Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 49 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. �. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: [email protected] or comment on the website ess/ Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html The website for ‘The boy from the shed’ has been updated, it now has all the chapters on it in a more content rich environment, it also has character lists and images of things and places we see in the story to give more context to the story. New chapters will also be released a few days earlier on the website before they are posted anywhere else. The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic experience, also content involving non-gay relationships from the story will be available on the website. ess/ My website also has links to other stories like this one Please give it a look! There is much more story to come!! Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 49 By Sparky In the morning Leo was up bright and early, before Mike even, he had slept really well cuddled with Tanner, he checked on the other boys before going down to get coffee, he had chores to do this morning and wanted to get them done while it was quiet. He had pulled out the boy’s school uniforms yesterday, and needed to get them ironed. Leo wanted to make sure the boys would look smart for their first day back at school tomorrow. Trisha had given him John and Ben’s uniform as they would be staying, and walking to school with the other boys. The only boy, rather teen, he didn’t know about was Brandon. Leo hadn’t asked Brandon if he would be going home, or opting to stay and walking to school with the other boys. If he was staying they would need to get Brandon’s uniform from his house. Leo even cleaned the boys school shoes and made sure their bags were clean and packed. By the time others started to get up Leo had all the school stuff sorted. Karen had talked to the head master at the boys school and arranged for Benji to be in class with Jason and Max, she had explained about Benji’s sickness, but thought it best for him to return to school for now and have some sort of normality. The head master had agreed the to the transfer and had Benji’s school records requested from his last school, which was now too far away. He agreed that it would be best for Benji to be with Jason and Max as they knew him and understood about his sickness. “Someone’s going to make a good wife one day!” Tina said giggling as she found Leo in the dining room surrounded by school clothes neatly piled up, “Thank you honey… I try!” Leo smiled back. “Have you done everyone’s?” Tina asked, “Yep” Leo smiled back, “You know I would have helped!” “I know… I just wanted to do this… it makes being a family seem more real” Leo explained. “Your such a goof… you want a coffee?” Tina asked giving Leo a hug. “Yeah please… where’s your little husband” Leo asked chuckling, “Still sleeping!” Tina giggled, “You wore him out then” Leo laughed, “Maybe…” Tina replied smiling and left to make coffee. While Tina made coffee Leo went up to wake John, Martin would be arriving to pick him up in a while and Leo wanted to make sure John was fully awake before leaving. John and Timmy both got up and had a quick shower, Leo creamed Timmy up while John got dressed. Leo took them back downstairs where Tina was waiting with his coffee, they sat in the lounge and waited for Martin. Martin arrived to pick John up as arranged, he also dropped off Max, John was less nervous with this being his second time going to the gym with Martin. When they arrived it was quiet like last time, Martin signed in while John spent a few moments looking at the photos on the walls. As they passed through the door into the changing room, the sound of thumping music filled their ears and excited them both. Without hesitation John started to get changed into his shorts and t-shirt. Martin quickly changed too and put their clothes and bags into his locker. They passed through the heavy door into the gym and were assailed by the loud music as they walked around the gym to the running machines they realised that the place was empty. Being the first Sunday in January most family’s were enjoying lazy days at home before they all went back to school and work next week. It was nice having the place to themselves, they could just get on and use all the equipment without waiting for it to become free. They started to warm up on the treadmill walking then jogging and then running. They did this for a while, slowing down and speeding up to allow John to catch his breath. They worked around a few more stations doing free weights and rowing. Steve the owner and friend of Martin’s came over to talk to Martin, “You mind locking up if I shoot off… no-one else is going to show up I think” “Yeah that’s fine… I’ll come lock the front door behind you” Martin said. Martin still had his own keys to the gym from when he worked there doing odd shifts to help pay the bills. Steve had known Martin since he was a boy, when the skinny lad turned up wanting to get ripped. Martin took a moment to introduce John, “John this is Steve… he owns the gym and helped me when I first came here” “Hi Steve!” John said grateful for the pause in the work out. “Hi John… nice to meet you” Steve said shaking John’s hand. John felt the power in the big man’s hand as he shook it, “Well I better be going” Steve said, Martin followed Steve out and dead locked the front door behind him. Martin returned to John who was resting having a drink by the fridge. Soon they were back to work and using the cross trainer, John and Martin were sweating up a storm, John was lasting much longer than last week, his t-shirt was sticking to his body and he kept pulling at it. After they finished Martin went up to John and lifted his arms up, he reached down and took hold of the hem of John’s shirt and lifted it up and off John. He tossed John’s shirt on a bench and removed his own, “That should be more comfortable” he said ruffling John’s hair. “Thanks” John said smiling. They did some more free weights and because they were topless they could see each other muscles work. John reached out to Martin’s pecs and felt them while Martin held some weights. He could feel the hard muscle beneath the skin and wondered if his would look like Martin’s one day. Martin could feel John’s hands lingering on his chest and he smiled down at John. They moved on to the rowing machine again, before John sat down on it Martin held his shoulders and looked at him, “Still hot?” Martin asked. “Yeah really hot” John replied wiping his sweaty brow, “Maybe this will help” Martin said grinning, He knelt down in front of John and slowly pulled John’s shorts down revealing his star wars boxer shorts, John held on to Martin’s head as he lifted one foot at a time so his daddy could take his shorts off him. Martin stood up and smiled at John, “Better?” Martin said grinning, “Yeah… but aren’t you hot too?” John said grinning back. Martin took his own shorts off and tossed them with the other clothes. Martin helped John get situated on the rowing machine and they both rowed for as long as they could. When they were both done they moved to the gym mats to do some sit ups, Martin had John lay down and held his legs, “Hang on… you still look hot…” Martin said, He slowly reached out giving time for John to object elazığ escort and took hold of John’s boxer shorts, John gave Martin a wicked smile and lifted his hips, Martin took the hint and slowly pulled John’s boxers down revealing the boy’s hard boner. He slipped them down to his ankles and left them there while he pulled John’s trainers and socks off. He then pulled off John’s boxers leaving the boy naked and very hard. John smiled the whole time, he was enjoying being naughty in the gym with Martin. He had enjoyed the shower last time, but this was even better. Martin went to hold John’s legs again but the boy pulled them away, “Not yet… you must still be hot too” John said grinning at Martin. “Yeah I am still a little hot” Martin chuckled and stood up, He kicked off his trainers and stood there looking at John, “You gonna help me?” Martin asked smiling, John got to his knees in front of Martin and lifted each of the big daddy feet and pulled off the socks, then grinning wildly he reached up and slowly pulled down Martin’s boxer shorts, John audibly gasped when he saw Martin’s daddy dick, it was hard and leaking a little. After getting the shorts off Martin’s legs John reached up and held onto Martin’s erection, with his tongue he licked the tip of the daddy dick cleaning off the pre-cum that was leaking out. As he went back for more Martin held his head gently, “Not yet John… lets finish the work out first” Martin said using all his strength to hold back. “Ok daddy” John said seductively, They did some naked sit ups working together by holding each others legs down. There were many touches during the exercise with John holding Martin’s cock while sitting on his legs. Martin did some bench press work on a machine that didn’t need a spotter, John was getting more horny and sweaty watching Martin work out. He soon straddled Martin’s body and sat on his tummy, grinning at Martin’s face he slowly edged back till Martin’s boner was rubbing on John’s butt. John started to grind his boy boner into Martin’s abdomen, causing his butt to rub Martin’s cock more. Martin moaned and realised that they both needed to stop exercising and have some fun, John reached behind him and held Martin’s willy, he started to rub it more deliberately into his butt crack, Martin started to get the idea about what John wanted. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” Martin asked, “Yeah… I want daddy in me” John said lustfully, “Ok son… I want that too” Martin said, He sat up and hugged John tight, John wrapped his arms around Martin’s neck and rested his head beside Martin’s. Martin stood up and carried John naked through the gym to the physio room, he turned on the lights and laid John down on the massage table, its soft towel cover felt nice on John’s back as he laid down. Martin got his boy in position on the table and got some massage oil from a cupboard in the small room. John raised himself up on his elbows to see what Martin was doing. “Lie back and enjoy!” Martin said pushing him gently back down. Martin poured some oil on John’s tummy making him squeal a bit at the feeling of the cold liquid, it soon warmed up as Martin massaged John’s front, he worked the boys legs and arms, every time he went close to John’s boner the boy would moan. He rolled John over and started doing his back, as Martin ran his hands over John’s peachy globes he let his thumbs work deeper and deeper into John’s butt crack. Instinctively John opened his legs and Martin was able with more oil to work his first finger deep into John’s boy hole. John cried out with pleasure as the slick finger touched that magical place hidden in his butt. Soon Martin had two fingers pressing deep into the oiled up boy, John’s skin glistened in the soft lights of the room. When the third finger went in John’s mind was flooded with wonderful feelings, Martin had taken his time and John had been edged now for twenty minutes having Martin toy with his prostate, his little boy boner was on fire and desperate for relief. Martin knew neither of them could last much longer, “Are you sure you want me to make love to you” Martin’s asked once more. “Yes daddy… now daddy… please!!” John begged. Martin rolled John over onto his back, he pulled John towards the end of the massage table, so his butt was right on the edge. He altered the height of the table till John was at the perfect height. He coated his daddy dick with oil and added more to John’s butt as he placed John’s feet on his shoulders, he gently lined his penis up at John’s entrance and with one hand on his dick and one on John’s hip he gently pushed in. John gasped as the head of Martin’s dick entered his butt, Martin held still and waited for John to relax. “You ready for more my love?” he asked lovingly after a minute. “Yes daddy… all of it daddy” John moaned. Martin gently pushed all the way in till his pubes touched John’s soft ball sack, John thrashed about as the pleasure rocked his little body, his hands clenched and griped the towel he was laying on. As Martin felt John’s butt relax around his daddy dick he knew John was ready, slowly he started to make love to John, his boy. He looked down at John’s face as he thrust away gently and saw so much happiness and love in the little boys eyes, as he made love to John he was surprised at the depth of the love he felt for John, his love for all the boys had taken him by surprise, but to share this wonderful and intimate moment with John was another level of feelings he hadn’t felt before. Martin reached to John’s cocklet and started to wank him as he pumped in and out of John’s boy hole, the warmth and tightness hugged his dick and felt wonderful, as Martin got closer to planting his seed in John he worked the boys dick faster, as Johns body tensed he let out a loud ahh and closed his eyes shut tight, his boygasm overwhelmed his body and mind and his boy boner started to shoot out his watery cum, as John’s cum covered Martin’s hand it pushed him over the edge too and he filled up John’s bum with shot after shot of daddy seed. Martin had to hold on tight to the table as he experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life. As much as he wanted to keep making love to John, his body was done and his dick slowly slipped from John’s butt, Martin’s sperm slowly leaked out as John lay there recovering from his best boygasm ever. Martin staggered round the table to John’s side and slid the boy back up the massage table, he then leaned down and kissed John’s lips, John opened his eyes and stared into his daddies eyes, Martin looked back trying to gauge John’s feelings, John reached up and pulled Martin back to his lips and passionately kissed him. John’s hand reached off the side of the table and found Martin’s sticky chubbed up willy, he fondled it lovingly as they kissed. Martin reached down John’s oiled up naked body and found John’s hard boy boner standing proud, “Again daddy!” John demanded lustfully breaking the kiss. “What..” Martin asked shocked, “Again daddy… do me again… now daddy… please!” John begged. John’s fondling had brought Martin’s dick back to life, he knew he could go again, but it would take longer to cum. He looked down at his chubby lover and knew he couldn’t refuse the horned up boy. They spent the next half hour making love in many positions, John liked it when Martin pounded him fast, he learned many things he liked as they worked their way around the gym. On the mats John rode Martin’s cock while Martin laid on his back, John liked being on top but like Timmy his legs got tired quickly. Martin carried John around hugged to his chest, his daddy dick still buried deep in John’s elvankent escort boy hole, having John laid over a large exercise ball added an interesting bounce to their love making. They eventually ended up under the warm jets of the showers, with John’s back pressed to the wall and having had three more boygasms, the boy finally felt Martin’s dick shoot another load into his butt, he had his arms wrapped tight around Martin’s neck as his daddy filled him up for the second time. Martin was exhausted both physically and emotionally, as he held tight on to John his dick slowly slipping out of his lovers butt his eyes welled up and he started to cry. All his life he had wanted to know the love of another male, but it had been denied him through circumstance and then his marriage. He loved his wife with all his heart, but this was very different, to Martin this was pure and magical, he had never shared intimacy like this with anyone before. John too was having a hard time with his emotions, he had never felt like this before, his body and soul had been rocked by the sex he had just shared with his daddy. He wanted to stay in Martin’s arms like this forever. Martin slowly lowered them down so he was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and John was in his lap facing him, “You ok John?” he asked seeing John was emotional too. “Yeah… that was… was… oh I don’t know what to say” John cried and hugged Martin. “John…son… that was the best love making of my life… god I love you soo much” Martin gushed. “I love you too daddy” John said sobbing. They held each other while they both calmed down, they were both emotionally shocked by the feelings they felt, they both had partners that they loved and would be with forever, but what they just shared was very different, it was not the love of partners or even lovers, it was deeper and way more intimate, neither could put words to it in their minds, Martin thought that was why the ancient Greeks had made such beautiful statues of boys, they surly knew this love too. “Feeling better” Martin asked after what seemed like ages. “Yeah… that was the best feeling ever daddy” “It was son… it definitely was” Martin stood John up and lovingly washed his boy cleaning every part of him twice, he loved the feeling of John on his fingers. John helped wash Martin too, his little face rubbing Martins’s willy like a cat. Martin kept them moving and soon they were dressed, Martin tidied up the massage room and cleaned the many areas they had made love in. John got them drinks and helped too. With everything being as it should, they collected their bags and went through to the reception area. Martin knelt in front of John before they left, “Son… today was the most wonderful thing I have ever done… I love you so much… are you sure your ok with it all?” Martin asked lovingly, “Yes daddy… I loved it… can we do it again next week!” John asked excitedly, Martin chuckled as he stood up and ruffled John’s damp hair, “If we get the chance… yes son… and every week after till you want to stop” Martin said hugging John, “I’ll never want to stop” John said quietly They locked up and Martin took them both back to Leo’s house. Leo had spent the morning checking that the boys had any work done for school that had been set over the holidays, Karen had explained to the boys about Benji joining Jason and Max’s class and asked them to keep an eye on him. Brandon had spoken to his mum and she agreed he could stay again, Karen had driven him home to collect his school uniform and bag. He too was told to make sure all his work was up to date by Leo. Tina had left for work during the morning and hoped to be home for dinner. Mike had been reading medical journals trying to keep up to date with the latest medical news, when John and Martin returned the boy looked exhausted, Timmy took him up to bed for a rest while Martin told Leo and Mike about what had happened at the gym. They were surprised by how far things had gone, but were happy that John had another daddy he could open up to and love. Martin had previously agreed that Max could spend the night so he could go to school with Benji and Jason in the morning to help Benji settle in. he had brought Max’s school bag and uniform and left them with Leo. Martin left to spend some time with his wife after hugs and kisses with the boys and the dads. Leo took the boys out on the bikes after getting them dressed, they rode to some local woods and made their way through them, it was very muddy and they enjoyed getting covered in mud, by the time they returned to the house they were covered from head to toe. They parked all the bikes in the garage and after closing the big garage door behind them, stripped off all their clothes while still in the garage. With all of them naked including Leo they went into the dads house and Leo sent Jason, Jacob, Tanner and Max next-door to take a bath, he then took Ben, Benji and Brandon up to the dads bathroom for a bath too. Leo and Brandon bathed the boys before trading places and getting in themselves, they washed while Ben and Benji dried each other. Soon all the boys were clean and dry, they were happily running around naked between both houses as they played hide and seek. Even Brandon stayed naked although he wouldn’t go next-door to the mom’s house. Leo put on some shorts and a t-shirt to see if anyone had started dinner. Susan and Karen had indeed started dinner and told Leo to go and relax. Mike and Leo cuddled on the sofa while Mike told Leo about things he had read in the medical journals. Leo told him about the ride in the woods while the boys ran around finding places to hide, John and Timmy had come down to and joined in the game. Mike and Leo found it amusing watching the boys, they were constantly asked where the best place to hid was as if this was something Mike and Leo did a lot, then after the game started they would be asked by the seeker where everyone was hiding. The dads gave nothing away even when Timmy was under a blanket on the sofa behind the dads. The game lasted till dinner time when Tina came home, they all ate and then watched a movie together, just after eight pm the boys were sent up to bed, even Brandon went up to bed, Leo had said he could stay up later as he was a teen, but he said he wanted to be with Benji. Soon the house settled down, the bike ride had served its purpose and worn the boys out, by nine pm they were all asleep. Mike and Leo turned in too as they both had work in the morning. When they reached their bedroom they found Tanner and Max asleep in their bed, they climbed in too and cuddled up with them, soon they were all asleep. The morning was dark and wet, a storm had rolled in during the night, Mike had gotten up during the storm to check on the boys, he found Jacob and Jason had moved down into the lower bunk and joined Timmy, Jimmy and John. They said that Timmy was scared even with John there, but he felt better with all of them together. Brandon was awake too but he said Benji and Ben were fine and had just fallen back to sleep. When Mike got up at 6:30am to get ready for work, he noticed as he tried to turn the bathroom light on that the power was out, he used his phones torch function to find his way down to the garage and got out the camping lights. The LED lanterns could last a whole day on a single charge and he knew they were fully charged. He took one upstairs to the hallway and put it at the top of the stairs and took another to the bathroom, there was still some hot water in the tank, so he managed a quick wipe down and a shave. Mike returned to eryaman escort the bedroom with another lantern and woke Leo up, “Leo… Leo… you need to get up!” Mike called shaking his man. “Wha… what… oh… ok… why you got a lantern?” Leo asked sleepily confused, “Powers out hun… can you get the boys up?” Mike said as he was getting dressed, “Oh… Tanner… Max… time to get up” Leo said shaking the boys awake. As much as the boys tried to bury their heads under the duvet, Leo kept pulling it off them. Soon they gave up and noticed the lantern. “Hey!… what’s gong on?” Tanner asked as a gust of wind hit the window causing them all to look at it. “Powers out son” Leo explained, “Oh… it’s cold!” Tanner said pulling the duvet back, “Yes… the powers out!…so no heating or hot water!!” Leo told him chuckling. “Oh…ok… so what about school? Do we still have to go?” Tanner continued. “I don’t know son… I just woke up too silly!” Leo said as he tickled Tanner’s ribs. “stop!!” Tanner squealed as he dived off the bed, Mike caught him before he fell over on the floor, “There’s a lantern in the bathroom… go pee and get dressed…. it’s too cold to be naked!” Mike said smiling. Leo pulled on his boxers and looked at Tanner, “I’ll go get your uniforms… you two get your socks and boxers on” Leo suggested while ruffling Tanner’s hair. Mike had finished getting dressed and checked his phone, he looked up the school website and saw it was still open for now, although the website warned if they lost power too the school would have to close. He told this to Leo while he checked the power company website, the storm had and was causing a lot of damage to the power network, there was no time given for when the power would be restored. Leo went downstairs and using the lantern Mike had left in the kitchen grabbed all the boys uniforms and brought them back upstairs to the bedroom. He laid out Tanner and Max’s then took the others to the other bedrooms. He woke up John, Timmy, Jason and Jacob and told them what was happening, he asked them to get dressed as it was very cold. He answered their questions before going to wake Ben, Benji and Brandon. He told them the same he also asked Brandon to check on his phone to see if his school was open. Leo returned to his bedroom and got dressed too. Mike was in the kitchen now boiling water in a pan on the gas stove, power or not they all needed coffee. Tanner came down with Max looking smart in their uniforms, “Tanner can you take this lantern next-door and give it to the mom’s please” “Yeah ok!” Tanner said quite excited about this adventure of the storm and the power being out. Mike handed Max a small torch from the kitchen drawer, so they could find their way back. It was pitch black out and the storm was still raging. Without the lanterns or torches it was very dark in the house. Tanner and Max went next-door and found the mum’s using phones as torches upstairs, they were glad to be given the lantern so they could see better, Tanner and Max returned next-door after telling the mom’s that Mike was boiling water to make coffee. Leo came down with the other boys, they brought the lanterns down with them and set them up in the lounge, it was when the boys sat down to watch cartoons as they always did, that they realised that no power meant no TV. Leo got his laptop out and connected it to his phone so they could get online, he was able to get them the cartoons they liked on Netflix, they crowned together on one sofa to see the laptop screen. Mike had boiled a second pan with milk in it and made the boys hot chocolate. They each got cereal as normal and ate and drank while watching the laptop. The mums all came next-door and joined everyone in the lounge, with so many bodies in there it was starting to warm up. Leo checked for updates on the school and power, but nothing had changed. Mike left for work and took Leo’s car, they figured the boys would need driving to school so the extra seats would be better for Leo. As Leo closed the front door behind Mike he could see the storm was still going strong, he saw leaves and branches all over the cul-de-sac, he wondered again if the school would close, just getting the kids there was going to involve some risk. Just after eight am the power company updated the website and said all power would be back on later this evening. The school was still going to open as well, Leo had the boys pack a change of clothes in their bags as well as a small towel just in case they got wet while he got their hiking boots out and cleaned them with help from Tina. It was so wet out that their normal schools shoes would be wet in seconds. The only one without boots was Brandon, but that became less of a problem when his school updated their website saying they couldn’t get the power back on in time so they were not going to open. Brandon told Leo as soon as he knew, “looks like you get to spend the day with us then” Leo commented. “oh no!… not a day with the old people!!” Brandon joked, Leo playfully chased Brandon around the room and tickled him mercilessly when he caught him, Brandy kept begging for Leo to stop as the tears ran down his face from laughing so hard. Eventually the boys protected their brother and pulled a laughing Leo off Brandon. Tina started to get the boys coats and handed them out to the boys, once they were all wrapped up Leo and Tina got their coats on too, with eight boys it was too much for just Mike’s car to handle. The boys loaded into the cars after goodbyes with Karen and Susan, the storm still raged as they ran to the cars and quickly climbed in. The drive to school was slow as they had to keep manoeuvring around debris on the roads, once at the school the boys climbed out and ran inside, Leo watched them safely enter the building, the boys knew they had to take Benji to see the headmaster first, that’s why they had come in earlier than normal. As Leo and Tina pulled away from the school Leo’s phone began to ring, he stopped to answer it and found it was one of his clients, the storm had caused damage to one of the clients sites and it needed inspecting. Leo assured him that he would be there as soon as he could. When they got home Martin had already arrived and too had been on the phone to clients. They sat down in the lounge as the office was much colder and made a plan for the day. Leo had decided to take Brandon out with him, it would stop Brandy getting bored and allow Leo to get to know him better. Back in the school all eight boys had gone to the headmasters office to introduce Benji, the head was surprised by there being eight, Tanner took the lead and explained they were all friends and so were their parents. The head not really knowing much about the families living together accepted Tanner’s explanation and had a quick chat with Benji about the school, he then asked all the boys to show Benji around, he added that Benji was in Jason and Max’s class so he should just stay with them all day. The boys still had half an hour before lessons started so they took Benji on a tour of the small school. With only about 150 pupils it was much smaller than the high school that Tanner, Jacob, Ben and John would be moving up to this September. Although the boys had been a little nervous about the move to high school, they were much happier knowing that Brandon would be there and would help them settle in. Before going to their classes after the tour, the boys all went in to the boys bathroom and pee’d, then they spent a few minutes kissing their boyfriends and brothers while one of them watched the door. There was no time for anything more than kisses, that would be another time. Benji was kissed by everyone and he felt very happy to be shown so much love. They left the bathroom and headed for their classrooms, Jason and Max hand in hand with Benji. Chapter 50 soon! Read it first on ess/ Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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