Subject: Canal Boat Ch. 1. Gay – Adult Youth Nifty stories: Gay / Adult-Youth Please support Nifty ——- Based on something that actually happened to me but location and people changed for obvious reasons. Canal boating is great fun and I used to love going on a friend’s canal boat – and often tried it on with them. I would meet other Canal boat people and I got several invitations from them to help them on short trips. This is a much shortened version of being `cared for’ by one of those friends on his trips when I was very much younger. If you enjoyed it, and if you like canal boats, I’m always up for a chat —— Chapter 1 The first time I met Barry was at a party given for a friend’s house move. He told me he was thirteen, but he was a young thirteen, a little bit chubby, shorter than many of his friends. And a bit of a loner. I didn’t know that many people at the party either, so he kind of gravitated to me to chat. I learned about his school, that he hated sports but loved history and English, that he had no siblings, and from what he said I also guessed he was a bit bullied at school and over-protected at home. I was aware that at thirty plus I was a little old to be chatting for any length of time with a teen boy, so I circulated, chatted to others, loaded a plate from the buffet, and found myself back chatting to Barry again. He stood rather closer to me this time, and I sensed his need for friendship, affection even. At one point in our conversation, partly to test my feeling that he was needing affection, I put an arm round his shoulder to give him a hug, and he leaned into me, not wanting the hug to stop. There was definitely an attraction, and it was both ways! But he was young. Too young. Barry and his family left before the party ended, and I thought little more about him. Just the occasional happy memory of a boy in need of some affection. So when I bumped into him and his mum a couple of weeks later at the local McDonalds, it was a bit of a surprise. Barry rushed over to me and gave me a quick hug. He asked me what I was doing at McDonalds, and I told him I was booking a train ticket. A little confusion, then a broad grin! `What are you really doing here? I only live a few houses away. Its amazing to see you again’. `I’m getting some food then going back to my boat’. `You’ve got a boat? A real one? Where?’ `It’s a canal boat. Long thin thing that used to haul coal but now hauls me around. It’s at the marina, but I’ve got to move it up to Long Barton tomorrow so I’m doing some work on it before moving it.’ `Oh wow. That’s so cool. Let me tell mum you’re here’ Barry went off to find his mum, and they both appeared a few moments later, Barry insisting that I eat with them. The three of us chatted about all sorts, Barry keen to find out more about my boat, and his mum trying to curb his enthusiasm. `Alan doesn’t need you to tell him how to drive it’, she smiled. `Actually, I could do with some help tomorrow if Barry has some free time. I’ve got to move it up to a new mooring. It will take most of the day, and I really could do with some help with the locks on the way up’. I looked at Barry and winked. He grinned back. `Mum, please? It would be awesome. I won’t be a bother’. After a little discussion, Mum agreed they would drop him off at the mooring at eight in the morning with some sandwiches, we would spend the day moving the boat, and they would pick him up at the end of the day at the new mooring. I woke up with a boner to a gloriously hot summer morning. The idea of having Barry on board all day excited me. I knew there was `chemistry’ between us, but had to restrain ataşehir escort my imagination. He was only thirteen. Barry arrived, on time, with a bag of stuff which we put on board. He said goodbye to his mum, and I showed him around the boat. `Wow, this is soo cool’, he said, as I showed him the small kitchen, the lounge area, and the bedroom up near the bow. `Do you sleep in here’? `Yes, it’s lovely to wake up with nature all around you’. `I’d love to do that’ `Maybe sometime you’d like to stay?’ `Oh yeah, you bet’. There was a definite feeling of attraction between us this time — in fact, a lot more than just a spark. We started to get the boat ready to go, and I told him that we both had to wear life jackets. Barry was wearing shorts and a T shirt so I sent him into the cabin to put his life jacket on. A few minutes later he called out: `Can you help me with this, please? I can’t get it sorted’. I popped down to the cabin to find Barry had it on inside out and was struggling with the straps. I helped him into it, holding his shoulders, gently putting his arm through the arm hole. I also noticed that as I did so, his shorts were getting a little tented in a rather obvious place. I helped him finish putting on the jacket and told him about the leg straps. `They go between your legs to hold the jacket down — so it doesn’t lift off if you fall in. Hold still, open your legs a bit, and I’ll show you’. I turned him to face me, stood in front of him, reached down and between his legs for the straps. As I did so, the back of my hand brushed against his balls and I heard him take a sharp breath. Pulling one of the straps through, I repeated the contact and felt him briefly close his legs on my hand. Not saying anything, I clipped the strap to one side of his obvious erection. `That feel OK?’, I asked `um yeah’ he blushed Reaching back between his legs for the second strap, I made sure my hand brushed against the warm skin of his inner thigh, and then as I pulled the strap through his legs, my hand ran up the front of his shorts over the top of his hardness. I could feel a very stiff, good sized, hard cock inside the shorts. Again, I heard the intake of breath and felt his legs close and open again on my hand. I made sure the straps ran either side of the bulge made by his hard cock, adjusted them which involved another brief contact with his erection, and then stood back to admire my work. His hard cock was obvious through his shorts, and it was framed by a strap either side, making the shape of his cock obvious. `Yes, that looks good. Not too tight?” `Er, no, its fine. Um, I, er, its um, er, makin me feel kinda good. I like it’. `Yes, does that to me sometimes’, I said as I tried to ease his embarrassment. `Let’s go up top and get moving’. We set off down the canal and Barry soon had the hang of steering. I stood behind him, one arm either side of him, guiding his hands when he was about to go wrong. The physical attraction I felt for him grew, and I could sense he too was aching for body contact. After a while he leaned back into me, looking for affection. I knew he had few friends, and the warm summer morning was becoming a hot summer day. As we were on a straight stretch of canal I let him lean back into me, put my arm around his chest, and pulled him gently back into me, rubbing his tubby chest with my hand through his T shirt. `Mmm, that’s nice’, he said. We carried on for a mile or so, and then Barry said `I’m really getting hot in the sun. I brought my swimming trunks with me. Can I go and put them on?’ `Sure. But don’t forget to put avcılar escort your life jacket back on’. Barry disappeared into the cabin and a few minutes later he called out `Can you help me with the straps again please’? I slowed the boat and pulled into the bank for a moment, then went down to the cabin. Barry was wearing just a pair of blue and white speedos and a pair of flip flops, and had his life jacket partly done up. A lovely, smooth, sexy teen boy. And again, it was very obvious that he was aroused. His hard cock was pushing out against the material of his speedos, lying at an angle because it was too big to stand upright in them. `Want me to do you up again’? `Yes please’ I reached between his legs again, this time clearly stroking his package as I reached between his legs. I felt his body react to the touch, and his legs once again closed briefly on my hand. Pulling the first strap through, I rubbed the back of my hand over his balls and up along his erection before clipping it in place. The same with the second strap, but this time, cupping his balls and stroking his cock briefly before clipping that one in place. `That OK’? `Yeh it felt great’. I wasn’t sure if he was referring to the life jacket or my obvious touching. `Want to steer again’? `Yes please’. We went back to the tiller and once again I stood behind him. Almost immediately, he leaned back into me and I put my arm around his chest, gently rubbing his now bare skin under his jacket . He sighed and leaned further back. And then, very slowly but firmly, his left hand left the tiller, and gently pulled my hand down away from his chest. At first I thought I had perhaps gone too far. But he continued to pull my hand down to his swim shorts, putting it over his hard little cock and pushing my hand in against his erection. There was an awkward moment as I gently felt its length through his speedos with my finger. I wanted him, but I was also concerned. He was very young… He could sense my hesitation. `Its OK.’, he whispered. `Honest. I want you to. Please. It feels so nice.’ I gently started rubbing his cock through his speedos, moving my hand under his balls, then up over the length of his erection. Barry’s legs moved apart a bit, and my hand went between his legs, then up over his hardness again. My own cock was rock hard and Barry’s firm bum pushed back against it. He kind of snuggled his bum against my shorts, feeling my hardness, as I felt the shape of his cock, his balls, his thighs, through his speedos. For a short time, I gently rubbed him through his swimmers. `You can undo them if you want’, he whispered. `I don’t mind’ I did want. I wanted very much indeed. I gently tugged at the bow in front of his speedos, feeling the string come loose. Barry immediately pushed my hand down so my fingers were inside and immediately I felt the hot hardness of his erection. `Are you sure you want me to do this?’, I whispered in his ear. `Ohhh yeahhh, please, that’s soooo good’. I looked around. The canal banks were deserted and the boat was chugging along slowly, dreamily. We were in the middle of the countryside. And no one could really see what my right hand was doing unless they were very close to the boat. I slipped my hand further into Barry’s speedos, feeling the heat and hardness of his smooth cock, the smoothness of his tummy, and then further down under his tight, hairless teenage balls. His cock was average girth for his age but easily six inches long and I could feel he was uncut. His foreskin was pulled back, and the tip of his hard cock was getting a bit wet from avrupa yakası escort his excitement. I let my hand rest on his cock for a moment, loving the feel of it. `Keep going’, he moaned. `Do it more’. Barry moved back more into me, his speedo enclosed bum pushing against my cock. He even moved his bum up and down a bit, rubbing my hardness with his firm bottom. He put his hand on top of mine and started moving it against his cock. So I started rubbing him again, up and down his hard cock, feeling the skin slipping against my hand. I couldn’t feel any hairs — his balls and pubis felt beautifully smooth. A bit of wetness made my hand slippery, and I rubbed him a little harder, paying attention to the tip of his cock where the wetness made it slippery. The boat continued slowly down the canal. Birds flew from the banks as we passed. And Barry made little mewling sounds, leaning back into me as I masturbated him, feeling his balls on each down stroke, rubbing the tip on each up stroke. I felt his legs get wider, and had to correct the tiller as the boat lost direction a bit. His head was now leaning right back into me, and I guessed his eyes were closed because he was breathing hard and I had to steer the boat with my left hand as I gently and slowly brought his young teenage body towards climax. His whole cock was quite wet and slippery now, so I stopped rubbing for a moment and just circled his cock with my warm hand. Barry moved to continue the feelings, gently pushing his cock up and down through my enclosed hand. `Keep going’, he breathed, so I continued gently masturbating him, trying not to rush, trying to give him every ounce of pleasure I could. His speedos had slipped down around his thighs, and so my hand gently rubbed him between his legs as well as his cock, and every so often I gently squeezed his balls to give him maximum pleasure. I could feel his balls contract as his speedos slipped down a bit further. His cock was wet with his precum, and the slippery feeling was clearly getting him close. His breathing was coming in gulps, and on each down stroke he was pushing against my hand. I continued rubbing him up and down, under his balls, up over the tip of his cock, nursing his building orgasm very gently, wanting him to enjoy every second. It didn’t take long. `I’m gonna cum’ he gasped, and I felt his balls contract further, felt his hard smooth dick start twitching and pumping out his cum as he arched his hips forward, pushing into my hand. My hand felt the wet warmth of him as his cum coated us both, and his legs gave way. I had to hold him up, steer the boat, and hold his spasming cock gently while he orgasmed. His whole body shook. He gasped for breath, and he pushed his cock several times, fast, hard against my hand. His head pushed back so his cheek was against mine, his whole body wanting maximum contact with me as his orgasm faded. I had to continue to hold him up, and noticed his speedos were now round his ankles, the straps on his jacket having come undone. The canal boat carried on chugging gently ahead. Barry slowly recovered, and after a few moments he reached down and pulled his speedos back up. I hugged him tight, gently rubbing his tummy and chest. `That was nice’, I whispered. `Thank you’. Barry sighed and leaned back into me, luxuriating in post-orgasmic pleasure. I felt him move a bit. `It was great’, he whispered. `I wanted you to do it when I first met you at the party that time. You were so kind, and I’ve been thinking about you when I go to bed and stuff. When you told me about your boat I knew I needed to get you to invite me. And wow! It worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ I gave him a hug. `Its fine Barry. I loved it. You’ve got a great cock and a lovely body’ `Not everyone says that’, he replied. `School’s a bit of a nightmare.’ `Well, you’re safe here, and you can visit any time and do what you want’. Barry turned round and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. `You’re the best’.

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