Subject: Naughty Secrets 3 I had email issues, so i post this new chapter with this one, sorry if you sent comments on the other one, i hope you will still enjoy this story Donate to Nifty Previously When I went upstairs to grab my backpack I noticed dad put new sheets on my bed, he cleaned the mess I did the night before. Was it possible he was ok with my needs?…. I got very bored that day at school. All I could think of was about the day before. I wondered if dad was mad at me and if he planned to punish me when he’ll be back from work. But what was most on my mind was my need of cock. I couldn’t focus on class, all day long I imagined me under the Arabian cloth, I imagined I slowly sucked the man’s cock, I imagined I did it slowly until he got bored and grabbed my head to push his hard dick down my throat. Then he would bend me over to fuck me hard until he shoot his cum in my ass. Damned I was hard all day. After school I pretended to one of my friend that my dad asked me to be home straightaway. I knew he wanted me to blow him, but I needed more. I went straight to the Arabian man’s house and rang the bell. Nothing. I did it again, still no answer. I dared to open his door but it was locked, I looked inside his house but no light or life sign in it. I was pissed. It was too late for me to go to my friend’s house, I unfortunately went back home frustrated. I managed to go back home quickly. I went to my bedroom and stripped naked. I put my phone on the bed to check how time I had left before dad came back from work and I moved my mirror in front of the bed, I tilted it and looked for the dildo I stole to my mom before my parents break up. When I found it, I climbed on the bed and got on my hands and knees, facing the mirror. I did my best to imagine the dildo was a real cock and I sucked it slowly. My tongue went up and down the shaft, I kissed it, I made love with it when I slowly shoved it in my throat. When the dildo was wet enough, I got on my back and spread my legs wide. Slowly, I pushed it in my ass all the way down. I was surprised I could do it, to feel so relax. But I did and it felt so good to have something back down there. I worked my ass slowly, my back and forth was slow and deep, that way I moaned softly. Suddenly my phone rang. I jumped scare. With my free hand I took my phone and looked at it. It wasn’t a call but a text from an unknown number. I opened it and pushed the dildo deeper in my ass. In that text were several picture of me. In the first one my legs were wide spread, I sat on the Arabian man’s cock while he was in his armchair, his face is blurred, and mine is not. My eyes are as wide open as my mouth as the guy’s cock is deep in my ass, he should have fucked me rough at that moment because I could even see his balls hit mine. In the second picture the guy’s face is still blurred, I’m still on his stomach as he fucked me uşak escort and I had his friend’s cock half way in my mouth. This picture was a close up, I could clearly see how I looked like when I had a cock in my mouth and how hungry for it I was. I had lust in my eyes and it got me horny. In the third I was standing on the couch, I sucked the first guy and the one who took the photo fucked me. He spread my left ass cheek so we could see how big his cock was in my ass. On the last picture I sucked clean his cock. I looked desperate for cum, I had my nose buried in his pubic hairs, I looked at him, almost begging to be fucked again, I barely recognized myself, but here I was, hungry for cock. After I watched those picture I received another text. I suddenly remembered the second guy told me he got rid of my phone restrictions when I read `You want the same today?’ I immediately answered `yes’. But when he replied `are you home?’, I didn’t knew what to do. My ass said yes but my mind wasn’t sure. Maybe he knew I would hesitate so he send another picture. But this time I didn’t understood straightaway what it was. It was me, in my room shoving me a dildo while I looked at my phone… it was taken just minutes ago. I raised my eyes to the wide open door and saw a shadow in the hallway. When it noticed me it stepped in the room. It was the second guy who fucked me the day before, he still had his phone in hand but was naked… stroking his rock hard cock with his free hand. ` Don’t freak out kid, yesterday I followed you after school and noticed you knocked at my friend’s door… too bad for you he’s working… I followed you home and when I understood no one else was here I came in… I was sure you would play with yourself… and now you can play with me…’ For sure I should have been freaked out when I found out a naked stranger spying on me after he broke in the house. Oddly I wasn’t, it even turned me on. If he was at his home and sent me texts to ask me where I lived, I guess my reason would have won and the only thing I’d had was the frustration of not playing with a real cock. But here he was, as he spoke he came close to my bed, I was still on my back playing with the dildo in my ass as I stroke my little cock. When he was in front of me he said `keep that toy in your ass boy and get on your hands and knees to suck my cock.’ I gladly did what I was told. I got on my hand and knees, I was at the level of his cock. With my little hand I stroke a few time his dick. Damned it was warm. When a drop of precum came out of his cock I leaned to lick it. He moaned and talked in his mother tongue. I needed his cock but I took my time. I kissed his cock head, his shaft, his fresh shaved balls… God I loved his balls, he smelled soap, I licked them… ate them causing him to moan louder. I guess I took too much time to say hello to his dick because van escort he grabbed my hair and aimed my mouth to his cock. I opened it and welcomed his rock hard dick down my throat. He held my head and moved his hips to push it deeper in my throat. At that point we both moaned like crazy. When he released my head I tried to keep the rhythm and sucked him all the way down as fast as I could. With one of my hands I rubbed his abs and pubic area, I tried to give him a naughty look as I fought to bury my nose in his pubic hairs. I felt tears in my eyes but I didn’t care, and I can tell he really enjoyed it. I noticed he took several pictures, then he put his phone on my bed and leaned. First he rubbed my body from my neck to my ass cheeks with both hands. Then he reached for the dildo and moved it back and forth. It was hard to keep sucking him actively as he did that, but I did my best with the dirtiest moans I ever had. After he buried the dildo one more time as deep as he could he removed it with a big pop sound. He took his cock out of my mouth and throw me on my back. He came on the top of me and deeply kissed me, I could feel his tongue deep in my mouth and his body covered mine. My legs wrapped his tight and I could feel his cock between my ass cheeks. He broke the kiss, looked at me with his deep black eyes and said `tell me boy… what do you want?’ `please sir… fuck me… I want your big cock in my ass… please…’ `that’s a good boy…’ He raised my legs to expose my hole to him, he spat on it, then he leaned to eat my boy pussy. Once again I moaned like crazy. I guess he liked my hole because he ate it a lot and deep tongued it, he also shoved two fingers as he sucked on my balls and little cock. Then I had my head between my legs and he was on top of me, ready to push his cock inside my well prepared boy pussy. No time for him to penetrate me than we heard a phone rang. He looked on the bed and smiled when he took my phone and saw it was my dad who was calling, he handed me the phone and said `if you want me to fuck you, you’ll have to answer him… don’t worry I’ll be gentle’ No time to say `no please’ he already answered the phone and waved it to me, when I heard daddy say `hi’ I knew I had to take the call. `Hi daddy…’ it was hard not to moan because the Arabian guy began to push his cock inside my bum. I tried to be calm. `I’m on my way home, don’t bother to set the table I stopped for fast food, I hope you still love hamburgers and fries?’ `Yeaaah…..’ unfortunately it was a little girl’s moan which came out of my mouth. Dad remained silent and the Arabian guy still pushed his cock deeper inside me, I couldn’t helped and moaned softly. I was out of my mind, I knew dad was on the phone but the pleasure was intense. `Tom.. are you… playing with yourself?’ dad finally said in a breath. `Yeah daddy… sorry…’ I yalova escort wasn’t really sorry as the Arabian guy began to move back and forth. My legs were on his shoulders and his face was close to mine, for sure he could hear everything dad told me. `It’s ok son… I’ll drive a little more but be showered when I’ll be home… I’ll be there 10 minutes from now.’ Then he hang up. `Well well well… your dad knows you are playing with yourself… does he knows you already is a fuck toy?’ the guy asked as he fucked me harder. `No he doesn’t know’ I lied. `He’ll be there in ten minutes.. you should go…’ I tried to say between moans. `No way I leave the house before I burst my load in your mouth… I’ll have to fuck you rough to trigger it, you are warned.’ `Please do it sir…’ I was out of control I really needed his cock deep inside me. As he fucked me hard he kissed me, then I looked through the mirror in front of my bed and saw us fucking. It was beautiful. I had my legs spread, his fit brown body was between my legs and I could see his ass moving rapidly against my hole. I also had a good view of his cock coming in and out my ass, it drove me crazy, he saw me watching us through the mirror. `You little perv’, you like what you see don’t you, so come sit on my cock.’ He sat on my bed and I sat on his cock. First I went slowly to see through the mirror how it was like when a cock entered my ass. I quickly felt the need to move on it faster. I felt the funny shiver all over my body and got a dry cum. Because I slowed my move, he grabbed my legs and moved me up and down his cock. He looked furious through the mirror but I knew it was because it felt good to him too. I moaned a lot even if my ass felt sore, and quicker than I expected he took out his cock and made me kneel on the floor. He stood up, took his phone and stroke his cock above my face. ` open your mouth, I’m about to…’ `Tom I’m home’, I heard dad say downstairs. I panicked and quickly said `I’m about to take my shower’ `I told you to be quick’ Just after I answered, the Arabian guy softly moaned and I felt his cum crash all over my head. I quickly opened my mouth and felt some loads on my tongue. As a finish the guy shoved his cock deep inside my mouth preventing me to answer my father. `What are you doing Tom, do you need help to go to the bathroom’. The Arabian guy took his cock out of my mouth, told me to quickly go in the bathroom as he took his qamis which was next to my bedroom’s door and hid behind the open door. I heard my dad in the stairs so I quickly went out of my bedroom and joined the bathroom with a last look at the guy who just fucked me, he had a finger over his lips to tell me I better not tell he was there. I entered the bathroom before dad came upstairs and I quickly started the water and got rid of the cum over my face. Ten minutes later, I was downstairs and dad served our fastfood. He asked me what I did at school and what I wanted to watch on tv that night. He didn’t talked about his phone call or what I was doing. When we watched tv, I got close to him, he didn’t rejected me, it felt good…

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