ARCH HUNTER Lukas – My Best Mistake Here”s yet another chapter of your favorite story. Thank you for all your emails. I”m always hungry for attention so please give me a shout if you liked this chapter. ail Chapter 7 – Boy Magnet *** I was skipping stations on my car radio looking for something suitable. I didn”t want any of my regular car music. I didn”t yet know what to make of that moment and I didn”t want to risk one of my favourite records to remind me of it forever. But I had to give up on the radio, too. The ambience of the running engine and the air particles colliding with the car was just the thing. There was also a quiet rattling sound that reminded me of an overdue visit to the service. My imagination turned it all into a cool lo-fi IDM tune. I considered toggling the turn signal for no reason but to add an extra layer to the texture. I chose to focus on the moment and cherish the presence of Lukas next to me. His chest, hugged tightly by the seat belt. His hair, flopping slightly on the moving air. His eyes, so curious, intelligent and focused whenever he chose to shut up for more than five minutes. His slim legs, covered by blue jeans that concealed his teen dick and balls. I was ready to worship him night and day. He must have sensed he was on my mind because he smiled at me weakly and placed his small hand on my knee. We were one an empty-ish highway so I covered his hand with mine and squeezed, not looking away from the road. He stayed silent and I was thankful. It was perfect like that. My mind was euphoric, my stomach was lighter than air and my dick was getting hard. This was love. Twenty delicious minutes passed like that. The sun was low over the horizon. “You”re still freaked out?” Lukas broke the silence eventually. “Yeah, a little but it”s much better now.” “I”m sorry for ruining your plan.” “Don”t be. It came out better than I expected. I think I would like it less… rushed. But I”m good.” “It was like you thought they would kill you.” “Something like that,” I said, “or at least call the cops, you know.” “They didn”t seem to mind… us… at all.” “No. I still don”t get it. They”ve always been huge homophobes, especially dad. And you”re not exactly old enough, you know. I expected worse.” “Not old enough for you?” Lukas squinted. “Not old enough for them. And for society. For me, you”re just fine,” I smiled. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off, I felt my hands tremble. I squeezed the boy”s hand a little tighter and he did the same. Mine was cold, shaking and sweaty. His was warm and reassuring. Shouldn”t I be the one in control? The fortress? The aegis? “Don”t you think people can be more forgiving when facing real people instead of news headlines?” Lukas asked, rubbing his thumb against my palm. “Um, yeah, I guess.” I didn”t know what else to say and we went silent for a few minutes, back to our serene ride. But now for long. “Do you think your parents are feeling old and miss having kids at home?” Lukas asked a few minutes later. “Uhm. We”ll. Yeah. Maybe, yeah.” My mind was all over the place but he had a point. I didn”t think of it. Mom and dad went through all stages of shock known to mankind as I was telling them the story of how I”d met Lukas and how we”d become… very special friends. I didn”t call us a couple explicitly and I definitely didn”t mention sex. But Lukas was holding my hand the whole time and even leaned on my shoulder somewhere halfway so it wasn”t hard to figure out. Mom had tears in her eyes and dad was looking away. But when I was done, they focused on what had caused Lukas to run away in the first place and how neglected he was in the juvie. It looked like they took our relationship as a fact of life and didn”t ask many questions. Lukas did quite a good job putting me in a good light when he mentioned how well I had taken care of him. It felt great and liberating to talk about all that for the first time to someone else. But I had been ready for a fight and I was almost disappointed it never came. At least I would know where we stood. I planned to – eventually – get them to adopt Lukas. I know, I know, a long shot. Fat chance. But I had to try. I didn”t end up bringing it up. The plan was to make them think it”s their idea. And I was starting to think we made quite a good foundation for that. They miss having kids at home. How come I”ve never thought of that. My youngest brother had left for college a few months ago and they had found themselves alone for the first time since I was born. And it would be at least a few years before they could expect any grandchildren. They weren”t the kind of people to cherish their freedom and go exploring the world. But were they so desperate as to fall for Lukas, a random misplaced kid who they”ve only just met? It seemed too far of a stretch. But maybe? Or maybe they simply liked him? It had happened to me once. Despite his appearances, it was really easy to grow a soft spot for the boy. “Yeah, that could be it,” I said slowly. “What?” Lukas asked. “They may be feeling lonely without any kids around.” “You l were thinking about it all this time?” Lukas giggled. “Ah, yes. I guess I spaced out a little.” “Don”t think too much,” he said, moving his hand to my crotch. “Not much you can do about it. Better focus on here and now,” he added melodically, absentmindedly massaging my dick through my jeans. We were thirty minutes away from the city but the traffic was almost non-existent. kayseri escort I decided to let him have his fun. Not that I didn”t enjoy it. There was no telling when we would see each other again. And I could use some “here and now”, too. The day”s stress was fading away and was almost gone by the time my penis went fully hard. I reminded myself to focus on the road but the boy distracted me again by unzipping my jeans and diving in with his hand. I gasped when he grabbed my dick and after rummaging for a while, he got it completely free in the open. “It is so nice,” he said with a dreamy voice, slowly massaging my shaft. It was nice alright. Very nice! Lukas was running circles on my glans with his thumb adding to the experience. “You know what”s my biggest fantasy?” He added after a while. “No, tell me,” I said trying to focus through jolts of pleasure reaching my brain. “This,” he gave my dick a few faster strokes to let me know what he was talking about before going back to a steady tempo, “I would like you to fuck me with this, soon.” “Oh yeah?” I didn”t see this coming. “Yeah. I want you to make me pregnant. I already figured out how we”re gonna do it.” “Oh.” “So, I”ll be laying naked on my back. You can even tie me up if you want. Yeah, I want to be tied. And you will be hard and horny as fuck because I just sucked your dick for two hours.” He was still speaking very slowly, at least for him, but he was moving his hand faster and faster as he was going into finer details of our future intercourse. “For two hours?” “You heard me. I will pull my legs behind my head. And then you”ll slowly put your boner inside me.” “We”ll probably need some lube before that,” I noted, somehow being able to think rationally while being stimulated in so many ways. “Yeah, that or you can just first lick my asshole. It will be clean, I promise. So you will start entering me and I”ll be moaning. And when you are inside me, then guess what?” “I”ll start fucking you?” “Not just yet! You didn”t guess! You will start playing with my nipple. And then you will start fucking me. And I will moan loud as fuck so you will probably have to gag me with your other hand.” “You… got it… all… figured… out,” I barely managed through my short breath. Lukas was almost at full speed and I felt I might cum soon. “Yeah, but then you will have to let go of my mouth and grab my legs and fuck me harder.” “I will!” “Harder, Matt.” He was at a full speed now. “Fuck me, Matt, harder!” I had to force myself to keep my eyes on the road. “Fuck me, Matt, please!” I was almost cumming. “Fuck me.” Almost. “Fuck me, Matt!” Cumming. “Oh yes, like this, yes, yes.” I started cumming. Lukas surely felt it because he adjusted his narrative. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, ah, ah, aaaaah!” He shouted and I joined him. Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt. My eyes went up to my eyelids and I had to slow down. “Oh, Matt…” Lukas almost whispered as the last of my sperm squirted down from the top of my dick onto his small hand. But It was everywhere – on my t-shirt and on the seat belt too. I was glad I didn”t shoot all the way up to my mouth. It was just a handjob but felt fucking amazing! “Lukas…” with the corner of my eye I saw him lick his fingers one by one. I couldn”t believe this little sex-crazed horndog. “I love you, Matt.” “I love you too, Lukas, you little psycho.” A wide grin, just for me. *** I was glad I had made this nice memory with Lukas in the car because it kept me going for the next few days. The next morning after our trip, I was in my usual spot waiting on Lukas in the car but he wasn”t showing up for hours. I hated this uncertainty. Yeah, he said he might have to lay low for a few days and avoid trouble after going missing for the whole day. But I had no way to tell if he got away with it in the first place. Either everything was fine or I”ll never see him again. And I wasn”t the most patient person in the world by no means. I also started thinking about how Lukas wasn”t exactly one to always keep a secret. So yeah, I was pretty nervous. And since I had more time than ever to entertain worst-case scenarios, I did just that. For example, I started wondering how long will it be until someone reports a suspicious man sitting in his car for hours every day. Maybe this someone will even mention that sometimes he leaves with an underage boy in an unknown direction. Given how much I was risking, it was almost good news that nothing at all happened on that day. I spent it reading a book. But something did happen the day after and it wasn”t anything I feared or hoped for. It was just fucked up. So first, sitting there for days in the car, I ended up looking at people passing by from time to time and started recognizing some of them and their schedules. I was never staring because I didn”t want them to remember me. But yeah, I was just checking them to keep my mind occupied whenever I wasn”t reading. One of them was a boy I saw quite frequently. He was maybe a little older than Lukas and healthy-looking, with a round, handsome face, big brown eyes and matching, dark, mid-length hair. He seemed familiar to me from the start and I was wondering if I saw him in a TV commercial. He would have no problems getting a job like that with his look. So yeah, He showed up at least once a day every day, coming from or disappearing behind the door of a nearby tenement house. Eventually, he”s become something keçiören escort to look forward to on the days full of reading and unremarkable passersby. You”re probably wondering what”s so fucked up about it except for me perving on another young teen? I”m getting there, I promise. So on that morning, I saw him soon after I parked my car near my regular spot by the sidewalk. I was trying not to occupy the exact same place every day to look at least a little bit less suspicious. I was busy appreciating his toned body and what I thought were brand new shorts. Just when I looked up at his face, I saw him looking back at me. I jerked my head and looked away, cursing myself for overreacting. After a minute, he was gone from my field of view but I sat there frowned for a good while. I definitely got his attention and wondered how long until he”s back with a parent or a policeman. Just great. About an hour later, I finally managed to relax and focus on the book I was reading. It wasn”t illegal to read in your car right? What happened next was as if taken from a cheap horror movie. It was a few hours later and I was about to call it a day, losing hope of seeing Lukas. When I lifted my head, about to close the book, I saw the boy from earlier (let”s call him Marcin for now before I use the word “boy” 500 times in this chapter). So my boy Marcin was sitting on a bench some twenty meters from me in the park across the street and looking straight at me. We looked at each other for a few seconds and I think I saw a hint of a smile. I looked down, back to my book. I couldn”t start the engine and leave now, that would be super suspicious. But guess what. When I risked looking up again a few minutes later, he was standing just in front of my car. This time I was sure I saw a smile when I noticed him. Then he walked closer to the driver doors and knocked on the window, giving me goosebumps all over my body. Did I have some magnet for hot teenage special cases? I had the engine off so I opened the door so he could talk to me. “Do you think he dumped you?” He asked, giving me a weird smile. “What now?” I asked back, suddenly feeling a lump in my throat. “That boy you were seeing. You think he might have dumped you?” Marcin laughed with his high boyish voice seeing me open my eyes wide. It didn”t help that he was really cute and his smile was to die for. I wished he would cut to the chase already. “Don”t worry, I won”t tell. I live just there,” he pointed at a window of a nearby building, “and had a good view on you lovebirds. I wasn”t sure until you hugged once or twice. It was sweet!” I looked at the window he pointed at. It was close enough that I could recognize the Ikea ceiling lamp, the same I had in my living room back in Big City. Anyway, he had a front row to look at me anytime he wanted. I took a deep breath. “That”s your room there?” I asked, trying to calm down. “You got it. Can I come in for a minute?” I sighed and decided to comply. I didn”t want him to blackmail me and wanted to hear what he had to say. He ran around the car, let himself in and sat next to me. “I was hoping to get some hot action from you guys but guess you”re not that stupid,” he continued when he was comfortable. “Look, there is no hot action, so…” “Yeah yeah, sure there isn”t. It”s none of my business, too. But, if he did decide to dump you and you had some time to spare… my parents aren”t home today.” “Uhm, okay, no, thanks.” “Top, bottom, fetishes, I can do it all, just say so. Just no shit play and no recording, but…” “Listen,” I interrupted, “I appreciate it and I”ll surely let you know if anything changes but I”m not interested. Even if you were legal. Now if you”d be so kind and…” “Hey, I”m totally legal!” He exclaimed, a bit offended but I gave him an unconvincing stare. “We”ll, looking at your…” I began. “… face, I look like twelve, blah, blah, blah, I know,” he mocked me, “but I turned fifteen over three weeks ago,” he added. Then, before I could stop him, he pulled the front of his shorts and I was sure he was going to flip out his dick but he just pulled them enough to show me his thick, brown bush. “Not something a twelve-years-old could grow, eh?” He said with pride, giving his pubes a few quick brushes. I saw the root of his dick when he did that and it looked all grown-up. “Look, I don”t care if you”re fifteen or fifty,” I said grasping his wrist. The last thing I needed was to make a scene with this kid in my car. “I”m good, I don”t need casual sex. If I ever do, I”ll give you a shout.” “You wanna tell me that you and this kid are regulars?” He gave me an amused look. “When did I say we did anything? He”s my nephew.” Marcin got pretty serious and looked me in the eyes intently before bursting into a hearty laughter. “You”re really something, dude. A fucking nephew!” he laughed and opened the door to let himself out. “Say hi to your nephew when you see him, will ya?” I wasn”t in a mood so I just saw him out of my car. It looked like I had a magnet for cute and annoying boys. Maybe it was because of how easy it was to tease me. I could only blame myself for the shit I was in, so I just sighed. “See you around, t”was nice talking to you,” the boy added before closing the car door. “Think about my proposal, I”ll give you a hot stud discount.” He almost slammed the door and I sat there, frozen, blinking and trying to come back to my senses. ankara kendi evi olan escort *** The next day I rented a car for a day and parked some thirty meters away from my last spot. This way I still could see Lukas if…when he shows up. And I wasn”t visible from that weird boy”s window. And maybe he wouldn”t notice me if I”m in a different car. It was all becoming annoying. I was not making any progress. I was afraid to call my parents. Well, maybe not afraid afraid, but I didn”t know what to tell them. Most of all, I wanted to know what”s happening to Lukas. My nephew, I scolded myself in my thoughts. I cringed at my clumsy lie yesterday but it has also made me realise something. Even if miraculously everything goes well and we end up being together, I will have to live a lie for at least a few years. It was so fucked up. Maybe Lukas would be better off by himself. I should never let him get attached to me. I should… “Hey, Matt!” The sound of opening doors almost gave me a heart attack. Fuck. It was him. *** “I have, like, five minutes. If they notice I”m gone again, I”m as good as dead, Matt.” “Did you get in trouble?” “Yeah, they were looking for me for hours when we were gone to your parents. I can barely sit on my ass,” he winced. “I”m sorry Lukas, it”s my fault. I should never get you into all this.” “But I want to be into this! That”s all I want!” He yelled and practically got on his all fours on the passenger seat next to me, climbed onto me and gave me a kiss, wrapping his hands around my neck. “I know Lukas, I need you too,” I said, kissing his face and messing his hair. I wish I could say that I hoped no one would see us but the truth was I couldn”t care less. “I just wish I had never let you go in the first place. Or that you were a little older… or that…” “Shhhh. Kiss me,” the boy ordered. I did. After a minute, he broke away, his mouth and eyes wide open. “I gotta go,” he hissed, “the day after tomorrow, be here,” he added, dismounting from my lap and waving his middle and index fingers back and forth between his and my eyes in a “see you” gesture. “I”ll see you,” I said. “Wait, you have a new car?” He stopped and looked around. “No, I”ll explain later, go!” I rushed him. The last thing I wanted was to get him grounded for life. And then, just like that, he was gone. *** I couldn”t enjoy the afterglow of that kiss for even two minutes. That”s when the front passenger door opened and “Marcin” let himself in. “You and your nephew… you are real close, aren”t you?” He said, making himself comfortable on the seat. I had enough of it. “Hey, let me ask you something. Are you mental or something? What are you doing in my car?” “Maybe I like making older friends who are smart and good looking?” “I”m neither,” I barked. “Yes, you are. You figured out I”m mental, for one.” “Are you?” “Definitely. I think I”m a sociopath. I”m also told I have a high IQ and that”s the most fucked up thing one can have in my opinion.” “You”re scaring me, dude, please get out of…” “But that thing with your nephew, dude! That was hot. I was just passing by, really, I wasn”t spying. I”m not that messed up. Okay, maybe I am. But he did look like he was doing it willingly, I read you wrong.” “Okay,” I sighed, sick and tired of this. “What do you want? Blackmail me? Let”s get it over with then.” “Do I look like a desperate lowlife to you? I would never!” He said and touched his forehead theatrically. I began thinking I ate LSD with my breakfast. I really wanted to focus on how hot he was and look into his hazel eyes for a while but he didn”t let me. “I”m Kamil, by the way,” he smiled at me and extended his hand. I shook it with a serious face, not about to change the topic. “Matt. You were about to tell me what you wanted from me.” “You”re no fun,” Kamil complained. “And I already told you, I wanted an older friend. And since I saw you”re into younger guys I thought… you know. Sex? Remember, I”m legal. And my parents are barely home”. He sounded honest and almost sad. I was too easy to buy. “Look, you”re cute and all but as you could see, I”m not exactly available…” I decided he was too smart for me to try and deceive him further. “What”s the story of you two anyway?” He interrupted. “It”s a long one. We met by accident.” “I want to hear it all! Look, I”ll be home alone all day tomorrow. Maybe you can see my room and tell me all about it?” He asked and just before I could protest, added: “We don”t have to do anything, just talk. I really like talking to older guys, you know? Kids my age are full of shit.” “Just talk?” I sighed. “Ah, thanks man, you won”t regret it. I”m fun to be around, you”ll see!” I promised to meet him tomorrow at 10 am. I didn”t know what I was doing anymore. By now I was ready to believe Kamil wasn”t going to blackmail me and I was starting to get intrigued. He was so gay, I realised that just now. I mean, queer. People were always telling me I don”t look or act gay. Lukas was weird but he wasn”t acting queer at all. But there was something flamboyant about Kamil that left no doubt that he wasn”t exactly straight. And I”m the last one to put labels on people. I can”t say I liked him but I was intrigued. Even a little flattered by his attention. I told you, I was sure I saw his face somewhere. In a movie or in a cereal commercial. I couldn”t put my finger on it. I wasn”t about to do anything with him, that”s for sure. And I know I should be more careful because I was already stepping on a very thin ice with Lukas. But what the hell. I didn”t remember feeling so alive since forever. *** Thanks for reading. Lukas – My Best Mistake pt 8 is on the way. Let me know your comments: ail.

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