Subject: GAY ENCOUNTERS- “GO TY” Ch 2 GO TYBy Mike hoo DEAR NIFTY READER; Thanks for your time reading my story. If you are inclined, I’d love your comments and feedback. Also, if you have the opportunity, please consider Nifty when you plan a donation. They will appreciate the support. Donation details are on the Home Page. II. One of the on-duty agents woke Kirk and found him sprawled across his bed, naked, sound asleep, and covered in dried cum …… From Kirk’s stupor, acknowledged the agent’s presence, then rolled from bed to begin his morning routine. The lack of sleep took its toll on his face and torso as he stared vacuously at himself in the bathroom mirror and began the rush of questions that were suspended by the deep sleep, no matter how brief. He came downstairs, greeted the agents again, went to prepare coffee only to find that one of the agents had taken on that duty and the Bunn carafe was partly drained. He smiled to himself wondering which agent had drawn the short straw to wake him and had possibly reported the state he was in after that wake up task? The day was brisk already, the wind stirring twigs and debris across the small back yard as he finished off his first cup of the day, while staring out the kitchen window. Single agent refills followed as he asked them about breakfast and got solid declines, admitting they were off duty in a half hour. Kirk moved to the front room just in time to see a black Suburban arrive, discharge 4 new agents and the driver all enter Kirk’s home and begin their respective debriefing. While one of the overnight agents had been a more mature fellow, these new agents were all late 20s-early 30s; very fit and alert with that agency starkness focused by their mirrored, black sunglasses, closely cropped haircuts and no trace of facial hair, each sporting ramrod upright torsos, broad shoulders and tight butts. Kirk wondered how long this spate of eye candy would continue. His thoughts turned briefly to Ben Palmer’s voicemail from overnight and the prospect of meeting the handsome black guy sooner vs later. That lighter thought was slammed closed as he recalled the other message about New Orleans and Ty’s death. Was that event and his own attempted murder, related? Could it be otherwise? Kirk called McIntyre (now referred to as simply Mac) and reported the call about Ty and New Orleans. The caller was using a throw-a-way phone so a dead end, the telcom data center staffer advised. Kirk stood next to Mac as they learned the results of the call trace from the signal record. Mac wore no jacket and the workouts of his upper torso strained the starched white shirt at his pecs and biceps, as Kirk took in the superior officer and traced the outline of Mac’s back and lower back down to his snugly dressed glutes. Kirk wanted that ass, but other priorities called. Mac advised that Agent Scott would remain focused on Kirk’s shooter and links, and that the shooter was identified as a mid-level gun for hire on the wanted list, but no regular patron. He added that Kirk kocaeli escort needed to get to New Orleans and Mac would inform the station chief of Kirk’s pending arrival and enlist the station’s cooperation and resources. Within an hour, Kirk had returned home, assembled his travel bag and gear and was headed back to The Hub for the waiting helo out to Andrews and the flight to New Orleans. Kirk headed to the waiting Cirrus Vision Jet, a small single engine jet ideally suited for ops to points like New Orleans. The joint team member with Kirk was Agent Pete Owens, one of the new agents from the day duty at Kirk’s home. He’d been dispatched for the travel duty, even before Kirk had left The Hub to begin his travel prep and seeing Agent Pete, Kirk grinned, declared “welcome aboard” and the pair climbed in the efficient cabin and within 20 minutes of arrival, they were wheels-up and airborne. Kirk began his recap to Agent Pete of the known intel from the night’s event and the event that led to Ty’s death three years before. He then went on to relay the nature of the action that Kirk and Ty had been working on, that coincidentally happened to be covered by Ty’s sister’s anniversary celebration. Ty was to work the field in N O and Kirk would coordinate intel and logistics in The Hub. Kirk continued to outline the case file that a contractor was smuggling drugs, firearms, etc through the Port of New Orleans, then up river for distribution. Kirk was following the cash and Ty was to verify actual transportation to wrap up the investigation, then bust the operation. Ty was on the verge of closing the visual end of the operation at the port when he was discovered and before he could back away, the perps had nabbed him and made his death appear as a robbery/murder and transferred his body to the alley where he was found. Kirk had remained at home after the call reporting Ty’s murder, stunned and disconnected. That same sense of emptiness seemed to grip him now, 30,000 feet in the air flying to New Orleans to reopen the case file and the wound of Ty’s killing. Pete paused, seeing Kirk lost in thought and waited, before gripping the older agent’s arm and wrestling him back to the present. The 3+ hour flight was busy with contacts, reviews of the years old case file and game plan to explore the operation. The previous operation had simply evaporated after Ty’s killing. Kirk needed closure now more than ever. The image of Ty lying on his side in that alley, alone, lifeless, stirred Kirk to an all hands on deck mode to close the case and reconcile Ty’s death. Kirk glanced at agent Pete’s bulging crotch. Station Chief Mark Lipman greeted the flight at NAS-JRB New Orleans, announced that he and his team were on stand-by based on Agent McIntyre’s directive and that all resources were available. He then drove the guests to the two-story grey office building for briefing and strategy work and to meet the assembled station team assigned to the operation. Kirk noticed the team all had the hardened military torsos he liked in bed; kocaeli escort bayan top looking but total bottoms in the sack. Lipman introduced Kirk and Pete to Agent Greg Maguire who would be the point man liaison for the operation and be their go-to guy for any interagency needs as well. It was after sunset before the operation background, known intel and known perps were completely covered as well as the planned intervention and coordination of the current effort. Lipman had seen to their lodging at the Ile d’Orleans and at the Joint Base secured quarters. While the 4th floor adjoining hotel rooms were elegant, a good cover and great location; the lodging at JRB was austere but functional and provided safety, security and direct network access. As the team broke and Kirk and Pete settled into their base quarters for some grub and long-overdue rest, Kirk’s heart pounded and he reached deeply inside to reaffirm that this time, Ty, we will get the bastards that took you from me; I promise you. He wanted to call Ty’s sister but hesitated for a later time. Kirk dialed Ben Palmer’s number, announced that he’d received the VM and would be in touch but was out of town at present. Before he could hang up, Lipman was at the door, announced that Pete and he needed to check in to the Ile d’Orleans and have breakfast there, the next morning and that a “rental car” was secured for the 10 mile drive into The Quarter and the hotel. Kirk had learned that Pete spoke 5 languages fluently and his cover was a facilitator with their firm while Kirk served as financial lead for the firm that was looking to establish trade relations with port services and contractors. The Maroon Arcadia SUV loaded with the pair’s luggage was valet-parked, emptied and the men and materials set up in their adjoining rooms overlooking Bourbon Street below. The wake-up call in time for breakfast was set and the two men spent the rest of the day making phone inquiries to port contractors to set up business meetings accordingly. The on-site work would take a few days to form, but that gave ample time to further scrutinize Ty’s notes to reset the operation back three years and hopefully refine the investigation and flush out the perps. Kirk and Pete enjoyed a traditional New Orleans lavish breakfast the next morning, and having no “business meetings” decided to be tourists and be “seen” by anyone of question. They ventured to the usual tourist haunts, took the Riverboat Queen up and down the river, then out to the Battle of New Orleans site, before returning for a late lunch at The Coffee Pot off Jackson Square. They remained in touch with Mac and Lipman and the team at irregular intervals; calling the varied phone numbers that were set-up in advance as status check-in resources. Kirk took this opportunity to check out Pete’s 32 year old torso even more closely and he was impressed. Pete wore loose khaki pants and running shoes as well as a loose golf shirt, the flat holster hugged the small of his back concealed by the long tail of the golf shirt. izmit escort His khaki slacks revealed a firm butt and handsome crotch bulge that teased Kirk to near erection. Pete’s pecs were squared off and those eraser nips angled down from years of workout sessions. Kirk noticed the thick fingers and light brown furry knuckles that matched the crop of hair poking above the shirt collar and furry arms. Kirk imagined Pete’s ass…..Pete moved stealthily and at 6’2″ and perhaps 200s, that was a feat. Kirk used the time once back at the hotel before a meeting at NAS/JRB-NO that evening to phone Ty’s sister and relay that he was in town on business and asked if they could meet over the weekend for a meal? Beth, Ty’s sister, went on to advise that husband Carl was working in Panama and not due back for another week, so this weekend was an ideal time to visit and catch up, perhaps Saturday afternoon. Their arrangements made, Kirk would drive to Beth’s home in the Garden District, familiar from days at his grandparents’; get in a good visit and enjoy a nice New Orleans home-cooked meal, then return to the hotel for an early night. It would be easy yet emotional. Kirk announced his Saturday plan to Pete and Lipman then made arrangements for the short drive with Pete out to NAS/JRB-NO and review of additional intel that had been collecting all day on financials for the old firm from Ty’s investigation and the ensuing purchase and acquisitions that had followed over the past three years. Kirk was in his element, following the money and players involved. He sat back after the intense two hour session, rubbed his eyes, stretched his torso and scanned the room full of very healthy agents and ops guys; each of whom he’d like to bed that night. His dick throbbed and balls ached, already pushing 36 hours since his last J/O session at home. Lipman had an expanded buffet available for the team during their working session. It was after midnight before Kirk and Pete made their way back to the d’Orleans, confirmed their wake up calls with the desk, and went to their rooms after a demanding day. Kirk sat with a short brandy, then stood at the window watching the late night tourists parade up and down Bourbon Street and reflected back on the days three years ago and wondered what Ty had been doing; before stripping and hitting the hot shower to end his day. The hot steam and power shower beat into his muscles and Kirk lathered his still taut musculature, knowing he still delivered the power fucks of his youth. He wondered if Pete was jacking off in the shower, had already gotten off or was dick-fisting in bed? Steam curled from the shower as Kirk stepped out and began drying off; the warm mist filling the room. His low hangers ached for relief and his dick remained hard though hung to the left in anticipation of the continued jack session begun in the shower, leading to relief and a deep sleep. For all the revelry outside, the room was quiet and after making a late night call to Ben Palmer and beginning a discussion they’d continue when he returned home, Kirk hung up and finished off the cum session, the call with Ben had aroused. The long shots of cum blasted from Kirk’s dick and coated his freshly showered chest and abs as sleep soon consumed him.

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