Subject: The Last Mini Bus to Pattaya The Last Mini Bus to Pattaya It was just after 11.00 pm when I boarded to last minibus to Pattaya for the evening. I had had a long day in Bangkok and was worn out. I moved straight to the back of the bus and took a rear seat near the rear window. The only other people on the bus were two young women who took the seat right behind the driver. I was thinking to myself that this will be great as I will have the whole back seat to myself. The interior lights of mine bus seemed bright and was thinking it will be very pleasant when the driver turns them off. The driver slid the side door closed and we were ready to take off. Then all of sudden the door opened again and a young blond-headed guy got on. He could not have been more than 16 or 17 at the most, maybe younger. He looked around the bus and at me and smiled and then proceed to the rear of the bus and sat in the back seat next to me. If it wasn’t for the fact that the kid was extremely good looking and very sexy, I would have been quite pissed off. He would have been around 180 cm tall, with un-kept blond hair and a deep tanned olive complexion. He was wearing baggy shorts and a singlet and flip-flops. His singlet showed off his lean but well-muscled shoulders and arms. He also had that smooth olive complexion of youth. “Hi.” He said as he smiled and threw his back-pack on the seat near the opposite window and sat in the centre of the back seat quite close to me. “Are you heading all the way to Pattaya?” “That I am,” I replied, a little pissed off with having my bed taken, but still taken by this young guy’s youthful good looks. He was oozing sex appeal as I smile back and asked. “Are you heading there also?” “Ya.” He replied as I caught him checking out my crutch. I was also wearing baggy shorts and a T-shirt. The bus door slammed again and the driver got into the front of the vehicle and started the engine, killed the interior lights and we were away. “Have you been to Pattaya before?” The young guy asked. “Yes. I work there. I teach English. How about you? First time?” I was sure it was, as he seemed a little apprehensive. “Ya, my first time and being late it may be a problem finding somewhere to stay tonight. I hope not.” I felt his leg brush against mine. I did not move mine away and neither did he. “How long does the trip take?” zonguldak escort He added. “With next to no people on board it should be quick. About one and a half hours, maybe a little longer.” I replied. I felt his hand as he slid it down his thigh until the back of his hand was very gently rubbing against my leg. Again I did not move as he gently rubbed my thigh with a finger. Again I did not move. Then he leaned over and spoke quietly in my ear. “Fuck I am horny. I need to jerk off so badly.” He smiled as he rubbed his crotch with his other hand. This is hot I was thinking. “Well no-one can see you here. You can jerk off here.” He then moved over closer to me, to where he was right behind the seat in front. His shorts were the elastic-banded type and he just pulled them down at the front and pulled out semi-hard cock. “Do you want to join me? Jerk off together.” He asked as he pulled back his long foreskin. With the limited light, mainly come from the outside street lights, I could still clearly make out his beautiful cock. It was big, about 7 or 8 inches. It was thick and had a long foreskin. He reached over and started to rub my crotch. With that, I started to undo my belt and the zip on my shorts, pulled down my Jockey shorts and pulled out my now hard cock and balls. He quickly took hold of my throbbing cock and started to masturbate it. I moved my hand over and took over on his cock. It was so thick and so hot. His long smooth foreskin, allowed my hand to slide easily back and forth over his big bulbous cock head. His head was nearly on my shoulder and I could hear him softly moan with pleasure as I slowly jerked his cock. He was doing the same to mine, slowly jerking my foreskin up and over my cock head. We carried on with this for quite some time. Maybe twenty minutes, as it just felt so good to both of us. He smiled, his white teeth gleaming in the dull light. “That feels great.” He leaned towards me and we kissed. He smelt great. His fresh youthful perspiration and some nice aftershave blended together to give off a very erotic odor. With his other hand, he pulled my balls right out of my shorts and held them tightly. “Fuck your balls are so big.” He whispered in my ear. So I took hold of his. They were smooth just like the rest of his body and although not large, were of a good size and hung tunalı escort very loose and free. In fact, they hung so low they were touching the seat as they hung out of the top of his shorts. I pulled them out in front of him and I felt him wince with a little pain as I did. So I started to massage his nuts with my hand. This I knew he liked as he snuggled up closer to me and kissed me gently on the neck. “Your balls are so smooth. I want to suck them.” I whispered to him. “I want to suck your dick.” He whispered back. With that, he leaned forward and took my throbbing cock into his warm mouth. He had done this before, this I was sure, by the way, he ran his tongue around the ridge of my cock head. Paying particular attention to the sensitive area in the front of my cock head. Then taking my cock deep into his mouth, all the way until his face was buried in my trimmed pubic hair. A he came up for air and I asked. “How old are you?” “16 nearly 17.” He replied. “My Dad works in Bangkok and I’m going down to stay with my brother, but I went to the movies and left it a bit late for the bus. In fact, I was looking to meet up with some guy in the shopping centre and get it off together, but there was no luck there. That’s why I am so horny. It will be too late to find my brother’s place. Anyway, he doesn’t know I’m coming, so he won’t worry if I don’t turn up.” Running my hand up his smooth chest. “Well, we will have some fun while we are waiting.” He kissed me again. His nipples stood out on his chest and he squirmed each time my hand passed over them. I tweeted on one and then the other. He shivered each time and his cock twitched. I pulled his baggy shorts right down around his ankles and spread his knees apart. I let the hand I had hold of his balls slip lower, working it in between his arse crack until I found his moist puckered hole. Slowly I worked my finger deep into him until I had it as deep as I could. He had wriggled forward to allow me easy access. I massaged the small lump I found there and as I did I could see some small amounts of cum and precum appear as I milked his prostate. I bent down and sucked the sweet nectar off the top of his cock. He moaned, but it was now impossible to hear with the noise that the bus was making. I whispered in his ear. “I want to fuck you.” He turned tunceli escort and said OK, as I went lower in my seat. He got up and straddled my legs, still facing forward. I lined my cock head up with his tight young ass bud as he then slowly lowered his wet arse onto my spit covered dick. My dick found his hole tight and slowly pressured its way into him. Once my dick head popped inside his ass muscle, the rest of my 8 inches followed more easily. Luckily my dick is long but not all that thick. His young arse felt so tight and hot and good as I started to fuck his slow, long and deep. I had hold of his cock in my right hand and his balls in my left, as I jerked him off as I fucked that beautiful young arse. He had his head back on my shoulder and I could hear his little whimpering sounds of delight as my cock slipped in and out of his boy arse. We fucked for quite some time, keeping up the slow methodical rhythm. “I’m close.” I eventually exclaimed. With that, he jumped off my cock and was down on his knees to the side of me and had my wet cock in his mouth. It took only two more pumps before I started to unload my thick wads of cum deep into his gullet. He sucked greedily on my dick devouring all the cum I could produce. He did not waste a drop. “I’m not far off either.” He said as he continued to jack his own cock. I pulled him up off my cock and onto the seat and I took his big dick into my mouth and started work the man juice out this boy’s thick cock. It didn ‘t take long. Soon he was pumping so much boy cum into my mouth, I was battling to swallow it all. Wad after wad of thick white man juice filled my mouth and it tasted so good. When I had got the last of the juices out of his softening cock I sat up and we kissed again. The cum juices in our mouths mixing as we did. “I can see why you were so horny. You had so much cum in those balls.” I told him as I smile and licked a drop of his own cum off the side of my mouth. “Well, I guess you can always stay tonight at my apartment. If that ‘s OK?” I told him with a smile. I had only just met this young guy and I think I was already falling in love with him. “That would be great, as I also want to fuck your ass. Thanks” He smile at me and said. “I was hoping you’d invite me.” We were soon asleep in each other’s arms. This is how I first met my life partner, lover, husband, and best friend. oooooOOOOOooooo I hope you have enjoyed this story and that you got your own rocks off while reading it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please drop me a line to ail. I would also love to see a pic of your hard dick. Please send with your comments. Jacko.

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