Subject: Corporate Check Up. (3) This is an fictional tale of getting banged up by these two guy that I saw at a big box store recently. Both were checking on stores operations. They were obviously corporate guys (save for the casual wear) with their clipboards and taking notes about what they saw. Totally fiction as I do not work at this store. I was just a customer surveying the two very hit men as they did their job. But the job I want was them checking up on me. And my horny ass. Enjoy. Corporate Check Up. (3) … There I was on my knees in the stick room area of the store I worked at. On my knees between the two hot men from corporate that were grading this store. The hot and tall dark haired Brett. And the gorgeous ginger Jason. I was between these two hot men. Jason’s dick was out and had just left my mouth. And it was a nice meaty dick at that. About 7 and a half inches of pale pink deliciousness. Brett was now slightly behind me. But I had turned just as he pulled down his zipper. He was now ready for his turn in my mouth. Wanting what I had been giving his friend. He pulled down his dark pants and hauled out his big dick. Another imposing cock. “Here” he said “Now do my dick” I looked at his still soft dick. I grabbed kocaeli escort it and pulled it up to my mouth. Turning a bit more to get him to feed ot to me. Then I slipped his dick into my face. My tongue doing the first acts of work on him. Licking around the meaty head as he stood there looking down at me. He softly sighed as I started the motions of giving him head. Licking the head and flicking the with my tongue. Then I moved down his dick too. Feeling it as it too started to respond to my mouth. Meanwhile my hand was on the hard Jason. That big cock felt good in my hand as I gently stroked on him. Pulling up and down the hard shaft to keep him excited. “He does feel good. Doesn’t he?” Jason asked his friend “Mm hmm” Brett moaned “Yep. Feels great. Feels real great” I continued to suck on Brett to get his cock rigid. And his did. It grew well, swelling up in my mouth to a large tube. Even bigger than Jason’s. And i had to pull off it to get some air. Gasping as I did “Fuck that’s big” I huffed I then just held his schlong in hand as I took in that much needed air. I then looked back at the gorgeous Jason. He was still stroking on himself as he saw me pull from his buddy. Then he pushed his dick back at me. Saying I should kocaeli escort bayan get back and work on his cock some more. So I turned slightly and grabbed at his dick now. Then i returned to sucking on his mighty dick. My mouth slipping down his hard shaft once more. He sighed deeply as I continued to blow his cock. Slurping on his cock like it was a last meal. And I lived looking up to see this gorgeous guys moaning. His head back and eyes closed in pleasure. Knowing that what i was doing he really liked. “Yeah man. Yes!” He crowed “That mouth is the best guy” “Work that dick man” “Yeah. Work that cock fucker” Brett crowed “Eat up that hard dick man” I looked at hum and he was pulling in his schlong again. It looked so big and intimidating as he held it. And he looked at me as he stroked it. Watched me suck his friend. But he had a wanton hunger in his eyes. For me. “Get back me fucker” he commanded “Suck my cock a bit more” “Cuz we are gonna both slam that pussy” I smiled at the thought. The man grabbed me and pulled me back to his dick. I let him push it back into my mouth. Thrusting deep into my throat this time. Causing a gag to show up. Tears pooled in my eyes from the intense gag. And Brett just pulled me deep into izmit escort his cock and tried to hold me there. Then he released me and took his dick from me. I was again offer up Jason’s big dick. And after a quick air intake and recovery I went down on Jason again. Slurping up his delicious dick. Brett meanwhile moved away and around me. He then dropped to the ground behind me. I felt his reach around on my pants. Then he pulled at my belt and then zipper “Lets get this faggot ready” he stated I was picked up by the handsome Jason. And as I stood there before him Brett just started to.pull down my pants and then underwear. I was then bottom naked for them “Yeah” Brett declared “Very nice ass” I then felt his hands on my butt. Then his fingers moved in near my butt crack. It was gonna be time for sex. Very soon. And that was when Brett thrust a finger into my ass. I grunted as I felt his push it into me. Feeling the mans big finger as it ran me through. “Ughnn fuckk!” I huffed “Yeah man” he said behind me “This pussy feels nice and warm” “Just gotta open up the hole more for dick” So he started to ass like this. Jason meanwhile slapped his dick on my face. Insisting I continue to suck on him. So of course I did as the man wanted. I opened my mouth and he pushed his dick back into it. So there i was connected in the middle by these to hot man. There in the stock room of where I worked. It must have been such a sight to see…. To be continued

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