Subject: Declan and the Demon Chapter 9 This story is a fantasy. It is intended for you to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the ride. It’s a wild ride and I think it’s fun, but it is not for everyone. There’s plenty of sex, but I also like to set the story up and describe situations, people, background, anything that I think helps the story. Stick with it; I think you’ll enjoy the journey. If you don’t like or are offended by taboo subjects any other weirdness – move on. This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. If you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. I hope you enjoy the story and I welcome constructive advice and criticism. I also love a good compliment too. ­čÖé If you have comments, please email me at ail. Thank you for the great comments and encouragement! It is definitely keeping me going. Please remember to donate to Nifty! Declan and the Demon – Chapter 9: No Return It was Monday morning. Allegedly things were supposed to go back to some normalcy as everyone got back to regular routines. Chase awoke first and woke Sam up. “Hey lover, it’s time to get ready for school.” “I’m not going today. Tell your parents I’m sick.” “No! No way! You need to come to school! I need you there!” Sam sat up and put his hand on Chase’s shoulder and held it tight causing him a little pain. “I’m not fucking going to school today. You need to start not needing me. I don’t need you.” Chase was in tears. He was finally hearing what he feared all along. Sam wasn’t interested in him and had moved on from their cute childhood romance – despite the fact that they were technically still nearly children. Chase was pretty devastated at that statement from Sam. He smacked him and ran off to the bathroom. Sam was going to respond with a slug of his own, but figured it wasn’t worth it. He had other things to do. *** [Sam] I needed to forget this whole Chase thing. I’m well beyond him now and I just can’t deal with his whiny, cutesy nature anymore. He doesn’t understand that I’m not the same boy I was when we were younger. He’s really annoying and boring. Let’s see, Declan has the day off. Well, at least the gallery is closed today, so I think he’s taking off anyway. He and I have some stuff to talk about. CJ needs to go to work today, so I guess I’d better get him moving. I really don’t want him to leave – I want more time to keep pushing boundaries – but if he doesn’t work, he doesn’t make money for me. Not that he knows this yet, but he will. I also think things should look as normal as possible so no one figures out my situation. Let me go wake these two up. I still can’t believe that I was dreaming what they were doing in here last night. It looks like CJ is pretty comfortable in the storage unit too. Maybe I’ll keep them both in here. Hehe. “OK girls! Get your gross asses up!” “Ugh, what? What the fuck? Holy Shit,” a very confused CJ muttered, “what the fuck happened here?” “Looks like you abused the fuck out of Declan last night. Was it fun?” “I guess so? I don’t know if I remember even coming in here!” Declan woke up too. He was moaning, obviously in pain and very disoriented. “Uhhhhh…ooooh…am I dead?” Sam laughed. “You probably wish you were! No, you’ve just had your first full day of abuse from me.” “Nnnggghhhh. I feel like a truck hit me.” “It did. It was driven by me and CJ.” I needed to get away from this room right now. The smell of sex was getting me aroused, which was obvious by the tent in my shorts. Seeing CJ all sticky and sweaty was hot as fuck. I just wanted to fuck him right there. And Declan. Yummy, sweet, slave Declan. All beaten and bruised and barely able to move. It was a beautiful sight. I did some good work yesterday. I still wish I understood what was happening to me. Just a few days ago I was just jerking off to the idea of fucking Declan, screwing around with CJ and in some sort of `thing’ with Chase. Now it appears I have two slaves whose heads I can get into and control and I’m finally rid of whiny little Chase. I’m a little overwhelmed by the last 48 hours. I don’t think I really recognize myself. I hope I find some answers soon. I feel right. I feel like this is the real me coming out. I don’t know. Anyway, it looks like I can find some time to be alone today. It will be a great day for some self-pleasure. And then I will need to let Declan know where this is going. *** Declan just lay on the floor in the storage locker. He was naked, all crusted over with cum and sweat, feeling sore all over and feeling pain throughout his body. He could barely move. However, despite the pain, he felt a sense of satisfaction. Something he’d never felt before. He felt like he might have arrived at the destination he’d wanted to all his life. Sam was abusive, but there was more to it. CJ was also abusive and was obviously into Declan. He just sighed. He doesn’t even know where his clothes are. He’s wiped out and dozes off again. CJ stood up and pissed on Declan. He seemed to think that was exactly what he should do. Declan didn’t even fight it. CJ then moved on to the bathroom in the guest room to get showered and ready for work. He felt amazing, despite being a little confused by what was happening. He felt like he and Sam finally made a connection that he’d wanted ever since that first time they fucked more than four years ago. He was feeling like he was in love with Sam – and possibly Declan, and maybe even Francis. He was just feeling so good about the experiences from the weekend. He’d done things he never thought he’d do and he was loving this evolution. Chase was in the shower in Sam’s bathroom. He was upset, sad, mad, all kinds of emotions. He stood there with water running over him, just crying. [Chase] Fuck him. Fuck that little shit. I hate him. Ugh. He has me talking like him and my asshole brother. This isn’t me. I don’t hate. I need to get myself together. I don’t want to be a part of this. Clearly Sam isn’t who I thought he was. I’m better than this. I’m better than him. I need to move on and find new friends. Sam and CJ and anyone they are associated with are bad energy for me. My mom said that it was possible to test out of school. Maybe I’ll bring that up to her so Sam can test out and no longer be a part of my life. Something is telling me that I need to get out of this and get away from him. I guess I should listen to whatever it is. “I am leaving!” I announced to no one in particular in the apartment. As I left the bedroom and went down the hall, I couldn’t believe what I saw. “OH MY GOD! What did you do to Declan!!” Sam came running to the hall from the living room. CJ came rushing out of the guest room. “That is nothing of concern to you,” Sam barked at me. “You said you were leaving. Just fucking go!” Sam ordered as he pointed at the door. “Never come back. You are not welcome here. Ever. I hate you Chase. I FUCKING HATE YOU!” I was fighting back tears and looked s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort over at CJ. CJ was a little stunned at the sharpness of Sam’s tone and was just standing there looking dumbfounded. “You know what little bro, I don’t fucking need you either. Stay out of my life too.” “This is how you’re going to treat your little brother? We’re family. We’re supposed to stick together. You’re my big brother. You’re supposed to stick up for me!” “Goodbye Chase,” was all that CJ could muster up. “GOOD. BYE. CHASE.” Sam snapped. I grabbed my bag and dashed out of the apartment. As I waited for the elevator, I just stood there, crying. How did this all happen? What were they doing to Declan? What are my brother and Sam involved in? WHO ARE THEY? Do I tell anyone about this? Mom and Dad would flip out. They’d pray. I guess I should? I summoned a Lyft and headed home. Confused and sad, but somehow I knew I was making the right decision. *** CJ didn’t feel bad about telling his brother to go. He actually felt relieved. Chase had been getting in the way of his relationship with Sam for a long time now. Maybe he was finally gone. The two of them never really did click. Chase was cool with the religious part of their lives. CJ outright rejected it. CJ wasn’t fully sure of what was going on, but he felt comfortable with it. Soon, he’d tell Sam how he really felt about him. CJ left for work. He was a little wiped out, but oddly enough, the mindless time at work will give him a chance to recharge. Who knows what he’s going to come home to. Declan was still moaning and squirming in the storage closet. Sam wondered if maybe he’d taken things too far too fast? What was left of his more empathetic and caring side was feeling worried about Declan. The poor guy wasn’t moving and didn’t seem to be able, or willing, to get up. He knew he had to get him up and moving. Even though Sam wanted to be alone, he needed some time to himself, to pleasure himself, to hurt himself, but he needed to deal with Declan. There were some important things to talk about. Sam still needed to figure things out for himself. What was happening to him? What should he do with Declan and CJ? How could he get out of school? What will happen when his Mom comes home again? Answers would soon present themselves to Sam. Soon, he’d have everything under control. *** [Sam] “Are you OK?” I asked Declan as I knelt by his side. “I’ll be fine. I think.” Declan barely responded with what little voice he could muster up. “I think you will be,” I said with a little bit of a smirk, “I think you handled yourself very well over the last few days. I’m really proud of how you dealt with everything I dished out to you. I know it was rough. It will only get rougher. I’m looking forward to a lot more pain and suffering in the future, and maybe something a little less harsh. I might even reward you with a nice night together. We’re going to do very well together. Are you happy?” “Yes master. I’m very happy. You can’t imagine how happy I am right now.” Declan teared up as he said that. This was a really special moment for us. A bonding moment. He is saying just what I wanted to hear. It actually made me pretty happy to hear that Declan was enjoying himself and maybe more. I’m not quite sure of everything that is going on, but I know this is good. Declan didn’t move at all. He just lay there, still all gross and dirty from everything he’d been through in the last 24 hours, staring at me. I stared back into his eyes and ran my hand through his crusty hair and leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. I was feeling especially caring and warm right at this moment – which felt very weird – so I leaned back down and kissed him more deeply. As I did, I ran my hand down Declan’s face and slid it down his chest and continued kiss him more and more passionately. As I ran my hand over his body, I could feel the welts we made earlier. I could feel the crusty mess of being covered in CJ’s cum. It made me even hotter to feel the changes I was making to him, even though I’d never actually felt his smooth chest before I did such damage to it. Declan responded in kind and kissed me back as passionately as I was kissing him. I began to move my mouth from his and down his neck, to his chest and slowly through the mess of the past night, tasting Declan, CJ, and everything else, feeling the welts and bruises from his beating. I eventually got down to Declan’s little cock and took it in mouth and slowly started to suck on it. Even his cock had endured quite a bit of abuse and was raw and bruised. Declan’s shuddering reaction indicated just how sore it was. I sucked and licked gently as Declan moaned with great pleasure It must have been a rush for him to have his master pleasuring his cock. I really love to suck cock. It is one of the few submissive pleasures that I have. Of course, this isn’t just cocksucking. I grabbed Declan’s balls and started to squeeze and twist them. They too were sore and Declan jerked when I grabbed them, so I climbed on to of him for a little more control. With his cock still in my mouth and his balls in my hands, I lowered my ass onto Declan’s face. Being a good submissive, Declan knew exactly what to do and began to lick and suck at my ass while I continued to twist and pull at his balls and slurp at his cock. My huge cock was hard and throbbing and spilling precum all over Declan’s chest. I slowly lifted myself up and aimed my monster towards Declan’s mouth. Declan licked the head of my cock taking in all the precum knowing full well that I was about to enter his mouth. I slowly lowered my cock through Declan’s lips and into his mouth and started to slowly fuck his face. Feeling my cock in his throat made me even more excited. I rapidly increased my pace and began to plow Declan’s face. Damn! I love the way it feels to force my cock down Declan’s throat! He takes it so well! I’m also really enjoying sucking his cock, another thing I haven’t done yet. We actually haven’t done anything yet! It feels very nice in my mouth. It’s the perfect size for me to swallow. I know he loves his pain as I yank on his balls and squeeze them harder and harder and he moans and groans. Fuck! I am so much stronger than I thought. I probably need to be careful. My strength continues to grow somehow. I don’t know how, but I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m pounding away at his throat, fucking his face relentlessly. As usual I’m losing control. Declan is really fucking amazing. He’s going to be the best slave. He’s going to be the best submissive. He’s going to be the best partner. Ahhhh, these feelings I’m having. I don’t know what they are, they feel weird. I could say I’m in love with him. I probably am but I don’t know what love feels like. If this is what it is then I guess this is what it feels like. Mmmmmm and CJ. I kind of feel the same way about CJ too. Fuck! I love raping Declan’s throat! I can feel myself ready to cum. My cock is throbbing, my balls are throbbing. I know I’m ready ┼č─▒rnak escort but I can’t – not yet. I want to wait. I’m gonna hold off and save it for my later. I don’t need to give Declan cum every time. He needs to miss it so he’ll end up begging for it. I pulled my cock out of Declan’s mouth and his cock out of mine. He just came as I pulled away. I told him he didn’t have permission to cum, so I gave him a swift punch to his balls. I stood up and told him it was time for him to get up, and clean up the mess that everyone made in my apartment. I gave him two hours to clean everything from the storage closet to the bathrooms. I told him he had to do it all on his hands and knees. I told him to stay away from my room. I need my alone time. I was ready for it. “Clean this fucking place up. Every fucking bit of it.” “Yes Master, I will get to work cleaning for you. I know that will please you.” “Good faggot. You know what your purpose is. Yes that would please me greatly, slave. You may get a reward if you if you do a good job.” “Thank you Master. May I say something to you?” “You may, faggot.” “Just being with you is reward enough. I don’t need anything else. Allowing me to have the honor of your attention, your touch, your time, your body. The privilege to be of service to you is all I need, is all I want. I love you Master, I really do. You are and always will be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will serve you with all my heart and soul and everything I have. I’m not worthy of you and I am so happy you have chosen me Master.” This made my ever increasingly dark heart sink. It almost made me cry, but I will not show that weakness to my slave. “Good boy. You’re a good faggot. I think that is what I will permanently rename you – faggot. Hmm, but Declan is such a cool name, whatever. You’re a very special slave. You’re very special to me. You were meant for me, I know you were. I will take good care of you despite the pain I will cause you, despite the hurt I will cause you, despite everything I will put you through. It is all a sign of my commitment to you.” I gave him a gentle kick and pointed to the door. “And now you need to go get to work. You’ll find all the cleaning stuff you need in the laundry room off the kitchen.” I watched as Declan crawled away. He’s such a good slave, he knew not to stand up in my presence. I didn’t give me permission to. On all fours is where he belongs. I guess I really am feeling something like love. I felt a tingling inside of me and a warmth – something I was never familiar with because I’ve never felt that before. It’s not like my mother ever gave me love, or anyone else in my life, so this is the first time I’m feeling anything really. “Declan – you need to clean the toilets with your tongue. Nothing else.” *** [Declan] I managed to get myself on all fours and crawled into the kitchen to find cleaning supplies. I’m not even going to bother to shower. I just want to get moving so I can get on with the day, get things done and give Master his alone time. I need try to recover from the abuse and reflect on what happened all weekend. I hope that I’m given the time to. I do know that I have this deep love in my heart – something I’ve definitely never felt before with anyone. I know this is the right thing for me. THIS is everything I’ve ever wanted and finally my dreams and desires are coming true. I think I’ve finally gotten this right. It was an effort, but I managed to get going with this cleaning. Damn I really feel busted up. I guess the more this goes on, the more my body will get used to it. I hope so. I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep up with that boy. And then CJ too? Shit. I’m going to need to really take care of myself. Ugh, I can’t believe I need to use my tongue to clean these toilets. They are so gross. In the course of cleaning, I found my clothes and my phone. There were a ton of missed calls and texts going back to yesterday. Most of them were from Francis. Several of his texts were about him being worried about me. I guess Francis cares more about me the he has ever let on. I’m sure seeing me in the state he did yesterday was shocking. I will need to figure out when I can get back to him. I have a lot of work to do in two hours. *** Declan went about cleaning the apartment. He managed to get it all done with time to spare. The most difficult thing to do, aside from carrying buckets and cleaning supplies around on his hands and knees, was to lick the two toilets clean. He thought of just cleaning them the regular way, but figured Sam would find out somehow and didn’t want to risk it. He also wanted to be honest about his service. Sam needed to trust him. Not knowing what to do next, Declan just knelt in the storage closet and waited. Sam took advantage of the time to give himself a little pleasure. It wasn’t much. He didn’t get into one of his usual sessions. He just tried out several of Declan’s dildos that he had now acquired. He was pleased with the new toys. Sam realized he’d been at it for about half an hour longer than the deadline he gave Declan. He pulled on some boxers and wandered out of his room. He checked the bathroom in the guest room and the one in the hallway. They were spotless. He peeked into the living room and didn’t see any mess. The big test would be the storage closet since so much had happened in there. Sam was pleased to find that not only had the room been cleaned beautifully, Declan was kneeling at attention waiting for him. Sam complimented Declan and rewarded him by letting him clean himself up. He allowed Declan an hour so he could take his time. Declan crawled into the bathroom in the guest room and took both a shower and a bath. The sores on his body hurt. It was painful to wash them. The welts on his body were raw and hurt to the touch. Soap was painful, water was painful. Declan feared an infection, so he tried to clean himself really well. The bath felt good to soak in. His ass was sore from brutal fucking and fisting. He also tried to soothe his throat, which was also sore. He also had time to think. *** [Declan] I’m not sure what I’m doing here. This has escalated so fast. Just a couple of days ago, I was being called out on messenger and buying him a camera. Now, I’m soaking in a tub because I have taken the beating of my life. Am I really doing the right thing? How far will this go? I don’t feel nervous though. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because he’s been on my mind since I saw him in the park, I trust him. I really have grown attached to him since I’ve know him. Am I in love? Can I love someone who does this to me? I mean, this isn’t like Trey. He’s saying and doing different things. He’s expressed caring. But damn, he’s got an evil streak. Such a sweet boy. I don’t get it. I’m not going to give up on this. I think I need to see where it goes. I just have to have the will power to stop it if it gets out of control. I also have to protect myself, at least my business. I can’t lose everything. It won’t be good for us if taksim escort we’re together and it won’t be good for me if this is just a fling. Uhhhh! The abuse! I can’t say I don’t like it. He’s so commanding for such a young, small boy. He’s so sexy. That cock. Jesus. How could it be that big? Sam is my dream boy. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I want this. I really do. “Ten minutes faggot!” Sam yelled from the hallway. Shit. Now I need to get out of this very nice and comfortable bath. I hope he lets me recover before he beats me again. Sigh. This is not normal. Wondering if your boyfriend, or whatever he is, is going to let you recover before he beats you again. Ah, it’s just what I want. I quickly dried off and got dressed. I crawled out to him in the living room. He was playing video games. He too was dressed. “Good faggot. Let’s get our day started.” “Yes, Master.” “You’re going to take me to Tuscany, that new Italian restaurant. Of course, you’re buying lunch for me. I’ll decide if you can have anything. We have some things to talk about.” “May I ask what Master?” “No faggot, you may NOT!” Sam barked as he stomped his foot at me like he was going to jump at me. “And don’t fucking talk to me unless I want to hear from you faggot. Shut the fuck up and do what you’re told.” I didn’t dare say another word. He got up, smacked me in the back of the head and demanded that we leave. We went to the car and he hopped in the back. I drove us to the restaurant. We went in and were seated. This place was expensive. When the server came over, Sam ordered a multi course meal for himself. Everything from soup, to salad, to appetizer, to pasta, to an entree, to dessert. I had no idea someone so small could eat so much. The next part was embarrassing, but not unexpected. “My uncle here just had some major surgery. He’s not doing so well, but he really wanted to take me out for my birthday.” I wonder how many times I will be his uncle and it will be his birthday. “He can only have bland foods. Can you just bring him a plain chicken breast and maybe some steamed broccoli? Not too much, he really can’t keep his food down.” Great. He was going to eat a meal for a king and I was eating like I’m in a nursing home. I guess I should get used to this. Master Sam is in control. He didn’t say a word during his meal. It was kind of maddening. He barely acknowledged I was even there. Nothing. Not even a passing glance. He kept telling the server about the horrible condition I was in and how surprised I was even willing to go out in public. It was fairly humiliating. He finally spoke after I paid the $125 bill. For lunch. “OK, faggot. Now you’re going to take me to your house. I’m going to let you know how things are going to be from now on. Now that I own you, we need to take care of some business. You realize I do own the fuck out of you, right? You’re no longer you’re own person?” “Yes, Master. I do.” “Good. Let’s go.” I took Sam to my house. Once inside, he made me take off my clothes and get on all fours. He asked me for post it notes. I directed him to the desk in the dining room. From there, he walked around and put little notes on some things. Not much, mainly just artwork – I have a nice collection, booze and wine – also a nice collection, and one or two other things. I followed him throughout the house. After he’d marked everything up, we went into the living room. He sat in a chair and had me kneel before him. “I know this has happened quickly, but you are no longer your own man. You belong to me. You might have been able to get away with continuing to be a normal man, but you had to go and write those stories. I’m going to give you one out right now. Live a life as my property, submitting completely to me, giving me complete control of every single aspect of your life. Or, I can distribute the stories, our chats, photos, videos and other highly embarrassing things to the entire state of Maine and beyond. It will destroy you and you will lose everything.” Sam chuckled with an evil laugh. “I guess you lose everything you have no matter what. At least in one scenario, you get me.” Wow. Where did that sweet boy go? I never in a million years would have expected any of this from him. How did I even let this happen in just a couple of days? He’s put me through hell already. Can I even keep up with this? I have always wanted a Master. A true Master. One who would own me, but care about me. I think I’ve finally found it. It has to be Sam – a 16 year old, skinny, sweet boy with a dark side. “I choose you Master.” “Good boy. I knew you would. You basically fell all over me telling me you love me earlier. I knew I had you.” Such arrogance. Such cockiness. So sexy. “So, here’s how it’s going to go…” Sam proceeded to tell me that he marked the things he wants from my house. I was to sell everything else and then sell the house. I would be moving in with him and living in the storage closet. I would still maintain my normal life outside of our arrangement, but all other time was his. He would tell me how to dress, what to eat, where to go, everything. More importantly, and somewhat harder to swallow, he would be taking all of my savings, my credit cards and any other money I have. The only thing I could maintain control over was my business. He didn’t want to cut off my, um, his, major funding stream. He had other plans for me as well, but didn’t feel he needed to go into it right now. He also told me that I was also to obey CJ. He was my Master as well, though Sam is in full control. CJ only had control when Sam wasn’t around. He informed me that I was not his lover, boyfriend or anything like that, even though he might treat me to a night alone with him that wasn’t a beating. CJ is is his partner, his boyfriend. He said we were the first and most important part of a larger plan. I told him I’d begin the process of giving him access to everything within the week. He’s a minor, so there might be some issues, but I’d make it work. This was it. I was not only submitting sexually, I wasn’t only letting someone use me and abuse me, I was giving everything up. Everything. I don’t think I can turn back from this. This is the furthest I will have ever gone. He made me pack a bag of enough clothes for a week of work and casual stuff. That was all I could keep. We went back to his apartment. We arrived back at Sam’s. It was about six o’clock at this point. CJ still had two more hours at work. Sam ordered me to get naked and go to the storage locker. He pissed in the pitcher and left it for me. He closed and locked the door. He turned the light out and left me in the dark. *** Sam took advantage of the free time to play a little more. Soon enough, CJ came home. “Hey man. I missed you today,” a breathless CJ said to Sam. “Yeah, I missed you too,” Sam smiled back. “What did I miss?” “Well, for starters, I made things official with Declan. He is ours. He belongs to us. He’s giving over full control.” “Wow! Full control? Like money and everything?” “Yes. Money and everything. Just not his business. For now.” “Fuck dude. You made that happen fast! Oh, wait a minute, ours? What do you mean by ours?” “You should sit down CJ. I have some things to talk to you about. Let’s grab some of this fancy scotch I took from Declan today.”

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