Subject: I’ll give you only what you need, Part 1 I’ll give you only what you need By Chaim [email protected] ============= I am your boy ============= Gideon said, hesitantly, “Coach…” My boy standing in front of me began to shift his body weight slightly from side to side. I smiled, had put a butt-plug inside his ass. I wanted him to win the swimming competition. The special made, curved, 5-inch-long, cock-shaped butt-plug in his ass must really be bothering him after the long day being in the swimming pool. I didn’t care. I enjoyed it and the result counted, he won the swimming competition with a new record! I tormented him a little, “What is it, boy?” Gideon tried to keep the pleading out of his voice, without success. “Please, may I remove the plug now, sir?” I corrected him, my voice stern, “You can’t remove it, only I can do that, you know that.” “Yes, Sir.” his face an expression that mingled triumph, arousal, and anxiety. Gideon knew by now I expected total obedience and respect. I looked at him, “I was thinking you might sleep with it tonight.” Gideon shivered, “I don’t think I can, sir.” I raised my eyebrows mockingly. “Not man enough?” I looked at him and said, “You disappointed me!” Gideon felt very bad, like a naughty little boy. I asked him softly, “You are my boy?” He replied without hesitation, “Yes Sir. I am your boy,” and he impulsively added, “Thank you for making me your boy and champion, Sir!” I smiled at him, “Remember my boy takes my orders. My boy never complains and never begs for anything.” Gideon’s body is swaying now in front of me, his discomfort manifest. He dropped his head and shook it, ashamed. “I didn’t want to disappoint you, Sir.” I knew that Gideon had talent. He is a born swimmer and a would be star. He had a submissive nature, which made him almost perfect to work with. My reward for a good training session with Gideon was sex. He was always geared up for sex. He craved it, and I helped him along with that craving. I strengthened and disciplined him, and made the better out of him, so that he would end up strong, able to control his own cravings, and could have sex more fiercely. My boy, in effect, was my tool, but not the mindless type. Sex was almost as much of a motivator as his status, among the other boys in my swim team. He was my boy. The more tortured he looked, the more the other boys admired him. I trained him well, rewarded and punished him, and I teased him too, sexually, of course. All of that helped them to stay horny and motivated to swimming harder. He didn’t want to get kicked of my Lions swimming team so he tried to please me. Now Gideon felt his failure, he gave in to his own desire to be free. He wanted to get rid of the butt plug deep in his ass. That was on the verge of disobedience. Normally it most natural thing to him that he followed my orders. Gideon was a good obedient boy, an excellent swimmer and winner. I had to keep him in line, “I accepted you as my boy. Always remember your entire existence revolves around servicing me and your own performance. You serve me in any and every way I tell you. Understood?” He bowed his head an blushed in shame. But let’s start at the beginning. ================================== “I’ll give you only what you need” ================================== I’m the coach of the Young Lions swimming team and my goal of was to break their personal records in competitive swimming while beating competitors. My boys were all young, teenagers, but strong and fast athletes. The went through a cycle of training. I was demanding of them the strength and courage to hunt and perform. My Young Lions radiate this ambition, by surrendering to my strict training methods. As apex predators, they do not settle for second best. Therefore, my boys have to be willing to suffer and show perseverance. In short they had to be highly ambitious individuals. My methods were sometimes unorthodox, My boys had to seek physical perfection based on strength and speed. If they were less lucky, they got an ancillary role in my program. If they did not fulfill my high standards, they were out. They were really a great bunch of boys. Which might say something in favor of my unorthodox methods. They were be tested the whole time. I wanted to be sure they were really part of the team. They were broken, humiliated and used to strength them. I encouraged them to take a submissive position. I made them big by keeping them little and eager. I liked to see how they react to situations I forced them into, and I liked to manipulate them, but after all the choice was ultimately their own. Some of my boys need special attention and Gideon was one of them. As their swim coach they adored me but above all they needed me as a dominant alpha top who guided them though life. Well, I like to be in charge and be dominant, so that fits together. It is my belief most my boys either wanted to be in charge or have someone in charge. One had to lead the troops, the leader of the flock, the Superior Alpha experienced dominant man, and that was me. The key to being a good Coach were two things. After a lot of years I understood who I was and I was true to it. I learned my boys, who they really were and how to stay true to it. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard it was so good to be with me, a true dominant Coach. The other thing this had nothing to do with role playing. I was a dominant Coach, pure and simple. I was dominant at home, I was dominant at work. I was dominant training my swim boys and this way was able to make them into real champions and keep them in line. They always stayed and came back for more and they sent their friends and their little brothers. Gideon was proud at having been selected to be in my team. “You have to know boy, sex is the secret to the team’s success.” Gideon’s jaw dropped, “Sex, Coach?” “Yes, boy, our program fuses the greatest desire a boy has, sex, with swimming. It’s perfect. Does that make sense to you, Gideon?” He looked surprised but answered, “Yes, Coach.” “Now, boy, each selected boy is given the choice whether or not he wants to join the elite. This is a strict way of training. This is all about swimming, sex, and having fun with other boys. And, most importantly, it’s about winning. You’re only going to be asked once and you can say no if you want to, but if you want to move to the next level you have to be all in. You have to be ambitious, to have the desire, the commitment. You have to prove it by your obedience. You have to do what is asked of you, anything that is asked of you, to prove you’re willing to be part of this team. So, Gideon, I’m going to ask you if you’re willing to make that commitment, if you’re willing to do anything to become an excellent swimmer?” Gideon really wanted to make the team. he really liked sex, so he eagerly said, “I’m in, Coach!” That was the spirit, “That was what I wanted to hear! I knew you wanted to be on the team.” I saw Gideon was fired up. I felt his enthusiasm. He couldn’t wait to start. “Okay boy, now we start training!” and I ordered, “Kneel down, boy.” And, with that, he went over. Gideon kneeled in front of me. He kneeled in front of his Coach as a good willing boy. I was his idol of lust, his eyes were focused on my crotch. I patted his blonde hair “Good boy,” and walked to the door. I asked Luke inside. Luke had been my boy for a year, now he was a sophomore, part of the real elite. Luke’s blonde hair, his broad shoulders, his six-packed abs, the blonde treasure trail that ran downward toward his dick, all made a package that nobody could barely ignore in the showers. He looked like a young Viking and the newbies saw him as their hero. I gave Luke my instructions and left them in my office. Luke talked to the boy, lectured him, “Gideon, welcome! Coach selected you and you agreed to join.” The boy looked up at Luke, who explained, “Speed, is everything in swimming. Nothing can slow you down, medals are won by mere fractions of seconds. So boy, I will tell you the basic rules here. You’d be shaving all your body hair to lessen the drag through the water. I will give you a tight Speedo to wear and always remember you have to prove it by your obedience the Coach and your seniors. You have to do what is asked of you, always and anything that is asked of you! You have your trial period to prove you’re willing to be part of this team. That you are worthy of being a lion. That’s the program here, Gideon, and you’ll thank the Coach for everything before the season’s over.” The explanation was reasonable and Gideon struggled into his new white Speedo, which was, predictably, very tight. To assure a proper fit, Luke asked him to he take a quick lap in the pool. After that Gideon stood at the edge, ready for his inspection. Although the tight Speedo had become almost transparent, he wasn’t complaining, with visions of faster times clearly on his horizon. Luke was satisfied when he saw Gideon was already half-hard. “The smaller your Speedo, the better,” said Luke, “don’t worry about what’s sticking out there, the team will really give you a cheer.” balıkesir escort Luke laughed softly and Gideon’s hard dick bounced as he said it. “Obedience and following directions without question are essential in here. First, you’re going suck my cock, boy. Is that understood?” “Yes, Luke.” Luke peeled his Speedo from his sweaty hips, jerking and tugging them to mid-thigh. A heady adolescent musk wafted through the room, it was the smell of arousal and sex. Gideon’s cock began to harden in my Speedo. Luke lowered his Speedo in a sensuous slide. Out sprung a half hard dick, climbing to erection above his balls, his shaved skin glistered in the sweaty wetness of his crotch. Luke’s dick was a rigid, ramrod pole. He ordered, “Suck it, boy.” Gideon leaned in and took his erection in his hand. It was hot and wet, and put the head in his mouth. “Oh boy, that’s it, suck it good.” Gideon went up and down a little and sucked the knob, “Use your tongue, boy,” the handsome sophomore ordered. Gideon licked back and forth under the tip of Luke’s dick and that seemed to do the trick. He continued on with sucking, bobbing and licking, getting turned on by Luke’s obvious arousal. “Get it good and wet, get your spit all over it.” He tried, his saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth, “Okay, that’s enough. Get up on your feet.” Gideon got off his knees, his boner bent painfully to one side in his new tight Speedo. Luke looked at it and smiled, “Okay, now, slide your Speedo down,” He did what he was told. He quickly slid his Speedo down, “No, just the back side. Leave the front right where it is. I want you to fill your pouch with your come when I fuck you.” “Yes, Luke” Gideon answered in obedient, not fully understanding what was said. “Now turn around and go over and lean on Coach’s desk.” Gideon shuffled over and put his hands on the desk, “Let’s see if we can get these down more.” Luke came up from behind him and tugged the back side if his Speedo lower and instructed, “Stick your ass up higher,” Luke spit on two fingers and slide them up the sweaty crack of his butt. Gideon tensed for up as he touched his sphincter. Slowly he forced the tips of a couple of his fingers inside. They went in fairly easily, it was clear Gideon was not a virgin. Two fingers went in deeper. Gideon tried not to cry out, but whined when he went on. Luke pulled his fingers free. “Okay, I am going to put my dick in now. It will hurt at first, but that will ease up in a minute or so.” Gideon sensed I step closer to them. I spread his butt cheeks and Luke went down, his glans slide to his sloppy rosebud. Luke adjusted the angle of his dick to center his tool. He was building up pressure and his ring began to yield. Luke’s glans plopped inside. Gideon cried out, “Ah, oh, oh, please!” “Take it,” Luke urged with a distinct huskiness to his voice, “You can do it.” Luke’s dick was impressive, it curved almost straight up and stood rigid as an iron bar, his dick entered at an angle that really hurt him. “Oh! … Please …!” Gideon whined. Luke didn’t stop, he inched his slick shaft in bit by bit. Despite the pain, the pressure of his dick in his ass caused Gideon’s dick to swell, he was getting rock hard and his dick was dripping. Gritting his teeth, he groaned with the steady the intrusion of Luke’s dick. I was sure they were groans of lust. He craved this. Deep inside, he craved being controlled, and fucked. “No! …Oh …Oh…” Gideon’s sphincter spasmed, his thighs flexed, his dick throbbed. Luke proved me to be a dominant boy. He took his ass. Gideon panted with lust, biting his lower lip as Luke worked the entire length of his dick in to the hilt. “You got it all, you have an awesome ass” Luke declared with a slight sense of admiration, “Are you gonna be able to take a real fuck, Gideon?” Gideon groaned, “Yes, yes, I can take it,” Luke smiled at me and said to Gideon, “I know you can. That’s why Coach has chosen you.” Luke didn’t waste any time. He began to pump his ass. He wasn’t gentle, “Oh my god!” He hated and loved it. Just the act of being fucked made him submissive. Gidon’s pulse raced as the boy realized that there was no turning back, that it was about to start. Would he be able to take it all? Compete with these others? He had self-doubts, but surrendered to Luke. Gideon moaned like a little boy as he got fucked. Luke pushed forward and his slick thighs slid against his thighs. “That’s it. You can do it. Take it for the team.” Luke fucked faster, turned on by his desperation. He wasn’t the only one. Despite the pain in his ass, Gideon’s dick was hard as steel. Both teenagers, it was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to control their lust for very long. Luke lost his restraint, “Take my dick! Take it deep.” The horny sophomore pounded his sweet ass. Trembling, a growl started from within his soul, his asshole quivering around dick. Holding the frenetic note an extended time, he wailed, his own dick swelling between his legs. His toes opening and closing like mad, he howled, the words he’d fought to contain, leaping from his throat. “Fuck me!!” Gideon elated, shaking wildly, sliding his asshole upon Luke’s dick. “Aw fuck!” he exclaimed, his body convulsing, his dick leaped, spewing its contents onto the floor but he hardly noticed it. It was his quivering ass that had him screaming. Collapsing atop my desk, he gave up all control, surrendering his asshole to Luke’s dick. He was his boy now, his asshole his boy pussy. Relaxing every muscle in his body, grunting and wailing, he relished the sheer delight of having his hole thoroughly plowed by a dick. “Fuck my ass,” he surrendered, struggling to spread his already wide splayed legs even wider. Gideon cried out again, his body quivering once more. “Fuck me!” he wailed, squeezing his asshole. Feeling it tighten again, Luke could hold on no much longer. Gideon pushed back against his thrusts. Luke panted and smiled down at him and began to skewer him all the harder. “Jesus, fuck me! God damn, fuck me!” Gideon moaned, “Harder Luke, please, take my ass!” I looked at them and knew Luke owned that ass. He claimed his ass for the Lions, our team. “Are you … uh … almost there?” Luke gasped between thrusts, “Okay, say it with me.” Say it with him? I laughed what the fuck was he doing? Luke used the old yell of the team to drive him crazy, “Lions, Lions … Swim!” Luke pumped his ass in time with the mantra, “Say it!” Gideon repeated the mantra while Luke thrust harder. “Lions, Lions … Swim!” Gideon groaned out, nearly coming. “Lions, Lions … Swim!” both yelled. “Oh shit!” Gideon had an awesome climax, his groan, the spasms of his sphincter, the hot scent of athletic sweat, all drove Luke over the top. “Lions swim! Oh!!” With the last loud triumphant call, Luke gave a final shove, jamming his dick deep in his ass. Luke pumped his hot load inside. Gideon’s Speedo was soaked with cum. They both panted and gasped for a full minute as we came down from their orgasms. Luke abruptly slid his softening shaft from his well-used ass. It made a noticeable plop as it dropped free. Some of Luke’s cum run down Gideon’s inner thigh. I stepped in. Gideon was so full of Luke’s cum he might spill it. I wiped all of the sweat off his ass cheeks and was pleased with them. I popped a little butt-plug into his ass to keep the cum in him and asked them, “Did you have a good workout, boys?” Panting they both nodded, exhausted and very pleased. ========================== A good boy obeys the rules ========================== Gideon’s extending training started when I took a closer look of Gideon’s behavior. One day he had been late for his swimming practice and that was most unacceptable! We were in the locker room and his swim buddies were standing around us. Something about having these eager boys quickly comply with my instructions made my cock gently throb beneath my tight Speedo. “First thing, boy,” I said to Gideon and I paused briefly, enjoying the sexual tension present in the locker room. I felt horny, like my cock had an evil mind of its own and needed to run the show. When I was this turned on, my demanding cock always felt like that. my cock needed a vulnerable boy, a boy’s mouth or a boy’s pussy to fuck. My cock needed to explode deep inside the protesting boy’s vulnerable body. I looked at Gideon and said, “I’ll never wait for you. Every morning, you’ll be ready! Properly presented, shaved and in your Speedo, fit and eager to perform. If I have to wait for you and you’re off the team. Understood, boy!?” Gideon answered with a shrill voice, “Yes, Sir!” I looked at his trembling body, “Yeah, that’s right, boy. We have to change your attitude. From now on I keep an eye on you. It will be very personal, I will be coach on every aspect of your life, every fucking day.” Gideon’s buddies in the team laughed uncomfortable. They knew the special exercise, and how it worked out. Now his swim buddies knew that Gideon would do anything for me, which meant doing really everything! He would follow my orders and accept my power to stay in the team. bartın escort Gideon blushed and bowed his head, he began stripping. When he was naked he noticed several of the other naked guys looking at him. They felt sorry but were also envied him. Gideon picked up his Speedo and stepped into it, his face was worried. Once he pulled the Speedo up his muscular legs, he arranged his cock and balls in the pouch. The bulge was prominent, believe me. One team buddy whispered, “Coach was really pissed, be careful.” Simon, my assistant, stepped up to them, he said sternly, “A good boy obeys the rules, so be in time and do as ordered. You will obey the Coach whether you like it or not, never forget that!” All boys knew I would punish them severely if necessary. Simon slapped Gideon’s butt and winked, “Looks like those balls are filled again after you wank session this morning. Maybe we can work at that in to drain them again.” Gideon’s buddies relaxed and laughed. ======================================= Sex was the secret to my team’s success ======================================= Sex was the secret to my team’s success, all the boys here fucked and sucked each other and jacking off alone. The program fused their greatest desires, swimming, sex and winning. Good sex, brought them great success. Gideon was quite new here, but not an exception. Simon thought wanking was a waste of their cock juice, so helped them out regularly. I encouraged that, so the boys became willing and more open to my own more challenging dominant desires. Once the boys were dressed in their Speedos, they headed for the showers and the swimming pool. I knew Gideon was gay from the way he couldn’t keep his eyes off me and his buddies when they undressed in the locker room. All the guys on the team were open to having sex with each other. There were no girls, they were off limit here, but even if they had, Gideon showed no interest in the opposite sex. Gideon walked to the showers and looked like he was about to have a stroke as I stopped him. Glancing down, I saw his dick was half hard, just the way Simon had reported to me. Simon told me Gideon was always hard as I ordered him around. I looked up into the his face with a smile and said, “Gideon, come with me.” I took Gideon to my office, “I see your Speedo is a little tight?” Gideon didn’t know what to say, “Yes, Sir.” “Let me see what kind of shape you’re in boy.” I said, “Stand straight, with your legs open, arms over your head.” Gideon stood there in the desired position and I walked around him, feeling various parts of his body. I looked at his crotch and was amazed at how well his Speedo fit him, nice and snug on his body. “Your muscle is good. We can get you a little bigger through your back and thighs, though.” I put my hand on his smooth chest and rubbed his little nipples. “Your pecs are good for a boy your age. Big and round with nice nipples.” I squeezed one of his nipples. Gideon groaned softly and pulled back in reaction. “Stop that, boy, did I tell you to move?” said this time more commanding, more menacing, “Get back here and spread your legs.” Gideon didn’t know what was coming next but whatever, he couldn’t do anything about it so he moved closer to me. “Good, boy.” I said calmly and friendly. “Now let’s see…” I stepped in, went very close to him. As Gideon looked straight ahead, he could feel my throbbing cock rubbing his smooth skin. I pushed his Speedo to his knees and Gideon shivered, “That’s right boy, keep your position. Now spread your feet apart. Show your Coach what we have to work with.” Gideon planted his feet far apart and his knees started to tremble. “Very good, boy,” I praised him, “Your nice firm bottom will be quite an inspiration for me. I’m going to make sure this in an unforgettable experience for you. Believe me, I’m going to be quite thorough. I intend to make a lasting impression, you see.” I walked around to face him and clasped one hand his shoulder while stroking his ass cheek with my other hand. I lifted his chin so that I was staring directly into his face. Our eyes met, and I licked my lips and winked at him, “Not to worry, boy. It won’t be too bad. I’ll give you only what you need.” I stroked his nipples once more. Damn, Gideon looked good! The strong shoulders, beautiful smooth chest with pink little areolas topped by tiny nipples begging to be licked, sucked and chewed on. I could torture, use those nipples. “Turn around boy,” I ordered and as he did, I kept my cock rubbing against his naked skin. I rubbed his back and shoulders while my cock nestled in between his exposed ass cheeks. Gideon trembled and was rock hard. “Bend down so I can check your flexibility, boy,” With his legs wide spread, Gideon bent over and touched his toes. I smiled and admired his firm butt and I told him, “Your ass is horny for my cock. I assure you I’m going to fuck your ass good and deep.” I kept my cock against his ass and looked into his ass crack, “You have an inviting ass, boy. When I’m done with it, your ass will be an wide open boy-pussy.” Gideon started to fall forward, and I grabbed his hips and pulled him back to me. “Stay right there, boy.” Gideon came up, “You will learn to obey, boy,” I grunted and slapped his butt cheeks again…and again…and again. Gideon began to whimper, “Please Sir, Please.” but I continued spanking him. My other arm held him down, my cock was getting harder against his naked body. After ten hard slaps, I stopped and grabbed his arm and shoved his ass against me. I rubbed my cock back and forth across his firm ass. “Oh coach!” Gideon exclaimed as my hand suddenly pushed roughly and strongly into his buttocks, kneading them. “That’s a nice smooth little ass for holding, boy. No wider than my hand. Now you’ll wanna keep your waist still if you value that dick yours!” Of course he did and I promised him, “I’m gonna whip you into shape for the championships. Starting now! I personally will train you. You’re going to shape-up in the traditional way! No nonsense, the hard hand that can punish and reward. Now, we’re gonna take care of this! With two fingers, I flicked Gideon’s boner to the side, making it wobble. Gideon moaned softly, his exposed cock-head brushing at his belly and leaking drops of pre-cum into his navel. “That’s a mighty fine dick, boy, for a pretty-boy like you.” Pretty-boy was an insult for a muscled teen like him, and he shivered. “What’s wrong?” I asked, he looked defeated. I had hurt his poor little ego, but I didn’t care. I shocked him by saying, “Yes boy, you are a pretty boy with a lovely pussy,” and dropped the bombshell, “Pretty-boy, you look fucking hot, I will fill that tight pussy with my cum and you will be my little bitch.” I was horny and took things a step further. I looked hard at him and said, “Is this what you want?” “Yes,” he stammered, “Sir,” he imposed. “Yes… Sir,” “Are you sure? You must be sure,” I said. “I want it, Sir, but I am afraid my lack of experience will disappoint you.” I smiled, “I am willing to train you and your training already started. You will show me now how much you want to please me.” Without warning, I grabbed his arms and twisted down behind. I took his wrists, encasing and locking them in the small of his back. I secured them with rubber band and pushed my finger between his butt cheeks, parting them, probing his tight sphincter. He struggled a bit, in combat with his bonds, of course without result. I knew what I was doing. “Hold still, boy! That’s a tight little ass you got. I need to check it and it’s not easy getting in there unless you relax!” as my finger pushed harder against his closed boy hole, he whimpered. Gideon tightened his ass, he tried to keep my finger out, but I made my entry and my finger wriggled inwards. “Ahh…! Coach!” Gideon’s voice was higher now and I saw his dick straining and throbbing as I finger fucked his tight ass. “Oh God!” he exclaimed as I found the bulb of his prostate. My finger massaged his prostate gland, and jolts and flashes of lightning sensation shocked his loins, “Oh Coach, ah…!” Gideon’s balls jiggled, jerked, and began to pump. The first squirt of cum looped into the air high over our heads, and Gideon shuddered and struggled, his wrists secured behind him. He yelled, “I’m coming…!” I laughed at his shocked face, “That’s the idea, pretty-boy! I want to see your cum!” More jets of white load followed. They flew in clean, thick strings, curling and streaming and splatting on the floor. “Ah…!” he wailed. The climax blew Gideon’s mind. “Shit, boy! Your balls were holding a whole lot of jism! C’mon, get it all out! ” Gideon’s voice departed from its shrill warble and he let out a long, low groan, while shots of his glowing spunk were ejected and wasted on the floor. He struggled harder, desperate. He wanted to stroke his dick. Gideon gasped in sorrow as his hips swung and jolted involuntarily. The final spurts were chest-high, spouting in a rhythmic fountain and splashing audibly on the floor. “You messed on my floor, now lick it up!” Gideon looked at me puzzled and I pointed batıkent escort to the floor, “Cum lick that cum up, boy!” Gideon bent down and licked the floor clean from the cum that had squirted from his dick. Gideon surprised me by saying, “Thank you Sir.” but I wasn’t done with him yet, this introduction had to be completed. I wanted more and freed his wrist from the rubber band and ordered him, “Grab your ankles and show me your stretch boy.” Gideon held his ankles as instructed while I moved my hands in between his legs. I ran my hands up and down his ass crack and rubbed my own bulge at the same time. “Keep stretching boy,” I ordered as he slid my hands onto his ass again. I massaged his ass cheeks with both hands, pushing my middle finger higher up his crack. I took out my cock and slapped it against his ass cheeks. “You’ll be just fine in the team, boy. You obey the rules, and you will be the best. Now just stay right where you are and stretch those legs of yours.” I pushed my cock in between his ass cheeks as my hands rubbed his ass and thighs. “You have a pretty muscle butt, and an inviting crack, boy” I said as he rubbed my cock between his ass cheeks. Despite my urge to fuck him fast and hard, I held back. Fuck! I was so turned on. I coarsely said, “I want to fuck you, boy.” My cock felt cool and soft against my ass and he pushed back om me. My hand stopped him and my hand slid down lower and I cupped his smooth balls. Gently squeezing and rolling his nuts in my fingers, Gideon moaned softly. “Very nice, boy. Nice and full again. I bet you produce a lot of sweet boy cream. I’m going to milk you dry today and get every last drop of your sweet boy juice.” I spoke to him slowly, letting every word sink in, letting him know there was no rush, and that good things were going to happen when I wanted them to happen, and no sooner. “Good boy. Keep your position, be an obedient boy. Now hold still just like that,” Gideon panted but hold his body steady. I laughed softly and said, “It is going to take more than this to change your behavior, you know, but this is good start. I expect you will need to be encouraged and punished in the future and much more too.” Gidon couldn’t have an idea of my last comment! I continued to rub his ass cheeks and spread his ass crack apart and made comments on his nice puckered hole! I smacked his ass and ran my fingers into his crack and over his tight boy hole a few times, in between more smacks! My cock raged and dripped. I was fully hard and continued smacking his ass and now at times his inner thighs too. It was all painful, Gideon was begging me, “Please Coach, stop!” but I just laughed and continued, “Get used to it, pretty-boy! As I told you, I will whip you in shape.” Suddenly I stopped and told him to get up. Gideon did with my help. “Okay now your about done with your first lesson but you have two tasks to complete before you can go back to the team. First I want you to get down on your knees and suck my cock and keep sucking until I shoot my load then you swallow it all. You spill nothing!” He stood there, Gideon was somewhat flabbergasted by this point, he expected to be fucked. I was in charge and he nodded. I wanted to put things back on track, first things first, I had to test his obedience before I fucked his boy-pussy. “You suck me and swallow my load after that you will wank your dick and shoot your load into you hand and eat it.” Gideon was shocked and asked, “Sir, why are you asking me to do that? What does that do with my training to be a good swimmer in your team?” I smiled at his young innocence, but was disappointed that he didn’t follow my order. I wanted him to obey without asking stupid questions. I got pissed, “You will learn to follow my orders. You know I’m in charge, whatever it takes. Even if you don’t like it, you’re going to obey me anyway. Now put your fucking hands behind your back, boy.” Gideon obediently did as he was told. I walked behind him and snapped a pair of hand cuffs on him and walked back in front of him. “Now get down and take my cock or walk out of here and leave the team.” Gideon stood for a second, his desire to remain on the team took over! He bowed his head and obeyed me. He got down between my legs. I looked down and his dick was hard again, as was mine. He reached forward grasping my cock, hesitantly. Gideon’s hands were shaking. “You don’t mind. Do you, Sir?” Gideon asked and clasped my inches. “No, I ordered you to do so.” I gasped, my cock twitching to his touch. I felt my cock pulsing as it lay in his hand. Gideon slowly stroked my cock while watching me. I looked down and saw a drop of clear liquid ooze from the slit. “I want me to suck your cock, don’t you?” he asked. Was Gideon teasing me? I had no time for that, he had to know who was in charge. “Boy, you understand your role in life? You are my boy, member of my swim team. I’m in change, always. Your questions and opinions don’t interest me and don’t count.” I grabbed his arm, and pulled him up to his feet. I slapped me across the face, “Do you understand, boy?” He looked at me and I could see him gulp down any reservations he may have had, and he nodded, knew I was right, “Yes Sir.” I slapped him again across the face, “Answer quicker, boy, there is nothing to think about. I will think for you.” I pushed him back on his knees again, “Now go for it, boy. Now!” Gideon grabbed hold of my cock and he leaned forward, sipped on the drop of pre-cum and took my cock-head into his mouth. Gideon swirled his tongue around the head of my cock and lapped at the lip. Slowly he took me deeper into his mouth! I forced his head down on my shaft and told him, “Be a good boy, and suck it!” Gideon did as ordered, he licked the entire length starting at the top and going down to the root and licked the base of my cock. “Suck me, boy. I want you to suck my cock.” He licked around the base of my cock and lapped at the sides. I gasped and my body spasmed. I ordered, “Suck me! Gideon licked the tip again and opened his mouth. Gideon lowered his head and the head of my cock glided past his lips and across his tongue. My cock slid deeper as he lowered his head even slower. I forced him to take me deeper and deeper into my throat until he gagged. After a few tries, Gideon was able to take my entire length without choking. Gideon bobbed on my cock, sucking me as a good willing boy. I shivered, he was an excellent cocksucker, “Shit boy, I’m gonna cum,” I warned him as he continued to blow my cock. My first jet of come filled his mouth to capacity. Gideon was swallowing my cum as ordered, he kept my lips firmly glued around my cock. Burst after burst of my man cum filled his open mouth. Gideon swallowed my entire load, as a good boy. He still sucked on my cock, as it softened in his mouth. I let it slid out and he kissed the tip, licked the spit-covered length clean. I praised him, “Fuck boy. You were good! No boy has ever blown me like that for the first time. Well done!” Gideon beamed with pride, but bowed his head. Shyness or the first sign of his submission? I told him to stand up and spread his legs and wank his dick until I got off, “Shoot it into your hand and not spill a drop, eat your own cum, boy!” Gideon stood legs apart to stabilize himself and he took his right hand and started stroking his now very hard shaft. It did not take long as he jerked himself off. I never took his eyes off his face as he got close. I spoke softly to him, “I bet you’re thinking now about having my cock in your ass,” he groaned, “Yeah, let me hear you moan as you spunk, wishing you were feeling my cock inside your ass and taking my load.” Gideon couldn’t help it, he groaned and started wanking faster. “Come on boy, you want it, don’t you? Shoot that load for me!” He wanked faster, eager to cum. Gideon panted, frantically realizing that he was not going to be able to hold back his climax with the he was getting closer to a climax. Gideon’s balls pulled up, “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!!!” he yelled, “I’m so close!” Gideon’s yell had preceded his climax, “Oh, god!” and he shot a massive load that splattered into his left hand. Gideon was very loud and once I stopped shooting I told him, “Eat it all, it’s your own protein shot for today.” He stood there and once he got his breath back, lifted his hand to his mouth and ate his own load of protein! “Good job, boy. You’ll do fine around here, as long as you do as you’re told.” I took his hand wiped the rest of his cum on his crotch and pushed his dick back into his tight Speedo. Soon a large wet spot was prominently displayed where my cock slit pressed against the fabric. I was still leaking boy juice. Gideon began to redden in embarrassment. Certainly his Speedo had a sizeable wet spot, would his buddies notice? Did they care? Gideon felt totally exposed, his tiny Speedo in no way hid his dick, and I was sure he could feel dampness. I sent him back to his buddies in the locker room and told him he could catch up with swimming practice later that day. “What am I going to do, my buddies will see the wet spot. Can a change?” I shook my head, “No boy, they must see it! You are my boy now and be proud. They all know what happened.” The thoughts about this only would fuel his sexual fever, and again, he would feel the need to obey me at all times. Thanks for reading, part 2 is on its ail

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