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Subject: Hollywood Companion Chapter 1 This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Or is it? I’m Jeremy and I am an Aussie in Hollywood. I’m 26 years old, 5’10, 175lbs with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. I have that surf look that makes Australians so popular. I am well read and well-travelled. I keep up to date on current events and politics. And I miss NOTHING about pop culture. My job is a professional companion. And I work for the Hollywood studios. I am the guy that they call when their stars want some companionship – platnoic or not. Now before you say “Yeah, right …. platonic”. I would say about half of my appointments are companionship that involves an event, a meal, a snuggle, a make out session, a crying session (them on me I assure you), and absolutely no sex. Not all of them are like that. And I know you want to hear about that. So, let’s get on with this shall we. Oh, and I don’t mention names. Pay attention the details though. A typical day for me means waking up at 8am, having a fruit smoothie with protein powder, and going for a ten-mile walk. When I get back it is breakfast – always 4 poached eggs on rye toast with mushrooms, sausage and orange juice. Usually by my second coffee I get my first call of the day. You see, I don’t advertise. I don’t have to. When I was 19, I came to Los Angeles to get into the movies. I was an extra in some big blockbusters. But that didn’t get me noticed. The director noticed me though. After my fourth film, he took me to Cannes where he spent a week fucking my arse, eating the food I cooked for him (I’m a really good cook), and swallowed my cum and piss direct from the tap. Yeah, he was pretty keen on me. For a year I was by his side. He gave me a credit card with a nice limit. A car. And money. This was how I got started as a companion. A year was exactly how long his companions lasted. But he got a bit keen of me and looked after me by making some calls and getting me on the payroll of a couple of the large studios. I get a weekly retainer that pays my rent and allows me to buy food. But that isn’t where I really make my money. When I get an appointment, it is a standard fee that kept me in a very nice lifestyle with a weighty savings account. Hollywood loves its stars. Especially the good-looking ones with great bodies, hot faces and those smiles that make your knees bend. But they have needs. Social, professional and personal. That is where I come in. I will get the call, told what to wear, given details about what type of date it is, where it is, and time. Today, I got the call at midday after getting back from the gym. I work out every day. Five days a week in the gym, and four ballet classes a week. Looks and flexibility. BTW, I am not arrogant or cocky. You want to hear how I can do this. You want to know what I am worth. This is it. So today I got the call from Maxine (Not her name, come on), and she told me a driver would be by at 2pm to pick me up. I did not have to “prepare” beyond a good shower and to be clean shaven. Casual clothes. Be relaxed. She told me the name. I knew him of course, but had not seen him before. So, I picked out my clothes. Took a clean dump (thank you hi fiber diet), shaved and showered. By the time I was done, the car was out front and off we went. There are three different drivers depending on the Studio that books me. Today was Jesus. A tall, very handsome middle-aged Mexican man. Built like an ox and hung like a herd of donkeys. Yeah, I took that ride. And it was amazing. About 20 minutes later, we were at an apartment complex. Which was unusual. It was the first time I had been to an apartment for a date. ankara escort Most live in big homes in big suburbs. I walked up to the door and pressed the buzzer. A doorman let me in to the lobby. He asked who I was there to see. I told the name. He winked at me and called up. He told me to go to the top floor and wait outside the lift. And I did. I was only there a second when a door to my left open and there he was. He said hi in a somewhat nervous way. He was a total geek. And I loved it. His brown hair was growing out as he was between films. It was down around the bottom of his ears and it gave him the bohemian look he was known for. His skin was perfection. His deep brown eyes had me swooning. And I loved the sharp jawline and chiseled cheeks. I walked over with my hand out, and introduced himself. He simply took, and kissed my knuckles, holding onto my hand he gently drew me inside. His apartment was exactly what I thought it would be. Lots of vintage furniture with paisley and middle eastern patterned fabrics, pillows and cushions. He wore an ankle length kaftan that draped really well on his body. He had a puckish smile on his lips, and stoner red eyes. He took me into a room that was all pillows and cushions and throws on the floor. Heavy drapes let in little light. But there were candles lit and burning all around the room. He sank onto the floor, taking me with him. “I want to be kissed like a lady. I want to suck dick like a whore. I want to be fucked like a husband. Can you do that baby?” I stroked his face. I knew this scene well. “Of course, baby. I’ll take care of you.” I traced his jawline with my finger softly. He swooned. I love this type of man. This will be a good time. I stood up and removed my clothes. I did it slowly but not like a stripper, no one does that. I did it in a way that let him see everything in the way he wanted to. I reached down and slowly brought my Ralph Lauren polo shirt over my head. Making sure he saw my six pack, my big nipples and my naturally smooth arm pits. I let the shirt drop to the floor next to me. I stepped out of my flip flops. I reached down and unbuckled my belt, undid the one button and slowly slid down the zipper, all the while looking at him in the face. I have beautiful eyes, and I had him locked onto my face. He would steal looks at various parts of my body and my face. Then I just let my shorts drop. I rarely wear underwear. And I did not have em on today. My cock is five inches soft with a nice foreskin that is JUST enough skin to cover the head, but not leave a trumpet. I have low lying balls like my dad. I stood there letting him drink me in. Its what he wanted. And he looked me up and down several times. “Take off the kaftan, please.” I softly but firmly asked. He did so. His body was everything we’ve seen. Naturally lean. Probably eats whatever he wants and never puts on weight. Perfect coat hanger frame – broad shoulders and tiny waist. He had a little bit of hair on his chest but not much. His skin was completely flawless. Just perfect. His cock was not soft like mine. He was hard. And it twitched. It was probably nine or ten inches. Always the skinny guys with the big cocks. He moved over to me. His hands started to explore me. They were soft and gentle. Perfect. Eventually he told hold of my hands and pulled me to him. We kissed. It was a gentle and sensual kiss. Just lips. I applied a small amount of suction so each time there was a little pull back from him. Then I went back in to repeat it. Taking his head in my hands, I gently licked his top lip, then his bottom lip. He shuddered. Then I dove in and dove in hard. Now I kissed him with an open mouth and thrusted my tongue in. And so did he. Goddamn. A tongue like his would make çankaya escort women scream and shudder I am sure. But I knew my shit too. We tongue wrestled and i grabbed his arse and his cock. Now, I was ready for the action. He kissed like a demon starved. Oh my god it was so hot and got me totally hard. I’m 8 inches and nicely proportioned. Now I wanted to taste more. I moved around and started licking his ear lobes. “Fuck yes, baby. Love me” He moaned. Bingo. I gently nibbled them and he moaned every time. I started licking his neck and he moaned like he was out of control. I was thinking that he hadn’t had any for a while. I moved down to one pit and sniffed it. Jesus H it was like poppers. Heady. Sweet. A little tang. I couldn’t wait. I started licking his pit. Fuuuuuuck I was enjoying this (They aren’t always like this – I’ll tell you later). I couldn’t get over how soft and smooth his skin was. Perfection. I moved over to a nipple and starting licking and nibbling. “No no, baby. Not those.” I stopped and looked him in the face. “Remember what I said.” I nodded and gave him one more kiss before moving back to a kneeling position. I’d kept one hand on the back of his head. And I moved him to where he wanted to be. Putting my other hand on the other side of his hand, I started to fuck his mouth. I started slowly. Letting him get used to it. Pointless really, he could throat the whole thing easily. So, I went to jackhammer mode. With full length strokes I started hammering his mouth and throat. It was amazing. He had a throat of velvet and it was warm and moist. I knew he was enjoying it. He couldn’t stop moaning around my cock. He was in whore heaven. Which is exactly what he wanted. And I always gave them what they wanted. He was on all fours and I was just going to town. If he wanted me to stop, he would let me know. He was slobbering around my cock and I was feeling his saliva drip off my balls, and I fucking loved it. Remembering what he said made my next move simple. I let go of my control. I hammered his throat hard and announced my intention, “I am gonna come down your throat bitch.” Immediately he began whimpering around my cock. I had him. And I quickly felt my balls drawing up. I do NOT cum unless with a date. It had been three days and I had a good-sized load at the best of times, and can go often. Ah, youth. With one last thrust, I grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pulled him down to the pubes. I unloaded in his throat. It was at least six heavy spurts and he fucking loved it. he drank like the thirsty bitch he wanted to be and I fed him. I held him on my cock until the throbbing stopped and I was sure I had fed him all my load. Then, I slowly took my hands from his head. He stayed where he was. Uff. This was heaven. With slow, full strokes he began cleaning my cock. Damn this guy had some skills. He spent several minutes licking up the spit on my balls and on my shaft and thighs. His tongue was amazing. Long and full and completely talented. I wondered why he needed me. With skills like his he could have a posse of pussy and cock, and I knew he liked both. He pulled off and laid back. He raised his legs and rubbed a finger over his hole. His whole demeanor changed. The whore was gone. The “husband” was here. Time to make love. I spent several minutes eating his hole getting i nice and slippery. My cock was still hard and I dropped a wad of my spit into my hand and spread it on my cock and cock head. I looked into his eyes as I put my head on his whole. “I want to make love to you baby. I want to make you happy.” His eyes rolled back into his head. And I still hadn’t moved lol. He answered “I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel full. kızılay escort Love me baby. I need to be loved.”. I nodded slowly with a small smile. I knew what he wanted. “Of course, baby. I’m going to fill you up with my love.” With that I pressed forward. My cock started to sink into him. He was ready for it too. Inch by inch I slowly penetrated him. By the time my cock was all the way in and my pubes mixed with his (he had a beautiful bush) I was kissing him again, deep and slowly and sensually. This was the love. His arse was talented. I felt him squeezing and clenching and unclenching and he milked my cock as much as I thrusted into him. I didn’t fuck him like I did his mouth. My strokes were long and deep but slow and definite. He wanted to be loved, not fucked. For almost three hours I made love to him. All over the room. Him on his back. Him on top of me. Doggy. Up against the wall with him facing the wall. Up against the wall with him facing me. Lastly, we were back down on the floor with him on his back, his legs around my trunk and cock pube deep in his hole. I moved my mouth to his ear. “I’m going to cum baby. I am going to breed your beautiful self. Do you want that baby?” He nodded slowly and answered. “Please. I want to feel your love in my hole. Breed me baby. Breed me please.” I kept looking him straight in the eyes. He couldn’t look away if he wanted to. A few slow but deep thrusts later I pressed all the way in and let my second load go. I told him I was cumming and I actually saw tears leaving his eyes. I licked them up as they rolled down his face. God. I could fall in love with this man. But that isn’t why I was there. After I stopped cumming I did some slow and deep pumps whilst a sensually kissed him. Our tongues played slower. I looked him again. “Your turn.” I moved down his body and took his cock into my mouth for the first time. It tasted as amazing as the rest of him did. I pressed one finger into his cummy hole and found his prostate. I took my time though. It was still “love time”. I gently rubbed circles on his prostate. I took his cock down to the base and back to the head and repeated it. We did this for at least twenty minutes, until his breathing got quicker and his prostate started to pulse. I went back until just the head was in my mouth. He started to cum. And cum. And cum. Fuuuuuuuuck. I thought I was going to drown. It was great. His cum was salty but sweet. And I love to swallow cum. I took it all. And I did what he did. I loved that cock after he stopped cumming. Mainly coz I wanted to taste it. Damn it was nice. Three days since my last load, I was thirsty for it. His cock immediately started getting soft. It got to about half chub. It had that whole spongy feeling. His hands gently brought my head back up to his. We kissed very softly this time. Then he gently pushed me back with one hand as he reached for his kaftan with the other. “It’s time for you to leave now, baby.” I nodded. I loved it when they told me when it was time to go. Took the responsibility off me. I stood up. Dressed and let myself out. The last look I had of him was lying back on his pillows, eyes closed, in his kaftan. It was nice. I went down in the lift. Walked out into the lobby and bade the door man goodbye. He came out from behind his desk and opened the door for me. His eyes looked me up and down. Any other time and would have been tempted. But I had just had that one in ten date. Fabulous sex. Intimacy. Hot arse and a big load down my throat. I got into the car and Jesus took me home. As he pulled up to my building, he asked how I was. I leant forward and deep kissed him, letting him taste the taste in my mouth. He grinned. I went inside, showered, put some food on and looked forward to bingeing some tv. Next time, I will tell you about the true “Hollywood date”. Big movie opening. Cocktail party with A-list stars. And the after party at his house. Thanks for reading. If you liked, let me know at ook

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