Subject: Camerons feature films part 5 Please donate to their cool and all that. http://donate./donate.html Love to hear all feedback! ail Author notes and disclaimer This is fiction. Thanks to a reader I fear I now must inform you that I will not be accountable for any launry bills or funds to replace clothing or used tissues whilst reading any of my stories Sunday 4:00pm “I just got sucked off by a kid. I JUST GOT SUCKED OFF BY A KID!” Baxter panicked. “No, no it wasn’t me it was Afro Dicknsack not me.” Baxter thought to himself. “I had to do it. There was no other choice.” Baxter justified his actions to himself “I mean its not like I enjoyed it. I was thinking of big tited ladies not little boys.” Baxter continued to justify himself to himself. Baxter drove across town and arrived at the old folks home just as Cameron exited and walked towards the car with a limp and wincing as he walked. “You have a goodnight Cameron. See you next week.” Steven waved goodbye to the youngster. “See you soon Steven!” Cameron returned the wave and added a heart-warming smile. “Hey champ you ok?” Baxter asked his son as he had seen him limp in pain. “Yeah I just…Um pulled a muscle in my leg.” Cameron lied to his dad. “Grandpa have you doing chores all day?” Baxter said as he pulled out of the old folks home and made his way home to pick up Cameron’s hockey gear. “Yeah lots and lots of chores.” Cameron nodded vigorously. Baxter reached out and ruffled his son’s hair which felt damp. “You showered?” Baxter asked Cameron. “Yeah I got all sweaty when I was doing the chores and I didn’t want to be stinky at hockey practice.” Cameron shrugged. Baxter continued to drive home to pick up Cameron’s hockey gear and then they quickly set off to reach the hockey rink in time. 4:26pm “Ok we’ve made it.” Baxter hurried Cameron out of the car and into the local hockey rink. Cameron ran through the front door and blow past the parents who had gathered in the reception area to chat and make his way to the locker room. Baxter remained with the other parents in the reception area and made small talk with the other parents and watched as the children made their way onto the ice and soon after the parents into the stands. The hockey practice goes on for two hours so most parents chatted or looked down at their phones very few watched the practice. Baxter would always watch the whole practice as he use to play himself though he could only tell who his son was as he had no interest in the other kids. 4:35pm Cameron and another boy were late out of the locker room and skated out and started to do laps with the other boys. “BUZZ!” Baxter’s work phone vibrated in his pocket. Baxter took out his phone and read the text. “Hey Bax sorry but you forgot a video this one was digital.” His supervisor texted him. “Really? can it wait till tomorrow?” Baxter texted back. “Sorry mate need it done by 6. You know how the boss gets if we leave these things overnight.” “Fine.” Baxter begrudgingly texted back and left his seat and grabbed his laptop from his car. Baxter had to think where was to safest place to watch the video. “Well if I watch it in my car a passer-by could see me and think I was a kiddy fiddler. I can’t watch it in the reception area as some parents are still chatting in there. I could watch it in the stands if I sit at the back and put my headphones in and keep an eye on Cameron…Yeah that’s the best choice.” Baxter made his way to the far end of the stands quietly and logged into his computer and downloaded the file from his work’s server. Video “Cameron’s New Career.” The video starts by panning up Cameron’s body showing what he was wearing his was wearing running shoes, brown pants held up with a belt, his light blue shirt tucked into his pants and with his collar perfectly straight. He has a shoulder strap bag that carried newspapers and a paperboy cap atop his head. “Gosh! and Yipee! I sure am excited for my new career as a paperboy.” Cameron shouted as he walked down an empty street early in the morning a smile plastered on his face in what appeared to be a shady neighbourhood. Cameron walked up a driveway and onto a porch and gently placed a newspaper on the welcome mat careful not to make a sound as he didn’t want to wake up the owner early in the morning. The door swung open and an older man 65 years old ish thin gray hair as his scalp was blading and grimy oily skin dressed in a heavily stained “white” dressing gown. “WHY YOU MAKING ALL THAT RACKIT?” The old man asked the frightened boy. “I…I…I.” Cameron stuttered the words came to mind but not out of his mouth. “I! I! I! YES YOU WHY ARE YOU MAKING ALL THAT RACKIT?” The mean old man mocked and continued to yell at Cameron. “I didn’t make a noise honest sir I didn’t.” Cameron found his words but still shook with fear. “YES YOU DID I HEARED YOU STOMPING UP MY DRIVE WAY AND ONTO MY PORCH. AND ONCE YOU GOT TO MAY DOOR YOU SMASHED MY PAPER ONTO THE GROUND!” The mean old man continued to yell. “No sir I did not.” Cameron was scared but stood his ground. “YES YOU DID YOU WERE EXTREMELY LOUD! YOU MIGHT AS WELL OF CRASHED A CAR INTO MY HOUSE WITH HOW LOUD YOU WERE!” The old man continued to scream and yell at the poor boy. “Well I suppose there goes my tip.” Cameron whispers to ankara otele gelen escort himself sarcastically. “A TIP? A TIP? YOU WANT A TIP! OH I’LL GIVE YOU A TIP!” the mean old man grabbed Cameron and pulled him to the seat on his porch. The mean old man dragged the scared boy who lost his footing and his feet now slid behind him as he was pulled to the side of the porch and knelt in front of the mean old man who had sat down on his porch chair. The mean old man sat with his legs spread so Cameron could see underneath the stained robe and saw a set of hairy balls and soft cock slumped atop them surrounded by a large pubic bush. The old man’s meat was unwashed, slimy and projected a strong musk that overwhelmed Cameron nose and made the boy’s eye’s water. “Yeah boy get a whiff of that.” The mean old man pulled Cameron face until his was squashed against his smelly cock and balls. The mean old man’s cock hardened as he grinded Cameron’s face into his smelly crotch, his balls sweat coated the boy’s face. The man held him there so long that Cameron could taste the man’s sent on his lips. “MMMMPPHH! MMMMMM! MMMPPHHH!” Cameron screamed but was muffled by the old man’s balls. “Yeah eat my balls kid. The mean old man laughed as he drove Cameron’s face harder into his sweaty sack. The mean old man opened his robe and showed his gray hairy chest and man boobs that sat atop of his hairy belly. His cock now 6 painfully stiff inches he removed his hand from the boy’s head and Cameron pulled back to breath. After the boy gasped for air the old mean man pulled his head back towards him and stuffed Cameron’s mouth full of filthy old man cock. “ARRGGHH! OORR! OORR!” Cameron gaged not because of size but taste the man’s cock was foul. Cameron’s face was pulled and pushed up and down on the dirty cock as the mean old man pumped his cock into his mouth. Cameron pushed away but was pulled further and harder into the stinky old man. Without warning the mean old man pushed Cameron’s head of his cock and snatched Cameron’s paperboy cap from his head and shot his old stinky load into Cameron’s paperboy cap. “Here’s your tip paperboy.” The mean old man stated as he slapped the spunky cap back onto Cameron’s hair and watched as his load oozed down Cameron’s face and down the back of his shirt. Cameron just stood and stared at the mean old man as smelly spunk dipped down his face and drenched his hair. “What you staring at boy clear off.” The mean old man pushed the spunk dripping boy off his porch. “Morning neighbour.” The mean old man waved at his neighbour as Cameron walked down the street and handed the neighbour his morning paper as spunk fell from his nose and dripped onto the Neighbour’s lawn. “What’s wrong little one?” The neighbour asked kindly. “He spunked me.” Cameron looked up at the man as old man more spunk rolled down his face. “Ah the last paperboy had the same problem. That is until he learned to tell the old man to turn his hearing aid down.” The neighbour laughed and walked back inside. “Of course.” Cameron now having learned his silly mistake slapped his forehead with his palm and shook his head at his own mistake and felt the old man seed dribble through his fingers. Cameron continued to deliver papers in a montage as he threw newspapers at door steps as old man cum flowed through his hair and around his face. He continued on until he happened across a construction site and as he walked past a friendly worker stopped him. “Hey there kid can I have a look at one of them there papers.” A large Mexican man stopped the boy in his tracks. The large Mexican man was wearing ripped pale blue jeans that gripped his muscular legs and ass tight and a high visibility vest with no undershirt which allowed him to showed of his brown skin and strong arms. Cameron wasn’t convinced by the man as something smelled fishy, besides the cum that oozed down his face. Cameron reached into his bag and handed the man a newspaper. “Thanks little man. Now let’s see.” The Mexican man quickly flicked to the sports section. Behind Cameron another large Mexican man had snuck up behind the boy. He reached out and snapped the bag’s strap and all of Cameron’s newspapers fell to the ground. “Oh sorry about that. Hey guys give us a hand will ya.” The other Mexican man yelled as even more Mexican men gather around the small boy. They all agreed to help Cameron pick up his newspapers though they had no pockets so each man stuffed the newspapers deep into their jeans and gathered more and more until there were none let to pick up. Cameron picked up his bag and went around to each man one by one and retrieved all the newspapers. He had accidently touched all there cocks and “accidently” fondled there balls as he did so as the newspapers were stuffed deep into their underwear as well. He continued until he reached the man who had stopped him in the first place. “What’s that on your face sonny?” The Mexican man asked. “Oh this it’s um…my tip.” Cameron said hoping the man wouldn’t notice the cum running down his face. “A tip huh? Well how’s this for a tip.” The Mexican man said as he undid his jeans and his hard 8 inch cock flopped out in front of him. “Not again.” Cameron whined as he rolled his eyes and crossed his öveçler escort arms. “No a good enough tip huh? Well boys.” The Mexican man nodded to is fellow workers who also removed there pants and there large cock also hard ready to give out tips. Cameron turned to run but he was in a circle of naked Mexican construction workers. They tore at his clothes his neat blue slightly cum stained shirt was torn off his pale body as the button flew through the air and fabric was torn apart. His pants ripped from his sides and fell to the ground and puddled at his feet. Now stood surrounded by naked buff Mexican men only in his tighty whiteys, shoes and his paperboy cap they pounced on the poor boy. It was a race to see who got what hole first as hard brown cock swung around and slapped of each other and Cameron’s body and face alike until some form of order hand been established. The first cock in his mouth was 7 inches musky from a hard day labour. Three tongues competed for the pleasure of tasting Cameron’s anus and each man fought hard for the right but in the end only one reminded the others went to his small hairless balls and rock hard 4 inch stiffy. Another man hand the idea of taking off Cameron’s shoes and socks and sucked on Cameron’s toes. The tongue in Cameron’s ass grow tired and withdrew but was quickly replaced with a finger. Then another man added another finger as he munched on Cameron’s ball sack. All this attention was too much for the poor boy as he shot his load into a sucking mouth. “MMmmpphhh.” Cameron whaled as he came and his moaned were muffled by the hard Mexican cock in his mouth. This sent the first man over as he shot his load down Cameron’s throat. “CUT! CUT! CUT! What the fuck are you doing.” The director screamed his voice familiar to Baxter’s ears though he couldn’t quiet put his finger on it. “What?” The man who had shot his load into Cameron’s mouth asked. “You were meant to shot your load into the hat and put it back on his head.” “Yeah but…” Was all he could say before the camera cut. The scene resumed as normal though missing one man. The man who shot his load into Cameron’s mouth had disappeared and now with his mouth free Cameron moaned like a whore. “OOOOOhhh.” He squealed as the 4 remaining men pleasured him now a third man had slipped a finger into the boy 3 thick fingers of three different men fuck his ass as his balls, cock and toes were sucked. The man who was sucking Cameron stooped and moved over to to boy’s face and kissed the boy with passion as he played with Cameron’s nipples. The man who sucked Cameron’s toes had stopped and now used Cameron’s feet to rub up and down his sweaty 8 inch cock giving himself a foot job with Cameron’s small feet. The man who sucked Cameron’s balls was now responsible for both the boy’s balls and his cock. And finally between the boy’s legs the original Mexican man lined up his own 8 inch cock with Cameron’s well stretched hole and fuck Cameron the first man to do so…today. “MMMmmppphhh.” Cameron moaned into his kissers mouth as 8 hard inches slid into his body. “You like that boy?” The man groaned as he pushed as far as he could into Cameron’s tight ass. “Yeah fuck me. AARRGGHH!” Cameron yelled as he pushed away his kisser and came a second time his small load shot deep into his suckers mouth. The man who had been kissing Cameron shifted until he stood above the sexed up boy and squatted down until his ass was right in Cameron’s face. Instead of pushing the man away Cameron’s hands seemed to spread the man’s brown cheeks and drive his own face into the man’s hairy musky hole and rimmed the man with enthusiasm as his own hole was being fucked. “Oh fuck boy get the tongue up my hole.” The man commanded as he sat on Cameron’s face and wanked his hard cock. Cameron’s face had now disappeared between the large brown ass of one of the Mexican workers. As the other three men continued there assault on his body. The man who was sucking Cameron’s cock and balls felt left out as his cock had not got any attention. “Hey guys I need to get off to.” He said in frustration as he watched everyone else get their own pleasure. “you can have his face I’m all…most…AARAGGHH FFFUUCCKKCKK!” The man who sat on Cameron’s face stood and grabbed the paperboy cap and shot his large load into it. The frustrated man quickly made his way to Cameron’s face and stuffed his needy 6 and a half inch cock into Cameron’s mouth and skull fucked Cameron into the dirty ground he laid on. “Suck that fuckin dick slut boy.” The man screamed as he pulled and pushed Cameron’s drowsy face up and down his very stiff cock. “GULP! GULP! GULP!” Cameron’s throat welcomed the intruder and swallowed the man’s cock with ease as the man thrusted hard into his waiting mouth. “Fuck I’m gonna shoot.” The Mexican man that was fucking Cameron yelled as he pulled out and snatched the paperboy cap and wanked his 8 inch cock which shot a load into the spunky hat. “I’m next.” The man who was skull fucking the now limp boy. With great speed he thrusted his cock in and out of Cameron’s mouth. The cap was placed on Cameron’s chest and soon the man pulled out of Cameron’s mouth but still attached to Cameron’s lips with cockslime and pre-cum. He aimed his cock downwards and pendik escort shot his some of his load into the hat. The rest of his cum landed on Cameron’s neck, belly and puddled inside his bellybutton. This only let on man left who was fucking Cameron’s feet with his 9 inch cock. His cock was longer the boy’s feet and loved the feeling of the little toes and his cock grinded between the small feet. “I’m cummin. I’m cummin.” He repeated as he fucked his cock between Cameron’s feet. His large cock shot a long distance load as the first shot land on Cameron’s face and hit his square on his forehead, the second shot on the boy chin, the third went into the hat, the fourth landed on the boy’s still stiff 4 inch cock and fifth dribbled out and gather between the boy’s small toes. The man leand down and took Cameron’s toes back into his mouth and ate his own cum of the boy’s feet. He suck between each tiny toe until they were pristine not a drop of his own cum left on the boy’s feet. As he did this Cameron shot his final load as sexed up as he was covered in Mexican cum his tiny toes being sucked set him over and he shot his final load which just dribbled out and mixed with the cum already on his belly and cock. The exhausted Cameron was picked up and re-dressed by the Mexican men. His light blue shirt clung to his body and became wet as the his own sweat and Mexican cum that was on his body was absorbed into the material. The final item of his clothing to be put back on him was his paperboy cap. now full to the brim with cum a Mexican builder slammed it on his head and stood back and watched as a torrent of cum ran down the boy’s hair and down his face and back. The boy’s shirt couldn’t absorb it fat enough as it ran down his chest and back down his pants then out into his shoes and the ground beneath him. “Well you got your tip boy now run along.” The Mexican builders showed Cameron away and went back to work. Cameron walked away and around the corner out of site of the builders. “Well all in a day’s work I suppose.” He smiled and winked as he swiped his forehead his finger gather and enormous amount of cum. He brought it into his mouth and licked it clean. Tape End Baxter couldn’t believe it he wanted to snatch Cameron up and hide him from the world so he could never be harmed again. But he knew he couldn’t do that. He re-watched the whole thing and took notes on the old man and each Mexican man. Then he re-watched it again just to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. Not because his penis had stiffened as he watched it for the third time. 6:30pm “My penis is stiff? Well that’s because of my other persona Afro Dicknsack would love this not because I like this. I…I…I’m just practicing for when I have to be him. I’m method acting.” Baxter justified himself. The hockey practice was now over and Baxter went to the locker room to collect his son. When he enter the locker room he a smell of boy musk hit him and he inhaled deeply which made his already hard cock throb which he paid no mind to. He passed by boy after boy in different states of dress. “Mr. Grayson your son did great today.” The coach approached Baxter and shook his hand. “Yeah he’s always great.” Baxter bragged about his son. “Where is he.” Baxter asked. “Oh he’s just finishing up in the shower. Cameron your dad’s ready to go hurry up in there.” The coach yelled. “Yes coach.” Cameron responded and then giggling from the showers could be hear. Afew minutes later a towel covered Cameron and another boy with long blonde hairy came walking out of the showers together. Cameron stripped of his towel and patted down his hairless body as Baxter stared at his son. The naked body he had seen cover in cum and used as a means to make money. Cameron bent over and Baxter stared at his son’s puffy red raw hole. “He’s been fucked recently…Hhhmmm.” Baxter pondered to himself as his cock throbbed. “Hey dad can Michael stay over?” Cameron asked. “Who’s Michael?” Baxter asked. “I’m Michael.” A familiar voice spoke up behind Baxter. Michael was fully naked he had gotten rid of his towel his feet were bound together by his underwear which was thigh high as he waved at Baxter his little cock 3 hard not so innocent inches. “Mikey?” Baxter said outload as he spotted the boy who had sucked and swallowed him at the bar earlier. “No his name is Michael he doesn’t like being called Mikey do you son?” A man wearing a priest collar walked over and pulled up Michael’s underwear which now hid his boner. “No father.” Michael said somewhat dejected “Oh well sorry Michael.” Baxter apologised to the boy. “It’s ok.” Michael replied. “It is most certainly not ok. To be respected you must be always called by your proper name.” Michael’s father spoke commandingly. “So…can Michael stay over?” Cameron asked again. “Fine by me.” Baxter said as he wanted to get Michael away from this crazy man that happened to be the boy’s father and to get cool dad points. “Bedtime is 8:30pm sharp. No soft drinks, no junk food and no television.” The priest strictly laid down the law. “Fine by me.” Baxter replied as he thought out a night of junk food, soft drinks and scary movies for the boys. “Thank you father.” Michael replied and dressed. Cameron was ready to go as well and so they were off back to the Grayson house for a night of fun. Thank you for reading My other stories https://www.//gay/young-friends/marty-back-at-school https://www.//gay/incest/bonds-beyond-family https://www.//gay/adult-youth/how-to-pay-rent fty//gay/incest/radio-contest-winner

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