For Women

Chapter 6

By the end of the week, all the walls are stood up, and are tied together. All the steel engineered roof trusses, the engineered wood floor joists, as well as a lot of plywood and steel roof decking were delivered. The crane is still here of course, because they still need to put all that in. Just looking at it from outside, it is an impressive structure, and we can see all the room inside, which is amazing.

The trucks are all coming along amazingly, all the parts for the last truck are also now painted and installed onto their frames, and we were working on its wiring as well. The boys are doing amazingly as they have proven time and time again. Now that it is the weekend, though, we are all looking forward to quadruple baby diapering the entire time, even though we really should not, it is what we all want so much. We are all enjoying our thick thirsty baby diapers lots and lots though, fully you might even say, and come soggy baby bum change times, we still quite often suck our diapers as much as we can, just because we love it so much as well. Coby and I still start every day with kissing and stroking, or sometimes sucking, and of course we almost always end the day the same way, and we are exceedingly happy because of it. As of yet, neither of us has even started playing with the others baby bums, we know the other has played, but since Coby and I started sleeping together, neither of us has played like that at all, and for all I know, the dildo that Coby had stolen from me is still in his old bedroom, which is now Jamie”s, so hopefully he is using it as well. The funny thing is, though, that though I know we both want it, neither of us has even attempted to go there, and I am perfectly okay with that.

We had an amazing mega soggy baby diapered weekend, and the entire time we were quadruple diapered, the only exceptions were when we showered. We still worked in the shop, of course, and managed to get all the wiring ran for all the various components that need to be taken care of, and we got all the wiring wrapped and then secured. I use special wiring wrap that is rodent proof, not only do they not like chewing on the stuff, but even if they could, they would not be able to get through it, and then everything is secured in place so that it is super neat and tidy, and when possible, virtually invisible as well.

Monday morning, the boys got their schoolwork done, while I cleaned up as usual, and then as soon as they are done, we all go for a nice long hot bath and then baby bum changes, I had told Jamie no more than regular diaper with doubler, and he grinned, figuring that we must be going out. As soon as we are all diapered, dressed, and ready to go, we head out, and go and do something fun as a family. We had a really nice day out together, and came home just before bed time.

Tuesday morning was much the same, but this time we are double diapered in our much preferred ultra thick diapers and thicker doublers, and work clothes to cover up nicely. We are in the shop working like usual, when my phone rings. I honestly have no idea why I bother to keep a phone, it rings so rarely, that every time it does, it damn near scares the piss out of me, not that that is a big deal, mind you. I look to the number on the screen, and see that it is the lawyer.

“Good morning Michael, how are you today?” I answered.

“Good morning Jaks. I”m okay, I guess, been up all night helping a clients young son, who”s gonna be alright.”

“I have a feeling I should be asking where you are right now?”


“And am I to assume correctly that your client is currently in jail?”

“Yes, told him that I”m transferring all the services that I used to offer him, to his son, that for what he did, I”m no longer representing him.”

“He”s a gay baby boy diaper lover, isn”t he?” I said flatly, and I know I saw Jamie perk right up.


“And you”re hoping that I”ll take him in, aren”t you?”

“Yes. I know who and what you are, and I know there”s no way that you could let another boy like you go to foster care, somewhere we both know full well he won”t be treated with the love and respect he deserves, and absolutely won”t be given the things he needs to flourish. I”ve already forced his father to sign the papers saying that you”re his sons godfather, and that should anything happen to him, that you”d take care of his son. No, I”m not forcing you to do this, that was just the fastest and cleanest way at the time, and even if you didn”t feel that you could, we would”ve worked it out, but, I did hope I wasn”t missing the mark.”

“Fuck. When will you be bringing him?”

“Thanks Jaks, I hoped we could count on you. My young client is in pretty rough shape, though thankfully he”s gonna make it now, but he did have a pretty bad stab wound to the stomach, so he”s gonna be here for a few days still. He”s gonna be kept asleep for all of today, so that he can heal up, but I”d really like for you and the boys to come and meet him tomorrow morning once he”s awake and ready to receive visitors. I”ll be here for when they allow him to wake up to explain some things and what all I”ve done for him, but I”d like for you three to be here for once we”re done. He was royally betrayed by the one person who should”ve loved him unconditionally, so naturally he won”t be very trusting right now, but I”ll leave you for a bit, and even though I absolutely don”t and can”t know everything, I”d like for you to tell him, so that he can open up to you. Once you”ve had a bit to talk, then I”ll come back in and take care of the rest.”

“No, it”ll take longer to gain his trust than it took his father to eradicate it I”m sure.”

“No doubt. Now, I actually haveta go, I”m supposed to be in court this afternoon, and I haven”t slept in more than twenty four hours, so I needta go home and catch at least a few minutes sleep, so that I don”t fall asleep in the court room, for some reason judges find that unprofessional.”

“I don”t understand why. I guess we”ll see you tomorrow morning then.”

“Thanks, come for nine please.”

“Will do, have a good sleep.”

As soon as we hung up, I explained everything to the boys that they had not already figured out, but they had caught pretty much all of it anyway. I can tell just how hopeful Jamie is, and hopefully it works out for the two of them, but I do warn him to be gentle on his new baby brother, because he was just stabbed, not only in the stomach, which almost killed him, but through his heart too, which could do damn near as much damage. He understands, better than most, because he dealt with much the same thing.

The rest of the day we worked and had lots of fun, getting all the internal electronic components installed, got the dash boards all done, all the lights installed, and now we are pretty near done. We had installed the newly covered seats during the put together of the bodies, as had we installed all the glass, now it is just all the final details, and one large detail that all the trucks need.

I am not a wood worker, by any stretch, and these trucks, like many of their era, use wood for the base of the truck box. I like to use white oak, not only is it incredibly strong, but it is very weather resistant just by itself, but once oiled and sealed, it can last decades if maintained correctly. There is a woodworker just down the road from me that does these for me, I had bought a few thousand feet of two inch rough white oak for a stupidly good deal several years ago, so that we always have it, and I just store it outside in a covered area. Now I will have to load up enough to do the trucks, and then drive the trucks to his place. I always just call him and arrange it, and then he will drive me home. I had already called and told him I would like to bring three trucks this week, and he told me any time, that he would get them all done for me. Apparently they are really rather fast and easy to do, and he really does not charge me all that much to do it, for all three trucks it will cost me probably only a thousand dollars, and I doubt he will need more than a day to do it. Of course that price is simply labour only, since I supply the material, and even store it, so he just has to plane and cut it to size, and he even installs it for me.

I decided to go ahead and take the trucks to him today, so that he will have all day tomorrow to work on them, when we are going to be busy doing other things, since we may as well. We have a few more touch ups to do, but, like I told the boys, he may as well work on them while we cannot. I drove the first truck there, then he drove me home, and then drove the other one over, and he drove me home again, and then repeated one last time. No, none of the trucks are insured or anything like that yet, but that really does not matter, he lives less than five minutes drive from my house, on back country roads, so no one will ever know.

By the time I am home, we are ready for dinner, so, we go about making and eating it, and then spent the evening in, playing games and having fun.

The boys did their schoolwork, since they still may as well, because we have plenty of time, being up for five and all. As soon as they were done, and it is getting close to time to leave, we went and got dressed appropriately for going out, and then headed out. We are still double diapered like we love and deserve, and we are wearing a nice baby diaper lover shirt, and then nicer clothes that still hide what we like. When we got to the hospital, we went to the children”s ward, and asked the nurse at the desk where we are to go, and she smiled warmly to us, saying she heard that someone was going to adopt the poor young man, and is happy to hear that. She told us that his lawyer is in with him, and that she had been instructed to have us wait until he is ready for us. She took us to where we are to wait, and only five minutes later, Michael came out.

“Good to see you guys again. Come in, I”d like you to meet someone. He”s a little scared, but I promised him that he”s gonna be alright from now on.”

“Good to see you too Michael, lead the way.”

He took us to a single patient room, and on the bed is one of the prettiest boys I have ever actually met in person. Both my baby boys are incredibly handsome, gorgeous even, but they look all boy, whereas this boy is definitely a boy, but with some of the finest features I have ever seen. He reminds me of the elves that they always portray, actually, he is very slim, he has long golden blonde hair, well shaped eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and even though he is covered up, he has his bare arms out, and I can easily see that he is already pretty muscular. Michael had not told us anything about him, not even age, but I am guessing twelve to thirteen.

“Jaks, Coby, and Jamie, meet Shea, it”s spelled S H E A, but as you heard, it”s pronounced Shay, he”s just about thirteen years old, and he had a very bad day the other day. He”s super nervous to meet you, but I promised him that you”d all understand and that he doesn”t haveta feel ashamed about who and what he is around you. I”m gonna leave you for a bit, I have some stuff to take care of.”

“Thanks Michael.” We said, and then as soon as he was gone, I introduced us all.

“It”s really good to meet you Shea, as you”ve undoubtedly been informed already, we”re gonna take you in, and likely adopt you as well. Now, Michael told you that we”d understand, but he never told you why. We”re all gay baby boy diaper lovers. Coby and I are baby boyfriends, though please never say anything of that outside of us. As we speak, all three of us are in a nice thick and thirsty tape on baby diaper, with a nice thirsty diaper doubler inside them. We”re also wearing proper baby diaper shirts with cute baby pictures and sayings on them. We liketa drink from baby bottles as well. Now, knowing all that, please tell us who you are?” I said softly.

“You really do understand.” He said, bursting into tears. He cried for only a minute, before looking to us with tears in his eyes, and spilling his secrets for the very first time in his life, at least out loud, and to someone else, I assume. “I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover.”

“Thanks Baby. That”s the first time you”ve ever actually said it out loud, isn”t it?”

“Yeah. I”ve felt it for years and years, but I admitted it when I was about ten, but only to myself of course. I”ve always been a bed wetter, and honestly, I never want it to stop anyway. My dad tried me on the pills and the alarms, but they never worked, and finally the doctor did a buncha tests and found that there”s actually something wrong. He warned me, that as bad as it is, that eventually it could get worse, at which time surgery may be necessary. Like bloody hell I”d do that, though. The desire to wear diapers all day, every day has been so strong lately, though, that I was actually using my allowance to order in proper tape on baby diapers, and I”ve been wearing them as often as I can for a little more than a year. My dad gets me Goodnites, but that”s not what I wanted. I would”ve asked, but he already complained wildly about having to buy them as it is. I offered to just buy them myself, all he hadta do was give me the money, but he said no. Not even sure why. He hated buying them anyway.

“As for being gay, same, kinda known deep down for years, but I”ve never experienced anything, even though all the kids at school have teased me for being gay since I was like nine, cause I look like a girl they say. I”m not gay “cause I look like a girl, I”m gay “cause I wanna have sex with boys.” He grinned shyly to us.

“Congratulations for admitting all that. As soon as you”re released from the hospital, we”ll take you home, and at least once I”ll diaper you like a good baby boy deserves to be diapered by his loving daddy. I know that”s what you want almost most of all, isn”t it?”

“Oh yeah, so much.”

“As for the other thing you want from me, sorry, I won”t give it to you.”

“Oh, saw that?”

“Yeah, and honestly, if I were in your position, I”d feel the same way too, and not one of us here thinks badly of you for thinking it, and under different circumstances, we”d already be in bed. Get your head on straight, or gay in our case, get healed, before you start looking for that sorta thing, I promise, you need it, and you maybe even know and understand it all. Both my baby boys çorum escort have similar scars in their past, which they”ll tell you next, and it”s taken them both lotsa time to heal from it, and so shall you, but for all that, you”ll be far stronger with our help, I promise.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

Coby was urged to tell his tale first, and when he did, Shea was shocked. Jamie was next, and Shea said he understands that. Just as Jamie was finishing up, an orderly arrived with a tray of lunch.

“Since it”s lunch time, we”re gonna go and let you eat, and get some lunch ourselves. Then I imagine that you”re probably gonna needta take a bit of a nap. We”re also likely gonna haveta stop and talk to the lawyer before we leave, but we”re also gonna take at least an extra hour or so, so that we can go get you a few things that you”re gonna need. Actually, any clue as to what sizes you are?”

“No, and I didn”t arrive with any clothes, at all, I was still naked when the ambulance attendants loaded me up, before I passed out, so I can”t really tell you.”

“That”s okay, Michael may already have that information for you, since he”s been to your house I”m sure. Now, eat up, and have a quick nap, you need it.”

“Okay, thanks.”

We left, and sure enough, Michael was sitting there, waiting, and stood up as we exited, putting his computer down, so he must have been doing some work.

“So, how is he?” Michael asked.

“I think he”s gonna be just fine. He”ll take a bit to truly heal, just like Coby and Jamie, but like I told him, he”ll end up far stronger for all the hurt that he suffered.”

“Good. Now, I”ll tell you some things now, while Shea”s eating, but as soon as he”s done, I”ll tell him the same things. My next stop is to see his ex father to have him sign everything. One of the items is of course half his assets, which I”m certain he won”t wanna sign, but, like I”ll tell him, it”s either that or we go to court, where we”ll ask for everything he has. Of course he”s still gonna try and keep every penny he has, in which case, I”ll tell him that I know of three judges who were beaten by abusive parents and thrown out for being defective, and as such, I”ll request one of them to hear his case, which means he”ll lose everything, and still go to jail. Of course, I can”t strictly do that, but he doesn”t needta know that, and while I can ask, it isn”t always granted. I”m also gonna have Shea sign off on the papers requesting that you formally adopt him, same as the others, it”s not strictly legally binding, but I always feel the child should have a say in the matter, and get to sign it as well. Same as last times, once I have everything else taken care of, I”ll come get your signatures.

“Now, knowing how Shea arrived, and that he was gonna need clothing, and since I already hadta go to his house yesterday again, I gathered all the information for clothing that you might need to get him set up. Once the police release the residence, which could be as early as today, I can arrange to get all his stuff, he has good clothes, but not necessarily the ones he”ll need to hide what he likes when others don”t needta see it, in which case there”s likely no point. I looked at his computer and the diapers he had, and neither are truly worth wasting the time grabbing either. I feel like there was something else I was gonna tell you, but it”s slipped my mind now, so, when I think of it, I”ll text you. It”s not important, otherwise I”m certain I”d remember it. I”m sure you have places you needta go, so, here”s all Shea”s sizes.” He said, handing over a piece of paper.

“Thanks, that pretty much covers what we were gonna talk to you about as well.”

“Good, I liketa try and foresee every possible issue and resolve it first, so that it makes everyone”s lives that much easier.” He smiled brightly.

“Same. Well, we”re gonna head for lunch and then go get Shea some things that he”s gonna need. We told him we”d be a couple hours, so that as soon as he”s finished lunch and talking to you, he can have a bit of a nap, because he”s gonna need it.”

“I”m sure he will. Well, have a good lunch, I might see you later this afternoon still, we”ll see how everything plays out.”

We said our goodbyes, and then me and the Babies headed for lunch to a nice local sit down restaurant. We want to take our time, and I have always wanted to try this place, apparently they are spectacular, but I never had a reason to come before, since I kind of really do not like people. The smells were to die for, but when we did finally receive our meals, the flavour put the scents to shame, it was even better than it smelled. Well fuck, now I am totally going to have to come back again, and for some reason the boys agreed, but then, they totally giggled when I told them to put their plates down, that it is considered rude to lick your plates clean, at least in polite company. How the boys managed to stuff dessert down their throats, I have no idea, but they did, but I was too stuffed from the amazing meal to attempt it myself, though I did take a tiny taste of Coby”s, and yeah, it was also amazing.

After paying the rather large, but so very worth it, bill, we headed out to our next stop. Shea needs at least the basics for clothing, so, we are going to see Tony.

“Good afternoon Tony.” I said, but both baby boys said much the same thing, at much the same time.

“Good afternoon Gentlemen, how are you today. I didn”t expect to see you in so soon, you can”t possibly have worn through or outgrown any of the clothes you bought before.”

“No, we haven”t, probably won”t for months and months, really. No, I went and adopted another throwaway baby boy, and so, we need a couple things to get him home from the hospital in. His dad tried to kill him, so he”s gonna be spending a few days there before we can bring him home.”

“Fucking assholes, just because we”re different.” Tony spat.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.” All three of us say together.

“So, how old is he, and any clue his sizes?”

“He”s almost thirteen, and yes, our lawyer was able to give us his sizes. Of course these are from the clothes he had, but they didn”t account for thicker underwear, and we really only want a couple basic sets for now, he”ll getta come in later and get the full appraisal done and get fully and properly set up at that time. Oh, and he”s a very pretty boy, and while he”s not exactly girlish, I think he”ll look spectacular in more softer and feminine colours, but still more than enough to show that he”s a boy.” I said, handing him the paper with Shea”s sizes.

“Can”t wait to meet him then.” Tony said, damn near groaning.

“Just go with one plain colour diaper shirt for now, those he should get to pick out on his own.” I said to his retreating back, because that is where he is heading first. He just gave us the thumbs up.

As soon as Tony made it from the back with a pale purple diaper shirt, he went and grabbed a pair of light blue lounge pants and a matching tee shirt, and then a pair of pale purple sweat pants and a long sleeve light weight pullover shirt in the same colour. He grabbed a pack of socks in the right size, and then took it all to the counter.

“Here you go. This should get the gorgeous young man home and have a change of clothes as well, and as soon as he”s up to it, bring him here, and I”ll give him the full treatment.”

“Thanks Tony.” I said, and then a moment later, he gave me the total and I paid it happily.

We said our goodbyes, and then headed to our next stop. The medical store. The little baby boys” diapers will be too small for Shea, and mine still just a little big, though honestly, within the next two years, he and I will be wearing the same size, just not yet. I am just grabbing him one pack of the thickest diapers they carry in his size for now, again, I will let him come and pick what else he wants later, as well I will order him the premium selection when we get home. The boys did grab another two cases of doublers, as well as a few more jars of diaper rash cream and bottles of lotion, plus another case of wipes. Yes, we actually prefer the nice baby scented stuff, but we get a better deal on this, and it really is better for us. The wipes, though, even though are more expensive than the baby ones, are of course considerably larger, and so therefore better.

Our next stop was just the large department store every city has at least one of, and we grabbed Shea some stuff to keep him occupied until he gets to come home. We grabbed a portable DVD player with attached screen, a dozen movies that we do not already have, a few puzzle books and some pens, a phone that matches ours, so that he can browse the internet and play games on it, not to mention call us for anything he needs, and a few other things that we found that he would likely enjoy and/or need as we toured the store. Not only were we looking for things, but we are trying to kill a little more time, to allow Shea the chance to have a good rest. Finally we paid for everything, and we have now been gone roughly two and a half hours, which means Shea hopefully slept for at least two.

When we make it to Shea”s room, we find that he is still sound asleep, so, I go about waking him up.

“Morning there Baby.” I whispered when Shea”s eyes opened.

“Oh, it wasn”t just a great dream, was it?”

“I hope that it was, Baby, only one that you get to enjoy while awake.” I smile warmly to him, and he bursts into tears. I bend down and hug him as best I can in that position, and once he stops, I stand up, wipe the tears from his face, and smile warmly to my newest son.

“Thanks.” He whispers to me.

“You”re so very welcome. Now, by now, especially with the diapers the hospital gives, I”m certain you must need a soggy baby bum change.”

“No, unfortunately not, they have a tube in my dick instead, the nurse told me they simply don”t have the time to be changing patients diapers, especially not when they don”t needta.” He said sadly.

“I”ll talk to the nurse and arrange it. I have diapers here for you, so we can use them. I”ll try and come at least twice a day “til you”re released to change you, but do you think you”d be able to change yourself at least once a day?”

“Not too sure. Too much movement in my stomach still really hurts.”

“I”m sure it does, and I”m sure tomorrow, in pain or not, they”re likely gonna have you up and walking around. You”re probably gonna haveta just get usedta the pain and learn to deal with it “til it goes away. Your doctor will be able to tell you more about that.”

“What will I be able to tell him?” I heard from behind me.

“Hi Doctor Freeman.” Shea said.

“I was just telling him…” I said, and then told him what I said.

“Actually, since I hear he had a good nap, and his colour”s good, plus there”s been nothing to note so far, we actually wanna get him up and walking around real soon here. The rest, though, you”re absolutely correct. Your last IV changeover while you were sleeping, Shea, we cut your pain medications in half, yes, it”ll hurt more, but we needta get you weaned off of them as soon as possible, because I”m sure you”re aware how bad they can be for you as well. As long as you don”t make any sudden movements, or stretch in any silly ways, you really can”t hurt yourself all that much. You were very lucky, your ex father missed nearly everything vital, and only just nicked some of your intestines, so, they”re all stitched up, as is your stomach, and really, other than pulling out a stitch, there”s not really much you can do to hurt yourself. Just remember, if it hurts to do something, don”t, but that doesn”t mean you can just sit around either. I want you up and moving, mild pain, and even a dull ache every now and then is to be expected, but the movement will help as well.”

“Great.” Shea griped.

“You”ll live.” The doctor and I said together. I got the same speech when I broke a couple ribs when I was not all that much older than Shea is now. I found out how much a bent spring steel bumper can move when the tension of the bolts are released, it smacked me in the chest so hard it threw me at least two meters, and I skidded across the floor. I was actually lucky nothing else other than the floor got in my way.

“Now, Doctor, Shea needs diapers, yet he tells me he”s been catheterized instead, which he doesn”t care for. I understand the nurses don”t have the time to change patients” diapers, and I know how much you”d bill me for them, so I have some here for him. I”m willing to come and change him if necessary, and at least once a day, but probably twice, I will anyway, but he”s likely to need one during the day. How do you feel he”d do changing himself like he”s used to?”

“Today and tomorrow, that”s simply outta the question, so you”ll needta come and change him probably three times tomorrow. The day after, we”ll haveta wait and see how he recuperates. It wasn”t a critical wound, and he”s not gonna have any lasting effects from it, but I also don”t want him moving like that “til he”s healed up at least a little more.”

“Okay, I kinda figured that”d be your response. I bought him a cell phone, so he can call me when he needs a diaper change.”

“Perfect. At this time, he”s gonna be released the day after tomorrow, but of course that all hinges on how well he fares both today and tomorrow. Like I said, it wasn”t a critical wound, but it was certainly far worse than he should”ve experienced. I”ll be sending an orderly up to get Shea up and moving, at which time you may as well go home, because I”m also gonna have him up for a sponge bath, and then a couple scans to ensure everything”s still good inside. We”re gonna be a few hours, at least, and then he”s likely gonna wanna rest some.”

“Okay. Will I have time to get him diapered before that?”

“Absolutely. Go ahead and remove his catheter line, but be sure and have the diaper underneath him, he”ll leak out for a few minutes if he has anything in him “til his sphincter muscle closes back up again. Just untape it from his leg, and slowly pull it out. It doesn”t usually hurt, but it”s not always the most pleasant feeling if you”re not used to it. I”ll just grab the syringe to release the pressure holding it in, but then you can take care of the rest.”

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“Any chance you could accidentally leave something inside that keeps it open permanently.” Shea blushed.

“Ah, I get it. Sadly, no. Don”t worry, no one needsta know.” He grinned to Shea.

The doctor left and was back a moment later, and we watched as he sucked out the water from the balloon inside, telling us that that is what holds the catheter line inside, and then, once that was done, he left us, telling Shea that he will see him later, but that he has to go do the rest of his rounds.

I took care of getting Shea all diapered up, and as I am doing so, both boys are beside me watching. Shea has already started puberty, and his penis and testicles have already started to grow. He has at best maybe ten short and very fine hairs above his young pride and joy, and he is stone hard from me changing him. He is a good size for a baby boy his age and size, and both boys beside me groaned from the vision. Finally I have Shea all taped up and put his gown back onto him properly.

“There you go Baby, is that better?”

“Oh yeah, thanks. Um, can you tell me, am I normal down there?” He blushed and whispered.

“No, not normal. Spectacular instead is how I think you are.” I smile warmly to him.

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah.” Me and both boys say together.

“Thanks.” He blushed.

“I can”t remember how big I was at your age, but I think you”re coming along just fine, so, don”t worry Baby.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

“Now, we got you a few things to help kill the time, as well as some clothes. We didn”t grab any shoes yet, but we grabbed you slippers. I”ll help you put on your lounge pants right now, so that your sexy little baby diapered bum doesn”t show when your gown doesn”t cover it.” I said, then did so, and then we showed Shea everything, and he is super happy with it all. I quickly programmed all our numbers into his phone, and taught him how to use it, and just as I was finishing up, an orderly came.

“Well Handsome, I guess it”s time to go. I”ll come and see you before you go to sleep tonight, so, go with this gentlemen and go get yourself all better, you hear.”

“Okay, thanks.”

The boys and I headed for home, and had a good evening in. We made and ate dinner when it was time to do so, and I made sure to check my emails as well. All the trucks have now been picked up and are on their way, and I was given the ETA for when to have a tow truck here, so I emailed the guy I have used a few times, booking that day, saying that I will let him know if anything changes, as well that I will let him know when to come for. The guy doing the truck beds for me also emailed, saying that he is complete, that email only came in half an hour ago, so that is perfect, and I emailed him back, saying I would like to arrange to get them tomorrow morning some time. After all the rest of the emails I have are taken care of, I hit the diaper love website we all like, and ordered up Shea the premium selection, and even going so far as to order him a case of the thickest diapers in the pink and purple, I think he will look adorable in them. Of course I ordered me and the other baby boys more diapers as well, since, hey, why not, and this way we all get to enjoy our mega thick baby diapers even more. We like to triple and quadruple diaper each other, just using our regular diapers, while these diapers actually hold as much each, they are more expensive too, but certainly worth it.

Only minutes before I was about to head to the hospital to get Shea changed for bed, he called, telling me that he is getting pretty tired, and that he needs a soggy baby bum change. I told him that I was just about to head out, so it is perfect timing. Both boys decided to come with me, I am sure seeing the seriously hot older boy getting his super soggy baby bum change has nothing to do with it. When we arrived, Shea smiled brightly to us.

“So, how”d it go, getting up and walking around?” I asked.

“Wow, tiring and a little painful.”

“I”m sure it was, but necessary as well. Now, let”s get baby changed and get you to bed, shall we?”


I made quick, but gentle work of getting Shea all changed like he deserves, and boy was he a soggy baby boy, good, and I told him so, saying that there is little point in changing a diaper before it is good and full, and he agreed, saying he likes to feel good and full. As soon as I have him diapered up, I tuck in my newest baby, kiss his forehead, and tell him to have a good sleep, and then turn off the lights as we exit.

When we got home, all three of us need to go for super soggy baby bum changes as well, and tonight we do so together, and then, before too long, we are in bed, me cuddling my baby how he deserves. We had a really good sleep, and woke at our normal time.

We had breakfast, and I told the boys to only do half their schoolwork today, so that we can get to the hospital at a reasonable time to give Shea his soggy baby bum change, and so, that is what we do. When we arrive, Shea smiled brightly to us.

“Oh good, I need a soggy baby bum change, but I needta get outta this soggy diaper and go sit on the toilet first.”

“I hope you haven”t been holding it long, that”s not good for you? You could”ve just taken your diaper off, went to the bathroom, and then sat around waiting for us to get here, and pretend to be the big baby boy we all know you”re not “til we did.”

“No, I usually go about this time every morning, so I haven”t been waiting long, and honestly, since the catheter came out, I haven”t even been trying to hold my pee, and I”ve hardly even felt it since.”

“Interesting. Did the doctor say that the knife wound was near your bladder?”


“I wonder if a nerve got nicked, not that you”d ever ask them to go in and fix it anyway.”

“Well, if I hadta get stabbed, that”d be the very best thing ever.” Shea grinned brightly.

“I bet. Now, let”s get Baby on the toilet so that you don”t poopy your baby diaper.”

“No thanks, that”s kinda ick, though I have before, I just really don”t like cleaning that up.”

“Same.” All three of the rest of us say together.

I got Shea out of his soggy diaper, and then helped him to stand up, he says that is the worst, but that once up, it is not nearly as bad. Shea ended up calling me back into the bathroom, though, he could not sit down without help, until I pointed out that that is exactly what the grab bars by the toilet are for, he looked to them, giggled, and admitted he had never known what they were for before now, and then grabbed hold, and sat down. I excused myself. I was called back in a few minutes later, and even with a good exhaust fan, it was none too pleasant smelling.

“Sorry, I think it”s the medications, I”ve never smelled anything so bad before myself, but, I kinda can”t seemta wipe, I”d call a nurse, but, honestly, I”d rather you help me if you don”t mind.” Shea said, blushing quite a bit.

“I know well what all those medications do to the stomach, and yes, it”s revolting, and yes, I”ll help you out.” I laughed at the look on his face.

I ended up finding it way easier to have Shea stand up, face the toilet, grab the bars, spread his legs some, and lean forward a bit. I got the majority of the mess with toilet paper, and then grabbed a warm wash cloth to take care of the rest.

“Thanks Jaks, that was amongst the most embarrassing things I think I”ve ever hadta do, but I”m glad you”re here for me.”

“Meh, I change your soggy baby diapers, how much worse could it be. I know I”m not really your daddy, even though I am adopting you, and you more than likely really don”t want or need a daddy either I”m sure, but you”re still my baby boy from now on, and as such, I”ll happily help you out whenever you need anything.”

“Well, I”ve always had a father, never a daddy, and while I think you”re right, that I don”t really want or need a few father, maybe a loving daddy every so often would be amazing.” He smiled brightly and hugged me as tightly as he could.

“Okay Baby, let”s go get you into a nice thick thirsty tape on baby diaper, so that you don”t peepee everywhere like a baby boy.”

“Thanks Daddy.” He grinned shyly.

When we made it, I helped Shea to lay down, and then proceeded to diaper him up real good and proper, even giving him a really good application of lotion and diaper rash cream. I then helped him to get dressed again, because I am pretty sure that an orderly will by by some time soon to get him up and about again, and likely back for more scans. We were just sitting around talking, and were just about ready to head out to get some stuff done, when the doctor stopped in.

“Good morning Shea, others, how are you this morning?” He asked.

“Good.” We all said, though we know he only really wants to know how Shea is feeling.

“I understand you had a really good, uninterrupted sleep, and that there”s been no issues so far?”

“Yeah, I slept really well, actually.”

“Good. Your reports, so far, are looking promising, and depending on how your scans and all that fun stuff goes this morning, I might try and get you out of here this afternoon. How would you like that?”

“I”d love it, actually.”

“I bet, spending any real amount of time in a hospital is never a fun thing, but necessary sometimes I”m afraid.”

“I know.”

“Anything to report, are you feeling any more pain, any light headedness, headaches, or anything out of the ordinary?”

“No doctor.” Shea said.

“Um, there is one thing.” I said.

“I”d rather not tell him that.” Shea said.

“You needta, just in case it”s bad. It”s your choice to get it fixed or not, but if there”s something wrong that they do needta fix to keep you alive, we needta find out now.” I said firmly.

“You”re probably right.” He sighed. “Since taking out the catheter, I haven”t actually had the need to pee.”

“Hmm, that”s odd. The cut was near to your bladder, but as far as I know, it wasn”t that close. I suppose a nerve could”ve gotten damaged. I take it from your not wanting to tell me, that if that”s all it is, that you”re gonna refuse to have it repaired?”


“Thought so. You haveta go in for another full scan this morning, and when I get the results, I”ll look it over carefully, and if that”s all it is, I”ll accidentally miss it, and not even enter it in your file.” He smiled to Shea.


“You”re very welcome. Now, an orderly will be up shortly to take you for everything, and then I”ll be in some time later to check up on you and see how everything”s going.”


“And we needta get going as well.” I said.

“Oh, okay. I”ll call if I need another change.”

“Do so.” I said, and then we walked out with the doctor.

As we were pulling away, Coby brought up something I admit I never thought about.

“So, Jaks, how many people does this truck seat.” He said, looking pointedly at all three seats now currently occupied by passengers.

“Um, three.”

“And how about the other truck?”


“Yeah, and now we”re a family of four.”

“Shit, never thought of that. I”m guessing because you”ve already realized this, that you have some ideas?”

“There”s two, really, but only one I wanna do.”

“Okay, what are they?”

“The first, fastest, and easiest, is of course to take the other truck in and trade it in on a new crew cab truck that”ll haul everything it needsta. The second one, though way harder and slower, but the one I hope you choose, is to take one of the trucks we”re getting soon, and do a full mod on it. We keep as much true to the original as we possibly can, but make it into a crew cab, add in the full suspension, trailer hauling, biggest engine we can, and even do some of the newer features, like air conditioning if possible, and make it into a full show truck. I think they call it a restomod. It”d definitely be an upgrade, but, some people like that sorta thing, and if that”s what they want, then we can test it all out on ours first, and work out the bugs, and then do so for others as well. It”ll be even more expensive, but, hey, who cares about that.”

“Well, I admit, I”ve wanted to do that sorta thing before, so, fuck, why not.” I laughed.

“Yippee.” Coby giggled.

“But you baby boys getta help.”

“Yippee.” They both said together.

“Thought so. So, what do we do with this truck then?”

“Either sell it or keep it. Since this is exactly what Tony wants, he”d happily buy it off of you. With all the trucks that are coming soon having been wrecked, the chances are of us being able to keep them looking old and beaten up are almost nothing, so he”d haveta wait “til we went and found another one anyway. There”s really no point in us having two trucks, really, even for going on road trips to get other trucks. If we have one truck that does everything, then even better yet I say.”

“I”m kinda partial to it, I”ve had it for well over half my life, it was my first restoration, and my first ever vehicle that I did absolutely by myself. I asked questions, but I never let my dad actually help. But, you”re right, it”s kinda pointless to have more than one truck, even now, the other truck almost never gets used, once a year for a few weeks on average, and that”s it. I keep it insured, just in case I need it, but that”s a bit better than a grand a year that that wastes really. So, let”s swing by Tony”s first and see what he thinks.”


When we got there and explained to Tony what we are needing to do, and what we want, he nearly fainted, and could not say yes fast enough. Like I said, it will not be until we finish our new truck that he gets to have this one, which he begrudgingly agreed to, but was as giddy as a little gay baby boy could be.

Instead of heading right home, though, we next headed to the woodworkers house, to check out the completed trucks, and as per usual, he has done an amazing job, and I told ankara escort him so. He gave me the grand total, and because I knew we were coming, I grabbed cash, and so paid him. He drove one of the trucks to our place, then I drove him back home, and repeated it again to get the second truck home, and then one final time for the last. Now that they are home, and pretty near everything is complete, we just have to go over everything to ensure that everything is perfect. They are running smooth and even, they do not smell as if they are running rich or hot, everything is opening and/or closing correctly, and now I think all they need is a wash and a wax to make them perfect, so, the boys and I take care of that, but getting our truck at the same time, since we may as well.

“Well Boys, we done good, and with all your help, even with teaching, we still managed to get them done at least a good solid three weeks early.”

“Thanks.” They both beamed brightly from that.

“Now all we haveta do is get them inspected and passed, which I”ve never had one fail, then call Zach and Michael and have them come and pick them up, and put the last one on the website for sale.”

“Why do they haveta be inspected?” Jamie asked curiously.

“Because they”ve been rebuilt, as well none of them have proper paperwork, so, they have to be fully inspected prior to the insurance company agreeing to insure them.” I”ll take them to the inspector tomorrow on the trailer, and he”ll need them for about a day.”

“Oh, okay then.”

Just then my phone rang, and when I checked, I grinned to the boys, saying it is Shea, who probably needs a soggy baby bum change.

I answered with, “Hi Baby, need a soggy baby bum change?”

“Yes please, and the doctor was just here and wantsta see you.”

“Okay, be there in a few minutes Baby.”


We changed ourselves first, since we need to anyway, and then headed out. When we arrived, Shea smiled brightly to us, and I went and got started changing him first after saying hi and all that.

“So, how are you now Baby?” I asked as soon as I am done getting him dressed properly once again.

“Pretty good. I had all the scans done, just finished lunch, and then the doctor came by to see how I”m feeling. He says he”ll come back once you”re here and go over everything with all of us.”

“Okay. Let me go inform the nurse then.” I said, and then did so.

We only had to wait about fifteen minutes for the doctor to make it back.

“Hi guys.” He said.

“Hello.” We pretty much all say together.

“So, as I”m sure Shea told you, I wanted to talk to you and him together, saves having to repeat things, because I”m sure Shea won”t be able to remember everything I say perfectly. All his scans are coming back reasonably clear, the only thing that I absolutely did not find, is that yes, it appears as if one of your nerves was in fact damaged, which is why you do still somewhat feel it, but not fully. Since that”s of no concern, and of course I never saw it, that”s all we needta say about that. We also drew some blood and checked everything from that end as well, and you seem to be perfectly clean and clear there, and yes, I had them check for all known diseases at the same time, just so you know. You”re not running a fever, and since we cut your pain medications down to almost nothing this morning, and you”re not complaining of more pain than you can handle, I”d say you”re pretty much free to go, a day earlier than planned, but that”s great.”

“Crap.” I said.

“What, you don”t want me to come home?” Shea gasped.

“Of course I do, the only problem is, we only have three seat trucks, and as you can plainly see, all three of us came, not even thinking that you”d be sprung already. I didn”t figure that it”d happen “til tonight at the earliest.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, I guess I”ll have to run the other two home first, and then I”ll come back and pick you up.”

“Or, as it just so happens, I”m off in not even twenty minutes, I”d be happy to drive one of the boys, unless you live an hour away or something silly like that.” The doctor said.

“Not an hour, but nearly fifteen minutes.” I said, telling him where we live.

“Oh, then you”re on my way home practically anyway, I only live about five minutes from there, and drive right past your road to get there. That”s lucky.” He laughed.

“No kidding.”

“Let me go finish my rounds, I still have two more patients that I”d liketa look in on before I call it a day. You may as well get Shea all packed up, changed and dressed up, and ready to go while you wait.”

“Will do.”

As soon as the doctor left us, we did exactly that, but of course I had already changed Shea”s soggy baby bum, so he only needed to be dressed properly. I removed Shea”s hospital gown, and put on the shirt that matches the pants that he is wearing, and unless you know what to look for, you can hardly tell that he is diapered, so that is good. We got the rest of his things all packed up, and we were ready to go and waiting for when the doctor was free to go, which happened ten minutes later. I had to sign Shea out, and then we headed out.

I told Shea to go with the doctor, because we have a truck that might be tough for him to climb into anyway, and then we headed out. When we got home, Shea got out of the doctors car, and because he had not seen our truck before, he was staring in awe now.

“Wow, you have an awesome truck.”

“Thanks Baby. I rebuild and restore vintage trucks, and there”s three that were finished today that are almost ready to sell, and then I have fourteen more coming within the next couple days that we get to play with.”

“Cooooool.” He said.

“I like your truck as well. May I see the three that you”ve just finished?” The doctor said.

“Sure, come on in.”

I led the way, and both stopped in awe when they saw them.

“Wow, now those look amazing.” The doctor said. “How much do they sell for?”

“Typically fifty to sixty thousand is what they go for, but they always go up for bidding. These two, unfortunately, are already spoken for, but the other one isn”t.”

“Wow. I”d buy one of them right now.”

“I could tell, you were damn near reaching for your wallet.” I laughed.

“Yeah. What would you sell it to me right now, I love it, I even like the colour?”

“Go right in the middle of what they usually go for, so, fifty five?”

“Awesome, I”ll get it all arranged, when can it be ready for pickup.”

“Probably tomorrow or the next day.”

“Consider it already paid for then.” He grinned brightly.

“That”s great, now I don”t haveta put it on the website for sale and bother with all that.” I grinned.

“Perfect. I”ll definitely be talking to you later. Here”s my card, call and leave a message any time. I”ll let you get on with your day, and I needta get home and get some sleep, I worked sixteen hours, and I”m beat.”

“Then go and have a good sleep, we”ll talk later.”

Once he was gone, we took Shea on the quick tour, even showing him the large addition that he can clearly see being done, and the workers are still here, though they look to be packing up for the day. We locked up the shop, and then headed into the house, and showed him around there as well. Of course we stripped down to just our nice thick baby diapers almost as soon as we are inside, and Shea really likes what he is seeing.

“So, what do you liketa do Baby?” I asked once we are all sitting in the living room.

“Not a clue, really. I”ve really enjoyed the woodworking course at school, and the mechanics and metal working too, I do pretty good in math and English, but for some reason I suck at social studies, I can”t remember a date to save my life, and that”s all they want us to do. Who cares what date it happened, all that matters is what happened, but that”s not what they care about.”

“Oh, what grade are you in?”

“Eight. Because of when my birthday is, I”m almost a year ahead of most of the other kids. I turn thirteen just before the start of the next school year, my birthday”s august first.”

“Oh, I thought you”d be in seven, but I guess that makes sense. So, would you liketa learn how to restore old trucks with us then?”

“Oh yeah, but I also wanna build things too.”

“What kindsa things?”

“No clue, everything. I love watching Youtube and I watch so many different makers it”s not even funny. One of the things I”d loveta build, though, is one of those tiny home style travel trailers. That way I do everything I liketa do, woodworking, metal working, mechanical, and it”d be super awesome to go camping in something that looks like a cool little house. I love the outdoors as well, not sure I mentioned that, and I”ve always wanted to go camping, but my ex father never even entertained the thought. I even asked to go into scouts or something, so that I could go camping with them, and he refused, saying how embarrassing it”d be for other kids to find out about my night issue. Still not sure if he was more embarrassed than he thought I should be, but I wouldn”t have cared at all.”

“I haven”t been camping since I was in my teens, that was all my parents ever did for vacation, and I admit, I”ve kinda missed it.” I said.

“I”d loveta try it, at least once. If I built something, and I didn”t like it, we could easily sell it.”

“Too true, and as it just so happens, I actually have a trailer frame here, it”s roughly ten meters long, all the electrical is good, it has brand new trailer brakes, and it was freshly painted when I bought it. I already put really good jacks in each corner to stabilize it for loading and offloading, otherwise it”s just a bare frame.”

“Why do you have it?”

“I was gonna make a car hauler outta it, but as it turned out, making the ramp was a lot more time consuming than I thought it was gonna be, and only a month later, the exact trailer I wanted came up for sale, so I bought it instead, and just never got rid of that one. Hell even the bones of the ramp I started to make are here too, and there”s so much scrap metal around here it”s not even funny. Things like wood and all the rest, we”d just haveta go and buy.”

“Really, you”d let me try it?”

“Why not. What”s the worst that could happen.”

“It falls apart the first time we take it out.” Shea pointed out.

“Well, yeah, but honestly, I”d probably feel far safer in something that you build than some of the utter shit that”s coming outta those trailer factories these days. I was emailing with my dad the other day, and their trailer nearly burned to nothing because of the way the manufacturer ran the wiring, and he”s hadta do so many repairs to it for other manufacturing defects and omissions that he would”ve been far better to have just built himself one from scratch anyway. Not to mention the bloody cost of them, they”re insanely expensive, and they last at best five years before everything starts wearing out. They paid almost eighty thousand for it a few years ago, and they”re more now from what I hear, and they”re just pieces of shit that aren”t actually built to last.” (By the way, this is my parent”s trailer, and while we were camping it did catch fire, thankfully I got the fire extinguisher with plenty of time to spare, but then, my dad is super anal of always having at least two handy at all times. The wires had been run too tightly, and then pinched by another component that was added afterwards, then with all the rubbing as the trailer moves, it actually bared the wires, and kept blowing fuses and breakers, and as we were trying to fix it, it arced and caught the wood next to it on fire. So, yeah, always keep a fire extinguisher nearby when working on electrical, it happened so fast, that had it not been within easy reach, it would have burnt to the ground in minutes. Sorry for the PSA.)

“Oh. But I won”t know how to do everything though?”

“So, learn. I may not know about all that stuff, but I bet I know more than enough to get the bones of it all perfect. All the metal fabrication and welding I can easily teach you, I guarantee none of the wiring will be any more difficult than anything I usually do. I”m pretty sure we”ll be just fine, and even though we”re gonna be busy building our new truck, plus at least one other at the same time, I”m sure we can all help you out with anything you need help with as well. You”ll even be able to do it inside and out of the elements, so that it”s way easier on you, because we”re gonna have way more than enough space to do it. When it comes time for you to do all the interior woodworking and cabinet making, I”ll see if the guy I use for that would be willing to teach you, and we can even take the trailer there and you can just work there for the couple weeks you”d need if you wanted or needed to.”

“Oh, okay, I think I”d really liketa try it then. Thanks.”

“Then, even though you”re certainly not gonna be ready to really start tomorrow, we”ll still pull the trailer out and get it into the shop, so that you can start doing your planning.”

“Okay, thanks.”

For the rest of the evening, we just sat at the table, playing games, talking, laughing, and getting to know each other really well. Shea is surprisingly witty and funny, with a bright personality. He says that his dad was never truly mean to him, never hit him or said bad things to him while growing up, but that he had also never felt the tiniest bit of love from him either. He says it had always felt like his dad thought of him simply as a freeloader, someone that he had to deal with, and nothing more. The only time we stopped, was when we made and ate dinner.

When it was time for bed, we did a group soggy baby bum change on mine and Coby”s bed, and this time Shea got to enjoy seeing us getting changed as well, and since he was third, he was incredibly hard, something that he had not yet let us see, and he looks utterly delicious. I think he and Jamie are going to enjoy their time together once they get together, though I hope it takes a bit first.

I tucked both baby boys into their beds, giving them kisses to their foreheads and wishing them both a good sleep, and then headed to my bed to cuddle up to my baby. We kissed and stroked to three amazing gay baby boygasms, sharing my loads in captivating cum kisses, and we lasted easily an hour doing so. Finally we cuddled up and went to sleep.

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