Subject: Rip Him Up (Marco (4) This is a story about the hot guys from an online porn site.It’s called ‘Rip Her Up’ It’s changed only to suit my desire for the ass ripping guys on it. This is onlyfiction as it is a straight site. And I would not believe that any of these guys would join in gay sex. But it would be nice. Enjoy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rip Him Up (Marco (4) ….. I lay there on the bed. Waiting for the upcoming Fuck I was going to get by this big hung stud. He had just climbed up behind me in the bed. Marco then grabbed his cock and brought it up to my ass. I could feel the very big dick back there. He rubbed it against my hole. Then he spit on his cock and swabbed it up to get it lubed for sex. And he returned it to my ass. And that was it. That was all the prep I was to get. The spit lube on his huge dick. Do thats when he shoved his cock at me. It found my hole and Marco thrust. A flash of light, then darkness as pain ripped through my ass. Then my voice cut as the pain of penetration rushed up my back and regustered in my skull. “Hmmff!” Was all that escaped kocaeli escort my lips. Marcos massive cock had just pried me opened. It was the biggest dick I had had here. Outsizing Sashas magnificent cock. So his size really was the answer to the question of why he was on the website. Because Marcos dick was really ripping me up. He was shredding up my guts already. And he had just started. But again it was due to size and not necessarily his skill at ass fucking His long and deep thrust were almost slow by comparison to Sasha. But then and again I hadn’t felt the base if his dick yet. No balls touching at my backside. Just the digging down if his massive dixk into my guts. “Hmm fuxkk” I fully let out “Soo fucking huge. Awee fuckk me!” Marco liked my cries. He slowed as I moaned under him. Almost stopping. And then he qould adjust hus angle of assault as he held just the head of his dick in my ass. “Such a great ass” he grumbled “Sasha was soo right” And then he slammed down again. Harder this time. And he pushed down every inch of that monster into me. Pain again tore through me. And his dick slammed into my prostate. kocaeli escort bayan And this sent my whole frame into shakes. “Ughn. Awe fuck” I cried “Fucking huge. Awee fuck man. My ass” “Fuck. My ass” “It’s what I am doing fag boy” he huffed “Giving you the cock you wanted” And with that he slammed dwn again and again. He ballz then tapped at my back side. He was all in at each hard thrust. Giving me all of his massive dick. Over and over again. My guts were in threat to shred as his assault continued in my poor hole. “Yeah fucker.yeah” he growled “Fuxxking ass is soo good” “Take my cock. Awee fuck take it in there” Marco then started to gun my ass. Slamming down with more power. His huge cock crushing down into my belly. Beating up my guts and prostate. And my body could not hold out on his assault. I felt as my balls pulled up under me. His brutal ass fucking was gonna make me cum. I grabbed at my dick just as I exploded. Then cried out as I came. My eyes pulling up into my skull. “Awe fuck, Fuck mee” I shouted “Fucking the cum outta me stud” And he felt as my ass twitched as I blasted up. The sensation making him kocaeli bayan escort really plow at me. He too was gonna shoot now. “Awee fuck. Fuckerrr!” He shouted “Gonna make me cum too” “Yeah man. Awe fuck yess!” And all of him was shoved into me as he too erupted in orgasm. Then I felt the heat of his explosion. Fire and brimstone as it were. Marcos’ body humped at my ass as he shot up my guts. And then just like that. The stud was done too. His hips grinding at my ass as he finished his dump. And then he lay on my back for a few moments. And then he got up. Climbed up off the bed and started to dress. “That was great man” he stated “But gotta go.” And then he left me there. On my bed with him drooling drom my wrecked hole. I looked back as he walked out. Then huffed in frustration. “Well that was just a ‘wham, bam thank you man’ moment now wasn’t it” I grumbled “Fuck tard” And I let there feeling used. Like some cheap whore. A whore who didn’t get paid. The I got mad at Sasha for sending tgis guy to me. “Thanks you shit” I said to the Sasha not there I finsihed my business and then headed home. But on the flight back I pondered the hot Sasha. And actually sent the stud an email. Telling him to look me up if ever he was in the states….. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The end More with Sasha in the future

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