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Billy thought his life had never been better- which in many ways it hadn”t.

He was getting kissed and cuddled, felt up and sucked when possible by Eric in his kitchen every day now and he was getting and giving cock with Eric”s two sons, and those two boys were into cock at least as much as Billy was.

Even twelve year old James and thirteen year old Harry, the two boys he shared a room with in the home, were getting better, James more so than Harry, and James had even started to kiss. He still couldn”t get them to swallow, though, but they did give him some very nice nightly spunkings, so he couldn”t really complain too much.

Liam and his older brother gave a lot of thought as to how they may progress matters, Toby being of the opinion that, as Billy was being done by their dad, then he should be made as deliciously desirable as possible so their dad could have some real, proper fun.

“He does have a nice cock,” Toby said, “But the hairs spoil it.”

Billy was on Liam”s bed, joggers down round his ankles and shirt pulled up above his nipples so the brothers could inspect him and work out how to sex him up a bit.

“Easy shave him,” Liam suggested, “Bet dad be well turned on by him being smooth.”

“Smooth is definitely best,” Toby agreed, “But going smooth proper may not be the best idea.”

“Have thought about shaving,” Billy told them, “So don”t mind if you shave me.”

“Why have you thought about shaving?” Toby asked, “And, more importantly, why haven”t you?”

`Dunno,” Billy said automatically, “Thought about it cos I got a well dirty mind, I suppose, an” I do like cock. Spose I sorta thought it might make mine look bigger, I guess.”

“Fair enough,” Toby agreed, “Thought it might be sexy dirty as well?”

“Yeah,” Billy said. “You and Liam look well sexy, all smooth.”

“Feel it as well,” Liam giggled.

“Will if you come here,” Billy grinned. He really liked these two brothers, they were so openly dirty and he wished James and Henry were like that.

“James, that”s the twelve I share a room with, won”t lick my balls cos they got hair on them, so that”s another reason I thought about shaving.”

“Perfectly good reason,” Toby approved, “Having your balls licked and sucked is well nice. So why haven”t you shaved?”

`Dunno,” Billy said again, “Spose it”s sort of a hair thing. Like, you know, you can”t wait for them to start growing, an” you don”t wanna lose them cos then you”ll look like a little kid again.”

“Me and Liam don”t look like little kids, do we?”

“No. You look fucking sexy an” I want to suck your cocks.”

“And we look like we want our cocks sucked.”

“Deffo do.”

“Too right!” Liam sniggered.

“And you want our dad to suck your cock?”

“Course I do,” Billy stated, flat out. “He”s bloody magic at sucking. But it ain”t just that,” Billy tried hard to think how to say stuff, “I sorta want him to suck me cos I knows he wants to suck me, an” he”s so well nice to me that I sorta got to let him do me so”s I can show him that I really likes him liking me. Dunno if that makes any sense, though. Spose I just wants him to have my cock.”

“So he keeps on being nice to you?”

“Yeah, spose. But it ain”t just that, Tobes. I really likes being with him, likes it that he likes me, an”, I dunno, cos this sounds real stupid, but I ain”t never had no-one what likes me before and me cock”s just part of me, like, so it”s only natural that he should want it if he likes me, and only right I should let him have it. Just feels natural, that”s all.”

“And you like him having you?”

“Course I do. Wouldn”t let him if I didn”t like it. I ain”t no slut, even though I does like cock lots. Prefers boys, though.”

“So we don”t want dad to think you are a slut,” Toby said, “But we do want him to get the idea you really like him doing you and want to make it as good and sexy for him as you can.”


“He just suck your cock or use his mouth anywhere else?”

“Everywhere,” Billy grinned, “On the front, anyway. He ain”t turned me over yet. Kisses me legs loads; reckon he”s well into me legs.”

“Right,” Toby declared, “Full smooth”ll be going too far to start with, make you seem too slutty, and we don”t want dad thinking he”s only getting at you because you”re available for anyone who wants a bit of boy. Trim your pubes, make sure there”s nothing at all actually on your cock so it”s perfect for sucking; do your balls, and crack, obviously, cos he”s going to turn you over when he gets the chance and he won”t want to have to eat out a hairy hole, and get your thighs smooth so they”ll be nicer for him to lick and kiss. Little bit of make-up round the eyes, nothing much, just a bit to make you look tastier. All the sort of stuff any boy might do when he wants to be as sexy as he can be for his man.”

“You think he”ll like that?” Billy asked.

“Think he”ll want to bum you over the kitchen table,” Liam giggled.

“Go for it, then,” Billy beamed, “Wanna be bummed on the kitchen table!”

Billy felt amazing when the brothers had finished smoothing him; they hadn”t smoothed him all the way, leaving him with neatly trimmed pubes as agreed so he didn”t look too much like a slut boy, available for anyone who wanted some boycock.

His balls felt different, not to his hand because he didn”t reach for them, just different in themselves, as though they were making the point that they were balls all the time, not just when he was feeling horny.

And his thighs! That was just something else! Billy wasn”t ignorant about the fact that boy thighs are sexy, but legs weren”t something you thought about all the time, not your own legs anyway, but now, freshly shaved and smooth as smooth can be, he couldn”t stop thinking how sexy they felt. Yeah, his thighs felt sexy when Eric used his hands and mouth on them, but now they felt that way even though it was only air that was getting at them. What was it going to be like when it wasn”t air, but Eric caressing, licking and kissing them?

“Fuck!” Billy breathed in awe, “Feels so fucking horny!”

“Won”t do your eyes,” Toby grinned, “Dad”s be bound to think something”s up if you go down with make-up on.”

They did show him how to do it, though, Liam demonstrating trabzon escort what to do, and when he”d finished Billy thought Liam looked so delicious he wanted to jump on him there and then.

“Down you go, then,” Toby patted Billy on the shoulder, “See if dad likes what he finds when he gets a hand down inside your joggers.”

Billy, of course, was hard as nails – he really did lack any cock control – and, not surprisingly, Eric noted Billy”s hardness.

“Boned up thinking about you snogging me and feeling me up,” Billy blushed his attempt at explanation, “Had to get out quick before they noticed.”

“Dodgy moment,” Eric grinned, and took the hint pulling Billy in close for a snog and grope.

“Said they were gonna do some homework,” Billy lied, “Be down in about half an hour.”

“Best not waste the time, then,” Eric grinned, and shoved a hand straight down inside Billy”s stretch joggers.

Eric, of course, was very familiar now with all that Billy”s joggers just about concealed from view, and knew straight away that his hand and fingers were finding something different.

No hint of hair on Billy”s balls, and though Billy never had anything like hairy thighs, they”d never been as silky smooth as they were now.

Eric was thrilled! His hand stroked and caressed the new found smoothness, his cock hardening as he did. Billy had obviously shaved his balls and thighs; had he done that for Eric?

Billy didn”t need Eric to ask; he could tell by the way Eric was feeling him that he liked what he”d found, and, trying to sound coy, shy and sexy all at the same time, Billy murmured, “Did it for you. Hope you like it.”

Like it? Eric was in boy adoration heaven!

“You didn”t have to,” he whispered in Billy”s ear.

“Wanted to,” Billy tried to keep his thumping heart inside his chest, “Want to be real sexy for you.”

“You are,” Eric kissed Billy on the forehead, a soft, gentle kiss.

“Never had no-one nice to me before,” Billy muttered, “Got to be nice for you. Only fair.”

At this point, Eric didn”t give a flying fuck what Billy”s motives were, he was head over heels in lust, and with a gurgled moan he stepped back and lugged Billy”s joggers down, not caring if his boys came downstairs and saw, he just had to look at what his hand had discovered.

Billy had no concerns about being discovered; he knew Liam and Toby would stay upstairs for at least the half an hour they”d promised, and with his joggers down by his knees, he pulled up his shirt so Eric could get a proper look.

Eric was torn between just staring in lust and going straight for Billy”s hard cock with his mouth, and staring won – just.

“Didn”t shave me pubes right off, in case you wouldn”t like that,” Billy repeated the words Toby had coached him to say, “Just did the bits I knows you likes to kiss so they wouldn”t be hairy. Will smooth proper if you wants, though,” he offered.

“You”d do that for me?” Eric whispered, unable to resist stroking the silk of a Billy thigh.

“Course I would, you silly sod,” a much more confident now Billy affirmed, “Likes you being nice to me. Wanna be nice for you.”

Billy”s legs were silky smooth, his balls were crinkled satin delights, and not a single pube evident on his wonderful, hard cock.

`Want to suck you,” Eric”s voice was thick with desire.

“Want to be sucked,” Billy begged, “Love having my cock in your mouth.”

“You sure you wouldn”t mind being bald?” Eric asked when he had eaten Billy”s sperm, thoughtfully giving the boy a taste of his own flavour with a nice, spunky kiss.

“Course not,” Billy grinned, “Be proper dirty.”

Billy had never imagined life could be as good as it now was. Yeah, okay, he was living in a home and had to share a room with two other boys, but James, the twelve, was way more willing to do stuff now.

It was as though, seeing Billy bald had opened his hormone flood gates and he couldn”t get enough of Billy”s cock now and was even putting pressure on Harry to become a swallower as well.

Billy reckoned that with a bit of decent grooming James would be up for going all the way, and mentioned that to Eric, in case Eric knew of a mentor who would be ideal for the twelve year old boy.

Eric knew Billy went with the two boys he roomed with, Billy had never kept that a secret, even offering to stop doing things with them if Eric thought he was cheating on him by getting sucked off by them, but Eric wouldn”t hear of that, insisting that Billy was a boy and ought to be doing boy things with other boys and he should have as much fun with his cock as he could get.

Billy never told him about the fun he was having with Liam and Toby though, partly because the two boys kept their activities a secret from their dad, and partly because Billy thought Eric may not be best pleased if he knew his wasn”t the only cock in the family that was going up inside Billy.

Billy”s bum hadn”t been virginal for over a month now; he”d kept to the deal he”d made and been roasted by the brothers, taking Liam first because he was smaller and it was his first cock.

Billy was one of those really fortunate boys, blessed with a very elastic ring, and even Toby hadn”t hurt that much and what pain there was mattered nothing when compared with the pleasure of having a big, thick, teen boy cock in his arse.

“Bloody love it!” Billy had said when they asked him how he felt about being fucked, so they all played spit roast again several times, Billy being spit as well as roast sometimes.

“Clench your arse tight shut when dad does you then,” Toby advised when Billy told him he had a bigger cock than his father – a piece of information that really pleased Toby – “It”ll hurt more, but we don”t know for sure if dad”s bummed boys before, and if he has he”ll know you”re not a virgin if he goes in too easily.”

Billy could see the sense in pretending that Eric was the first to get at his bum, and played it beautifully, pretending that, though of course he wanted Eric to get up him, he was a bit scared of how much it might hurt.

Eric had been completely taken in by Billy”s performance and prepared him carefully with lots of fingering when he was sucking Billy off – which Billy thought was magic, fingers inside him when he was being sucked tunalı escort made him spunk loads – and then by eating him out, which Billy thought was just about the best thing ever.

“It”s amazing,” he told the brothers, “Having a tongue up your hole is just so sexy dirty, and your dad”s got a well long tongue,” he sniggered.

Then, when the time came for Billy to `lose his virginity”, he”d pleaded with Eric to do him proper dirty, not all lovey dovey in bed, but bent over the kitchen table with his joggers round his ankles and Eric”s cock just sticking out of his flies.

Eric had gone along with most of that, but insisted on dropping his trousers so he didn”t get lube all over them and that turned out to be dirty enough for both of them, and Eric was so turned on that he never noticed how easily he went in because Billy couldn”t keep his hole clenched tight once he felt the tip of Eric”s cock pushing its way inside.

“Really rather do it with boys,” Billy confessed to Liam and Toby, “But there really is something special about being done by a man. Like it”s loads of fun with a boy but you feel something different when a man does you. Dunno if it”d be like that if it was just any man, but, well, sorta your dad likes me I think, not just likes me bum and cock.”

That comment led the brothers to do some serious thinking.

“Dad,” Toby began one evening after Billy had been returned to his home, “Billy”s here an awful lot now. Have you got a `thing” for him?”

Of course, Eric was panic struck! Did his boys suspect what was going on? How would they react if they knew he was shagging Billy on their beds when they were out? Or, even worse, if they knew he was doing Billy over the kitchen table when they were upstairs? Disaster, possibly prison, loomed.

Eric prevaricated, what else could he do?

“Well, it can”t be very nice for him, being in a home, can it? And he seems to get on well with you two, so why shouldn”t he be here when he can?”

That was a better opening than Toby had hoped for, and he didn”t waste it.

“If you like him, and we like him, why don”t you foster him? Then he could be here all the time.”

“Nice idea,” a relieved and thinking he”d escaped Eric smiled, “And I”m really proud of you for thinking that, thinking of someone else and not just yourselves. Not many teenage boys would do that.”

“So, why don”t you, dad?”

“Well,” Eric smiled a little patronisingly at his two sons, “Where would we put him? It can”t have escaped your notice that we only have two bedrooms.”

“How many would we need?” Toby smiled sweetly at his father.

“We can”t just stick another bed in your room, can we,” Eric said.

“Why not?” Liam piped, “Billy shares with two other boys where he is, doesn”t he?”

“Yes,” Eric agreed patiently, “But it wouldn”t be reasonable to stick him in with you even if we could fit another bed in your room, which we couldn”t.”

`Wouldn”t need another bed, though, would we?” Toby pounced, “Billy would sleep with you and you could do him every night and we wouldn”t have to find excuses to be out so often.”

“You – ?” Eric couldn”t think of anything else to say.

“And we already have one more bed than we need,” Liam chortled, finding his father”s discomfort really amusing.

“You what? I don”t understand,” Eric croaked.

It”s simple, dad,” Toby explained, “We”re outing you, so it”s only fair that we should out ourselves as well. We know you”re doing Billy, and Liam and I do each other. Have done for years.”

“But, but, how can you be?” Eric groped for understanding. “I”ve never seen any signs of that. Never even imagined that you could be.”

“That”s because we”re better at covering things up than you are,” Toby grinned. “Now, admit it, dad. You”re screwing Billy, aren”t you?”

“Yes,” Eric conceded quietly.

“Good.” Toby beamed, “Now we call all relax. You screw Billy and I screw with Liam and Liam screws me. We”re into boys, dad. Just boys. So, like father, like sons.”

“And we”ve worked out the appearances,” Liam said, “You get rid of my bed and get in some cheap bunk beds. Dirt cheap rubbish, cos they”ll never get slept in. Get in a bigger bed for me and Toby and everyone”s happy.”

“Social people will think the bunks are for Liam and Billy,” Toby explained the boys” thinking, “So no problems there.”

“Does Billy know anything about this?” Eric asked.

“We”re not stupid, dad. Course we”ve not said anything to him. Has to look to him like it”s your idea, doesn”t it? He does think you like him, you know.”

“I do like him,” Eric protested.

“Right,” Toby concluded. “Just one thing, dad. Social will have their claws in Billy till he”s eighteen, so no dumping him for a younger model before then.”

“Agreed,” Eric accepted. After all, smooth, bald Billy would still be decent at seventeen, perhaps even for longer than that.

What Eric was not prepared for was Billy”s reaction when fostering was suggested to him.

Billy”s first thought was one of rock solid cock elation; he”d be in Eric”s bed every night, getting done and, although Billy preferred boys, Eric did do him wonderfully, and he”d still be able to get at Liam and Toby when Eric was out.

It sounded perfect.


Except that Billy knew if he was actually living in the same house as Liam and Toby he was going to want it with them loads, and eventually, Eric would be bound to find out.

“Can”t,” Billy said sadly, “Wouldn”t work out. You knows I”m into boys, an”  Toby and Liam are well fit. Wouldn”t be able to stop myself making a move.”

Eric might be okay with Billy doing things with the boys at the home, but him knowing that Billy was getting at his sons” cocks was bound to be a different matter, a matter that Eric was sure to be not best pleased with.

“An” obviously they”ll know I”m sleeping with you, an” you says they ain”t into cock,” Billy kept to what he believed was still the official line, “So what”s they gonna be thinking?”

“That we are doing the same as they are doing,” Eric beamed. “I know it sounds incredible, Billy, but Liam and Toby apparently screw like rabbits.”

“They told you?” Billy gasped in amazement. They hadn”t said anything about outing themselves to Billy and Billy had thought there tunceli escort were no cock secrets between them at all.

Eric was too concerned about getting Billy as a full-time, live-in shag to notice that Billy”s amazed comment clearly revealed he knew all about what the boys did with each other, and ploughed on with the new, official family line.

“They told me when I mentioned that I was thinking about the possibility of fostering you,” Eric fibbed convincingly. “I was wondering about how they felt about having another boy in their room with them, and they said that would be a problem considering their normal sleeping arrangements, so it would be better if you slept in my bed with me.”

“Oh shit!” Billy muttered, “That makes it even worse!”

“How can it possibly make it worse?” a bemused Eric asked.

“Cos it means they”re into cock, don”t it, an” how”m I sposed to keep from making a move on boys I know is into cock?”

Eric”s reaction to that would have surprised Billy just as much as his own reaction had surprised Eric, but, unlike Billy, Eric didn”t reveal it. Finding out that his sons were lovers had been both a shock and incredibly horny – if Billy thought he had a dirty mind he was a mere beginner compared with Eric. The idea that the boy he had groomed, seduced, sucked and bummed over the kitchen table and was, if things went well, soon to have in his bed every night, would also be getting his bum filled by his two sons was the most erotic thought Eric had ever had.

“You”re a dirty minded, filthy, cock mad boy,” Eric smiled and Billy grinned at the compliment, “And if you want to get at their cocks, and they want to get at yours, then there”s no way it”s not going to happen. Just so long as you always have some spunk left for me,” Eric smiled.

“Will,” Billy couldn”t believe his luck, and on an impulse, grinned wickedly, “An” if I run dry you”ll have to cane me so I remember not to do it again.”

“You said he could cane you?” Liam asked, awe in his voice, when Billy recounted things to the brothers.

“Yeah, why not?” Billy shrugged. “Caning looks super horny in porn, don”t it?”

“Does,” Liam agreed, “Gets me well turned on.”

“So probably get turned on being caned, wouldn”t it,” Billy stated.

“Hurt like crazy, though,” Liam pointed out.

“Yeah. Part of it, ain”t it? Be well dirty being made to yell and scream, then have yer cock got at.”

“Come in here with a red striped bum and you get eaten straight out,” Toby said seriously and parted his dressing gown to show off his more than ample hard cock. “And suck me off while you”re still crying,” he added with an evil grin.

“Suck you off any time,” Billy grinned back, “Love your spunk. But you don”t do eating, do you?”

“Not yet,” Toby agreed, “But you bring a freshly caned bum in here, I”ll go crazy in your arse.”

“Deal,” Billy sniggered.

Everything was just about perfect for Billy, and that meant that being dirty was normal behaviour. Billy didn”t wear his cock-outlining stretch joggers anymore; he wore a top and that was all, so his silky smooth lower half was always on full display, and the brothers never bothered to tie the cords around their dressing gowns, so their father could have teasing, tantalising glimpses of their teenage delights.

“We don”t mind you looking,” Toby made it clear to his father, “But you can”t touch. We”re not teasing you, just letting you have some looks. Our cocks are for boys” use only.”

Toby and Liam both liked showing off their smoothed possessions and teasing their father with their desirability, and, as Eric showed no shame in playing with Billy, and Billy thought it was well cool to let Eric suck and bum him while the brothers watched as having an audience made everything even more filthy and dirty, the brothers joined in as well, providing Eric and Billy with some very entertaining live porn to watch.

The downside of all this enjoyment was, after about a month, pointed out by Toby.

“You”re safe here till you”re eighteen,” he said to Billy one naked evening when Eric was out at work, mentoring some boy or other, “But you do realise that dad”s a man, and men are even worse than boys when it comes to wanting to try different cocks.”

“Knows I ain”t his first,” Billy shrugged, “He does it too well for him to have never done boys before he got at me.”

“And you won”t be his last,” Toby said kindly, “He”ll still keep doing you, of course, but he”s going to be after something on the side as well.”

“Don”t mind,” Billy shrugged again, “If I”m here an” can do it with you two, what”s to complain about? Prefers boys anyway.”

Had he made a mistake in fostering Billy? Eric wondered. Of course, it was delightful having a boy in bed every night, but it was getting just a bit samey, shagging the same hole all the time. It was fine for Billy, of course, he had Liam and Toby to shag as well, but there was no way his boys were going to let Eric get at them and Eric needed a new boy to kiss and cuddle, suck and fuck.

The one he was mentoring now would be ideal, a sweet twelve year old named James. Eric had never ventured into pre-teens before, but James was perfect. Grooming was going to be so simple – even before that started he knew James swallowed; he was the same James Billy had shared a bed with at the home, and a boy who swallows boy spunk shouldn”t be difficult to persuade into giving man spunk a try.

Such a sweet boy, Eric thought as he sized up his next conquest, a fair-haired little item with a really wide mouth, a mouth that Eric knew had already been used for kissing and sucking cock. Young, of course, but his small, twelve year old body knew what it was like to be naked in bed with another boy and it was going to learn what it was like to be naked in bed with a man.

The more Eric thought about what it would be like to see the boy without clothes on, the more determined Eric became to seduce him, to feel and fondle him, indulge in the delights of his young, soft but firm, hairless, still pre-teen flesh. No cock worth playing with yet of course, but his arse would be gloriously tight.

Perhaps, he concluded, he wouldn”t drop Billy just yet; Billy did have a really nice and completely available cock and Eric was into boycock even more than he was into boybum, so keep Billy going and have this one as a bit on the side. For now, anyway.

“Well, James,” Eric began the grooming of the twelve year old, “I”m your mentor now, so we”ll be seeing quite a bit of each other. Let”s hope we get on.”


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