Subject: Mixing Business and Pleasure 09 This is a work of fiction, well mostly. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely intentional. If this gets you hard, drop me an email. If it gets you off, defitely drop me an email. More chapters in the works. Would love to hear any ideas you have for the story or the scene. gh_lovr (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you enjoy stroking to the stories at fty please consider making a donation to keep the archive runng. There is a huge body of work available to suit every taste. Please support fty if you can. Now, on to the fun part… Mixing Business and Pleasure 09 For a number of years, I did a lot of travelling for work. Projects could last from a few months to several years, and conferences and business development also took me out of town. I decided early on in my career that business should be balanced against pleasure, and that while out of town for work meant long days it could also mean long ghts. Nights jerking off to a laptop screen or an iPhone screen, and as often as possible sucking off as many guys as I could manage. Here are some memories of mixing business and pleasure. “Whew,” said Don, “that was amazing. Toght is gonna be fun.” “Agreed,” added Cary, “he has the talent, let’s just hope he has the stamina.” “Lots of interest for sure. So, cocksucker, you ready for some fun times toght?” “Sure am,” I said, “any idea how many guys will be there and joing the fun?” “Hard to tell most times, but as of this morng there were about 25 confirmed.” “Wow. More than I thought but sounds like I better be ready.” They both laughed. “Yeah,” said Don. “Ready for anything.” We all got dressed and cleaned up a bit. Cary and Don headed out and I followed, discretely, a minute or so later. I got a few looks coming back through the drapes and into the trade show area, and at least one of the guys flashed his two blue wristbands. The rest of the show was uneventful, as was the rest of the day. The conference dinner went by in a blur as I was more interested in the eveng’s fun. The only thing that kept me from having a continuous hard on was being a little worried that the crowd at the dinner would see the bulge in my pants. As soon as I could get away from the dinner, I headed back to my room to get ready. My body and mind were humming with anticipation. I meet Mark in the lobby of the hotel next to the conference hotel. They liked to keep the location of the party secret as there had been some surprise conference delegates show up a few years back. The guys had gladly joined in the fun, but there was some issue with the guys who had chipped in, and they didn’t want a repeat. We headed up in the elevator, and Mark grabbed my hand and pulled it towards his crotch as soon as the elevator door closed. I got a good feel of his partially stiff cock and could feel that there was only a single layer of cloth between my hand and his cock. Like me he was dressed for action. I reluctantly let go when the elevator door opened, but I knew I’d get a chance to feel and taste his cock soon enough. Entering the room, it looked too small for the fun that I had imagined. It must have showed on my face. “Don’t worry,” he said, “this is just the room adjoing the party suite. Some of the guys don’t know, or want to know who is behind the gloryhole, so I’ll get you set up this way and the guys’ arrivals will be through the main suite door.” Going through the door that connected into the party suite, into a darkened bedroom, I could hear some voices and laughter along with the sounds of someone mixing drinks coming from the door on the far side of the party room. Well, it wasn’t really “the” party room, it was one of the bedrooms attached to the main suite that was hosting the party. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could make out the setup. There were two wood frames set up in a vee shape with two gloryholes, one on each panel. The six-foot panels were high enough to grip while thrusting your cock through the hole, but too tall to see who was behind the hole. The whole thing looked very sturdy, and I tried it to see how solid it was. “Don’t worry about that,” Mark said, “some of my crew work in building sets for theaters and movies as well as doing these trade shows. They also know how to set up a hot scene like this. Things will be just fine.” I could hear the big smile in his voice as he said, “just fine”. There was a stool and a matt like you see in the gym by the two holes. There was even a hook at the far end of one of the panels to hang my clothes on. These guys defitely knew what they were doing. The lighting was dim, but no so dark that you couldn’t see what was going on. I started to unbutton my shirt and Mark just laughed. “Looks like you are ready.” “Oh yeah. I can’t wait.” “Well, you won’t have to wait for long. Most of the guys don’t bother with the dinner and instead head here for drinks and cards before the main event starts. They’ve been here for a while, so I’m sure that as soon as I go into the other room, they will get the hint.” I had continued to strip down while Mark talked. I was now standing there with a shit-eating grin on my face, my cock hard and throbbing and a pair of socks. “Was going to ask if you are ready, but that is pretty obvious. Ok. Once I walk into that room you are here for the duration. Ready?” “Fuck yeah!” I grabbed Mark’s crotch again and he was much stiffer now than when he was when we were in the elevator. “Feels like you are ready too.” “Easy there, buddy. I’ll be joing in the fun, but not till a bit later. Toght, is more about the crew.” I sat down on the stool as Mark walked around the end of the makeshift booth and headed out into the other room. The room bursa escort went quiet as I watched him walk through the door. Everyone seemed to be ready for the cue that `the game was afoot’, as they say. There were a few short speeches and plenty of thanks to the crew for their efforts. Just long enough to show some appreciation for their efforts and short enough to keep the horny energy in the room rolling along. After a final toast to the success of the event, the conversation started again. I could hear the guys laughing and joking, someone won a big had at cards, and a few others were pouring drinks. I wasn’t sure what I had expected, but I was a little surprised that they weren’t queued up at the door ready for their turn. I guess they would start to show up as soon as they were ready. The lights in the other room were defitely brighter than they were in where I was, but they were also turned down a bit to help set the mood for the eveng. Just as I thought that, someone dimmed them down another notch and turned up the music a bit. A few second later a guy moved into view at the doorway. He looked a bit sheepish like he was torn between wanting to get sucked off and not wanting to be the first guy to disappear from the main party. Another guy came up beside him, patted him on the shoulder and said something to him that I couldn’t hear. The shy guy nodded, and they both stepped into the room. The second guy came right over to the hole while the shy guy stood just inside the door. “Let’s get this party started,” he said as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Stepping right up to the hole, he added, “come on, it’s not going to suck itself.” I slid off the stool and slid his cock into my mouth. “Mmmmm. Nice.” I could feel his cock hardeng on each stroke. He wasn’t moving, just letting me do all the work. No problem with that, I live to serve. His cock had only been half hard when he stepped up to the hole, but he was fully hard now. I had it good and slicked up and I’m sure the sound was getting the second guy horny. Sure enough I heard the shy clear his throat and pulled off the cock I was sucking long enough to look over and see his cock sticking through the hole. I reached over to stroke it and he jumped. This is going to be fun. I turned to take the second cock in my mouth, spitting in my hand to continue to stroke the first cock. My shy guy moaned. His moan was much louder than I would have expected. Maybe sticking your cock through a hole in the wall in a dark room has that effect. All I could think was that his moang was advertising my services for me. Getting the shy guy’s cock all the way down to the base, he said “fuck that’s good!” “Told you it would be good,” the other guy said, “this is the highlight of the conference. I don’t know how they do it, but they always get some great talent for this event.” I knew it was a combination of timing and watching out for cum-hungry cock suckers and then reeling them in, but I was too busy sucking cock to talk. The shy guy was leaking lots of precum. He must have been really worked up thinking about the fun. I was sure he was close to blowing his load, so I backed off a bit and went back to the other cock. It was still slicked up from my stroking, but my hot mouth wrapping around it changed his attitude too. He started thrusting into my mouth rather than letting me do all the work. He also started moang, even louder than the shy guy. Things were heating up cely. The shy guy said, “fuck this scene is hot. I’ve never done anything like this. Not sure how much longer I can last.” “Don’t hold back buddy. The ght is long and the cock sucker is good. There’ll be time for round two.” “Uhhh, yeahhhhhhh,” said the shy guy. I knew what was next and pivoted over the wrap my lips around the head of his cock and work his balls with my hand. They were pulled up tight. Wouldn’t be long now. Bobbing my head up and down the top half of his shaft and stroking his nuts was driving him crazy. He started to thrust into my mouth. I took his cock further and further into my mouth until my lips were right down to the base of his cock. “Fuck! He’s got my whole cock buried down his throat! Fuck, fuck fuck. Oh yeah… here… it… comes.” The last words were like sentences and punctuated the first volleys of hot cum. The first blasted right down my throat, as did the second. I pulled back a bit to get a good taste of his load and was rewarded with three of four more volleys of thick, tasty jizz. He must have been totally worked up to shoot so quickly, but I hoped that meant he would be back for more. He started to come down from his high, but I didn’t let up on his cock. I love sucking a cum-coated cock, taking the guy to that edge of sensitivity that forces him to pull back. “Oh man, I needed that. Fucking awesome guy.” “Thanks,” I said, or tried to say around his deflating cock. “A polite cock sucker too,” his buddy said, “so I’ll be polite too. Get your fucking hot lips around my shaft if you want a second load.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I continued to stroke the shy guy’s cock while I dove down on his buddy’s cock. He was meeting me halfway, fucking his cock into my mouth on my down strokes and pulling back just far enough to run my lips over the flaring head of his rock hard cock. “Mmmmm, yeah… that’s it… work that cock. You know you want my load. Bet you want a whole lot more loads too, don’t you?” I nodded and grunted in agreement, too busy to pull back and give an answer. And too polite to talk with my mouth full. My shy guy finally pulled back. I thought he would leave and go back to the party. “Fuck that looks hot Jeff. You should see this cock sucker working your dick.” He had squatted down and was looking through bursa escort bayan the hole recently occupied by his cock. “Come on buddy. Feed the cock sucker.” His buddy was now putting on a show. He slammed his body against the wall, almost knocking me backwards. He wanted me to work for it now. I put on a show too. I bobbed and twisted me head, attacking his cock at different angles on each stroke. I grabbed for his balls and pulled them down and forward, helping direct his cock to my mouth. “Mmmm. That’s it, buddy, work my cock.” His nuts were starting to pull up tight and I could feel his thighs starting to quiver. The wall was practically vibrating. “Mmmm… yeah… fuck yeah… take it… take my cock… take my load. So… fucking hot.” He started to growl. Low and deep at first like it was starting right behind his balls. It got louder until his cock swelled up more and the head expanded to fill my mouth. The first blast of jism exploded in my mouth. He tasted even better than his buddy. The following blasts were just as big. I gulped the first shots down while they continued. I lost count, but it had to have been eight or ten shots before he suddenly pulled out of my mouth and away from the hole. “Fuck. That was intense.” I pressed my face to the hole. I wanted his cock back. I wanted to lick up the last bits of spunk still oozing out of his cock. He relented and fed me his cock again. Much more gently this time, but still defitely in control of the situation. I would only get his cock for as long as he wanted me to have it. The noise the guys had made must have attracted a few more of the guys. “Sounds like fun in here,” one said. “Always is. They always seem to find some amazing cock hound,” another added. “If you and Ralph are done, get out of the way.” The shy guy’s name was Ralph. Wonder if he’d be back? Next thing I know they both switched places with new guys and there were two half hard cocks sticking through the holes. I sucked one into my mouth, runng my tongue all over his cock head. I paused just long enough to get my other hand wet to stroke the other cock. “No fucking hand jobs! If I wanted that I could have stayed in my room.” The laugher told me there were more than a few guys on the other side of holes. Pulling off one cock I went to the other. Giving them both the full deep throat treatment. Several strokes on one before moving to the other. After a few rounds of back and forth, the guy on the right pulled back and another cock appeared. This one was a little longer but a little thinner. I bobbed down on that one for a minute or so before switching back. The other cock was also different, but this one was super thick and a shorter. Nice variety. I opened my mouth to take the thick cock into my mouth. This was going to tax my abilities, but I was ready to get his load. It took a few strokes, but I had most of his cock down my throat. “Fuck yeah, he’s got my cock down his throat,” he announced. Moans and a catcall told me that his buddies knew about his cock and were anticipating their turn. I needed to pace myself a bit and pulled off the thick cock to go back to the steel hard rod sticking through the right-side hole. After getting it slicked up again, I turned back to see that the guy on the left had changed out again. The four of them were in rotation. Getting enough action to get hard and horned up but not so worked up they were in danger of blowing their loads too soon. That challenge was something I was up for. I wanted all of their loads, and I wanted to get them off. Fuck how many were there over there? I kept going back and forth, but every time one of the guys was getting close he seemed to pull back. Next thing I knew someone was added to the rotation on the left hole. There were now three guys taking runs at that hole and two on the right. Sucking off five guys at almost the same time in this amazing set up was almost too much for me. Swiping at my cock as I changed from hole to hole, I could tell that I was leaking a lot of precum. If I wasn’t careful, I’d blow my load before I got all of their loads. Each time I edged one of the guys they pulled back, but the time I spent on each cock seemed to be getting shorter. Each cock was harder when I returned to it. I was working one cock with my mouth and hand, while the other hand continued to stroke whichever cock was coming through the hole. All of them were good and slicked up. A mix of my spit and their precum was creating a slippery mess. The smell of that precum and the noises they were making was starting to get to them. The banter had stopped and the sounds from the other side of the wall were more guttural. Amal noises from guy’s deeply into their action. At one point two of the guys were trying to get their cocks through the hole at the same time. Their two wet, red cock heads rubbing against each other waiting for my mouth. I turned to focus on the pair of them, grabbing both of their cocks by the base and rubbing their cock heads together and all over my lips and tongue. This was it. Time for more loads of jizz to be shot. I wasn’t moving until they had blasted all over my face. They had the same idea. “Almost there, buddy?” one asked. “Right there with you,” said the other. “Ready to spew all over his face?” “Fuck yeah. Want to see you shoot on his face and my cock.” They pulled back a bit and I let go of their cocks as I pressed my face to the hole. The two of them were stroking madly. One guy runng his cock all over my face. The sound the guy made as he started to shoot was so primal. He shot all over my face, into my open mouth and all over his buddy’s cock. The buddy kept stroking his cock. “Coat my cock, dude,” he said, “so scalding hot. Look at that scum escort bursa fly.” With that he started to shoot too. Being closer he directed it right into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his pulsating cock as his buddy shot the last volley and then leaned in to rub his load all over his buddy’s cock and my face. They started using their cocks to wipe my face and feed me the cum that had been spewed all over my face. “Feed it all to the hot cock sucker,” the one guy said. “Fuck yeah, give the dude his reward.” “I’m gonna cum!” shouted one of the other guys. The cocks pulled away from my face and a third cock shoved into my mouth. Instinctively I wrapped my lips around it and sucked hard. He spasmed as his cock started to spurt and fill my mouth. He stopped stroking and forced the whole hard cock into my mouth. Some of his cum sprayed out the corners of my mouth, displaced by his cock. I did my best to swallow and keep sucking. I didn’t want to waste a drop. He stopped moving and just held his cock in my mouth. He was pressed right against the partition and I pulled back to see the cock that had just given me the third load in just a few minutes. The cum he had practically fucked out of my mouth was all over his cock, balls and thighs. I took his cock in my mouth again hoovering up all the cum, and them pulled off to lick all around getting as much as I could. “Cock hound is even licking up the blowback,” he said to sounds of lusty acknowledgement from his buddies. He pulled back and gave me a brief glimpse of part of the room. I could see several guys stroking their cocks, or at least rubbing bulges in their pants. “Fuck dude! Over here!” I turned to the other hole to see the long, slim cock pointing at me. “Are you gonna suck me off too?” Diving back down on his cock I could tell he was close. He was holding his balls and pulling them down so that his cock was sticking out parallel to the floor. “Fuck yeah… that’s it… service that cock fucker.” Load six was on its way. Don’t know why I count things all the time. Maybe just my way to constantly trying to get to a new high score. Blame it on video games. I bobbed up and down, changing the angle on each stroke, trying to keep him guessing. He just stood there and let me work his cock. Didn’t take long either. The head started to swell even more and I swear I could feel the cum tube among his cock swell up as the first blast of jizz barreled up the tube and blasted into my mouth. The second, third and fourth shots were just as powerful. He must have been thinking about this event as much as I had been. When he stopped shooting, he pulled back. Again, I could see past him to a different part of the room and there were even more guys waiting their turn. Guy 7 must have been standing right next to his buddy. He seemed to just appear as he turned and fed his cock through the hole. He pounded into the last of his buddy’s load, almost desperate to add his load to the hole in the wall. Guy 8 said “Show me… let me see you blast in his mouth!” Guy 7 pulled back and there was a face just off to the other side of the hole. I recogzed him from the trade show. I had noticed the bulge in his well packed jeans when I did the itial tour and again in his dress slacks during the show. I wanted to see his cock shoot, but he wanted to see 7 blast off first. Reaching through the hole I grabbed the slick cock and started stroking, pointing it right at my mouth. Guy 7 was fighting the urge to turn and drive his cock down my throat rather than letting his buddy see him shoot. Being watched by his buddy finally won out and he pulled back slightly, turned more directly to the hole and let his load blast at my face. My tongue was out and my mouth open, trying to catch as much of his cum load as I could. It sprayed all over my face, but his aim was pretty good and I got a lot of it on my tongue. Guy 8 used his fingers to feed me the rest of the load, runng his fingers across my face and letting me suck the cum off his fingers. “That’s it cock sucker. Eat up that man seed. You know you want it.” “I do. I want yours too. I want to see the cock you’ve been teasing me with in those tight jeans.” Standing up, he showed off his cock to me and several of the guys around him. I hadn’t realized it when I first saw his face, but he was completely naked. His hard hairy thighs, trimmed but still generous bush, and hard cock were on display for all to see. Reaching to cup my chin with one hand, he turned and slid his hard cock into my mouth in one smooth movement. I pressed forward as he pushed his cock in my mouth and down my throat. It was fucking amazing. He started long slow strokes. Teasing my throat and openg me up even more. I couldn’t believe how awesome his cock was. It was like it was made for my throat, the perfect size. His rhythmic movements started to get more urgent. Watching his buddy feed me a load of cum added to his excitement. He tensed up and raised himself up on the balls of his feet. I tilted my head to match the angle of his cock and I reached through to grab his balls. My middle finger overshot and as I closed my hand the finger ran from his hole across his taint. That was all it took to drive him over the top. Spasm after spasm as he shot in my mouth. I pulled back to taste his load. I couldn’t help myself. He was so hot and so hung and so horny I had to know what he tasted like. After feeding me a great load, I swallowed as I held the head of his cock in my mouth. He jumped at the sensation, but didn’t pull back. I love sucking a cock after it has shot. The cum/spit lube and slightly spongy cock is intoxicating. He obviously enjoyed the after shot treatment too and let me gently work on his cock. Fully deflated, he finally pulled back. “I think we need to stop for a few minutes and give our cock hound a bit of a break,” Mark said. He was standing behind me and startled me a bit, but he was right. I need to take a few minutes to get ready for the rest of the fun.

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