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Subject: Every Man Needs a Boy 25 EVERY MAN NEEDS A BOY Book 3 Boys and Men By Encolpius Edited by Skyborn Feedback is always appreciated! Write to ail DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! FOUR There were all kinds of COVID restrictions and nobody knew how long ‘in person’ classes would last. Everybody was supposed to wear masks indoors but, to be honest, that was hit or miss. I don’t think any of us thought we were going to get sick and if we did, it would just be the flu. It was stupid but at eighteen, you can be stupid and get away with it. Sometimes at least. They made a point of saying that fraternity recruitment would be different this year, scaled back at the least. Since this was my first time being a freshman in college, I had no way of knowing the difference. Tyler had been a Phi Delt at Vanderbilt so I was kind of a legacy. From what I could tell, they were pretty good guys. They were one of the bigger chapters on campus. I figured if I pledged anywhere, it would probably be with them but I might not pledge at all. The Southern Conference canceled football that fall. The big conferences played but the FCS level didn’t. It sucked, but there was a thriving intramural season. Our hall organized a team and there were quite a few legitimate athletes on it. There was me and Travis, a couple of other soccer guys and the kicker of the football team. He was a Phi Delt and a really cool guy, named Jagger. He helped us get a couple of the regular football team linebackers to play with us. I figured we had a pretty good team. We had this Sigma Nu guy on our team, too. He was really making a play for Travis to join his fraternity and he was working me, too, at least a little. I wasn’t super interested because I thought he was a bit of a jerk but Travis seemed to like him so it was cool. The three of us were walking down to the field from the University Center to play a game against another hall. “Good thing it’s not tackle,” the Sigma Nu guy said. “They have a fag on the team. Some lacrosse player. A real queer.” “Dude!” Travis said. “Just saying.” The guy shrugged indifferently. “Who cares?” Travis shot back. “You can get his digits if you want, faggot,” the guy semi-joked. I shrugged it off. Like I said, the guy was kind of a jerk. When we got to the field, I did a double take. I saw who the Sigma Nu guy was talking about. “Jace man!” I called out. He turned and looked. He was tall, taller than me, over 6 foot, with red hair that looked like fire and a scruffy red beard. He was broad shouldered and lean and probably pretty cut and defined with really thick thighs. It took him a second to recognize me, but then he broke into a huge grin. “Sam the Man!” he exclaimed, smiling and walking towards me. We hugged. I hadn’t seen him since I moved mid-way through our freshman year in high school. We had texted back and forth and talked for a while afterwards but then both of us kinda moved on with our lives. Now we were in the same school again. “They must have been desperately in need of baseball players to take you. Or do you still play?” he joked. “Yeah. They figured I’d be the SoCon freshman player of the year, dude.” I said. “Too bad Coop’s not here. We could be the Three Musketeers again.” Jace shrugged. “Yeah, except I don’t play baseball anymore. I play lacrosse now. Middie.” “Oh shit. This asshole was saying there was a lacrosse playing fag on your team. Did he mean you?” I intended it as a joke but I could see from his reaction that I had pushed too far too fast. “Dude, seriously, it was a joke. And I don’t think any less of you for playing lacrosse.” “You know what they say: lacrosse is like baseball except it’s not boring” he chuckled. “The fag part I’ll take from you. Usually I don’t. I don’t take shit about being gay. I am what I am.” “That’s cool. You shouldn’t,” I said. “How’s Coach?” “He’s good,” I nodded. “I just got back from seeing him over the weekend. I miss being around him a lot.” “Yeah,” he said. “Come on, we got a game to play. We’re gonna smoke your ass!” Jace was a natural athlete. Smooth, fluid, diyarbakır escort purposeful, quick and light on his feet. He lined up to cover me. I was 5’11” and about 165 lbs. He had me by two inches and 20 lbs. It was flag football so the weight difference was less important than the height. He was as fast as me and he had stamina to burn. You run more in lacrosse than in baseball. Where I had the advantage was in the initial move. I was able to juke past him a couple of times and get free. But he picked it up quick. The first time was a stutter step at the line and a head fake. But he only bit on that once. I got him on a stop and go route but, again, just the one time. I ended up catching five passes and scoring a touch down but he had me pretty well covered most of the game. I covered him and he did a bit better because he was taller but he didn’t score. “Fuck,” he said. “You’re one slippery dude.” “I thought you were like glue.” “You want to get together later and hang out?” “Yeah, that would be totally cool.” I went back to my dorm and showered up thinking about Jace. The weird thing is I had to tug at my dick a couple of times. He had turned into a serious ginger stud. I guess we were all scrawny little guys back then, having just caught our growth spurt. But Jace was the worst. He had been a midget for a long time and then he shot up over one summer into this tall skinny red haired kid. And he had definitely filled out. We met at the coffee shop on Coleman Ave and sat outside. I was in a pair of cargo shorts and a T shirt. He was in a tight black T and black pants. I had to admit he looked good. “So, you seeing anybody?” I asked. “You asking me out?” he grinned. “No,” I protested, “just curious.” He shrugged. “No, not really. I had a boyfriend at Northside. We were both gonna go to Chapel Hill. They were recruiting him, but I was gonna go and walk on. Then mom got sick and it made more sense to stay around home.” “What happened? Is she okay?” “Breast cancer,” he shrugged. I guessed it was more than he was saying. “She’s doing good but, you know.” “Man, that sucks. I hope she gets better. I really liked your mom. She was totally cool.” “Everybody likes their friend’s parents, you know? I mean, I love her and it does suck but…” he paused. “It was tough for a while. When I came out. They wanted to fix me. She did. The strange thing is my dad just accepted it. She did, too, eventually. But she knew even before I told her. It was weird.” “So, they know you’re gay?” “Oh yeah, totally,” Jace said. “Like I said, I am what I am. I’m not hiding from anybody.” “You ever hear from Cooper?” He laughed. “No. We texted a bit after he moved but then he texted back about how he wasn’t gay and was fucking this girl and didn’t want to be reminded of any fag shit he might have done. It was stupid. Of course, I guess there’s no good way to end a thing, is there? Anyway, I guess he regretted it, but I didn’t. I thought it was totally great and cool and I loved every single time we did it. I wouldn’t change a thing.” “Yeah, that’s right,” I said. “It sucks. But he was a good guy overall.” “Yeah,” Jace said, sounding kind of wistful. “Can I ask you a question?” “About me and Tyler?” I asked. “Sure.” “You were really young, right?” “Yeah, I was. But I wanted it to happen. And like you said, I don’t regret it and I wouldn’t change a thing.” He nodded. “Okay, cool. And, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you identify?” I had to shrug about that. “I don’t know. Bi, I guess. No, I don’t guess. I’m bisexual. I’m attracted to males and females both but not equally. I like sex with women but I prefer a relationship with a guy.” “One specific guy?” “Well, yeah,” I grinned. “But guys generally.” “Okay. Cool. And, man, fucking college? How did this shit happen?” I laughed. “Yeah, they beat that whole ‘when you are in college’ thing into us. And here we are.” It was great. Jace and me were able to pick up where we left off three and a half years ago, like nothing had happened. He was a really cool guy to hang düzce escort out with and we ended up going to this 18+ dance club downtown. We had on wristbands marking us as under 21 but they weren’t that strict and I got a pretty good buzz. Jace was trying to chat up this older guy and I was making moves on this black haired Goth chick but we both struck out and ended up going back to campus to crank out a load ourselves. College isn’t all fucking and sucking and partying. By the time I was able to get back to Atlanta, I was so ready to see Tyler I couldn’t stand it. I was waiting for him at the apartment when he got home. It was a happy surprise and he was glad to see me. As soon as he came in, he was all over me. We kissed, hard and passionately, two separated lovers reunited. I made dinner. It was just a salad and spaghetti with Bolognese sauce but it was good. I sat at the table with a glass of Cabernet, sitting cross legged on the chair in just my underwear. “You look sexy,” he said. I smiled. “You know what you could do, right?” And he did, too. We didn’t make it to the bedroom. He stripped off my underwear in the living room and got between my legs as I sat on the couch. I guess he was as horny and eager as I was. He worked my dick and I leaned back and let him. He licked it roughly, starting at my taint then up past my balls and up the hard shaft all in one motion until he took the tip into his mouth. He sucked hard and tongued the head, his tongue swirling around then flicking at the place right below the piss slit. I moaned, more than once. It was perfect. He took me down, all the way to the root, slowly sliding off, licking and then stroking with his hand. I whimpered. It was amazing. I reached down and tugged at my balls while he bobbed up and down, but he moved my hand away. He was the only one who was going to pleasure me. His finger rubbed my taint and I groaned again. “Tyler,” I said in a breathless whisper, “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.” But he didn’t stop. He continued to pleasured me. He worshipped my dick and I enjoyed it. It felt so good I couldn’t stop him. I wanted to pleasure him, too, but I didn’t want him to stop. “Uhh,” I groaned. He kept on. I was breathing hard and my balls were tight against my body. I was close. So close. “Oh God!” I whimpered. With a grunt, I unloaded. I shot my thick hot load down his throat and he drank it all. As the wave of orgasm passed over me, he sat up and stroked himself, maybe twenty or thirty seconds before he came, too. He unloaded, firing his cannon and coating the leather couch with his cream. I laughed. “Damn!” “Yee Haw” he said, smiling mischievously. We did eventually make it to bed and he did fuck me, slowly, sensually and I loved every second of it. “You remember Jace, right?” I asked Tyler. “Yeah, of course.” “He’s at the Dub. He plays lacrosse now. We played flag football against each other this week.” “You renewed the friendship?” “Yeah,” I said. “It was cool. And he’s pretty hot, too. I mean, he’s totally filled out.” “Oh, really? Do I have reason to be jealous?” Tyler asked. I knew he was joking. “Remember, he tried to kiss me, not you.” “Yeah, I remember. But then he hooked up with Coop.” “Really?” he questioned. I was amazed that he hadn’t figured that one out on his own. “I just figured you guys were all super close. I never got a gay vibe from Cooper.” “I don’t know. I don’t think he was. I think he was just experimenting. It was easy to get hard at that age.” He smiled. I had stepped in it and I knew it. “You having trouble down there, old man?” he joked. “Only with you. With all the other guys not so much,” I chuckled. The thing is, I didn’t think about Jace in those terms. I didn’t think about him sexually at all. He was my friend from back in the day. That’s all. I was having a lot less sex now that I was in college. It was the price I paid for being separated from my lover. I lived all week just waiting for his touch come the weekend. Travis, my roommate, was beginning to have an active social life that already had required the edirne escort tie on the door a couple of times. Just finding the privacy to jack off was tough. The nice thing was when I got back to Tyler’s bed, all the pressure was off. I could just be me, sexual me. I was at home on my 18th birthday. Finally, legally an adult! Tyler pulled out all the stops for my birthday dinner – well, Door Dash did – and he welcomed me into manhood. Of course, he introduced me to manhood way back when I was nine. He put me on the bed, naked, and was all over me. He was just as hungry as I was. He was being deprived, too. He was eager to devour me, to eat me up. Kissing, touching, feeling my athletic frame, right down to my private parts. Those he handled roughly, like a starving man with prime rib. He groped me as we kissed, both of us letting the passion flow through our mouths and tongues. Then he went down on me. “Suck it Tyler,” I said. “I’m hot for you.” He worked my dick, the shaft and the head with his lips and tongue. His hands squeezed my full soft balls and rubbed my taint. He took me down all the way and worked my dick the way he knew I wanted it done. His own pole was stiff and rigid, in need of my mouth. It throbbed and twitched as he sucked me. I wanted it in my ass but we were going to maximize the pleasure for both of us. “Oh yeah, that’s so good,” I said. “I’ve been needing that.” I was ready to cream right then but he stopped. Then he fed me his cock. I loved his cock. Rigid and veiny and throbbing hard. It was perfect. I took it in my mouth, all the way down. I sucked him and licked him while I rubbed my own hard dick. I sucked and I wondered weirdly and wildly whether he had dipped it into any pussy. It was so strange but the thought made me so hard. I was leaking precum. He face fucked me and I gripped on to his hard, firm ass and held him close, taking his tool down deep. I loved pleasuring him with my mouth. “I want to fuck you,” he said. “Sit on my dick.” I didn’t hesitate. We had done it this way so many times. I got on top of him and took it deep into my ass. I rode him, facing him as he alternated massaging my thighs or reaching in to jack me. I let the fullness take me. I wanted that sensation. My brain associated it with pure pleasure. I was hard as a rock with his stiff dick shoved into my ass. I stroked myself and rocked back and forth. He caressed my lean hard torso. “You’re sexy as hell, better all the time,” Tyler cooed. I smiled and leaned my hands back and rocked on, my hard dick flopping up and down, back and forth. Tyler took the hint and jacked my dick. “Yeah! Make me cum,” I half whispered. I rode him, back and forth, my muscles flexing and I could see the pleasure on his face. I rode him like a cowboy. He was my stallion. He was stroking me and I was being pretty verbal, letting him know I was enjoying it. Then I thought about that time. That time that Jace has seen us. He had gotten our spare key and let himself in one morning while we were doing this. I wondered what he was thinking when he looked through that bedroom door. I guessed he was scared. Probably conflicted. I wondered how close he came to telling his parents. We dodged a bullet there. But he was gay. The next day he tried to kiss Tyler. I wondered if he went home and jacked off. He was kinda short and scrawny back then, a late bloomer, but he was horny enough to want to kiss. And he hooked up with Coop not long after. I’m pretty sure that he went home and cranked one out. He nutted, I know, probably standing in his room, the door locked, his shorts around his ankles, flogging his stiff hard teen rod and having his hand underneath to collect his jizz. I wondered if he lapped it up and ate it? I mean, who hasn’t tasted their own cum? Oh shit! Why did that turn me on? Fuck. “I love fucking your ass,” Tyler said. I banged my fists on his chest. “Fuck me!” ‘Tyler is enough.’ That’s what I told myself. ‘Tyler is enough.’ We loved each other. He rammed it in me hard and I rode him hard. We were hot, hard and sweaty. The pleasure was peaking. I was close and so was he. We were feral animals, lost in the lust of a week apart, with a need that couldn’t be controlled. He drove himself into me and unloaded. And with that, I came too. But I wasn’t thinking about Tyler when I came. I was thinking about Jace.

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