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Subject: Dylan – Chapter 24 THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!! Last chapter I posed the question, are you still enjoying my story or is it time to wrap it up. I had 53 emails and every single one said “keep it going.” Also, I got some great ideas!! So, happily, the adventures of Dylan and company will continue. Also, I have written the first chapter of a new series that follows the career of Randy’s agent/manager Markus Rich. This one will be centred in Hollwood and not a Disney park. It will be available to read soon. Chapter 25 of Dylan is about half done and I expect it to be available shortly. THANK YOU TO MY EDITORS!! I did not ask permission to to name them, so I will just use initials – AD and EW. I truly value your help on this, without editors I can’t imagine that anybody would be able to follow my ADD writing style. This story is 100% fiction and none of the characters are real or even composites of anyone alive or dead. If you are under 18, you know that you should not be reading this. Absolutely nothing in this story should be considered as anything other than pure entertainment. I have no actual basis of knowledge or experience for any of the adult-youth sexual interactions except from reading other stories here and recalling the fun I had a young lad with my pals. I do not condone, or encourage, any of the actions of my characters in this story. In fact, please use these stories as your way to vicariously live your desires without doing something that I think you would live to regret. If you are like me and enjoy the Nifty Archive, then donate to the folks that make all of this happen to keep the archive alive and free for all. Any amount will be appreciated. Donate now by following this link http://donate.org/donate.html I continue to really enjoy your feedback, suggestions and encouragement. There is no way to know if anyone is reading and enjoying my story. Your comments and feedback will only inspire me to write more and make the stories better. Write me at [email protected], please reach out! If you want to see what I envision my characters to look like, learn more about the settings, wardrobe and more, you can check out my G-rated Clearnet blog at ess/ And finally, if you are a visual artist and willing to work with me to create a version of this story with drawn/digitally created illustrations I would love to collarorate with you! Send me an email or reach our through 3D Boys if you are a member. Dylan – Walt Disney World 2015 – Chapter 24 I felt a surge of panic as I processed what I was seeing and felt my sympathetic nervous system kick my fight or flight response into gear, and fight was the order of the day. “If you harm that boy, I promise I will kill you Alexi,” I said, a statement that I had never imagined would come out of my mouth. “You need to let him go now. Anything between us has nothing to do with this boy,” I hissed. “Mister brave lawyer with big threats. I came to talk to you and this cute little boy opened the door totally naked. No adults … nothing. Anything could have happened to him and I am sure the authorities would be interested in why you are keeping naked boys in your room by themselves,” Alexi snarled. Aaron was squirming and crying and shaking his head, trying to tell me something. And what is Alexi talking about alone? I know Rob and Ryan were going swimming, but where is Tommy? He was supposed to be here until I got back. This makes no sense at all. “What do we have to talk about?” I shouted as my heart raced and my fists balled up ready to lash out. Alex noticed my reaction, grabbed Aaron away from his toady and yanked his arm up, clearing causing the boy distress. “I suggest you calm down, because if this boy gets hurt is it only going to be because of your reaction,” Alexi said. “Let’s all have a seat and we can discuss a proposition that I have to make to you that could address both our … what shall we call it … mutual interests.” I had no real interest in discussing anything with Alexi, but I had to deescalate in hopes that Rob or Tommy would show up soon and help me put an end to this. “Fine, please be gentle with Aaron, he is scared and crying. Let me go to his room and get him some shorts or something to wear, this is dehumanizing,” I asked. Alexi grunted a few words in Russian to the toady, then looked at me and said, “Go with Grigori and get your boy toy something to put on. Alexi guided Aaron into the living room as Grigori followed me into the room that Aaron and Ryan shared. I looked around for clothes and realized that the only thing I can find is a too small pair of tighty whitey briefs that came with the boy from the motel. I grabbed them, headed to the living room and went to Aaron to help him get them on. “Are you sure you want to cover up his cute little cock. Maybe you want to give it a little suck before you tuck it in. Must be hard for you to do this, huh, Walt?” I was trying to ignore Alexi and pulled up the white Fruit of the Looms. I had to pull them around his bubble bum a bit as they were a couple sizes too small. As I pulled, Aaron winced and pointed down with his chin. I pulled out the waist band and realized I had trapped his scrotum between his legs, and it must have hurt. I reached in and pulled up his little sack and penis to form a cute little package that protruded from the front, allowing his maturing konyaaltı sınırsız escort boyhood some room instead of the default for little guys of just settling wherever in their briefs. “You done jacking off your little pet?” Alexi said sarcastically. I reached in, gave the boy a hug, patted his back, and then sat back a bit and glared at Alexi. “So, what is your proposal,” I said. “It is so simple, it is beautiful. You are aware how much Dylan’s grandparents left him, right?” Alexi asked. “Yes, but be can’t access until he is an adult,” I reminded him. “This is true, but it can be used to taken care of him in the event of the death of his mother,” Alexi said. “Here is what I propose. You give me one million dollars, I withdraw my adoption applications and support yours. You get your little boyfriend all to your perverted self and Grigori and I go back to Russia and you never have to see me again. I know you have the money and you can simply recover it from the boy’s trust fund over time. It won’t really cost you anything,” Alexi proposed like he had just offered me the deal of the century. “And if I don’t agree,” I asked. “Oh Walt, why do we have to go there. It’s a win-win for both of us!”, Alexi responded. “But I do. The lawyer in me wants to do a full risk analysis. You clearly believe you have something to bargain with besides abandoning your hopeless adoption petition,” I asked. “How about a visit from the police for all the Russian kiddie porn that you have accessed and downloaded on your laptop? And of course, there is also this,” and he showed me a picture of me with my hand on Dylan’s penis on the Friendship boat a couple days ago on a small camera he had in his pocket. It was pretty clear and there as no doubt what the picture showed. “There is no kiddie porn on my computer, I don’t know what you are …” and stopped in mid sentence as I glanced at the laptop set up on the dining room table, I saw it was on and on the screen was a very graphic photo of young blonde boy with an enormous adult penis jammed in his mouth. “I’m guessing you guys have filled my hard drive with tons of that stuff from the internet,” I said, already knowing the answer. I do not own or look at child pornography as I know so much of it involves abuse. In fact, I don’t like photographic or video porn at all. I do take a couple pics here at there for my own consumption, but I do not share, put it on the net and I have military grade encryption securing the few I do have. The porn on the computer was not tracible to me through my ISP. I am sure as it was downloaded to my computer over a public WIFI connection. I quickly realized I was screwed. The photo alone is massively problematic, but the child porn is FBI level trouble. I was rapidly coming to the realization that I was going to have to make a deal. “Just curious, how did you get that photo?” I asked. “You see Grigori here was trailing you the whole time you have been hanging around with Dylan,” Alexi said. “Why would I make a deal with you? Even if I agree, you could just make more copies of the picture and report the porn on my computer,” I asked. “Walt, I am not an unfair man. I am a man of my word. The kiddie porn came from a USB drive and is timed to upload to the internet. We can delete it before that happens and it never happened. And I will give you this camera that is full of nice photos of you and Dylan and your other faggot friends. You could destroy it or keep it and wank off to them. This one is pretty sexy huh,” he said as he showed another pic from the same Friendship Boat series. At that moment, I looked over at Aaron and noticed he was having trouble breathing. I reached for him, grabbed at the duct tape and Grigori stopped me. “He’s turning blue, you have to take the tape off or he’s going to die if he can’t breathe,” I shouted. Grigori looked at Alexi, then he nodded his and Grigori pulled the tape off. Aaron was gasping for air. I reached over and held him as he gradually normalized his breathing. Nobody made an effort to stop me. Gradually Aaron’s color returned, and he calmed. Suddenly his body stiffened, and he seemed to suddenly recall something. He screamed, “Walt, they killed Tommy! He’s all taped up and in a closet in Ryan’s room!” Alexi grabbed Aaron by the throat and yelled at me to sit back down. Aaron was terrified and he was peeing in his briefs in terror as he whimpered. “Fuck, he pissed on my suit,” Alexi growled and threw Aaron’s body across the room. I saw stars and had had enough. I balled my fist and punched him as hard as I could in his groin from a sitting position, allowing me to punch up to make the most efficient use of force on his balls. Alexi doubled over and fell to the floor. Grigori lunged at me and I was able to use the ball of my fist as I rose to jam up and into his nose, making a sickening crack and a rain of blood poured out and he went to the ground as well. As I tried to tend to Aaron, Alexi grabbed my ankle to try and get me to the ground. I yanked loose and stomped on his crotch as hard as I could which caused him to again howl in pain as he was doubled over and whimpering. Just then, the door opened and two Disney security officers followed by two Sherriff’s Deputies followed with side arms drawn. One officer was Charlie Nash, one of the konyaaltı türbanlı escort officers who had come to arrest Rob yesterday and was friends with Tommy, the other cop an older officer. I yelled at them that Tommy was tied up in that room and maybe hurt. I dashed over to where Aaron lay unconscious – the Disney Security handcuffed the two Russians who were both conscious but totally out of it and the Deputies raced into the room to find Tommy. I gently tried to wake Aaron and he did not respond. I checked his breathing and pulse, and both seemed normal. I checked his body for outward signs of injury and saw nothing. I looked up and saw Tommy walk out of the room under his own power and the two deputies took charge of the Russians. The Disney Security and Tommy came to where I was with Aaron. Tears were streaming down my face in fear that Aaron was badly injured and for what he had been through. One of the Disney cops radioed for emergency medical assistance and I heard the deputies reading the Russians their Miranda rights. “These fuckers are going to need an ambulance too,” the unknown officer said. The Disney cop relayed the message. Just then Ricky, came flying into the room. “Dad! What happened here?” Ricky yelled. The unknown cop was Deputy Daddy! “What are you doing here Richard?” the Deputy asked. “These are my friends I told you about. You are helping with the funeral for… I think that guy’s wife,” he said pointing at Alexi. The EMT’s arrived with a stretcher piled high with gear. “The boy first,” one of the Disney cops ordered. They went to Aaron and started to check his vitals, examine him and try to wake him, like I did. “What is his name?” The EMT asked. “Aaron,” I responded. “He’s 11.” “Aaron sweetheart, can you hear me?” the lady EMT asked. Aaron started to move slightly. “Don’t move honey, we are going to look after you. Can you stay stiff for me and my friend here?” the EMT asked. “OK,” Aaron mumbled. I started bawling. He was alive and ok. Tommy came and hugged me. As we were in the embrace, I whispered to him, “My computer is on the table over there and there is a tiny camera on the coffee table. Can you find a way to get and hide them, or better yet destroy them? Don’t ask questions, just do it please, it is really urgent.” We released each other and I went to Aaron while Tommy went over to his friend Charlie who was performing basic first aid on Grigori while they awaited the EMT. I watched as he sat on the chair and blocked the view of the coffee table from the officers. He leaned into Charlie and asked if he was going to be ok and as he did, he palmed the tiny camera, slipped into his pocket and then pulled out his phone just for extra cover for why he was rooting around his pocket. I watched him and my eyes darted around the room to see if anyone else noticed and he was in the clear. “Your buddy sure did a number on the clown’s nose. It is shattered!” Charlie exclaimed like he was impressed. “Once we get these guys shipped off to the hospital, we are going to need statements from both you and your lawyer friend,” Charlie said. Alexi was still out of it and not in a position to talk or make any sense. Grigori was in pain and responding to commands, but his inability to speak English made it impossible for the officers to get any information from him. They would have to wait until they were finished at the hospital until he could be interviewed. Tommy stood up and wandered over to where the medics were working on Aaron and watched what was happening. Aaron was awake now, but inconsolable. His sobs were heartbreaking and the EMT’s were poking and prodding to make sure any injury was superficial. They finally moved him to the gurney and pulled it up so it was easier to administer aid. “Hey sweetie, I need to pull off your underwear now, ok. They are all wet anyway. I need to check your privates out, too,” Aaron nodded in the affirmative. The EMT turned to me and said, “Sir, do you have any lose fitting shorts or maybe pajamas we can put on him?” I went into the bedroom again and found a package of underwear that Ali had bought that were still in their packaging. Ugh, more tighty whities. I went back to where Aaron was now calmer and easily answering questions for the EMT’s. “Aaron, I need to finish checking your body and I am going to be checking between your legs, including your testicles and penis,” the female EMT said. “They didn’t hurt me there,” Aaron said. “I know sweetie, but we have to fully examine your body due to how you were thrown. You look like you have no injuries except some bruises, but we won’t know until we finish the exam.” “OK, I was just curious. I’m not a shy boy, so go ahead.” Aaron said. We all laughed. I handed the lady the briefs and took the wet ones to put in the washing machine right away. I glanced over at the table and the computer was gone, as was Tommy, and I breathed a big sigh of relief. Moments later, Tommy reappeared through the front door and came over to where we were all gathered around Aaron. The EMT probed Aaron’s pelvis with a gloved hand and told him to say if anything hurt. He remained silent. She spread his legs and when she pushed up on his taint, I saw his eyes flutter and his little penis start to lengthen. “Still no pain, Aaron?” she asked. “No,” konyaaltı ucuz escort he replied. Just then four more EMT’s with two stretchers arrived and the deputies directed them to their patients. They performed similar, but much less thorough, checks on the Russians and whisked them up on the stretchers. Alexi was still clasping his groin and was incoherent. The EMT’s that were working on him had removed his pants and had a sheet draped over his modesty. One EMT was doing vitals while the other was examining Alexi’s genitals and whistled. “Guys, you have got to see this,” and he lifted the sheet and the other two EMT’s looked and were aghast. “Hey Deputies, you want to see what it looks like when your nuts get stomped?” and he again lifted the sheets. Rickey’s dad chuckled and Charlie turned green and had to look away. “Doesn’t look like he will be having kids. He might want to consider a sex change, those boys are toast,” Ricky’s dad said and the EMT with the sheet laughed and replaced it. “Not much I can do; he needs to see a urologist immediately. We need to transport now; time is of the essence,” the examining EMT said and he and his partner buckled Alexi in and headed off. Grigori was close behind but as high priority for transport. Meanwhile, Aaron’s testicles were being checked by the EMT and the effect was clear to see as his penis was getting stiffer. She looked around and said, “Perhaps we can give the boy some privacy.” Aaron said, “It’s ok, everybody has seen my boner already. Let ’em watch,” everyone except the lady giggled at that, but everyone but me and the male EMT left the area. “Bunch of pervs, watching me examine this boy privates. What is wrong with people?” she muttered and per partner and I exchanged glances and rolled our eyes. “Hey buddy, how are you feeling,” I asked? “My, shoulder hurts but my penis feels really good right now,” Aaron said. As he was saying that, the female EMT was checking his now engorged penis. I thought it was weird that she would have to do that, but as Aaron made that remark she released it and pronounced him ok for release. She looked totally frazzled by the comment but said that we should have him checked out in a couple days by his GP and that we should get some Children’s Tylenol as he was going to have some pain in a few hours from the bruising. “So, I don’t have to go to the hospital?” Aaron asked. “No pal, you are good to go,” I said. “Did you kill those men?” he asked. “No, but they’re going to the hospital and are going to be in big trouble once you tell your story to the police who are waiting to talk to you,” I said. He hopped down off the gurney and winced at the pain in his shoulder but recovered quickly. He motioned for me to bend down and he hugged me. He used that as a chance to whisper, “I shouldn’t talk about the pictures that the bad guy talked about. Or any sex stuff, too, right. “If you could forget all of that, it would be great. I hate to ask you to lie for me,” I said. “It’s ok, Walt.” Aaron said. “No, its not Aaron but I really appreciate you understanding this is important at the moment,” I said. Aaron turned his head and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you for the best two days of my life Walt!” he said. “You are one strange little dude and I really think you are amazing,” I said. Just then, Aaron saw Tommy clearly. “You aren’t dead! I am so happy to see you aren’t dead!!” Aaron squealed and he wandered over to the deputies who were writing extensively in their little black notebooks. “What a strange little boy,” Tommy remarked after the odd comment by Aaron. “You don’t know the half of it,” I replied. Ricky was back and announced we were moving again to the Presidential suite down the hall. The main suite has two massive bedrooms and you also have the 2-bedroom suite that is next to it. “Holy cow, thanks Ricky. You are a miracle worker,” I said. “It all boils down to collecting favors and Disney’s insistence on doing what it takes for people to have a good vacation and to recover from disruptions. This is the stuff we do best. We call it sprinkling pixie dust,” Ricky said. Ricky’s father, who was snapping photos for his report said, “Gonna need a lot more than pixie dust to clean up this blood. And son, can you cover up your dangly bits please.” “Sorry, Officer.” Aaron said. He went and found his new pair of tighty whities and slipped them on. The fit was much nicer than the ones he had on earlier. They accentuated that beautiful bum of his and he simply looked adorable. We all sat around the dining room table with the Deputies and the Disney Security going over all aspects of the story and we were answering questions in excruciating details. “Looks like our Russians are going to be facing a lot of charges that will get added to the ones they were already facing. I can’t see them being free for a couple decades. They are truly the scum of the scum.” Ricky’s dad said. I was so happy because none of us had to lie about anything. I imagine when Alexi mentions the photos and the child porn, we might have to fib a bit, if they believe their stories at all. As we were finishing up, Rob and Ryan walked in wearing their swim gear and towels. “Looks like somebody had a party and didn’t invite us!” Rob said. “Long story, go pack, we are moving down the hall to the Presidential suite,” I said. As I was about to start to organize the move, my phone rang and I answered the call from a very excited Alicia. “Walt, you are not going to believe what is happening here. You’ve got to come back right away,” Ali said. “I was thinking of saying the same thing to you,” I said. “Huh? Are you coming?” Alicia asked. “Never mind, yeah, I will be right there.” – to be continued –

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