. He cut up two large bread buns and set them in the oven to warm while he rinsed the chicken in the sink. The thought of Jamie walking away today sent a shiver of despair through him. You can”t keep him here! He has a home and a mother who loves him… but so do I!


He stopped half way between the island bench and the stove with the chicken dripping water onto the floor, frozen as the realization hit him; he was in love with Jamie. Not just lust filled desire, but real actual love. Fucking hell… Sam swore silently to himself as he contemplated what that meant. He cocked his head listening for the shower but heard nothing and wondered what Jamie was up to in his bedroom. He couldn”t see up there from the kitchen and decided he”d go up in a few minutes if there was still no sound of the shower going. Grabbing a few items from the fridge he went about making his secret sauce for the chicken burgers and placed the fillets into a spicy marinade to soak before searing them on the skillet. When everything was set ready to cook once Jamie was out, he called up to him.


“You okay up there kiddo?”


There was a short delay before Jamie answered in a strained voice a few octaves lower than normal. “Yeah… just on the toilet.”


Sam remembered what it was like for a young boy after sex with a man and wanted to go up and hold him and tell him he was sorry. Crapping out Leo”s cum had always taken a lot of effort and getting his muscles to work again after sex was no small feat. “Okay buddy, just call if you need anything, like a plunger or something.”


“Ha ha!” Jamie shouted down at him. “You better buy me something really good for my birthday or you ain”t doing that again!”


“Ahhh… the big one one eh?” Sam said hearing the toilet flush and water start up in the shower. “I”m sure I can think of something to show a cute sexy little boy like you my appreciation.”


“You better. You have no idea how it feels!”


Oh but I do… Sam thought and decided to tell Jamie all about Leo after he”d gotten out of the shower again. “Better hurry up in there tiger, I”m putting the chicken on so you got five minutes.”


“Okay… Then can we watch a movie or something while my t-shirt dries?”


“Sure buddy, what”d”ya feel like watching?”


“I dunno… The new Guardians of the Galaxy?” Jamie shouted, his voice muffled by the closed door of the shower. “Chris Pratt is soooo hot! Or that new Thor one?”


After four minutes Sam flipped the fillets and took out the burger buns from the oven, dripping with melted bree and cranberry. He set the table with two places, no knife or forks and a couple tall glasses filled with ice and Coke. As soon as the timer went off he quickly piled up the fillets onto the buns, added his secret sauce, a slice of tomato, avocado and to top it all off he dropped a few pomegranate seeds before closing the bun over it. Just as he was putting the plates down on the dining table he looked up to see Jamie coming down the stairs smiling at him.


God he was sexy. He was wearing his shorts again but that was all with his bare chest and slim tapered dancers body stirring Sam”s desires all over again. Jamie knew it too and smiled bashfully, pausing to let Sam stare for a few moments with a hand on his hip. “They look good.” He said looking over at the burgers.


Sam ripped his gaze from his smoothly toned chest and the small bulge just an inch below the loose waistband of his shorts to Jamie”s bright chocolate colored eyes. “So do you squirt.”


Jamie just stuck out his pointed tongue and walked around him to the table and pulled his chair out knowing that Sam was just teasing him again. “I bet you”d say that to any boy my age.”


“Nope, just you.” Sam said as he sat down at the end of the table next to Jamie. “Maybe Ashley too.”


“Ash…” Jamie said lifting up the burger to his mouth. “He doesn”t like being called Ashley. He says it sounds like a girl”s name.”


He watched Jamie take a huge bite of his burger and smiled when his forehead furrowed and his cheeks bulged out. “Mmmmm… Yum!” He said with his mouth full. “What you put in these?”


“That”s my little secret,” Sam said. “Best chicken burgers in all five boroughs.”


“No shit!” Jamie said munching away with his elbows on the table. Sam smiled at him thinking there was no better thing than watching a hot sexy half naked ten year old boy eating. Especially one he”d just made love to only an hour or so before.


“So you said you danced?” Sam asked. “What kind of dancing.”


“All sorts,” Jamie answered around his food. “Hip-hop, modern, jazz, freestyle. Even Street Latin but whatever they need us to do.”


“Who”s `They”?”


“The people who make the videos or the shows.”


“You”ve been in videos and shows?” Sam asked intrigued.


“Yeah, loads. Music videos and dance shows. I”m on YouTube so you can watch some of them if you wanted.” Jamie said wolfing down his burger. “One was a Michael Jackson song and I only had to wear a pair of really short cut-off jeans and nothing else after I ripped of my t-shirt. The other was for a music video.”


“Wow,” Sam said. “I bet you looked hot.”


“You should come watch.” Jamie said taking another bite. “At practice I mean.”


“I”d love to. Does Ashley… I mean Ash, does he dance too?”


Jamie nodded his head. “Yeah. We started when we were like five and Quinn”s been going for about a year but he hasn”t been in anything yet.”


“That”s Ash”s brother yeah?” Sam asked. Of course there was no way he”d forget who Quinn was; Ash”s eight year old virgin brother Jamie had taught to masturbate.


“Ah-huh.” He replied swallowing his last mouthful of burger while Sam had only eaten half of his. The ten year old boy smiled at him reading his thoughts. “Hey, maybe you could be his first like I was yours!”


“First what?” Sam asked knowing what he meant but wanted to hear the ten year old say it.


“First man to `do him” dumbass! He”s really cute.” Jamie said as if Sam needed convincing.


Sam put his half-finished burger down and pushed his plate away. “What did I say about calling me Dumbass?” He said smiling. “And you shouldn”t be offering Quinn out like that. What if he doesn”t want to do it with a grown up?”


Jamie grinned at Sam with a mischievous smirk noting the subtle way he avoided the question without saying `No”. “So… Does that mean you want to?”


Sam sighed. “You don”t” give up do you?”


“Nope.” Jamie said eyeing Sam”s half-finished burger with interest.


He couldn”t believe he was having this conversation with a ten year old about wanting to fuck another eight year old virgin without getting hard. Well, maybe a little wood but not rock hard like he thought he would. “Sounds to me like it”s you that wants to be Quinn”s first.”


Jamie grinned knowing he”d been found out. “So what if I do? He”s cute.” He said. What he didn”t say was that he got so hard sometimes when he was around Quinn just thinking about sucking him and doing it up his butt. Instead he nodded his head down at Sam”s plate. “Can I have the rest of your burger if you”re not going to eat it?”


Sam grunted at him knowing what was probably going through his mind and secretly hoped the horny little devil got what he wanted if the eight year old let him. “Sure squirt, knock yourself out.” How the kid managed to fit it all in his small body defied belief as he watched him devour it in just a few mouthfuls while asking Sam at the same time if he wanted to see the music video he was in.


“Of course I would buddy, but let”s clean up first huh?” Sam said. “Starting right here…” He reached out and took hold of Jamie”s thin wrist and pulled him closer. “You missed a bit.” Sam kissed Jamie”s hot mouth and licked his lips tasting the spicy chicken and sauce. The fact that he could just kiss a ten year old boy like that made Sam feel alive and he savoured the moment for as long as he could until Jamie pulled back from him.


“I”ll do the dishes if you want,” He said smiling. “But you need to have a shave if you”re going to keep doing that.”


Sam automatically brought his hand to his face and felt the two days of growth. He smiled at Jamie. “You don”t like it? I thought you”d think it was sexy.”


“It scratches…” He said. “”Specially down here.” Jamie moved his legs apart and stroked the palm of his hand across his inner high.


“Sorry kiddo, why didn”t you say something?” Sam asked.


Jamie grinned at him. “”Cos I didn”t want you to stop.”


“Neither did I…” Sam laughed. “But you still should”a said something… Anyway, I plan on kissing you a lot more so I better go and shave as ordered eh?” He let go of Jamie”s wrist and glanced down at his boyishly smooth and defined chest wanting to reach out and pull him around the table between his legs and feel every inch of his hot little body.


“Shave first…” Jamie said giggling reading Sam”s mind. “And then maybe I”ll let you suck me after the movie.” His chair scraped back over the wooden floor and he stood, but the evidence of his small erection poking a tent in his shorts betrayed his obvious excitement.


“You think you can wait that long?” Sam taunted. “By the looks of it you won”t even last till half way through before you want me to suck you off again.”


“Bet I do!” Jamie said picking up both his and Sam”s empty plates. “If you lose you have to come to my birthday.”


“And if I win?”


“If you win I”ll suck yours and you can do it in my mouth.” Jamie laughed. “But you won”t win.”


“We”ll see little man,” Sam said as he stood and took their glasses over to Jamie in the kitchen. “So when”s your birthday party?”


“Next Saturday. We”re going to Coney Island on the beach and the park and having lunch on the beach too.”


“Cool. Who”s we?” Sam said standing behind him. The top of his head fit snuggly under Sam”s chin as he put the glasses on the bench and stroked his hands down Jamie”s arms and around to his bare tummy just above his shorts. He cuddled into him and pressed his erection into the small of the boy”s back knowing he could feel it.


“Ash and Quinn and most of our friends at Xandi”s and a few others from school.” Jamie said leaning back into him. “Can you still come even if I don”t win? I can ask my Mom if it”s okay.”


“Why don”t I ask her instead? I”ll call her tomorrow.” Sam said feeling his cock begin to ooze thinking about slipping his hands down into his pants and feeling his hot little cock. Instead he leant down and kissed Jamie”s naked shoulder and ran a fingertip across the waistband.


“Okay.” Jamie agreed as Sam trailed his fingers up and circled them around the boy”s full stomach.


“How”d you fit all that food in there? You got worms or something?”


“I was hungry!” Jamie whined as he twisted his body and pulled away from Sam. He looked up at him with a stern face. “I said you have to shave first `cos it scratches.”


Sam laughed as he let his hands drop from the taut firm muscle of Jamie”s navel and brushed his fingers over the small lump in his pants. “I”m going, I”m going… I”ll just put your t-shirt in the dryer first.”


He quickly darted into the utility room behind the kitchen and pulled out Jamie”s small t-shirt and threw it into the dryer and turned it on. As he came back out and headed up the stairs he called back to Jamie stuffing the plates and skillet into the dishwasher. “Do you think you can figure out how to put the movie on? Apple TV remote”s on the shelf. You can buy one if I don”t already have it. Your choice.”


“Okay…” Jamie replied and Sam went into his ensuite bathroom to shave. He purposefully took his time allowing Jamie the freedom to have a good look around if he wanted and to feel at home in his apartment. He even brushed his teeth and applied face moisturizer and jumped at the sudden noise from the speaker system in the ceiling. Michael Jackson”s `Thriller” came booming overhead before the volume lowered and Jamie shouted an apology up to him. Intrigued, Sam made his way back to the stairs wondering what Jamie was up to thinking that he was far too young to want to listen to an old song like that; albeit by one of the best pop singers of all time. But then he remembered he”d said one of the videos he”d been in was one of MJ”s so assumed he”d found it and was going to show Sam.


A smile crept along his face as he saw Jamie sprawled on his couch with one foot up under his spread legs. His face was glued to the huge 80 inch LCD on the wall backing onto his studio. The remote was clutched in his hand and he looked up to see Sam staring down at him. “You wanna see one of the shows I was in?” He asked.


“Sure,” Sam said as he came down the stairs looking back at the screen seeing he”d figured out how to bring up YouTube. The video was paused full screen and showed a high quality view of a darkened stage and Sam looked back at Jamie with interest. “Budge over.” Sam said to him and sat down. Jamie immediately jumped up onto his knees and turned around to face Sam, reaching out and running the back of his hand along his cheek smiling.


“Better…” Jamie said. “Now you can kiss me.”


Sam smiled and licked his lips. “What… like this?” He said and slid his hand up Jamie”s leg to his narrow waist and pulled him into his body. The boy fell into him and their open mouths pressed together and Sam felt Jamie”s hot tongue thrust into his own. The taste of spicy chicken had lingered in his mouth and on his breath as he exhaled through his nose over Sam”s cheeks with his head moving in small circles.


Without breaking the seal of their lips Sam held the boy around his waist and lifted him over his legs so that Jamie was straddling him. The feeling of his slim body was absolute heaven and Sam marvelled that his hands wrapped around most of the boy”s waist and slowly caressed his belly and lower navel with his thumbs. It was so fucking firm and smooth as he held Jamie”s body close to his own and felt the hard nail of his erection rubbing against his stomach as the boy started to hump into him.


Sam slid his hands around to Jamie”s back and cupped his firm rounded cheeks in his palms holding him still and pulled his face away from the boy”s mouth. “You”re gonna lose your bet if you keep that up and get a mouthful of cum.”


“Maybe I want to.” Jamie smiled but then twisted around and sat back down beside him. He wriggled under Sam”s arm and pulled it around his shoulder laying his hand flat on his smooth chest. Looking down over the boy”s toned and developing upper body, Sam watched his stomach muscles tense in the middle as he lifted his feet up onto the armrest at the far end of the couch and laid back into him with his lean body stretched out and on display. As his feet had lifted the depression of Jamie”s concaved tummy hollowed in beneath the waistband for a few seconds affording Sam with a view that, only a day ago, he would have killed to see. But now he”d not only seen him completely naked, he”d gown down on the ten year old boy he”d lusted over and sucked him to three mostly dry orgasms and had fucked him for the first time. If he”d wanted to he knew he could simply reach out and caress Jamie”s toned body or slip a hand under his shorts and fondle his small hairless cock and make him moan in his sweet young boy”s voice.


“You ready?” Jamie asked with the remote in his hand once he”d settled and gotten comfortable.


“Fire away,” Sam said. “I”m not gonna need a tissue of anything am I?”


Jamie turned his head and grinned up at him. “You wish.”


“I don”t need to wish now I got you.” Sam said and jabbed his fingers into Jamie”s side tickling him. Jamie twisted his body away in reflex and yelped.


“Don”t… I want to show you this.” He said settling his small frame back into Sam”s side and hit play.


Sam held both palms up in submission before lowering the arm around Jamie”s shoulder again and laid his hand flat on his firm muscled wee chest. Sam could feel the steady beat of his heart and circled his fingers around a nipple making it erect in a matter of seconds. He couldn”t believe that he”d fucked him, or that Jamie was only a ten year old kid who knew just how much his body turned some men on. But his inner musings were interrupted as the lighting came up on the stage and the familiar sound of Michael Jackson”s `Thriller” began. On the video, the stage was set with industrial looking structures and chicken wire fence partitions and a lot of stage smoke blowing in from the wings. Jamie looked up at him and smiled as Sam watched the camera fly in from high in the theatre to zoom past the stage just as half a dozen preteen boys ran in from the wings, climbing and jumping over the rusted metal structures in choreographed chaos.


The video was a high quality professional production and Sam”s mouth dropped as he recognized Jamie with his head down slowly making his way to the front in an exaggerated zombie-like shuffle. His hair was a wild tangle of dirty blonde with grease stains marring his cheeks and red and black makeup around his eyes. Torn and dirty cut-off denim jeans exposed bare flesh all the way up to his inner thighs reaching almost to his crotch and a ripped white t-shirt hung from one shoulder showing off most of his bare chest underneath. The boys split into three pairs and skulked around the set, prowling with extravagant moves as the music built up and exploded in the first `Thriller” with six preteen boys thrusting their arms into the air with their legs spread apart and heads thrown back. Slowly they sank to the floor and curled their lithe bodies over their knees, slithering to the stage on their bellies and crawled through the thick fog. The camera switched to the others, zooming in and out and getting up close as they danced and jumped around on the stage and Sam followed each young body with his eyes glued to the screen. All six of them were young and smooth and so fucking sexy Sam could feel himself getting hard just watching them until Jamie squeezed his forearm.


A quick glance down and Jamie nodded his head at the screen to make sure Sam was paying attention. He looked back up at the TV to see a close up of one of the boys as he pushed his torso up, his back arching, and saw the toned muscles of his shoulders rippling as he held himself up with one arm in a show of strength. It took Sam a moment to realize it was Ashley hidden behind the dirt and makeup smeared over his face and he let out a quiet moan. “Fuck me…” He whispered. “Is that Ash?”


“Ah-huh,” Jamie said. “He looks hot doesn”t he?”


Sam didn”t answer him with his eyes glued to the screen, watching as the camera shifted again only this time it was focused on Jamie. He was raised up with his feet planted on the stage, knees bent and one arm behind him holding himself up a foot from the floor as he ripped off the t-shirt from around his chest. Obviously made to come apart at the slightest tug he threw it aside with his firm stomach tensed and the taut muscles hidden just beneath the surface, his eyes boring into the camera and following it as it moved to one side and pulled back. Another boy stalked him and turned, stepping between his spread legs and reached down grabbing his arm yanking him up. Their chests pressed together in highly erotic and sexual movements and for a brief moment he felt a pang of jealously and resentment at society”s hypocrisy; that it was considered okay by society to use children as sexual objects to excite the viewer, but at the same time to condemn those that found those same children sexually desirable. But it was only fleeting as he watched with his palm damp on Jamie”s chest, the camera switching to another pair of equally sexy boys climbing handholds set into the sides of a tall structure and jumping to another. It was a chaotic display of organised dance that seemed to exude sex in every move, the boy”s slender and curved bodies moving together as if controlled by a single mind until they came together at last, hands on each other”s bodies as they slowed and sank to the floor and disappeared beneath the fog.


The video ended showing options for other related clips and Sam just sat there staring, unable to speak with his hand gently stroking the chest of the boy he”d just watched perform on stage. When Jamie had told him he danced, Sam had conjured up in his mind the clumsy moves of children with a half-hearted attempt at direction by some hack of a dance instructor. He hadn”t imagined a group of preteen boys would be capable of such a sensual and erotic performance. More so, it was the eye contact with the camera and the way they held their bodies seducing the viewer, to tempt them as if silently whispering in their ears `You can have me if you want.”


Sam realized then that he was rock hard as Jamie turned around on the couch to face him. “Did you like it?” He asked.


“Shit Jamie…” Sam began. “That was really hot! I can”t believe they let you dance like that.”


“Why?” Jamie asked and then grinned at Sam. “We do loads of sexy stuff like that and me and Ash always get picked to do it.”


“I think I can guess why.” Sam said and traced a finger down the centre of Jamie”s chest. “Is Xandia a he or a she?”


“A he… Why?”


“I think maybe he likes you and Ash the same way I do.” Sam said.


“Duh! Yeah… We figured that out ages ago.” Jamie looked at him as if he were stupid. “But he”s like one of those really girly gays and we don”t want to do the sex stuff with him.”


“But you do with me?”


“I already let you do me remember… What do you think?” Jamie smirked and wriggled his body around to lay beside Sam on the couch and pushing him down onto his side as well. With some manoeuvring Jamie laid on his back with Sam next to him holding his head up with one hand and back pressed up to the cushions facing the boy.


“I think you”re hot and I really liked nailing your butt.” Sam said and then leant in to whisper in Jamie”s ear “… And I can”t wait to do it again.”


“After the movie.” Jamie said matter-of-factly but purposefully lifted his arms up under his head to see if Sam could keep his hands off him.


He couldn”t. About fifty minutes into the movie when Chris Pratt finally kissed the green assassin, Sam laid his hand on Jamie”s chest and gently stroked his nipple with his thumb and occasionally leant in to kiss the boy”s naked shoulder. After the third time he did it, about half way through the movie, Jamie looked around at him and then down his arm to the scar seared into the flesh just below his wrist.


“How”d you get that?” Jamie asked.


Sam looked down to where he was looking. “Long story buddy.” He said not wanting to spoil the mood.


“Tell me.” Jamie said and Sam saw in his eyes that he really wanted to know.


So he did. The movie continued playing on the large screen but neither of them paid it any attention as Sam told Jamie of his own childhood; about how his Mom had been an addict, the State taking him away and putting him into foster care and how he”d run away at the age of eight. He”d survived on the streets begging for a few weeks before winter forced him to seek shelter with the boy”s he knew sold themselves for money. His initial forays into the seedy world of child prostitution were quick hand jobs in dark alleys, then sucking men”s cocks and occasionally having a guy want to play and suck on his own three incher. One of the older more experienced boys convinced Sam to go with him when the guy had wanted a duo, and it was then that he”d lost his virginity in a motel room months before his ninth birthday. It wasn”t long after that that he”d regularly jump into the passenger seat of men”s cars on his own, letting them take him to rooms for rent by the hour or back to their own houses and would sell his body and ass for just thirty or forty dollars. Sam told Jamie about how he”d been fucked two or three times a week for over a year until he was lured into a motel room late one afternoon and abused by three men who”d inflicted pain like he”d never felt before. He didn”t hold back telling Jamie about how they”d raped him at least three or four times each over the space of five or six hours, and that the first was also the biggest with a huge fat cock that made him bleed and cry out in pain. His cries were lost into the pillow his face had been shoved hard into and the weight of his abuser almost crushing his young tender body as he thrust painfully into him over and over again. He told him how he”d gagged and retched with tears and snot streaming down his face as their cocks were shoved down his throat while he was sodomized again and again. Sam tried to describe the searing pain of his nipples being pinched so hard they were bruised purple for a week when he refused to comply with their every demand. When Jamie asked again how he got the scar Sam told him how, after they”d finished with him, they”d held his wrist over the open flame of the grill cooker until he could smell his own flesh burning. He told him that they”d all laughed at his muffled screams into the hand clamped over his mouth and threatened to kill him if he went to the cops. What he didn”t tell him was how the manager had found him sometime around midnight and fucked him once more, hastily ripping open his trousers and pulling Sam”s ass up into the air, grunting and shuddering his way to an orgasm that was no more than two minutes in coming. He”d thrown him out back into the streets after wiping himself up on Sam”s filthy t-shirt and hurling abuse at him as he gingerly limped away. There was no need to tell Jamie of the dull emptiness he”d felt and that all he”d wanted was to die and not have to go back to the warehouse to sell his body to other men ever again because he could tell the boy understood and that he knew the pain he”d suffered.


“I”m sorry,” Jamie whispered in a quiet voice looking at him with his chocolate eyes full of sadness. “Did it hurt a lot?”


“Yeah buddy, it did. But it was a long time ago.”


And then he did something that made Sam”s breath catch in his throat and he had to swallow hard, pushing down the flood of emotion that threatened to spill over and consume him. Jamie lifted his hand up to Sam”s wrist and brought it to his face, turning it over and gently kissed the disfigured skin for a few seconds before turning his body into Sam”s and hugging him holding his arm between them.


“You know,” Sam said with his voice breaking a little and nuzzled his face into Jamie”s hair. “Leo used to do that exact same thing. He used to tell me that sometimes your worst day can turn into the best day of your life.”


“Is that the guy in the picture?” Jamie asked tilting his head back to look at Sam.


Sam nodded his head and went on to explain how he”d met Leo that same night, seeing him at the end of the pier and sitting with him for an hour without either of them speaking. He tried to describe how he”d felt just sitting there in silence knowing that the older man understood his pain, not just his physical injuries but the loneliness and despair that pervaded his soul. And he could see the pain in the man”s eyes too when he looked at him and they sat there expressing their need for each other without a word being said. Sam told Jamie how he”d come home with Leo and slept in his bed with him that night and every night after for the next nine years.


“Did you do stuff with him?” Jamie asked.


He nodded his head. “Yeah, eventually. I couldn”t for a long time though. The memories of that night made it difficult for me to want to have sex and Leo understood that. It happened one night after about two weeks when I asked him why those men did what they did and he said he didn”t know and started crying. He told me that he”d seen me earlier on the street and knew I was selling myself to men and that he”d wanted to approach me, but he”d been too ashamed to admit to a nine year old that he liked boys.”


Sam stopped and took a deep breath before carrying on. “He said it was his fault what happened to me. That if he had I wouldn”t have gone to that motel and that he”d never forgive himself.”


“But then you might not”ve stayed with him.” Jamie said. “After I mean, when you”d had sex you would have just gone back and never seen him again.”


“That”s what I said,” Sam said smiling now. “And that”s when I finally felt I could give myself to him and we had sex for the first time up there in our bedroom. It took months before we did it properly, but once we did, we did it all the time.”


Jamie stared at him for long seconds and then a smile crept along his face. “I bet you were way hot when you were my age.” He said lightening the mood.


“Hey! What”s with the `were” crap?” Sam said and dug his fingers into his side tickling him. Jamie jumped and tensed at the unexpected attack but couldn”t move away as Sam held his body close to his.


“SORRY…! You”re still hot… I just meant… AHHHHHHH!!!” He screamed as Sam quickly turned him over onto his back and straddled his waist holding his arms up above his head with one hand.


“You meant what?” Sam asked grinning down at the helpless boy trapped underneath him with his fingers poised just an inch away from his hairless pit.


“That you would”a been really cute…” izmit escort He said and then screamed out again as Sam burrowed his fingers into the warm cave of his armpit. “No No No No No…” Jamie squirmed under Sam and cried out in delighted agony.


“Would”a?” Sam asked tormenting the kid with his fingers. Fuck he felt so good in there and Sam wanted to bend down and lick his tongue over the smooth hairless skin of his pit and taste him.


“STOP… PLEASE!” Jamie panted. “You still are.”


“Still are what?”


“Hot!” Jamie laughed in relief with tears streaming down his face as Sam stopped his tickling.


“And what else?”




“And what else?”


“Umm… I dunno.” Jamie said smiling. “Horny!”


Sam grinned down at the ten year old beneath him. “So are you.” He said and reached down to hold the hard spike in his shorts. “What did you want me to do with this?”


“Suck it!” Jamie moaned as Sam groped him.


“You”ll lose the bet.”


“No I won”t, the movie”s finished.” Jamie said with a smug look on his face.


Sam looked up and saw the credits rolling up the screen. Shit… “You little bugger! You kept me talking so I”d lose didn”t you?”


“I”ll still suck yours even though I won.” Jamie said smiling up at him. “But you gotta do me first.”


“Hell yeah,” Sam said. “I love sucking your dick.”


His belly tensed up again as Sam let go of his arm above his head and traced his fingers along the waistband of his shorts. He curled his fingers under bringing them around to the front and pushed them down a bit lightly tickling the soft silken skin of his hairless pubic mound. Jamie clenched his teeth with his firm stomach straining and his abs rippled as he felt the boy shudder under him with sexual desire written across his angelic face.


Jamie slowly let out a stuttered breath and relaxed; watching as Sam lightly traced small circles around his lower navel and felt the tingling deep under his balls as if he were reaching inside him to the very root of his cook with his fingers. “That feels nice.” Jamie said pushing his shorts down his hips and lifted his ass up off the couch between Sam”s legs. The loose band caught on his rapidly growing erection and Sam”s fingers grazed along the bald skin of his flat mound to his buttoned fly and snapped it open as he shifted down his legs.


The short three and a half inches of boyhood perfection bobbed up and down on Jamie”s navel as Sam pulled his fly apart with a feeling of profound euphoria spreading through his body. It was unbelievable that in the space of only a few hours he could now so freely remove a ten year old boy”s pants and touch him as a lover would, and he did just that. With just the tip of his finger Sam lightly traced it down the centre of Jamie”s hard little cock and watched it jump at his touch.


“I think junior wants to come out and play.” Sam said as he slipped his hands up to Jamie”s hips and pushed his shorts further down bunching them up around his legs. He licked his lips and swallowed, unable to tear his eyes away from Jamie”s small but rock hard cock and the glassy sheen of his miniature head pulsing up and down with his heartbeat. The thin shaft protruded above the tight wrinkled orb of his balls and pointed straight up over the silky soft smoothness of his flat mound waiting for him to take it into his mouth.


Finally looking up at Jamie, he saw him eagerly nodding his head up and down smiling. “Yep! He wants to get sucked soooo bad.” Jamie said trying to push his shorts off under Sam”s legs. “You need to get off me so I can take these off.” He said giggling with his hands wedged between his legs and Sam”s.


He did as he was told and climbed off Jamie as he sat up on the couch. Bringing his knees to his chest Jamie pushed his shorts down his legs and kicked his feet sending them flying over the coffee table. “Now you. And then kneel down here.” He said to Sam completely naked once again.


Fuck, could this get any better? Sam thought looking down at Jamie. God he was so fucking hot!


Sam grinned as Jamie held his hand out with his finger pointing to the floor in front of him. The ten year old boy turned and planted his feet on the thick white shag pile rug and spread his legs wide open with his three and a half inch boner rock hard laying over his smooth navel. He knew what the boy had in mind and as he lifted his t-shirt up over his head he felt Jamie”s small hands at his crotch rubbing his palm up and down his throbbing cock and giving it a firm squeeze. Sam dropped his t-shirt on the couch behind Jamie and looked down at him, watching as the ten year old deftly unsnapped his button letting his shorts fall to the ground. With one hand Jamie hooked his fingers into the band of Sam”s briefs and pulled them out over his erection. His smile grew as he tugged them down around his hips and reached up with his other hand to grasp Sam”s raging hard-on around the shaft and pulled down making his cock lurch as the skin of his flared head stretched. Sam”s legs felt weak as Jamie slowly massaged him back and forth with his little hand squeezing him tight and his thumb sliding through the slick juice oozing from his slit.


“Sammy?” Jamie asked quietly making him look down.


“Yeah buddy?”


“Could you… I mean… Do you think you could, umm, like…” Jamie said and then stopped.


“Could I what, Jamie?” Sam asked seeing the hesitation in his eyes. “What did you want me to do?”


After a few seconds and with his hand held still on Sam”s aching cock Jamie took in a breath and looked up at him. “Could you pretend that you”re like my Dad or something?”


“What?” Sam said surprised. “Your Dad? Why?”


“”Cos I”ve always wondered what it”d be like having a Dad and doing this with him.” Jamie said lifting Sam”s cock up and pushed it against his navel. Without taking his eyes off Sam”s he leant forward and licked his soft velvety tongue from the base of his cock all the way to his drooling head and slid his lips over Sam”s glans.


“Ohhhhhh… Fuck,” Sam moaned in a whisper feeling the hot warmth of Jamie”s mouth encompass his swollen head. “Anything you want tiger.”


Sam”s hands combed through Jamie”s thick hair as he swallowed the clear liquid into his mouth and pulled back smiling. “Can you suck mine and make me orgasm now… Dad?” He said a little nervously calling Sam `Dad”.


Christ almighty! Sam took in a sudden quivering breath as his cock jolted almost shooting his load over Jamie”s face when he flicked the tip of his tongue across his slit and sank down onto his cock. The tight embrace of Jamie”s lips as he took over half Sam”s length into his mouth was exquisite and Sam moaned in delighted agony. He gently pushed the ten year old boy”s face further into his crotch feeling his head slide past his tongue and stop at the entrance of his throat. Jamie held there for a few seconds before pulling back against Sam”s hand. A clear string of saliva and precum stretched out from his shining glans to Jamie”s red lips as he pulled away and broke, falling over his chin and hung an inch below.


“You gotta do mine now…” He said swallowing with a sultry smile. Jamie still held his saliva soaked cock in one hand and wiped the precum off his chin with his finger and put it in his mouth.


“You betcha Son…” Sam said leaning down with a hand on Jamie”s chest easing him back into the couch. “Daddy”s gonna suck it real good.”


He fell to his knees between the boy”s legs and pushed them apart running his hands all the way up Jamie”s inner thighs. His skin was so incredibly smooth and tender and as he reached the joint of his body he brushed his thumbs over the stretched tendons either side of the tight globe of his small hairless sac. Sam feasted his eyes on Jamie”s hard three and a half inch cock pointing straight up over his flat hairless mound, the slender shaft no thicker than his thumb with the taut and reddened skin pulled tight. His small rounded head was flared at the base with the tiny slit splitting apart underneath pulsing with his heartbeat as Sam stroked his hands over Jamie”s hips forcing them under his cheeks. He lifted Jamie”s ass off the couch and buried his face into his crotch licking his tongue between his corrugated balls and the junction of his thigh. Gliding upwards, Sam turned his head down over Jamie”s navel and sensuously caressed the small rounded head with his lips before sliding down the hard spear of preteen cock soaking it with his spit. He moaned in lust filled pleasure as the taste of Jamie”s young prepubescent dick filled his mouth once more and sucked in his cheeks creating a vacuum with his tongue wrapped firmly around the hard three and a half inches of soft steely flesh.


Memories of Sam”s first few weeks living in the old abandoned warehouse along New York”s gritty port surfaced in his mind as he gripped Jamie”s slender cock with his lips gliding up and down his short length with ease, lubricated with his own saliva and felt it swell and thicken in response. His age had counted against him from the very first day, and being one of the youngest of the street kids it was his mouth and ass that the older boys favored with a jerk of their heads or an urgent demand shouting for the `new kid”. Even the ten and eleven year old”s had him on his knees fellating them while one of the older boys fucked him up his recently busted ass. At just nine years old, the other boy”s cocks he”d had in his mouth had been about the same size as his own, whereas Jamie”s now felt so small and delicate that Sam had to purse his lips tighter and bob his head back and forth in short shallow strokes. But for Sam it was as though Jamie”s prepubescent dick belonged in his mouth and he savored every moment as the boy”s chest began to heave with every breath, his eyes locked on Sam”s mouth working up and down on his aching organ between his spread legs.


It took only minutes for Jamie to climax as Sam massaged the root of his hard shaft with his thumb through the soft tissue of his scrotum. He threw his head back into the couch giggling as the wave of tingling orgasm burst from his fledgling cock and spread like wildfire through his body. His stomach heaved with the muscles sharply defined along his abdomen and his toes curled into the rug with his fists gripping Sam”s hair pushing his small hard cock as far into his mouth as he could.


As the thrilling sensation of orgasm faded Jamie lowered his ass back onto the couch as Sam let his hard nail slip from his mouth with his hand still cupped around his tight sac. “Again.” Jamie said as he bit his lower lip and panted in ragged breaths above Sam.


Sam looked up at Jamie with his head still nestled between his spread legs and traced his fingers up his small three and a half inch cock in awe of his absolute beauty. “Gezz Jamie, your still rock hard!” He said leaning down caressing his swollen glans with his lips and tongue.


“I know… Do it again.” Jamie answered with a pleading edge to his voice.


Fighting the urge to reach down and grasp his own raging prick and relieve the aching need to blow his load into Jamie”s warm mouth, Sam instead lifted his hand to his lips and spat into it before gripping his small rod in his fist and began massaging up and down. “Okay baby…” Sam said smiling at the look on Jamie”s face at being called `Baby”. “But not like this.”


Rather than sitting on his ankles bending down into Jamie”s crotch, Sam longed to feel his lithe young body as he sucked the ten year old boy off and explore every square inch with his hands. He stood and swiftly grabbed Jamie under his knees, twisting his body around and dragged his waist over the armrest as he walked around the couch with his legs dangling over the edge. Jamie”s back arched up as Sam pulled his lightweight body towards him over the armrest and lifted his hands up under his head. He looked up at him and spread his legs apart grinning playfully. Sam gazed at Jamie”s smoothly toned body with longing, his tensed stomach curving inwards below his chest and the flat mound of his hairless sex rose up into the air over the armrest.


Sam looked back up at Jamie”s face and saw him smiling back at him with his eyebrows raised. “Did I tell you yet how fuck”n hot you are?”


“Only like a hundred times…” Jamie grinned with his head held up on top of his hands and stretched his body out. “You gonna suck it again or just look?”


Briefly glancing down at Jamie”s rock hard cock and tilting his head to one side, Sam dropped to his knees and pushed his legs apart as he leant over his body. He grasped Jamie”s hot spear in his fist in front of his chest and slowly ran his other hand up along the boy”s hip and held him around his narrow waist moving his face down to tongue the small hollow of his belly button. Jamie giggled and squirmed under Sam as he probed his tongue into the tiny orifice and slowly massaged his hand up and down his short organ until he felt a hand on his head pushing him down once again.


Jamie”s slender cock slid into his mouth like liquid silk and Sam moaned in blissful pleasure as he buried his face into the boy”s firm navel with his eyes wide open. Looking down over Jamie”s abdomen with his ribs jutting out and spreading around his chest Sam rested his arms on the boy”s legs and reached up to roam his hands over the soft flesh of his stomach. His firm young body angled down into the couch and his crotch rose up, the bones of his hips sharp and protruding under his skin with legs spread apart dangling over the armrest. As Sam sucked in his cheeks and moved his head back and forth tightening his lips around the thin shaft of Jamie”s slick saliva soaked rod he roamed his hand over the jutting bone of his pelvis, dipping down onto his firm flat stomach and stretched his fingers wide circling around the small cave of his button.


With his chin pressed against his chest Jamie watched as Sam sucked up and down his short length through hooded eyes, the skin of his cheeks flushed and his blonde hair clinging to his forehead. His chest rose as he breathed through his nose watching with his hands held back behind his head, the incredible warmth of Sam”s mouth enveloping his cock over and over again. The hands caressing his body stirred a sexual longing that spread from deep in his groin to the tips of his toes as Jamie licked his dry lips and bit down on them, taking in a shuddering breath and moaned in pleasure. He dug his heels into the side of the couch and finding a ridge to push up on, he forced his crotch up into Sam”s face squashing his balls into the man”s chin striving to bury his small fuck stick as deep into his mouth as he could. He tried to push up harder and deeper; to satisfy the animal craving he felt to orgasm but the fire within him only intensified making him moan and whimper in tormented delight as he humped up into the man”s face. He felt Sam”s big hands move under his ass lifting him up off the couch and watched through the slits of his eyes as he devoured his juvenile cock over and over again. Sam”s panting hot breath cascaded over his navel and he watched spellbound as his spit gathered at the base of his dick, dribbling down around his balls and seeped between his cheeks.


He fixated on Sam”s lips, watching them slide up and down his short organ trying to correlate the sensations with what he was seeing. Even when his ass was lowered to the couch again and Sam”s hands moved up under his knees to push his legs back into his body, he still kept looking down between his spread thighs as his cock sprang free from Sam”s mouth and his face disappeared below his tight sac. The familiar feeling of a warm tongue licking at his hole and spearing into him made him squirm, the sensation tickling his puckered ring making him tense up clenching the muscles of his anus. He willed himself to relax and soon felt Sam”s tongue inside him but he wanted him to touch him in the same place as he had before and make him orgasm.


“Do it with your… your fingers.” Jamie moaned between breaths.


Sam smiled into Jamie”s sweet tasting ass. Running his hands down the inside of his smooth thighs, he rose up to the boy”s small hairless balls and sucked them into his mouth. He slowly circled his fingers around Jamie”s wet hole, teasing him as he let his tight sac slip from his lips and licked his tongue up the hard shaft of his penis before burying his face into his crotch taking the hot spike of flesh into his mouth once again. Jamie sighed and pushed up as Sam eased two fingers past the muscle of his ring, sliding into his hot body up to his fisted hand and flicking his tongue across his tiny mushroomed head. He sucked up and down on Jamie”s deliciously young little boy cock and felt the hot fleshy walls of his rectum enclose his fingers as he moved back and forth. It was slick with lube and semen from Sam”s earlier orgasm deep in his bowls and it squelched each time he pushed in. Sam was in absolute heaven sucking on a ten year old boy”s hard nail with his fingers buried in his ass with him panting and moaning as he neared his orgasm. His own cock was rock hard and the slightest touch, he was sure, would tip him over the edge but he couldn”t wait to feel Jamie”s warm moist lips wrapped around him and shoot his load into his hot welcoming mouth.


Jamie”s thrusts became more urgent and forceful as Sam”s lustful need propelled him to bring the boy to climax, massaging his fingers along his prostrate finding the hard nub of his pleasure spot. His head bounced up and down on Jamie”s short pole until he froze with his stomach tensed and his hips held up off the couch, his groin mashed into Sam”s face as he let out a strangled whimper and his toes curled in orgasmic release. The moment seemed to stretch out as Jamie came in dry pulsating waves of climax, his small cock quivering between Sam”s tongue and cheeks as his body shuddered. With his lidded eyes still locked on his smooth flat mound and Sam”s lips held tightly around the hard spear buried in his mouth, the high of orgasm slowly faded and he lowered himself back to the couch with a sigh. He let his legs fall to the side and giggled as Sam slipped his fingers from his ass and cupped his balls in his palm, caressing them as Jamie”s muscles slackened and his body relaxed in spent exhaustion. Sam slowly eased his lips up his softening cock and circled his tongue around Jamie”s sensitive head making him pull his crotch away from his mouth and moan in complaint.


“I love feeling you orgasm in my mouth Jamie,” Sam said looking down between his legs and over his hot ten year old body curving back into the couch. “Your dick tastes so fucking good.”


“Does it still taste like I came a bit?” Jamie asked groggily as Sam pushed himself up between his legs and stood. He was still basking in the afterglow of orgasm, his small drooping spear twitching as it softened and his mind clouded with the intensity of his climax that he didn”t even look down at Sam”s raging erection craving his attention.


“That”s why it tastes so good…” Sam said and pulled Jamie”s legs back onto the couch with his body twisted at the waist and stood between them. Looking down at his lithe and sexy body laying prone on his couch, and after having his small preteen cock in his mouth Sam was eager to watch while Jamie sucked him and took his load and he urged the youngster to sit up. “C”mon kiddo, must be my turn now huh?”


Finally the boy”s eyes focused on his erection and a smile formed on his face when he looked back up at him. “Are you gonna cum in my mouth now?” He asked holding out his hand for Sam to help him up.


“I fucking hope so sport.” Sam said pulling Jamie upright and cupping a hand to his cheek. Stroking his soft skin with his thumb Sam fought the urge to hold him by the back of the head and push his mouth down onto his leaking cock preferring the slow sensual technique Jamie had shown earlier. It only took a moment before his small hand wrapped around Sam”s hard shaft and his swollen head felt the touch of his soft wet lips and tongue smearing the precum around his glans. Ever so slowly and looking up at Sam, Jamie”s lips descended and gripped him tightly just under the ridge as Sam moaned in blissful pleasure.


“God that feels good,” Sam sighed watching his cock sink into Jamie”s warm mouth. He ran his hand through the boy”s thick blonde hair and gently pushed his face into his navel. “Your mouth is so fucking soft.”


Jamie pulled back with his cheeks caved in, sucking Sam”s rock hard prick and dragged his lips up his shaft before taking him back in with one hand held firmly around the base and the other cupping his balls and pulling down on them. Sam felt the cushion of Jamie”s tongue slide along the underside of his helmeted head on each upstroke as he withdrew, his lips grazing over his piss slit and then plunging back down on him over and over again. As the sensations built in Sam”s cock and at the sight of a ten year old boy sucking him, he couldn”t help but hold his head and slowly thrust back and forth into his mouth, gently face fucking the boy who he”d fantasied about for so many weeks.


“Mmmmm…” Sam moaned as Jamie”s breath cascaded over his navel. “A bit faster baby.”


Jamie smiled around Sam”s cock and lifted his head back licking his tongue up the underside of his shaft and pumped his fist back and forth.


“I know,” He said kissing Sam”s head and ran his tongue around the flared ridge. “Do you like when I do this?” He pointed the tip of his tongue and swiped it over the crown of Sam”s head and flicked it back and forth as he wrapped his soft wet lips around his glans. Sam watched in disbelief as he felt his cock glide over his cushioned tongue and Jamie”s face burrowed into his navel, his throat relaxing and letting Sam push in until his cock was buried to the hilt in his mouth.


“Uhhhh… Fuck yeah.” Sam hissed through clenched teeth as Jamie withdrew once again with half his throbbing shaft still inside his mouth. It was slick and greasy with Jamie”s spit and he began to pump his little fist back and forth jacking Sam off as he slurped on his cock. His head rocked back and forth each time Sam pushed in and squeezed his shaft in a tight grip, massaging his hand up and down making small grunting noises as saliva dribbled from his lips coating the thick shaft of Sam”s prick sliding in and out of his mouth.


With the exception of infrequent blow jobs from one of the boys living in the old abandoned warehouse when he was nine, Sam had only ever been sucked off by adult men, including Leo until he”d been nineteen. Since then he”d only been with a handful of guys and all of them had been in their late teens or older who knew how to suck dick, but none of them compared to the velvety wet softness of Jamie”s warm mouth. Sam tilted his head to one side watching as Jamie slid his lips up and down his shaft time and time again, taking shallow panting breaths while pumping his fisted hand back and forth in ever increasing speed. Sam began rocking his hips and held Jamie”s head as he fucked his hot little mouth, but just as the gradual build up to orgasm started Jamie pulled back and stroked his hand over his throbbing head and held it up to Sam”s navel. With his head tilted he moved down onto his shaved balls, sucking and licking each one into his mouth long enough for the feelings to abate. If he knew Sam was about to come he gave no indication, but given his obvious skill and experience he probably had, and before long he nibbled his way back up Sam”s rock solid cock and deep throated him once again.


“Fuuuuuuuuck…” Sam groaned and pushed forward into the ten year old boy. “I”ve gotta come buddy… Let me come in your mouth.”


Jamie just looked up at him and smiled around Sam”s cock shoved deep in his mouth nodding his head up and down as he sucked in his cheeks. He began taking long deep strokes and pressed up with his thumb under Sam”s balls like the man had done to him and gripped his hard cock at the base stretching the skin tight. Sam groaned in ecstasy at the sudden pressure at the root of his dick and felt the first tingling sensations of orgasm grow deep in his loins.


“Ffffuuuuuaaaaaaa… God that”s so good Jamie.” Sam moaned as he held Jamie”s head in both hands and gently thrust his cock in and out of his mouth, his stomach tight and his face a mask of pure unadulterated pleasure as his climax approached.


Fuck me… Sam thought. I”m gonna come inside a hot ten year old boy”s mouth. He couldn”t fucking believe it!


“I”m close buddy…” Sam whispered as he fucked back and forth in short strokes. Jamie”s fingers found the soft fleshy skin of his scrotum and scratched his nail down causing it to contract sending a shiver up Sam”s spine. “Ohhh… Shit. Fuck… here it comes!”


He passed the point of no return a few moments later and Jamie hungrily descended on his cock as far as he could without gagging, pumping the base of his shaft back and forth in short rapid jerks. Sam shuddered as his cock filled the boy”s mouth and held his head to his groin with Jamie”s nose buried into his short pubic hair, grunting as he thrust into him. The thrilling pulse of climax tore through Sam”s body and his cock jolted in Jamie”s mouth spewing the first shot of his hot sticky semen into his throat. Sam dragged his exploding cock back as another wrenching pulse erupted before again thrusting into the boy”s hot and willing mouth.


“Fuck yeah,” Sam groaned as he shot his third and fourth load over Jamie”s tongue. He slowly moved in and out of his mouth as his cum spurted and dribbled from his slit, the wave of climax gradually easing and each throb of his orgasm a little weaker than the last. Jamie kept his lips sealed tight and as Sam”s movements stopped he slowly squeezed his softening shaft in his fist and milked his cock, forcing the last of his cum into his waiting mouth.


Even as Sam relaxed and his cock lost its steel like firmness, Jamie slid his mouth all the way down to the root of his thick organ and back up again one last time, his lips closing at his slit and pulled his head back smiling up at Sam with his lips sealed shut.


Sam stood there looking down at the boy who”d just given him one of the best blow jobs he”d ever experienced in his life with his hand still wrapped around his spent dick. “That”s one hell of a hot mouth you got there boyo,” Sam said. “Almost as good as your ass.”


Jamie didn”t answer Sam. Instead he tilted his head back slightly and slowly opened his mouth. The milky white cum coated his teeth and pooled on his tongue with thick viscous strands stretching between his lips and bubbling in creamy arcs. A small dribble escaped from the corner of Jamie”s mouth and he quickly scooped it up with a finger and sucked it back in. Sam could only stare in admiration as the ten year old boy”s small Adams apple bobbed up and down, opening his mouth again and lifting his tongue up to prove he”d swallowed it all.


It was, bar none, the most erotically sexual thing Sam had ever seen in his life and the fact that it was a ten, nearly-eleven year old boy just blew his mind away. There was absolutely no doubt that he”d performed the same act countless times and Sam felt a brief stab of jealously towards Ash”s Uncle but he brushed it aside as quickly as it had come. The one nagging thought that wouldn”t let loose so easily was whether or not Jamie actually felt the same way that Sam did, or if it was just his way of satisfying his own carnal needs.


Sam took a step back and lifted Jamie to his feet by the arms and pulled him close. “I know we”ve only just met and all, but I really like you kiddo.” He said as he ran his hand through Jamie”s tangled blonde hair. He couldn”t bring himself to tell the boy the truth; that he was falling in love with him.


His face beamed as he turned his head up to Sam and pressed his naked body against his. “Me too. I wish you really were my Dad.”


“I”d be very proud to call you my son Jamie…” Sam smiled and kissed him softly on the lips and tasted the lingering saltiness of his semen. “But even if I can”t be your Dad, I”ll still be here whenever you need me.”


Jamie”s brows shot up and he smirked. “Whenever I want to have sex you mean?”


“That too!” Sam laughed lowering his hands to Jamie”s waist enjoying the closeness of their bodies and the intimate contact between them. “What I mean is if you needed someone to talk to or if you just wanted to hang out, you can come here anytime you want.”


“Cool. Could I bring Ash too?” Jamie asked. “And have a spa on your deck?”


“I don”t see why not. We could have one now if you wanted.” Sam said smiling even as his heart leapt in his chest at the thought of Jamie bringing Ash to his apartment.


“Yeah… can we?”


“Umm… Actually we probably don”t have time. Don”t you have to be home soon?” Sam asked knowing Jamie had to be home by five. It was after four already and he had no idea where Jamie lived.


“Oh, yeah.” Jamie”s shoulders sagged and his face clouded with disappointment.


“Tell you what,” Sam said. “Why don”t I take you home on my bike and we can grab a quick one.”


Jamie”s eyes lit up. “You got a bike? What kind?”


“A Triumph Daytona six-seven-five,” Sam said thinking nothing excited a young preteen boy more than a fast sports bike and the promise of being taken for a ride.


“Wicked!” Jamie said with the excitement evident on his young and beautiful face. “Ash”ll be so jealous.”


He held Jamie”s chin in his hand and leant down to whisper in his ear. “Not as jealous as I am of him getting to spend the night with you.”


As Jamie pulled away he grabbed Sam”s hand and dragged him towards the large sliding doors leading out to the expansive patio overlooking the piers. Sam”s eyes were drawn to Jamie”s naked backside and the crease of his firm cheeks hiding the tight hole of his anus. Jamie grinned at him as he looked over his shoulder at Sam. “Ash said I should pretend he”s you when he does me tonight.”


Sam unlocked and pushed the massive doors with a light touch, the industrial glass panels gliding open effortlessly. “Yeah? And will you still be thinking of me when you do him too?”


“Uh huh.” Jamie said smiling devilishly and dashed back into the lounge around the coffee table and retrieved his shorts. Before Sam could ask why, Jamie was pulling him along to the spa with his head turned back to him. “When I do him tonight I”ll pretend I”m doing you.”


He followed Jamie with his small hand clasped tightly within his own, trailing behind the ten year old boy as he lead him behind the privacy screens surrounding the spa. His back was as perfect as his front and he moved with a graceful ease, his firm buttocks pinched together below the curve of his narrow waist hiding the centre of Sam”s devotion. If not for the sharply toned muscles of his shoulders and strong dancers thighs he could have been mistaken for a young girl when seen from behind, but Sam knew he was all boy at the front. And unlike a girl, the single entrance to his body was hidden away between his cheeks like a promise unseen.


Letting go of Jamie”s hand Sam tore his eyes off his perfect young form and had him help lift the cover off. Jamie dropped his shorts and grabbed the cover trying to haul it off, the muscles in his arms straining with grim determination.


“Did you want to do that? Fuck me I mean?” Sam asked looking down at Jamie”s semi-erect penis flopping back and forth in the air as he struggled with the oversized cover. “You can if you wanted to.”




Sam laughed. “Yeah… Really!” Just the thought of feeling Jamie”s slender cock sliding into him and letting him fuck him was enough to stir his arousal. But even though he knew he wouldn”t be able to achieve climax again so soon, he could see that Jamie didn”t have the same problem. Oh to be a ten year old boy again…


“Like now?” Jamie asked as they dumped the cover to the side.


Sam dipped his hand into the warm water to test. “Next time okay? I promise.” He said cementing the prospect of a repeat performance.


“Next time?” Jamie grinned. “Can I come back on Wednesday after dance practice and then I can be the man?”


Sam laughed. “The Man? You already are my little lion man Jamie.” He said raising his eyebrows and looked down at Jamie”s now erect three and a half inch hard-on again. “But yes, you can. I”d really like it if you did.”


“Cool!” Jamie beamed and stroked his hard nail with thumb and two fingers.


“Come on. Let”s get in before you poke my eye out with that thing.”


Jamie shot him a wicked smile and launched himself over the side, jumping up with his legs and pivoting his small body through the air with his arms. He landed with his legs tucked up underneath and splashed into the spa, turning to face Sam with water streaming down his chest and glistening in the muted sunlight making his skin shine. The blonde hair at his neck and forehead turned dark and clung to his skin in loose strands, the hot water flushing his face with sweat and heat. His expression of boyish enthusiasm defied his age and maturity as he looked up at Sam


“You gonna get in and play with me?” Jamie asked. His double meaning was clear and as his hand submerged under the water and began to move back and forth, it was obvious he was stroking himself and Sam had no doubt what the boy wanted.


“You”re incorrigible,” Sam grinned. He stepped up to the raised platform surrounding most of the spa and lowered himself down into the steaming water. “I can”t believe you”re hard again.” How many times was it already? Four? Five times he”d orgasmed in only three or four hours? As a kid, even on his best day Sam couldn”t remember ever having five orgasms in one day. This boy was something else, and he wanted it again.


“It”s not like it”s gonna drop off.” Jamie quipped scooting over to Sam once he”d settled down into one of the reclining seats. The large spa pool was big enough for at least six adults, but Jamie had other ideas. He floated up over Sam”s body with his back to him and settled down onto his lap wrapping his legs around Sam”s.


“Do me first and then I”ll do you okay?” He said looking around at Sam. He wriggled his ass into Sam”s crotch and leant his weight into his chest with his head on his shoulder.


“That might take a while buddy,” Sam said laughing and wrapped his arms around the boy”s hot body. “I need time to recover before I can go again.” God he wished he could, but even with Jamie sat on his lap naked with his ass grinding into his crotch his cock was only partially erect. There was no way he was going to reach orgasm within the next ten minutes.


“But you can still do mine yeah?” Jamie asked hopefully.


“I guess,” Sam said grazing his lips across the boy”s shoulder and into his neck. “But only if you answer a few questions while I do.”


“What sorta questions?”


“Well, like why you wanted me to pretend I was your Dad for one.” Sam said a little cautiously. He kept his hands on Jamie”s hips, purposefully avoiding venturing between his legs. Shelly had never mentioned his Dad and he had no idea whether he was in Jamie”s life or not. “Where is he?”


Jamie shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno. Mom said I don”t have one.”


“What”d”ya mean she said you don”t have one?” Sam asked in confusion. Maybe Shell had meant his Dad was out of their lives and Jamie had taken that as meaning he didn”t have one.


“I don”t have one.” Jamie repeated. “Mom said she didn”t have sex with anyone to have me.”


“Oh,” Sam said thinking he understood. “You mean she had IVF?” Why didn”t he know this? He”d been around when Jamie would”ve been conceived so wasn”t sure why she hadn”t told him. But, he”d only been seventeen and perhaps it was none of his business how Shell got pregnant.


“Yeah, that”s what she called it. Next question?” Jamie said obviously not wanting to talk about it.


Sam thought for a second and then smiled. “Ummm… If you get to be in Buck Rodgers will you still let me do this?” He asked nuzzling back into his neck kissing him there and tickled his fingers just above Jamie”s hand still slowly stroking himself.


“Yeah…!” Jamie said looking serious as he turned his head to Sam. “But they said it”s being made in Toronto and I”d have to stay there.”


“Oh.” Sam replied. How was that going to work? His Mom couldn”t leave her gallery could she? “So what… you”d have to move live there while you filmed it or something?”


Jamie shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno. Mom said we”d talk about it if I got it. So what are you gonna get me for my birthday?” He asked changing the subject and spread his legs further apart in invitation.


Still looking up at him with a slight smile his eyes conveyed the happiness he felt and the unspoken bond that was forming between them in just the short time they”d known each other. The shifting of his body on Sam”s lap afforded him with an unobstructed view over Jamie”s shoulder, down the sleek contours of his smooth chest and below the water where he could see his hand slowly massaging his erect penis. Sam was content to watch and simply roam both hands from hairless armpits down to his smooth thighs and back up to his boyishly defined young chest. They glided effortlessly over his skin under the water and he felt himself becoming aroused despite thinking he”d be incapable of doing so, but his thoughts remained on what Jamie had just told him.


“Ummmm… I have no idea tiger.” Sam said feeling a sudden dread and grief in the pit of his stomach. I might lose him if he gets the part… “I”ll have to think of something special wont I?”


“Yep. Or you”re not gonna put your thing up my bum again!” Jamie giggled making Sam smile again pushing the depressing thought from his mind.


“Oh really?” Sam laughed. “Even if I ask nicely?” He said brushing Jamie”s hand aside and grasped the hard prong of molten flesh in his fist. Sam squeezed as hard as he dared without hurting the boy knowing it have him pleasure.


Jamie sucked in a surprised breath and groaned as he arched his back and pressed his head into Sam”s shoulder. “Okay!” He squealed in delight. “You can do me again… Just please don”t stop doing that!”


“You sure?” Sam asked feeling his cock grow and stretching between Jamie”s cheeks. Could he fuck the ten year old boy again so soon without hurting him? “I don”t want to hurt you.”


“You won”t. Ty”s done it twice in a row before.” Jamie said lifting his hips up as Sam jacked up and down his hard spear. “”Sides, I can take it `cos I”m your little lion remember?”


“Course I remember… You”ll always be my little lion man.” Sam hated being reminded that Jamie was no innocent and that another man had taken his virginity only five years after Sam had last seen him. But at the same time he was thankful he had, otherwise Jamie wouldn”t be here now in his home sharing his hot young body with him.


“We left the lube upstairs in the bedroom buddy.” Sam said as he held the boy”s body close to his own, stroking his young organ as he ground his own now once again hard cock into his ass. “You wanna go get it?”


“No…” Jamie groaned sucking in breath as his slender body swayed back and forth as Sam humped his ass, forcing the short hard shaft of his penis in and out of the tight ring of his fisted hand. “It”s in my pocket in my shorts.”


Craning his head to the side of the spa, Sam could see his shorts still laying on the decking where Jamie had dropped them just out of reach. “You brought it down with you?” He asked. “You weren”t hoping to get your cute little bum fucked again were you?”


“Yeah… I wanted you to do it again.” Jamie said as he eased himself up with his palms on Sam”s thighs and slowly pushed his ass back into Sam”s crotch. He hovered over Sam”s kadıköy escort throbbing shaft and, using his cheeks he began to massage his erection with slow deliberate movements. His own juvenile organ fucked in and out through Sam”s fist with each slow thrust as he pushed back and forth with his feet.


“Me too,” Sam whispered into his ear as he nibbled at his soft sleek neck. “I want my cock inside you again so bad.”


Sam groaned with unsuppressed longing as Jamie pushed back, his cock unbelievably hard once again and aching to feel the tight confines of Jamie”s rectum squeezing down on him. God did he want that; to be inside him again making love to the ten year old boy and filling him with his seed in his hot little ass.


“After you suck me and make me orgasm.” Jamie panted as his body undulated, his back arching as Sam gripped his stiff little boy cock in his fist and beat it even faster.


“If that”s what you want baby, then bring it up here.” Sam said huskily wanting to feel the hard organ in his mouth again.


Jamie jumped up onto his feet and spun around, standing over Sam”s waist so fast he almost slipped on the seat. Sam caught him and held him with his hands around his slim narrow waist, his eyes drawn to the hard stub of Jamie”s erect penis.


“You are so beautiful Jamie.” Sam said. No matter how often he said it, it didn”t make it any less true. Even as a toddler he”d been cute and Sam had always known he”d grow up to be stunning, but after seeing his photo on his mother”s desk Sam thought Jamie was the most spectacular boy he”d ever seen. He was gorgeous and sexy with a hot as fuck young body and he”d shown it off shamelessly in the photo, but that paled in comparison to having him here now, naked and horny and so full of life. The first time their eyes met Sam had felt the flicker of something more than just sexual attraction and he knew now that even before they”d spoken he was already falling in love.


He pulled the ten year old boy forward wanting to show him that love now and slid down resting his head on the edge of the spa pool. Jamie leant forward with both hands holding onto the side with his legs under Sam”s armpits and his hard nail prodding at his lips seeking entry.


When Sam didn”t open up, he pushed forward a little harder until his thin shaft bent and he had to hold onto it with one hand. “Suck it Sam… Please?” Jamie begged impatiently looking down at him knowing he was being tormented. It was one of the things Sam loved about him; he knew what he wanted and wouldn”t take no for an answer.


Sam leant his head back and pulled Jamie further forward, sliding his taut shaft over his lips and grazed his pointed tongue along the full length of his stiff three and a half inch stork. “Mmmmm…” Sam sighed. “I love the taste of your dick Jamie.”


“What about my balls?” He grinned cheekily, watching Sam as he ran his tongue underneath his erect penis and licked around the small flared ridge.


“Those too.” Sam smiled as the boy”s thin cock slid over his lips again and sucked both small nuggets into his mouth. The tight globe of Jamie”s corrugated sac pulled up into his scrotum as he bathed them in his saliva wrapping his lips around them at the base of his hairless cock. With one hand on his ass and pulling Jamie”s crotch into his face, Sam held the boy”s hard spear against his flat mound with his thumb as he feasted on the kid”s wrinkled balls.


“That tickles…” Jamie giggled as he squirmed above him. “But it feels good.”


The simple affirmation bolstered Sam”s confidence in inflicting as much pleasure as he could, wanting to prove to the boy that he loved him and would do just about anything to make him feel what he was feeling. He buried his face into Jamie”s crotch and soaked his small rounded balls before letting one slip out and formed a tight `O” with his lips around the other. Sam pulled back until the skin of his sac stretched out and the small egg of his testicle plopped free eliciting a sudden gasp from above.


“Did that hurt too much?” Sam asked.


“No.” Jamie smiled.




He nodded his head. “Yeah.”


Sam smiled, his eyes roaming over Jamie”s wet and glistening body leaning over him with his arms locked and holding onto the side of the spa. He reached out with his tongue and licked his tight sac and sucked the other small nut into his mouth, pulling back as far as he could with his lips holding it in. Jamie hissed as his pleasure boarded on pain and Sam released his grip. Again and again he sucked in each tiny stone and Jamie either moaned or gasped out in ecstasy until Sam could wait no longer.


Not caring that time was short or that Jamie would be late getting home, Sam skimmed his wet lips along the length of the boy”s prepubescent cock. He rested his head back again pulling the boy”s crotch with him and hooked his fingers around the hard stick of boyhood aiming it at his waiting mouth.


“You”re gonna do all the work this time buddy,” Sam said. “You can do it as fast or as hard as you want okay?”


Jamie nodded his head smiling. “Okay.”


For only a second Sam”s eyes lowered to the stiff inflexible prong sticking out from Jamie”s smooth flat mound and the shiny crown of his tiny helmeted glans. It was rock hard, yet soft and delicate under his fingers and he hungered to take it into his mouth and close his lips around the slender shaft of the boy”s hot young cock. With his lips pursed Sam kissed the silken tip of Jamie”s erection and felt him push in, his small head sinking into his mouth and gliding over his tongue like liquid honey. At the same time, Jamie”s hands went to Sam”s head and balled into fists, clutching at his hair as he drove forward squashing his tight sac against the man”s chin. His mouth hung open and his eyelids dropped as he withdrew, the sensations of Sam”s vacuumed cheeks making his hard nail swell with yearning as he pushed back in to the hilt.


“Mmmmm…” Sam moaned as Jamie face fucked him with his firm navel pressing into his nose and the tensed muscles of his stomach on his forehead. He held onto his hips and stroked his thumbs down the indentations either side of his groin, tracing blue veins as they meandered under supple skin. Jamie”s young body was stunning, sleek and slender in all the right places yet firm and smoothly soft at the same time. Sam”s blood lust rose as the ten year old boy stabbed his juvenile cock in and out and clawed at Sam”s hair. He panted in shallow ragged breaths, grunting occasionally as he slammed his crotch into Sam”s face with ever increasing speed and ferocity.


“Can you pull on my balls Sam?” Jamie groaned as he pistoned his hips, fucking his short length back and forth into Sam”s mouth.


Unable to answer with Jamie”s thighs slapping his cheeks on each stroke, Sam pulled a hand from his firm ass and brought it around to his front. Applying a little pressure on the inside of his thigh, he forced Jamie to widen his stance allowing him to reach up and enclose his fingers around the small tight marbles of his immature sac. He pulled a little at first, but when there was no sound of complaint from Jamie he tightened his grip and drew them down into his palm. Holding the boy still with his other hand Sam bared his teeth just below the flared ridge of his tiny glans and suctioned his lips tight, concentrating his efforts on the sensitive corona.


Jamie hissed through clenched teeth at the sudden thrilling sensation of both pain and pleasure spreading like wild fire throughout his body. Sam released him then, letting the boy thrust into his mouth and held him there with his soft smooth navel squashed against his face. He could feel Jamie”s hard spike of flesh quiver on his tongue in orgasm as he applied pressure to his small testicles and held him tightly with his mouth.


“Ngggghhhhhhhh…” Jamie moaned as his lithe young body shuddered in ecstasy. He bucked into Sam”s mouth, grunting as his hot spear pulsed and slammed his hairless mound against the man”s lips. The natural urge to fuck took hold as he rode the wave of pleasure, jabbing his fledgling cock into the warm embrace of Sam”s tongue and cheeks. All too quickly his dry orgasm faded, his body relaxing as he breathed heavily in satiated bliss.


Sam eased him back letting his still hard nail slip from his mouth and licked his lips. He could still taste the boy”s prepubescent cock lingering on his tongue as he stared at the object of his desire; the steely hard shaft protruding magnificently from his hairless mound and sheathed with the softest, most delicately thin skin imaginable. His saliva soaked cock glistened an inch from Sam”s mouth and he grasped it in his fist, pulling down until the small helmeted head stretched taut and flicked his tongue across Jamie”s open slit.


He couldn”t wait any longer.


“Sit up on the side buddy and lay back.” Sam told him. The lust in his voice was obvious and Jamie quickly obeyed. Eager for Sam to fuck him again he turned and lifted himself up onto the decking with both his feet and ass on the ledge, his legs splayed wide and laid back with his arms propping his head up to see.


As Sam stood up on the in-built seat he”d just been sat on and moved between Jamie”s outstretched legs, he reached over his prone body to his discarded shorts. Jamie lay back as Sam reached over him and he couldn”t help but marvel at the boy”s stunning beauty. His wet and dripping body shone in the late afternoon sun with his golden honey skin reflecting the light, but it was his slim stomach and slender waist, the muscled shoulders and barely defined young chest of a boy fully aware of his body that had the greatest effect on him. His once hard three and a half inches of magnificent boyhood, now sated and softening, draped to one side of his tight scrotum with his tiny mushroomed head rolling into the crease where thigh meets body. God, he was so fucking hot and sexy and Sam”s cock lurched in anticipation as he oozed a bed of crystal clear fluid that hung from his swollen head.


Jamie giggled in excitement looking down at Sam”s crotch and the engorged prick that would soon invade his anus. “He really wants to fuck me doesn”t he?” He asked as Sam leant over him searching the pockets of the boy”s shorts.


“Yeah he does,” Sam agreed.


`He”? We”re calling my cock `He” now?


Finally grasping the small bottle of lube in Jamie”s shorts and pulling it out, Sam once again stood between Jamie”s spread legs. The boy”s language didn”t bother him in the least. Somehow it didn”t sound vulgar coming from his mouth yet he suspected he wouldn”t use such words in front of his mother. “I don”t think `he”s” ever wanted to fuck anyone as much as he does you tiger.” Sam said emphasizing the word `He”.


“I think he really likes me.” Jamie said sitting up with his hands on the deck behind him. Three thin creases appeared across his flat stomach as his body bent at the waist and he raised his head up smiling, his bright chocolate eyes conveying his need to feel Sam”s hard cock inside him.


Sam moved closer between Jamie”s legs and slid his throbbing cock over the boy”s small jewels and partially erect penis, placing the lube down next to his ass and ran his hands down from his bent knees all the way to his inner thighs. “He”s not the only one who really likes you Jamie. I do too.”


“Only because you like sticking it in me.” Jamie teased. He shifted his weight onto one arm and reached down between them to grasp both his and Sam”s cocks in his fist, massaging them together and coating them both with the slick juice of his precum.


“Well… yeah, I like fucking you.” Sam moaned as Jamie”s small hand sent shivers up his spine. “But even if we didn”t I”d still like you.” He leant forward and met Jamie”s upturned mouth, kissing him with his tongue brushing across his teeth before entering the young boy”s welcoming void. He could feel Jamie”s panting breath on his cheek as he explored his small mouth, their saliva passing from one to the other as they kissed with their tongues flicking back and forth.


Jamie made a sound half way between a moan and a giggle and stroked his hand back and forth between them massaging both large and small organs together. He disengaged from Sam and sucked in his wet lips tasting the man”s saliva as his immature chest heaved. “I want you to do me again now.”


“Are you sure?” Sam asked smiling. “You won”t be as tight when Ash fucks you tonight and he might not like that.” How was it possible that he could actually say that to a ten year old boy?


Jamie grinned wickedly. “You don”t know Ash… He”ll love doing me with your stuff still in my butt.” He said as he lay back on the deck with his legs bent and feet planted on the edge of the spa. “You can do it harder this time if you want.”


“Harder?” Sam asked surprised. Even after he”d gotten used to having sex with Leo it still hurt for a minute until his sphincter stretched and loosened, and no matter how loose Jamie got, he”d never be able to slam into his ass like he could with an adult. “You think you can take it?”


“Uh huh. I mean, not too hard though…” Jamie blushed for the first time since he”d known him and Sam grinned down at him. His cock was rock hard and drooling between the boy”s smooth thighs as he traced his fingers below Jamie”s perineum into the valley of his cheeks.


“I can do it harder if that”s what you want tiger.” Sam said reaching for the lube again. “Just tell me if you don”t like it though okay?”




“Promise me.” Sam said hearing the slight quiver in his own voice and felt the shaking in his hands. He wanted Jamie so bad he wasn”t sure he”d be able to stop even if the boy asked.


“Okaaaay!” Jamie droned cheekily and then tensed as the cold lube landed on his sac and dribbled down into his crack. The smooth firm muscles of the boy”s abs were plainly visible and accentuated his undeniably sexy body.


“Cold huh?” Sam grinned as he reached down and cupped his small balls in his palm.


“Yeah,” Jamie giggled.


Slowly tickling his fingers down between Jamie”s cheeks and feeling the heat emanating from within, Sam pried his firm buttocks apart as Jamie pulled his knees back to his shoulders. It was the act of an experienced boy, assuming the time honored position of submission, exposing his anus like a flower just blooming and offering himself to Sam.


The tight knot of his anus was surrounded by a darker ring, perhaps an inch in diameter, and slightly puffy with the evidence of Sam”s recent intrusion. “Bet I can make it feel better.” Sam said as he smeared the KY around his hole with his thumb and then centred the tip of his finger over Jamie”s puckered lips. With only a little pressure Sam pushed in and curled his finger upwards. He felt Jamie”s ass tighten for a moment, the involuntary action of his muscle protecting his inner sanctum before relaxing, allowing Sam”s finger to easily sink into him to the second knuckle.


“Ahhhh…” Jamie moaned with his mouth open. He jumped and then whimpered when Sam brushed his finger over the hard nub of his tiny prostrate and pressed in. “Oh yeah, that felt really good!”


Only a couple inches inside his anus, Jamie”s immature nub was a small firm protrusion barely larger than the pad on Sam”s index finger and although he was some years away from producing semen, the effect was just as intense. The boy groaned with pleasure as Sam fingered his hot hole, grazing his spot over and over again watching as Jamie”s wilting appendage sprang back into life. With the ever increasing urge to penetrate the young boy once again and to bask in the warm enveloping tightness of his spongy bowels, Sam easily slid his middle finger in alongside the other. He scissored them apart, stretching the elastic ring of Jamie”s sphincter as he rubbed his hungry cock against the boy”s growing erection. Precum oozed from Sam”s open slit leaving a wet sticky smear over the tight rounded globe of Jamie”s corrugated sac as he pushed in deep into his ass. He felt it when Jamie”s ass loosened; the muscle of his ring relaxed and his fingers sank into the warm interior. The lining of his rectum surrounding his fingers was soft and warm and wet, the mucus and his own semen mixed together as his fingers probed deep into Jamie”s succulent ass. The boy writhed on the deck before him in unabated pleasure as his ass sucked him in and squeezed down on his fingers.


“You ready for my cock now little man?” Sam asked with the urgent need to fuck the preteen boy evident in his voice.


“Yessssss!” Jamie hissed through clenched teeth. “Put him all the way in!”


Needing no other encouragement, Sam pulled his fingers free with a sudden gasp from Jamie and dragged his lithe body back until his ass hung just over the edge. He pushed his legs back further until his knees were at his shoulders and leaned in over the hot horny little prepubescent boy with his achingly hard cock aimed at his upturned hole. Sam had never felt such an intense longing as he did now, not even a few hours ago when he”d fucked Jamie for the first time. He”d felt anxious and excited then, both of them wanting it as much as each other, but Sam had been unsure just how far he could go with the ten year old boy without hurting him. But now all he wanted was to bury his cock deep inside the boy”s anus and feel the tight hot moistness inside as he fucked him. He knew Jamie could take it. He”d already taken Sam”s cock once today and was offering himself again by reaching down with his fingers and digging into his cheeks splitting them apart.


The tip of Sam”s throbbing head wedged against Jamie”s hole, his hard erection slick with lube and his own juices and he looked down at the small opening. How his cock could fit inside Jamie”s slender young body, let alone breaking the barrier of his anus and sliding into him was beyond Sam. It seemed so impossible but he knew it could. He raised his eyes back up to Jamie”s face and saw the lust there, like his own, and although he”d said it so many times the words seemed so inadequate. “You are so fucking sexy Jamie.”


Without waiting for a reply Sam held his hard cock with his thumb pressing down on his swollen head at the boy”s moist hole and slowly eased himself in. He watched Jamie”s face as he strained, pushing out to accept the girth of Sam”s manhood and moaned through his open mouth when his lips snapped closed behind the flared ridge. Sam stopped then, waiting for a signal from the young boy to go further. Although it”d been only hours since they”d had sex, the tightness of his muscle had returned and Sam wondered if it would always be like this; having to ease in slowly as if he were deflowering the boy every time they made love, or, if over time his anus would remain stretched and a little loose. He”d never asked Leo if it felt any easier to him. Sam only remembered what it was like once he was in, the feeling of being filled up and the steady thrusts in and out of his ass. Sometimes it was slow and gentle, others hard and fast with Leo grunting above him and the sounds of his thighs slapping against his buttocks. God” he”d loved it when Leo fucked him like that and he wanted to do the same with Jamie now.


The hot afternoon sun had dried the boy”s upper body and with a slight nod of his head, Jamie gave his silent permission letting Sam know it was okay to keep going. “Good boy,” Sam whispered as he pushed forward an inch. He felt the boy”s sphincter resist, tightening around his cock and then, with grim determination Jamie relaxed and Sam”s cock sank into the boy”s rectum nearly it”s full length.


“Fuck me…” Sam groaned as he dug his fingers into the soft skin around Jamie”s hips. The boy”s eyes were wide and his mouth hung open in surprised pleasure. Sam”s head had grazed his small prostrate causing the boy”s penis to jump and his ass to clamp down on Sam”s cock.


“Yeah…” Jamie purred. “Do that again.”


“You”re not going to know what”s hit you by the time I”m finished with you buddy.” Sam said pushing harder against the tight grip of his ass. “Just relax and let me fuck you.”


“I”m trying to!” Jamie giggled. “You”re bigger than Ty okay?”


“Am I?”


“Uh huh.” Another half inch sank into the hot welcoming void of his sweet small boy ass.


“You like it bigger?”


Jamie sighed and rolled his eyes, nodding his head grinning up at Sam. “Yeah. It feels good.”


Sam glanced down at where their bodies joined. The thick shaft of his penis was buried deep in his ass with only an inch left to go and his firm smooth cheeks parted around the hard spear embedded into him. The elastic ring of his once tight anus was caved inwards, curling as Sam steadily penetrated further into his warm moist hole and the muscles inside gripped him tightly. God it was so fucking erotic. His hard throbbing cock slick and glossy with lube pushing into a ten year old boy”s ass, his smooth thighs spread wide and the small worm of his sex softening as Sam stole a piece of his innocence. Jamie”s heavy labored breathing came in short gasps as Sam”s engorged organ filled him, dislodging his organs as it found its way deep inside his rectum until it could go no further.


“It”s all the way in babe.” Sam said casting his eyes away from where his groin pressed against the boy”s cheeks. His small hairless cock was shrivelled; the hardness of a few minutes ago all but forgotten only to be replaced by the sensations deep in his ass. The rounded orb of his genitals had pulled up into his body as if in retreat making him appear so much younger than he was. Thin folds of skin surrounded his firm flat stomach, his body bent double with his knees spread either side of his shoulders and the boyishly defined chest and the small hard nubs of his nipples bathed in sunlight. Sam held still for a minute, letting Jamie adjust to his cock inside him and to strive off the orgasm he felt rising in his balls.


“I know…” Jamie panted looking up at him. “…Fuck me.”


It was the look in his eyes that Sam was falling in love with; joyful and innocent but full of sexual desire. Even laying back submissively with his ass filled with six inches of hot hard cock, the ten year old boy knew exactly what he wanted and commanded it of Sam.


“If that”s what you want baby…” Sam smiled.


He exuded sex with every shuddering breath he took and as Sam waited a moment he studied his beautiful face; awash in a mask of pleasure, his mouth gaping open, small pink tongue gliding over the big adult teeth that appeared too large for his small mouth. His small buttoned nose flared above red lips, a small faded scar on his chin, pin pricks of sweat forming on his flushed cheeks, the bright and radiant chocolate eyes staring back at him with thin blonde brows arched in delightful euphoria. The glint of his gold earring caught the light, sparkling like his burgeoning sexuality and his dirty blonde hair clung to his forehead and the nape of his neck; tussled and damp, the dyed streaks of pure white swaying as Sam pulled back an inch and pushed forward again.


“Yeah…” Jamie moaned with his eyes closed and mouth hanging open.


The image of him on his mother”s desk came back to him then; the beautiful young boy in cut-off jean shorts, his white shirt open revealing his smooth bare chest and the sultry seductive expression staring back at the camera. He”d recognized something in his eyes the first time he”d seen the picture, a look that said he knew much more than he was letting on. Knowing now who had taken that picture, there was no doubt in Sam”s mind what had happened next. A few minutes, maybe less, before he was naked and bent over the army crate prop with Ty”s cock up his ass fucking him.


Is that what I am to him too? Sam thought. Someone like Ty who he thinks just wants to fuck him?


The words came out of his mouth before he even had time to think about what he said. “You don”t have to do this just because you think I want to you know.”


“I know,” Jamie squeaked, barely more than a whisper. As if he could read Sam”s mind his eyes bore into him. “You”re not like Ty… I can tell you”d like me even if I didn”t want to.”


“I do buddy. I really do.”


“So then fuck me.” The words should have shocked him but they didn”t. It”s what he wanted and so did Sam. Again he withdrew an inch, no more, unwilling to let the incredible looseness of Jamie”s bowels a chance to recover. Sam pushed back in watching Jamie”s face as he bottomed out inside the ten year old boy and felt the resistance of bone against his throbbing head. He was buried as deep inside him as he”d ever get, feeling small spasms as the muscle around his thick cock gripped him tightly and then relaxed. Slowly rocking back and forth over Jamie, Sam moved only an inch at a time letting him get used to it inside him. He held him still around his hips as he pulled back a little further, two inches this time and then back in.


Soft tender skin under his palms, his narrow waist creased and folded, a gasp, his young body pushing back with a yearning to be filled up, to be possessed; owned. Sam”s strokes lengthened until he was pulling half way out and then pushing back in, a little harder and faster each time making the boy whimper as his hard cock grazed his tiny pea sized prostrate over and over again.


Much sooner than he”d expected and with agonising cruelty Sam felt the rise of orgasm in his balls already as he thrust back and forth into Jamie”s ass. The warm moist lining of his rectum, loose and soggy with mucus and the tight band of his ring strangling his cock as he slapped into him was too much. Having come inside him once already did nothing to abate the lifelong fantasy of fucking a preteen boy, nor did ejaculating in his mouth a short while ago lessen his imminent and premature climax. If he wanted it to last a few minutes longer he needed to stop, just for a few seconds to stave of his inevitable climax.


“Don”t move kiddo,” Sam panted. He held still, his aching cock pulled back with his head held just inside the taut muscle of the boy”s ring. Jamie looked back at him with pleading eyes, the confusion written across his face. His ass tightened around Sam”s flared head trying to pull him back in not realizing the man was on the precipice of orgasm and trying to hold off spewing his seed too soon.


“No Jamie…” Sam moaned as he tensed, keeping as still as he could. “I don”t wanna come yet.” His cock jerked inside the boy once, the familiar prelude to climax barely contained. He felt the dribble of semen leak from his slit as the threat of orgasm receded, but he knew that just the slightest movement or one more spasm of Jamie”s ring would send him over the edge. For long seconds Sam hovered over the boy”s body unmoving, holding his breath until the sensations faded.


“Sorry babe,” Sam said looking down at the boy beneath him. “I didn”t want to spoil your fun too soon.”


Giggling, Jamie grinned mischievously. “Were you gonna squirt in my butt already?”


Sam nodded his head, watching the change in Jamie”s face as he pushed back into the loose wet heat of his ass. The thin blonde lines of his brows arched and his eyes widened, his mouth opened again in blissful pleasure as he moaned loudly. The weakened muscle of his anus curled inwards again and disappeared along with most of his slick shaft as Sam looked down. The bulging blue veins stood out vividly against the taut reddened skin of his engorged cock wedged within the ten year olds split pale cheeks. It was a sight Sam never thought he”d see with his own eyes.


“Do you think you can orgasm again before I take you home buddy?” Sam asked after he”d bottomed out in the boy and held there.


“Uh huh.” Jamie sighed as he wriggling his ass feeling the hard pole of Sam”s cock shift inside him. “It feels so big.”


“Does it hurt?”


“Nah… What”s it look like?” Jamie asked craning his head up trying to look down between his legs. “Is my butt hole really big?”


“Looks fucking awesome Jamie.” Sam said truthfully looking down at his dilated anus. “You”re the sexiest boy alive with a hot tight little ass.”


“Bet you say that to all the boy”s you fuck!” Jamie giggled and squeezed his sphincter muscle around the base of Sam”s shaft.


Sam groaned with longing. “Yep. But it helps that you”re the only boy I”ve fucked.”


“No I”m not. You said you”d done it when you were my age.”


“Yeah I did, but that doesn”t count. I”m all grown up now.” Sam laughed looking back down at his cock embedded into a small boy”s warm clinching hole.


“So do it then.”


Sam”s imminent orgasm had long since faded but he was still rock solid inside Jamie”s squashy bowels. Was he loose enough to fuck him like he wanted to? Hard and fast, his thighs slapping against his firm cheeks and driving his raging cock deep into his guts spewing his cum into his bowels until it seeped out around his cock and dribbled down his ass onto the decking? There would be some mess; a mixture of his semen, lube and Jamie”s own juices all adding to ease the friction of their love. It would wash away with a hose, but would the evidence of what they”d done be so easily removed from Jamie”s ass? He”d be sore for a few hours, maybe even too sore to let Ash fuck him tonight. He had to be careful not to hurt him or push too hard, but God did he want to pound into his ass like Leo had so often done with him.


He started slowly; withdrawing and easing back in letting Jamie get used to it again but quickly began to take longer and longer strokes. His position was perfect; kneeling on the spa seat with Jamie”s upturned ass hanging over the edge he was able to thrust in, his cock angled upwards towards his scrotum and the small button of his prostrate.


Jamie quaked and moaned as Sam”s glans pressed over his magic spot. “Oh yeah… Harder Sam.” His sweet voice, filled with desire spurred Sam on. He pulled out quickly and squelched back into the ten year old, his oil slick cock sliding effortlessly through the taut band of his anus. “Man that feels so good.” Jamie sighed and Sam looked up at his face bathed in sunlight, his eyes scrunched up against the sun and his hair a tangled mass of damp blonde. Fuck he was beautiful.


With his hands digging into the soft flesh of Jamie”s hips, Sam thrust in and out harder and faster, pushing the ten year old boy”s body back an inch at a time until he had to pull him back into place. The water sloshed around his legs as he leant over the prone boy and slammed his cock hard into Jamie”s ass, his balls slapping against the boy”s firm buttocks time and time again.


He felt the sticky fluid on his thighs, expelled from Jamie”s anus despite the tight seal around his cock. Again and again he slammed into the boy until his short pubic hair was matted with their shared juices, pushing harder. The all-encompassing mushy heat surrounding him as Jamie”s ass tried to drag Sam in deeper, his stomach pulled in and straining. He was loose inside now, so loose it felt like he was reaching between the boy”s narrow pelvis. Smooth lean thighs spread wide with his cock speared into him stabbing back and forth. His eyes were closed, in pain or pleasure Sam couldn”t tell except for the throaty moans and gasps as his ass was fucked like he”d asked; no, like he”d begged for. Beads of sweat formed on Jamie”s beautiful lust filled face as he reached up behind his head to brace himself on the wooden seating surrounding the deck, trying to prevent his body from moving backwards as Sam ploughed into him.


Panting whimpers and darting tongue on dry lips. Jamie was wet and sloppy between his smooth cheeks and he pushed back into Sam. “Nghhhh… Aghhhh… Aghhhh… Mmmmmm… Yeah… God yeah Sam…” He moaned with each thrust into his ass. His muscle clenched down on Sam”s shaft like a vice as his body quivered, trembling in anticipation of a dry anal orgasm.


“Faster…” Jamie cried out in the throes of ecstasy.


Sam”s own orgasm was fast approaching and there would be no holding back this time. He thrust into the boy”s ass over and over, inflicting untold pleasure to his already stimulated prostrate until Jamie”s body shuddered, his every muscle tensed against the onslaught of sweet preteen release. Sam felt the sudden death grip on his engorged and straining prick lodged in the boy”s loose bowels, the spasms of Jamie”s climax strangling his shaft where they joined and shoved hard, deep into him again and again. His cock speared into him, balls squashing against smooth cheeks, churning. Jamie writhed in climax underneath Sam, eyes squeezed shut and his mouth open but without sound as every nerve in his young body fired, a hot flush spreading from his groin and crashing over him as he convulsed, shuddering in sexual euphoria.


Bent over and holding on with one hand on Jamie”s shoulder and the other at his hip, Sam pounded in and out slamming his thighs against the boy”s firm cheeks. Suddenly Jamie”s body turned to jelly, so utterly exhausted but looking back up at him, eyes pleading with him to keep doing it; to keep fucking him. He let his legs down and wrapped them around Sam”s waist, the man”s hands on his hips holding him, preventing him from getting away as he plunged in and out. Each thrust sliding all the way inside him, the strong smell of sex hanging in the air between them with his slick shaft coated in a slimy film of Jamie”s own juice. Grunting, Sam thrust in one last time. He pulled Jamie”s prepubescent body back, slamming into him as climax seized him in a rush. His cock swelled, straining into him and lurched, pulsing, spitting a thin watery stream of semen deep into Jamie”s bowels, emptying all that his balls had inside the boy in less than ten seconds for the second time that day. He held there, his groin mashed up against his cheeks and cock quivering held within the heat and fleshly walls that surrounding him wishing for one more glorious throb of orgasm, but it never came.


Sam gradually opened his eyes to find Jamie staring back at him with a smile on his radiant post-orgasmic face. “You okay buddy?” He whispered. A sliver of guilt began to weed itself into Sam”s consciousness. Had he been too aggressive and hurt the ten year old boy? He hoped not, but God it”d felt good.


“Uh huh,” Jamie nodded his head wearily. “I felt you come inside me.”


“Yeah?” Sam asked. “Did it feel good?”


Another nod, but this time Jamie grinned sheepishly. It was infectious and within a few seconds they were both giggling like school girls. Sam”s cock jerked inside Jamie”s ass making the boy gasp. “Can you let me up now?” He asked with a pained expression when he shifted his ass on the deck. “You really need to get a more comfortable deck before we do that again.”


A ten year old boy with a sense of humor. Excellent. “Is that so huh? I take it you plan on coming back here then?”


“Duh! Of course.” Jamie said smiling, but then a panicked look spread across his face. “I mean, if you wanted me to.”


“Duh! Of course.” Sam mimicked. “You”re welcome to come back any time you want sweetie.” He leant back then and slowly eased his spent and softening cock out through the loose band of Jamie”s sloppy ring. The boy breathed out in relief as a trickle of mucus and semen followed from the gaping hole of his anus. Sam looked down and saw the crimson colored flesh of his bowels within the stretched and dilated opening as he lowered the boy”s legs back to the decking.


“Sam?” Jamie asked.


“Yeah buddy?”


“Am I really your `little lion man”?”


“Yeah… You really are Jamie.” Sam said. “”Cep”t you need to work on your roar. You sound more like a baby cub when you orgasm.”


Jamie laughed smiling. “I do not!”


“Do so. It sounds so cute… Ohhh, ohhh, Sam… Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.” Sam mimicked Jamie”s high pitched voice.


“Whatever! But even if I do you like it `cos you like boys like me.” Jamie pouted but Sam could tell his words weren”t meant to sting.


“Huh huh… But I seem to recall you getting off a few times too. What was it? Five? Six times? I think you enjoyed it just as much as I did.”


He smiled. “Maybe.” After a few seconds he looked back up at Sam grinning. “You gotta sign my picture with `To my little lion man”.” He said. “And you have to put `From Sammy!””


Sam smiled as he pulled Jamie up by the arm and stroked his thumb across his smooth tanned cheek. “Okay. But you know I never let anyone call me `Sammy” right?”


“But you”ll let me won”t you.” Jamie said holding himself up with his hands on the deck behind him and tilted his face up to Sam. He wet his lips with his tongue, pinching the lower one between his teeth waiting for Sam to kiss him but the man just stared back, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. Jamie had a pretty good idea what he was thinking; about what they”d done together, yet it didn”t feel the same as when Ty looked at him after they”d had sex. His was a kind of smirk that made Jamie feel used, but Sam”s expression was soft, even gentle which he liked much better.


“Stop looking at me like that.” Jamie said grinning.


“Like what?” Sam asked. The mirth in the boy”s eyes was addictive, like the rest of his sexy wee preteen body. No matter how hard he tried to look away from his chocolate brown eyes he couldn”t.


“Like you wanna marry me or something.”


“But I do.” Sam leant in then and kissed the almost eleven year old boy softly on the lips, barely brushing against them with his mouth only slightly parted.


Jamie giggled into Sam”s mouth. “Whatever.”


Sam”s thumb stroked back along his soft cheek and around the small gold earring in his lobe as he pulled away. “Who gave you this?”


“No one… Well, my Mom did I guess.” Jamie said. “I wanted one and she paid for it.”


“So it wasn”t from Ash or anyone special then?”


“Nope. Why?”


“No reason.” Sam said.


Jamie”s mouth slowly formed into a smile. “You”re gonna get me a new one aren”t you?”


“Maybe…” Sam answered. “I was thinking you”d look good with a diamond stud.” He circled his finger over the top of Jamie”s ear and combed his hand through the boy”s damp dirty blond hair tucking it behind. It was incredible to think that he was here with Sam; a sexy and very naked little ten year old with a smooth, completely hairless body that any hot blooded lover of boys would kill to be with.


“Really? That”d be way cool!” Jamie smiled just as his cell phone rang from somewhere inside. They both looked around at the open sliding door and then back at each other.


Sam reached up and ruffled the boy”s hair. “I guess you”d better get that kiddo.” He said standing up and pulled Jamie up onto his feet slapping him lightly on the ass. “It might be Ash looking for you huh? Besides, I really should get you home.”


“Okaaaay…” Jamie pouted playfully and turned his back to Sam. He couldn”t help but cast his eyes down over the boy”s lithe young body as he followed close behind, his small hand clasped in his own with their fingers intertwined. Even the simple act of holding his hand sent a chill up Sam”s spine; the innocent expression of their emerging relationship and the need to be in physical contact just like any other love struck couple, which was exactly what they were despite the nearly twenty year age gap.


Sam bent over and scooped up Jamie”s shorts and the discarded bottle of lube from the deck and slipped it into the boy”s pocket. Jamie extracted his hand and Sam chucked his shorts at him as he darted towards the kitchen island where he”d left his phone.


“It”s my Mom.” Jamie said smiling and Sam nodded his head up to his bedroom. “Take it up there if you want. And get cleaned up and dressed!”


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“Hi Mom…” Sam heard Jamie answer as the boy”s bare feet slapped quietly up the stairs to his room. He picked up his own clothes strewn on the floor beside the couch and quickly dressed, buttoning his shorts over his sated cock now held snuggly in his briefs wishing he could do it all over again with the ten year old boy. Wanting to give Jamie some privacy he then went back outside, lifting the cover over the spa and closing the sliding doors as he came in again. Sam could still hear Jamie talking upstairs and he suspected he was getting the third degree about where he was.


Finally, Jamie came bounding down the stairs again dressed only in his shorts with the waist band sitting low over the flat of his smooth bald pubis. Barely an inch below, the small lump of his tasty prepubescent cock was hidden from sight under just one layer of flimsy cloth and Sam”s mouth watered. “Everything okay buddy?” He asked.


“Yeah. Mom wants me to come home now `cos Ash”s there already. And I found this in my pocket.” He said holding up the small bottle of lube in his hand.


“That”s for you to take home sport.” Sam answered. “Unless you already have some… What do you use when you and Ash have sex?”


Jamie grinned shyly. “Crisco.”


“You”re kidding…” Sam laughed. “Well, now you can use that instead. Please don”t use Crisco again okay? I”ll buy some more for you to take to Ash”s place too but just don”t let your Mom or his parents find it.”


“Okay. Is my T-shirt dry?”


God, he has no idea how sexy he is. Sam thought trying to fight the sudden tightening in his briefs. “Should be. I”ll go get it.” He said thankful for the distraction and called back over his shoulder, “Did you get cleaned up buddy?


He disappeared for a few moments into the utility room. Out of sight from the young ten year old boy he slipped a hand under his briefs to adjust himself and brought his fingers to his nose. The faint odor of sex and Jamie”s juices lingered on his penis which was once again beginning to chub up.


“Yeah…” Sam heard him reply from the kitchen.


“Did you put any cream on?”


Taking a deep breath and trying to quell the urge to take Jamie back up to his room and onto his bed, Sam took out the small plain white t-shirt from the dryer and turned around. Jamie was standing there leaning against the doorway grinning at him.


“Uh huh…” He nodded. “I told my Mom I was here and you were gonna take me home. She said for you to come up too `cos she wants to talk to you.”


Shit! She knows. Sam”s mind spun. “Oh, okay. You didn”t say anything did you?”


“Noooo…” Jamie giggled. “Like I”m gonna tell her we had sex! I”m only ten and she”d spaz out if I told her that! She just wanted to know why I was here.”


“What did you tell her?”


“That we had lunch and watched a movie is all.” Jamie said holding out his arm.


Sam passed the boy his t-shirt and watched as he pulled it over his head, catching a last glimpse of his firm bare stomach before it was hidden from view. Jamie saw him looking and smiled cheekily. “You want to do it again don”t you.”


“With you?” Sam replied stepping up to the ten year old boy putting his hands on Jamie”s shoulders. “Always.” His blonde head, reaching up to Sam”s chin tilted back and his soft chocolate brown eyes stared back at him, full of life and vibrant. Sam leant down and kissed his sweet lips before turning him around and pushing him from the room back into the kitchen.


Jamie climbed up onto one of the breakfast bar stools as Sam went around the other side. “Sam?” Jamie asked hesitantly.




“Have you… Umm… Have you always liked boys?”


Sam smiled. “Yeah buddy I have. Even when I was eight I liked doing it with the other boys better than the men who paid me. But then I met Leo and came to live here. When he died…” Sam struggled to find the words. “The feelings I had about boys hadn”t gone away but I was too afraid to do anything about it.”


“Why?” Jamie smiled. “I mean, couldn”t you have paid a boy like you used to be?”


Sam was silent for a few moments. “I thought about it… and I could”ve done that. I spent a while in Eastern Europe where that kind of thing isn”t hidden like it is here, and some of the boys… Well, they”re very young and they”re used to having sex with men just like I was.”


“How young?” Jamie asked looking intrigued.


“I dunno… maybe about five or six? Some of them asked if I wanted to fuck them but I didn”t want to just have sex with a boy…” He paused for a second judging Jamie”s face. “…I wanted to be in love with him first.” Sam said and waited for Jamie”s reaction.


“But you had sex with me.”


“Yeah, I did.”


There was silence as Jamie digested what that meant. “You love me?”


Sam nodded. “I”ve liked you for a long time Jamie, even before I saw you at the park and you came over to talk to me the other week. But today… Well, let”s just say I realized just how much I love you.”


The boy looked across from him with a quizzical look on his face. “How could you have liked me before you even saw me?”


That was the question. Sam was always going to tell him the truth sometime; about how he”d known who he was and that he”d been at the park specifically to see him. “Don”t get mad at me okay? But I have to tell you something.”


“Okay…” Jamie said slowly. Sam could see the uncertainty in his expression and the slight shift in his body as if he was preparing himself to be hurt.


“You know the picture I gave you?” Jamie nodded. “Well, I was going to give that to your Mom. I was there to draw you but then you came over and talked to me and asked for it.”


“But how”d you know who I was?”


“Because I saw your picture on your Mom”s desk. You know, the one Ty took of you in the white shirt looking all sexy?”


Jamie smiled shyly. “Yeah.”


Sam took a deep breath before continuing not sure how Jamie would react to what he was about to tell him. “Well, that”s how I recognised you at the park, but I already knew you from before that.”


“What do you mean?” Jamie asked.


“Did you know that I”ve known your Mom since I was twelve?” Jamie shook his head. “You were born when I was seventeen and living here with Leo. You and your Mom came here sometimes to visit when you were little.” Sam said watching Jamie”s face closely.


For a few seconds there was no change as he took in what Sam was telling him. And then the corners of his lips lifted slightly in a questioning smile. “You used to know me when I was a baby?”


“Yeah, I did kiddo; until you were almost four years old. I even babysat you about a million times and had to change your diapers.”


Jamie looked away from Sam into his lounge and he guessed he was trying to recall any memories of being here before. When he did turn back to face him his expression was hard to read. His eyes looked a little sad and his mouth was closed with his hands together on the island bench in front of him. “I don”t remember.”


All Sam could think of to say was “I know you don”t buddy.” He wanted to apologise to him and tell him he was sorry for not telling him the truth from the start but he didn”t know how to even begin. “I kinda guessed that when you first came in and didn”t say anything.”


“How many times have I been here?”


“A few times. Sometimes Leo and I babysit you here but mostly I went to your old apartment where you used to live so your Mom didn”t have to pick you up.”


“I used to know Leo too?”


“Yeah of course. He was still alive then. He died when you were about two and a half.”


It was natural for Jamie to turn and look back into the lounge at the large black and white portrait of Leo over the fireplace and so did Sam. “Is that why you went away? Because he died?”


Sam clenched his teeth with his jaw tensed and swallowed before nodding his head in answer. “He was… everything to me. I didn”t know what to do without him and I shut everyone out, including you and your Mom and I just left. I didn”t come back here for years and then I saw your Mom again and we talked and I started drawing again. That was two years ago.”


By this time Sam was leaning on the island bench opposite Jamie and the boy reached out to hold his hand. “You really loved him didn”t you?”


Sam looked up into his chocolate eyes and again saw the sadness there, but also the kindness and empathy his Mom had tried so inadequately to explain. He just nodded his head.


“Why didn”t you ever come to our place if you were Mom”s friend?”


He didn”t know how to answer that. Sam knew he”d kept away because of his grief and that being around Shell was a constant reminder of Leo”s absence, but there was another reason. “She tried buddy, she really did. She kept inviting me but I never wanted to.”


“Why?” Jamie asked confused and the hand holding his tightened.


Sam couldn”t stop it; as much as he fought to hold it back he could feel the emotion building up inside of him and his eyes blurred unable to look Jamie in the face. “Because I knew you”d be there.” He said and waited until he could speak again. “Because I knew I”d fall in love with you and that I”d want to do everything we just did, and I didn”t think I”d be able to be around you knowing I couldn”t. I loved you so much as a kid Jamie and I knew that you”d be…” He paused and smiled weakly at him looking Jamie in the eye again. “… a really fucking sexy ten year old and that I”d want to have sex with you.”


Jamie smiled wide now, his eyes bright and radiant again. “What”s wrong with that? You could”ve done me like two years ago if you”d come to our place. You could”ve even done me first instead of Ty.”


Getting his emotions back under control Sam looked back at Jamie worrying that his first time hadn”t been a pleasant experience. “Why? I thought you said you liked it when Ty first did it?” He asked cautiously.


“It was okay. It hurt a bit at the beginning when he put it in and I didn”t get an orgasm or anything either, so me and Ash had to suck each other after.” Jamie said. “I bet if you”d done me first I would”ve got one and then you would”ve sucked me too.”


Sam chuckled. “I don”t think I”d have been brave enough to try it buddy because most boys your age don”t think about men that way. I would”ve been scared you”d think I was a perv and tell your Mom. It was better this way `cos you came on to me and I was pretty sure I knew what you were after. Especially when you so conveniently got your t-shirt wet and practically invited yourself here.”


“I did try to make it obvious.” Jamie laughed a little. “I thought you were just a bit slow or something.”


“No buddy, I just couldn”t believe that the cute little boy I`d known was hitting on a stranger like me. I mean shit, you”re only ten, but you were so funny and naughty talking to me like that and flirting with me. And then you started talking about sex and the size of your dick and you were hotter and way sexier than I thought you”d be. I got hard the first time you talked to me you know.”


“I know! I felt it under the book so that”s how I knew you liked me.” Jamie giggled and Sam breathed out a sigh of relief knowing he didn”t feel like he”d been preyed upon. “I told Ash I wanted to have sex with you before you got there today and he said I should just ask you to suck my dick.”


“I”m glad you didn”t.” Sam laughed. “I liked talking dirty with you and not really knowing if you wanted the same thing I did.”


“Could you tell I was gay?” Jamie asked.


Sam remembered what his Mom had told him about finding the gay porn on his computer and decided to give him a little hint. “Maybe.” He said. “I think I could tell when I saw the picture of you on your Mom”s desk and that”s when I knew I had to see you again. Your Mom said a couple things that made me think you might be gay, but I didn”t think you were as cute and innocent as you looked and probably played around with Ash. Most boys do at your age.”


Jamie looked at him funny. “Mom doesn”t know I”m gay.”


“You”d be surprised how much Mom”s know about their boys… I think she knows more than you think. We talked about you a lot and she told me some stuff she probably shouldn”t have.”


“Whatever,” Jamie said clearly not believing a word Sam had just said. “You”re so mean! Why didn”t you tell me you knew me when I talked to you?”


“Because it would”ve looked creepy!” Sam laughed again. “What would you have done if I”d told you I was there because of you?”


“Probably asked you to suck my dick!” Jamie said in a delightfully high pitched voice and then he looked up at him with a cheeky grin on his face. “Did you ever do anything to me when you knew me before like suck me or anything?”


“What? No…” Sam said a little shocked Jamie even thought it. “I”m not into three year olds… Or four or five or six…” He smiled and cocked his head in mock concentration. “Maybe seven. Probably eight… And I”m definitely into sexy ten year olds.”


Jamie grinned as he leant back looking down at his crotch and then jumped off the stool. The small lump in his shorts had stiffened and was poking a definite tent out in the loose material. “Like me…?” He asked playfully. “Wanna suck it again now?”


“Jesus Jamie,” The urge swelled up inside Sam so suddenly it took him by surprise. Only minutes ago he”d been on the verge of crying and now he wanted nothing more than to pick the little rascal up and carry him to the bedroom and do anything the boy asked of him. “You”re a horny little devil aren”t you? Come here.”


Very slowly, and deliberately swinging his hips from side to side Jamie walked around the island bench with a fingertip trailing along the granite slat top. Sam watched him approach, the evidence of his sexuality obvious in the thin material of his shorts. He didn”t stop until he stood with his body pressed up against Sam”s, his dirty blonde hair under the man”s chin and hard little boy dick poking him in the thigh. “Yeah?” He asked sweetly, taunting him with his body and daring Sam to resist.


“I thought you had to get home.” Sam said even as he felt his own cock harden into the boy”s now clothed stomach. Jamie tilted his head back and grinned as Sam stroked up and down his arms, shrugging his shoulders and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.


“Please?” He asked. “It”s really hard again.”


Sam took in a breath as he brushed his face over Jamie”s hair, the faint smell of a preteen boy lingering despite the shampoo. “Well, I was going to take you for a ride on the bike. But if you wanted to do something else…”


“Uh huh.” Jamie nodded with his mouth open and eyes twinkling with excitement. Sam”s hands moved in opposite directions, one going to the back of Jamie”s neck and pulling him forward with his head tilted up, kissing him open mouthed on the lips and tongue filling the void while the other went to the boy”s firm cheeks. The racing beat of Jamie”s heart vibrated into Sam”s stomach as he pressed against the young boy”s body, arching his back over the hard bench top and sucking his small tongue into his mouth. He felt the boy”s hands at his thighs and the unmistakable fumbling of hands and fingers as he undid his buttons, his shorts sagging around his narrow hips and falling to the floor.


Sam broke their wet sloppy kiss and swallowing Jamie”s sweet saliva, licked his lips as he looked down between them. The hard spike of his small three and a half inch cock jutted out from his groin with the hem of his t-shirt caught at the base gathering down either side and his thumb and finger quickly masturbating back and forth in a mad frenzy.


“Let”s go back to the couch.”


“No, do it here.” He said almost breathlessly.




Jamie nodded his head with his eyes half closed. “Yeah.”


“You sure you”re only ten?” Sam said as the adrenalin surged through his veins. On the fucking kitchen bench!


“Yeah…” Jamie giggled as Sam reached down and cupped his ass cheeks in his hands and lifted his light eighty five pounds up onto the counter. With his legs dangling over the side and around Sam”s body, he slid his hands up under Jamie”s t-shirt caressing the smooth soft skin of his sexy young body. The front lifted as Sam stroked up his side and across his chest, finding the small nubs of his nipples and pinched them feeling them harden under his fingers.


“Mmmmm…” Jamie moaned and leaned back onto his elbows as Sam nuzzled into his throat, licking his skin and brushing his lips over the exposed flesh. He spread his legs wider apart with his knees bent at the edge of the granite benchtop and his steel hard boy-cock jutting up proudly into the air between them. “C”on Sammy! Suck my dick already…” The boy laughed. “It”s really hard and we gotta go!”


“Okay,” Sam said tracing his lips along Jamie”s jaw and kissed him on the lips. “Lay back.”


He did as he was told, wincing as the cold of the granite benchtop bit into his skin with his ass cheeks flattened on the smooth hard surface. Sam ran his palms down the length of his flat firm body under his t-shirt, lifting it up around his chest exposing the boy”s slim stomach. To be able to touch him and caress the smooth young skin of a nearly naked ten year old boy was thrilling. He wanted the moment to stretch forever, to enjoy the one thing that had been denied him for so long and he bent forward kissing the boy”s stomach. With his lips parted and his tongue trailing a wet smear down to Jamie”s small `innie” belly button, Sam savored the forbidden taste of prepubescent flesh once again. But the urge to take Jamie”s small preteen cock in his mouth was too strong and he quickly scooted back licking his tongue across the flat mound of his pubis and squeezed the wrinkled sac of his small balls between his thumb and fingers.


Jamie shuddered on the hard surface and made a soft mewling sound as Sam curled his thumb and index finger around the base of his stiff little organ. He pulled down, stretching the taut skin of his glans until it stretched smoothly with a small droplet of clear liquid escaping the tiny slit at the end and brought it closer to his mouth. The smell of his sex was intoxicating as he breathed in deeply, flicking the tip of his tongue over the boy”s head scoping up the sweet tasting juice before sliding his lips over the hot head of his immature penis. It felt soft and spongy on his tongue, but as hard as a nail at the same time as he descended down the short thin shaft until his lips pressed into the velvety softness of Jamie”s hairless mound.


The kid bucked into him with his hands clutching at Sam”s hair, his moaning growing louder with each long pull upwards and flick of his tongue before being taken back in to the hilt. Jamie”s stiff little cock slid in and out of Sam”s mouth effortlessly, wet with his saliva and his back arched off the benchtop. Sam dug his thumb under his tiny corrugated sac and pressed in, massaging the root of his boyhood as he vacuumed his cheeks in, slurping up and down the short steely length in a steady rhythm.


“Ohhhh…” Jamie moaned blissfully. “That feels soooooo good Sam.”


Sam sucked all the way up to his tiny head and flicked his tongue across the tip again. “Yeah? You taste really good too buddy. I could bite it off and eat it.”


“Don”t you dare!” Jamie squealed and wrapped his thighs around Sam”s head. He grinned up at the excited boy and pried his legs apart again, chomping his teeth together playfully before taking him back into his mouth.


The boy”s body relaxed again almost immediately and Sam devoured his small appendage, scooping up the tight pouch of Jamie”s sac with his tongue. He burrowed his face between his wide spread thighs, pulling on Jamie”s balls with his lips as he stroked up and down the bare skin of his slender flank and over his firm stomach. Slowly circling his fingers and tickling his small navel, he felt Jamie”s abdomen tense with a soft stuttering intake of breath as he flexed his hard little penis in Sam”s mouth. He looked up over Jamie”s prone body and saw he had his head held back, his mouth open in ecstasy and his eyes closed in blissful rapture. He knew the ten year old boy was close to orgasm, but despite the strong desire to prolong the inevitable Sam needed to get Jamie home to his Mom and his young friend. Ash would undoubtedly be waiting with eager anticipation for what they would do as soon as Shell walked out the door. The thought of the other boy sucking the same hard organ and fucking Jamie”s ass in just a couple of hours from now spurred Sam on; vacuuming his cheeks and almost sucking his rigid little penis off. With each stroke it seemed to get harder, as if the suction of his mouth drew in more and more blood, swelling the taut knob of his head until it throbbed almost painfully. Jamie”s hands were on his head again, pushing him down and forcing Sam”s nose into the tensed muscles of his belly as he bucked up into his face. Unable to gain purchase with his feet dangling in the air below the benchtop, Jamie”s ass cheeks tensed as he tried to push off with the back of his thighs. A low crooning sound, an almost animal like whimper of both pleasure and frustration echoed in the kitchen as Sam”s tightly suctioned lips traversed the length of Jamie”s rigid sex. The heat rose off his trembling body like a furnace as his back arched up off the benchtop with the gurgling, laughing cry of a pulsating preteen orgasm.


Holding the boy”s young penis in his mouth for as long as possible and with a feeling of remorse that his climax had come all too soon, Sam used his tongue to slowly massage the underside of his sensitive organ. Jamie gradually lowered his body back down and lifted his head up looking at Sam with a satisfied smile spread across his flushed face. He sighed contentedly, enjoying the waning of his hard erection in the warm embrace of Sam”s mouth and let out his held breath. “That feels nice.”


Sam couldn”t take his mouth away to answer the boy. He didn”t want to. He didn”t know how long he”d have to wait before he saw him again; when he”d get to touch his naked body, taste the essence of his small boyhood in his mouth once more or to feel the hot moist sheath of his anal canal surrounding his engorged cock as he made love to him. With every fibre of his being Sam wanted Jamie to stay with him and to sleep in his bed cuddled up beside him, their bodies intertwined sharing their warmth and waking up beside him. But it wasn”t to be, at least not in any future Sam could see and maybe he”d never see Jamie again after today. Sam had no idea what Shell”s reaction would be like after hearing that her son had spent the afternoon with, as far as he knew, an almost complete stranger alone in his apartment.


Even as Jamie”s penis softened in his mouth Sam”s mind wandered to his mother and what she wanted to talk to him about. He could guess though; probably questioning how Jamie had ended up in his apartment and why he was suddenly showing so much interest in him after having absolutely nothing to do with him for years. Her suspicions, if she had any, would have been right on the money of course, but there was no way she could be sure of anything. In any case, there was nothing he could do about it now and perhaps she wasn”t the least bit concerned. She did know Sam after all, and even though it”d been nearly eight years since he”d last seen him she couldn”t think he had any ulterior motives could she? Shelly knew a little of his history and even though he”d never openly told her, Sam thought she had a pretty good idea Leo had been his lover from a very young age. Did she suspect that Sam harbored the same desires towards her little boy and that was why he”d gone looking for him in the park in the hopes of getting into his pants? It had to have crossed her mind hadn”t it?


“You can stop now.” Jamie giggled breaking Sam”s revere. He looked up to see his beautiful smiling face and let his dying erection flop back onto his navel. It was wet and glistening with Sam”s saliva as the small head shrank and retracted back towards the red raw band of skin just below the ridge, a clear sign of the boy”s circumcision almost eleven years ago.


“Sorry,” Sam smiled as he licked his lips still tasting the boy”s presence there. “I just wanted to remember you like this in case I don”t get to do it again.”


Jamie raised his eyebrows at him. “Why wouldn”t you?” He asked. “You”re coming to dance practice on Wednesday and then I”m coming back here with you.”


“Oh, are you now?” Sam chuckled. “Do I get a say in that?”




Sam pushed himself back up and leaned in over Jamie”s body with his hands at either side of his chest. “I guess you can if your Mom says its okay.” He said and kissed a small hard nipple through his freshly washed t-shirt. “But it really is time I got you home buddy. Where do you live?”


“Next to Madison Square Park.”


Fuck! All this time Shell and Jamie had been living just down the road. “Really? That”s only like six blocks away.”


“I know.” Jamie smirked. “I can sneak out and come visit anytime I want.”


“Ahhh… don”t think so buddy.” Sam laughed. “There”s all sorts of perverts out there who”d love to get their hand on you.”


“Like you?” Jamie teased smiling.


“Yeah, but I”m a nice pervert. Come on sexy boy, let”s get you home.”


“Okay… But remember you have to shave first before you come to dance practice.” Jamie smirked with a coy smile.


“Mmmm… I wonder why I have to shave first.” Sam laughed with the ten year old boy knowing exactly what he had planned for Wednesday.


Three minutes later they were locking the door behind them, Jamie carrying his skateboard and Sam”s spare helmet under his arm as they made their way back to the elevator and the basement below. Sam”s black and gold trimmed Triumph Daytona 675 Triple leant on its stand in his parking space and gleamed under the florescent lights of the garage.


“That”s your bike? Awesome!” Jamie”s excitement was palatable and he dragged Sam along. “I bet it goes really fast!”


There was no better boy magnet than a sleek sexy sports bike and Jamie was no different to the hundreds of other boy”s that had stared at him as he slowly rode past. Sam would casually wave with one hand laying over the left handlebar as he stared longingly through his tinted visor at the cute boy”s looking back at him in awe. But none of them were as sexy as Jamie was, or as beautiful as only a ten year old boy could be. The thought of him straddling his thighs around the powerful machine and feeling the high pitched whine of the engine vibrate between his legs made Sam smile. There was no doubt Jamie was going to be as hard as a rock all the way back to his place.


“Fast enough tiger,” Sam said turning to face the boy. “Here, let”s get your helmet on.”


Jamie turned as Sam sat down on the bike”s seat sideways facing him and grabbed a fistful of the boy”s t-shirt pulling him between his legs. He lifted his hand to Jamie”s face and cupped his soft smooth cheek in his palm stroking his thumb across the silken skin. That in just a few short years it would become coarse and rugged with the ravages of maturity gnawed at him as he looked him in the eye and smiled. Sam looked around furtively for anyone in the parking garage before leaning in and kissing the ten year old boy softly on the lips and speaking into his mouth. “You really are beautiful Jamie. I want to keep you here with me instead of taking you home.”


“So call her and tell her I”m staying the night.” Jamie said breathing heavily into Sam”s mouth.


The taste of his breath was sweet and intoxicating. “I wish!” Sam said copying Jamie”s earlier taunting. “Maybe you can when she”s comfortable with us spending time together. Would you like that?”


“Uh huh. I want to sleep in your bed with you.”


“Who said anything about sleep?” Sam teased and gave him one last peck on the lips. “Besides, you”re gonna have a whole lotta fun with Ash tonight aren”t you?”


“Probably…” Jamie smirked as Sam lifted the helmet over his head and tied the strap under his chin. He looked like an alien with a huge rounded head on his small slim body. Dressed in just the loose cotton shorts and t-shirt he was the picture of boyish youth; innocent and pure and so full of life, but the truth was he was far from innocent and not in the least bit pure.


“Hop on tiger.” Sam said. “You wanna start her up?”


“Yeah! Can I?” The helmeted head turned up to him and Sam saw the excitement in Jamie”s eyes.


“Sure buddy, jump up.” He said and held him by the waist as Jamie climbed up grasping onto the handle bar with one hand and a foot on the peg looking back over his shoulder at him. The boy”s firm ass was raised up and Sam lowered his hand, cupping a tensed cheek before turning his palm down to the back of Jamie”s thigh and lifting his legs up over the seat. His hand lingered on the boy”s ass and his fingers ventured into the warm heat of his crack for a few seconds, remembering the exquisite pleasure he”d felt being inside him. Finding the peg on the opposite side, Jamie lowered into the seat with his legs spread around the gas tank and Sam”s fingers slipped away from the young ten year old boy”s tender opening.


“How do I turn it on?” Jamie asked oblivious to Sam”s growing desire.


“Same way you turn me on little man,” Sam joked. “Put the key in the hole and press the right buttons.”




“Nevermind…” Sam laughed as he reached over and inserted his key into the ignition and turned it. The digital display on the right came to life while warning lights inside the analogue tachometer glowed red and orange and a bar of blue LED”s lit up like neon signs across the top. The needle spun all the way to the red line and then back to the stop with a quiet whining sound.


“Cool.” Jamie breathed and Sam checked the green light was lit on the right and that the bike was in neutral. “So what do I do?”


Any boy”s first experience of sitting astride a powerful motorbike as it started up should be felt between the legs, and Sam had no intention of denying Jamie that simple pleasure. “Budge up,” Sam said as he threw his leg over behind the boy and squeezed into the tight space with his crotch pressed up firmly into his ass.


“Ouch! You”re squashing my nuts on the tank!” Jamie giggled as Sam reached one arm around him and leant into his back with his head over his shoulder and their helmets clanging together.


“Sorry kiddo. I”ll kiss `em better next time huh?” Sam said and laid his free hand on the boy”s flat stomach through the thin material of his t-shirt. He felt so hot and alive and small inside the confines of Sam”s embrace.


“Okay, first check the bikes in neutral. That green light there,” Sam said pointing “…means it”s out of gear.”




“Now pull the choke down about half way.” Again Sam pointed to the choke leaver on the left handlebar. Jamie reached out and pulled it downwards.


“Good, now twist the throttle just a bit… Yeah that”s enough. You only need a little to start.”


Sam then purposefully pushed forward with his hips making sure Jamie”s prepubescent genitals were squashed against the hard steal of the gas tank. “Now, see that red button there?”




“Press it and hold it in for about a second.”


Jamie”s body jumped with fright and his hands flew off the handlebars as the powerful engine roared to life with a throaty bellow. “Fuck!”


Sam burst out laughing keeping his hand around the boy”s waist and the other giving the bike some gas and revving the engine. He felt Jamie”s heart race in his chest as the excitement grew and then he seemed to relax and Sam felt his legs tighten around the gas tank.


“Ahhhh… That feels sooo good on my dick! It”s like vibrating it!”


“Feels good yeah?” Sam shouted over the roar of the engine as he gunned it even more and making Jamie”s stiffening penis tingle. “Still need me to kiss it better?”


“Nah!” Jamie almost shouted to be heard over the deep rumble of 126 brake horsepower waiting to be unleashed. “I”ll let Ash do it instead!”


Sam wanted to ask what the other boy was like, but sitting in a parking garage with the echo of the engine reverberating off the low ceiling and their helmets on, it would have been near on impossible. “Okay buddy, hop off and jump up behind me.”


“Can”t I stay here? You can still ride with me sitting here can”t you?” Jamie pleaded unwilling to give up the delightful sensations vibrating through the single layer of thin cotton. It was almost like he was naked with his now hard little dick and balls squashed against the gas tank.


The choice was easy for Sam; it”d be a little more difficult to ride and he”d have to be very careful, but having his crotch pressed up against the boy”s ass and letting Jamie enjoy a ride with a hard-on the entire way won out. “Sure,” Sam said dropping a hand down between his legs and tugged his erection upright and wedged it between Jamie”s cheeks. “But only because you”ve got a sexy butt! Just keep your feet out of the way though and lean down over the tank so I can see.”


With Jamie leaning over and holding onto the tank with his arms, Sam lifted the bike off its stand and snuggled into the young boy”s body in front of him. Squeezing the clutch he pressed down with his left foot on the gear lever and the bike juddered into first. The green light faded inside the tachometer and Jamie twisted around in his seat grinning like a kid on Christmas morning. Sam gave him a wink and gunned the throttle one more time.


“You ready kiddo?”


Jamie nodded and turned back to face front as Sam let out the clutch lifting his feet to the pegs. Heading straight for the ramp and the exit, the sound of the bike”s engine roared and echoed in the enclosed space until they reached the top and the sun beat down on them from above. W23rd was quite on a Sunday afternoon and Sam turned left, giving it enough gas to push Jamie back in the seat but not enough to get him arrested. He changed into second gear at just 7,000 rpm and fifty mph before coasting back to about 35mph. He”d have loved to take Jamie out on the open road and really show him what the bike could do but he had to get the boy home and face whatever Shelly wanted to talk to him about. Sam hoped this wasn”t the last time he”d ever see the young boy he”d fallen in love with ever again.


“Did your Mom say what she wanted to talk to me about buddy?” Sam asked when they stopped at one of the six traffic signals down W23rd between his apartment and Madison Square Park. Jamie didn”t seem concerned so she”d obviously not made a deal out of it, but still Sam”s mind churned.


“Nah…” Jamie shouted. “She just said for you to come up `cos she needed to talk with you.”


The light turned green before Sam could ask him how she”d seemed on the phone when he told her where he was. He accelerated quickly again forcing Jamie”s ass to press into his groin for a few glorious moments and weaved around a black SUV travelling much slower than they were. As they passed Sam glimpsed the awed expression of a young boy sitting in the back seat and Jamie waved at him as they zoomed past. Before he knew it they were at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Jamie was pointing to the right trying to get Sam”s attention. He followed the young boy”s outstretched arm realizing for the first time that he could probably circle his fingers and thumb around it and looked across to see where he was pointing.


MadisonOne apartments was a modern glass encased tower that soared into the air with majestic beauty, its appearance reminiscent of a child”s building blocks staked haphazardly on top of each other. The clock tower of The New York Edition building reflected in the glass panels as Sam stared up wondering which floor Jamie and his mother lived on. He turned into the car park entrance and followed Jamie”s instructions to his Mom”s reserved space after he”d punched in their code to allow them entry.


He parked behind her brand new white Porsche Boxster with his heart pounding now, but for a very different reason than when Jamie had lain naked on his bed. How was he supposed to look his mother in the eye after what he”d done with her ten year old son? The same dread reared its ugly head; Shelly would demand to know why he”d taken Jamie back to his apartment and forbid him to have any contact with him ever again. The thought of that happening was unthinkable. In only a few short hours he”d fallen in love with him, not just because of his sexy smooth young body but also for his confidence and sensitivity. He was a sweet kid with a heart as big as a lion, mischievous like a chimpanzee and the sleek toned body of a leopard.


The bike”s high pitched whine cut out as Sam killed the engine. Jamie twisted around in the seat leaning to one side to look back at him. “That was sweet Sam! Can we go for a proper ride on it sometime?”


“Maybe,” Sam said not really wanting to go up to face Shell. Not only could it mean never seeing Jamie again, it might also ruin the relationship he had with his friend and art dealer. “Let”s see what your Mom says first okay?”


“Okay,” Jamie said as Sam unfastened his own helmet first and pulled it off. He reached around Jamie”s shoulder and hung it off a handlebar feeling the boy”s body meld into his own. “Can you take mine off too?”


With a practiced hand Sam unhooked the strap and lifted the helmet off his head and laughed at the unruly tangle of dirty blonde hair matted down and damp with sweat. “We”ll have to get you a haircut buddy if you”re gonna come riding with me. `Specially if I take you to the track!”


“The track?”


“Racing track. I”ll teach you how to ride if you want. Not this bad boy though, something a little smaller to start off with.” Sam smiled hoping like hell he”d get the chance.


“No way! Really?”


“Of course. You”d look very fucking sexy.”


Jamie grinned at him but his eyes said so much more than words ever could.


Was this it? Was this the last time he”d see him and be able to lean forward and kiss his soft sweet lips?


It didn”t seem possible and Sam refused to believe it would happen, but the fear still gnawed deep in his gut and made him feel sick.


“You wanna meet Ash?” Jamie asked and squeezed out from between the tank and Sam to stand at the side of the bike looking back at him.


“Sure,” Sam said. Jamie”s head was level with his own and he pulled his small body forwards pressing his lips to the boy”s and kissed him. It was a final parting gift, or self-indulgent desire, in case the worst happened and Shelly forbade him from ever seeing her son again. Jamie”s muffled laughter breathed warm air into his lungs as they embraced, their mouths open and tongues sliding over each other”s for a few brief seconds before pulling away.


“What was that for?” Jamie smirked and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


“Because I love you.” Sam said. Because I might never see you again.


“Yeah whatever!” Jamie teased but Sam saw the joy he tried to hide on his face. “Come on Sammy… You”ll really like Ash.”


He was pulled off the bike by a small but surprisingly strong hand with barely enough time to grab the keys from the ignition. With an arm around the young ten year old boy”s shoulders they made their way to the elevator and rode up to the 39th floor with their hands clasped tightly together and fingers intertwined the entire time.





To be continued…

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