Subject: Discovering Grindr Hi guys, This is my first time writing anything like this, so I would really appreciate any feedback that you have. You can email me at youngbottom123 [at] hotmail [dot] com. This is a piece of fiction and all characters and situations have been made up by the author. Don’t read this story if it’s illegal for you but if you decide to do then the consequences are yours to deal with. All copyrights of this story go to the author except for the use of the word `Grindr’ which is owned, you guessed it, Grindr. So yeah, just enjoy ­čÖé —————————- Discovering Grindr by Carl Wilkins This is it. I’m gonna do it tonight. I’m finally going to download Grindr. I had read some stories about it online and heard what it had to offer, and I just felt that I was destined to check it out. Of course, I was incredibly nervous since I have never had sex or done anything sexual apart from a few mutual hand jobs and blowjobs I exchanged with my friends when we were younger. A little bit about me. My name is Tyler and I have just turned 18 years old. I live in Los Angeles, California with my parents. My dad (43 years old) is an ex-navy firefighter and my mom (39 years old) is a nurse. We aren’t exactly rich, but we aren’t poor either and by my standards, we live a pretty decent life. I have a 24-year-old brother who’s away at college and his name is Cole. Growing up I just kind of coasted through the middle, I wasn’t one of the popular kids, but I wasn’t an outcast. I do well academically and am expecting a scholarship for when I apply for college. I’ve dabbled in a lot of sports which all attributed to my decently fit physique. I have thick dark curly hair from my dad’s Italian side and green eyes from my mother’s side. I’m white although I catch a tan pretty easily. People have always commented on my nice smile and it they say that it completely lights up my face. I am 175 cm and around 70 kg. There is not a hair on my body from the neck down except because I keep it all fully shaved. I have a hint of abs and a large bubble butt which I have always been proud of. My arms and legs are fairly developed from all the swimming I like to do. Oh, and if you hadn’t realised it yet, I’m gay. In the gay community I would be considered a twink. My erection stands at just below 6″ and doesn’t have a lot of girth to it. I came out to my family and friends last year and they were a little hesitant at first but now they have fully embraced it. I sometimes get picked on at school for being gay, but I just let it slide and try to live my own sweet life. As mentioned before I am a virgin, and a shy one at that. I do watch a lot of porn though and have jerked loads-a-plenty to the beautiful men fucking on my screen, wishing I was the one being fucked so dearly. My type is definitely older guys, anywhere from 5 years to 35 years my senior. I have always imagined myself as the bottom in sexual situations and I am sure that when the time comes I will be the bottom. But despite that I have never played with my hole except for a finger sometimes when I jerk off. I have planned this night for a long time. I even bought an enema kit off eBay. My parents are both on a night shift, so I won’t have to worry about them but rather my own nerves sending my stomach into a knot. “Be good now. Both me and your dad are working a double shift, we won’t be back until at least 11 in the morning. There’s leftovers in the fridge and don’t go to bed too late” said mom after getting ready and starting to head out the door. “Ugh mom” I scoffed “I’m 18 you don’t have to worry about me, I can take care of myself.” “I know sweetie, I just love my baby so much.” she said with a baby voice I started to resent years ago, which she knows. “Yeah, I know I love you too mom.” I called after her as she shut the door. “Finally.” I thought to myself. I downloaded the app, my fingers trembling with nervousness, and made an account. I didn’t put a photo up but filled out the basic info. My bio read “Shy first times looking to lose his virginity. Would like and experienced guy.” I hit save, and waited a few antagonising seconds, which turned into minutes, which turned into an hour. I didn’t dare message any of the profiles on the app. I put on the TV and started watching some action movie through the cable. The guy in it was hot but the movie was uninteresting. I must have dozed off because I jumped up and the movie was nearly finished. I checked my phone. It was around 9:30 in the evening. I opened Grindr and I had received a bunch of messages. I filtered out the uninteresting ones and started looking through the promising ones. One profile in particular caught my eye. “Hungtop4young”, 37 years old, 192 cm, 87 kg, body type said muscular, and position said top. He didn’t have a bio and the app said he was 300 metres away. His photo was a mirror selfie with his head cropped. He was wearing snug jeans showing a prominent bulge and a t-shirt whose sleeves barely fit his arms since they were stretched to the maximum. He also had a big looking chest and firm nipples poked through the thin material. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts at the sight of him. Needless escort to say, he’s exactly my type. “Hey, what’s up” he said “Hi, nothing much, just chilling watching TV. You?” I replied “Yeah same here, feeling really horny though lol” Damn was he bold. I liked that. “Me too, a little nervous though, it’s my first time on here hahah” “Don’t be nervous boy. I’ll take good care of you. What’s your name btw? And do you have any pics?” “My name is Tyler. What’s yours?” I took a few pics yesterday, so I sent him a face pic I felt I looked cute in and a shirtless mirror selfie. “Damn you’re a cutie. Nice to meet you. My name is Noah. What are you up to tonight?” He sent over a few more pics, including his face and a full body pic. He had a handsome rugged face with beautiful piercing blue eyes and a full head of black wavy hair. He didn’t have a beard. His body was pretty much what I imagined but it still took my breath away. He had big muscular arms and a big beefy chest accompanied by a hard stomach. He didn’t have defined abs, but he worked out for sure. His forearms had a light covering of black hairs and he had a big patch of fur between his sexy pecs with a trail leading downwards, going around his navel, and disappearing into his shorts. In one pic he was wearing tiny red speedos which could barely contain what looked to be a thick cock with a bulbous head. His legs were thick and powerful. He was practically my dream guy and I found myself blowing hot loads to the thought of him many times after that night. “Nice to meet you too Noah. Nothing special really, just looking around…” “Well a cutie like you shouldn’t have no plans for the night. What do you say we meet up and have a few drinks and see where things go?” “Sure, I’d like that” I anxiously typed after giving it some thought. ————– I knocked on his door at nearly 11 pm. After showering, douching, and getting dressed. I had a thin t-shirt on and mid-thigh shorts which hugged my bubble butt nicely. I heard some shuffling inside and the lock turning before the door opened to this hunk towering above me who blinded me with his smile. He wore nothing but basketball shorts. “Hi! Glad you could come Tyler, come on in!” he spoke with a deep manly voice I must’ve been staring too long because his deep chuckle snapped be back to reality. “I said, do you want to come in?” “Uh, y-yeah” I managed to stammer out of me. “Fuck get your shit together Tyler” I thought to myself. He locked the door and guided me to the living room with his hands on my lower back. When he touched me, I felt shivers going through my whole body. His place was nicely furnished, with a sleek contrast of black and white with some colours here and there. He guided me to the sofa and ushered me to sit down “Do you want anything to drink?” he asked, boring his eyes into me. “Erm, yeah sure whatever you’re having” I say weakly. “Loosen up boy, I don’t bite… hard” he added and walked into the kitchen grabbing two beers from the fridge. As he was walking I glanced and stared at his beefy butt that bounced beautifully as he strutted away. When he returned I noticed the outline of a big limp pole swinging to and fro in his crotch. I gulped and looked up and saw that he was staring at me with a mischievous smile. “Shit he must’ve caught me staring” I thought anxiously. He handed me the beer and I chugged half the bottle down in a few sips. I thought about what could possibly happen tonight and took another nervous sip. “So, what do you do Tyler?” We chatted for a while about our lives and interests. I mentioned again that I am a virgin to which his cock seemed to twitch to. I found out he worked as a doctor at a nearby hospital. He told me all about his dating life and I told him all about my personal life. We talked about our types and what kind of porn we watch. He mentioned that he once had intercourse on a rooftop in Paris during Bastille Day, the fireworks drowning out his and his partners’ screams. We talked and talked for probably over an hour and I found myself getting more and more relaxed in his presence and falling for his charm more and more too. I also noticed he kept rearranging his cock while we talked, and I stole glances at him, and it, every time I could. He seemed to notice and when he went to get our fourth round of beer he sat right next to me when he came back. We talked some more and at some time he put his hand on my thigh and stroked it. While in the midst of telling him about my hot maths teacher, Mr. Arnold, he stroked against a sensitive area on my inner thigh and I let out an involuntary moan. I turned to face him, and he took my beer out of my hand and placed it on the table. We locked eyes and ever so slowly he leaned closer to me. After what seemed like forever our mouths met and he kissed me softly on the lips. Wow, I saw what I imagined to be the show filling the sky that night of Bastille Day Noah told me about earlier. I trembled as he pulled away and looked into my eyes. “God, you are so fucking sexy” he whispered as he pulled up his hand and cupped my cheek. My lip trembled as I spoke. “You too.” He went back in and kissed me more fiercely while sliding his hands gebze escort down, exploring my body. He cupped my ass cheeks, gave them a light squeeze and hoisted me into his lap. I straddled him and continued the kissing. I started to explore too. He pried my lips apart with his forceful tongue, I surrendered, and our tongues began to wrestle, passion lighting my body on fire. His hands were roaming all around my body before settling onto my waist. He pulled away and spoke with a trembling voice, probably from trying to not ravish my small frame, “Shall we move this into the bedroom cutie?” he said “Yes please.” The nervous flutter in my stomach had practically vanished replaced with deep lust for this hunk of a man. He grabbed my waist tighter and picked up as if I was but a sack of feathers, but he did it with surprising tenderness considering his big muscles. I wrapped my legs around his waist and our mouths met again while he stumbled to the bedroom. Once there he sat me on the bed and removed my shirt. “Wow, I cannot believe I got so lucky tonight.” He exclaimed accompanied by my face turning beet red. He ran his hands down my body and grabbed at my shorts. I laid down and arched my back a little. Then he whisked them off in one swift motion, freeing my raging erection. He whistled and shimmied out of his shorts freeing his own half-hard erection too. Now I had never seen his cock before, so I gasped and then stared at his 7″ thick cut monster as it sprang free. “You like what you see boy?” he asked knowing full well what the answer was gonna be I could only nod my confirmation, so he told me to get up further on the bed. Then he climbed up after me and pressed against me, resuming our tongue wrestling. My hands were exploring his body yet again, feeling his huge arms, his beefy ass and defined back. We were both moaning and groaning out of lust for each other. I felt his cock against my leg get bigger, thicker, and harder so I reached down instinctively and grabbed it which caused him to let out a loud moan. He pulled away. “I want you to suck it baby, you wanna do that?” He asked. The tone of his voice implied it was a rhetorical question. It felt like something clicked inside me and I said “Yes Daddy. I want to suck your big cock.” He replied with a fat grin across his lustful face He grinned and flipped us over, so I was on top of him. I felt his bulbous head poke at my backside. I ground against him issuing a deep groan from him. “Shit, you know exactly what buttons to press you little fucker.” He said jokingly “you sure you have never done this before?” “Yeah I am pretty sure.” I joked back I scrambled down, leaving a trail of kisses on the way. Once there I finally saw the cock at full mast. It must have been at least 9 inches long and so thick I couldn’t reach my fingers around it. It has an angry vein running down the length of it and a flared red head staring angrily at me. I grabbed it and saw a drop of precum leaking out. Using my hours upon hours of watching porn I reached out with my tongue and licked it off causing a twitch through Noah’s body and a moan to escape from his mouth. I licked again and more precum appeared, so I took the head in my mouth. Using my tongue and covering my teeth, I licked around the sensitive underside of his cock just below his head. I started sucking and bobbing up and down on his thick monster. Noah grabbed my head and started thrusting, meeting my mouth. “Holy shit you are a natural at this Tyler, you are so good at this.” He moaned staring down at me gulping down his cock. Luckily, I was blessed with no gag reflex, so I went deeper and deeper until I felt him hit the back of my throat. I sucked a bit there, then went up until I only had the tip in my mouth, and after a few seconds to tease my gorgeous hunk, I slammed down his cock and buried his cock balls deep in my throat, to which he responded with a loud moan and incoherent cussing. I truly went to town on his cock only coming up for air and then immediately going back down again. He was thrashing and moaning my name when he pulled me off, whipped me around so I was on my back with my head hanging off the bed and plunged all the way down again. He picked up speed and was soon pounding my helpless throat. I just laid there, revelling in the sheer masculinity oozing of this man powerfucking my mouth. After a few minutes he slowed down and said he didn’t want to cum just yet, so he picked me up and moved us, so I was on all fours in front of him. He gave my cheeks a light slap which caused me to moan. “Yeah you like that boy?” He said dominantly “Yes daddy. Spank me harder daddy.” And spank me he did. My cheeks turned red before he spread them apart and attacked my virgin hole like a hungry wolf. He ate me out like it was his last meal on earth until I was trembling beneath him. “I cannot wait any much longer boy, that hole will soon be mine.” He said while licking his fingers and running them over my hole. I looked back at the man towering above me and arched my back submissively. “Yes, please daddy, own this hole, this hole is yours to pound and breed daddy” I moaned back “That’s a good boy.” He said g├Âlc├╝k escort as he slapped my ass and reached into the nightstand to a bottle of lube. He told me to lay down on my back and pull my legs up. After eating me out a little more he poured a healthy amount of lube on his fingers and rubbed it against my waiting hole. He pushed in and I winced in pain. He quickly pulled out and placed his mouth on mine. “Shh, shhh, just relax baby I won’t hurt you. Just push out like you’re taking a dump, okay baby?” I groaned as he pushed his thick middle finger back into my hole. I pushed back, and it felt less painful. He went deeper and looked deep into my eyes until I yelped as he touched a spot inside me. I had never felt such pleasure before and I was moaning like a bitch in heat. He inserted another finger and eventually another. Now he was full on finger fucking me with three fingers while I was thrashing around, out of my mind with pleasure. Then he suddenly stopped and pulled out. “Now I’m going to fuck your hole till I breed you boy, I’ll go slow at first as to not hurt you, but once you’ve accommodated me you’re in for a hell of a ride.” His lustful gaze met mine and I gulped. He slathered his cock in lube and rubbed more against my ass. He shuffled against me, took my legs and put them on his chest and I found his hard cock poking my backside, probing around until I felt it at my hole. He must have felt it too because he pushed, and pushed, and pushed until his big head popped in. Not even three fingers prepared me for the pain I felt as I clamped down trying to get him out of me. He stayed where he was, looking down at me intently until he felt me relax, then he pushed some more. Inch by agonising inch he pushed inside and took my cherry. At least I felt his balls against me. I have never felt this feeling before. Intense pressure in my ass, pain and pleasure mixed in. I’m sweating profusely, Noah is shushing me, kissing my feet telling me to calm down. “You’ve done it baby, you’ve taken my whole cock. You’re doing great baby.” Noah said in a soothing voice. I mumbled something incoherent as he flexed his cock inside me and my prostate sent a jolt of euphoria throughout my body. I moaned with pleasure and that was what he was waiting for. He backed up slowly until just the head was inside, and started pushing inside me again, filling me to the brim with his giant daddy dick. After a few more rounds of slowly long dicking me he started picking up his pace. He hit my prostate every time and I was convulsing with pleasure. He pushed my legs to the side and rested his hands between my head. Inches away from my face he stared into my soul as he took my virginity. He grabbed my shoulders to get a better grip as he sawed into me harder and harder, faster and faster. We were moaning and groaning, “yes, yes, faster, harder, give it to me Noah you hot daddy!” I panted in between his hard strokes. “Fuck Tyler, you are so tight. You’re the tightest pussy I’ve had in a long time. You are so hot and sexy” My cock was flailing around as he jackhammered into me. I started to feel a strange feeling in my groin, pleasure building it up, higher and higher that feeling went. I moaned louder and louder. Noah was hitting parts in my body I didn’t know existed. We were both sweating. Moaning each other’s name. My body jerked a couple times. I roared, then I clamped down on Noah’s monster as I came hands-free and shot 5 long ropes of sticky hot cum on my chest. Noah was unfazed but fucked me with a newfound lust. “Fuck Noah you are so fucking hot. Your cock is fucking me so good, I have never felt such pleasure before.” “Yeah baby your ass is so tight baby, I love that tight pussy wrapped around my monster dick. It’s a one of a kind pussy and it’s mine.” With that he flipped me on my stomach, grabbed my shoulders and thrust into me to the hilt in one movement and resumed the same pace. He kept it up, powerfucking me like a jackhammer for what seemed like eternity until I came again, against the sheets moaning even louder than before. He kept up his pace and grunted like a wild animal and flipped me around into a new position. Noah, my Adonis, switched position around five times, I came two more times until we are back in the same position we started in. He’s pounding into me even harder than before, even faster, picking up his pace, his moans and groans getting louder and louder. He said something incomprehensible in between the animalistic sounds but I caught the words “cum” and “pussy”. At last his body began to jerk violently and with a roar, so loud I heard a flutter of wings outside his window, he unloaded his sticky load into my bowels. I counted 15 spurts of hot sticky manjuice filling me to the brim and leaking out into the tousled up covers beneath us. After two minutes of pumping his seed in me he collapsed on top of me and stayed there until his limp cock popped out of me. He rolled off me and moaned. “That was one of the best fuck I have ever had Tyler baby. You sure were made to have a cock up there” he said with a slap on my butt. I could only chuckle, totally spent after the couple of hours of abuse on my pussy. He then scooped my up in his arms and kissed me while he walked us to the bathroom. We took a shower and settled into bed and fell asleep only to repeat the action in the morning. Man am I glad to have discovered Grindr. The end.

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