Subject: Busman’s Holiday 12 Here’s another one. BTW if anyone needs an editor= proofreader I’m up for it. Busman’s holiday 12 If you’ve gotten this far you know the drill. This is a work of gay mm sex. If that offends you or you’re underage leave now. This work is under copy write to the author and cannot be re-used without his written consent. Remember that for 25 years Nifty has supported gay erotic literature. It needs your support to continue this valuable work. Please support it- fty/donate. Busman’s Holiday 12-Florence cajuncock I arrived in Florence early in the morning on the overnight train from Munich. It had not been a boring trip. After my encounters, I managed to get four hours of sleep before the car attendant woke me for a quick breakfast. I left the station looking for my B&B. It turned out to be only a few blocks away. Check-in wasn’t for another three hours. But I left my bags, grabbed a tourist map from the table and set off to explore. Early morning Florence was not a busy time. Shops were just opening and shop keepers were arranging their wares and sweeping the sidewalks. I stopped at a cafe that had a rainbow flag, a likely gay place. I was right and I was the only customer, maybe their first of the day. I ordered a coffee and pastry. While waiting for the cute, young waiter to bring my order, I grabbed a gay map from the stack on the counter. Despite its history there were not many gay places in the center. I pulled out my tourist map and lay both of them on the table to compare locations. The waiter brought my order just as I began to study the map. In some what fractured English he asked if I was looking for any place in particular. I mumbled not really, just getting my bearings. He pointed the location of the cafe and asked where I was staying. He pulled a pencil from behind his ear and marked both on the tourist map. I thanked him and went to eat the small pastry with my coffee. I was still the only customer there after 30 minutes. The waiter came back to refill my coffee. He looked at the gay map and asked if it was my first time in the city. I nooded yes. He pointed to one of the three bar ads on the map. It listed the events for the week. Tonight was the unnderwear/ nude party. That perked my interest prompting me to ask if he’s ever been there. He whispered “Often and I go again tonight.” Leaning in he rubbed his crotch against my shoulder. I could feel his semi-hard cock. I thanked him telling him that I might see him later. The rest of the morning was spent walking around to get a feel for the layout of the old center. By 11, I was back at the B&B. I knew that I needed a shower and a nap before heading out to see the sights. My room was across from the single shower room on that floor. Finishing my cleanup, I lay down for a nap. I must’ve been really tired because I slept for 2 hours. Getting up I dressed and headed out to find the bursa escort main sights. For 3 hours I toured seeing many of the famous places of the city. On the way back to the B&B I stopped at the cafe for another drink, this time a small grappa. I’d been told by friends that it was a powerful wine drink. One glass had my head spinning. My young waiter smiled knowlingly when he brought the drink. He returned with a glass of cold water. I didn’t know that the drink should’ve been mixed with some water. I thanked him for advice from the morning and stumbled back to my room. In Italy dinner was a late meal so I slept for a few hours to recharge my energy. I went to dinner in a place recommended by the owner of the B&B. It was crowded but I was placed at a table for 2 in the middle of the restaurant. My waiter was very attentive, explaining the specials and making sure I understood the menu. I ordered what I thought was a light dinner. I soon learned that there was no such thing in Italy. I finished my meal with a coffee, an offense in Italy. Along with the coffee tbe waiter brought me a shot glass of grappa. I finished and paid my tab at the bar. I left the waiter a tip, a 20 euro note, the smallest I had. Feeling very full from the meal I decided that I’d walk around for a while. I passed many of the well kown tourist spots, all well lite for the evening. Finally,i decided that it was time to hit the bar. It took me a while to find it in the dim, dark side streets. I was buzzed in and was about to pay an entrance fee when the owner, an Englishman, stopped me to explain the event for the night. He told me that I could strip down to my underwear and pay the regular price for drinks. OR I could go nude and get my drinks for free. It was a no brainer! I quickly stripped off my cloths, keeping on my tennis shoes and socks. I asked what time the party ended and the bar closed. He said that the official closing time was 1AM but if he his customers were inside then they normally stayed til dawn when it was safer to walk home. I paid my 5 euro coat check fee, slipping the stub into my sock. The owner smiled and pointed me to the bar. He gave the bartender a signal and I ordered my first drink, a beer. Looking around I saw that many of the patrons were in their underwear, fashionable undies. A few nude men were scattered around the room. There was no apparent sexual action going on in the bar area. But I did noticed a few men moving behind a curtain to another area. Beer in hand I followed, curious to see that was going on. The back area had a group of low couches and a large screen TV playing gay porn. Some of the men had found partners and were enjoying their company. Off to the side there were cubicles with doors and glory holds. Most were occupied. I stood by the wall watching the people and the porn. After a while a few of the men wandered down a set of stairs. From past experience bursa escort bayan I knew that it was where the action was. I followed down the steep stone steps. The basement had been arranged with many dark areas,some curtained off, other wide open for all to see. A handsome man passed me as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. As he passed he finger my ass crack and nodded. I followed him further back into a wide open but dim area. I could hear the tell tale slap of skin on skin. Moans, mixed with Italian made it very evident as to what was going on. My new friend grabbed my beer, placing it on a ledge. He pushed me onto a padded platform. With the skill of a true experienced cocksman, he lifted my legs to his shoulders. Reaching around behind me I heard him pumped some lube into his hand. He lubed my crack and then pushed one, then two fingers into my hole. Without speaking, for the international gay langauge of touch was all that was needed, he pushed the head of his cock roughly into my bowels. I hissed at the sudden intruder but did not want him to stop. He slowly pushed more of what I was to later find out was 10 inches, into my receptive opening. He was not going to be gentle with me. I felt him pump the full length into my body, pausing for only a few seconds to adjust his stance. I felt his pubic hair against my butt. Then our moans and skin on skin slapping joined the others in that small space. It was glorious! He needed to dump a laod into my guts as much as I needed to receive it. After a few minutes of hard pounding he pushed in as deeply as possible and held still. I felt the twitching of his cock in my bowels as his load filled the space inside me. He pulled out, kissed my cheek and left without saying a word. I found some paper towels and cleaned up my dripping hole before going upstairs for another drink. At the bar I felt a few drops slip down my legs. I turned my back to the bar to observe the crowd. It seemed to me that everyone there knew I’d been royally fucked. I sipped my drink for a few minutes before another man walked up beside me to order a drink. He was wearing a pair of tight, blue boxer briefs. Getting his drink, he turned to look at the crowded bar. I felt a finger, his finger, probe my ass crack. It was still well lubed from the basemnt fuck. His finger slipped right in. In less than a minute a second finger joined the first. I tried to remain calm but with 2 fingers massaging my opening my cock stood out hard and proud. I moved my free hand to his crotch and felt a very thick, long piece of Italian meat in his briefs. He pulled his fingers out and nodded toward the back area. I slowly walked back there followed by this stranger. He wasted no time. He pulled my back to his chest while pushing the briefs down to free his stiff tool. Grabbing me by the waist he nudged the head to my opening. Leaning over he kissed my neck and as he escort bursa did he forced himself into me. I gasped as the sudden big invader. That attracted the attention of an older man standing beside us. He smiled knowingly and offered me a hit of the poppers in his hand. I eagerly took a deep hit in each nostril. The poppers had an instant affect. My ass muscles relaxed to allow my fucker to begin a slow push in and out of my welcoming hole. We quickly were in synch. He turned me around to face the wall. I grabbed a bar on the wall as he pounded my ass over and over again. The older gentleman again offered my the poppers. I took them willingly. I heard my fucker grunt and push in to dump his load into my bowels. He kissed my neck before pulling out. I stood there bent over, unsteady, holding the bar on the wall. Within a minute another man stood at my rear. Without any foreplay he pushed a thick, short cock into me. His fuse was short and he unloaded after only five pushes. This went on for about five guys. Each one using the cum already deposited for lube. After the final load I stumbled to the toilet and relased the accumulated loads of cum. I felt empty but satisfied. I cleaned myself as best I could before returning to the bar for another drink. The owner came up to stand by me and told me that I’d brought happiness to many men that night. I told him that I’d not cum the whole time. He motioned to the young barback who immediately came, knelt before me and sucked me off in front of the entire crowd. No one took any notice. I looked around and spotted my waiter from earlier standing alone in a corner. I nodded and he smiled. I bravely walked up to him. He was also nude. His long thin cock was standing at attention when I apporached. he bent down to reach into his sock. He pulled out a small packet of blue pills, handing me one. I thanked him and down it with my beer. I then knew why he was so stiff. My cock soon stood at attention, pointing out into the crowded bar. He pulled me into the back area and into an empty cubicle. Bending over he pulled my stiff cock to his already lubed hole. My cock zeroed in on its target. With one push I was in to the hilt. The boy fucked himself on my tool. I just stood there watching it disappear into his small slot. After a few minutes of this he sat me down so he could ride my cock. He had a hands free orgasm and as his inner muscles squeezed my tool, I exploded into his guts. We separated, both still stiff. I’d cum twice in less than 30 minutes and was still hard. Those little pills sure worked that night I stayed in the bar until the crowd began to thin out. A few more visits to the basement and I finally felt drained. I dressed and thanked the owner before exiting into the early morning dawn. Returning to my room, I showered and quickly fell asleep. My first day in Florence had been amazing. ______________________________________________________________________________ Ok, that’s the first day in Italy. We still have a few more days to go in Europe. If you managed to spill a load while reading any of these stories send a contribution to . Comments welcomed- ail

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