Subject: Hot Underwear Fun This is a true story of a hot underwear encounter that I had some years ago. I was travelling in the UK, and met another underwear enthusiast online there. We chatted for a couple of days, and then decided to meet one afternoon in my hotel on the outskirts of London. He told me that he was really into classic, old school British “string” mesh briefs. These are basically tighty whities constructed from coarse mesh, they are no longer generally available but were popular in the `60’s when I was growing up in the UK. I love tighty whities now and was very excited to try string underpants again! I dressed in a pair of Jockey “y” front tighty whities, a white “wife beater” vest, and white socks and waited for him. When he arrived he had a small backpack filled with several pairs of different style string underpants plus a couple of string vests. He quickly stripped out of his outer clothes, he was already wearing sting briefs and a vest underneath, and he spread out the other underwear on a table. We kissed and hugged kurtköy escort and admired each others bodies in our white underwear, and touched and fondled each other a little. Both of us already had tents in the front of our undies! Then we looked through his exciting collection together.He picked out a pair of sting underpants and a vest for me to wear, and I went into the bathroom and changed into them, then came out and showed him. It felt incredible to be wearing his sexy underwear and modeling it for him. We ran our hands all over each others string covered bodies, and fondled each othersbulges. He knelt in front of me and kissed and licked and then sucked my throbbing dick through the solid front “modesty” panel in the mesh fabric. Then we switched positions and I buried my face in his bulge, sniffing and kissing and nuzzling and then taking his hard cotton covered cock in my mouth and sucking him as he moaned. We moved on to the bed and lay together, kissing passionately, our tongues thrusting in each others mouths, hands aydıntepe escort all over each other, bodies pressed together, writhing around, humping against each other. I felt his hard, throbbing cock pressed against me through the cotton, and I pressed my boner against him. I felt his hands exploring all over my body through the underwear, and my hands explored him. I felt his hands slip inside the underpants I was wearing and caress my ass, and I did the same to him, pulling him even closer against me. I lay on top of him and ground my cock against his cock through the fabric, frottingtogether, rocking up and down as we kissed, our pre-cum leaking together, panting, moaning wildly. I moved back next to him and slid my hand down the front of his underpants and caressed his rock hard penis, gently rubbing my thumb over the head, circling around the crown with one fingertip, very lightly and slowly stroking the shaft, gently caressing his balls, reaching down and rubbing his hole, then back to gently stroking his shaft, while tuzla içmeler escort I kissed his nipples, his chest, his neck, his ears, his lips. He was whimpering and moaning and muttering “oooh, oooh mmm yesss, oh fuck, ohh fuck yess!” and he reached into my underpants and started to caress my fully erect penis the same way. We lay together kissing each other and gently masturbating each other in our underpants, slowly building up the intensity, taking our time, edging each other, going further each time, gradually wanking each others dick a little faster, a little harder, both sweating now, moaning loudly, thrashing around on the bed, hips bucking. Fuck! Ohh fuck! Jerking each other off in a frenzy now until suddenly he let out a strangled cry of “I’m gonna cum!”, his whole body stiffened, his back arched and he shot spurt after spurt after spurt of hot jizz into his string briefs! Watching and feeling him cum immediately sent me over the edge too and I had an incredibly intense orgasm, and shot a huge load of sperm into the underpants he had lent me! We lay together in a sticky tangle for a while, and kissed some more. Then it was time for him to pack up and leave. We stayed in touch for a while but never managed a repeat meeting, but it was an encounter we will both always remember!

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