Subject: Game Show Champ. (4) This is a fictional story about this hot gut I recently saw on a Game show. Its one of those shows where if you win you come back again I til you lose. What got to me about thus particular dude was he looked like a guy I had worked with in the past ‘Paul’ (other stories about Paul available here). So of course I had the hotts for this dude. So this tale of only fiction for my hotter than Hell game show stud I wish I could get on. So no assumption that he is gay. But do enjoy.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Game Show Champ. (4) … I had just taken Adams cock into my mouth. Bent over and swallowed down half his half hard dick. He was certainly a nice size. Even when I had him fully erect minutes later he was still a nice near 7 inches of lovely cock. And my hungry mouth appreciated his lovely dick. How it fit so wonderfully into my mouth. How I easily was able to suck on him without totally gagging. I felt Adam’s cock was perfect. A perfect size on a perfect man. So I feasted on him like he was a last meal. Slurping on that now hard dick with a tuzla escort lust I hadn’t had since the great and perfect Paul. “Awe man.. That mouth buddy” he said “Your mouth feels soo good on my dick” “Yeah baby. Suck it” I stroked in him as I pulled off his dick. Gazing at the fruit of my labors. His granite hard cock. It was a nice solid looking dick too. Veins covered the slightly curved dick Adam had. I stroked it in hand a few times as I looked at it. It truly was a nice dick. “Nicest cock I have a seen in ages” I said Then I went back down on his cock. Moving up and down his hard shaft. Adam was moaning considerably now. Loving the sensations on his dick from my expert loving mouth. “Yes man. Oh fuck that is good” He hummed “You are the best cock sucker man” “Down. Awe fuck yes down” I continued to slobber on him hungrily. Swooping down his big dick over and over. Stroking his hard dick between swallows. Adam moaning even more as I started to move my fingers down to his balls and scrotum. Then moving along his ass crack and I decided to give the hot guy even more pleasure. I pressed my digits to his crack and slid tuzla escort bayan between it. Then moving towards his hole. And a nice fuzzy hole that it was too. “What are you?. I’m. Awe fuck baby” he moaned “What are you doing back there?” And the I pushed a digit up into his ass. Finding the guys hole and thrusting into it. “Ughn” he grunted as I pierced it. “Awe shit. Awee. Fuckk!” I then began to fuck his ass lightly with that finger. Sliding in and out of it as my mouth continued to suck on Adam’s straining dick. And he just moaned all the more as I did both of these things to him. Adam was loving it as I did too. I could feel his ass grabbing hold of my finger. His hips as he thrust his cock into my face. “Yeah baby. Awe fuck yess!” He crowed “Suck me. Awe fuck, suck me good” And I continued to slurp down on him like this as he moaned and groaned at my work. Then he grabbed my head and pulled me from his dick. My mouth stayed opened as my want for his cock held me in lust. I looked at him as he pulled at my face. “I am gonna fuck you” he said “You want that don’t you” “Yes.” I huffed back at him “Get up here escort tuzla and fuck me stud.” “Gimme this big dick” I stroked his cock just before I pulled away and laid down on the bed. I lay there on my back and then told him to ‘come and get it’. Lifting my legs up for giving him access to my ass. Adam looked at my ass. He smiled at me and then then moves in between my legs as I wanted him to. He placed one arm to my aide on the bed. The other grabbed for his dick as he held it. His handsome face and hot body just above me as he rubbed it against me. “You want me to fuck you baby?” He asked “You want my hard dick inside of you?”. I looked up at his face as he spoke at me. His eyes full if desire for the sex that we are going to have. I reached for his hit chest and caressed at it. Feeling the fur under my fingers. “Yes Adam” I said back “I need you to fuck me” “My handsome stud man” “Slam every inch of that dick into my ass” He lowered his face to mine. Pulling his lips to mine again. Then he kissed me. It was sort and almost tender. Then he pulled from my lips. A dewy string of our spit linking us together. Then he smiled slyly at me. A grin as wide as can be. “Sure baby” he then said And then he thrust his granite hard dick into me… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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